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The soul who decides to Live in the Divine Will has her name written with indelible characters of light in Heaven

‘The Kingdom of The Divine Will in the midst of creatures.  Book of Heaven. The call of the creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose for which he was created by God’



Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


June 28, 1937
What God does for the creature when she decides to Live in His Will.  As one decides to Live in the Divine Volition, her name is written in Heaven and remains Confirmed in Good, in Love and Divine Sanctity, and she is added to the Celestial Militia.  Example.

My flight in the Divine Volition continues.  I feet myself carried in Its arms, but with such Love and Tenderness as to feel myself confused in seeing myself Loved so much, and surrounded everywhere by Its Maternal Goodness.  And my sweet Jesus, repeating His brief little visit to me, with a Love as to feel my heart burst, all Goodness told me:  “My daughter of My Volition(Luisa), if you(Luisa) knew how much is Our Contentment in seeing the soul enter into Our Will, one can say that she runs toward Us, and We toward her.  And as We meet each other, Our Will invests her with Light, Our Love kisses her, Our Power takes her in Its arms, Our Wisdom directs her, Our Sanctity Invests her and places Itself there as Seal, Our Beauty embellishes her, in sum, all Our Divine Being places Itself in attitude around her in order to give her of Ours.

“But do you(Luisa) know why?  Because entering into Our Volition, not to Live of hers but of Ours, We receive what went forth from Us.  We feel restored to Us the Purpose for which We Created her, and therefore We make feast.  There is no act more Beautiful, scene more enchanting, than of the creature entering into Our Will.  And every time she enters, so many times We Renew her in Our Divine Being, giving her New Charismas of Love.  Therefore one who Lives in Our Volition keeps Us in feast, she feels the need of Living in Ours in order to be coddled by her Creator, and We feel the need of being coddled by her, and giving her New Charismas of Grace and of Sanctity.”

Jesus became silent, and I felt sunk in the Eternal Volition, and I marveled in hearing how much we are Loved by God if we Live in His Volition.  And a thousand thoughts crowded in my mind.

And my beloved Jesus, resuming His speaking, told me:  “My daughter(Luisa), do not marvel because of what I have told you(Luisa), rather, I will tell you(Luisa) more surprising things yet, but how much I would want that everyone would listen in order to make everyone decide to Live in My Volition.  Listen, how consoling and Beautiful is what My Love pushes Me to tell you(Luisa). So much is My Love, that I feel the need of telling you(Luisa) where We reach for one who Lives in Our Volition.  Now, you must know that as the soul decides repeatedly and firmly to live no more of her will but of Ours, her name becomes written in Heaven with Indelible characters of Light, and she becomes enrolled in the Celestial Militia as Heiress and Daughter of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

“But this is not enough for Our Love.  We Confirm her in Good in a way that she will feel such horror for every least sin, that she will not be capable anymore of falling.  Not only this, but she will remain Confirmed in the Goods, in the Love, in the Sanctity, etc., of her Creator.  She will be invested by the Prerogative of reclaimed part, she will no longer be looked at as exiled, and if she will remain on earth, she will be as officiating of the Celestial Militia, not as exiled.  She will have all the Goods at her disposition.  She will be able to say:  ‘His Will being mine, what is of God is mine.’  Rather, she will feel herself Possessor of her Creator.

“And since she no longer operates with her will, but with Mine, all the barriers are broken that impeded her from hearing her Creator, the distances have disappeared, the dissimilarity between her and God does not exist anymore.  She will feel herself so Loved by He who has Created her, as to feel her heart burst with Love in order to Love He who Loves her.  And feeling herself Loved by God is the greatest joy, honor, and glory for the creature.  My daughter, do not marvel.  They are Our Goals, the Purpose for which the creature was Created—to find in her Our Life, Our Reigning Will, Our Love, in order to be Loved and to Love her.  If this were not so, all Creation would be a work unworthy of Us.”

I felt my heart burst with Joy in hearing what my dear Jesus had told me, and I said to myself:  “Is it possible, is all this Great Good possible?”

And sweet Jesus added:  “Daughter(Luisa), am I not Master to do and to give what I want?  It is enough that I want it, and everything is done.  And then, also in the low world things happen that in some way resemble this.  If a man gives his name in writing to the army of the government, this, in order to be secure of him, makes him swear fidelity to the government.  This oath makes him remain bound to the army.  He dresses with the uniform of the militia in a way that it is recognized by everyone that he belongs to the army.  And when he has shown ability and fidelity, he receives the salary for life.  With this salary that no one can take away from him, he lacks nothing.  He can have servants who serve him, he can live with all the comforts of life, and although, with time, he would retire in rest.  And what thing has this man given to the government?  Only the external part of his life that gave him the right to receive the pay during his life.

“On the other hand, one who with firm decision has given her will to Me, has given Me the most noble, most precious, part, that is, her will.  In it she has given Me all the interior and exterior, even the breath, and with this she has merited to be written in the Divine Army in a way that everyone will know that she belongs to Our Militia.  How could I let her lack anything, how not to Love her?  If this could be, it would have been the Greatest Sorrow for your Jesus, it would have taken away the Peace that I possess by Nature, to not Love she(Luisa) who has given Me everything and who with Indescribable Love I possess.  I keep her in My Heart, and I let her have My Life itself.”


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