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The Spiritual Plagues of Humanity-The Martyrdom of this Age

Marian prayer apostolate formed from Medjugorje. Eucharistic evangelists and prayer warriors, united in prayer to intercede and atone for the tears of Jesus and Mary, shed because of the world’s rejection of God.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Spiritual Plagues of Humanity – The Martyrdom of this Age

The other night as I prayed before sleep, I had a bold realization.  The Holy Spirit opened my spiritual eyes.  I realized plagues have already been unleashed upon the earth.  God commanded His Angels to unleash them as punishment upon humanity as a consequence of it’s rebellion against God.  The plagues aren’t what we expected.  This is why the true remnant church is suffering all levels of martyrdom. Plagues of the Old Testament had to do with physical suffering of the flesh.  Because we are children of the New Testament; heirs of Christ’s legacy and His creation of the church with the seven sacraments (fonts of every grace imagninable), the new plagues have a dimension far surpassing those of old.  While physical, they contain the spiritual core that eats at the soul as well as the flesh, and worsens with each descending generation.  Each involves personal sin; free will and a distinct choice to disobey God.  Thus, our judgement will be undeniably clear.  They are:
  • Birth Control
  • Divorce
  • Abortion, and all forms of carnal violence and bloodthirst
  • Terrorism on mulitiple levels – interior and exterior, national and individual
  • Pornography
  • Homosexuality
  • Addiction/obsession
Any consent to succumb to the plagues causes severe spiritual blindness where human conscience is silenced.  Each plague has far reaching consequences that increase exponentially with compromise of our wills, and effect the most innocent of our society the most.  The only individual protection from the infecting plagues are Truth, purity, faith and passionate renouncement of sin.  The plagues are undeniably real, and have resulted in severe generational, social and spiritual destruction.
Each of the plagues cause moral decay, and destruction of:
1. marriage
2. the family
3. the individual
The plagues create a suffering beyond the scope of anything of prior human history, and has escalated to a cataclysmic scale affecting all these levels of human existence:
socially and globally on every continent of the earth
They are all diabolical signatures of the antichrist.  Each of the plagues have caused intense suffering on each of these levels destroying the individual and humanity, from within. Natural disasters have resulted from the disorder of nature caused by these plagues, and are now an additional element of present day martyrdom.
These plagues have affected all 3 parts of the Holy Church:  the Church Triumphant, the Church Suffering, and the Church Militant.  The whole church is battling like never before to protect and regain it’s members upon earth who are being destroyed by the antichrist. Because of the strife of this great battle, the veil between these 3 branches of the church is thinning, and the church is becoming more graced with an awareness of it’s union to one another across the great chasm between heaven and earth.  This gives us ever greater appreciation for the communion of Saints we enjoy at reception of the Eucharist during Holy Mass.
Since the plagues have entered the cosmos, the angels are presenting the church’s painful martyrdom to the Throne of God.   All labors of the harvest and the suffering of Christ’s church Militant, is being joined to Christ’s passion and death; in atonement – that it may save the lost.  No living being has been spared of the pain caused by these plagues of our day, from the ‘awake’ or the ‘asleep’ people of modern times.  The spiritual and natural cataclysm applies to what has happened within the church and the priesthood as well, causing the church to bleed, but she will not be destroyed.  Even the animals and creatures of the earth, including the entire planet wail in agony; it’s entire nature has been disrupted.
The awareness of these plagues is a great gift.  It shall provide insight and recognition to what the antichrist is doing, and how to fight the tide of evil trying to consume us. This grace is granted only because God desires that we be healed on all these multiple levels, from the core of our soul to the hairs on our head.  God knows every bit of what we are going through.  Jesus is clearly the complete remedy. We are going to be part of epic miraculous healings as never witnessed before.  The spiritual blindness suffered by mankind is healed by sacramental confession and prayer.
Our Lady of Medjugorje heralds the new era; to prepare us for what comes.  She has been calling us now since 1981.  She urges us to walk toward the way to the cleansing and healing of humanity from the plagues – which of course is Jesus.  Not just accepting Jesus, but development of a passionate search and love for Him.  God’s plan is huge, and it is all yet to unfold.  We have been struck down for so long we haven’t been seeing it – because of the generational and profoundly oppresive nature of our times.
The reality of Mary in Medjugorje and her role in this is undeniable.  Two articles I must share that emphasize this fact:
  1. The Vaticanmay assign a guardian bishop to Medjugorje?  It’s about time!
  2. This article nicely describes the power to destroy the enemy’s power over us via sacramental confession:
  3. Those who have been to Medjugorje can tell you, the pivotal moment of the pilgrimage is sacramental confession.  Medjugorje is a school of prayer, and a font of healing.  It teaches two huge things:  1. prayer  2. CONFESSION.  Confession is so emphasized, take a look at the physical buildings in Medjugorje and how it is central to serving the sheep who flock there for what I call ‘spiritual warpdrive’:
If the confessionals are all being used, the priests will grab folding chairs and set up confession in the grassy field or wherever there is an open space, and a long line quickly forms.  Confession is a visible sign of Medjugorje that proves it’s authenticity in my eyes.  Perhaps it is one of the many reasons the Vatican is getting serious about the Shrine.
One of my biggest irks with the church is that there aren’t enough confession timeslots available to the people.  How many times I have stood in long lines for a long time, after great difficulty to get there – to be turned away.  Always worth it, even if it takes 3 or 4 times.  And in the meantime, because I needed it so bad, was exposed to spiritual dangers that could have easily nailed me.  I always think of a weaker person who is turned away – will they make it back?  Do the priests realize how hard it is for us to recieve this sacrament?
Once, while standing in line for English confessions in Medjugorje, I saw a group of Croatian field workers (dirty and sweaty), stop for confession (the crops there are tobacco, vineyards and wheat, with no modern machinery).  As one young man of the group exited confession, you could tell he was slain in the spirit from the power of the blessing and was trying hard to walk away but his legs were noodles.  The other worker helped him safely slump to the ground, pulled him aside to get him out of the way, and resumed his place in line like it was an everyday thing.  (chuckle)
Here is another area in Medjugorje where they built confessionals to accommodate the pilgrims.  It wasn’t built while I was there:
The Holy Spirit is trying to wake us up.  We are called to return to confession on a regular basis (preferably once per month, for some – more often) to reopen those spiritual eyes that we were all born with.  If you are facing big warfare for anything – start with confession!  It will make you bulletproof – protect you from about anything the enemy throws at you!  If I have a  huge spiritual realization of myself or the world, it’s always after I have been cleaned up and my spiritual eyes have the mud washed off!
Children of God – the enemy has much to fear.  For the small remnant army, we have no might of our own.  This is GODS BATTLE!  The enemy has beaten down humans, but he can’t conquer God!  All we can do is a soldier’s duty.  To pray, and use the weaponry God gave us!  Live as purely as possible, clinging to the sacraments as much as we can.
Emmanuel – God is With Us!!

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