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A Light on your Journey
for each Day of the Year

Luisa Piccarreta

Archdiocese of Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie

NIHIL OBSTAT Trani, September 24, 1997

Il Cancelliere Arcivescovile
Mons. Giuseppe Asciano

From the Postulation of the Cause of Beatification
of Luisa Piccarreta


    This little booklet will be for you, fortunate soul, a Light of guidance and strength, which will accompany you each day of the year.

It contains brief reflections taken from the Letters of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, who died in odor of sanctity on March 4, 1947 in Corato (Bari), Italy, and whose Cause of Beatification is currently in process.

These thoughts are the fruits of her intimate life, lived in the fullness of the Divine Will, from which she drew Light in order to give Light to all of those who turned to her to receive guidance and strength on their journey of life.

Though brief, these reflections are filled with Divine Wisdom, and are capable of transforming your day into Love for God and your brothers and sisters.

Open your heart to pure faith – to the Divine Fiat that wants to transform your actions in the Light of the Divine Will; and to your Guardian Angel, who will gather the fruit of your daily reflection, to offer it to God as the homage of your “Yes” to His Most Holy Will.

With the protection of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, I wish Divine richness and safe guidance for your soul, on the journey toward the high mountain of the Divine Fiat.

Luisa will lead you by the hand – do not fear!

Sister Assunta Marigliano

A Light on your Journey
For each Day of the Year.


  1. These are my wishes for the      new year – that you may live always in the Divine Volition, and that Jesus      may make of you a missionary of the Divine Will.
  2. We have an omnipotent Will      with us; therefore there is nothing to fear.
  3. I pray to Jesus that He may      give you strength, and put Himself in the place of your heart, so as to      heal the pain and provide for everything.
  4. In the Divine Will you will      find true peace, and you will give it to others; more so, since by doing      the Divine Will, a sweet blood will descend into your veins, which will      put to flight all troubles of soul and body.
  5. As many pains as you suffer,      as many tears as you shed, so many are the Angels around you, gathering,      full handed, the pearls which you form with your sufferings, and bringing      them to Jesus as pledges of your love.
  6. With all my heart I pray and      will pray for you. And you, be good – dignified. Always pray to Jesus that      He may assist you.
  7. Be sure that I will not      forget you. Never be disturbed; these are storms that go by.
  8. Think that Jesus continually      says to you: “My child, forget about everything, and remember only      that your Jesus wants love in order to give you love.”
  9. He wants to make of you a      saint, but wants your will in His hands in order to make of it a prodigy      of sanctity.
  10. Lean on Him, and you will see      that all things – pains, crosses, miseries, weaknesses, the very defects,      and illness – will lose their look and will all turn into messengers and      bearers of sanctity.
  11. If you sin and are not holy,      do you want to know the cause? Lack of union with Jesus.
  12. Don’t think about the past,      this harms you a great deal; rather, even today, begin your life with      Jesus.
  13. I want you peaceful. Peace      will be the flag which goes ahead, in order to prevent evil and do the      good you desire.”
  14. The Celestial Mama is      preparing a chain of graces for you, and will keep her blue mantle laid      upon your person in order to protect you and guard you.
  15. But do you want to know why you feel the weight of your miseries? Because many times you do not try to be together with Jesus and to convince yourself that He is already with you, and you do not unite the pains of Jesus with yours.
  16. Before the pains of Jesus,      yours lose hardness, empty themselves of their weight, become small, and      almost smile.
  17. In the pains you suffer, in      the prayers you say, in the work, in the food, in the sleep, say to Him      from the heart: “Jesus, I want to do always your Will.”
  18. Let us adore the judgments of      God, just and holy, Who disposes everything for our good and to make us      holy.
  19. Your pains, your crosses,      even though heavy, will serve the Divine Beggar, Who looks for our      sufferings in order to form and continue His life within us.
  20. All you have to say and do is      this: “The Heart of Jesus wants me a saint: I must become a      saint!” Have we understood each other?
  21. Jesus too was mocked in His      pains, but it was then that He triumphed; and by means of pains, He      conquered our souls.
    Don’t you want to be like Him? You must know that your pains are written      in the pains of Jesus, as triumph of His Love toward you.
  22. Be sure that beloved Jesus      will be jealous that you don’t lack what is necessary, and even the storms      will calm down.
  23. Look at all things as bearers      of a Will so holy, and you will see that the Fiat will defend you.
  24. Don’t get discouraged, do not      fear, do not lose peace, abandon yourself more than ever in the arms of      the Divine Will, and be tranquil, waiting in full confidence for the helps      and means which are necessary to you.
  25. Sufferings form the carriage      which brings us to Heaven, and the more the sufferings, the faster it will      go.
  26. Each additional pain is a      faster ride which takes us soon and straight to Heaven.
  27. Courage, courage. All other      things are left; while sufferings are brought to Heaven, and form our most      beautiful throne and never ending glory.
  28. My child, everything is in a      strong, firm, constant resolution to deliver our will into the hands of      Jesus, so that His Will may underlie each one of our acts.
  29. In all our being, in the most      natural acts of life – in food, in sleep, in sufferings, in prayer, and      also in legitimate pleasures, the Divine Will must have Its royal place.
  30. If the will is good, the      heart is good; if the will is holy, the heart is holy. If our will gives      place to the Divine, letting It raise Its throne in our will, the heart      acquires the Divine qualities by grace.
  31. Look for the Divine Will in      everything, and your being will become continuous prayer, in everything.


  1. It is not the words that form      prayer, but our union with the Divine Will.
  2. I recommend that you never      leave prayer. Have great confidence in God.
  3. As we decide to always do His      Will and to live in It, sweet Jesus covers all our past miseries in order      to let us begin the new life, all holy, and all of Heaven.
  4. In the secret of our heart,      Jesus says to us: “My daughter, if you do what I want, I will take      on the commitment of all your things. I can do them better than you – do      not worry about anything; let Me do and you’ll see.”
  5. The Divine Fiat is that which      must embrace us, enclose us within Itself, in such a way as to consume us      completely in the Divine Will.
  6. To live in order to be      consumed in love is the most beautiful act.
  7. All you should care about is      to do the Divine Will, and to know It in every circumstance of your life.
  8. We should never get      discouraged or lose peace, when we are not answered immediately.
  9. When there is prayer, the      hour of the Lord will come and He will give us more than we ask for.
  10. Peace, trust, courage,      resignation and prayer, and the Lord won’t be missing to you. All that the      Lord allows for you is nothing but means to become a saint.
  11. Learn a little bit to be      alone with Jesus, and He will be with you.
  12. I wish you the peace of the      Fiat, that It may make the full day arise in you – always serene.
  13. Peace can be called daylight      of God, in which the Divine Volition forms Its day of ever growing      sanctity, and ever new graces.
  14. One single act we do in the Divine      Will is so great as to surpass the greatness of Heaven and earth.
  15. Let us do the greater part,      that is, the Divine Will – and everything else will come by itself; or      rather… more than we ourselves, Our Lord will take care of it.
  16. The Celestial Mama comes to      visit you and to be your Mother, Teacher and Consoler; and also to give      you Her sweet company in order to teach you how to live from the Divine      Will.
  17. My brother, courage, trust,      for you have a Celestial Mama who loves you very much, and who will never      leave you.
  18. If you do the Divine      Will…oh, how It will change your bitterness! You will feel a true Divine      strength that will ease your painful state.
  19. If there is peace, there is      God; and peace is the sign that the Divine Will reigns as life, or at      least as virtue.
  20. My child, remove the sadness      from your soul; do not get discouraged or disturbed; hold peace as the      greatest treasure.
  21. Mortifications, adversities      and sorrows are the messengers that Jesus sends to us, His little warning      letters, the unexpected telegrams, which bring us the good news of how      much Jesus loves us.
  22. Without the cross it would be      as if we had no correspondence with our beloved Jesus, and as if He had      made no design upon us… Ah, no, may Heaven save us from this misfortune!
  23. I recommend to you peace,      courage and true resignation, and you will see what the Lord will make of      you.
  24. Do not stop reading the book      of “The Queen of Heaven”, in order to better learn how to      live in the Divine Volition.
  25. Courage, trust and      abandonment in the arms of our adorable Jesus.
  26. There are tears of the heart      – the tears of the soul, which are more bitter and transform us into our      beloved Jesus.
  27. Let us be attentive – let us      live as if we had no other life, no other word, but the Divine Will.
  28. May Heaven, dear Jesus and      our Queen and Mother reward you for everything; even more, in exchange I      will pray that they may give you the royal garment of the Divine      Will.


  1. Don’t lose heart because of      the difficulties and the circumstances of life; they are steps which make      us go higher in the Divine Volition.
  2. Especially in painful      circumstances, dear Jesus takes us by the hand to make us rise higher and      achieve beautiful conquests – not human, but Divine.
  3. Oh, how I’d love to hear that      you are always in the Divine Will!
  4. How beautiful it is to live      in the Divine Volition! Everything is ours; God Himself feels the need to      give Himself at the mercy of His creatures, to love them and to be loved      by them.
  5. Put everything with filial      abandonment into the hands of God and of the Queen – They, who love us so      much and want to be loved.
  6. Crosses make us be reborn to      a new life of sanctity and of Grace.
  7. Let us make everything flow      in the Holy Will, if we want It to perform Its prodigies of love in our      soul.
  8. God Himself faces up to all      our things and puts His Sanctity, His Love, all His Being at our disposal,      as long as He receives the contentment of seeing us live in that Volition      which is the bearer of all His goods.
  9. As far as weaknesses,      miseries and the like, as long as our will is not there, don’t worry,      since that is our ruin.
  10. I recommend that you do not      think of miseries and weaknesses. The more one thinks about them, the more      he feels them.
  11. Try as much as you can to      make the Divine Will known to everyone; in this way you will obtain the      grace to know It more yourselves.
  12. Oh, how good is Jesus! If we      knew Him, we would die enraptured with love.
  13. Only the doubt that Jesus      does not love us very much, saddens Jesus and embitters Him.
  14. The cause, I believe, of      everything you tell me, is lack of union with Jesus in all your things.      The enemy finds you alone, without Jesus, and does his own crafting in      you, disturbs you, and takes peace away from your heart.
  15. Remain always with Jesus,      both in spiritual and in material things, and Jesus will take care of      giving you peace.
  16. Everything you suffer, and      even your coldness, give it to Him in order to relieve Him and repair Him.
  17. Jesus wants harmony and      concord among you, and He will be in your midst.
  18. Jesus alone can comfort us in      our sufferings. Therefore, let us turn to Him alone; let us throw      ourselves into His arms like tender babies; and if pain makes us cry, let      us wet His paternal hands with our tears.
  19. Fears, doubts, agitation, are      laces which bind us to ourselves, and take the freshness of love away from      us; even more, they make it wither and snatch us from the arms of Jesus.
  20. My daughter, until you strip      yourself of everything, even of holy tastes, Jesus, the kidnapper of      hearts, will not give you His Divine tastes.
  21. Be on guard for everything      which is not peace, because fears and restlessness, even under the aspect      of good, are always infernal breaths and rags of hell.
  22. If you love Jesus, be at      peace; whatever the circumstances may be, never get disturbed, and remain      in full trust like a baby in the arms of Jesus.
  23. Let us learn from this exile      how one must live in Heaven!
  24. Do not afflict yourself with      what you feel in the depth of your soul; these are works that Jesus does      in order to accomplish His great designs.
  25. Never lose peace in these      circumstances, because the storm will be over – everything ends down here      – but peace does not end; rather, it is the carriage which brings us to      Heaven.
  26. Do not neglect anything, give      example of a firm character, be always the same with yourself. Don’t let      the devil laugh, because if your are not firm and always the same, the      enemy will say to you: “You wanted to do good to others, and you      were unable to do it to yourself.”
  27. So does Our Lord, Divine      Architect: He strikes the iron of our soul in order to remove the rust, to      soften us and give us the shape of the object He wants to make of us.
  28. Peace is the smile of the      soul, and the spring which makes the little ground of our soul bloom; it      removes from us the veil of disturbance and reveals to us the One Who      loves us so much.
  29. Despondency exhausts courage      and strength, and renders us unable to do good.
  30. Don’t you feel in your heart      the presence of a powerful hand that guides you?
  31. Abandon yourself in the Divine      Volition like a little baby, and you will feel a new strength, a new light      arise.


  1. In order to do some good, it      takes someone who feels the life of that good. If this life is not felt,      it will be done in a forced way and even badly.
  2. Be sure, my daughter, Jesus      loves you and wants you good and holy. Do not listen to the enemy, who      would want to snatch the gift from the hands of Jesus.
  3. Do not pay attention to      doubts or anything which is not peace.
  4. I send you my wishes of a      good Easter: let the Divine Will rise again in you.
  5. The most beautiful wish I      can send you is that your will may rise again in the Divine Will, so that      you may take your place of honor in the whole order of Creation, where God      wants us to be.
  6. My wish is that our will may      rise again in His; in this way, you will give work to Jesus.
  7. If the enemy torments you,      determined, say to him: “These are things that don’t belong to me.      I don’t want to steal from anyone, not even from hell.”
  8. Unshakable firmness in good.      Interest yourself in nothing but Jesus.
  9. Not wanting to obey means      not wanting to do the Will of God!
  10. As far as the future, don’t      worry about it either, because it is not ours, but belongs to God.
  11. Draw everything from sweet      Jesus, and He will be generous to you. Don’t get distressed about      anything; do not fear, because Jesus will take care of everything.
  12. The Divine Will will be the      true Sun for you, which will make the night of troubles disappear, forming      the smiling spring of the most beautiful flowers.
  13. The Divine Fiat awaits you,      to say to you: “Give me life in your acts and I will make you a      saint. And everything will turn into happiness.”
  14. What a magic force, what      powerful magnet does the Divine Will possess! In the hardest pains It      knows how to give rest, placing Its balm on the most embittered wounds.
  15. I can tell you nothing but      this: may the Divine Will cover you and hide you within Itself, but so      much so as to feel nothing but Will of God within you.
  16. The origin of our existence      was formed in the center of the Supreme Fiat.
  17. God created our human will      as His Divine room, as a secret office, in which He was to live together      with us.
  18. Disturbance is not food for      Jesus. Peace forms the day, and converts everything we do into love.
  19. Do you want to know how to      grow in the FIAT? By calling it in everything you do, whether natural or      spiritual.
  20. Say to dear Jesus with all      your heart that you want to live in His Will, that you want to know      nothing but His Will alone.
  21. Let us be attentive! Let us      not give this sorrow to our dear Jesus – to live without the life of the      Supreme Fiat.
  22. There is no greater love I      could have for you, but to wish to see you enclosed in the Divine Will.
  23. Everything you have done,      both for yourself and for others, is seeds that you have formed – seeds      which make the Life of the Divine Will be born again.
  24. Nothing is lost for us if we      really want to live from the Divine Will. This Life exists within us, it      did not escape; however, one must not abandon it, but make it grow and      nourish it.
  25. The Will of God is ours –      and Life of ours. God gave it to us, as principle of life, in the act of      creating us, when He brought us to the light.
  26. It seems to me that dear      Jesus surrounds you with these pains in order to give you strength, and      with tender and loving voice, He says to you: “My child, give      these pains to Me, that they may form my arms, my heart, my steps – my      whole Life, to be able to live within you.”
  27. We must be convinced – not      the great things make us saints, but the little ones, which we have in our      power and which serve as the nourishment of sanctity.
  28. If we only knew how many      miracles and prodigies are enclosed in the Life of the Divine Will, we      would give our lives to receive so many goods.
  29. Let us pray and look for our      place in the Divine Will. Let us make of our will the secret cell in which      Jesus speaks to us and reveals to us His secrets, but in which He also      reveals to us His pains.
  30. Oh, how I wish you would      occupy yourself with nothing but living of Divine Will, to let sweet Jesus      live always together with you.


  1. If you want to be a saint,      live always with Jesus. He takes on the commitment to make of you His      faithful copy.
  2. I do nothing but pray that      the Divine Will may give you the greatest grace – of enclosing you in His      Will, in which you will find everything you need to make yourself a great      saint.
  3. Love will make everything      easy for you; more so, since you will no longer do anything by yourself,      but always with a Will so Holy, which can do everything.
  4. There is nothing left for us      in life but to close our ears to everything, if we want to be at peace      even in the midst of the greatest storms.
  5. There is nothing more      beautiful than the sanctity that, in everything, looks at the Divine Will.
  6. Therefore, let us be      attentive; let us not leave the Divine Will, which is for us the bearer of      all goods.
  7. I recommend that you sow the      seed of the Divine Will in the souls as principle of Life.
  8. In whatever state you feel,      be always tranquil – do not think of cold or warm. The Divine Will is more      than everything: more than prayer, more than recollection, more than fervor,      more than miracles – more than everything.
  9. Let us remain always united      in the Divine Will.
  10. What I recommend is that you      look at your crosses as many visits from Jesus, Who brings you the life of      the Divine Will, to make It reign in you and to give you all His love as      food.
  11. If you do the Will of God,      you will feel a strength in all your sufferings; you will feel an      invisible hand which helps you, guides you, and does whatever you do      within you.
  12. When one does the Will of      God, the work is more of God than ours.
  13. Live in It, and you can be      sure that you will make yourself a saint. You will feel the bond and the      association with the Divine Family.
  14. If Jesus does not find His      Will in us, He does not find the adaptable material to make us saints.
  15. Every act of Will of God that      we do creates His Life in us, and we form the long generation of God in      our acts.
  16. Oh power of the Divine Will –      as soon as the soul decides and wants to live in It, the Most Holy Trinity      takes Its prime operating place in her.
  17. Let us hold dear taking      refuge in the Divine Will as our life.
  18. Oh, how I would love to hear      you say: “I do not think about whether I am beautiful or bad, or      whether I am cold or warm. My thought is to make all my acts and my being      flow in the Will of God.”
  19. Every additional act we do in      the Divine Will is a new birth for us. We are reborn in Jesus, and He in      us.
  20. We are under the weight of      humiliations, everyone runs away from us, and some regretted having known      us. This happened also to Jesus. But may the Divine Will be always done.      It alone is faithful.
  21. I send you my wishes, that      you may raise Little Baby Jesus in your soul and live together with Him,      watching Him constantly in your interior in order to do whatever He does.
  22. Jesus needs to repeat His      Life upon earth, and He can do so in one who submits himself to anything,      and who does His adorable Will.
  23. Never lose heart; never be      disturbed; try to live abandoned in the arms of Jesus, and He will be your      Mama, your Father and your custodian.
  24. I beg you never to go out of      His Will. In this way, the Lord will give you His own Love to love Him,      His own Sanctity to make yourself a saint, His own Peace in the storms of      life.
  25. What sorrow for our dear      Jesus! To have children who do not live with Him, and therefore do not      love with His Love, and are not saints of His own Sanctity.
  26. I recommend to you: never go      out of the Divine Will; keep It as your life, nourishment, royal garment      and dwelling.
  27. It is a Divine decree that      the Divine Will will form Its Kingdom upon earth.
  28. Let us pray, and let us offer      our little pains to obtain the triumph of the Divine Will upon earth.
  29. As we desire to do His Will,      the Sacrosanct Trinity gives us His Love, covers us with His Beauty, gives      us His Goodness, that we may feel the Divine order.
  30. Only in His Will are we able      to say: “I have loved Jesus; I have done everything He wants. I      have done
    everything, and I have given
    Him everything – even Jesus      Himself.”
  31. Every time we do an act in      His Holy Will, we go to meet the whole of Heaven, and all of Heaven comes      to meet us.


  1. Every time we do an act in      the Divine Will, the human will goes through a martyrdom – not of blood,      but of will, which never dies.
  2. My good daughter, it is      necessary to die to everything in order to rise again to all goods and to      true sanctity. But it is so sweet to be able to say: “Crucified      You, O my Jesus – crucified I. Slandered, despised, abandoned by all, You      – slandered, despised and abandoned I. So, O Jesus, we look      alike.”
  3. In each one of our acts done      in the Divine Will, also natural, in the most tiny things, even in one      breath, we can form a  martyrdom, not human, but Divine.
  4. Let us never move away from      His Will, even at the cost of our lives.
  5. In every circumstance, let us      never lose peace, and let us run into the arms of Jesus as our refuge. In      this way we will be safe!
  6. It is enough to say that one      single act done in the Divine Will storms Heaven; we make the seas of love      of the Queen of Heaven and of the very Divinity our own, and we give them      back to God as seas of love which belong to us.
  7. Do we want to put everything      in a safe place – sanctity, and the very life of Jesus within us? Let us      do the Divine Will. Let us live in It, more than if It were our own life.
  8. Oh, how happy we will feel,      living of Divine Will!
  9. Let us not lose our place of      honor of living in the Divine Will. Let us content ourselves with dying,      rather than not doing the Divine Will.
  10. Let us not change in the      different circumstances of life; many times they serve to make us copy and      imitate our dear Jesus.
  11. In each one of our acts, even      natural – because our nature was given to us by God – we will be invested      with new beauty, with new love, with new Divine strength.
  12. If we live in the Divine      Volition, even our breath, our steps, our motion, run within the      breathing, in the steps and in the motion of all, to give back to God love      for each breath, prayer for each step, glory for every motion.
  13. The Divine Will is everywhere      and we, by living in It, find ourselves in Heaven and on earth to love Him      with all, in all, and in every place.
  14. The Saints, the Queen of      Heaven and God Himself anxiously await the “I love You”      of one who lives in His Will, because it is a new gain that they make.
  15. The “I love You”      of the earth resounds in Heaven, in each Blessed, in the seas of the      Celestial Mama, and says to all: “I love You, I love You…”
  16. May we take to heart living      always in the Divine Will; in It we will form seas of love, seas of      adoration, seas of glory, to give to our Creator.
  17. Goodness of God! If only our      acts enter the Divine Volition, everything is changed into Divine in us,      and what is human no longer has life.
  18. In all circumstances, even      painful, you will have a refuge in which to take shelter. Jesus is waiting      for you with open arms to receive you and to help you to form within you      the noble martyrdom of the Divine Will.
  19. Let us remain always united      in the Divine Will, from which we will draw the strength and the sanctity      He wants from us.
  20. Our most interesting task is      to live of Will of God. If we do this, we do everything.
  21. If we do much without the Divine      Will, it is just little drops. Therefore, I placed everything in the Divine      Volition, so that It may do whatever It wants. But, be certain that Its      Kingdom will come upon earth.
  22. Let us pray, let us do this      Will so Holy and let us live in It. May It be our breath and heartbeat. If      we do so, we will be carried in the Divine arms; It will lower Itself to      breathe in our breathing, to beat in our heartbeat, to move in our motion.      Then, in the ardor of our love, we will say to Him: “I love You      for all, and for love of You, I give You the heartbeat, the breath,      the motion of all.”
  23. The creature who loves in the      Divine Will is not content if she does not find her place in all, to love      the One Who so much loves her.
  24. If we pray, if we adore, and      even if we sigh in this Will so holy, we become life of all, and we give      God all that everyone should give Him.
  25. I recommend that you do not      lose peace, and that you live so abandoned in the Divine Will as to feel      It as your own life.
  26. In each pain, dear Jesus will      give you a kiss, a hug, and will adorn your soul with most refulgent gems.
  27. Courage, my child; never lose      heart; never get discouraged. It is Jesus that wants His child similar to      Himself; aren’t you happy?
  28. Dear Jesus will give you His      pains as courtship, strength and company.
  29. What I recommend to you is      that the Divine Will be your life, your breath, the beating of your heart,      your continuous motion. It is the greatest miracle that the Lord can make      for you, and the highest sanctity we can possibly reach.
  30. Those who today love to live      in the Divine Will and to know It, form the seed, the conception, and      maybe even the birth of this Divine Volition within their souls.


  1. You must know that the      sanctity of living in the Divine Will is nothing other than a birth which      the Divine Sanctity makes in the creatures. It is the greatest miracle It      can perform in the creatures.
  2. The Sun never says a word; It      allows Its light to be trodden by our steps; It follows us everywhere, and      all the glory and honor is of God, who made It Sun. Such is the soul who      lives in the Divine Will, whom the Lord uses to do good to      all,   and from whom He receives glory and honor, as if all had      loved Him.
  3. The Divine Will has such      surprises in the soul that the Heavens are astonished and the Angels      remain mute in seeing our Creator enclosed in our tiny act.
  4. In the Divine Will you will      feel that it is not you who are speaking, working, walking, loving, but it      is Jesus who speaks, works, walks and loves.
  5. May the Divine Volition      reward you by making you know Its Divine Will, because Its life grows in      us as we get to know It. A good cannot be possessed if it is not known.
  6. You must know that in      everything we do in order to make the Divine Will known, His Love is so      great that He Himself does it within us: it is He who speaks, works, and      pushes us. His contentment is so great that He Himself does everything.
  7. Dear Jesus, in order to give      us His likeness, creates pain by the touch of His paternal fingers, and      makes the most beautiful pearls, the most refulgent suns, the most      expensive diamonds come out from it; and He gives us His most ardent      kisses and the tightest hugs.
  8. Jesus wants to make the Divine      Will known to all, so that It may be possessed, because when we possess      It, It works   the most beautiful wonders and the greatest      prodigies in our souls.
  9. Each thought of yourself is a      little escape from the arms of Jesus.
  10. Patience, my child, dear      Jesus wants to make you mature more in sanctity, and His Divine Volition      wants to hasten Its  life in your soul.
  11. Disturbances, fears, little      mistrusts, are the night of the soul and make her see all things as      opposite to what they are.
  12. The love of Jesus, His sighs      and also His tears for desire that His Will reign in us as life, are such      that He never leaves us alone; He Himself descends into the depth of our      will; He molds it, strengthens it, purifies it, prepares it, and does all      that we do together with us.
  13. What I want – and this is all      my interest – is that you keep growing in the Divine Will. Do not pay      attention to your little passions – they themselves feel crushed and      agonizing, when they have to deal with a resolute soul.
  14. The mind toward Heaven, the      gaze to the Cross, the heart loving Him, the arms always in the act of      hugging Him, the steps calling Him, the words saying always      “Fiat”. In each thing never escape from acquiring a degree of      sanctity. Make yourself a saint; Jesus wants it, make Him content.
  15. Be attentive, my daughter; when      dear Jesus wants to give, He asks, in order to prepare the space in which      to place His gifts, His light, His graces in our hearts.
  16. Resignation is what renders      the cross lovable, beautiful and precious. Resignation empties the cross      and renders it light, making a sweet blood descend into our veins, which      sweetens its bitterness.
  17. When our wills are fused with      Jesus, the cross is no longer a cross, but a precious treasure, a Divine      gain, and the coin for Heaven!
  18. Do not fear – when the Fiat      takes on the commitment, no one can resist It.
  19. To live of Will of God means      to love God with His own Love; and since the Divine Will is everywhere, we      love Him for all and in all.
  20. What the Divine Will does in      one who lives in It is unspeakable, incomprehensible, and so amazing as to      astonish Heaven and earth; even the Angels remain speechless.
  21. And here is the Holy Divine      Will coming before me and saying: “My Will never ends; I have      always some to give. Therefore, send her, as wish, my Love which rises      continuously, my sanctity which is ever new, my virtue which is always      working.”
  22. Here is my little wish: your      will at the mercy of the Divine Will. In this way you will feel within you      the Sanctity, the love and the works of the Supreme Fiat as your own. Your      life will no longer be of the earth, but of Heaven.
  23. This is the only happiness of      Jesus: that the soul live in His Will, because He can give her whatever He      wants, and can make of her one of the greatest portents of sanctity.
  24. Oh, how I wish you would      occupy yourself with nothing but living of Divine Will, to let sweet Jesus      live always together with you. Never lose sight of Him, my child; never      leave Him alone in your heart.
  25. All we should care about is      to bring with us the Will of God, which is not a house made of stone, but      of Light.
  26. If you want to be safe, live      in the Divine Will, and It will know how to defend you from everything and      from everyone, in whatever place you are.
  27. My child, I recommend to you      – remain always in the Divine Will. It will take to heart all of our      troubles; It will keep us on Its paternal knees, clinging to Its womb of      Light, to be our defense, help, refuge and the balm in our sufferings.
  28. Every additional act we do –      may it be even little and natural – increases in us new Divine likeness,      new love, new sanctity, new beauty. On the other hand, every act – may it      be even a great one – which does not have the Life of the Divine Will as      foundation, takes us away from His likeness, reduces love, fades Its      beauty, closes Heaven to all goods, and forms the sorrow of God.
  29. By living in the Divine Will,      our destiny is secured. We will have the strength of God in our power.
  30. If God receives, He gives. He      rewards even one thought of ours, one sigh, one movement done to fulfill      His Will. And He says: “The creature has sighed to do my Will; I      must pay her.” And do you want to know what pay He gives us? An      imperturbable peace, a strength which is such as to be able to bear      anything.
  31. To feel pleasures,      imperfections, weaknesses, is not evil. Wanting them is ugly, because the      Lord does not care about what we feel, but about what we want.


  1. Our own nature is formed with      many little acts – the breath, the heartbeat, the motion; yet, they form      our life. And if we lacked even one breath, our life – we could say – is      ended. So we can say if our little acts are not animated by the Will of      God.
  2. I beg you to live always in      the Divine Will. I pray that Jesus will seal It in your mind, on your      lips, in your heartbeat, in the movements of your hands, and even in      your breath.
  3. Jesus loves us so much as to      endow us with His Love, His Sanctity, His Light and perennial peace, and      He declares us His legitimate children.
  4. If we do the Divine Will, It      carries us in Its arms. He Himself descends in all our acts to place in      them His Sanctity, His   Love, His Strength, His Light, and He      becomes our refuge and our life. So, there is nothing we should fear.
  5. I recommend that you never      move away from the Divine Will. Live always in Its maternal arms, like a      baby in the arms of his mother.
  6. How happy you will feel,      thinking that your sufferings serve to save souls, to console Jesus, to      kiss His wounds, to tell Him that you love Him! In every pain you suffer,      tell Jesus to bring you His Love. Love Him always, and Jesus will be wounded      by your love and will love you more.
  7. May the Divine Will be your      dwelling, your food, your life.
  8. Pluck up courage, and if you      want to became a saint and to please Jesus more, enclose yourself in the      Holy Will of God; hold It as more than your own life. May It be your      continuous food, your refuge, your help, your strength.
  9. Unite your pains together      with those of Jesus, that they may be missionaries throughout the world,      just like the pains of Jesus, and you too will feel happy.
  10. I can only pray that dear      Jesus will make you live of Divine Will, because It alone can make us      happy, and can make us saints of His own sanctity.
  11. Jesus wants to display His      love, but our will is small and He doesn’t know where to put it. He wants      to give us surprising graces, but our will is incapable of receiving them.      This is why He wants to find in us His Holy Will – not only to give us      what He wants, but to make of us His faithful images.
  12. Let us take to heart living      in the Divine Will. It will keep us sheltered, protected from all dangers      and free from all evils.
  13. Pluck up courage, dear Jesus      will not leave you alone. It is sufferings that wound His Heart and draw      Him with an irresistible force to be together with the creature, to give      her the merit of His own pains, and to adorn her with Divine marks.
  14. I recommend to you – let      Jesus find you in His Most Holy Will, and He will make a prodigy of your      soul. And the more you feel alone, the more you will feel close to Jesus.
  15. I promise to enclose you in      the Holy Will of God, that your acts may be animated by Divine Sanctity,      by His infinite Love and by His incomparable Light and Beauty.
  16. May the Divine Will be      everything for us. May It be our refuge, our life, our All.
  17. I am sorry for your painful      state, but you must know that the Divine Will has Its plans and works to      do. So, if you think that the Divine Will is working you, your tears and      anguish will cease.
  18. Abandon yourself to the Divine      Will. Let Its Divine Life rise again in all your sufferings.
  19. This is exactly what the Divine      Will can do: give Itself completely, in order to vaunt forming Its Life in      the creature.
  20. I recommend to you – let us      always do the Divine Will. It will put to flight all passions; It will      clothe us with royal garments of light. We will be the terror of demons,      and will give God the new joys which the Divine Will can give.
  21. Oh, how Jesus longs for it,      and reaches the point of crying for the desire that we know the Holy Divine      Will, and that It reign and dominate in the whole world.
  22. Poor Jesus, how much He      suffers! And how He sighs and cries because the creatures do not pray Him,      do not press Him to concede them the gift of living in the Will of God.
  23. The seas of the Divine Will      are not yet known. If they were known, all would dive into the sea of the Divine      Volition to live perennial life in It.
  24. I beg you to never put aside      the Divine Will. Let It be your life, your breath and heartbeat.
  25. If you want to make yourself      a saint, if you want peace and to give peace to all, if you want a Divine      power to invest you and transform you into Jesus Himself – I beg you to      think of nothing else but to live in the Divine Will.
  26. What I recommend to you is to      never leave the Will of God. Never look at the one who commands you if you      want to possess peace and let the Divine Will reign in your soul.
  27. Oh, how I’d love to find you      always in the sea of the Divine Will! Every tiniest act of yours would      cover you with Its sanctity, with Its love, with Its peace, and you would      feel as though repatriated into the Celestial Fatherland.
  28. I recommend that you stay      away from people who can do harm to your soul, because they can poison      you.
  29. Make yourself a saint, and      sweet Jesus, together with His Mother, will take care of making you      content.
  30. May the Lord give you the      grace to remain firm in the good you started, because those who begin and      persevere will be rewarded.
  31. It is well known how easily      creatures change – today they smile at us, tomorrow they will turn their      back on us. We can trust God and our Queen alone, because they really love      us, without the shadow of interest. They love us because they want to see      us happy and holy.


  1. On the hard path of life,      always trust the Celestial Mother, and do always the Divine Will.
  2. I recommend to you: be good,      love Jesus very much, never leave prayer, make yourself a saint. If you do      this, you will find the doors opened; you will possess the peace of the      children of God.
  3. First form your life as      filled with goodness, patience and perfect resignation, because true      resignation keeps Heaven open for us.
  4. We are temples of God. And      with God in our hearts, what can we lack?
  5. Do not be in a hurry –      everything is written in Heaven. It will happen when God wants. Do not be      concerned about the necessary means; the Lord abounds with those who love      Him. Rather, you should fear more not being good.
  6. I recommend to you – be good;      the rest with come by itself. The Lord and the Queen are very rich, and as      They give to us, their riches do not decrease. Therefore, be sure that you      will lack nothing of the necessary things.
  7. Remove that which disturbs      you. Be at peace, expecting everything from your Celestial Mama, and      abandoning yourself in the Divine Will.
  8. Love your Celestial Mama very      much, and she will take care of everything you need.
  9. Be good, and never leave      prayer. Do not trust the creatures, but only Jesus.
  10. Trust in the Supreme Will,      and you will experience great prodigies.
  11. Place everything in the hands      of God, and He will take care of your destiny. Do not get discouraged; be      good. Never leave prayer; it is our refuge, the gate to Heaven, the path      and the key which opens the doors of all graces for us.
  12. The mind toward Heaven, the      gaze to the Cross, the heart loving Him, the arms always in the act of      hugging Him, the steps calling Him, the words saying always      “Fiat”.
  13. Everything you do in the Divine      Will will fly to Heaven, to anticipate your possession of It. Therefore,      be attentive.
  14. There is an extreme need for      true sanctity, especially in the Priest, and only the Omnipotent      “Fiat” of God has this power: to place in us the true order of      sanctity with Its creative strength.
  15. Peace makes us see things as      they are before God, and not as creatures see them.
  16. Peace gives us Divine sight,      and in circumstances, in humiliations, we see what God sees.
  17. Each thought of yourself is a      void of love that you form; you deny Jesus an act of love, and keep Jesus      sighing for your little love. Think about it, and be attentive.
  18. By doing the Divine Will, the      very natural things necessary to our life, are transformed into prayer,      adoration and love toward our sweet Jesus.
  19. Peace is what constitutes      happiness of families, not money. How many rich people are unhappy because      peace does not reign in their families!
  20. Three things I recommend to      you: firmness in good, perennial peace, filial trust.
  21. Trust will make you live like      a little baby in the arms of his mama.
  22. Union with Jesus floors all      sins, love kills all passions, and abandonment in Him and trust are the      nourishment in order to grow in sanctity.
  23. Here is the means to sin no      more: to be united with Jesus, love Him, and always do His Will.
  24. The breath which the Kingdom      of the Divine Fiat produces in the soul, is peace.
  25. Peace will prepare your soul      to live of Divine Will.
  26. You say you have many      crosses. Good sign, my child. Crosses are Divine jealousies and little      coins that our Lord gives us.
  27. Together with Jesus, pains      change their look, miseries disappear; and from pains, miseries and      weaknesses the most beautiful conquests, celestial riches and the strength      of God arise.
  28. Always keep the Fiat on your      lips, in your mind, and in your heart.
  29. Oh, how happy will you feel,      if in every pain you say, “This pain serves Jesus”!
  30. Patience, trust, courage, is      the bread of the strong, the heroism of martyrs. Therefore, courage!


  1. Those who think of the past      lose the present.
  2. It is not that we must no      longer feel our will: to operate on a dead will would be neither ours nor      Jesus’ victory.
  3. The Sanctity of living in      the Divine Will is for all; or rather, to tell the truth, It is for all      those who want It.
  4. In the Kingdom of the Divine      Will no one loses, we are all winners, both God and the creature.
  5. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is      nothing other than the immense Reign of His Will.
  6. How I would love for      everyone to understand this great secret – that, if we want it, we must      let the Divine Will reign in us.
  7. How many graces not      obtained, how many obstructed sanctities, how many unhappy people, and      with no peace, because the primary food of the Fiat is missing – the life      of Jesus is missing within us! Here is all the trouble!
  8. Sanctity is not formed by      playing, but by working, suffering and loving.
  9. Mortifications, adversities,      crosses, come to us veiled and do not let us see the good which they      contain.
  10. Peace removes the veil and      allows us to recognize the finger of God in our sufferings.
  11. Never neglect the Rosary to      the Celestial Mother.
  12. When the Divine Volition      wants to reign in the soul, It first sends Its message of peace.
  13. It is not our occupations      that take us away from Him, but our will – the thought of ourselves – that      make us put Jesus aside, even in good.
  14. For one who is with Him, the      most indifferent things, works, sacrifices – are prayers, adorations and      love; he feels the Tabernacle in his own heart, and Jesus living within      himself.
  15. We are small; if we think of      ourselves, Jesus will find no space in which to put Himself.
  16. Without a cross we are like      unripened fruits – like sterile plants, which do more harm than good.
  17. Jesus feels the need to make      of the creatures the repeaters of His Life, and He does so on the stake of      suffering and love.
  18. Sufferings are firewood, and      love ignites it, while Jesus gives us the shape He wants.
  19. Jesus does not look at what      we feel, but at what we want.
  20. Courage and trust; these are      the weapons which conquer God. The essential thing is really to begin; the      rest will come by itself.
  21. Love calls for more love.      The more we believe He loves us, the more we feel like loving Him; and      Jesus, seeing Himself loved, loves us more.
  22. Prayer will defend us from      the shadow of the enemy, and will cover us with the Divine shadow.
  23. Jesus burns with love in the      Most Holy Sacrament and wants to come into our hearts in order to pour out      His flames; while if we abstain, He burns more.
  24. I recommend to you “The      Hours of the Passion”. Form continuous chains of reparation      around Jesus; unite all your actions to them, so that this sweet chain of      reparation may never be broken.
  25. Peace will be your heritage,      the Divine Will your life, trust the powerful magnet which will capture      blessed Jesus to dwell in your heart.
  26. With Jesus it takes      patience, faithfulness and peace, in order to let Him proceed in the work      of forming the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.
  27. From the storms you must      draw light, courage and peace.
  28. Never be disturbed, because      disturbance is the true hail of the soul, destroyer of the true goods.
  29. But if you want peace, you      must live from the Divine Will.
  30. Place the Fiat before and      after each one of your acts.
  31. Peace, peace, my child. And      you will certainly find peace if you look at the Divine Will in      everything.


  1. We must obey and make      ourselves saints, not for our interest, but for the glory of God.
  2. Doubt, fear and agitation      do not come from God, but from the devil.
  3. Never deny enything to the Divine      Will. To deny something to It, not letting oneself be dominated by It,      means to break the sanctity, to tear it to shreds, in such a way that we      ourselves will not be able to make head or tail of anything.
  4. Love peace and everything      will smile at you.
  5. Let all things be Will of      God for you.
  6. How could anyone live      without a Will so holy? It would be as though living without breathing,      without motion, without the principle for which we have been created.
  7. For us, to live in the Divine      Will is a sacrosanct duty.
  8. Whatever one does for God      is never lost.
  9. “Whatever God      wants, I want; whatever God does, I do”. The Heavens open at      these acclamations in order to unite Creator and creature. Continue your      mission, and offer it for the triumph of the Divine Will.
  10. May your life be nothing      but a continuous act of the Will of God.
  11. All other things, as      beautiful as they might be, can serve to form His works, but only the Divine      Will serves to form His Life.
  12. May the Divine Will be our      only refuge, the balm in our sufferings, the hiding place when they      persecute us.
  13. In everything we can do and      suffer, may the triumph of the Divine Will be our only purpose.
  14. It takes nothing but a firm      decision of wanting to live in the Holy Will.
  15. With the most tiny things,      with trifles, we can form the little stones to give the Divine Fiat the      material to build our sanctity.
  16. Our lot changes when we      don’t do the Divine Will.
  17. If the Divine Fiat is      known, the kingdom of the enemy is over. Here is all his rage.
  18. Offer your sufferings, and      even your little natural acts, to obtain a good so great.
  19. The thought of ourselves      removes the thought of God from us and takes away sanctity, making us grow      sickly in good.
  20. The thing that most      facilitates living in the Divine Will, is to do whatever we can – and      because God wants it; a Fiat is impressed in our act, and the Divine Life      is formed.
  21. As long as you keep the      thought of yourself, even in good, Jesus will not take the reins to lead      you and to make of you another Jesus.
  22. Jesus reigns in peaceful      souls.
  23. What I care about is that      we live of Divine Will, because these are all the sighs, the yearnings of      Jesus, and maybe even His tears, as He does not see in us the purpose for      which He created us: His Divine likeness.
  24. Anything which is not peace      ever comes from God, but always from our enemy.
  25. Order to become saints,      nothing is needed but courage, trust and peace.
  26. His Most Holy Will      circulates in all and gives life to all.
  27. It is true that the times      are sad, and who knows where we will end up, but if we do the Divine Will      and live in It, Jesus will come and take refuge in us, because He will      find His own Will offering Him His own Heaven, His worthy dwelling.
  28. With courage we will      challenge everyone, and with trust we will live safely in the Heart and in      the arms of our sweet Jesus.
  29. My child, I recommend that      you never move away from the Holy Will of God. Call upon It in every      instant, in every pain, in all circumstances.
  30. Make yourselves saints, but      saints of Divine Will.


  1. As many times as you do the      Will of God instead of doing your own, so many times you will be able to      say: “I am martyr for You; the martyrdom I offer You is not of      blood or of flesh, but with my will united to Yours, I offer You a Divine      martyrdom.”
  2. Only the Divine Will is the      origin of our life, the means and the end of our existence.
  3. To love in the Divine Will      astonishes Heaven and earth.
  4. The time will come when      Jesus will triumph over all, and His kingdom on earth will certainly come      on earth.
  5. Blessed are those who      interest themselves in His Will, because the Lord will use them to open      the ways which had been closed.
  6. The Sanctity of living in      the Divine Will is symbolized by the Sun, which does good to all, gives      Itself to all, denies Itself to no one.
  7. All the effort of the enemy      is to prevent the knowledge of the Divine Will from coming to light,      because he would lose his kingdom on earth.
  8. The first thing that the Divine      Will does when It is known is to transform us in good, and to floor our      passions.
  9. Oh, how I wish that all      would understand what it means to live in the Divine Will!
  10. Jesus loves so much one who      lives in the Divine Will that He prepares a chain of prodigies, each      different from the other, and always new in Sanctity, Beauty and Love,      such that He Himself feels enraptured by this creature.
  11. Divine Will, how admirable      and incomprehensible to our little capacity are You!
  12. How beautiful it is to be      able to say: “Jesus is the master of all. May He do whatever He      wants – even with my breath, with my heartbeat, and with my whole      being!”
  13. Have no fear – pluck up      courage. Fear is of the vile and of those who do not trust God.
  14. Let us be attentive, and let      us not waste time with things which do not belong to the Divine Will.
  15. The Lord does not teach difficult      things. What He wants is precisely the little things, because they are      easier to do, and we cannot find an excuse and say: “I could not      do it.”
  16. When dear Jesus wants to      give, He asks, in order to prepare the space in which to place His gifts,      His light, His graces in our hearts.
  17. Every additional act we do      in the Divine Will is one more Divine likeness that we receive.
  18. Let us never allow the Divine      Will to escape us – both in small and in great things; both in spiritual      and in natural things.
  19. Think that every pain you      suffer is an “I love you”, a kiss, an affection, a hug      that Jesus sends to you.
  20. May the continuous word on      your lips be: “I want to do your Will and live in It!”
  21. Think that your pains serve      Jesus, and that He keeps them in His hands as precious coins with which to      save souls.
  22. There cannot be true peace      or true triumph if the Divine Will is not known.
  23. Our Lord will make the      greatest miracles to make His Will reign upon earth.
  24. Say to all that there is no      greater thing, or a more amazing prodigy than to live in the Divine Will.
  25. In this night of Holy      Christmas, let us say, from the heart, a big and repeated      “Fiat”. My child, dear Jesus wants to make you mature more in      sanctity, and His Divine Volition wants to hasten Its life in your soul.
  26. The Celestial Baby is born;      even more – He is born in every instant. In every good act we do, every      time we abandon ourselves in His arms, and every time we cry out from the      depths of our heart: “Lord, I want to do your Will”, the      dear Little One repeats His birth.
  27. I ask dear Baby Jesus that      He Himself bring you my sincere wishes. During these days, you will      prepare your heart in order to form it as a host in which the Divine      Infant will come to be reborn in you.
  28. Dear Little Jesus will bring      you as His wish, His love, His baby tears, His wails, His whole life, and      will infuse in you His tender and compassionate love for His pains as a      baby.
  29. I hope that the Celestial      Baby, with His childlike smiles, brings you sanctity.
  30. Dear Little Baby will come all      festive, to reward you for the pains you have suffered, and will remain in      you to dwell in you forever, bringing you the Divine Will as gift.
  31. I send you my wishes for the      birth of the little King Jesus. He will give you His Most Holy Will as a      gift for His birth.



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