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Titles of Our Lady MARY AS A CHILD

Titles of Our Lady MARY AS A CHILD

A child whose equal had never been created and never can be.

A little handmaid of the Lord among the daughters of Israel.

A perfect model to all children.

A princess of the lineage of David.

A tot demure.

A virgin small, immaculate.

A young girl.

Anna’s wonder harbinger.

Attentive learner at thy mother’s knee.

Baby virgin, who soon will crush the serpent’s head.

Beauteous moon..

Beautiful child.

Beloved child, adorned with every virtue.

Blessed maid. .

Blossom-crowned maiden.

Bright morn; who forerunner of the heavenly Son of Justice, didst bring the first light to earth.

Celestial child..

Child immaculate.

Child Mary.

Child of the seed of Abraham.

Child queen.

Dear child.

Diligent student in Temple Court.

Dread warrior-child; who in thyself a host, didst put to flight all hell.

Elect; who like the untarnished Sun, didst burst forth in the dark night of sin.

Fairest woman-child e’er seen.

Forerunner of the heavenly Son of Justice.

Future mother of the Christ.

Future mother of the Word.

God’s own maid.

Great child. .

Hail, O Spirit’s little spouse.

Heavenly babe.

Heavenly child.

Heavenly maid.

Heavenly princess.

Holy and wonderful fruit.

Holy babe. .

Immaculate babe nestling in St. Ann’s embrace.

Immaculate child.

Inestimable treasure.

Infant Mary, little maiden, joy of earth.

lnfant queen.

Joy of my sorrow.

Little golden house.

Little maid of Nazareth.

Little maiden Mary..

Little morning star, heralding redemption’s sun.

Little temple maiden.

Maiden, chaste and pure.

Maiden, pure and bright.

Mary, child of promise.

Mary, thy birth has brought joy to the whole world

Miraculous child of blessed parents.

Most amiable child Mary.

Most blessed child Mary.

Most holy child.

Most humble child.

Most humble maiden.

Most lovely infant, who by thy holy birth hast comforted the world.

Most noble maiden Mary.

Most prudent child. .

Most pure child..

Most sweet child.

Most wise child..

Most beloved infant, adorned with every virtue, immeasurably above all saints.

Orphan ward of Zachary, the High Priest..

Our little queen.

Precious and rich pearl, that didst come forth to the light of the sun, still enclosed within the rough shell of this world.

Princess Mary.

Princess of heaven.


Sacred maid.

Sovereign child.

Spotless babe.

Sublime infant.

Sweetest child.

Tender child.

The alleviation of my labors.

The angel’s new-born queen.

The example of supernal perfection.

The mirror for the regulation of my life.

The most pleasing offering, the purest victim, who until then had been brought to the altar of the Most High.

The spotless infant.

This rosy babe was born to usher in Redemption’s blessed morn.

Thou child all glorious.

True child of God.

Unknown princess of the world.

Unequaled and beloved treasure.

Virgin child.

White dove of purity.

Winsome toddler in Joachim’s field.


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