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The Dowry that Jesus will give to those who will Live in His Divine Will

 ‘The Kingdom of The Divine Will in the midst of creatures.  Book of Heaven. The call of the creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose for which he was created by God’



 Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God,

Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


 June 6, 1937

Interest that God has that the creature Lives in His Will.  Dowry that He will give.  Sentinel of Jesus in order to supply for what she lacks, and if necessary, He will also do Miracles.  Example of a king.

I felt myself in the arms of the Divine Volition, and I thought to myself:  “It seems difficult to me that one can Live perfectly in It.  Life is full of obstacles, of sufferings, and of such circumstances, that one remains as absorbed, and it escapes:  his rapid course that as breath and heartbeat must run in that Divine Fiat, like Its Breath and Heartbeat in ours that always runs in order to give us Life without ever stopping.”

And my sweet Jesus, commiserating my ignorance, all Goodness told me:  “My blessed daughter(Luisa), you(Luisa) must know that the first thing of most interest, is that Our Supreme Being wants that the creature Live in Our Will, this having been the Unique Purpose for which We have given her life.  Now, when We want, We give all the means, the helps, the necessary things, that are needed in order to have that she would be able to give Us what We want from her, and if a continuous Miracle on Our part is necessary, We do it, provided that We obtain Our Intent.  You do not know what an act wanted by Us and completed in the creature means.  So much is Its Value, the Glory that she gives Us, that she arrives at making herself Our Crown; she embraces the Eternal One.  And so much is the Contentment that she gives Us, that We place Our Divine Being at the disposition of the creature, in order to have that Our Wanted and Complete Act would have Its Life in her.

“Now, the first dowry that We give to the one who wants to Live in Our Divine Will, the first support, the secure defense, are the Truths; these open the entry, they pave the way and, jealous, place themselves as faithful sentinels around the one who wants to Live in My Fiat.  The Light of Our Truths that belongs to It does not move anymore from over the fortunate one.  It Invests her, It caresses her, It molds her, It kisses her, and It gives Itself sip by sip to her intelligence in order to make Itself understood—and this for the cortege of the Life of My Volition that Reigns in her.  The Truths, when they spring from Our Bosom, have their task of the Good that they must do, the souls that they must enclose in the Light that they possess, and therefore they are all eyes over them, they fix on them so much that they cannot escape.  Nor do they become tired, although the centuries might pass, they are always at their place. 

“See, therefore, what Great Dowry I will give to the one who must Live in Our Eternal Volition:  all the Knowledges that I have Manifested about It, the Immense Values, Its Worth, Its Love, and the Love that has pushed Me to Manifesting them, will be the Great Dowry, and Divine Dowry, that I will give to who will want to Live in My Fiat—in which they will find all the Superabundant helps in order to render themselves Rich and Happy.  They will find in these Truths the Tender Mother who, taking them onto her lap as little babies, wraps them with Light, feeds them food, and lets them sleep on her bosom.  In order to keep them secure she walks in their steps, works in their hands, speaks in their voice, Loves and Palpitates in their hearts.  And in order to keep them attentive and entertained, she acts as Teacher to them, telling them the enchanting scenes of the Celestial Fatherland.  In these Truths they will find the one who cries and suffers together with them, the one who knows how to put in traffic even their breath.  The littlest things, the trifles themselves, will change for them into Divine Conquests, and Eternal Values.”

And I:  “My Jesus, You are right, but human weakness is so much, that I fear that I would make little escapes from within Your Will.”

And Jesus, resuming His speaking, added:  “My daughter(Luisa), your fears displease Me.  You(Luisa) must know that so much is My Interest, the Love that burns Me, because I want that the soul Lives in My Will, that I take the commitment of everything, I supply for her in everything.  However I do this when there has been a firm and constant decision of wanting to Live in It, and she does not lack on her part, she does however much she can.  Listen to a Secret of Mine, My daughter(Luisa), and where My Love makes Me reach.  Listen to what I do when, for strict necessity of the human life—this life that is also Mine—because of sufferings that I Myself dispose, so the creature remains as stupefied and lost, therefore she does not know how to follow the Acts of the Life that Reigns in her.  I, because I want that this Life does not remain interrupted, because It being Life—not virtue that can do acts at intervals and circumstances, but Life—there is all the necessity of the continuous Act—I am who am on watch and jealous, I maintain the sentinel over her.  As I see that she interrupts her course, I do what she should do, such that My Operating in My Fiat shakes her and she returns into herself, and she follows her course in My Volition.  And I, without even saying anything to her about her stop, I Retie from where she left off and where My Act followed, in a way that the Life of My Fiat remains never interrupted in her, because I have supplied for everything.  More so because in her will she wanted to, but weakness interrupted her. 

“This is why My Love is so much that I want that she Lives in My Will, that at whatever cost, even if continuous Miracles would be needed, I will do them.  But have you(Luisa) noticed My Tenderness, My Strong Love?  That having failed to keep her course I do not reproach her, I do not say anything to her, and if I see that she notices that she has failed, I make her Courageous, I commiserate her in order to not place mistrust in her, and all Goodness I say to her:  ‘Do not fear, I have supplied for you, and you will be more attentive, is it not true?’  And she, at seeing My Goodness, Loves Me even more.  I know that I must give of Mine in order to have that the creature Lives in My Will, and therefore I will act like a king who greatly loves that his kingdom be populated.  He makes it known by the whole world that whoever wants to can come into his kingdom.  He wants it known in order to send them money for the trip, that he will let them find a residence at their disposition, abundant clothes and foods.  The king ventures to give them such riches as to render them rich and happy.  So much will be the goodness of this king, that he will live together with the people, whom he loves so much that with his riches he has ransomed them from the miseries and unhappiness of life.

“Such am I.  I will make known to the entire world that I want the people of My Divine Volition, and provided they give Me their name and will let Me know that they want to come into My Kingdom, I will give them all the Goods.  Unhappiness will have no place in him, each one will possess Its Kingdom, he will be king of himself, and they will Live together with their Creator.  I will display so much in giving, that everyone will remain enraptured by it.  My daughter(Luisa), O! how I long for this Living of the creature in My Will, and you(Luisa) pray and long for it together with Me, and it will be sweet for you(Luisa) to place your life for a Kingdom so Holy.”


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