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Passages on the title of ‘The Book of Heaven’

‘The Kingdom of The Divine Will in the midst of creatures.  Book of Heaven.   The call of the creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose for which he was created by God’





Luisa sees Jesus alive on the Cross

Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will:




August 27, 1926

Jesus gives the title to the Book about His Will.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made me see the reverend father who must occupy himself with the printing of the writings on the adorable Will of God.  And Jesus, placing Himself near him, said to him:  “My son, the title you will give to the book you will print about my Will is this:  ‘The Kingdom of my Divine Will in the midst of creatures.  Book of Heaven.  The call of the creature to the order, the place and the purpose for which he was created by God’.  See, I want the title also to correspond to the great work of my Will.  I want the creature to comprehend that his place, assigned to him by God, is in my Will, and until he enters into It, he will be without place, without order, without purpose; he will be an intruder in the Creation, with no right at all, and therefore he will go wandering without peace, without inheritance.   And I, moved to compassion for him, will cry out to him continuously:
‘Enter into your place, come into the order, come to take your inheritance – to live in your house.  Why do you want to live in a foreign house?  Why do you want to occupy a land that is not yours?  And because it is not yours, you live unhappy, and you are the servant and the laughing-stock of all created things.  All things created by Me, because they remain in their place, are in order and in perfect harmony, with all the fullness of their goods, assigned to them by God.  You alone want to be unhappy – but of a voluntary unhappiness.  Therefore come to your place – it is there that I call you and await you’.  Therefore, he or she who will offer to make my Will known, will be my spokesperson, and I will entrust to them the secrets of Its Kingdom.”

Then, after this, He showed the whole Creation – how all created things remain in their place, wanted by God, and therefore in perfect order and in perfect harmony among themselves.  And because they remain in their place, the Supreme Will maintains their existence whole, beautiful, fresh and ever new; and order brings communal happiness and universal strength to all.  What enchantment to see the order, the harmony of all Creation!  And Jesus, resuming His speaking, added:  “My daughter(Luisa), how beautiful are Our works – they are Our honor and Our perennial glory.  All of them remain at their place, and each created thing fulfills its office perfectly.  Man alone is Our dishonor in Our creative work, because by withdrawing from Our Will, he walks upside down, with his head down on the earth and his feet up in the air.  What disorder! What disorder!  It is disgusting to see him.  By walking with his head upside down, he crawls on the earth, he becomes all upset, he transforms himself.  His sight lacks the necessary span to be able to look; he cannot move around in space in order to know things, nor defend himself if his enemy is behind his shoulders; and he cannot go too far, because – poor one – he has to drag himself with his head instead of walking, because the office of walking belongs to the feet, while that of the head is to dominate.  So, doing his own will is the true and perfect tumble of man, and the disorder of the human family.  This is why I care so much that my Will be known – so that he may return to his place, no longer dragging himself with his head upside down, but walking on his feet; no longer forming my dishonor and his, but my honor and his.

Look, yourself:
do creatures not look ugly, in seeing them walk with their heads on the ground?  Don’t you(Luisa) too feel sorry in seeing them so disordered?” I looked, and I saw the heads down and the feet up in the air.  Jesus disappeared, and I remained looking at this ugly scene of the human generations; and from the heart I prayed that His Will may be known.


August 29, 1926

Only the Supreme Will possesses the nature of true good.  Blessing of Jesus of the title to be given to the Writings about His Most Holy Will.

My poor mind is always returning to the supreme center of the Eternal Will; and if sometimes I think about something else, Jesus Himself, with a speaking of His, calls my attention to crossing the unending sea of His Most Holy Will.  So, since I was thinking about something else, my sweet Jesus, jealous, clasped me to Himself and told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), always in my Will do I want you (Luisa), because in It is the nature of good.  Only when a good never ends and has no beginning and no end, then can it be called true good.  When it has its beginning and its end, a good is full of bitternesses, of fear, of anxiety, and also of disillusion.  All this renders good itself unhappy, and many times one passes easily from the good of riches to miseries, from fortune to misfortune, from health to sickness, because all the goods that have a beginning are unstable, fleeting, short-lived, and end up in nothing.

It is my Supreme Will that possesses the nature of true good, because It has no beginning and no end, and therefore Its good is always the same, always full, always stable, not subject to any change.  This is why all that the soul makes enter into the Supreme Will – all of her acts formed in It – acquire the nature of true good:  because they are done in a stable, immovable Will, which contains eternal and immeasurable goods.  So, your love (Luisa), your prayer (Luisa), your thanksgivings (Luisa) and everything you can do (Luisa), take their place in an eternal beginning that never ends, and therefore acquire the fullness of the nature of good.  So, your prayer (Luisa) acquires full value and complete fruit, in such a way that you yourself(Luisa) will not be able to comprehend where the fruits and the goods of your prayer(Luisa) will extend.  It will go around throughout eternity, it will give itself to all, and at the same time it will remain always full in its effects.  Your love(Luisa)  acquires the nature of true love – of that unshakeable love that never fails, that never ends, that loves all, gives itself to all, and remains always with the fullness of good of the nature of true love; and so with all the rest.

To everything that enters into my Will, the creative power of my Will communicates Its own nature and converts it into Its own acts, because It does not tolerate having within Itself acts dissimilar from Its own.  Therefore it can be said that the acts of the creature done in my Will enter the inscrutable ways of God, nor can anyone know all of their innumerable effects.  That which has no beginning and no end renders itself incomprehensible to created minds, which have a beginning, because since the power of an act that has no beginning is missing in them, all the divine things and everything that enters my Will render themselves impenetrable and inscrutable.  See then, the great good of operating in my Will – to what high place it raises the creature, how she is given back the nature of good, just as she was delivered from the womb of her Creator. On the other hand, anything that can be done outside of my Will, be it even good, cannot be called true good – first of all, because the divine nourishment and its light are missing, and these acts are dissimilar from my acts, taking away from the soul the likeness of the divine image.  In fact, it is my Will alone that makes her grow in my likeness; once my Will is removed, the best is removed – the greatest value of the human works.  Therefore those are works emptied of substance, of life and of value – they are like plants without fruit, food without substance, statues without life, works without retribution, which tire the limbs of the strongest.  Oh! how great is the difference between operating in my Will and operating without It.  Therefore, be attentive, and do not give Me this sorrow of making Me see even one act in you (Luisa) which does not give of my likeness.”

After this, He disappeared, but He came back a little later, as though restless because of offenses received.  Taking refuge in me, He wanted to take rest, and I said to Him:  ‘My Love, I have many things to tell You – many things to establish between You and me; I must ask of You that your Will be known and that Its Kingdom have Its full triumph.  If You rest, I cannot tell You anything – I must be silent to let You rest.’  And Jesus, interrupting my speaking, with unspeakable tenderness pressed me so very tightly to Himself, and kissing me told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), how beautiful on your lips is the prayer for the triumph of the Kingdom of the Supreme Will.  It is the echo of my own prayer, of my sighs and of all my works.  Now I want to see what you(Luisa) wrote about the title to be given to the writings about my Will.”  And as He was saying this, He took this book in His hands, and He seemed to be reading what is written on August 27.  As He was reading, He remained pensive, as though placing Himself in profound contemplation, in such a way that I did not dare to tell Him anything; I could only hear that His Heart was beating very, very strongly, almost wanting to explode.  Then He pressed the book to His breast, saying:  “I bless this title – I bless it from my Heart, and I bless all the words that regard my Will.”  And raising His right hand, with enchanting majesty, He pronounced the words of the blessing.  Having done this, He disappeared.


September 28, 1926

Luisa’s great affliction because of the printing of the writings.  Jesus wants
that they be entrusted to His care.  Jesus pushes the Father who must occupy himself with the printing.

I was feeling oppressed and as though crushed under the weight of a profound humiliation, because I had been told that not only what regards the Will of God must be printed, but also what regards all the other things that my lovable Jesus has told me.  My pain was such as to take away from me even the words, to be able to say something so that they would not do it; nor was I able to pray my beloved Jesus that He would not allow it.  Everything was silence, inside and outside of me.

Then, my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, clasped me to Himself to infuse in me courage and strength; and He told me:
“My daughter (Luisa), I do not want you(Luisa) to look at what you(Luisa) have written as your own, but to look at it as Mine, and as something that does not belong to you(Luisa).  You(Luisa) must not enter into it at all; I will take care of everything.  Therefore, I want you(Luisa) to entrust it to My care; and as you(Luisa) write, I want you(Luisa)  to give it to Me as gift, that I may be free to do whatever I want, and you(Luisa) may be left only with what you(Luisa) need in order to live in My Will.  I have given you(Luisa)  as many precious gifts for as many knowledges as I have manifested to you(Luisa); and you(Luisa)—you(Luisa) want to give Me no gift?”

And I:

“My Jesus, forgive me; I myself would not want to feel what I feel.  Thinking that what has passed between me and You must be known to others makes me restless, and gives me such pain that I myself cannot explain.  Therefore, give me strength—in You I abandon myself, and I give everything to You.”

And Jesus added:  “Good, My daughter(Luisa).  It is My Glory, the triumph of My Will, that requires all this; but It wants—It demands that Its first triumph be over you(Luisa).  Aren’t you(Luisa) happy to become the victory, the triumph of this Supreme Will?  Do you(Luisa) not want, then, to make any sacrifice so that this Supreme Kingdom may be known and possessed by creatures?  I too know that you(Luisa) suffer very much in seeing that after long years of secrecy between Me and you(Luisa), in which I have kept you(Luisa) hidden with so much jealousy, our secrets are now coming out—you(Luisa) feel your strong impressions.  But when it is I who want it, you(Luisa) too must want it; therefore, let us be in agreement and do not worry.”

Then, after this, He made me see Reverend Father; and Jesus, being near him, placed His holy right hand on his head to infuse in him firmness, help and will, saying to him:  “My son, hurry, do not lose time.  I will help you, I will be near you, so that everything may go well and according to My Will.  Just as I care that My Will be known, and just as I have dictated the Writings about the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat with paternal goodness, so will I help with the printing.  I will be in the midst of those who will occupy themselves with it, so that everything may be regulated by Me.  Therefore, hurry, hurry.”

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