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 From the Writings of The Servant of God Luisa PiccarretaThe Little Daughter of the Divine Will

Volume 4 – October 10, 1900

“My daughter(Luisa), what you say is not a chastisement, nor does this happen to you because of your fault.  Rather, you must know (Luisa) that for two reasons alone can the soul go out of the body:  by force of pain, which happens at natural death, or by force of the reciprocal love between the soul and Me.  In fact, when this love is so strong, that neither could the soul last, nor could I endure for too long without enjoying her, I keep drawing her to Myself, and then I put her in her natural state again; and the soul, drawn more than by an electric wire, comes and goes as I please.  And here is how what you think is a chastisement, is finest love.”  

Volume 4 – April 4, 1902

Luisa speaks:  As soon as they saw me, they wanted to swallow me, but I said to them:  ‘Let me speak, and then do to me whatever you want.  You must know  that if you reach your intent of destroying every moral good pertaining to religion, virtue, dependency and social welfare, without realizing your mistake, you would also destroy all corporal and temporal goods.  

Volume 6 – March 12, 1924

“My daughter(Luisa), courage in suffering; I do not want you(Luisa) to afflict yourself(Luisa) in seeing yoursel(Luisa)f not yet taken to Heaven.  You must know (Luisa) that all Europe lays on your shoulders(Luisa), and the good or bad outcome for Europe depends on your sufferings(Luisa).  If you(Luisa) are strong and constant in suffering, things will be more bearable; if you(Luisa) are not strong and constant in suffering, or if I take you(Luisa) to Heaven, things will be so grave that Europe will be threatened with invasion and of being seized by foreigners.” 

Volume 8 – March 15, 1908

“My daughter(Luisa), do not want to trouble yourself.  You must know(Luisa)  that when there is a strong storm in the sea, where the waters are deep the storm is only superficial.  The depths of the sea are in the most perfect calm, the waters remain tranquil, and the fish, when they detect the storm, go to nest where the water is deeper so as to be safer.  So, the whole storm unloads itself where the sea contains very little water, because since there is little water, the storm has the strength to agitate it from top to bottom, and even to transport it elsewhere, to other points of the sea. 

Volume 9 – November 11, 1909

“Yes, I do.  You must know(Luisa)  that since you(Luisa) have done your things together with Me – that is, you(Luisa) have loved Me with my love, you (Luisa)have adored Me with my adorations, you (Luisa)have repaired Me with my own reparations, and so with all the rest – things are immense in you(Luisa), just as my own, and this union in operating has formed this organ.  However, every time you(Luisa) suffer something more, you(Luisa) add one more key, and I immediately come to play my little sonata, to see what sound this new key produces; and I enjoy one more amusement.  

Volume 9 – October 29, 1910

‘Ah, my daughter(Luisa), I was scourging and destroying cities and burying human lives – this is why I have not come.  On this day of respite – for then I will take up the scourge in my hand once again – immediately I have come to see you(Luisa) again.  You must know (Luisa) that if I did not reward the things done with purity of intention, the upright works, and everything that is done for love of Me, I would fail a duty of justice, and all of my other attributes would remain obscured.  

Volume 10 – December 25, 1910

However, you must know(Luisa)  that this sorrow of Mine is still lasting, because the priests of these times have banded together with the priests of those times.  They have been holding hands in their attachments to families, to interest, to exterior things, and they care very little, or not at all, about that which is interior.  Even more, some have degraded themselves so much as to make even secular people understand how unhappy they are with their state, lowering their dignity down to the bottom, and below the secular themselves.  

Volume 10 – November 18, 1911

What you(Luisa) are saying is false, my daughter.  If I did not keep you(Luisa) as though bound, you (Luisa)would get up.  What is the meaning of your not being able to move by yourself? Of needing others in your things? Is this not a sign that I keep you bound? Having released you(Luisa) from the bonds of my presence, my Love uses different devices to keep you(Luisa) bound with Me.  You must know(Luisa)  that true crucifixion does not consist of being crucified in your hands and feet, but in all the particles of your soul and body.

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