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Titles of Our Lady as VESSEL or TABERNACLE

Titles of Our Lady as  VESSEL OR TABERNACLE

A chosen vessel exceeding all men and angels in purity.

A dwelling-place and a tabernacle for the Eternal Word.

A dwelling undarkened by sin..

A dwelling worthy of a God.

A fit habitation for Christ.

A heavenly vessel.

A king’s palace.

A living house of gold and ark of the convenant

A living monstrance.

A magnificent tabernacle housing an infinite guest.

A spiritual and most singular vessel of honor and devotion.

A temple of purity.

A well-closed garden, closed to darkness and death..

A well-closed garden, closed to every vain desire.

A well-closed garden, closed to mortal feet and eyes.

A well-closed garden, closed to Satan and to sin.

A worthy habitation for thy Son.

Abode of the king.

Acceptable resting place and sanctuary.

An immaculate home.

Ark of God.

Ark of gold.

Ark of holiness.

Ark of Noah.

Ark of the covenant.

Ark of the testament.

Ark that bears Divinity.

Ark which housed the God of the covenant.

August and living temple of the most adorable Trinity.

Bearer of life.

Beautiful garden in which God has planted all the flowers that adorn the Church.

Beautiful temple.

Beloved sanctuary of the Holy Ghost.

Blessed and divine tabernacle.

Blessed vessel.

Blest chalice.

Blissful cloister.

Bridal chamber of the Word.

Chaste temple of the Holy Trinity.

Chosen bark.

Chosen dwelling-place of the Holy Spirit, his ciborium, his spiritual vessel.

Chosen sanctuary of the Most High.

Created temple of the Creator.

Deity’s shrine.

Delightful abode of thy sovereign Lord.

Divine and life-giving receptacle.

Divine tabernacle of God.

Dwelling and habitation of the Spirit.

Dwelling of the Illimitable.

Dwelling-place of God.

Dwelling-place of Him whom no other dwelling can contain.

Dwelling-place of the Holy Ghost,

Dwelling worthy of a God.

Earthly temple of the Word made flesh.

Earth’s first tabernacle of the unborn little Lord.

Enclosed garden, into which the hand of a sinner never entered to gather its flowers. .

Fair shrine, where the Trinity loveth to dwell.

Fair tabernacle of this world.

Fleshy tabernacle of God with men.

From the fabric of human nature no more perfect temple could be erected.

Gemmed monstrance of the Holy One..

Glorious vessel of devotion.

God’s earthly temple.

God’s tabernacle.

God’s vessel.

Habitation of the Eternal Word.

Habitation of the Most High.

Habitation of the Son of God..

Holy city of Mary.

Holy of Holies.

Holy shrine where love eternal liv’d in lowliness.

Holy tabernacle.

Honorable vessel.

House built by Wisdom.

House of Mary. .

House of the Most High God.

House of the predestinate.

Immaculate ark.

Immaculate sanctuary of the Most High..

Immaculate sanctuary of the Word of God.

Inexhaustible vessel, from which flows the oil of mercy, igniting all lamps.

Inner sanctum where God was made priest.

Living and incorruptible ark.

Living tabernacle of Eternal Wisdom.

Living tabernacle of the Divinity..

Living temple of the Deity.

Living temple of the Most Holy Trinity.

Magnificent mansion of the Most High.

Maiden, in whose blest womb the very Godhead worthily made stay.

More than a vessel of precious metal.

Most agreeable dwelling of the Holy Ghost.

Most legitimate shrine and tabernacle of the Most High.

Most pure temple of the Holy Trinity.

Mysterious ark. .

Mystical ark Mary.

Mystical ark which contained the new and true Noah.

Mystical city of Mary.

Ostensorium of the Word Incarnate.

Our dwelling in thee is as all those that rejoice, O holy mother of God.

Palace wherein is that spiritual bridal chamber.

Paradise of the Most High God.

Perfectly suitable dwelling place for Christ.

Place of Him who is not held by place.

Precious vessel of untold graces.

Pure ark of the law.

Pure paten.

Purity’s cell.

Receptacle in which and from which the Son of God received his immaculate flesh. .

Resplendent house of God.

Richly laden and prosperous vessel.

Royal dwelling.

Sacred dwelling of the King of heaven.

Sanctuary and living temple of the Holy Ghost.

Sanctuary and repose of the Holy Trinity.

Sanctuary of the Divinity.

Sealed closet of God.

Shrine which once had housed and nourished the Divine.

Spacious habitation.

Spiritual abode of the most spiritual souls.

Spiritual and true ark of the new covenant.

Spiritual vessel.

Spotless vase.

Stately palace of the King.

Tabernacle created by God himself.

Tabernacle made by God, in which He alone entered to accomplish the great work of the redemption of man.

Tabernacle Mary.

Tabernacle of him who created thee.

Tabernacle of the Holy Ghost.

Tabernacle of the Holy Trinity.

Tabernacle of the Incarnation.

Tabernacle of the Lord.

Tabernacle of the testimony.

Temple, beautiful and pure.

Temple in which God has been received.

Temple indestructible.

Temple of countless praises.

Temple of glory.

Temple of God.

Temple of Jehovah.

Temple of light without shadow and without blemish.

Temple of the glory of God.

Temple of the Holy Spirit.

Temple of the Lord.

Temple of the true Solomon.

Temple that can never be destroyed.

The exalted Jerusalem.

The golden altar of mercy, at which sinners obtain pardon

The indissoluble temple.

The life-giving receptacle of Our Lord.

The living ark of the living God.

The living chalice of the Son of God made man.

The living city of the Lord God.

The living shrine housing hidden beauty of a love divine.  (or Love Divine). The Lord’s own temple.

The most beautiful temple ever known.

The most Blessed Virgin who contained Christ as manna in the ark of her womb.

The mystical city of His habitation.

The new and perfect ark of the covenant, the living tabernacle of the divine presence. .

The new Jerusalem.

The permanent dwelling of the Spirit of God.

The precious vessel full of grace.

The resting place of the Son of God.

The temple of Incarnate Wisdom.

The throne of chastity.

The vessel and chamber containing all mysteries.

The vessel to which honor is due.

Thou hast contained Him who cannot be contained.

Throne of God.

Throne of grace.

True ark of the New Alliance.

Unprofaned temple.

Vase of blissful grace.

Vessel blest.

Vessel full of grace.

Vessel of all perfection.

Vessel of election.

Vessel of gold that holdest the manna that came down from heaven.

Vessel of honor.

Vessel of singular devotion.

Vessel rare of God’s election.

Virginal ark. .

Virginal sanctuary.

Worthy dwelling place for Thy Son.

Worthy sanctuary of the Son of God.

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