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Titles of Our Lady THE NAME OF MARY

Titles of Our Lady THE NAME OF MARY

We see in the gospel of St. Luke that an angel announced the name Jesus was to bear Similarly the name of John, son of Zachary and Elizabeth, was announced by an angel. It would be surprising, then, if God would leave to chance or human discretion the name of the woman who was the chosen daughter of the Eternal Father, the mother of the Only Begotten Son, and the spouse of the Holy Spirit. According to the venerable Mary Agreda, an angel appeared to Joachim and Anne, revealing that they would have a daughter and that Mary should be her name. “Our chosen One shall be called MARY, and this name is to be powerful and magnificent. Those that shall invoke it with devout affection shall receive most abundant graces; those that shall honor it and pronounce it with reverence shall be consoled and vivified, and will find in it the remedy of their evils, the treasures for their enrichment, the light which shall guide them to heaven. It shall be terrible against the power of hell, it shall crush the head of the serpent and it shall win glorious victories over the princes of hell.”.

It is important to take advantage of this great help in our many needs. Let us pray that we will ever have the grace to invoke her name, so that we may avail ourselves of the benefits of her assistance. Particularly at the hour of death may her name be on our lips and in our hearts.


A daughter who by divine disposition shall be called MARY.

A name of salvation..

A name so sweet, so loveable, so mighty.

A precious ointment, which breathes forth the odor of divine grace.

A remembrance of all her marvelous privileges, particularly of her divine motherhood. .

A sacrifice to God.

A tower of strength which not only delivers sinners from chastisement but also defends the just from the assaults of hell..

Abiding joy to the heart.

After the name of Jesus, there is no other in which men find so powerful assistance and salvation.

Amiable and gracious.

An effective weapon against the weakness of our own flesh, the allurements of the world, and the powers of hell.

As a celestial vision, it will show you the vanity of the pleasures and short-lived possession of this world.

As a ray of love, it will warm and purify your heart and make it capable of the greatest sacrifices.

Awesome and holy name of Mary.


Beautiful name of Mary.

Beloved of God.

Beloved name.

Better than riches because it can better relieve poverty.


Blessed name.

Comforts the afflicted.

Cannot be pronounced without bringing some grace to him who does so devoutly.

Encourages sinners, that they may not abandon themselves to despair.

Fellowship in holiness.

Filled with divine graces and blessings..

For people in the world, a devotion.

For preachers, a veneration.

For religious, a meditation.

For those who suffer, a consolation.

Gives particular strength to overcome temptation against purity.

Glorious name.

Good angels approach nearer to just souls who pronounce her name with devotion.

Heals sinners.

Help of the living.

Holy name of Mary.

Honey in the mouth.

In all dangers, a protection.

It comforts us in the anguishes of this life.

It distills balm.

It radiates happiness.

Joy in the heart.

Key to the gates of heaven.

Kin to prophecy. .

Like a fortified tower in which, if a sinner takes refuge, he will be delivered from death; for it defends and saves even the most abandoned.

Like fluent oil, O Mary, is thy name.


Marie. .




Miriam of Nazareth.

Melody to the ear.

Most holy and most sweet name.

Most powerful name.

Music to the ear.

My defense.

Mystic name.

Name always sweet to say and sweet to think upon. .

Name carried by the angels.

Name fashioned in heaven.

Name of grace and charm. .

Name of life and hope.

Name recommended by the Gospel to men. .

Name so majestically beautiful and venerable.

Name so wonderful.

No disorder however malignant, that does not immediately yield to the power of the name of Mary.

Nor is there any other name given to men after that of Jesus, from which so much salvation is poured forth.

Ocean of the graces and gifts of the Divinity.

Ointment of salvation.

Our comfort.

Our hope in dangers.

Our last utterance in death.

Our shield in temptation.

Powerful and magnificent.

Powerful help.

Proclaimed in the whole universe.

Rebel angels fly from sinners who invoke the name of Mary.

Recalls those who have erred to the way of salvation.

Sacred name.

Safeguard of the living.

Salutary to the reborn.

Salvation of all who invoke thee.

Salvation of the dying.

So majestically beautiful and venerable by her maternal grace.

So sweet and amiable that it cannot be pronounced without inflaming those who do so with love towards thee and God.

So sweet, so powerful, so lovely a name.

Softens the hardness of the human heart in a wonderful manner.

Sublime name.

Sweet and holy name.

Sweet indeed to her clients during life, on account of the very great graces that she obtains for them.

Sweet name of Mary.

Sweet, pure name.

Sweeter than nectar and more precious than any jewel.

Terrible against the power of hell.

The adornment of modesty.

The hallmark of virginity.

The illumined.

The name of Mary is an indication of chastity.

The name of the chosen virgin was “Mary”.

The name of this most blessed virgin has such efficacy that, if it is only pronounced, the heart will be wonderfully softened.

The ocean of the graces and gifts of the Divinity..

The sign of chastity.

The very breath of life.

The virtue of hospitality.

This powerful name has in it the virtue of obtaining help for him who invokes it devoutly.

Thy name is costly incense rising.

What sweetness also in the name of Mary.

While time lasts, thy name shall never be forgotten.

Your name exhales a perfume that embalms the heart and comforts the soul.

Your name is preached in churches and chapels, in cloisters, in fields, in deserts.

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