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Padre Bucci’s Easter Blessing

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On December 9th, 1531, on a hillside, just outside what is now Mexico City, the Blessed Virgin Mary Appeared before an Indian catholic farmer named Juan Diego, on his way to church. The Blessed Virgin Asked him to see to it that a church be built there in her honor. When Juan Diego approached his Bishop with Our Lady’s Request, he was not believed and was driven out. The Virgin Appeared again to the Indian and Directed him to a barren, stony place where She Said he would find roses growing. He wrapped the roses in his cloak (Tilma), and brought them to the Bishop. When he unwrapped the roses, he discovered the image of the Virgin imprinted on the cloak. This time he was believed and a basilica was built on the original spot.

The cloak or Tilma, unfaded by time and authenticated by art experts as not being any work they can explain, is exhibited on the main altar of the New Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the shrine that commemorates the Miracle (Marian of the Immaculate Conception, 1997).


On December 9. 2031, we will celebrate the 500th Anniversary of our Lady of Guadalupe to Juan Diego. The following novena is being prayed every day all over the world in preparation for the big celebration.


O Most Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe, Mother of the True God for Whom we live.  We come unto Thee feeling small and fragile like Juan Diego. Before Thy Dark-Skinned Face that unites us like brothers and sisters, we approach Thy Immaculate Heart, asking especially for the intentions of the People of God in this intercontinental prayer novena to Thee, Our Lady of Guadalupe:
(here we place our petitions)
O our Intercessor  Obtain for us from Thy Son, faith and hope, strength and serenity. May Thy maternal Caress Guide and Comfort us on our pilgrimage through life. Grant that by Taking us by the hand and Placing us under Thy Mantle, we may remain firm and unmovable in Jesus, Thy Son, Who Lives and Reigns, forever and ever. (Translated from the Spanish version)

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The Feast Day for the Father of all Mankind is celebrated the first Sunday in August


To God Our Father we pray that through The Holy Octave of Consecration and it’s solemn eighth day, The Feast of the Father of All Mankind, He may be known, loved, served and honored by all His children.

Dearest God Our Father, we love You; we adore You; we worship You!

The Holy Octave of Consecration to God Our Father to start on Saturday, July 29. The full text to find on:



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Book Reviews and More: The Father Speaks to His Children - Eugenia  Elisabetta Ravasio

Novena starts July 28 – Aug 5, 2023

Consecration August 6th, 2023


V9 – 3.10.09 – ‘Tell me, my little Pretty One, what Does the Father Do?’  And Jesus: “The Father Forms One Single Thing with Me; therefore, Whatever the Father Does, I Do.”


Day 1 – July 28, 2023

V35 – 1.10.38 – ‘My children, listen to Me; I Love you Very Much and I Want to make Known to you your Origin.  Look at the Heavens – up there you have a Celestial Father Who Loves you Very Much.  But He Loves you So Much, that He was not Content with being your Father from Heaven, Guiding you, Creating for you a sun, a sea, a flowery earth to make you Happy; but Loving you with Exuberant Love, He wanted to Descend into your hearts, to Form His Royal Palace in the depth of your soul, making Himself Sweet Prisoner of each one of you.  But to do what?  To Give Life to your heartbeat, breath and motion.  So, as you walk, He Walks in your steps, He Moves in your little hands, He Speaks in your voice; and as you walk, as you move, because He Loves you Very Much, now He Kisses you, now He squeezes you, now He Hugs you and Carries you as though in Triumph as His Own Dear children.  How Many Hidden Kisses and Hugs does this Celestial Father of ours not Give you!  And you, because you were inattentive, have not let your Kiss meet His, or your hugs Encounter His Paternal Embrace; and He has remained with the Sorrow that His children have neither Kissed Him nor Hugged Him.”

Prayer:  Dear Heavenly Father, we Love You and we Thank you for Your Great Love for us.  We ask Your Mercy and Forgiveness upon us for failing to recognize you in our hearts.  Through Your Grace of Invincible Strength, we promise to be attentive to Your Divine Presence within our souls; to Kiss You, to Hug You and to Love You with Your Same Divine Love to turn Your Sorrow into Joy.  Fiat!  Amen!


Day 2 – July 29, 202

V35 – 1.10.38 – “Now, My Dear children, do you Know what this Celestial Father wants from you?  He wants to be Recognized in you, as having His Dwelling in the Center of your soul; and since He Gives you Everything, nor is there anything He does not Give you, He Wants your Love in Everything you do.  Love Him – let Love never to depart from your little hearts, from your lips, from your Works – from everything; and this shall be the Delicious Food you shall Give to His Paternity.  He Loves you Very Much and Wants to be Loved.  No one can arrive at Loving you as He Loves you.  This is So True, that while you also have a terrestrial father, yet how Different from the Love of the Celestial Father.  He does not Always Follow you, does not Watch Over your steps, does not sleep Together with you, nor does he Palpitate within your heart; and if you fall, he does not even Know anything about it.  On the other hand, your Celestial Father Never Leaves you; if you are about to fall, He Gives you His Hand so as not to let you fall; if you sleep, He Watches over you; and even if you play and do some impertinences, He is with you and Knows Everything you do.  Therefore, Love Him Very, Very Much.’  And becoming More Enflamed, I would say to them:  ‘Give Me your word that you shall Love Him Always – Always.  Say Together with Me:  “We Love You, our Father Who Are in Heaven.  We Love You, our Father Who Dwell in our hearts”.’

Prayer:  Dear Heavenly Father, we Love You and we Thank You for Your Divine Dwelling in the center of our souls and for watching over us in every instant of our lives.  We know that no one can arrive at Loving us more than You do.  With Your Divine Grace of Invincible Strength we Promise to Never let our Love for You depart from our hearts, our lips, our works, and in everything we do.  We give you our word that we shall Love You Always – Always.  Together with Jesus we pray:  “We Love You, our Father Who Are in Heaven.  We Love You, our Father Who Dwells in our hearts”.’  Fiat!  Amen!

Day 3 – July 30, 2023

V35 – 1.10.38 – “My daughter, at My Speaking, …I made them feel the Palpitating Life of My Celestial Father in their little hearts, and they Rejoiced and Made Feast, because they no longer had a Father far away, but inside their own hearts.  And I, to Fortify them and Give them the Strength to depart from Me, would Bless them, Renewing Upon those children Our Creative Strength, Invoking the Power of the Father, the Wisdom of Myself, the Son, and the Virtue of the Holy Spirit; …  Knowing that they had a Father inside their hearts was like a pledge for them to be able to Possess the Celestial Fatherland, to Love that Father Who already Dwelt also in Heaven.

My daughter, this Sermon of Mine that I, a little Child, Gave to the children of Egypt, was the Foundation, the Substance of the Creation of man; It Contains the Most Necessary Doctrine, the Highest Sanctity; It Makes Love Arise in each instant, for the Creator and the creature to Love each other.  What Sorrow in seeing Many little Lives that do not Know the Life of a God in their souls.  They Grow up without Divine Paternity, as if they were Alone in the world; they do not feel or Know How Much they are Loved.  How can they Love Me?  So, once Love is taken away, the heart hardens, life becomes degraded, and – poor youth – they give themselves prey to the gravest crimes.  This is a Sorrow for your Jesus, and I Want it to be a Sorrow for you, that you may Pray for Many who Teach that I AM Present in their hearts, that I Love and want to be Loved.”

Prayer:  Dear Heavenly Father, we Love You and we Thank you for Your Divine Paternity.  We have gone through our lives as if we were alone without a Father in Heaven, causing You such great Sorrow.  We ask Your Forgiveness upon our souls and linked with Luisa we pray for Many who Teach that You are present in hearts, and that You Love and want to be Loved.  We pray You to grant us the Grace of Invincible Strength to always remain with You and never be separated from You and Your Holy Will. Fiat!  Amen!


Day 4 – July 31, 2023

V12 – 8.14.17 – “My daughter, I did nothing other than Give Myself Prey to the Will of the Father.  So, if I Thought, I Thought in the Mind of the Father; if I Spoke, I Spoke in the Mouth and with the Tongue of the Father; if I Worked, I Worked in the Hands of the Father; Even My Breath I Breathed in Him, and Everything I Did was Ordered as He Wanted.  Therefore, I could say that I Carried out My Life in the Father, and I was the Bearer of the Father, because I Enclosed Everything in His Will and I did nothing by Myself.  My Main Point was the Will of the Father, because I did not care about Myself, nor did I interrupt My Course because of the offenses they gave Me, but I kept Flying More and More Toward My Center; and only when I Fulfilled the Will of the Father in Everything – then did My Natural Life end.”

Luisa speaking:  Living in the Divine Will Means being Inseparable, doing nothing by oneself, because before the Divine Will one feels incapable of anything.  He does not ask for orders, nor does he receive them, because he feels incapable of going on his own; and he says: “If You want me to do this, let us do it Together; and if You want me to go, let us go Together.”  So, he does all that his Father Does.  If the Father Thinks, he makes the Thoughts of the Father his own, and has not one thought More than those of the Father.  If the Father Looks, if He Speaks, if He Works, if He Walks, if He Suffers, if He Loves, he too looks at what the Father Looks at, Repeats the Words of the Father, Works with the Hands of the Father, Walks with the Feet of the Father, Suffers the Same Pains of the Father, and Loves with the Love of the Father.  He Lives, not outside, but inside the Father, therefore he is the Reflection and the Perfect Portrait of the Father – that is not for one who Lives only resigned.  It is impossible to find this son without the Father, or the Father without him; and not only externally, but all his interior is as though Interwoven with the Interior of the Father – Transformed, Dissolved Completely, Completely, in God.

Prayer:  Dear Heavenly Father, we Love You and we Thank You for Your Infinite Love for us.  We too with Jesus want to give ourselves prey to Your Most Holy Will and carry out our lives in You; to be bearer of You; doing nothing by ourselves; enclosing everything in Your Will and never thinking of ourselves but only You.  We pray for the Grace of Invincible Strength to make You, Celestial Father the Main Point of our whole lives, becoming the Perfect Portrait of You; with our interiors as though Interwoven with the Interior of Yours – Transformed, Dissolved Completely, Completely in You our God and Father.  Fiat!  Amen!

Day 5 – August 1, 2023

V29 – 6.23.31 – “My daughter, all Creation Manifests the Divine Paternity, the Power, the Love, the Harmony of the One who Created It.  But do you Know of whom do We feel Ourselves Father?  Of one who remembers and recognizes all Creation as property of her Creator, who, wanting to Manifest His Paternity toward the creatures, Created So Many Beautiful things for Love of them.  So, one who recognizes them in order to requite Him by Loving Him and thanking Him, draws closer around her Celestial Father as a daughter who recognizes His Goods, and that, if He Created them, it Means that He wants His daughter to Possess His Possessions within the Possessions of her Father.  If you knew what Our Joy and Happiness is in feeling Ourselves Father, and in seeing Our children close around Us by Means of Our Created things.  So, the creature, by remembering and recognizing what God has done for her, Loves Us as her Father, as We Love her as Our daughter; We feel that Our Paternity is not a sterile Paternity, but Fecund.”

“…We Extended Our Paternity in an Infinite way in all Creation; as Father, We are all eyes over Our children, that they may lack nothing; Our Arms feel the extreme Need of Love to clasp man to Our Bosom to Give him Love and receive Love.  And when We see the creature running to Us, wanting Our Embraces – oh! How Happy We feel that Our Paternity is recognized and can Carry out the Office of Father for Our children.  Our Generation is almost Innumerable, yet a few children Surround Us; all others are far from Us – far with the heart, with the will; far from Our likeness.  And in Our Sorrow, in seeing the few children around Us, We say: ‘And the other children – where are they?  How can they not feel the Need to have a Celestial Father, to receive Our Paternal Caresses, to Possess Our Goods?’

Therefore, Be Attentive; recognize Our Goods, Our Works, and you will feel Our Paternity in the Heavens, studded with stars which, in their meek twinkling, Call you daughter and attest to you the Love of your Father.  Our Paternity Extends in the sun which, with its vibrant Light, Calls you daughter and says to you: ‘Recognize in My Light the Great Gift of your Father, who Loves you So Much, that He wants you to be the Possessor of this Light.’  Our Paternity Extends Everywhere:  in the water you drink, in the food you take, in the varieties of the Beauties of all Nature.  They have a common voice, all Calling you daughter of the Great Celestial Father, and, as a daughter of His, they want to be Possessed by you.  Now, what would be Our Contentment if, in all things Created by Us, at Our Tender voice Calling you daughter, We Heard your voice Calling Us Father, and saying to Us: ‘This is a Gift of My Father.  Oh! How He Loves me – and I Want to Love Him Very, Very Much’.”

Prayer:  Dear Heavenly Father, we Love You and we Thank You for Your Divine Paternity and for all You have Created for Love of us.  In Your Will we promise with the Grace of Invincible Strength to draw closer to You Dear Father, remembering and recognizing all that You have done for us.  In the name of all in the Most Holy Divine Will we say: ‘This is a Gift of My Father.  Oh! How He Loves me – and I Want to Love Him Very, Very Much’.”  Fiat!  Amen.


Day 6 – August 2, 2023

V30 – 5.15.32 – “More than father, We Long to Give the Great Gift of Our Will to Our children, but We want them to Know What they Must receive.  The Knowledges of It Mature Our children and Render them Capable of receiving So Great a Good.  The Many Manifestations I have Given shall be the True Eyes of the soul to be able to look at and Comprehend what Our Paternal Goodness has been wanting to Give for Many centuries.  More So, since the Knowledges I have Manifested on My Divine Will, as they Become Known by creatures, shall cast into them the Seed in order to make Filial Love Germinate toward their Celestial Father.  They shall feel Our Paternity, and that if He Wants them to do His Will, it is because He Loves them and Wants to Love them as His children, to share His Divine Goods.  So, Our Knowledges on the Divine Fiat shall make them Accustomed to Living as Our children; and then shall Every Marvel cease that Our Supreme Being is Giving the Great Gift of Our Will to His children.  It is a Right of the children to receive the Properties of their Father, and it is a Duty of the Father to Give his Goods to his children.  One who wants to Live like a stranger does not Deserve the Possessions of the Father; More So, since Our Paternity Yearns, Longs, Burns with the Desire to Give this Gift, so that One may be the Will with His children.  Then, yes, shall Our Paternal Love Rest, when We see the Work that Came Out of Our Creative Hands on the Lap of Our Will, in Our House, and Our Kingdom populated by Our Dear children.”

Prayer:  Dear Heavenly Father, we Love You and we Thank You for the Great Gift of Your Holy Divine Will.  We Yearn, we Long, we Burn with Desire to Receive this Great Gift.  We no longer want to live as strangers but as Your dear children with the Rights to receive the Properties of You our Dear Celestial Father, living on the Lap of Your Will, in Your House, to populate Your Kingdom.  We pray You to grant us the Grace of Invincible Strength to no longer live in our human wills but only and always in Your Holy Divine Will.  Fiat! Amen.


Day 7 – August 3, 2023

V17 – 4.15.25 – “It is said in the Holy Gospel: ‘Be Perfect as your Father in Heaven is Perfect’ – no less; it is also added that no one will Enter the Kingdom of Heaven if he is not Similar to the Image of the Son of God”.

…the Mission of My Will is Eternal, and it is Precisely the Mission of Our Celestial Father, Who Wants, Commands, Expects Nothing Else but that His Will be Known and Loved, that It be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  So, you, making this Eternal Mission your own and imitating the Celestial Father, must want nothing else for yourself and for all but that My Will be Known, Loved and Fulfilled.”

V15 – 4.14.23 – “Now, in order to Dispose souls to Live in My Will, to let them partake in the Goods It Contains, and to make man Return to the path of his Origin, just as he was Created by Me, I Myself wanted to Pray as the First, making My voice resound from one end of the earth to another, and even up High in Heaven, saying:  ‘Our Father, who art in Heaven’.  I did not say ‘My Father’, but I Called Him Father of the Whole human family, to engage Him in that which I was going to add: ‘May all hallow your Name, so that Your Kingdom May Come, and Your Will be Done on earth as It is in Heaven’. This was the Purpose of Creation, and I asked the Father that it be Fulfilled.  Because I Myself Prayed, the Father Surrendered to My Supplications, and I Formed the Seed of a Good So Great; …with this Seed Formed by Me, the Church Prays and repeats My Very Prayer Many times, and Disposes Herself to receive that creatures would recognize and Love My Celestial Father as their Father, in Such a Way as to Deserve to be Loved as children and receive the Great Good that My Will be Done on earth as It is in Heaven.

V36 – 5.10.38 – “Now, You Must Know that between Father and child there are Permanent Bonds.  Nobody can deny the Rights of the Father and the Rights of the child, either in the Supernatural or in the Natural order. Therefore, as a Father I feel the obligation to make Heir of My Goods, Love and Sanctity, the one who so solemnly declared herself to be My daughter, to the extent that I keep her Written in My Heart.  Not Loving her would be like defrauding My Paternal Love.  I just can’t.  She then has the Duty to Love Me and Possess My Goods, to Defend her Father, to make Him Known, even to Give her Life so that Nobody may offend Him.

Oh! How Beautiful it is to see these Children of Mine Living in My Will, telling me: (Linked with Luisa we pray:) ‘My Father, You’ve been waiting and watching for too Long; You are tired, please Rest.  To let your Rest be Sweet and smooth I’d like You to Rest in my Love, and I shall start watching over souls, taking Your Place.  Who knows, maybe I’ll manage to bring someone back by the time You wake up’.

Prayer:  Let us pray together with Jesus the prayer He gave to us to our Heavenly Father:  Our Father, Who Art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done on earth as it is in Heaven; give us this day our Daily Bread and Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  Amen.  Fiat!

Day 8- August 4, 2023

V36 – 12.18.38 – “To Live in our Will and be Loved is Everything for us; More So, since the Love for Ourselves Forms Our Continuous Food.  Because His Son Loves, My Heavenly Father Generates Unceasingly, and by Generating Me, He Forms the Food with which We Feed Ourselves.  I AM His Son and I Love with His Same Love – and the Holy Spirit Proceeds; with this We Form More Food to Feed Ourselves.”

“…Our Will is Our Life, Love is the Food.  See, the High, Noble and Sublime Point at which We Want the creature:  We Want to Form in Her the Life of Our Will.  It shall Convert all things – circumstances, Crosses, even the air she breathes, into Love; Feeding her in order to say, ‘the Life of Our Will is yours and Ours; We Eat the Same Food.’  Through this, We see the creature Growing in Our Image and Resemblance.  These are the True Joys in Our Creation – being able to say to Our children: ‘We Look Alike.’  And what wouldn’t the Joy of the creature be, in saying:  ‘I Look Like my Heavenly Father.’  This is why I Want the creatures to Live in My Will.  I Want My children to Look Like Me.”

“Those who don’t Live in Our Will dishonor Us and Become Our Pain.  How can they Look Like Us if Our Will is not their own?  Our Will Feeds Our children with Our Own Food, that Forms Our Sanctity in them as they Eat It; they are Embellished with Our Beauty, Acquiring Great Knowledge of their Father.  Our Fiat Speaks through Its Light and tells them Many things about their Father, until they Fall in Love with Him to the Extent that they just cannot be without Him.  This makes them Look Like the Father”.

Prayer:  Dear Heavenly Father, we Love You and we Thank You for choosing us to Live this Life of Your Holy Divine Will and for Feeding us on Your Divine Love.  We pray for the Grace of Invincible Strength to die to the passions of our human wills to be able to eat the Same Food of Your Divine Will and Divine Love; that we may Grow in Your Image and Resemblance.  Then shall You be able to say to us Your children “We Look Alike” and each of us shall be able to say, “I Look Like my Heavenly Father.” Fiat!  Amen!


Day 9 – August 4, 2023

V14 – 10.27.22 – “My Inheritance was the Will of My Father Alone, in which I was to Carry out all My human acts in order to Form in Me the Generation of the children of Light.  You see, I was Given to Form this Generation in the Very Womb of the Will of My Celestial Father, and I spared no toils, nor acts, nor Pains, nor Prayers; on the contrary, it was at the top of all the things I did and Suffered, in Such a Way that I Conceived it in Me, I Fecundated it and I Formed it.  They were the ones whom the Divine Father had Entrusted to Me with So Much Love; they were My Beloved Inheritance, which was Given to Me in the Most Holy Supreme Will.”

V33 – 11.25.34 – I am Always back into the Celestial Inheritance of the Divine Fiat.  In each act I do it seems to me that I Return into the Arms of My Celestial Father – but, to do what?  To receive a Gaze, a Kiss, a Caress, a little Word of Love, One More Knowledge of His Supreme Being, to be able to Love Him More, and not only to receive, but also to Give Him the Requital of His Paternal Tendernesses.  In the Divine Volition nothing else is done other than God Carrying Out His Paternity with a Love Tender and Unspeakable, as though He were waiting for the creature in order to Rock her in His Arms, to say to her: “Know that I AM your Father, and you are My daughter.  Oh! How I Love the Crown of My children Around Me.  With them Around Me I feel Happier, I feel I AM Father, and there is no Greater Contentment than Possessing a Numerous Offspring that shows their Love and sonship toward their Father.”  And by Entering into the Divine Volition the creature does nothing other than Act as the daughter of her Father.  On the other hand, outside of the Divine Will the Rights of Paternity and of sonship cease.”

Prayer:  Dear Heavenly Father, we Love You and we Thank You for being our Father and offering to us Your Divine Inheritance.  We pray You to grant us the Grace of Invincible Strength to Live in our Divine Inheritance now while on earth as it is Lived in Heaven, so that we may give You the Requital of Your Paternal Tenderness.  We pray You to Rock us in Your Arms and grant us the Flaming Fire of Love in our hearts for You and Your Holy Will, that we may become the Crown of Your children that Surrounds You.  Thank You for being the Greatest Father that Exists!  Fiat!  Amen!


Remembering The most Forgotten but Greatest of Fathers today

August 6, 2023

Prayer of Consecration to our Heavenly Father

Dear Heavenly Father,
For Your Glory and Honor,
Together with Our Blessed Mother, St Joseph Father of the Holy Family and Your little Newborn Luisa Piccarreta,
we come to Your Divine Throne and present ourselves to You.
In Your Holy Divine Will we lay our human wills at Your Feet,
and as Your little children,
with great confidence we climb upon Your Paternal Knees,
emptying ourselves of everything;
 offering our hearts United with the Heart of Jesus,
Your Beloved Son, and the Holy Spirit, our Sanctifier,
We Carry the Same Notes of Praise that Jesus’ Heart gives to You Continuously,
in order to Satisfy for the Glory that men do not Give You.
You have Created us for You and You alone,
and it is true that we have greatly sinned against You.
But we pray You Dear Heavenly Father, our Creator, our God,
Remember that we are the children of Your Womb. , and desire what You Desire – that we fully Become In Your Image and Likeness. 
Dear Celestial Father,
With the Invincible Strength of Jesus, and in the name of all,
we Confidently come to You,
Who Are our Eternal Destiny.
Knowing that You deny nothing to Your children,
we pray You to grant us all
that is needed 
so that our gazes are Your Gazes and
we live IN You and IN Your Holy Volition.
Remember Jesus’ Prayer to You for Luisa. Please fulfill this prayer for ALL the little children of Your Most Holy Divine Will:
Jesus’ Prayer:
“Holy Father, I Pray You for this soul – let it be so that she may Fulfill Our Most Holy Will Perfectly in Everything.  Let it be, O Adorable Father, that her actions be So Conformed to Mine, that one might not be distinguished from the other, so that I may Accomplish what I have Designed Upon her.”
We pray You our Heavenly Father to grant this prayer for the little children of Your Divine Will.  Please grant us all of Your Divine Qualities
for Your Glory and Honor and for the Salvation and Sanctification of all souls.
We promise to remain always with You, Loving You for all,
Consecrating our whole hearts, minds, souls and every fiber of our beings
to You and Your Most Holy Divine Will,
which is our dear Inheritance.
So be it!

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Jesus Said: ” My daughter… the soul (the Virgin Mary) Takes my thoughts my reparations, my prayers, my desires, my affection, and even my most intimate fibers and make them Her own. So, rising up between Heaven and earth, She does my same office and as Co-Redemptrix She says to Me ‘Ecce ego, mitte me [Here I am, send me]. I want to Repair for all, Answer to you for all, and Plead good for all‘”( November 6, 1914)

In addition to Me, there is my Celestial Mama, Who received the unique mission as the mother of a God Son, and the office of Co-Redemptrix of mankind. For Her mission of Divine Maternity, She was enriched with so much grace, that all other creatures combined, both celestial and terrestrial, would never be able to equal Her(May 1, 1925)

The Virgin Mary, with Her Maternity which conceals the Paternity of the Celestial Father and encloses His power in order to fulfill Her mission of Mother of the Eternal Word and Co-Redemptrix of mankind;…(May 4. 1925).

(Jesus) I Came upon earth to Expiate, to Redeem, to Save man; and in order to do this I Had to Receive the pains of creatures, and take them upon Myself as if they were My own. My Divine Mama, Who Was to be Co- Redemptrix, Was not to be dissimilar from Me; rather, the five drops of blood that She Gave Me from Her most pure Heart in order to form My little Humanity, came out of Her crucified Heart (J.M January 30. 1927).

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