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The Truths, Divine Birth, and the greatest miracle that God can do

‘The Kingdom of The Divine Will in the midst of creatures.  Book of Heaven. The call of the creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose for which he was created by God’



Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

  Volume 34 

May 16, 1937

The Truths, Divine Birth, and it is the Greatest Miracle that God can do, and the Greatest Good that He brings to creatures.

I am always returning into the Sea of the Divine Volition.  The so many Truths manifested to me crowd in my little mind like so many refulgent suns, each one of which wants to tell the Story of the Divine Fiat, but one distinct from the other.  Some want to tell the story of Its Eternal Light, some of Its Sanctity, some of the way of how It forms Its Life in the center of the soul.  In sum, all have something to say about a Volition so Holy, and all have a special task to be Bearers of the Good that each one encloses, that united together form one single Life.  However, in order to be able to deposit the Good that they enclose, they want to be listened to—the doors of the soul opened—recognized and almost prayed to and appreciated, in order to make the Life that they contain be deposited.  I lost myself in the midst of so many messengers, because all wanted to tell the Eternal Story of the Fiat.

And my Highest Good Jesus, repeating His brief little visit to me, with an Indescribable Love, told me:  “My little daughter of the Divine Volition(Luisa), you(Luisa) must know that the Greatest Miracle that Our Divine Being can do, is to Manifest one Truth that belongs to Us, because it first is formed, matured, in Our Bosom, and as Our Birth We put it forth as Bearer of Divine Life for the Good of creatures.  And then We bring forth this Birth when Our Love’s Flames rise so much that in order not to remain drowned, We feel the need of placing outside Our Divine Births.  See, therefore, what We put forth by Manifesting one Truth—not the sky, the sun, the wind, but Our Life as Bearer of Divine Life to the creatures.  The other miracles, the Creation itself, are Our Works, not Life.  On the other hand, Truths are Perennial Life, and if they find one who receives them, they Bilocate themselves, they multiply themselves in an incredible way for every creature, so much so that each one can have it for herself as Life that belongs to her.

“These Truths are Our Births, they resemble Us, Our Supreme Being, in everything.  They are not voices and they speak.  They have no feet and they walk, but so fast, that no one can catch them, nor impede their step.  They enter into the intelligences and form the thought in order to make themselves known.  They Transmute the will in order to make themselves possessed.  They Renew the memory in order to not be forgotten.  They walk in the ways of the heart in order to be Loved.  In fact, they have no hands and they Operate, they have no eyes and they see, they have no heart and they Generate Love.  The Truths are nothing other than Palpitating Lives of Our Divine Being in the midst of creatures, Heartbeat without heart, because Our Heart is the creature, and We, as Most Pure Spirit who find Ourselves everywhere, We are the Heartbeat that while it is not seen, it is felt.  And We form the Life and We give it to all the human generations.

“So, there is no miracle similar to the Great Miracle of when We put forth from Us one Truth.  It is one Life of Ours that We expose that, more than sun, will make Itself Light for the creatures, that darting them with Its vital Heat, will mature Its Life, first to the one to whom It is directed, and then It diffuses itself in whoever wants to receive It.  And if they find ungrateful ones who do not want to receive such a Good, They are not subject either to dying, or to losing life, but They await with Invincible Patience, even centuries if necessary, New generations, to whom They will give the Goods that They possess, and They will complete Their Purpose of why They came forth from Our Divine Bosom.

“We, in putting forth Our Truths, look at the centuries. And when We are certain that they will Bilocate, will multiply, Our Lives in the midst of creatures, then We put them forth in order to give the Good that they possess, and in order to receive the Divine Honor and Glory that Our Truths possess.  We never do useless things.  Do you(Luisa) believe that the so many Truths that We have Manifested to you(Luisa) about Our Will with so much Love, will not bring their fruit and will not form Their Life in souls?  Not at all!  If We have put Them forth it is because We know for certain that They will bring forth Their fruit and will establish theKingdomofOur Volitionin the midst of creatures.

“And if not today, because it seems to them that It is not food adaptable for them, and perhaps they despise what would be able to form the Divine Life in them, the time will come that they will compete for who will be able to know these Truths more.  By knowing them they will Love them, Love will render them adaptable food for them, and so they will form the Life that My Truths will offer them.  Therefore do not think about it; it is a question of time.  I, who know how things will go, I do not stop, I continue to Manifest My Truths—and you(Luisa), continue your flight, and lend yourself to listening to Me and to placing them in practice.”

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