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Titles of Our Lady The QUEEN

Titles of Our Lady the QUEEN

Mary is our queen. She sits on a throne at the right hand of her divine Son to whom all power is given in heaven and on earth. She is queen because her Son is king. She is a queen unrivaled because she resembles the God-Man as much as is possible for any creature. She is queen of the Heart of Jesus. The Son who subjected himself to her on earth is not less attentive to her in heaven. She is the queen of the heavenly court, of all the angels and saints.

It was said of her, “The Queen stood at thy right hand in gilded clothing, surrounded by variety.” For all the graces, privileges and merits of the other saints were united in Mary, according to the Abbot of Celles. The angels, even the greatest, feel privileged to carry out her wishes. The saints in heaven come to her with their requests, that she obtain them from her divine Son. She is the queen of purgatory which is said to have been emptied at the time of her assumption, the occupants accompanying her in her triumphal entry into heaven. She is the queen of the universe, mistress of all creatures.

She is the queen of the Church, and of the apostles. She is the queen of an army of virgins. Thousands of nuns bear her name. She has been acclaimed queen of various countries such as Ireland, Poland and Viet Nam. Religious orders such as the Carmelites, Franciscans, Jesuits and Marists hail her as their queen. Lay organizations such as the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin and the Legion of Mary are named in her honor. She is queen of the patriarchs, prophets, martyrs, confessors and of all hearts. She is the queen of all nature, which obeys her commands. Even the demons in hell are subject to her and the serpent lies in wait for her heel.

Our queen is most beautiful, gracious, gentle, merciful, holy, humble, immaculate and invincible. She is the queen of the scapular and the most holy rosary, by which her devoted children show their affection for her.




Queen all unrivalled.

Queen among sisters.

Queen and advocate of us, miserable sinners.

Queen and chief of martyrs.

Queen and chief patronage dispenser of the merits of her Son.

Queen and empress seated upon a royal throne.

Queen and lady.

Queen and leader of the white-robed virgins who, in heaven follow the Lamb whithersoever He goes.

Queen and mistress enthroned at the right hand of herSon.

Queen and mistress of all that is created.

Queen and mistress of all virtues.

Queen and mistress of angels.

Queen and mistress of the Church.

Queen and mistress of the humble.

Queen and mother in the ancient land of Pompeii.

Queen and mother of the Christian people.

Queen and mother of us all.

Queen and ravisher of hearts.

Queen and sovereign.

Queen and teacher of virtues.

Queen at the right hand of thy Son..

Queen beauteous and immaculate.

Queen by the right of self-conquest.

Queen, clothed in the gold of variety.

Queen conceived without original sin.

Queen crowned with twelve stars.

Queen amid the horror and the agony of Gethsemane and Calvary.

Queen exalted by heaven and earth.

Queen forever.

Queen glorified.

Queen, glory of Carmel.

Queen, immaculate, sublime.

Queen in blue.

Queen in golden raiment, wrought about with variety.

Queen in Ophir arrayed.

Queen Mary.

Queen, model of adorers.

Queen, most fair.

Queen, most sweet.

Queen, most worthy of love.

Queen, mother and spouse of the King

Queen, not only because she is the mother of God, but also because, as the new Eve, she was associated with the new Adam.

Queen of actors. .

Queen of all.

Queen of all fair virtues.

Queen of all flowers that light life’s weary way.

Queen of all hearts.

Queen of all nature.

Queen of all peoples.

Queen of all priests.

Queen of all saints.

Queen of all that’s fair in May.

Queen of all the virgin choir.

Queen of angels.

Queen of apostles.

Queen of believers.

Queen of benignant grace.

Queen of Carmel.

Queen of charity.

Queen of chastity.

Queen of confessors.

Queen of contentment.

Queen of courtesy.

Queen of creation. .

Queen of evangelists.

Queen of every heart.

Queen of every sanctity.

Queen of gentleness.

Queen of glory..

Queen of heaven. .

Queen of heaven and earth..

Queen of heaven and the lady ruler of the world.

Queen of heaven enthroned.

Queen of heaven’s court.

Queen of heaven’s Seraphim.

Queen of high estate.

Queen of holy poverty.

Queen of humility.

Queen of immaculate birth.

Queen of Ireland.

Queen of joy.

Queen of life.

Queen of light.

Queen of love.

Queen of majesty.

Queen of Marists.

Queen of martyrs.

Queen of May.

Queen of men.

Queen of mercy.

Queen of mercy and mother of grace.

Queen of mercy in the valley of Pompeii.

Queen of mildness.

Queen of militants.

Queen of mothers.

Queen of my heart.

Queen of Nazareth.

Queen of night.

Queen of our grief and our pain.

Queen of paradise.

Queen of patriarchs.

Queen of peace.

Queen of peace and forgiveness.

Queen of perseverance.

Queen of Poland..

Queen of prophets.

Queen of purgatory.

Queen of purity.

Queen of queens.

Queen of saints.

Queen of salvation.

Queen of sorrows.

Queen of souls. .

Queen of surpassing greatness.

Queen of tears.

Queen of the Church.

Queen of the Church suffering.

Queen of the Church triumphant. .

Queen of the clergy..

Queen of the communion of saints.

Queen of the courageous..

Queen of the court of God..

Queen of the dolorous mysteries.

Queen of the earth.

Queen of the eternal years.

Queen of the festival.

Queen of the fount immaculate.

Queen of the glorious mysteries. .

Queen of the heavenly court. .

Queen of the Holy Family’s home at Nazareth.

Queen of the human race.

Queen of the Jews.

Queen of the joyful mysteries.

Queen of the kingdom of peace.

Queen of the Legion.

Queen of the missions.

Queen of the Orders of Friars Minor.

Queen of the peace that breathed at Nazareth.

Queen of the rosary.

Queen of the rosary in the valley of Pompeii.

Queen of the seven sorrows..

Queen of the shining host.

Queen of the stars and stripes. .

Queen of the true faith..

Queen of the world. .

Queen of victories..

Queen of Viet Nam. .

Queen of virgins.

Queen of virtues.

Queen of zeal.

Queen privileged above the laws of the children of Adam.

Queen regent, because queen mother in the minority of her Son.

Queen rich in mercy and magnificence.

Queen seated at the right hand of the King.

Queen since she brought forth a Son who, at the very moment he was conceived, was the Word, even as man, King and Lord of all things.

Queen so sweet, clement, and so ready to help us in our miseries.

Queen undefiled.

Queen unrivalled.

Queen, “who is always vigilant to intercede with the King whom she bore”..

A queen of great power.

Admirable queen

An ever gracious queen.


August queen of heaven.

August queen of sorrows.

August queen of victories.

Beautiful, glorious, all-powerful queen of Ireland. .

Beloved Queen.

Beloved queen in Paradise.

Benign queen.

Blessed queen.

Blest queen of our hearts.

Blissful queen.

Bright queen of May.

Celestial queen.

Dearest queen.

Devout queen.

Earth and heaven’s fairest queen.

Ever humble queen.

Exalted queen of all creation.

Fairest Hebrew queen.

Fairest queen.

Faithful and thankful queen.

Gentle queen.

Glorious queen.

Glorious queen of heaven and earth, in whom the Most Blessed Trinity is well pleased. .

Glorious queen of martyrs. .

Glorious queen of the most holy Rosary.

Glorious queen of the world. .

God’s queen. .

Gracious, gentle queen.

Gracious queen of heaven and earth.

Great and powerful queen. .

Great queen.

Great queen and lady..

Great queen and teacher. .

Great queen of heaven. .

Great queen of humility.

Great queen of the angels. .

Great queen of the world.

Great queen, who wast assumed so royally into the kingdom of eternal peace..

Great queen, who wast assumed to heaven most gloriously, in the company of souls drawn by thy merits out of purgatory..

Hail holy queen. .

Heavenly queen.

Heavenly queen, whose beauty surpasses that of all the angels and saints together..

Heaven’s bright queen.

Holy Queen.

Holy queen of humble hearts.

Holy queen of souls.

Humble queen. .

Immaculate queen.

Immaculate queen, in whom all nations were to be blessed..

Immaculate queen of peace.

Invincible queen of heaven.

Invincible queen of the angels.

Jubilee queen.

Lady queen..

Legitimate and supreme queen.

Loveliest queen.

Lovely queen of peace. .

Magnificent queen and mistress of the heavens.

Majestic queen of heaven.

Mary, our queen.

Mighty queen of honor and glory.

Mistress and queen of the apostles.

Mistress and queen of virtues.

Most amiable queen.

Most beautiful queen.

Most compassionate queen.

Most faithful queen. .

Most high queen of the universe.

Most illustrious queen among all queens.

Most innocent queen.

Most kind queen of heaven.

Most meek queen.

Most prudent queen. .

Most pure and innocent queen.

Most solicitous queen.

Most sweet queen.

Most truly queen.

Most worthy queen of the universe.

Most wonderful queen and mother.

My cherished queen.

My queen, most worthy of love.

Noble queen.

October’s queen.

Our beloved favor-bearing queen.

Our blessed virgin queen.

Our charming and beautiful queen.

Our earthly queen.

Our most kind queen and lady.

Our most loving queen.

Our most patient queen.

Our princess.

Our queen and advocate, who from the first instant of thy conception, didst crush the head of our enemy.

Our queen is constantly before the divine majesty, interceding for us.

Our queen most fortunate and blessed.

Powerful queen.

Pure queen

Queenly handmaid acquiescent to Gabriel’s message.

Radiant queen of love.

Risen queen.

Scapular queen.

Sovereign of angels.

Sovereign queen of all creation.

Sovereign queen of the universe.

Stainless queen

Supreme queen of heaven and earth.

The Blessed Virgin (is our lady and queen because of the unique way in which she cooperated in our redemption.

The blushing queen of blooms.

The Church has honored her with the title of “Queen”..

The first queen of the Catholic faith.

The fortunate queen.

The perpetual queen beside the King, her Son.

The queen in a vesture of gold, wrought about with variety.

The queen of Jalisco.

The queen stood at thy right hand in golden vesture surrounded with beauty.

The queen who brings peace.

The world’s majestic queen.

Unconquerable queen.

Virgin and queen of Pompeii.


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