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Reflections On Abandonment In The Divine Will

Reflections On Abandonment In The Divine Will

From The Writings of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter of the Divine Will”


Hours of the Passion: 22nd Hour from 2PM to 3PM

My dead Jesus, with this cry You also place all of us into the hands of the Father, because You do not reject us. Therefore You cry out loudly, not only with your voice, but with all your pains and with the voices of your Blood: “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit and all souls.” My Jesus, I too abandon myself in You; give me the grace to die completely in your love – in your Will, and I pray that You never permit me, either in life or in death, to go out of your Most Holy Will. Meanwhile I intend to repair for all those who do not abandon themselves perfectly to your Most Holy Will, therefore losing or maiming the precious gift of your Redemption. What is not the sorrow of your Heart, O my Jesus, in seeing so many creatures escaping from your arms and abandoning themselves to themselves? Have pity on all, O my Jesus – have pity on me.


VOL. 8 – June 23, 1907

The most beautiful act is the abandonment in the Will of God.

As I was in my usual state, blessed Jesus would not come, and I was thinking to myself about which would be the most beautiful act, and most pleasing to our Lord, which might more easily induce Him to come: sorrow for one’s own sins or resignation? In the meantime, He came for just a little, and told me: “Daughter, the most beautiful act, and most pleasing to Me, is the abandonment in my Will – but so great, that the soul would remember no more that her being exists; rather, everything for her is Divine Will. Even though sorrow for one’s own sins is good and praiseworthy, yet, it does not destroy one’s own being; while abandoning oneself completely in my Will destroys one’s own being, and makes one reacquire the Divine Being. Therefore, by abandoning herself in my Will, the soul gives Me more honor, because she gives Me everything I can demand of the creature, reacquiring, in Me, that which had come out of Me. And the soul comes to reacquire that which alone she should reacquire – that is, she reacquires God, with all the goods that God possesses. However, as long as the soul remains completely in the Will of God, she reacquires God; but as she goes out of my Will, she reacquires her own being, with all the evils of the corrupted nature.”


VOL. 10 – November 29, 1910

Jesus is jealous that someone else may comfort the soul.

Since a good and holy priest was coming, I was a little bit anxious to speak with him, especially about my current state, in order to know the Divine Will. Now, after he came the first and the second time, I saw that nothing would be done of what I wanted. So, having received Holy Communion, all afflicted, I was repeating my great affliction to my affectionate Jesus, saying to Him: ‘My Life, my Good and my All, it shows that You alone are everything for me. I have never found in any creature, as good and holy as he might be, a word, a comfort, a solution for the slightest doubt of mine. It shows how there is to be no one for me, but You alone: You alone – the All for me, and I alone, alone – always alone for You. And so I abandon myself in You, completely and always. As bad as I am, have the goodness of holding me in your arms, without leaving me for one single instant.’


VOL. 11 – March 21, 1913

The will of the soul abandoned to the Divine Will is opium for Jesus. Through abandonment, she becomes like another Humanity of Jesus. When earthly things render the air of the soul unbreathable, Jesus sends her the winds of adversities.

Continuing in my usual state, I was telling sweet Jesus to condescend to let me share in His pains. He told me: “My daughter, my Will is the opium of the soul. My opium is the will of the soul abandoned in my Will – united to pure love. This opium, which the soul gives to Me, makes the thorns lose their capacity to prick Me, the nails to pierce Me, the wounds to give Me pain; it soothes and puts everything to sleep. Therefore, if you have given Me opium, how can you want Me to let you share in my pains? If I don’t have them for Myself, neither do I have them for you.”

And I: ‘Ah, Jesus, how good You are to come up with this! It seems that You want to make fun of me, coming up with these terms so as not to make me content.” And He: “No, no, it’s true. It is really like this. I need a lot of opium, and I want you completely abandoned in Me, so that you will no longer feel yourself, and so I will tell you that you are my soul, my flesh, my bones. During these times I need plenty of opium because, if I wake up, I will pour down a deluge of chastisements.” And He disappeared.


VOL. 11 – March 8, 1914

Another day, being in suffering, I felt like I was unable to do anything; so I felt oppressed. And Jesus, hugging me, told me: “My daughter, do not worry yourself. Try only to be abandoned in my Will, and I will do everything for you. One single instant in my Will is more than all the good you could ever do in your entire life.”


VOL. 11 – August 27, 1915

Fusing oneself in the Divine Will is filling oneself with all the qualities of Jesus.

I was fusing myself in the Most Holy Will of blessed Jesus, and while I was doing this I found myself in Jesus; He told me : “My daughter, when a soul fuses herself in my Will, it happens as when two containers, full of different fluids, are poured one into the other; each one of them remains filled with what the other contained. In the same way, the creature remains filled with Me, and I with her. And since my Will contains Sanctity, Beauty, Power, Love, etc., the soul, filling herself with Me – fusing and abandoning herself in my Will – arrives at being filled with my own Sanctity, my Love, my Beauty, etc., in the most perfect way given to a creature. And I feel Myself being filled with her, and finding my Sanctity, my Beauty, my Love, etc. in her, I look at her as if these were her own things, and I like it so much that I fall in love with her, keeping her jealously in the intimate place within Me – enriching her and embellishing her continuously with my Divine qualities, in order to be delighted and enamored more and more.”


VOL. 12 – July 2, 1918

As the soul abandons herself in Jesus, He abandons Himself in the soul.

I was saying to my beloved Jesus: ‘Jesus, I love You, but my love is small; so I love You in your Love, to make it big. I want to adore You with your adorations, pray in your prayer, thank You in your thankgivings.’ Now, while I was saying this, my lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, as you placed your love in Mine in order to love Me, your love remained fixed in Mine, and it became longer and larger within Mine – and I felt I was being loved the way I would want the creature to love Me. And as you adored in my adorations, and prayed, and thanked, these remained fixed in Me – and I felt I was being adored, prayed and thanked with my adorations, prayers and thankgivings. Ah, my daughter, great abandonment in Me is needed! As the soul abandons herself in Me, I abandon Myself in her; and filling her with Myself, I Myself do all that she must do for Me. But if she does not abandon herself, all that she does remains fixed in her, not in Me, and I feel the work of the creature as full of imperfections and miseries – which cannot please Me.”


VOL. 12 – August 6, 1919

The abandonment of the soul in God. Value of the acts done in the Divine Will.

I am going through most bitter days. My poor heart is as though petrified by the pain of the privation of the One Who forms my life, my All. Although resigned, I still cannot do without lamenting to my sweet Jesus, when, almost flying, He passes before me, or moves in my interior. I remember that, during these laments, He once told me: “Abandonment in Me is the image of two torrents, each one pouring into the other with such force that their waters mix together; and forming highest waves of water, they arrive at touching Heaven – to the extent that the bed of those torrents remains dry. The roaring of those waters, their murmuring, is so sweet and harmonious that Heaven, in seeing Itself being touched by those waters, feels honored and shines with new beauty. And the Saints, in chorus, say: ‘This sweet sound and enrapturing harmony is a soul who abandoned herself in God. How beautiful! How beautiful!’

Another day He told me: “What do you fear? Abandon yourself in Me, and you will remain surrounded by Me as if within a circle, in such a way that if enemies, occasions or dangers approach, they will have to deal with Me, not with you; and I will answer for you. True abandonment in Me is rest for the soul and work for Me. If the soul is restless, it means that she is not abandoned in Me: a just pain is restlessness, for one who wants to live by herself, doing great wrong to Me, and great harm to herself.”


VOL. 13 – October 18, 1921

The disturbance of the soul is the night that prevents the Sun of Jesus from rising. Disturbance is nothing other than lack of abandonment in God.

I spent a day distracted because of a few things I heard – which it is not necessary here to say – and also a little disturbed; and as much as I tried, I could not free myself. So, for the entire day I did not see my sweet Jesus, the Life of my soul, as if the disturbance were a veil which, placing itself between me and Him, prevented me from being able to see Him. Then, late at night, my mind, tired, calmed itself and my lovable Jesus, as if He were waiting, made Himself seen and, sorrowful, told me: “My daughter, today with your disturbance you have prevented the Sun of my Person from rising in you. Disturbance is cloud between Me and you, which prevents the rays from descending in you. And if the rays do not descend, how can you see the Sun? If you knew what it means not to let my Sun rise, and what great harm this is for you and for the whole world, you would well be attentive never to trouble yourself. In fact, it is always nighttime for disturbed souls, and at night the Sun does not rise. On the other hand, it is always daylight for the peaceful ones, and at whatever hour my Sun wants to rise, the soul is always ready to receive the good of my coming.

Then, disturbance is nothing other than lack of abandonment in Me, and I want you so abandoned in my arms that you must not have even one thought for yourself – I will take care of everything. Do not fear; your Jesus cannot do without taking care of you, keeping you sheltered from all. You cost Me much – much have I placed in you. I alone have right over you. Therefore, if the rights are Mine, the custody will be all Mine. So, be at peace and do not fear.”


VOL. 13 – February 4, 1922

Then He added: “You have not spoken about all the rounds that the little wheel of your will does within the great wheel of Eternity.” And I: ‘How could I speak about them, if I don’t know?’ And He: “As the soul enters into my Will – even with a simple adhesion, with an abandonment – I wind her so as to make her go around. And do you know how many times she goes around? She goes around as many times for as many thinking intelligences, for as many gazes as creatures give, for as many words as they say, for as many works as they do and as many steps as they take. They go around at each Divine act, at each motion, at each grace which descends from Heaven… In sum, they form their round in anything that is done in Heaven and on earth. The rounds of these little wheels are fast and rapid, so they cannot calculate them. But I count them all – first, to take the glory and the eternal love that they give Me; and then, to fuse all the eternal good; to give them the capacity of surpassing everything, to be able to embrace everyone and become crown of everything.”


VOL. 16 – February 2, 1924

The abandonment in the Divine Will forms the wings in order to fly with the Divine Volition and to wander around with It, in the sphere of Eternity. The immense circle of Eternity. Those who take part in It.

I felt very oppressed because of the privation of my sweet Jesus and for other reasons, which it is not necessary to put on paper; and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior and pressing me to Himself to give me strength, for I felt like succumbing – told me: “My daughter, my Will is life and motion of everything. But do you know who follows Its motion and takes flight in my Eternal Volition, in such a way as to wander around, as It does, in the sphere of Eternity, be wherever It is, and do whatever It does? The soul who is completely abandoned in my Holy Will. The abandonment forms the wings in order to fly together with my Will. As abandonment ceases, she loses her flight and her wings are destroyed. Therefore, everyone feels the motion, the life of my Will, because there is no motion which does not come from Me, but they remain in the place at which they are. Only one who has the wings of the abandonment in Me and follows the same way as my Will, flies over all, both in Heaven and on earth, enters the sphere of Eternity, wanders around in the midst of the Three Divine Persons, penetrates into Their most intimate hiding places, and is aware of Their secrets and of Their beatitudes.

It happens as to an engine which has the main wheel in the middle and many other small wheels around it, which are fixed. As the first wheel moves, all receive motion, but they never arrive at touching the first wheel, nor do they know anything of what it does and of the goods it contains. But there is another small wheel which is not fixed, and through a mechanism, it goes around continuously across all the small wheels, to be present at each motion of the prime wheel and to then start its round again. Now, this moving little wheel knows what is there in the main wheel and takes part in the good it contains. Well then, the first wheel is my Will, the fixed small wheels are the souls who are abandoned to themselves, which renders them motionless in good; the moving little wheel is the soul who lives in my Will, and the mechanism is her complete abandonment in Me. Therefore, each lack of abandonment in Me is a round that you lose in the sphere of Eternity… If you knew what it means to lose an eternal round!”

VOL. 16 – February 10, 1924

I was thinking to myself about all that was written in these past days, and I said to myself that they were neither necessary nor serious things. I could have done without putting them on paper, but obedience wanted it so, and I had the duty to say ‘FIAT’ also in this… But as I was thinking about this, my beloved Jesus told me: “Yet, my daughter, everything was necessary in order to make known how to live in my Will. By not saying everything, some quality of how to live in It would be missing, and therefore the writings could not have the full effect of the living in my Will. For example, on the abandonment of living in my Will. If the soul did not live completely abandoned in my Will, she would be like a person who lived in a sumptuous palace, and now leaned out of a window, now out of a balcony, now went down to the front door. In this way the poor one goes through the rooms just shortly or in passing, and therefore she knows nothing of the rule, of the work it takes, of the goods which are in there, of what she can take, and of what she can give. Who knows how many goods are there, and she knows nothing about it. Therefore she does not love as she should love, nor does she esteem that palace as it deserves. Now, for the soul who lives in my Will and is not completely abandoned in It, self reflections, cares of herself, fears, disturbances, are nothing other than the windows, the balconies, the front doors that she forms in my Will; and going out very often, she is forced to see and feel the miseries of human life. And since the miseries are her own property while the riches of my Will are Mine, she becomes more attached to the miseries than to the riches, so she will not love nor enjoy the meaning of living in my Will. And since she formed the main entrance, one day or another she will go out to live in the miserable hovel of her own will. See, then, how complete abandonment in Me is necessary in order to live in my Will. My Will does not need the miseries of the human will; It wants the creature to live together with It – beautiful, just as she was delivered from Its Womb, without the miserable provision she made herself in the exile of life. Otherwise, there would be disparity, which would bring sorrow to my Will and unhappiness to the human will.

Do you see how necessary it is to make them understand that complete abandonment is needed in order to live in my Will? And you say it is not necessary to write about it? I feel compassion for you, because you do not see what I see, and that’s why you take it lightly. Instead, in my All-seeingness, I see that these writings will be for my Church as a new Sun which will rise in her midst; and men, attracted by its radiant light, will strive to transform themselves into this light and become spiritualized and Divinized, and therefore, renewing the Church, they will transform the face of the earth.


VOL. 19 – April 16, 1926
How, in order to live in the Divine Will, it takes full abandonment in the arms of the Celestial Father.  How ‘the nothing’ must surrender its life to ‘the All’.  How the Celestial Mama is the true image of the living in the Divine Will.    

I was feeling so very little and incapable of doing anything, and I called my Queen Mama to my help, so that, together, we might love, adore, glorify my highest and only Good, for all and in the name of all.  In the meantime, I found myself within an immensity of light and all abandoned in the arms of my Celestial Father – even more, so identified with Him, as though forming one single thing with Him, in such a way that I no longer felt my own life, but that of God.  But who can say what I experienced and did?

Then, afterwards, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior and told me:  “My daughter, everything you experienced – your full abandonment in the arms of our Celestial Father, no longer feeling your own life – is the image of the living in my Will.  In fact, in order to live in It, the creature must live more of God than of herself; even more, ‘the nothing’ must give life to ‘the All’, to be able to do everything, and to have her act at the top of all the other acts of each creature.  Such was the life of my Divine Mama.  She was the true image of the living in my Will.  Her living in It was so perfect, that She did nothing but receive from God, continuously, all that She was to do in order to live in the Supreme Volition.  So, She received the act of supreme adoration, to be able to place Herself at the top of every adoration which all creatures were obliged to do for their Creator.  In fact, true adoration has life within the Three Divine Persons.  Our perfect concord, Our reciprocal love, Our one Will, form the most profound and perfect adoration within the Sacrosanct Trinity.  Therefore, if the creature adores Me, but her will is not in accord with Me, it is vain word – not adoration.


VOL. 19 – August 8, 1926

This happened to Adam.  By withdrawing from the Supreme Will, he lost the one single strength of His Creator, and since he was left with his limited human strength, he felt hardship in his operating; more so, since the strength that he employed in performing one action would debilitate him, and in having to do another, he would not feel the same strength.  So, he touched the poverty of his actions with his own hand:  not having the same strength, they were not only divided, but each one had its own defect.  It happened as to a rich lord who possesses most extensive properties:  as long as they belong to one owner only, he shows off, he makes big purchases; who knows how many servants he maintains under himself, and with the large proceeds he receives, he keeps making new purchases.  But, suppose that this property were to be divided among other heirs:  that’s it – his great power is already lost; he can no longer show off as before, nor make new purchases; he must limit himself in his expenditures, and his servants are few.  So, his greatness, his lordship, has vanished; what is left are just barely the traces of it.  So it happened to Adam; by withdrawing from my Will, he lost the one single strength of his Creator, and with it he lost his lordship, his dominion, nor did he feel the strength to show off in good any more.  The same happens for one who is not completely abandoned in the arms of my Will, because with It the strength of good converts into one’s nature, and poverty does not exist.”


VOL. 20 – November 16, 1926

My usual state of abandonment in the Supreme Fiat continues, but at the same time, I call the One who forms all my happiness, my life, my all.  And Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, the more you abandon yourself in the Supreme Will, the more you advance along Its ways, the more knowledges you acquire, and the more you take possession of the goods which are in the Divine Will; because in It there is always something to know and to take.  Being the primary inheritance given by God to the creature and possessing the eternal goods, my Will has the task to always give to one who lives in this inheritance.  And only then is It content and begins the activity of Its office, when It finds the creature within the boundaries of Its Volition; then, becoming festive, It gives new things to Its heiress.  Therefore, the soul who lives in It is the feast of my Will.  On the contrary, those who live outside of It are Its sorrow, because they place It into the inability to give, to exercise Its office and to fulfill Its task.  More so, since each act of the human will is a veil that the soul puts before her eyes, which prevents her from seeing my Will and the goods contained in It with clarity.  And since most of the creatures live continuously of their own will, they form so many veils as to become almost blind to know and see my Will – their choicest inheritance, which was to make them happy in time and Eternity.  Oh! if the creatures could understand the great evil of the human will and the great good of Mine – they would abhor their will so much as to place their life in order to do Mine.
VOL. 20 – January 20, 1927

Then I thought I had committed sin for having put the whole Creation in sadness with my sadness.  So I yearned for my sweet Jesus to tell him of the evil I had done, and to tell Him that He had made me write so many things regarding the Divine Will so that these might reach into the midst of creatures, in such a way that, by living of this Divine Fiat, they might possess a Kingdom so holy.  Then, while I was thinking of this and of other things, my beloved Jesus moved in my interior and told me:  “My daughter, you are right in wanting to come, but before all the knowledges of my Will come out and take their course, it will take time.  And this is why the Creation is right in saying that It will remain in Its silence once again.  However, I do not want you to oppress yourself – abandon yourself in Me and let your Jesus do everything.”
VOL. 35 – March 6, 1938

Therefore, the most Beautiful act of the creature is to throw herself into Our Arms—abandon herself—letting Us make whatever We want to make of her, in time as well as in Eternity.  Only then, do We get all the savor of making her one of the most Beautiful statues to adorn Our Celestial Jerusalem.”

Then He added:  “My daughter, when the creature abandons herself in Our Will, Our Satisfaction is so great that she pours into Us, and We pour into her, giving her Our New Life, New Love, New Sanctity and New Knowledge of Our Supreme Being.  When the creature abandons herself in Our Divine Volition, We can make the Greatest Prodigies and the most surprising Graces in her, since Our own Will will receive and deposit what We want to give to the creature.  By abandoning herself in Our Will, she storms Heaven, and her empire is such that she imposes herself over Our Divine Being, enclosing It within her littleness; while she, triumphant, encloses herself within Our Divine Womb.

The Heavens are amazed, and the Angels and the Saints remain ecstatic; all feel a New Life flowing within themselves, by virtue of the act of abandonment of the creature, while still a pilgrim.  And finding her abandoned in Our Fiat, We find that We can do whatever We want—she lends herself completely to Our Power.  So We begin the Work, and form in the soul many little fountains of Love, Goodness, Sanctity, Mercy, and so on.  In this way, when Our Love wants to Love, We set those little fountains of Love in motion with Our Omnipotent Breath, and she Loves Us, letting so much Love overflow from the fount, as to float the entire Celestial Court.  When We want to use Goodness, Mercy or Grace, We set these founts in motion, and the earth remains floated by Our Goodness and Mercy – and some are converted, some receive Graces….

“We could do all this directly by Ourselves, but We feel more delighted and pleased in using the founts that We Ourselves have formed inside the creature.  Through her, We feel more moved to use Our Mercy toward all.  We have Our Intermediary between Heaven and earth, who, in her abandon, makes Us pour Graces and makes Us Love all the creatures with New Love.  Therefore, the more you are abandoned in Our Will, the more Magnanimous We will be toward you and toward others.  And all—at least the more disposed—will find New Strength and New Guidance.”

VOL. 36 – June 12, 1938

Then He added with Unspeakable Tenderness: “My good daughter, I Love creatures very much, but I feel more captured, won and attracted to Love the soul that Lives abandoned in My arms, as if she had nobody in the world—only her Jesus—trusting Me and Me only. If she is offered other kinds of support she refuses them, to have only the support of her Jesus who holds her tightly in His arms, defending her and taking care of her completely.  These are the souls that I Love very, very much—My favorite ones.  I surround them with My Divine Power.  I build around them the wall of My Love.  Woe to those who touch them!  My Love will know how to defend them and My Power will know how to topple those who want to displease her.

“The souls abandoned in Me, Live only of Me and I of them, as if We Lived on one Breath and one Love.  If some human support arises, they look into it to see if I’m there, and if I’m not, they run away to find shelter in My arms.  Only these are the souls I can really trust, confide to them My Secrets, and lean on them as well.  I am certain that they do not get out of My Will because they are always with Me.  The one who doesn’t Live abandoned in Me, instead, runs away from My arms; she does not refuse human supports.  Rather, she gets a taste for them. She is inconstant.  One moment she looks for Me, another, for creatures.  She is forced to feel the disillusion from creatures that opens deep gashes in the soul, and she feels the earth in her heart—My Will as Life, far away from herself.

“O, if everyone abandoned themselves in My arms!  The earth would disappear for them, they wouldn’t pay attention to anybody, I would be enough for all.  I Love, so much, the one who Lives abandoned in My arms that I show her the Greatest Excesses of My Love, My Love jokes, My caresses. I reach the point of inventing New Love tricks to keep them busy and centered in My Love.  Therefore, Live abandoned in My arms and in everything you will find your Jesus defending, helping and sustaining you.”



VOL. 36 – October 12, 1938

As I was saying this my sweet Jesus, more tenderly than the most tender mother, stretched His arms out  to me and squeezed me, and Uniting His Tears to mine, all Goodness told me: “Poor daughter of Mine, your pains are Mine, and I suffer together with you.  Therefore Courage, abandon yourself in Me and you will find the Strength for your sufferings.  The soul who abandons herself in Me grows like a baby who is kept under the care of his mommy, who swaddles him to let his members be strengthened, feeds him with her milk, holds him in her arms, kisses him, caresses him; and if he cries, she mixes her tears with those of her baby.  So, the mother is the life of her baby.  O! if the little one didn’t have his mother, how badly he would grow without the one who feeds him with her milk; without clothing—without her warmth.  He would grow sickly, weak and lonely, only a miracle can make him survive.  Such is the soul who Lives abandoned in My arms.  She has her Jesus, who is more than a mother for her.  I feed her with the milk of My Graces; I swaddle her with the Light of My Will, so that she may be Strengthened and Confirmed in Good; I keep her cuddled to My chest, so that she may feel only My Love and the ardent beats of My Heart; I rock her in My arms.  If she cries I cry with her, so that I feel My Life as being more hers, while she grows together with Me, and I do with her what I want.  On the other hand, one who doesn’t live abandoned in Me lives as though isolated, without milk, with nobody to take care of her existence.

“The soul who Lives abandoned in Me finds the refuge from her sufferings; the hiding place in which to hide so that nobody can touch her.  If anybody wants to touch her, I will know how to defend her, because touching the one who loves Me is even more than touching Myself.  I hide her in Me, and I confound those who want to strike the one who loves Me.  I Love the one who lives abandoned in Me so much that I make of her the Greatest Portent, so as to astonish the whole of Heaven and to leave all confused those who believed they could strike her and leave her covered by shame and humiliation.  Let’s not add this to the many Pains We already suffer, since it would be the most Painful one:  you, not living all abandoned in Me, and I in you.  My daughter, let them say and do, as long as they don’t touch Our Union.  Nobody can enter into Our Secrets, in the abysses of My Love; nor can they stop Me from doing what I want with My creatures.  Let us Live, one Will, and all things will be fine between you and Me.”



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