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A bough in which no blur of either kind, original or wrought, hath touched the Virgin rind.

A soul immune from stain.

Adorned with the radiance of a singular holiness from the first moment of her conception.

All fair and stainless in thy conception.

All fair art thou my beloved and there was never a stain of Adam’s sin in thee

All immaculate.

All pure.

All spotless is she, who alone was found worthy God’s mother to be.

Alone, holy, who excepting God, is higher than all.

Alone of all our mortal race, thou wast preserved from sin’s least trace.

Always blessed.

As a lily in the midst of thorns, so is my beloved among the daughters of Adam.

At all times pure.

Blessed the clay out of which thou wert wrought, so utterly free from original blot.

Born pure and stainless, beautiful and full of grace.

Chaste lily sin could never blight, the serpent’s head was crushed by thee.

Clean from all stain.

Completely free from every stain of sin and entirely beautiful and perfect.

Conceived free from original sin.

Creature who was preserved from original sin, in view of the merits of the Savior.

Earth entirely untouched.

E’en in conception, no earthly taint darkened thy soul.

Ever sinless virgin.

Ewe without spot, that hast borne the Lamb That took flesh of thee, even Christ.

Exempt in the womb from the taint of the fall.

Fair by nature and entirely free from all stain. .

Fair, unsullied form.

Fenced from all snares of the malignant serpent.

Formed without stain.

Fountain ever clear.

Free from all contagion of sin..

God selected and prepared her.

Holy and stranger to all stain of sin.

“Holy to the Lord” when life’s first gossamer thread was spun.


Immaculate and remote from all stain of sin. .

Immaculate Eve.

Immaculate flower.

Immaculate, free from stain of sin as is no other human being whom God has made. .

Immaculate one.

Immaculate virgin.

In thy conception, 0 virgin Mary, thou wast immaculate.

Incorrupted earth which God blessed and was therefore free from all contagion of sin. .

Incorruptible branch the worm of sin has never injured.

Innocent and most innocent..

Innocence which was never wounded.

Land wholly intact.

Like a lily in the midst of thorns, so among Adam’s daughters is my beloved.

Lily among thorns.

Maiden immaculate.

Mary possessed grace from the beginning.

Mary, virgin soil, untouched by the curse.

Mary’s absolute sinlessness.

Most immaculate among all creatures.

Mother of God conceived without stain of original sin.

My fair, my spotless one.

Nature yielded to grace.

Never subject to the one accursed.

No shade of Adam’s sin sullied thee.

Of sin’s foul touch inviolate.

Offspring not of wrath but of grace.

One most pure.

Only Mary the mother of God was free from every sin.

Our tainted nature’s solitary boast.

Preserved by God immune from all stain of original sin.

Preserved from the guilt which hath come on us all.

Product of a sinning sea, yet preserved so spotlessly.

Pure and spotless creature.

Purer than the angels and at all times pure.

Purest of creatures.

Purity without stain.

Reproachless, most sweet paradise of innocence.

Sinless mother of thy Son, the mighty Lord of the universe. .

Sole unblemished one of our race.

Soul immune from sin.

Spotless beauty of her who was to be the mother of God.

Spotless, blessed lady.

Spotless, holy and most distant from every stain of sin.

Spotless mother.

Spotless virgin and sinless mother.

Stainless styled.

Superlatively immaculate, pure in every way and at all times.

That spotless woman who always appeared beautiful and without stain in the eyes of God.

The flesh of the virgin, taken from Adam, did not admit the stains of Adam. .

The Immaculate Conception.

The one and only daughter not of death but of life.

The only one of human mold, immaculate, all-beautiful.

The pure and guileless soul.

The rod in which was neither knot of original sin nor rind of actual guilt.

The sinless one.

The spotless one.

The virgin Mary is called immaculate, for in nothing was she corrupt.

Thou art all fair, 0 my love and there is not a spot in thee.

Thou wert free from the stain that has sullied the earth.

Undefiled and immaculate soul.

Unimpaired and ever unimpaired.

Unspotted by sin.

Victorious over the infernal serpent from the first moment of thy being.

Virgin mother, who wast never defiled with the slightest stain of original or actual sin. .

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