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How three walls of strength are formed for the creature who gives her will to God


‘The Kingdom of The Divine Will in the midst of creatures.  Book of Heaven. The call of the creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose for which he was created by God’



Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


 April 4, 1937

As the creature gives her will to God, so God acquires His Divine Rights over her; how three walls of Strength are formed in order to not let her come forth from within the Fiat.

I am under the Eternal waves of the Divine Volition, and if some thought escapes me, these waves make themselves stronger and suffocate my thought and my fears in a way that immediately pacifies me, and I run together with the Divine Fiat.  However the thought often torments me, about if I still go out from within It.  My God, what suffering!  I feel myself die only thinking of it.  It seems to me that I will no longer be the sister with created things, I will get out of my place in their midst, they will no longer be mine—and then what will I give to my God?  Nothing else remains for me than pure nothingness.

I felt so bad in thinking this, that I felt myself tortured. And my sweet Jesus, having compassion on me, and on the state in which I was reduced, raced in order to sustain me in His arms, and all Goodness He told me:  “My daughter(Luisa), what are you doing?  Courage, you(Luisa) oppress yourself too much, and your Jesus does not want it.  And then, the same suffering that you(Luisa) feel means that you(Luisa) do not want to go out of My Divine Will.  And your will is enough for Me, it is the most certain pledge, and I keep it enclosed in My Divine Heart as the most precious thing, so that no one touches it but Me.  I do not pay attention to the feelings of the creature, it is for Me as if they were not there, and many times they serve to cast her into My arms, so that I free her form this enemy that makes her lose Peace.

“Now, you(Luisa) must know that when the soul has given Me her will with firm decision and with certain knowledge of what she did, without wanting to know it anymore, it has already taken its place in Mine, and I, with Right, am Master of it, and she with right is of Mine.  So do you(Luisa) believe it is easy to cede these Rights?  Indeed, I will use all the arts, I will place My own Power in the field, so that what so much interests Me would not be taken away.  You(Luisa) must know that the surrender of her will is the strongest bond between Creator and creature, and she remains inseparable as to not be able to separate from Us anymore.  We feel her life as Ours, because one is the Will that animates us.

“Now, do you(Luisa) believe that with one thought, with one feeling, these bonds can be broken, losing Our inseparability?  And We cede what is Ours without the decided, repeated acts that she wants her will? My daughter, you are mistaken.  More so because Our Love for her is so much, that no sooner has she given Us her volition, than We wall up the creature, first with a wall of Light in a way that if she were to want to go out, the Light eclipses her and she does not know where to take the step, because she finds Light everywhere, and not knowing where to go, she withdraws and hides herself in the bosom of her Creator.

“The second wall is everything that My Humanity did while being on earth:  My tears, My Works, steps and Words, My sufferings, My Wounds, My Blood, they wall themselves around the happy creature in order to impede her from going out, because It[1] contains the Secret, the Strength, the Life in order to give Life to one who Lives in the Divine Volition.  And do you believe that after having obtained the intent of Conquering this will by way of sufferings, I would let escape from Me what cost Me Blood, Life and Death?  Ah, you have not yet understood well My Love.  If it is a matter of simple resignation, it is easy to do or not do My Will, because these ones have not ceded their rights to Me, they hold their will dear, and therefore they are now resigned, now impatient, now they love Heaven, and now the earth.  But for one who has given her will to Me, she has taken her place in the Divine Order; she wants and does what We Ourselves do, she feels herself queen.  Therefore it is almost impossible to go out of Our Fiat, nor would she adapt herself to being the servant, the slave, if she went forth from Our Volition.

“The third wall is the whole of Creation that feels in her the Operating Virtue of the Divine Volition, of which everything possesses Its Life.  And in order to make It homage they wall themselves around—the sun with its light, the wind with its empire.  In sum, all created things feel the Creative Strength, the Operating and always New Virtue that It works in the creature, while they cannot do more than what they do, and they run around in order to enjoy the Works of that Fiat of which they are animated.  Therefore do not think about it, enjoy the Peace of that Volition that possesses you(Luisa), and your Jesus will think of everything.”


[1] The Humanity of Jesus

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