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8/7 As the Sun of the Divine Will rises, It puts to flight the evils of the soul.

8/7 As the Sun of the Divine Will rises, It puts to flight all the evils of the soul

Posted on August 6, 2019

3/22/27 – Vol. 21

After this, I (Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta) was thinking about the great good that the Divine Will brings to us; and while I was all immersed in It, my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, when the sun rises, it dispels the darkness and makes the light arise. It changes the humidity of the night, with which the plants have been invested, in a way that they lie there, oppressed, torpid and melancholic; but as the sun rises, it turns that humidity into pearls, pearling everything—plants, flowers; and over all nature its silvery aura brings back gaiety and beauty, taking away the torpor of the night; and with the enchantment of its light, it seems to take all nature by the hand, in order to vivify it, embellish it, and give it life. The sea, the rivers, the springs, strike fear during nighttime, but as the sun rises, the sun’s rays dispel the fear, and investing them down to the bottom, it forms in them a golden and silvery bed, it crystallizes the waters, and forms in them the most beautiful enchantment. So, all nature rises again by means of the sun; if it were not for the sun, it could be called a work without life.

“My Will is more than sun. As It rises in the soul, It clothes her with Light; all of her acts are pearled with Divine Light, in such a way that they convert into more than most refulgent diamonds and precious ornaments. Before the Sun of My Will rises, they are like night dew, that oppresses the plants and gives them no tint of beauty; but with the rising of the sun, that dew forms the most beautiful ornament for all plants, and gives to each one of them its tint of beauty, and makes the variety and the vividness of their colors stand out.

“In the same way, as My Will rises, all the human acts become invested with light, they take their place of honor in My Will; each one of them receives its special tint of beauty and the vividness of the Divine colors, in such a way that the soul becomes transfigured and enveloped with an indescribable beauty. As the Sun of My Will rises, It puts to flight all the evils of the soul; It takes away the torpor that passions have produced; even more, before the light of the Divine Fiat, passions themselves lap up that light and aspire to convert into virtues, to pay homage to My Eternal Will. As It rises, everything is gaiety, and even the pains that, like seas at nighttime, strike fear in the poor creatures, if My Will rises, It puts to flight the night of the human will, and taking every fear away, It forms Its golden bed in those pains, and with Its light, It invests the bitter waters of the pains, and It crystallizes them into a sea of sweetness, in such a way as to form an enchanting and admirable horizon.

“What can My Will not do? It can do everything, and It can give everything; and wherever It rises, It does things worthy of Our creative hands.”

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“We Repeat to her: ‘We Love you, oh! daughter.’ As she repairs Us, so do We Press her to Our Heart; as she thanks Us, praises Us, blesses Us, so do We Keep Repeating: ‘We Thank you that you are thanking Us’, ‘We Praise you for you are praising Us’, ‘We Bless you for you are blessing Us.’ We can Say that We Put Ourselves in a Contest with her. Heaven and earth are Astounded that their Creator Engages in a Contest with His beloved creature.” V30 – 4.23.32

April 23 – Feast of St. George – prayer: Heroic Catholic soldier and defender of your Faith, you dared to criticize a tyrannical Emperor and were subjected to horrible torture. You could have occupied a high military position but you preferred to die for your Lord. Obtain for us the great Grace of heroic Christian courage that should mark soldiers of Christ. Amen

EASTER SUNDAY – April 21 – Feast of St. Anselm (1109)

At the Council of BARI, St. Anselm defended against the errors of the Greeks, the doctrine that the HOLY SPIRIT Proceeds also from the SON, by countless proofs taken from the Scriptures and the Holy Fathers.

Santa Maria Greca, pray for the Kingdom to Come through LUISA OF BARI, who is the reflection of the Holy Spirit on earth.

V15 – 4.14.23 – “So, the whole Church prays; and just as the tears, the penances, the prayers to obtain the Messiah were directed toward that Excelling Virgin, Mary, whom I was to Dispose in order to Centralize such a Great Good in Her, so that they might receive their Savior, even though they did not know whom She would be – in the Same Way, Now, when the Church recites the ‘Our Father’, it is precisely for you, Luisa that the Church prays, so that I may Centralize in you all the Good that My Will Contains, the ‘way’ – the ‘how’ the Divine Will may have Life on earth as It does in Heaven. And even though you are not known, by echoing My Prayer, ‘Thy Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven’, the Church prays to Me, and presses Me to Centralize all this Good in a Second Virgin, so that, Like a Second Savior, she may Save unsafe humanity; and making use of My Inseparable Love and Mercy, I may Answer My Own Prayer, United to that of the whole Church, making man come back to his Origin, to the Purpose for which I Created him – that My Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.”

V29 – 5.19.31 – “Therefore, you too – follow Me and do not draw back. Besides, it shows from their way of thinking that they have calculated only your person, but have not calculated what My Divine Will Can Do, and what It Knows How to Do, and When It Decides to Operate in One creature in order to Fulfill Its Greatest Designs in the midst of the human generations, It lets no one dictate to It the Law – neither who it Must be, nor the time, nor the Way, nor the place – but It Acts in an Absolute Way. Nor does it pay heed to certain short minds, which are unable to elevate themselves in the Divine and Supernatural Order, or to bow their forehead to the Incomprehensible Works of their Creator; and while they want to reason with their own human reason, they lose the Divine Reason, and remain confounded and incredulous.”

“Blessed are you, Luisa, and all generations will call you Blessed.

My Arm will make Works of Power in you.

You will be the Divine Reflection;

and Filling the whole earth, you will make Me Receive from all generations

that Glory which they deny to Me.”

Jesus to Luisa V13 – 11.8.21


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From the Writings of

The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

 April 21, 2019 – Easter Sunday

 Book of Heaven


  April 15 A.D. 1919

 Resurrected Humanity of Jesus, symbol of those who will live in His Will.

 … Now, my Resurrection is the symbol of the souls who will form their Sanctity in my Will. The Saints of the past centuries symbolize my Humanity. Although resigned, they did not have continuous act in my Will; therefore, they did not receive the mark of the Sun of my Resurrection, but the mark of the works of my Humanity before my

Resurrection. Therefore, they will be many; almost like stars, they will form a beautiful ornament to the Heaven of my Humanity. But the Saints of the living in my Will, who will symbolize my Resurrected Humanity, will be few. In fact, many throngs and crowds of people saw my Humanity, but few saw my Resurrected Humanity – only the believers, those who were most disposed, and, I could say, only those who contained the seed of my Will. In fact, if they did not have that seed, they would have lacked the necessary sight to be able to see my Resurrected and glorious Humanity, and therefore be spectators of my ascent into Heaven.

 Now, if my Resurrection symbolizes the Saints of the living in my Will – and this with reason, since each act, word, step, etc. done in my Will is a Divine resurrection that the soul receives; it is a mark of glory that she receives; it is to go out of herself in order to enter the Divinity, and to love, work and think, hiding herself in the refulgent Sun of my Volition – what is the wonder, if the soul remains fully risen and identified with the very Sun of my Glory, and symbolizes my Resurrected Humanity? But few are those who dispose themselves to this, because even in sanctity, souls want something for their own good; while the Sanctity of living in my Will has nothing of its own – everything is of God. It takes too much for souls to dispose themselves to this – to strip themselves of their own goods. Therefore, they will not be many.

You (Luisa) are not in the number of the many, but of the few. Therefore, be always attentive to the call, and to your continuous flight.”


  March 31 A.D. 1929

 How, if man had not sinned, Jesus was to come upon earth glorious and with the scepter of command. Man was to be the bearer of his Creator.

 … Listen my little newborn of my Divine Will (Luisa): if man had not sinned, if he had not withdrawn from my Divine Will, I would have come upon earth – but do you (Luisa) know how? Full of majesty, as when I rose again from death. Even though I had my Humanity similar to that of man, united to the Eternal Word, how different was my resurrected Humanity – glorified, clothed with light, not subject to either suffering or dying: I was the true Divine Triumpher. On the other hand, before dying, though voluntarily, my Humanity was subject to all pains; even more, I was the Man of Sorrows. And since man had his eyes still dazzled by the human will, and therefore he was still infirm, few were the ones who saw Me resurrected, and this served to confirm my Resurrection. Then I ascended into Heaven, to give man the time to take the remedies and the medicines, so that he might recover and dispose himself to know my Divine Will, in order to live, not of his will, but of Mine, and so I will be able to show Myself full of majesty and of glory in the midst of the children of my Kingdom. Therefore, the Resurrection is the confirmation of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven. After such a long sorrow, suffered by my Divine Will for many centuries, of not having Its Kingdom upon earth and Its absolute dominion, it was right that my Humanity place Its divine rights in safety, and realize Its original purpose and Mine, of forming Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures.


  April 7, 1901

 She sees the Resurrection of Jesus. Jesus speaks about obedience.

 As my adorable Jesus continues to deprive me of His presence, I feel a bitterness, and as though a knife were stuck in my heart, which gives me such pain as to make me cry and scream like a child. Ah, truly, I seem to have become like a child who, when his mother departs from him even for just a little, cries and screams so much as to turn the whole house upside down, and there is no other remedy to make him stop crying than for him to see himself in the arms of his mother again.  So I am – a true little girl in virtue, for if it were possible for me I would turn Heaven and earth upside down in order to find my highest and only Good, and only when I find myself in possession of Jesus, then do I calm down.  Poor little girl that I am, I still feel the swaddling clothes of infancy that clasp me; I am unable to walk by myself, I am very weak, I do not have the capacity of the adults, who let themselves be guided by reason.  So here is the highest necessity I have to be with Jesus; right or wrong, I don’t want to hear anything – what I want to hear is that I want Jesus.  I hope that the Lord may want to forgive this poor little girl, who sometimes commits some excesses.

So, finding myself in this position, I saw my adorable Jesus for a little, in the act of His Resurrection, with His face so refulgent as to not be comparable to any other splendor.  It seemed to me that the Most Holy Humanity of Our Lord, though It was living flesh, was so bright and transparent that one could see with clarity the Divinity united to the Humanity.  Now, while I was seeing Him so glorious, a light that came from Him seemed to tell me:  “My Humanity received so much glory by means of perfect obedience which, destroying the ancient nature completely, gave Me back the new nature, glorious and immortal. In the same way, by means of obedience, the soul can form within her the perfect resurrection to virtues. For example:  if the soul is afflicted, obedience will make her rise again to joy; if restless, obedience will make her rise again to peace; if tempted, obedience will administer to her the strongest chain with which to bind the enemy, and will make her rise again victorious over the diabolical snares; if she is besieged by passions and vices, by killing them, obedience will make her rise again to virtues. This, to the soul, and in due time, it will also form the resurrection of the body.”

After this, the light withdrew, Jesus disappeared, and I am left with such sorrow, seeing myself without Him again, that I feel as if I had a burning fever that makes me fidget and rave. Ah! Lord, give me the strength to bear with You in these delays, for I feel faint.


  March 30, 1902

 The garment of light of the risen Humanity of Jesus.

 This morning, finding myself outside of myself, for a little while I saw my adorable Jesus in the act of His Resurrection – all clothed with refulgent light, so much so, that the sun remained obscured before that light. I was enchanted, and I said:  ‘Lord, if I am not worthy to touch your glorified Humanity, let me at least touch your garments.’  And He told me:  “My beloved, what are You saying?  After I rose again I had no more need for material garments; rather, my garments are of sun, of most pure light which covers my Humanity, and which will shine eternally, giving unspeakable joy to all the senses of the Blessed.  This has been conceded to my Humanity because there was no part of It which was not covered with opprobrium, with pains, with wounds.”  Having said this, He disappeared, and I could find neither His Humanity nor His garments; or rather, as I would take His sacred garments between my hands, they would escape me and I would not be able to find them.


  November 18, 1904

 The Heaven of Jesus on earth is the souls who give a dwelling to His Divinity.

As I was in my usual state, my adorable Jesus came for just a little and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), when I came upon earth my heaven was my Humanity, and just as in the heavens one can see the multitude of the stars, the sun, the moon, the planets, and vastness, all placed in good order; in the same way, my Humanity, which was my heaven – image of the heavens that exist up above, in which everything is orderly – was to make the order of the Divinity dwelling inside shine forth, that is, virtues, power, grace, wisdom, and the like. Now, when the heaven of my Humanity ascended into Heaven after my Resurrection, my heaven upon earth was to continue to exist – and it is the souls who give a dwelling to my Divinity. Dwelling in them, I form my heaven, and from them also do I make the order of the virtues contained inside shine forth.  What honor for the creature to lend a heaven to her Creator!  But – oh, how many deny it to Me!  And you (Luisa) – would you (Luisa) not want to be my heaven?  Tell Me you (Luisa) would.”  And I:  ‘Lord, I want nothing but to be recognized in your Blood, in your wounds, in your Humanity, in your virtues.  In this alone I would want to be recognized, so as to be your heaven, and to be unrecognized by all.’  He seemed to approve of my proposal, and He disappeared.


  May 2, 1905

 The three types of resurrection which suffering contains.

 As I continued to be in suffering a little more than usual, on coming, my good Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), suffering contains three types of resurrection.  First, suffering makes the soul rise again to grace.  Second, as suffering advances, it gathers the virtues and the soul rises again to sanctity.  Third, as suffering continues, it perfects the virtues, it embellishes them with splendor, forming a beautiful crown; and the soul, crowned, rises again to glory on earth, and to glory in Heaven.”  Having said this, He disappeared.

 April 1, 2018 – Easter Sunday

Day Twenty-eight

 The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Limbo

The Expectation -Victory over Death: the Resurrection

The soul to her Queen Mother:

My pierced Mama, your little child, knowing that You are alone, without your beloved Good, Jesus, wants to cling to You to keep You company in your most bitter desolation. Without Jesus, all things change into sorrow for You. The memory of His harrowing pains, the sweet sound of His voice which still resounds in your ear, the charming gaze of dear Jesus, now sweet, now sad, now swollen with tears, but which always enraptured your maternal Heart – as You don’t have them with You any more, they are like sharp swords which pierce your maternal Heart through.

Desolate Mama, your dear child wants to give You relief and compassion for each pain. Even more, I would like to be Jesus, to be able to give You all the love, the comforts, the reliefs and the compassion which Jesus Himself would havegiven You in your state of bitter desolation. Sweet Jesus gave me to You as your child; therefore, put me in His place in your maternal Heart, and I will be all for my Mama; I will dry your tears, and I will always keep You company.

 Lesson of the Desolate Queen and Mother:

Dearest child, thank you for your company; but if you want your company to be sweet and dear to Me, and bearer of relief to my pierced Heart, I want to find in you the Divine Will operating and dominating, and that you do not surrender evenone breath of life to your will. Then will I exchange you with my Son Jesus, because, His Will being in you, in It I will feel Jesus in your heart. Oh, how happy I will be to find in you the first fruit of His pains and of His death! In finding my beloved Jesus in my child, my pains will change into joys, and my sorrows into conquests. Now, listen to Me, child of my sorrows. As my dear Son breathed His last, He descended into Limbo, triumpher and bearer of glory and happiness to that prison in which were all the Patriarchs and the Prophets, the first father Adam, dear Saint Joseph, my holy parents, and all those who had been saved by virtue of the foreseen merits of the future Redeemer. I was inseparable from my Son, and not even death could take Him away from Me. So, in the ardor of my sorrows I followed Him into Limbo, and was spectator of the feast and of the thanksgivings which that whole great crowd of people gave to my Son, who had suffered so much, and whose first step had been toward them, to beatify them and to bring them with Himself into celestial glory. So, as He died, conquests and glory began for Jesus and for all those who loved Him. This, dear child, is symbol of how, as the creature makes her will die through union with the Divine Will, conquests of divine order, glory and joy begin – even in the midst of the greatest sorrows.  Even though the eyes of my soul followed my Son and I never lost sight of Him, at the same time, during those three daysin which He was buried, I felt such yearning to see Him risen, that in the ardor of my love I kept repeating: “Rise, myGlory! Rise, my Life!” My desires were ardent, my sighs, of fire – to the point of feeling consumed.

Now, in these yearnings, I saw my dear Son, accompanied by that great crowd of people, leaving Limbo and going back to the sepulcher. It was the dawn of the third day, and just as all nature had cried over Him, now it rejoiced; so much so, that the sun anticipated its course to be present at the act in which my Son was rising. But – oh marvel! – before rising again, He showed that crowd of people His Most Holy Humanity – bleeding, wounded, disfigured; the way it had been reduced for love of them and for all. All were moved, and admired the excesses of love and the great portent of Redemption. Now, my child, oh, how I wish you to be present in the act of the Resurrection of my Son! He was all Majesty; from His

Divinity, united to His soul, He unleashed enchanting seas of light and beauty, such as to fill Heaven and earth. Then, triumphantly, making use of His power, He commanded His dead Humanity to receive His soul again, and to rise, triumphantly and gloriously, to immortal life. What a solemn act! My dear Jesus triumphed over death, saying: “Death, you will be death no longer – but life!”

With this act of triumph, He placed the seal on the fact that He was Man and God; and with His Resurrection, He confirmed the Gospel, His miracles, the life of the Sacraments, and the whole life of the Church. And not only this, but He obtained triumph over the human wills, weakened and almost extinguished to true good, to let triumph over them the life of that Divine Will which was to bring the fullness of Sanctity and of all goods to creatures. And at the same time, by virtue of His Resurrection, He sowed into the bodies the seed of resurrection to everlasting glory. My child, the Resurrection of my Son encloses everything, says everything, confirms everything, and is the most solemn act that He did for love of creatures.

Now, listen to Me, my child; I want to speak to you as a Mother who loves her child very much. I want to tell you what it means to do the Divine Will and to live of It; and the example is given to you by my Son and by Me. Our life was strewn with pains, with poverty, with humiliations, to the point of seeing my beloved Son die of pains; but in all this ran the Divine Will. It was the life of our pains, and We felt triumphant and conquerors, to the extent of changing even death into ife; so much so, that in seeing Its great good, We voluntarily exposed ourselves to sufferings because, since the Divine Will was in Us, no one could impose himself on It, or on Us. Suffering was in our power, and We called upon it as nourishment and triumph of the Redemption, so as to be able to bring good to the entire world.

Now, dear child, if your life and your pains have the Divine Will as their center of life, be certain that sweet Jesus will use you and your pains to give help, light and grace to the whole universe. Therefore, pluck up courage; the Divine Will can do great things where It reigns. In all circumstances, reflect yourself in Me and in your sweet Jesus, and move forward


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