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Titles of Our Lady as DAUGHTER

Titles of Our Lady as  DAUGHTER

A daughter of Israel.

A daughter of the tribe of Judah.

A daughter who shall be blessed among women.

A daughter wonderful in all her doings and in all her life.

A mere creature and a true daughter of man.

Affectionate daughter.

Ann`s daughter..

Beloved and chosen daughter.

Blessed daughter.

Cherished daughter.

Daughter and handmaiden of the most high King.

Daughter ever blest.

Daughter of a mighty Father.

Daughter of Adam by nature

Daughter of Jerusalem.

Daughter of men.

Daughter of saints Joachim and Anne.

Daughter of the Church and our sister as well.

Daughter of the Light Eternal.

Daughter of the Prince.

Daughter of the Sovereign King..

“Daughter of Zion” who was to give the world the universal Redeemer.

David’s daughter, who hath brought forth life to the world.

Dear daughter.

Dearest daughter of the heavenly Father.

Exalted daughter of Sion.

First-born daughter and the first disciple of the Incarnate Word..

First-born daughter by adoption.

First-born daughter of grace and life.

Glorious daughter.

God’s loved daughter and mother and bride..

Heavenly daughter..

Illustrious daughter of the House of David.

Ineffable daughter.

Kind daughter.

Most chaste and most holy of the daughters of Eve

Most faithful daughter.

Most fortunate daughter.

Most holy daughter.

Most luminous daughter of light.

Most obedient daughter.

Most pure daughter.

Perfect daughter of the heavenly Father.

Purest and holiest daughter.

Sole and only daughter not of death but of life.

The firstborn daughter of the new law of grace.

The most beautiful daughter of all the children of Eve.

The most dutiful of all daughters.

The one and only daughter of life.

Thou art fair and comely, 0 daughter of Jerusalem.

Well-beloved daughter.

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