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Titles of Our Lady as MOTHER

Titles of Our Lady as MOTHER


Mother, abyss of humility.

Mother, advocate and protectress in heaven.

Mother, alike of the Redeemer and the redeemed.

Mother all merciful.

Mother and advocate with her divine Son.

Mother and associate of the Savior.

Mother and daughter of Him who is the Father of mercies and the God of all consolation.

Mother and daughter of the King of kings.

Mother and defender. .

Mother and dispenser of all good things.

Mother and instructress.

Mother and lady of all things.

Mother and mistress of all sanctity.

Mother and model of adorers.

Mother and protectress.

Mother and queen of every Christian family.

Mother and queen of the Church.

Mother and queen of the holy rosary of Pompeii.

Mother and superior. .

Mother and teacher.

Mother and virgin.

Mother as well as daughter of your God.

Mother because of Him whom thou didst bear upon thy breast and whom thou hast nourished with thy milk.

Mother benign, who no man didst know.

Mother by the millions of her progeny from Jesus unto you and me. .

Mother courageous.

Mother crucified in heart.

Mother, daughter and spouse. .

Mother enriched while on earth with so many favors that the mind of man can neither comprehend them nor speak of them in their greatness.

Mother fairest.

Mother filled with goodness.

Mother filled with tenderness, like Rebecca.

Mother, fount of love.

Mother, fountain of patience.

Mother full of grace.

Mother full of love and sweetness for thy clients and children.

Mother full of mercy.

Mother full of tenderness.

Mother gentlest..

Mother, hail, immersed in woes.

Mother, highly blessed.

Mother holocaust of divine love.

Mother in heaven.

Mother in the Holy Family.

Mother incomparable.

Mother inviolate.

Mother-maid. .

Mother Mary.

Mother meek.

Mother mild.

Mother mine.

Mother, more beloved than all mothers.

Mother most admirable.

Mother most afflicted.

Mother most amiable..

Mother most amiable-most charming, most lovable.

Mother most chaste.

Mother most clement.

Mother most gentle.

Mother most greatly blest.

Mother most loving and most merciful.

Mother most mighty.

Mother most powerful.

Mother most pure.

Mother most sorrowful.

Mother most tender.

Mother most wonderful.

Mother, much beloved.

Mother not of the Redeemer alone but also of the redeemed.

Mother of a God who was a man of sorrows.

Mother of a man treated more ignobly than the most abject of criminals.

Mother of a Redeemer who would ransom me from sin by his passion and death.

Mother of a Son so holy.

Mother of all believers.

Mother of all blessedness.

Mother of all help.

Mother of all humanity.

Mother of all innocence.

Mother of all light and counsel.

Mother of all mankind.

Mother of all men engendering them unto God.

Mother of all men, for Christ died for all.

Mother of all men, Jew and Gentile.

Mother of all men who humbly seek the leaven.

Mother of all races.

Mother of all saints living and dead. .

Mother of all the faithful.

Mother of all the living. .

Mother of all the members of Christ’s mystical body.

Mother of all of us.

Mother of all piety and clemency.

Mother of all purity.

Mother of all the world’s children of every race and color.

Mother of all virgins.

Mother of an omnipotent God.

Mother of beautiful love and holy hope.

Mother of beautiful love and knowledge.

Mother of beautiful love, of sweet fears and of tender words.

Mother of Christ.

Mother of Christ according to the flesh.

Mother of Christ and a mere creature.

Mother of Christ and mother of men, particularly of the faithful.

Mother of Christ and our mother in the communion of saints.

Mother of Christ from stall to rood. .

Mother of Christ in his redemptive work.

Mother of Christ, of grace divine.

Mother of Christ the sovereign Priest.

Mother of Christ who is God. .

Mother of Christ’s members.

Mother of clemency and mercy..

Mother of comfort. .

Mother of compassion.

Mother of confidence.

Mother of consolation.

Mother of constancy and perseverance.

Mother of courage.

Mother of delight..

Mother of divine grace.

Mother of divine knowledge.

Mother of divine love.

Mother of divine pity..

Mother of divine providence..

Mother of each of these myriad beings that follow one another upon this earth..

Mother of each of us.

Mother of Emmanuel.

Mother of every grace.

Mother of fair love.

Mother of fruitful studies.

Mother of glory in heaven.

Mother of God.

Mother of God and a virgin before and after his birth.

Mother of God and mother of men.

Mother of God and our mother.

Mother of God entirely holy and free from all stain of sin.

Mother of God, ever virgin. .

Mother of God from the first instant of the conception of Christ in her womb. .

Mother of God, of the Incarnate Word. .

Mother of God the Son.

Mother of God’s children.

Mother of God’s Lamb.

Mother of good counsel..

Mother of good hope.

Mother of goodness.

Mother of grace and mercy.

Mother of grace and of our salvation.

Mother of grace, because we are begotten of her to the life of grace.

Mother of him on whom salvation is entirely built, because he is God and man in one person.

Mother of him who alone can save us, who alone will be our judge..

Mother of him who created all things.

Mother of him who is our sweetest love. .

Mother of him who is the Creator of grace..

Mother of him who is the glory of the saints..

Mother of him who is to become man

Mother of him who made thee.

Mother of him who was condemned to die an infamous death as a criminal. .

Mother of him, who with the Father and the Holy Ghost liveth and reigneth world without end..

Mother of him whose name is above every name. .

Mother of holiness..

Mother of holy happiness..

Mother of humility.

Mother of innocence, purity and sanctity.

Mother of Jesus Christ and of all Christians..

Mother of Jesus and our mother. .

Mother of Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word of God. .

Mother of Jesus glorified. .

Mother of Jesus of Nazareth. .

Mother of Jesus our Savior. .

Mother of Jesus, Son of God.

Mother of joy.

Mother of justice.

Mother of justification and of the justified.

Mother of knowledge. .

Mother of life.

Mother of life the author of our supernatural being. .

Mother of light..

Mother of loneliness.

Mother of love.

Mother of love, of sorrow and of mercy.

Mother of mankind.

Mother of mankind’s Redeemer.

Mother of man’s redemption. .

Mother of many children.

Mother of men and queen of angels.

Mother of merciful bounty.

Mother of mercy.

Mother of mercy and omnipotent by grace.

Mother of mercy and wisdom.

Mother of mercy to the heart filled with compassion.

Mother of mercy towards the souls in purgatory.

Mother of mercy, who is ever solicitous to help us in our misery.

Mother of mercy, who so liberally dispensest graces to all who have recourse to her..

Mother of mothers.

Mother of Omnipotence.

Mother of orphans.

Mother of our Creator. .

Mother of our God and Lord Jesus Christ. .

Mother of our God Divine..

Mother of our Head..

Mother of our Judge.

Mother of our King.

Mother of our Lord and Savior.

Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mother of our love.

Mother of our redemption and sanctification.

Mother of our Savior. .

Mother of our spiritual nature.

Mother of our supernatural life.

Mother of patience.

Mother of peace and love.

Mother of perpetual help.

Mother of perpetual succor.

Mother of perseverance.

Mother of piety.

Mother of pity.

Mother of Providence.

Mother of purity and holiness.

Mother of reconciliation and of the reconciled.

Mother of redeemed humanity.

Mother of redemption and of the redeemed..

Mother of Salette.

Mother of salvation.

Mother of sanctity.

Mother of sinners

Mother of sinners and of the just.

Mother of Sion’s Son.

Mother of sorrows.

Mother of souls.

Mother of sweetness and mercy.

Mother of that love which grace enables human hearts to return to God.

Mother of the agonizing..

Mother of the Almighty.

Mother of the Author of grace.

Mother of the Blessed One.

Mother of the Church. .

Mother of the Conqueror..

Mother of the cross.

Mother of the Crucified.

Mother of the Desired of Nations.

Mother of the Divine King, Jesus Christ.

Mother of the Divine Shepherd.

other of the Divine Son..

Mother of the Divine Sufferer.

Mother of the Divine Word Incarnate.

Mother of the dying.

Mother of the elect.

Mother of the eternal Priest, Christ Jesus.

Mother of the eternal Prince.

Mother of the eternal Word made man.

Mother of the Eucharistic Christ.

Mother of the fairest of the sons of men.

Mother of the faithful.

Mother of the family.

Mother of the fullness of Christ.

Mother of the God-made man.

Mother of the God of charity.

Mother of the God of mercies.

Mother of the golden heights.

Mother of the Good Shepherd.

Mother of the great God, who was ruler and judge of all in heaven and on earth and under the earth.

Mother of the hidden Little One, who of the Father was born perfect and is made an infant in her womb.

Mother of the Holy Child.

Mother of the Holy Family at Nazareth.

Mother of the Holy of Holies.

Mother of the human nature of Christ.

Mother of the human race.

Mother of the human race, which the beloved disciple represented.

Mother of the immortal King of ages become man.

Mother of the Incarnate God.

Mother of the Incarnate Mystery.

Mother of the Incarnate Word of the Eternal Father.

Mother of the Infant Babe of Bethlehem and our mother.

Mother of the infant Church.

Mother of the infant Mystical Christ.

Mother of the infant Savior.

Mother of the just.

Mother of the King of ages. .

Mother of the King of glory.

Mother of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Mother of the King of our salvation.

Mother of the King of the universe.

Mother of the Lamb of God.

Mother of the Law.

Mother of the Legion.

Mother of the Light that shows the way.

Mother of the living.

Mother of the Living God.

Mother of the long-awaited Messiah.

Mother of the Lord and his holy Church.

Mother of the Lord of the world.

Mother of the Man of Sorrow.

Mother of the members of Christ.

Mother of the messianic people.

Mother of the Most High.

Mother of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church.

Mother of the natural body of Jesus Christ and also of his Mystical Body.

Mother of the never-setting star.

Mother of the new evangelical Church.

Mother of the nursery of Heaven.

Mother of the poor.

Mother of the praesidium home of Nazareth

Mother of the predestinate.

Mother of the Promised One..

Mother of the redeemed on account of the universality of her grace..

Mother of the Redeemer.

Mother of the Redemptive, the Glorified and the Mystical Body of Christ.

Mother of the rosary.

Mother of the sacrificed.

Mother of the Savior and of the saved.

Mother of the Savior of the world.

Mother of the second Adam-Jesus Christ.

Mother of the sin-stained human race.

Mother of the Son of God.

Mother of the Son of man.

Mother of the Son, the new Man.

Mother of the suffering Christ.

Mother of the Sun that shineth both on heaven and on earth, even Christ.

Mother of the supernatural life in us.

Mother of the supreme High-Priest, Christ.

Mother of the true God.

Mother of the true High-Priest.

Mother of the true Light.

Mother of the Truth.

Mother of the Vine which is the historical Christ.

Mother of the wayside.

Mother of the whole world.

Mother of the Word Incarnate.

Mother of the Word made flesh.

Mother of the world’s ransom.

Mother of the world’s Redeemer.

Mother of those to whom Christ is Father and Brother.

Mother of those who are in their agony.

Mother of those who ask to be holy.

Mother of those who fly.

Mother of those who live in Christ.

Mother of thy Maker.

Mother of true science. .

Mother of truth and purity.

Mother of two sons, Jesus and mankind.

Mother of Uncreated Light.

Mother of us all. .

Mother of virtues.

Mother of wisdom. .

Mother, our shield.

Mother overwhelmed in grief.

Mother pierced with a sword of sorrow..

Mother pitiful and mild.


Mother secret and hidden.

Mother selected from eternity to fill an exalted human role in the Incarnation.

Mother so blest.

Mother so lovely. .

Mother sorrowful unto death.

Mother standing by the crib of the Mystic Christ.

Mother sublime.

Mother, teacher and mistress.

Mother that knew not man.

Mother, through whom the sword pierced in black midnight seventy times seven.

Mother to her scapular children.

Mother undefiled.

Mother victim of charity.

Mother who alone merited to have as Son, the Son of God himself, born of you.

Mother who as a virgin conceived, brought forth and nursed the Lord.

Mother, who died a thousand deaths for us.

Mother who is able to dry our tears and comfort our desolate hearts.

Mother who teachest true wisdom.

Mother, whose virgin bosom was uncrost with the least shade of thought to sin allied. .

Mother without blot or stain.

Mother worthy of the God she was destined to bear.


A mother befitting the Eternal Word.

A mother ever ready to help us.

A mother from whom he took his life and became Savior of mankind.

A mother to those whom she has adopted by her scapular contract. .

A mother to us in the order of grace..

A mother who gives both example and strength to him who knows how to contemplate her.

A mother without ceasing to be a virgin.

A mother worthy of having an incarnate God for a son. .

A perfectly responsive mother.

A sovereign but also a mother. .

A sublime model and an admirable mistress, an example and a mother.

Above all a mother.

Admirable mother of the Son.

Adopted mother of sinners.

Advocate and mother, not only here below but in heaven beyond life, so as to merit through her eternal glory.

All-good and all-loving mother.

Approachable mother.

At the same time mother to all and a mother to each one of us.

Attentive mother of divine wisdom.

August mother of God.

Beautiful mother.

Beloved mother.

Beloved spouse and mother.

Beneficent mother mild.

Best of all mothers.

Blessed and ever-virgin mother of God.

Blessed mother.

Blessed mother and virgin undefiled.

Blessed mother of God.

Blessed mother of sorrows.

Blessed mother of the Son of God.

Blessed, 0 mother, among all women. .

Blissful mother-maiden.

Bounteous mother.

Bright mother of our Maker. .

Bright mother of the blest.

Burdened mother.

Celestial mother.

Charitable mother

Chosen by the Most High for his dwelling place and for his mother.

Chosen from all eternity to be God’s mother and ours.

Chosen mother of uncreated Charity.

Christ’s dear mother uncomplaining.

Christ’s mother.

Clement mother of mankind.

Common mother of all of the poor children of Adam.

Compassionate mother of all believers.

Compassionate mother of mercy.

Crucified mother.

Daughter, mother, spouse of heaven.

Dear Mother.

Dear mother of Altotting.

Dear Mother of God.

Dearest and most clement virgin mother.

Destined office as mother of God.

Devout mother.

Divine mother.

Divinely appointed mother of men.

Ecstatic young mother.

Empress and mistress of the militant Church, its protectress, its advocate, its mother and teacher.

Especially mother of the faithful.

Eternally functioning mother of the Mystical Body of Christ.

Eternally-predestined, in conjunction with the Incarnation of the divine Word, to be the mother of God.

Ever glorious and blessed mother.

Ever humble mother of the Most High

Ever-nursing mother of our redemption and sanctification.

Exalted mother.

Fair mother of Beauty itself.

Faithful mother of the Redeemer.

Fit to be the mother of God.

Fondest of mothers.

Fortunate mother.

From all eternity elected mother of God.

From Pope to poorest pauper-she is a mother.

Fruitful mother of the Redeemer.

Gentle mother of orphans.

Generous and devoted mother.

Glorious virgin mother..


God’s own mother blest.

God’s sinless mother, Queen benign.

Good and tender mother.

Good mother, all full of grace and of the unction of the Holy Ghost.

Good mother of the predestinate.

Good mother, of whom Rebecca was but the type.

Gracious mother.

Great mother.

Great mother and lady.

Grief-stricken mother.

Handmaid and mother.

Happy Mary, chosen to be mother of grace and clemency.

Happy mother.

Heavenly mother.

Heavenly mother, mistress sweet.

Heavenly queen and mother.

Holy Mary, mother mild.

Holy mother.

Holy mother of God.

Holy, sinless mother of him that was before thee, even Christ.

Human mother of the one true and living God.

Humble and attentive mother. .

Ideal mother.

Immaculate mother of God.

Immaculate mother of God and of Eve’s redeemed children. .

Immaculate mother of Jesus.

Immaculate mother of Jesus and our mother Mary.

Immaculate virgin mother of God.

In the truest sense a mother.

Incomparable mother of God.

Instructress and mother of the Church.

Instructress and spiritual mother of the disciples of Christ. .

Invincible mother.

Jesus and Mary, mother and Son.

Kind and tender mother.

Lady Mary, ever intact virgin and mother of God.

Lady mother of grace.

Lily maid and admirable mother.

Loveliest of all mothers.

Lovelorn mother.

Lovely mother.

Love’s mother.

Loving and faithful mother.

Loving and kind mother.

Loving and prudent mother.

Loving mother.

Loving mother of Jesus Christ.

Loving mother of men.

Loving mother of the divine Redeemer..

Lovingly solicitous mother..

Maiden mother of God.

Maiden, mother pure.

Maiden with child.

Maria, mother of our King.

Mary, chosen mother of God.

Mary, mother mine.

Mary, my queen and mother.

Mary, our mother.

Mary, the mother of beautiful love.

Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Mary, the mother so glad.

Mary, the virgin mother of God.

Mary, then as mother of Christ is mother also of all the faithful and of all the pastors.

Mary, virgin mother of Christ the Lord.

Merciful mother of the faithful.

Mighty mother of God and my mother.

Mirthful mother..

More a mother than a queen..

Most beloved mother.

Most benign mother.

Most blessed virgin Mary, mother of God.

Most chaste mother of God.

Most compassionate mother of God.

Most compassionate mother of the faithful.

Most dear and afflicted mother.

Most diligent mother.

Most dutiful mother of God.

Most fair mother of mercy and grace.

Most faithful and fortunate mother.

Most fortunate and happy mother.

Most gentle queen and mother.

Most holy mother of sorrows.

Most holy mother of the Infant Jesus.

Most Holy virgin and mother.

Most humble virgin and mother.

Most indulgent of mothers.

Most innocent mother.

Most kind and powerful mother.

Most kind mother of mercy.

Most loving and beloved mother.

Most loving and worthy mother.

Most loving mother of our Truest and Highest Good.

Most mighty and pitiful mother.

Most observant mother.

Most patient mother of God.

Most perfect and loving of mothers.

Most pious and prudent mother.

Most powerful mother of God, who is also our tender mother.

Most prudent mother of wisdom. .

Most sorrowful yet most happy of mothers.

Most sweet and kind mother.

Most sweet and beautiful mother of beautiful love and charity.

Most sweet mother of mercy and grace..

Most venerable mother of God.

Most watchful mother and shepherdess.

Most wonderful queen and mother.

Most worthy mother.

Mournful mother.

Natural mother of Christ.

New mother of all men. .

Noble mother.

One mother who always understands and who can always help you.

Our mother and consolation.

Our mother, for by giving us Jesus, she gave us true life.

Our mother in faith.

Our mother on that first Christmas night through Christ, our brother.

Our spiritual mother because we are brethren of her Son.

Patient and generous mother.

Predestined mother of the Redeemer.

Predestined the mother to be of Him who created earth, heaven and sea.

Present as mother at the birth of the mystical Christ.

Propitious mother.

Provident mother of the Church

Pure and inviolate mother Mary ever virgin.

Purest, holiest mother of Jesus.

Queen and mother in the ancient land of Pompeii, once the home of paganism.

Queen and mother of Christian people

Queen mother of the Prince of Peace.

Queen mother of the servants of Jesus.

Queen of mothers.

Royal mother in Bethlehem’s cave.

Royal mother of a conquering King.

Sinless mother of a fallen race.

Sinless mother of the perfect Christ.

Sinless mother of thy Son, the mighty Lord of the universe.

Solicitous mother of Jesus adolescent.

Sorrowful mother of Christ.

Sorrowful virgin mother.

Sorrowing mother of our Lord.

Sorrowful, grief-stricken mother.

Sovereign lady and mother.

Spiritual mother of the members of Christ.

Spotless mother of God.

Stricken mother on Calvary’s mount.

Sweet mother of pity.

Sweet, sacred virgin mother.

Sweetest mother of providence.

Tender and affectionate mother.

Tender and compassionate mother.

Tender and gentle mother.

Tender mother of Christ.

Terrestrial mother. .

The King’s mother.

The mother and origin of humility.

The mother of all good things.

The mother of all of the living.

The mother of dolours.

The mother of Jesus in the temple.

The mother of justification and the justified..

The mother of our loving Christ. .

The mother of that vital influence which has given life to that Mystical Body.

The mother of the family who supplied all with nourishment.

The mother of the Living Flame.

The mother of those who live by grace. .

The mother who had given to Christ this passible nature.

The mother who loves me exceedingly.

The mother who remains standing near the cross. .

The mother who suffers.

The mother who teaches true wisdom.

The mother with tender Child. .

The only one who merited to be called the Mother and Spouse of God. .

The sinner’s patient mother. .

The virgin mother of God who both enjoys royal power and burns with a mother’s love. .

This most glorious lady was the beloved mother of Christ precisely that she might be made his associate in the redemption of the human race.

This mother who suffered more than any human being has suffered and therefore has triumphed as no other human being has ever triumphed.

Thou hast brought forth Him who made thee. .

Thou shalt become a mother without ceasing to be a chaste virgin.

Thou shalt conceive, and bring forth a Son, who shall be called the Son of the Most High.

True mother of Him who died for thy salvation.

True mother of the apostles.

Truest of mothers. .

Universal mother..

Valiant mother of Christ..

Victorious mother.

Vigilant mother.

Virgin and mother equally.

Virgin and mother, highest and most lowly.

Virgin Mary, mother of benediction.

Virgin Mary who without any violation of purity was found to be the mother of our Savior.

Virgin most spotless and mother most dear.

Virgin-mother blest.

Virgin, mother, imperial queen.

Virgin mother, in whose breast the Triune God once dwelt a guest.

Virgin mother of God, he whom the whole world cannot hold enclosed himself in thy womb, and was made man.

Virgin mother of the Lord Most High.

Virgin mother of the Messiah.

Virgin mother of the sovereign King.

Virgin-mother perfection’s highest crest.

Virgin mother who brought forth the King of the entire world.

Virgin mother whose arms cradled Christ-Babe.

Virginal and faithful mother.

Watchful mother.

Wisest of mothers.

Worthy mother of the God of all holiness.

Worthy mother of the Redeemer of the world.

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