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Effects Of Each Word Read From The Writings

Effects of Each Word Read from the Writings of Luisa

From The Writings of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter of the Divine Will”

 Virgin Mary In the Kingdom of the Divine Will: Day 31

Listen, dear child, this is the last day of the month consecrated to Me. I have spoken to you with great love of that which the Divine Will operated in Me; of the great good It can do, and of what it means to let oneself be dominated by It. I have also spoken to you of the grave evils of the human will. But do you think that it was only to make you a simple narration? No, no! When your Mama speaks, She wants to give. In the ardor of my love, in each word I spoke to you, I bound your soul to the Divine Fiat, and I prepared for you the dowry with which you might live rich, happy, and endowed with Divine strength.

 Hours of the Passion:4PM Hour

He created as many Paradises in Me as words that He spoke. Ah, my Paradise is finished, and I will have nothing but bitternesses! Ah, Son, I want to give You my tongue in order to animate Yours. Give Me that which You suffered in your Most Holy Mouth – the bitterness of the gall, your ardent thirst, your reparations and prayers; and so hearing your voice through them, my sorrow will be more bearable, and your Mama will be able to live through your pains.”

 VOL. 11 – October 1914

Value and effects of the Hour of the Passion.

I was writing the Hours of the Passion and I thought to myself: ‘How many sacrifices in order to write these blessed Hours of the Passion, especially to put on paper certain interior acts which had passed only between me and Jesus! What reward will He give to me?’ Letting me hear His tender and sweet voice, Jesus told me: “My daughter, as a reward for having written the Hours of my Passion, for each word you have written, I will give you a kiss – a soul.” And I: ‘My love, this is for me; and what will you give to those who will do them?’ And Jesus: “If they do them together with Me and with my own Will, I will give them a soul for each word they will recite, because the greater or lesser effectiveness of these Hour of my Passion is in the greater or lesser union that they have with Me. In doing them with my Will, the creature hides inside my Volition; and since it is my Volition that is acting, I can produce all the goods I want, even through one single word. This, for each time you will do them.”

 VOL. 20 – October 22, 1926

Then, I was thinking of what is written above, especially that each word and manifestation about the Supreme Will is a miracle that comes from It.  And Jesus, to confirm what He had told me, added:  “My daughter, when I came upon earth, what do you think was a greater miracle:  my word, the Gospel I announced, or that I gave life to the dead, sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, etc.?  Ah! My daughter, the greatest miracle was my word, my Gospel; more so, since miracles themselves came from my word.  The foundation, the substance of all miracles came from my creative word.  The Sacraments, Creation Itself, a permanent miracle, had life from my word; and my very Church has my word, my Gospel, as regime and foundation.  Therefore, my word, my Gospel were greater miracles than miracles themselves – if these had life, it was because of my miraculous word.  Therefore, be sure that the word of your Jesus is the greatest miracle.  My word is like impetuous wind that runs, pounds on the hearing, enters the hearts, warms, purifies, enlightens, goes around and around from nation to nation; it covers all the world, and wanders throughout all centuries.  Who can ever give death and bury one word of Mine?  No one.  And if sometimes it seems that my word is silent and as though hidden, it never loses its life.  When least expected, it comes out and goes everywhere.  Centuries will pass in which everything – men and things – will be overwhelmed and disappear, but my word will never pass away, because it contains Life – the miraculous power of the One who has delivered it.

Therefore, I confirm that each word and manifestation I make to you about my eternal Fiat is the greatest miracle, which will serve for the Kingdom of my Will.  This is why I push you so much, and I care so much that not a word be not manifested and written by you – because I see a miracle of Mine coming back to Me, which will bring so much good to the children of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.”

 VOL. 23 – January 13, 1928

Each act of Jesus, each word and each gaze, were as many more paradises that He formed in His little daughter.

 VOL. 27 – January 26, 1930
How each word spoken by Jesus on His Fiat is like a child of His that comes out of His womb, and has the communicative strength to communicate itself to all Creation.  Empire of the prayer done in the Divine Will.

My flight in the Divine Fiat continues, and I comprehend more how Heaven and earth are filled with It; there is not one created thing that is not the bearer of a Will so Holy.  But while my mind was wandering within the Fiat, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, all created things, by virtue of my Divine Will in which they live, perceive when my Divine Volition wants to manifest a truth that belongs to It, a knowledge about It, or wants to do one of Its works.  Since the Will that dominates all Creation is one, they feel within themselves the communicative, creative and preserving virtue that wants to operate and make itself known; therefore they feel as if another sister were adding into their midst, and they celebrate the newcomer.  So, each word I have spoken to you on my Divine Volition has been a Fiat pronounced by Us, which has come out like a child from the womb of Our Will.  This Fiat is the same Fiat as that of Creation, which, forming Its echo, makes Its vital strength felt there where Our Will resides.

 VOL. 29 – October 20, 1931

“But do you want to know what these fruits are?  Our Creative Word.  As soon as the encounter takes place, the creature flings herself into the center of Our Supreme Being; We receive her with so much love, that unable to contain it, We identify her with Us, and with Our Word We pour out Our Knowledges upon her, making her share in Our Divine Being.  So, each Word of Ours is an outpouring that We make upon the creature, and as many degrees of knowledge as she acquires by means of Our Word, so many more degrees of participation she receives from her Creator. 

“See then, each act done in My Divine Will is the way that you form for yourself, to move the step in order to form yourself all of Divine Will; and My Word will serve you as formation, as light and as participation in Our Divinity.”

 VOL. 30 – January 24, 1932

But while I was thinking of this, my Lovable Jesus, visiting my little soul, all Goodness, told me:  “My daughter, each Word I have spoken to you about My Divine Will has been nothing other than a little visit that I have made to you, leaving in you the Substance of the Good that each of My Words contains; and not trusting you, because you were incapable of keeping a single Word of Mine, I Myself remained as Custodian of the Infinite Value of My Truths that I deposited in your soul.  Therefore, your fears are not just—I Myself guard everything.  These are Celestial Truths, Things of Heaven, Outpourings of Love of My Will, and from many centuries, which had been repressed; and before deciding to speak to you, I had already decided to remain in you in order to keep what I would deposit in you.  You enter the secondary order—I Myself am the First Custodian.

“Now, since these little visits of Mine are bearers of Celestial Things, you will bring them with you into the Celestial Fatherland as Triumph of My Will and as guarantee that Its Kingdom not only will come upon earth, but has established Its beginning of Its Reigning.  Those that will remain on paper will leave the Perennial Memory that My Will wants to Reign in the midst of the human generations; and they will be spurs, incitements, Divine Supplications, Irresistible Strength, Celestial Messengers, Captains of the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat, and also Powerful Reproaches to those who should occupy themselves with making known a Good so Great, and who, out of indolence and vain fears, will not let them go around through the whole world, so that they may bring the Good News of the Happy Era of the Kingdom of My Will.  Therefore, abandon yourself in Me, and let Me do.”

VOL. 30 – March 27, 1932

“In addition to this, you must know that each Word come out of the Uncreated Wisdom contains Life, Substance, Work, Instruction; so, each Manifested Truth on Our Divine Will will have its own Office in Our Kingdom.  Many Truths will have the Office of Forming and Growing the Life of the Divine Will in the creature; others will occupy the Office of Nourishing it; others will act as Teachers; other Truths will have the Office of Defenders, in such a way that they will place Themselves around the creature like an Army, so that no one will be able to touch her.  See, then, the necessity of My Speaking, so prolixious, and of the many Truths I have manifested:  it was a Kingdom that I had to form, that is not formed with few words, with few acts and offices—it takes so many of them!  And each Truth of Mine has the virtue of occupying an Office in order to maintain Perfect Order, Perennial Peace.  It will be the Echo of Heaven, and they will swim inside a Sea of Graces, of Happiness, under a Sun that knows no clouds; the Sky will always be serene.  My Truths on My Divine Will will be the only Laws that will Dominate the creatures who will enter to Live in this Kingdom—Laws, not of oppressions, but of Love, that will sweetly make themselves loved, because in them they will find the Strength, the Harmony, the Happiness, the Abundance of all Goods.  Therefore, Courage, and always forward in My Divine Will.”

VOL. 31 – July 24, 1932

And my Celestial Jesus, visiting my little soul, told me:  “My little daughter of My Volition, you oppress yourself too much, and I do not want it.  To see you oppressed in the midst of so many of My Goods, makes you see that you have more eyes for yourself then for the Goods that your Jesus has given you, and by this you can see that you have not yet understood well the Gifts and the Goods that your Jesus had given you.  You must know that every Word of Mine is a Gift, and therefore it encloses a Great Good, because My Word has the Creative, Communicative, Formative Virtue, and as it is pronounced by Us, so it forms the New Good of giving to the creature.  “See, how many Words I have spoken to you, and how many Truths I have made you know, are as many Gifts I have given you; and these many Gifts enclose Divine Goods, one distinct from the other.  Additionally, everything that came from Our Word remains; in Our Word is formed the Good that We want to put forth from Us.  When this Good is put forth, with certainty it will have its Life in the midst of creatures, because these Gifts are animated and formed by Our Creative Power, and conserved by Our same Word in order to secure the Good that We want to give.  And Our Word will move Heaven and earth in order to give the fruit of the Good that it possesses.

            “Now My daughter, you must know another surprise of Our Speaking.  Suppose that I spoke to you about My Sanctity; this Word of Mine encloses the Gift of Divine Sanctity so as to give to the creature, always for as much as is possible for the creature.  If I speak of the Divine Goodness, My Word encloses the Gift of Goodness.  If I speak of the Divine Will, it encloses the Gift of Our Will.  In sum, whatever Our Word says of Beauty, of Goodness, of Greatness, of Sanctity—that Gift it encloses.

“Now listen to the extent of Our Loving Stratagems:  it is as if We were never content with forming New Inventions of Love so as to give to the creature.  Therefore, if Our Word says Sanctity, it is because We want to give the Gift of Our Divine Sanctity so that she is placed on a par with Our Sanctity and can be in a contest with Us.  And O! Our Contentment when We see Our Divine Sanctity Operating in the creature.  And if We hear that she says:  ‘I feel the Sanctity of my Creator impressed in me, O! how happy I feel, to be able to Love with His own Sanctity.’ O! then Our Love goes into follies, and pours over her, in a way so Exuberant, that We reach Excesses.

“And so if Our Word says Goodness, Divine Will, it is because We want to give the Gift of Our Goodness and Divine Will so that she can be on a par with Our Goodness and Will, and she can compete with her Supreme Being.  You cannot understand what Our Contentment is to see the creature gifted by these Divine Qualities of Ours, in which Our Word is Bearer.  And as it is Our usual Way to give to one creature Our Word—but so much is its Fecundity, Power and Fullness of Light, the Sun becomes as formed by one of Our Words, that with one blow of Light Illuminates all and gives the Good that the Light possesses—then why do you oppress yourself if you see that your Jesus often makes use of His Word in order to add Gifts upon Gifts?  And these Gifts are not only to have Life in you, but in many other creatures, because they posses the Generative Strength, they give and they generate in order to give and generate again.  Our Word is a Birth from Our Womb, therefore it is Our Child, and as Children they bear the Good that was generated in their Father.  So, instead of oppressing yourself, think rather that your Jesus wants to make you New Surprises of His Divine Words, so that you dispose yourself to receiving a Good so Great.”

 VOL. 31 – August 28, 1932

Every Word that I speak to you was a Work that I did, and within My Word I formed the New Creation in you, more Beautiful than the very Creation, because what must serve bodies, must serve souls in order to give them the Life of My Will.

 VOL. 31 – November 6, 1932

Therefore every Word of Mine is a Work, it is one more outlet of Love, it is putting an end to My First Begun ‘Fiat.’  Giving each other a hand, the first and last that will be pronounced, they will form the braiding of the New Creation of My Kingdom in the depth of the soul, that, transmitted to posterity will be bearer of more than the universe itself of Goods, of Sanctity, and of Graces to the human generations.

            “See, therefore, what one Word more, one Word less, one Lesson more, one Lesson less, means.  They are Works, that if they are not received, nor taken account of, My ‘Fiat’ is not drawn and enraptured to pronounce other ‘Fiats,’ and therefore will not be Complete.  And I will wait and repeat My Lessons, and if I repeat them it is a sign that you have not kept track of what I have told you, and I do not want that anything lack, because everything that I must tell you about My Will has been established.  Therefore, be attentive and let Me do what I want.”

 VOL. 34 – May 28, 1937

“And not only am I Bearer, but Spectator and Listener of what He does and says to souls.  Do you believe that I was not present to listen to the so many Lessons that My dear Son made you on His Divine Will?  I was present, I listened Word by Word to what He told you, and in every Word I thanked My Son and I felt doubly glorified because He spoke about the Kingdom that I already possessed, that has been all My Fortune, and the cause of the Great Gift of My Son.  And in seeing Him speak I saw the fortune of My children grafted with Mine.  O! how I rejoiced.  All the Lessons that He has given you, and also more, are already written in My Heart, and in seeing them repeated to you, I enjoy one more Paradise in every Lesson.  And however many times you were not attentive and forgot, I asked pardon for you, and I prayed Him that He would repeat His Lessons.  And He, in order to content Me, because He does not know how to deny anything to His Mama, repeated His Beautiful Lessons to you.

 VOL. 35 – September 12, 1937

“You must know that each Word is an Outpouring of Our Love to the creature.  So, every Word that We have already said on Our Divine Will is Love that We’ve poured out.  Being refreshed by this Outpouring We have continued to talk, to form a chain of Our Love Outpourings, since what We had kept within Ourselves was a repressed Love.  If you knew how much this Love-Pouring means and the Goods it produces…!  This unleashing of Our Love fills Heaven and earth, invests all, and embalms all sufferings;  It becomes the day in the night of guilt, converting sinners, straightening one who is limping in the good, strengthening the good ones.  In sum, there is no Good that a Word of Our Outpouring of Love cannot do.  Therefore, letting Us speak is the Greatest Good that can be done for the creatures:  it is Our Love being returned; it is giving a Divine Life to the creatures; it is the Greatest Glory We can receive.

“What can one of Our Words not do?  It can do all.  One can say that whoever is disposed to listen to It gives life to Our Word, since We never speak if We don’t find one who wants to listen.  The one who listens loves Us so much that We feel as if she wanted to give Us life in the midst of the creatures, so We give Our Life at her disposal.  Therefore, be attentive to listen.  Let Us pour out Our Love, because many times, when We have nobody to whom to express Our Love, these Outpourings are justly turned into Justice.”

VOL. 35 – March 12, 1938

“Would you like to know what the use of these Lives of Ours will be, that have been formed with so much Love in the creature?  They will serve to populate the earth, and to Generate the Life of Our Will in the human family.  They are Our Lives, My daughter.  Our Life never dies—It is Eternal, with Us.  Therefore, They are all in waiting to take possession of the creatures, in order to form One Single Life with them.  And this is also the cause—Our Great Divine Reason for which We have been Speaking for so long about Our Divine Will.  Each Word We say is one of Our Lives that We deliver—it is a Birth that We give to the Light.  Every Word that We pronounce on Our Fiat is a Life that We expose, that puts Itself in communication with the creatures.  Every Knowledge that We Manifest carries Our Kiss, so that the creature may form Our Life at every breath.  And since Life has motion, warmth, heartbeat and breath, she must also feel, by necessity, this Life of Ours within herself.  This Life will have the virtue of Transforming the life of this fortunate creature into Itself.  Therefore, My daughter, be attentive.  Do not allow even one Word on Our Fiat to escape you, because they are Lives—Lives that We Live inside other creatures.  The value of one single Word on Our Fiat is so Great that the whole of Creation…O, how behind it remains.  The Creation is Our Work, while one Word on Our Fiat is Life, and the Life always costs more than all the Works.

 VOL. 36 – June 20, 1938

“You must know that, at each word I have you write on My Fiat, I Double My Love for you and towards those who will read them, to make them remain embalmed by My Love.  Therefore, as you write, you give Me the space to Love you more; I see the Great Good these Writings will do for you.  I feel each one of My Words and the Palpitating Lives of the creatures who will know the Goodness of My Word, forming within themselves the Life of My Will.  So, the interest is all Mine, and you, leave everything to Me.  You have to know that these Writings came out of the center of the Great Sun of My Will, whose rays are Full of the Truths coming from this center, and embrace all times, all centuries, all generations.  This great wheel of Light fills Heaven and earth, and, through Light, It knocks at every heart; praying, begging them to receive the Palpitating Life of My Fiat, that Our Paternal Goodness condescended and deigned to dictate from within Its Center with the most unusual, charming, affable, sweet modes, and with such a Great Love, as to seem almost incredible—to Astound the very Angels.

“Every Word can be called a ‘Portent of Love,’ one Greater than the other.  Therefore trying to touch these Writings is wanting to touch Myself, the Center of My Love, the Loving keenness with which I Love creatures.  I will know how to defend Myself and confound anyone who would slightly disapprove of even one Word of what is written on My Divine Will.  Therefore, continue to listen to Me, My daughter; don’t obstruct My Love, don’t tie My arms by rejecting back into My Womb what you keep writing.  These Writings cost Me too much.  They cost Me as much as Myself.  Therefore, I will take so much care of Them that I will not allow even a Word to be lost.”

 VOL. 36 – July 11, 1938

Since I was suffering, with difficulty I continued to write, and my sweet Jesus, to give me Strength, told me: “My blessed daughter, Courage, I am with you; I am so pleased when you write that, for each word you write, I give you a kiss, a hug and one of My Divine Lives, as a Gift. Do you know why?  Because I see, copied in these Writings, Our Life of Eternal Love, the copy of Our Operating Divine Will.  Also, Our Love, repressed for six thousand years, bursts out, and finds relief for Our Flames, in making known how much It Loves the creature; to the extent that It wants to give her Its own Will as Life. This, so that on both sides we can say: what is mine is yours.



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