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Prodigies of the Divine Will
in the
Blessed Virgin Mary



From the Writings of
The Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta


Prodigies of the Divine Will in the Blessed Virgin Mary

From the Writings of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta


August 15, 1899  Volume 2
The Virgin Mary assumed into Heaven.  The ‘Hail Mary’ together with Jesus.

…After this, I felt I was going out of myself into the vault of the heavens, together with my loving Jesus.  It seemed that everything was in feast – Heaven, earth and Purgatory.  All were inundated with a new joy and jubilation.  Many souls were going out of Purgatory and, like bolts of lightning, reached Heaven in order to be present at the feast of our Queen Mama.  I too pushed myself through that immense crowd of people – Angels, Saints and souls from Purgatory which already occupied that new Heaven.  It was so immense, that the heavens that we see, compared to that one, seemed a little hole to me; more so, since I had the obedience of the Confessor.  But as I went about looking, I could see nothing but a most refulgent Sun spreading Its rays, which penetrated through me, in such a way as to make me become like a crystal; so much so, that my little spots appeared very clearly, as well as the infinite distance that passes between Creator and creature.  More so, since each one of those rays had its imprint:  some delineated the sanctity of God, some the purity, some the power, some the wisdom, and all the other virtues and attributes of God.  So, in seeing her nothingness, her miseries and her poverty, the soul would feel annihilated, and instead of looking, she would fall down, her face to the ground, before that Eternal Sun which no one can face.

But what was more was that in order to see the feast of our Queen Mama, one had to look from within that Sun, so much did the Most Holy Virgin appear to be immersed in God; in fact, in looking from other points, one could see nothing.  Now, while I was in this state of annihilation before that Divine Sun, Baby Jesus, being held in the arms of the Queen Mama, told me:  “Our Mama is in Heaven; to you I give the office of acting as my mama on earth.  And since my life is continuously subject to scorns, to poverty, to pains, to the abandonment of men, and my Mama, while being on earth, was my faithful company in all of these pains; not only this, but She tried to relieve Me in everything, as much as Her strengths were capable of – you too, acting as my mother, will keep Me faithful company in all of my pains, suffering in my place as much as you can; and where you cannot reach, you will try to give Me at least a refreshment.  Know, however, that I want you all intent on Me.  I will be jealous even of your breath, if you do not do it for Me; and when I see that you are not all intent on contenting Me, I will give you no peace and no rest.”

After this, I began to act as his mama, but – oh, how much attention was needed to make Him content!  To see Him content, one could not even take a glance at any place else.  Now He wanted to sleep, now He wanted to drink, now He wanted to be cheered with caresses; and I had to be ready for anything He wanted.  Now he would say:  ‘My Mama, my head is hurting – o please, relieve Me!’; and immediately I would check His head and, finding some thorns, I would remove them, and placing my arms beneath His head I would make Him rest.  While I would make Him, all of a sudden He would get up and say:  “I feel a weight and a suffering at my Heart, to the point that I feel I am dying.  Take a look at what is in there.”  And observing the interior of His Heart, I found all the instruments of the Passion; I removed them one by one, and I placed them in my Heart.  Then, seeing Him relieved, I began to caress Him and kiss Him, and I said to Him:  ‘My sole and only treasure, You didn’t even let me watch the feast of our Queen Mama, or listen to the first canticles that the Angels and the Saints sang as She entered Paradise.’

And Jesus:  “The first canticle that they sang to my Mama was the ‘Hail Mary’, because in the ‘Hail Mary’ there are the most beautiful praises, the greatest honors; and the joy which She felt in being made Mother of God is renewed.  Therefore, let us recite it together to honor Her, and when you come to Paradise I will let you find it as if you had recited it together with the Angels and the Saints for the first time in Heaven.”

So, we recited the first part of the ‘Hail Mary’ together.  Oh, how tender and moving it was to hail our Most Holy Mama together with Her beloved Son!  Each word He said carried an immense light, through which one could comprehend many things about the Most Holy Virgin.  But who can say them all – especially because of my inability?  Therefore I let them pass in silence.

September 26, 1899  Volume 2
The Most Holy Virgin, portent of grace.

…Then, I looked at His most beautiful Face, and in my interior I felt an indescribable contentment; and turning to Him I said:  ‘My most sweet Love, if I take so much delight in contemplating You, what must have been for our Queen Mama when You enclosed Yourself in Her most pure womb?  What contentments, how many joys did You not give Her?”

And He:  “My daughter, the delights and the graces I poured into Her were such and so many, that it is enough to tell you that what I am by nature, our Mama became by grace; more so, since She had no sin, and therefore my grace could lord freely within Her.  There is nothing of my Being which I did not give to Her.”

At that instant, I seemed to see our Queen Mama as if She were another God, with this difference alone:  that in God it is His own nature, while in Most Holy Mary it is an acquired grace.  Who can say how stupefied I remained – how my mind wandered at the sight of a portent of grace, so prodigious?

November 21, 1899  Volume 3
Jesus delights in Luisa, who is helped by the Most Holy Virgin.

This morning, as soon as He came, my most beloved Jesus told me:  “My daughter, all your pleasure must be in reflecting yourself in Me.  If you do this always, you will portray all of my qualities, my physiognomy and my very features within you; and I, in return, will find all my taste and highest contentment in delighting in you by reflecting Myself in you.”

After this He disappeared, and I was meditating in my mind on the words He had just told Me.  All of a sudden He came back, placing His holy hand on my head; and turning my face toward Him, He added:  “Today I want to delight a little bit by reflecting Myself in you.”

A shiver ran through my whole back – such a fright as to feel I was dying, because I saw that He was staring at me, wanting to delight in my thoughts, gazes, words, and in all the rest, by reflecting Himself in me.  I kept repeating in my interior:  ‘Oh! God, am I an object fit for letting You take delight, or for embittering You?’  In the meantime, our dear Queen Mama came to my help, carrying a pure white garment in Her hands, and all loving, She told me:  “Daughter, do not fear; I Myself want to make up for you by clothing you with my innocence, so that, in reflecting Himself in you, my Son may find the greatest delight that can be found in a human creature.”

So She clothed me with that garment and She offered me to my dear Good, Jesus, telling Him:  “Accept her out of regard for me, O dear Son, and delight in her.”  So every fear went away from me, and Jesus delighted in me, and I in Him.

December 25, 1900  Volume 4

The birth of Jesus.

As I was in my usual state, I felt I was outside of myself; after wandering around, I found myself inside a cave, and I saw the Queen Mama in the act of giving birth to Little Baby Jesus.  What a wonderful prodigy!  It seemed that both Mother and Son were transformed into most pure light.  But in that light one could see very clearly the human nature of Jesus containing the Divinity within Itself, and serving as a veil to cover the Divinity; in such a way that, in tearing the veil of human nature, He was God, while covered by that veil, He was Man.  Here is the prodigy of prodigies:  God and Man, Man and God!  Without leaving the Father and the Holy Spirit – because true love never separates – He comes to live in our midst, taking on human flesh.  Now, it seemed to me that Mother and Son, in that most happy instant, remained as though spiritualized, and without the slightest difficulty Jesus came out of the Maternal womb, while both of them overflowed with excess of Love.  In other words:  those Most Pure bodies were transformed into Light, and without the slightest impediment, Light-Jesus came out of the Light of the Mother, while both One and the Other remained whole and intact, returning, then, to their natural state.

Who can tell of the beauty of the Little Baby who, in the moment of His birth, transfused, also externally, the rays of the Divinity?  Who can tell of the beauty of the Mother, who remained all absorbed in those Divine rays?  And Saint Joseph?  It seemed to me that he was not present at the act of the birth, but remained in another corner of the cave, all engrossed in that profound Mystery.  And if he did not see with the eyes of the body, he saw very clearly with the eyes of the soul, because he remained enraptured in sublime ecstasy.

Now, as the Little Baby came to light, I would have wanted to fly and take Him in my arms, but the Angels prevented me, saying that the honor of holding Him first belonged to the Mother.  The Most Holy Virgin, as though shaken, returned into Herself and from the hands of an Angel received the Son into Her arms.  In Her ardor of love, She held Him so tightly that it seemed that She wanted to draw Him into Her womb once again.  Then, wanting to let Her ardent love pour out, She let Him suckle from Her breast.  In the meantime, I remained completely annihilated, waiting to be called, so as not to be scolded again by the Angels.  Then the Queen said to me:  “Come, come and take your Beloved, and you too enjoy Him – pour out your love with Him.”  As She was saying this, I drew near Mama, and She gave Him to me – into my arms.  Who can tell of my contentment, my kisses, my squeezes, and tendernesses?…
August 21, 1901  Volume 4
The Celestial Mama teaches the secret of true happiness. 

As I was in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself.  After going round and round in search of Jesus, I found the Queen Mama instead, and oppressed and tired as I was, I said to Her:  ‘My most sweet Mama, I lost the way to find Jesus; I don’t know where else to go nor what to do in order to find Him again.’

While saying this, I was crying; and She said to me:  “My daughter, follow Me and you will find the way, and Jesus.  Even more, I want to teach you the secret of how you can always be with Jesus, and live always content and happy – also on this earth:  fix in your interior that there is only Jesus and you in the world, and no one else; and that Him alone you must please, delight and love, and from Him alone you must expect to be loved in return and contented in everything.  If you are in this way with Jesus, you will no longer be affected, whether you are surrounded by scorns or praises, by relatives or strangers, by friends or enemies.  Jesus alone will be all your contentment, and Jesus alone will be enough for you in the place of all.  My daughter, until everything that exists down here disappears completely in the soul, one cannot find true and perpetual contentment.”

Now, while She was saying this, Jesus came into our midst as though from within a lightning.  I took Him and brought Him with me, and I found myself inside myself.
January 26, 1902  Volume 4
The Most Holy Trinity and the Queen Mama.

This morning, while being in my usual state, I saw an interminable light before me, and I comprehended that in that light dwelled the Most Holy Trinity.  I also saw the Queen Mama in front of that light; She was all absorbed in the Most Holy Trinity, and She absorbed all of the Three Divine Persons within Herself, in such a way as to be enriched with the three prerogatives of the Sacrosanct Trinity:  Power, Wisdom, Charity.  And just as God loves mankind as part of Himself, and as a particle that came out of Him, and ardently desires that this part of Himself return into Himself, so the Queen Mama, participating in this, loves mankind with passionate love…
February 24, 1902  Volume 4
The Queen Mama:  Star of Light.

As I was in my usual state, the Queen Mother came and told me:  “My daughter, my sorrows, as the prophets say, were a sea of sorrows, and in Heaven they have turned into a sea of glory, and each of my sorrows has borne the fruit of as many treasures of graces.  And just as on earth they call Me ‘Star of the Sea’, because I guide them to the port with certainty, in Heaven they call Me ‘Star of Light’ for all the Blessed, because they are delighted by this light that my sorrows produced.”…
January 10, 1903  Volume 4
The most pleasing words for the sweet Mama.

This morning, after much hardship, the Queen Mother came with the Baby in Her arms, and gave Him to me, telling me to keep Him courted with continuous acts of love.  I did that as much as I could, and while I was doing it, Jesus told me:  “My beloved, the most pleasing and consoling words for my Mother are ‘Dominus Tecum’ [‘The Lord is with Thee’].  In fact, as soon as they were pronounced by the Archangel, She felt the whole of the Divine Being being communicated to Her, and therefore She felt invested with divine Power, in such a way that, in the face of the divine Power, Her own power dissolved; and so my Mother remained with the divine Power in Her hands.”
June 30, 1903  Volume 5
The Most Holy Virgin teaches the soul how to keep her interior gaze fixed on Jesus. 

As I was outside of myself, I saw the Queen Mother, and prostrating myself at Her feet I said to Her:  ‘My most sweet Mother, in what terrible constraints I find myself – deprived of my only good and of my very life.  I feel I am touching the extreme.’

While saying this, I was crying, and the Most Holy Virgin, opening Herself at the place of Her Heart, as if She were opening a tabernacle, took the Baby from within it and gave Him to me, telling me:  “My daughter, do not cry – here is your good, your life, your all.  Take Him and keep Him always with you; and as you keep Him with you, keep your interior gaze fixed on Him.  Do not be embarrassed if He does not tell you anything, or if you are not able to say anything.  Just look at Him in your interior, and by looking at Him you will comprehend everything, you will do everything, and you will satisfy for all.  This is the beauty of the interior soul:  without voice, without education, since there is no external thing that attracts her or upsets her, but all of her attraction, all of her goods are enclosed in her interior, by simply looking at Jesus, she easily comprehends everything and does everything.  In this way, you will walk up to the top of Calvary; and once we reach it, you will no longer see Him as a Baby, but Crucified, and you will remain crucified together with Him.”

So, it seemed that, with the Baby in my arms and together with the Most Holy Virgin, we walked the way of Calvary.  While walking, at times I would find someone who wanted to take Jesus away from me, and I would call the Queen Mother to my help, saying to Her:  ‘My Mama, help me, for they want to snatch Jesus from me.’  And She would answer me:  “Do not fear, your care must be in keeping your interior gaze fixed on Him.  This has so much power, that all other powers, human and diabolical, remain debilitated and defeated.”
December 17, 1903  Volume 6
The adoration that the Most Holy Virgin did when She encountered Jesus carrying the Cross.

Continuing in my usual state, for a few instants a saw blessed Jesus with the Cross on His shoulders, in the act of encountering His Most Holy Mother; and I said to Him:  ‘Lord, what did your Mother do in this most sorrowful encounter?’

And He:  “My daughter, She did nothing but a most profound and simple act of adoration.  And since the simpler the act, the more easily it unites with God, Most Simple Spirit, in this act She infused Herself in Me and continued what I Myself was doing in my interior.  This was immensely pleasing to Me, more than if She had done any other greater thing.  In fact, the true spirit of adoration consists of this:  the creature dissolves herself and finds herself in the divine sphere; she adores all that God does, and she unites with Him.  Do you think that when the mouth adores but the mind is somewhere else, it is true adoration?  That is, the mind adores but the will is far away from Me?  Or, one power adores Me, and the others are all disordered?  No, I want everything for Me, and everything I have given her, in Me.  This is the greatest act of cult, of adoration, that the creature can do for Me.”
December 21, 1903  Volume 6
Effects of the sorrows of the Celestial Mama.

This morning I found myself outside of myself, and looking into the vault of the heavens I saw seven most refulgent suns – but their shape was different from the sun which we see.  It started with the shape of a cross and it ended with a point, and this point was placed inside a heart.  At the beginning it could not be seen clearly, because the light of these suns was so great as to not allow one to see who was inside of them, but the nearer I drew, the more clearly it appeared that the Queen Mama was within them.  In my interior I kept saying:  ‘How I would like to ask Her whether She wants me try to go out of this state without waiting for the priest.’  In the meantime, I found myself near Her and I told Her; and She answered a curt “No”.  I was left mortified by this answer, and the Most Holy Virgin turned to a multitude of people who surrounded Her, and said:  “Listen to what she wants to do…”  And everyone said:  “No, no, she cannot…”

Then, drawing near me, all goodness, She told me:  “My daughter, courage along the way of sorrow.  See, these seven suns which come out from within my Heart are my seven sorrows which produced much glory and splendor for Me.  These suns, the fruits of my sorrows, dart continuously through the throne of the Most Holy Trinity which, feeling wounded, sends Me seven channels of grace continuously, making Me the owner; and I dispense them for the glory of all Heaven, for the relief of purging souls, and for the benefit of pilgrim souls.”  While saying this, She disappeared, and I found myself inside myself.
September 17, 1905  Volume 6
How one can participate in the sorrows of the Queen Mama.

Having been in great suffering because of the privation of my most sweet Jesus, this morning, the day of the Sorrows of Mary Most Holy, after I struggled in some way, He came and told me:  “My daughter, what do you want that you so much yearn for Me?”

And I:  ‘Lord, I yearn to have for myself that which You have for Yourself.’  And He:  “My daughter, for Myself I have thorns, nails and cross.”  And I:  ‘Well then, that is what I want for myself.’  So He gave me His crown of thorns and let me share in the pains of the cross.

Then He added:  “Everyone can share in the merits and in the goods produced by the sorrows of my Mother.  One who, in advance, places herself in the hands of Providence, offering herself to suffer any kind of pains, miseries, illnesses, calumnies, and everything which the Lord will dispose upon her, comes to share in the first sorrow of the prophecy of Simeon.  One who actually finds herself in a state of suffering, and is resigned, clings more tightly to Me, and does not offend Me, it is as if she were saving Me from the hands of Herod, and she keeps Me, safe and sound, within the Egypt of her heart.  So she participates in the second sorrow.  One who feels gloomy, dry, and deprived of my presence, and remains yet firm and faithful to her usual practices; even more, she takes the opportunity to love Me and to search for Me more, without tiring – comes to share in the merits and goods which my Mother acquired when I was lost.  One who, in any circumstance, feels sorry in seeing Me gravely offended, despised, trampled upon, and tries to repair Me, to compassionate Me, and to pray for the very ones who offend Me – it is as if I encountered in that soul my own Mother, who would have freed Me from my enemies, had She been able to do so.  So she shares in the fourth sorrow.  One who crucifies her senses for love of my Crucifixion, and tries to copy the virtues of my Crucifixion within herself, participates in the fifth one.  One who is in a continuous attitude of adoring, of kissing my wounds, of repairing, of thanking etc., in the name of all mankind, it is as if she were holding Me in her arms, just as my Mother held Me when I was deposed from the Cross – and she shares in Her sixth sorrow.  One who remains in my grace and corresponds to it, giving a place to no one else but Me within her heart, it is as if she buried Me in the center of her heart – and she shares in the seventh one.”
April 5, 1908  Volume 8
All that the Queen Mama contains has its origin in the Fiat.

Continuing in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself, within a garden, in which I could see the Queen Mama placed on very high throne.  I yearned to go up there to kiss Her hand, and as I tried to go, She came to meet me, giving me a smacking kiss on my face.  In looking at Her, I saw as though a globe of light in Her interior, and within that light there was the word ‘Fiat’.  From that word descended many different unending seas of virtues, graces, greatness, glory, joys, beauties, and everything that our Queen Mama contains as a whole.  Everything was rooted in that Fiat, and all of Her goods took their origin from the Fiat.  Oh, omnipotent, fecund, holy Fiat!  Who can comprehend you?  I feel mute… It is so great that I can say nothing; therefore I stop here.

So I looked at Her with amazement, and She said to me:  “My daughter, all of my Sanctity came out from within the word ‘Fiat’.  I did not move even for one breath, one step, one action, or anything at all, if not within the Will of God.  My life, my food, my all, was the Will of God; and this produced such sanctity, riches, glories, honors for Me… not human, but Divine.  So, the more the soul is united, identified with the Will of God, the more she can be called holy, and she is loved more by God.  And the more she is loved, the more she is favored, because her life is nothing but the product of the Will of God.  How can He not love her if she is His own thing?  Therefore, one must not look at how much or how little he does, but rather, at whether it is wanted by God.  In fact, the Lord looks more at something little, if it is according to His Will, than at something great, without It.”
December 27, 1908  Volume 8
What passed between the Baby and the sweet Mama when She fed Him from Her breast.

I was meditating on when the Queen Mama gave Her milk to Baby Jesus.  I was saying to myself:  ‘What must have passed between the Most Holy Mama and little Jesus in that act?’  At that moment, I felt Him move in my interior, and I heard Him say to me:  “My daughter, when I suckled milk from the breast of my most sweet Mother, together with the milk I suckled the love of Her Heart – and it was more love than milk that I suckled.  While suckling, I would hear Her say to Me:  ‘I love You, I love You, O Son’; and I would repeat to Her:  ‘I love You, I love You, O Mama.’  And I was not alone in this; at my ‘I love You’, the Father, the Holy Spirit and the whole of Creation – the Angels, the Saints, the stars, the Sun, the drops of water, the plants, the flowers, the grains of sand, all of the elements, would run after my ‘I love You’, and repeat:  ‘We love You, we love You, O Mother of our God, in the love of our Creator.’

My Mother could see all this, and would remained inundated.  She could find not even a tiny space in which She would not hear Me say that I loved Her.  Her love would remain behind and almost alone, and She would repeat:  ‘I love You, I love You…’  But She could never match Me, because the love of a creature has its limits, its time, while my love is uncreated, unending, eternal.  The same happens to any soul when she say to me, ‘I love You’; I too repeat to her, ‘I love you’, and with Me is the whole Creation, loving her in my love.  Oh, if creatures comprehended what good and honor they procure themselves even by just saying to Me:  ‘I love You’!  This alone would be enough – a God beside them who, honoring them, replies:  ‘I love you too.”
May 9, 1913  Volume 11
Jesus and His Mama are inseparable.  How She carried out Her office of Mother. 

While praying, I was thinking about that moment in which Jesus took leave of His Most Holy Mother to go and suffer His Passion.  I said to myself:  ‘How is it possible that Jesus could separate Himself from His dear Mama, and She from Jesus?’  And blessed Jesus told me:  “My daughter, surely there could not be separation between Me and my sweet Mama.  The separation was only apparent.  She and I were fused together, and the fusion was such and so great that I remained with Her, while She came with Me.  One can say that there was a sort of bilocation.  This happens also to the souls when they are truly united with Me.  If, while praying, they let prayer enter into their souls as life, a sort of fusion and bilocation occurs:  I bring them with Me, wherever I am, and I remain with them.

My daughter, you cannot comprehend well what my beloved Mama was for Me.  Coming upon earth, I could not be without Heaven, so my Heaven was my Mama.  Electricity would flow between Me and Her, such that not a thought escaped Her, which She would not draw from my mind.  This drawing from Me of word, will, desire, action, step – in sum, of everything – formed the Sun, the stars, the moon in this Heaven, together with all the possible delights that a creature can give Me, and that she herself can enjoy.  Oh, how I delighted in this Heaven!  Oh, how I felt relieved and repaid for everything!  Even the kisses that my Mama gave Me enclosed the kiss of all humanity, returning to Me the kiss of all creatures.

I felt my sweet Mama everywhere.  I felt Her in my breath; and if it was labored, She would relieve it.  I felt Her in my Heart; and if It was embittered, She would sweeten It.  I felt Her in my step; and if it was tired, She would give Me strength and rest…  Then, who can tell you how I felt Her in my Passion?  I felt Her at each lash, at each thorn, at each wound, at each drop of my Blood – everywhere, carrying out Her office of my true Mother.  Ah, if souls reciprocated Me, if they drew everything from Me – how many Heavens and how many Mothers would I have on earth!”

November 28, 1920  Volume 12
Universal blessing which Jesus gave to His Mama before the Passion. 

I was thinking of when my sweet Jesus, in order to begin His sorrowful Passion, wanted to go to His Mama and ask for her blessing.  And blessed Jesus told me:  “My daughter, how many things does this mystery reveal.  I wanted to go to my dear Mama and ask for her blessing, in order to give her the opportunity to ask for my blessing Herself.  The pains which she was to bear were too many, and it was just that my blessing would strengthen her.  It is my usual way to ask, whenever I want to give, and my Mama understood Me immediately; so much so, that she did not bless Me before asking for my blessing, and only after I blessed her, did she blessed Me.

But this is not all.  In order to create the Universe, I pronounced one “FIAT”, and by that one “FIAT” I reordered and embellished heaven and earth.  In creating man, my omnipotent Breath infused life in him.  Upon beginning my Passion, I wanted to bless my Mama with my omnipotent and creative Word.  But I did not bless her only; in my Mama I saw all creatures.  She was the one who had primacy over all, and in Her I blessed all, and each one.  Even more, I blessed each thought, word, act, etc.; I blessed each thing which had to serve the creature.  Just as the Sun, created by my omnipotent “FIAT”, is still following its course for all, and for each mortal, without ever decreasing in light or heat; in the same way, in blessing, my creative Word remained in the act of blessing continuously, without ever ceasing to bless – just as the Sun will never cease to give its light to all creatures.

Yet, this is not all.  With my blessing I wanted to renew the qualities of Creation.  I wanted to call my Celestial Father to bless, in order to communicate Power to the creature; I wanted to bless her in My name and in the name of the Holy Spirit in order to communicate to her Wisdom and Love, and therefore renew the memory, the intellect and the will of the creature, restoring her as sovereign of all.

However, know that, in giving, I want.  My dear Mama understood, and she immediately blessed Me, not only for Herself but in the name of all.  Oh! if all could see this blessing of Mine; they would feel it in the water they drink, in the fire that warms them, in the food they take, in the sorrow that afflicts them, in the moans of their prayer, in the remorses of guilt, in the abandonment of creatures.  In everything they would hear my creative word saying to them – but, alas, it is not heard:  ‘I bless you in the name of the Father, of Myself, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  I bless you to help you, I bless you to defend you, to forgive you, to console you – I bless you to make you a saint.”  And the creature would echo my blessings, by blessing Me too, in everything.  These are the effects of my blessing; and my Church, instructed by Me, echoes Me, and in almost all circumstances – the administration of the Sacraments and others – She gives Her blessing.”
December 18, 1920  Volume 12
Return of love and thanksgiving for all that God operated in the Celestial Mama.

I was all afflicted without my Jesus when, as I was praying, I felt Him near me, saying:  “Ah, my daughter, things are getting worse.  It will come like whirlwind, to shake everything; it will reign as long as a whirlwind does, and it will end just as a whirlwind ends.  The Italian government lacks the ground under its feet, and it does not know what to aim at.  Justice of God!”

After this, I felt I was outside of myself, and I found myself together with my sweet Jesus, but clinging so tightly to Him, and He to me, that I almost could not see His Divine Person.  I don’t know how, I said:  ‘My Jesus, while I am clinging to You, I want to prove to You my love, my gratitude, and everything which the creature has the duty to do, because You have created our Immaculate Queen Mama – the most beautiful one, the holiest, a portent of Grace, enriching Her with all gifts, and making Her also our Mother.  And I do this in the name of creatures, past, present and future; I want to seize each act of creature – each word, thought, heartbeat and step – and tell You, in each one of them, that I love You, I thank You, I bless You, I adore You, for all that You have done in your Celestial Mama and mine.”  Jesus enjoyed my act – but so much that He said to me:  ‘My daughter, I was anxiously awaiting this act of yours in the name of all generations.  My Justice and my Love felt the need of this return, because great are the graces which descend upon all, for having enriched my Mama so much.  Yet, they never have a word, a ‘thank You’ to say to Me.”…

January 10, 1921  Volume 12
The “FIAT MIHI” of the Most Holy Virgin in the Divine Will, and the “FIAT” of Luisa.

I was concerned about what is written above, and I said to myself:  ‘I don’t know what Jesus wants from me; yet, He knows how bad I am, and how good at nothing.’  And Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, remember that years ago I asked you if you wanted to live in my Will; and since I wanted you in my Will, I wanted you to pronounce your ‘yes’ in my own Volition.  This ‘yes’ was bound to an eternal point, and to a Will which will never end.  This ‘yes’ is in the center of my Volition, surrounded by infinite immensity; and if it tries to go out, it almost cannot find the way.  Therefore, at your little oppositions, at some discontent of yours, I laugh and I amuse Myself, because I see you like those people who are bound, by their own will, in the depth of the sea, and wanting to go out, they find nothing but water.  And since they are bound in the depth of the sea, they feel the bother of wanting to get out, and in order to remain tranquil and happy, they plunge themselves even more into the depth of the sea.  In the same way, in seeing you perplexed, as though wanting to go out, and in seeing that, unable to do it, being bound by your own ‘yes’, you plunge yourself even more into the depths of my Will – I laugh, and I amuse Myself.  And then, do you think it is something trivial and easy to move from within my Will?  You would move an eternal point; and if you knew what it means to move an eternal point, you would tremble with fright.”

Then He added:  “I asked the first ‘yes’ in my FIAT, of my dear Mama, and – oh, the power of Her FIAT in my Will!  As soon as the Divine FIAT met with the FIAT of my Mama, the two became one.  My FIAT raised Her, divinized Her, overshadowed Her, and with no human intervention, conceived Me, the Son of God.  Only in my FIAT could She conceive Me.  My FIAT communicated to Her immensity, infinity, fecundity, in a Divine manner, and therefore the Immense Eternal Infinite One could be conceived in Her.  As soon as She said,  ‘FIAT MIHI’, not only did She take possession of Me, but She overshadowed all creatures and all created things.  She felt within Herself the life of all creatures, and from that moment She began to act as the Mother and Queen of all.  How many portents does this ‘yes’ of my Mama not contain – if I wanted to tell them all, you would never stop listening.”

Now, I asked a second ‘yes’ in my Will, of you; and you, though trembling, pronounced it.  This ‘yes’ in my Volition will accomplish its portents – it will have its divine fulfillment.  You – follow Me, plunge yourself more deeply into the immense sea of my Will, and I will take care of everything.  My Mama did not think about how I would manage to incarnate Myself in Her; She just said,  ‘FIAT MIHI’, and I took care of how to be incarnated.  So you will do.”

January 17, 1921  Volume 12
Creative power of the “FIAT” in Creation, of the “FIAT MIHI” of the Most Holy Virgin in Redemption, and fulfillment of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua sicut in Coelo et in Terra”.

I felt my poor mind immersed in the immense sea of the Divine Volition.  I could see the mark of the FIAT everywhere.  I saw it in the Sun, and it seemed to me that the echo of the FIAT in the Sun brought me Divine Love, which darted through me, wounded me and flashed through me.  And I, on the wings of the FIAT of the Sun, went up to the Eternal One bringing, in the name of the whole human family, the Love which darted, wounded, and flashed through the Supreme Majesty.  And I said:  ‘In Your FIAT You gave me all this Love, and only in the FIAT can I return it to You.’

I looked at the stars and I could see the FIAT in them; and in their sweet and meek glittering, this FIAT brought me pacific Love, sweet Love, hidden Love, compassionate Love in the very night of sin.  And I, in the FIAT of the stars, in the name of all, brought to the Throne of the Eternal One pacific Love in order to put peace between Heaven and earth, the sweet Love of the loving souls, the hidden Love of many others, the Love of the creatures when, after sin, they come back to God.  But who can say all that I understood and did in the many FIATs which were scattered over all Creation?  I would be too long; so I stop here.

Then, my sweet Jesus took my hands in His own, and squeezing them tightly, told me:  “My daughter, the FIAT is all full of Life – even more, It is Life Itself, and this is why all lives and all things come from within the FIAT.  Creation came out from my ‘FIAT’; therefore in each created thing one can see the mark of the FIAT.  Redemption came out from the ‘FIAT MIHI’ of my dear Mama, pronounced in my Volition and carrying the same Power of my Creative ‘FIAT.’  Therefore, there is nothing in Redemption which does not contain the mark of the ‘FIAT MIHI’ of my Mama.  Even my very Humanity, my steps, words and works were marked by Her ‘FIAT MIHI.’  My pains, my wounds, my thorns, my Cross, my Blood, had the mark of Her ‘FIAT MIHI’, because things carry the mark of the origin from which they come.  My origin in time was the ‘FIAT MIHI’ of the Immaculate Mama; therefore all of my works carry the mark of Her ‘FIAT MIHI.’  So, Her ‘FIAT MIHI’ is in each Sacramental Host; if man rises again from sin, if the newborn is baptized, if Heaven opens to receive souls, it is the ‘FIAT MIHI’ of my Mama that marks everything, follows everything, and from It everything proceeds.  Oh, power of the FIAT!  It rises every instant; It multiplies, and It becomes life of all goods.

Now I want to tell you why I asked for your ‘FIAT’ – your ‘yes’ in my Volition.  I want the prayer which I taught – the ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua sicut in Coelo et in terra’ – this prayer of so many centuries, of so many generations – to have its fulfillment and completion.  This is why I wanted another ‘yes’ in my Volition – another ‘FIAT’ containing the Creative Power.  I want the ‘FIAT’ that rises every instant, and multiplies in everyone.  I want, in one soul, my own ‘FIAT’ which ascends to my Throne and, by its Creative Power, brings upon earth the life of the ‘FIAT on earth as It is in Heaven’.”

Surprised and annihilated in hearing this, I said:  ‘Jesus, what are You saying?  Yet, You know how bad and incapable of anything I am.’  And He:  “My daughter, it is my usual way to choose the most abject, unable, poor souls for my greatest works.  Even my Mama had nothing extraordinary in her exterior life; no miracles – not a sign that would distinguish Her from other women.  Her only distinction was perfect virtue, to which almost no one paid attention.  And if to other Saints I gave the distinction of miracles, and I adorned others with my wounds, to my Mama, nothing – nothing.  Yet, She was the portent of portents, the miracle of miracles, the true and perfect crucified – no one else like Her.

I usually act like a master who has two servants.  One of them seems a herculean giant, good at everything; the other one is short, unable, and seems to be good at nothing – not an important service.  If the master keeps him, it is more for charity, and also for fun.  Now, having to send a million – a billion, to another town, what does he do?  He calls the little and incapable one, and entrusts the great sum to him, saying to himself:  ‘If I give it to the giant, all will fix their attention on him; thieves may attack him and rob him; and if he tries to defend himself with his herculean strength, he may be wounded.  I know that he is capable, but I want to spare him; I do not want to expose him to the obvious danger.  On the other hand, no one will pay attention to this little one, knowing him to be incapable; no one would think that I would entrust such an important sum to him; and so he will come back safe and sound.’  The poor incapable one is surprised that the master would trust him, when he could have used the giant, and all trembling and humble, he goes to deposit the great sum, with no one deigning to give him even a glance.  So, he returns safe and sound to his master, more trembling and humble than before.

So I do:  the greater the work I want to do, the more I choose abject, poor, ignorant souls, with no outward appearance which may expose them.  The abject state of the soul will serve as safe custody for my work.  The thieves of self-esteem and love of self will not pay attention to her, knowing her inability.  And she, humble and trembling, will carry out the office entrusted by Me, knowing that she has done nothing by herself, but that I did everything in her.”

January 24, 1921  Volume 12
The third FIAT will bring to completion the glory and the honor of the FIAT of Creation, and will be confirmation and development of the fruits of the FIAT of Redemption.  These three FIATs will conceal the Most Holy Trinity on earth.

I was feeling annihilated in thinking about this blessed FIAT, but my lovable Jesus wanted to increase my confusion.  It seems that He wants to make fun of me, proposing to me astonishing and almost incredible things, taking pleasure in seeing me confused and more annihilated.  And what is worse, is that I am forced by obedience to write them, to my greater torment.  So, while I was praying, my sweet Jesus leaned His head against Mine, sustaining His forehead with His hand; and a light coming from His forehead told me:  “My daughter, the first FIAT was pronounced in Creation with no intervention of creature.  The second FIAT was pronounced in Redemption; I wanted the intervention of the creature, and I chose my Mama for the completion of the second FIAT.  Now, for the fulfillment of both, I want to pronounce the third FIAT, and I want to pronounce It through you; I have chosen you for the fulfillment of the third FIAT.  This third FIAT will bring to completion the glory and the honor of the FIAT of Creation, and will be confirmation and development of the fruits of the FIAT of Redemption.  These three FIATs will conceal the Most Holy Trinity on earth, and I will have the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as it is in Heaven.  These three FIATs will be inseparable – each one will be life of the other.  They will be one and triune, but distinct among themselves.  My Love wants it, my Glory demands it:  having unleashed the first two FIATs from the womb of my Creative Power, It wants to unleash the third FIAT, because my Love can no longer contain It – and this, in order to complete the work which came from Me; otherwise, the works of Creation and of Redemption would be incomplete.”

On hearing this, I was not only confused, but stunned, and I said to myself:  ‘Is all this possible?  There are so many.  And if it is true that He has chosen me, it seems to me that this is one of the usual follies of Jesus.  And then, what could I do or say from within a bed, half crippled and inept as I am?  Could I ever face the multiplicity and infinity of the FIAT of Creation and of Redemption?  Since my FIAT is similar to the other two FIATs, I must run together with them, multiply myself with them, do the good which they do, braid myself with them… Jesus, think of what You are doing!  I am not for this much.’  But who can tell all the nonsense that I was saying?

Now, my sweet Jesus came back and told me:  “My daughter, calm yourself – I choose whomever I please.  However, know that I begin all of my works between Myself and one creature; and then they are spread.  In fact, who was the first spectator of the FIAT of my Creation?  Adam, and then Eve.  It surely wasn’t a multitude of people.  Only after years and years did crowds and multitudes of people become spectators of It.  In the second FIAT my Mama was the only spectator; not even Saint Joseph knew anything, and my Mama found herself more than in your condition:  the greatness of the Creative Power of my work which She felt within Herself was such that, confused, She did not feel the strength to mention it to anyone.  And if, then, Saint Joseph knew it, it was because I manifested it to him.  So, this FIAT germinated like a seed within Her virginal womb; the ear of grain was formed in order to multiply It, and then It came to the light of day.  But who were the spectators?  Very few.  In the room of Nazareth my dear Mama and Saint Joseph were the only spectators.  Then, when my Most Holy Humanity grew up, I went out and I made Myself known – but not to all.  Afterwards, It spread more, and It will still spread.

So will the third FIAT be.  It will germinate within you; the ear of grain will be formed; only the priest will have knowledge of It.  Then, a few souls – and then, It will spread.  It will spread, and will follow the same path as Creation and Redemption.  The more crushed you feel, the more the ear of the third FIAT grows and is fecundated in you.  Therefore, be attentive and faithful.”
March 8, 1921  Volume 12
With Her love, the Virgin called the Word to incarnate Himself in Her womb.  With her love, and by fusing herself in the Divine Will, Luisa calls the Divine Will to have life on earth within her.

While praying, I was fusing all of myself in the Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and throwing His arm around my neck, told me:  “My daughter, with Her love, with Her prayers, with Her annihilation, my Mama called Me from Heaven to earth, to incarnate Myself in Her womb.  You, with your love, and with your continuous dissolving of yourself in my Volition, will call my Will to have life on earth within you; and then you will give Me life in other creatures.

However, know that as my Mama called Me from Heaven to earth inside Her womb, since the act She did was a unique act, which will never be repeated again, I enriched Her with all graces.  I endowed Her with so much love as to make Her surpass the love of all creatures united together.  I gave Her primacy in the privileges, in the glory – in everything.  I could say that the whole of the Eternal One reduced Himself to one single point, and poured Himself upon Her in torrents, in immense seas; so much so, that all remain below Her.

As you call my Will into yourself, this too is a unique act, therefore, for the decorum of my Will which must dwell in you, I must pour in you so much grace, so much love, as to make you surpass all other creatures.  And since my Will has supremacy over all, and is eternal, immense, infinite, I must communicate this to the one in whom the Life of my Will must have Its beginning and completion, endowing and enriching her with the same qualities of my Will, giving her supremacy over all.  My Eternal Volition will take the past, the present and the future; It will reduce them to one single point, and will pour them into you.  My Will is eternal, and wants to have life there where It finds eternity; It is immense, and wants life in the immensity; It is infinite, and wants to find infinity.  How can I find all this, if I do not pour it in you before?”

On hearing this, I was frightened and terrified – if I wrote this, it is because obedience imposed itself – and I said:  ‘Jesus, what are You saying?  You really want to confuse me and humiliate me to the dust.  I feel that I cannot even tolerate what You are saying – I feel a terror that frightens all of me.’  And He added:  “What I say to you will serve to Myself; it is necessary for the Sanctity and dignity of my Will.  I do not lower Myself to reside where I do not find the things that belong to Me.  You will be nothing other than the depository of such a great good, which you must keep jealously.  Therefore, pluck up courage, and do not fear.”

November 19, 1921  Volume 13
The two supports of Jesus during His agony:  His inseparable Mama, and Luisa together with all the other children of His Will. 

I was keeping company with my Jesus who was agonizing in the Garden of Gethsemani, and as much as I could, I compassionated Him, I pressed Him tightly to my heart, trying to wipe His mortal sweats.  And my sorrowful Jesus, with faint and expiring voice, told me:  “My daughter, my agony in the garden was hard and painful, maybe more painful than that of the Cross.  In fact, if that was the fulfillment and the triumph over all, here in the garden it was the beginning, and sufferings are felt more at the beginning than when they are ended.  But in this agony the most harrowing pain was when all sins came before Me, one by one.  My Humanity comprehended all their enormity, and each crime carried the mark,  ‘Death to a God’, armed with sword to kill Me!  Before the Divinity, sin appeared to Me as so very horrifying and more horrible than death itself.  Just in comprehending what sin means, I felt I was dying – and I did really die.  I cried out to the Father, but He was inexorable.  Not even one was there to help Me, so as not to let Me die.  I cried out to all creatures to have pity on Me – but in vain.  So, my Humanity languished, and I was about to receive the last blow of death.

But do you know who prevented the execution and sustained my Humanity from dying?  The first was my inseparable Mama.  In hearing Me ask for help, She flew to my side and sustained Me; and I leaned my right arm on Her. Almost dying, I looked at Her, and I found in Her the immensity of my Will intact, without ever a break between my Will and hers.  My Will is Life, and since the Will of the Father was immovable and death was coming to Me from creatures, another Creature, who enclosed the Life of my Will, gave Me Life.  And here is my Mama who, in the portent of my Will, conceived Me and gave Me birth in time, now giving Me Life for the second time to let Me accomplish the work of Redemption.

Then I looked to my left, and I found the Little Daughter of my Will.  I found you as the first, followed by the other daughters of my Will.  Since I wanted my Mama with Me as the first link of Mercy, through which we were to open the doors to all creatures, I wanted to lean my right arm on Her.  And I wanted you as the first link of Justice, to prevent It from unloading Itself upon all creatures as they deserve; therefore I wanted to lean my left arm on you, so that you might sustain It together with Me.

With these two supports I felt life come back to Me, and as if I had not suffered anything, with firm step, I went to meet my enemies.  In all the pains that I suffered during my Passion, many of which were capable of giving Me death, these two supports never left Me.  And when they saw Me nearly dying, with my own Will which they contained, they sustained Me, as though giving Me many sips of life.  Oh, prodigies of my Will!  Who can ever count them and calculate their value?  This is why I love so much one who lives in my Will:  I recognize my portrait in her, my noble features; I feel my own breath, my voice; and if I did not love her I would defraud Myself.  I would be like a father without offspring, without the noble cortege of his court, and without the crown of his children.  And if I did not have the offspring, the court and the crown, how could I call Myself a King?  My Kingdom is formed by those who live in my Will, and from this Kingdom, I choose the Mother, the Queen, the children, the ministers, the army, the people.  I am everything for them, and they are all for Me.”…
March 16, 1922  Volume 14
To live in the Divine Will has nothing extraordinary on the outside; everything passes between the soul and God, as in the Most Holy Virgin.

Continuing in my usual state, I was thinking to myself:  ‘I feel I am the most bad one of all; yet, my sweet Jesus tells me that His designs upon me are great; that the work which He is doing in me is so important that He does not want to entrust it even to the Angels, but He Himself wants to be the Custodian, the Actor and the Spectator.  Yet, what great things do I do?  Nothing.  My exterior life is so ordinary that I do things below others.’

But while I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus, cutting off my thought, told me:  “My daughter, it shows how without your Jesus you can think and say nothing but nonsense.  My dear Mama also did nothing extraordinary in Her exterior life; even more, apparently She did less than others.  She lowered Herself to the most ordinary actions of life:  She used to spin, sew, sweep, light the fire… Who would ever have thought that She was the Mother of a God?  Her external actions indicated nothing of this.  And when She carried Me in Her womb, containing the Eternal Word within Herself, every motion of Hers, every human actions, won the adoration of the whole of Creation.  From Her came the life and the preservation of all creatures:  the Sun hung upon Her, expecting the preservation of its light and heat; the earth, the development of the life of the plants…  Everything hovered round Her – Heaven and earth hung upon Her every motion.  Yet, who saw anything?  No one.  All Her greatness, power and sanctity, and the immense seas of goods which came out of Her, were in Her interior.  Each one of Her heartbeats, breaths, thoughts, words, were an outpouring into Her Creator; there were continuous currents between Her and God, which She would receive and give.  Nothing would come out which would not wound Her Creator, and by which She would not be wounded.  These currents expanded Her, raised Her, and made Her surpass everything – but no one saw anything.  I alone, Her God and Son, was aware of everything.  Such current ran between Me and my Mama, that Her heartbeat would run within Mine, and Mine within Hers.  So, She lived from my eternal heartbeat, and I from Her maternal heartbeat; therefore our lives were blended together.  And this was exactly what, in my eyes, distinguished Her as my Mama.  External actions do not satisfy Me, nor do they please Me, if they do not start from an interior whose life is formed by Me.

Now, what is your wonder if your external life is completely ordinary?  I am used to covering my greatest works with the most ordinary things, so that no one may point to them, and I may be more free to operate.  And when I have completed everything, I make surprises and I manifest them to everyone, making all remain astounded.  And it is certain that the work I am doing in you is great.  Do you think it is trivial that I make all your acts run in the current of my Will, and that the current of my Will runs in your acts?  And that, as these currents run, they form one single act with all the acts of creatures, making a Divine Volition flow over all of them, becoming the actor of the act of each one, substituting for all with a divine act, a divine and eternal love, reparation and glory?  And that the current of a human will is in continuous relations with a Divine Will; and that one pours into the other?  My daughter, what I recommend to you is that you be attentive and that you follow Me faithfully.”…

August 15, 1922  Volume 14

The acts of Jesus and those of the Most Holy Virgin in the Divine Will.

Finding myself in my usual state, I was abandoning myself in the arms of the Most Holy Will of God, and my sweet Jesus told me:  “My daughter, in my Will you will find not only all of the acts that my Humanity did, in which I intertwined all creatures together, but you will also find all the acts that my dear Mama did which, weaving with Mine, formed one single act.

As soon as I was conceived in Her womb, She began the weaving with my acts; and since my Humanity had no other Life, no other food, and no other purpose but the Will of my Father alone which, flowing everywhere, made Me act of each creature so as to give to the Father the rights as Creator on the part of creatures, and to give Myself as Life to all creatures, in the same way, as She began Her intertwining with Me, She too gave back to the Father His rights as Creator in the name of all, and gave Herself to all creatures.  Therefore, all creatures received, together with my acts, the acts of my Mama as Life.

Now, in Heaven, She embraces all the glory of each creature; my Will gives Her such glory on the part of each creature that there is no glory which She does not contain, and no glory which does not descend from Her.  And since She wove Her works, Her love, Her pains, etc. with Me, now in Heaven She is circumfused with as much glory as were the weavings She did in my Will:  this is why She surpasses everything, embraces everything and flows in everything.  This is what it means to live in my Will.  My beloved Mama could have never received so much glory, if all of her acts had not flown in my Will; acts which constitute Her Queen and crown of all.

Now I want you in my Will, so that the weaving may not be between two, but among three; my Will wants to expand in order to find all creatures together in one creature.  Do you see the great good that will come to you; how much glory you will give Me, and how much good you will do to all?”
October 3, 1922  Volume 14
Necessity that the Virgin be aware of the interior pains of Jesus.

Continuing in my usual state, I felt oppressed because blessed Jesus often allows that I suffer while the Confessor is here present; and I lamented to Him, telling Him:  ‘My Love, I beg You, I implore You, do not allow again that I suffer in the presence of anyone.  Let everything pass between me and You, and that You alone be aware of my pains.  O please! make me content, give Me your word that You will not do it any more.  Even more, make me suffer twice as much; I am happy, as long as everything is hidden between me and You.’

And Jesus, interrupting me, told me:  “My daughter, do not lose heart; when my Will wants it, you too must surrender.  Besides, this is nothing other than a step of my Life.  My very hidden Life, my interior pains and everything I did, always had at least one or two spectators; and this, with reason, out of necessity, and in order to obtain the purpose of my pains themselves.  The first spectator was my Celestial Father, from Whom nothing could escape; since He Himself was the One Who inflicted those pains upon Me, He was Actor and Spectator.  If my Father had seen and known nothing, how could I satisfy Him, give Him Glory, and bend Him to Mercy for mankind at the sight of my pains?  Their purpose would have failed.

Secondly, my Mama was spectator of all my pains of my hidden Life, and this was necessary.  Having come from Heaven to earth to suffer, not for Myself, but for the good of others, I had to have at least one creature in whom I was to place that good which my pains contained, and therefore move my dear Mama to thank Me, to praise Me, to love Me and to bless Me, letting Her admire the excess of my Goodness; so much so that, captured, enraptured and moved at the sight of my pains, She prayed Me that in the face of the great good which my pains brought to Her, I would not exempt Her from being identified with my own pains in order to suffer them, to repay Me, and to be my perfect imitator.  If my Mama had seen nothing, I would not have had my first imitator – not a ‘thank you’, no praise.  My pains and the good they contained would have remained without effect because, since no one would have known them, I could not have made the first prop, and the purpose of the great good which the creature was to receive would have been lost.  See how necessary it was that at least one creature be aware of my pains?

If for Me it was so, I want it to be so also for you.  Even more, I tell you that I want the Confessor acting together with Me, as spectator and depository of the pains I make you suffer, so that he too may share in their good; and having him with Me, I may excite him more in the faith and infuse in him light and love, to make him comprehend the truths I keep manifesting to you.”…

December 8, 1922  Volume 15
The Immaculate Conception. 

I write to obey, and I offer everything to my sweet Jesus, uniting myself to the sacrifice of His own obedience in order to obtain grace and strength to do it as He wants.  And now, oh! my Jesus, give me your holy hand and the light of your Intelligence, and write together with me.

I was thinking of the great portent of the Immaculate Conception of my Queen and Celestial Mama, and in my interior I heard Him say:  “My daughter, the Immaculate Conception of my beloved Mama was prodigious and fully marvelous; so much so, that Heaven and earth were astonished, and made feast.  All of the Three Divine Persons competed with each other:  the Father made an immense sea of Power pour out of Himself; I, the Son, an infinite sea of Wisdom, and the Holy Spirit, an immense sea of eternal Love, which, merging into one, formed one single sea.  And in the middle of this sea the conception of this Virgin was formed, chosen among the chosen.  So, the Divinity administered the substance of this conception, and not only was this sea the center of Life of this admirable and unique creature, but it was around Her, not only to defend Her from anything which might shadow Her, but to give Her in every instant new beauties, new graces, power, wisdom, love, privileges, and so on.  Therefore, her little nature was conceived in the center of this sea, and was formed and grew under the influence of these divine waves; so much so, that the Divinity did not want to wait as It usually does with other creatures:  as soon as this noble and unique creature was formed, It wanted Her embraces, the return of Her love, Her kisses, and to enjoy Her innocent smiles.  Therefore, as soon as Her Conception was formed, I gave Her the use of reason, I provided Her with all sciences, I made Her aware of Our joys and Our sorrows with regard to Creation.  And even from her maternal womb, She came into Heaven, at the foot of Our Throne, to give Us Her embraces, the return of Her love, Her tender kisses.  Throwing Herself into Our arms, She smiled at Us with such delight of gratitude and thanksgiving as to snatch Our smiles.  Oh, how beautiful it was to see this innocent and privileged creature, enriched with all of the divine qualities, coming into Our midst, all love, all trust, without fear; because only sin is what puts distance between Creator and creature, breaking love, dissolving trust, and striking fear.  So She came into Our midst as Queen, Who, with her love, given by Us, drew Us to her volition, enraptured Us, put Us in feast, and captured yet more love.  And We let Her do – enjoying the love that enraptured Us, and constituting Her Queen of Heaven and earth.

Heaven and earth exulted and made feast together with Us, in having their Queen after so many centuries… The sun smiled in its light, and considered itself fortunate in having to serve its Queen by giving Her light.  The heavens, the stars, and the whole universe smiled with joy and made feast, because they were to delight their Queen, showing Her the harmony of the spheres and of their beauty.  The plants smiled, which were to nourish their Queen; and the earth too, smiled and felt ennobled in having to provide the residence for its Empress and to be trodden by Her steps.  Only hell cried and felt itself to be losing strength by the dominion of this Sovereign Lady.

But do you know what was the first act of this Celestial Creature when She found Herself before Our Throne for the first time?  She recognized that all of the evil for man had been the split between his will and That of his Creator, and She trembled; without a moment’s hesitation She bound her will to the foot of my Throne, without ever wanting to know it; and my Will bound Itself to Her and became the center of Her Life, to the extent that all of the currents, all of the relations, all of the communications were opened between Us and Her, and there was not one secret which We did not entrust to Her.  This was precisely the most beautiful, the greatest, the most heroic act She did – to place her will at Our feet – an act which made Us, enraptured, constitute Her Queen of all.  Do you see then, what it means to bind oneself to my Will and to not know one’s own?

The second act was to offer Herself for any sacrifice, for love of Us.  The third, to render Us the honor, the glory of the whole Creation, which man had taken away from Us by doing his own will.  Even from her maternal womb She cried for love of Us, in seeing Us offended, and cried with sorrow over guilty man… Oh, how these innocent tears moved Us, and hastened Redemption, so longed for!  This Queen dominated Us, bound Us, and extracted infinite graces from Us.  She made Us bend toward mankind; so much so, that We could not resist, nor did We know how to resist Her repeated petitions.  But where did so much power come from, and so much influence over the Divinity Itself?  Ah, you have understood:  it was the power of Our Will acting in Her, which, while dominating Her, rendered Her dominator of God Himself.  Moreover, how could We resist so innocent a Creature, possessed by the Power and Sanctity of Our Will?  It would be as though resisting Ourselves.  We could see our divine qualities in Her; like waves did the reflections of Our Sanctity flow over Her – reflections of divine manners, of Our Love, of Our Power, and so forth; and Our Will, Which was their center, attracted all the reflections of Our divine qualities, and made Itself crown and defense of the Divinity dwelling within Her.  If this Immaculate Virgin had not had the Divine Will as center of Life, all the other qualities and privileges with which We so enriched Her would have been, comparatively, an absolute nothing.  This is what confirmed and preserved Her many privileges; even more, in every instant It multiplied new ones.

Here, then, is the reason for which We constituted Her Queen of all, because when We operate, We do it with reason, wisdom and justice:  She never gave life to her human will, but our Will was always intact in Her.  How could We say to another creature,  ‘You are Queen of Heaven, of the sun, of the stars, and so on’, if instead of having our Will as dominion, she were dominated by her own human will?  All of the elements, Heaven, sun and earth, would have withdrawn from the rule and dominion of this creature.  All would have cried out in their mute language:  ‘We do not want her!  We are superior to her, because we have never withdrawn from your eternal Volition; as You created us, so we are’; so would the Sun have cried out with Its light, the stars with their flickering, the sea with its waves, and so on with all the rest.  Instead, as soon as they all felt the dominion of this excelling Virgin, who, almost as their sister, never wanted to know her own will but only That of God, not only did they make feast, but felt honored to have their Queen, and thronged around Her to court Her and pay tribute to Her – the moon, by placing itself as footstool at her feet, the stars as crown, the sun as diadem, the Angels as servants, men as though in waiting… Everyone, everyone honored Her and paid to Her their obsequies.  There is no honor and glory that cannot be given to our Will – whether It is acting in Us, Its own residence, or dwelling in the creature.

But do you know the first act of this noble Queen when, coming out of the maternal womb, She opened her eyes to the light of this low world?  As She was born, the Angels sang ditties to the Little Celestial Baby, and She remained enraptured; her beautiful soul left her little body, accompanied by throngs of angels, and went around Heaven and earth, gathering all the Love that God had spread through the whole of Creation, and penetrating into Heaven, She came to the foot of our Throne and offered Us the return of the love for all Creation, and pronounced her first ‘Thank You’ in the name of all.  Oh, how happy We felt in hearing the ‘Thank You’ of this Little Baby Queen; so We confirmed in Her all the graces, all the gifts, such as to make Her surpass all other creatures together.  Then, throwing Herself into our arms, She delighted with Us, swimming in the sea of all contentments, being embellished with new beauty, new light and new love.  She pleaded once again for mankind, with tears praying Us to let the Eternal Word descend in order to save Her brothers; but as She was doing this, our Will let Her know that She had to descend to the earth, and soon She left Our contentments and Our joys, and departed, in order to do… what?  Our Will.  Powerful magnet Our Will was, residing on earth in this newborn Queen!  No longer did the earth appear alien to Us; We no longer felt like striking it, making use of our Justice.  We had the Power of Our Will, which, in this innocent Baby, held back our arms, smiled at Us from the earth, and turned Justice into graces and sweet smile; to the extent that, unable to resist this sweet enchantment, the Eternal Word accelerated His course.  Oh, prodigy of my Divine Will, to You everything is due, through You everything is accomplished, and there is no greater prodigy than my Will dwelling in the creature!”
March 23, 1923  Volume 15
The sorrows of the Queen Mama.  How the Divine FIAT acted in Her sorrows.

I was thinking of the sorrows of my Celestial Mama, and my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, I was the first King of sorrows, and being Man and God, I had to centralize everything in Myself in order to have primacy over all, even over sorrows.  Those of my Mama were nothing other than the reflections of Mine, which, being reflected in Her, made Her share in all my sorrows, and piercing Her, filled her with such bitterness and pain that She felt She was dying at every reflection of my sorrows.  But Love sustained Her and gave Her life again.  Therefore, not only for honor, but also by right of justice, was She the first Queen of the immense sea of her sorrows.”

And while He was saying this, I seemed to see my Mama in front of Jesus, and all that Jesus contained, the sorrows and the piercings of that Most Holy Heart, were reflected in the Heart of the Sorrowful Queen; and at those reflections, many swords formed in the Heart of the pierced Mama.  These swords were sealed with a FIAT of most bright light, which gave Her so much glory that there are no words to tell it.  Then, Jesus continued to speak, saying:  “It was not the sorrows which constituted my Mama as Queen and made Her shine with so much glory, but my Omnipotent FIAT, which braided her every act and sorrow, and became life of each one of her sorrows.  Therefore, my FIAT was the first act that formed the sword, giving her the intensity of pain It wanted.  My FIAT could place all the sorrows It wanted in that pierced Heart, adding wounds upon wounds, pains after pains, without any shadow of resistance; even more, It felt honored to become life, even of each one of Her heartbeats.  And my FIAT gave Her complete glory and constituted Her true and legitimate Queen.

Now, which will be the souls in whom I can reflect the reverberations of my sorrows and of my own Life?  Those who will have my FIAT as Life will absorb my reflections in them, and I will abound in sharing with them all that my Will operated in Me.  Therefore, in my Will do I await souls, in order to give them true dominion and the complete glory of every act and pain they may suffer.  Outside of my Will I do not recognize works and sufferings; I could say:  ‘I have nothing to give you.  What was the will that animated you in doing and suffering this?  Then get your reward from that one…’  Many times – if my Will is not in there – doing good or suffering can be miserable slaveries which degenerate into passions, while it is my Will alone that gives true dominion, true virtues, true glory, such as to transform what is human into divine.”

April 14, 1923  Volume 15
God centralized all possible imaginable goods in Mary Most Holy, so that She might conceive a Man-God.

I was thinking about all that my always lovable Jesus keeps manifesting to me about His Most Holy Will, and many doubts and difficulties arouse within my mind, which I do not believe it is necessary to say here.  Then, moving in my interior and clasping me tightly to His Heart, He told me:  “Beloved daughter of my Will, you must know that when I want to do great works – works in which the whole human family must take part, if it only wanted to – my usual way is to centralize in one single creature all the goods and all the graces which this work contains, so that all the others may draw those goods as though from a fount, as much as they want.  When I do individual works, I give limited things, but when I do works which must serve the universal good, I give things without limit.

I did this in the work of Redemption:  in order to be able to elevate a creature to conceiving a Man and God, I had to centralize all possible imaginable goods in Her.  I had to elevate Her so high as to place in Her the seed of the very Paternal fecundity.  So, just as my Celestial Father, virgin, generated Me within His womb with the virginal seed of His eternal fecundity, without the work of a woman, and from the same seed the Holy Spirit proceeded – in the same way, with this eternal seed, wholly virginal, of the Paternal fecundity, my Celestial Mama conceived Me in Her virginal womb, without the work of a man.

The Sacrosanct Trinity had to give of Its own to this Divine Virgin so that She might conceive Me, the Son of God.  My Holy Mama could never have conceived Me without having a seed.  Now, since She belonged to the human race, this seed of eternal fecundity gave Her the virtue of conceiving Me as Man; and because the seed was divine, at the same time She conceived Me as God.  And just as the Holy Spirit proceeded at the same time as the Father generated Me, in the same way, as I was generated in the womb of my Mama, the generation of souls proceeded at the same time.  Therefore, everything that ab æterno [from eternity] occurred to the Most Holy Trinity in Heaven, was repeated in the womb of my dear Mama.  The work was immense and incalculable to created mind… I had to centralize all goods, and even Myself, so that all might find what they wanted.  This is why, since the work of Redemption was to be so great as to overwhelm all generations, I wanted for many centuries the prayers, the sighs, the tears, the penances of so many patriarchs and prophets, and of the whole people of the Old Testament.  And I did this in order to dispose them to receive a good so great, and to move Me to centralize in this celestial creature all the goods of which everyone was to make use.  Now, what moved this people to pray, to sigh…?  The promise of the future Messiah.  This promise was like the seed of so many supplications and tears; had there not been this promise, no one would have given it a thought, no one would have hoped for salvation.

Now, my daughter, let’s come to my Will.  Do you think it is a Sanctity like the other sanctities?  A good, a grace, almost like the others which I have given for many centuries to the other saints and to the whole Church?  No, no!  This is about a new era, a good which must serve all generations; but it is necessary that I first centralize all this good in one creature alone, just as I did in Redemption, by centralizing everything in my Mama.  Take a look at how things proceed in a parallel way:  in order to make Redemption come and to dispose souls for It, I made the promise of the future Messiah, so that, by hoping for Him to come, they would not only dispose themselves, but find, they too, their own salvation in the future Redeemer.  Now, in order to dispose souls to live in my Will, to let them partake in the goods It contains, and to make man return to the path of his origin, as he was created by Me, I Myself wanted to pray as the first, making my voice resound from one end of the earth to another, and even up high in Heaven, saying:  ‘Our Father, who art in Heaven’.  I did not say ‘My Father’, but I called Him Father of the whole human family, so as to commit Him in that which I was going to add:  ‘May all sanctify your Name, so that your Kingdom may come, and your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven’.  This was the purpose of Creation, and I asked the Father that it be fulfilled.

As I prayed, the Father surrendered to my supplications, and I formed the seed of a good so great.  And so that this seed might be known, I taught my prayer to the Apostles, and they transmitted it to the whole Church, so that, just as the people of the future Redeemer found salvation in Him and disposed itself to receive the promised Messiah, in the same way, with this seed formed by Me, the Church, in praying and repeating my very prayer many times, might dispose Herself to receive the good of recognizing and loving my Celestial Father as their Father, in such a way as to deserve to be loved as children and receive the great good that my Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.

The very Saints have formed their sanctity, and the martyrs have shed their blood, in this seed and in this hope that my Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  There is no good which does not derive from this seed.  So, the whole Church prays; and just as the tears, the penances, the prayers to obtain the Messiah were directed toward that excelling Virgin whom We were to dispose in order to centralize such a great good in Her, so that they might receive their Savior, even though they did not know whom She would be – in the same way, now, when the Church recites the ‘Our Father’, it is precisely for you that She prays, so that I may centralize in you all the good that my Will contains, the ‘way’, the ‘how’, the Divine Will may have life on earth as It does in Heaven.  And even though you are not known, by echoing my prayer, ‘Thy Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven’, the Church prays Me, presses Me to centralize all this good in a second Virgin, so that, like a second savior, she may save unsafe humanity; and making use of my inseparable love and mercy, I may answer my own prayer united to that of the whole Church, making man come back to his origin, to the purpose for which I created him – that my Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  This is precisely the living in my Will; and everything I keep manifesting to you pushes you to this, confirms you in this.  This is the great foundation I keep forming in your soul; and in order to do this, I keep centralizing in you all the graces, past, present and future, which I have given to all generations.  Even more, I redouble them, I multiply them, because since my Will is the greatest, the holiest, the noblest thing, which has no beginning and no end, in order to place It in one creature, it is right and decorous that I centralize all possible goods, innumerable graces, divine purity and nobility in her, so that my Will may have in her the same cortege It has in Heaven.  This Will of Mine is the same Will that operated in Redemption, and wanted to make use of a Virgin.  What portents and prodigies of graces did It not work in Her?  My Will is great, It contains all goods, and in operating, It acts with magnanimity; and if it is about doing works and doing good for the whole humanity, then It puts all of Its goods at stake.

Now It wants to make use of another virgin, to centralize Its Will in her, and to begin to make known that Its Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  And if in Redemption It wanted to come to save lost man, to satisfy for his sins, which man had no power to do, and to give him refuge and many other goods which Redemption contains, now, wanting to show love even more than in Redemption Itself by making my Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven, my Will comes to give man his state of origin, his nobility, the purpose for which he was created.  It comes to open the current between Itself and the human will, in such a way that, absorbed and dominated by this Divine Will, the human will will give It life within itself, and my Will will reign on earth as It does in Heaven.

July 11, 1923  Volume 15

When the Lord wants to do great Works, He chooses unique and singular souls for the decorum of His Works.


I was praying and abandoning all of myself in the arms of my most sweet Jesus, when a thought in my mind said to me:  ‘Only for you this martyrdom of having to bother others, and be a burden to Your Ministers, unable to do without letting them meddle in my things, things which pass between me and Jesus.  The others are free; they enter a state of suffering, and can free themselves by themselves… Yet, how many times I begged Him to free me, but in vain.’

Now, while I was thinking of these and other things, blessed Jesus came, all goodness and love, and placing Himself close to me, told me:  “My daughter, the greater the work I want to do, the more necessary it is that the creature I choose be unique and singular.  The Work of Redemption was the greatest, and I chose only one creature, providing her with all the gifts, never conceded to anyone, so that this creature might contain so much Grace as to be able to become my Mother, and so that I might place in Her all the goods of Redemption.  And so that She might keep all my gifts, from the moment She was conceived until She conceived Me, I kept Her hidden in the Light of the Most Holy Trinity, Who was Her custodian and had the office of directing Her in everything.  Then, when I was conceived in her virginal womb, being the true Leader and the first of all Priests, I Myself took on the charge of keeping Her and directing her in everything, even in the motion of her heartbeat.  And when I died, I entrusted her to another Priest – Saint John.  A Soul so privileged, containing all graces, unique in the Divine Mind, unique in history – I did not want to leave Her without the assistance of my representative, up to her last breath.  Have I perhaps done this with other souls?  No, because they did not contain so much of good, gifts and graces, and therefore that much custody and assistance was not necessary.

Now, my daughter, you too are unique in my Mind, and will also be unique in history.  There will not be, either before or after you, another creature for whom I will dispose, as though forced by necessity, the assistance of my Ministers.  Having chosen you in order to place in you the Sanctity, the goods, the effects and the Act of my Supreme Will, it was convenient, just and decorous for the very Sanctity that my Will contains, that one of my Ministers assist you, and be the first depository of the goods contained in my Will, so as to let them pass from his lap into the whole body of the Church.  What great attention is required of you, and of them!:  of you, in receiving from Me, like a second Mother, the great gift of my Will, and in knowing all Its qualities; of them, in receiving them from you, so that the ‘FIAT VOLUNTAS TUA’ on earth as It is in Heaven may be fulfilled in my Church!  Ah, you do not know how much I had to give you, to dispose your capacity to be able to place my Will in you.  I removed all seeds of corruption from you; I purified your soul, your very nature, so that you would neither feel anything for them, nor they for you; because, since the seed is missing, it is as if fire were missing to firewood.  And even though I did not exempt you from original sin, as I did with my dear Mama, by removing from you the seed of corruption, I made another prodigy of Grace, never conceded to anyone else, because it was decorous for my Will, three times Holy, to descend into a soul and take possession of her, without her being shaded, even the slightest, by the slightest corrupted breath.  My Will would not have adapted Itself to take possession of you and communicate Its Act to you, had It noticed a single seed of corruption; just as I, Word of the Father, would not have adapted Myself to be conceived in the womb of the Celestial Mama, had I not exempted Her from original sin.  Moreover, how many graces did I not give you?  You think it’s nothing and therefore you give it no thought; and instead of thanking Me, you occupy yourself in thinking about what I have disposed for you, and about those I have placed around you – while I want that you follow only my Will.

You must know that this fulfillment of my Will is so great that It numbers among the greatest Works the Divinity has ever operated.  And I want It to be known, so that in knowing Its greatness and the immense goods It contains, souls may esteem It and desire It.

Three times did the Divinity decide to operate “ad extra”.  The first was in Creation, and it was without intervention of the creature, since none of them had yet come to daylight.  The second was in Redemption, and with it intervened a Woman, the holiest, the most beautiful – my Celestial Mama.  She was the channel and the instrument I used in order to fulfill the Work of Redemption.  The third is the fulfillment of my Will, that It be done on earth as It is in Heaven – that the creature may live and operate with the Sanctity and the Power of Our own Will; a Work inseparable from Creation and Redemption – just as the Most Holy Trinity is inseparable.  Nor can We say that the Work of Creation is completed, if Our Will, as We decreed, does not act in the creature and live with the freedom, sanctity and power with which It acts and lives in Us.  Even more – this is the most beautiful point, the most radiant and high, and the seal of the fulfillment of the Work of Creation and of Redemption.

These are divine decrees, and they must have full completion.  To fulfill this decree We want to use another woman – and that is you.  The woman was the incitement, the cause for which man fell into his misfortunes, and We want to use the woman to put things in order, release man from his misfortunes and restore his decorum, honor, and true likeness to Us – just as he was created by Us.

Therefore, be attentive, and do not take things lightly.  This is not about any other thing – it is about divine decrees, and about giving Us field in order to let Us accomplish the Work of Creation and Redemption.  Therefore, We entrusted my Mama to St. John, so that She might place in him, and through him in the Church, the treasures, the graces and all of my teachings which I had placed in her during the course of my Life – as She had been entrusted to Me, I being her Priest – as well as all the laws, the precepts and the doctrines that the Church had to possess.  And She, faithful as She was and jealous of even one word of Mine, placed them in my faithful disciple John, so that they might not be lost.  Therefore my Mama has primacy over the whole Church.  So I did with you:  since the “FIAT VOLUNTAS TUA” has to serve the whole Church, I entrusted you to one of my Ministers, so that you might place in him everything I manifest to you about my Will – the goods contained in It, how the creature must enter into It, and how the Paternal Goodness wants to begin another Era of Grace – sharing with the creature all the goods He possesses in Heaven, and restoring her lost happiness.

Therefore, be attentive, and faithful to Me.”
August 20, 1923  Volume 16
The Sanctity of living in the Divine Will has nothing extraordinary on the outside, as it was for the Most Holy Virgin.

I was thinking to myself:  ‘My good Jesus says many marvelous things about His Will, and how there is no greater, higher or holier thing than the soul whom He calls to live in His Will.  If it were so, who knows how many marvelous things I should be doing, how many amazing things, also externally…  On the contrary, there is nothing charming or striking; rather, I feel the most abject and insignificant of all, who does nothing good, while the Saints – how much good did they not do?  Amazing things, miracles… Yet, He says that the living in His Will leaves all Saints behind.’

Now, while these and other thoughts were passing through my mind, my Jesus moved in my interior, and with His usual Light told me:  “My daughter, when a Sanctity is individual, in time and space, it has more external prodigies in order to attract those individuals, places and times, to receive the grace and the good which that sanctity contains.  On the other hand, the Sanctity of living in my Will is not an individual sanctity, assigned to do good to certain places, to certain people and to certain times; rather, it is a Sanctity which has to do good to all, in all times and in all places.  It is a Sanctity which remains eclipsed in the Eternal Sun of my Will, which, invading all, is Light without speech, fire without wood, without clamor, without smoke; but in spite of this, it does not cease to be the most majestic, the most beautiful, the most fecund.  Its Light is more pure, Its heat more intense, and the true image of it is the Sun which illuminates our horizon – it illuminates all, but without clamor.  It is Light, but has no speech; it says nothing to anyone – the good it does, the seeds it fecundates, the life it gives to all plants, and how it purifies the polluted air with its heat, and destroys all that can be noxious to all humanity.  It is so silent that, even though they have it with them, they pay no attention to it.  But in spite of this, it does not cease to be majestic and beautiful, and to continue the good it does for all.  And if the sun were missing, everyone would cry over it, since the greatest miracle of fecundity and preservation of all nature would be missing.

The Sanctity of living in my Will is more than Sun.  A soul who is upright and fully ordered in my Will is more than an army in battle.  Her intelligence is ordered and bound to the Eternal Intelligence; her heartbeats, affections, desires, are ordered with eternal bonds.  Therefore, her thoughts, her Will and all her interior, are armies of messengers which come from her and which fill Heaven and earth; they are speaking voices; they are weapons which defend all, and first of all, their God.  They bring good to all; they are the true Celestial and Divine militia which the Supreme Majesty keeps all ordered within Itself, always ready at all Its commands.

And then, there is the example of my Mama, true Sanctity of living in my Will, with her interior all eclipsed in the Eternal Sun of the Supreme Volition.  Having to be the Queen of the Sanctity of the Saints, and Mother and Bearer of my Life to all, and therefore of all goods, she remained as though hidden in all, bringing good without making herself recognized.  More than a silent Sun, she brought Light without speech, Fire without clamor, Good without exposing herself.  There was no good which did not come from Her; there was no miracle which was not unleashed from Her.  By living in my Will, she lived hidden within all, and she was and is the origin of the goods of all.

She was so enraptured in God, so fixed and ordered in the Divine Will, that all her interior swam in the sea of the Eternal Volition.  She was aware of all the interior of all creatures, and she placed her own in order to reorder them before God.  It was exactly the interior of man, more than the outside, to be in greater need of being re-done and reordered; and so, having to do the major part, it seemed that she did the minor, while she was the origin of both external and interior good.  Yet, apparently it seemed that she did not do great or amazing works.  More than Sun, She went unobserved and hidden in the cloud of Light of the Divine Will, so much so, that the very Saints gave of themselves, doing apparently more amazing things that my own Mama did.  Yet, what are the greatest Saints before my Celestial Mama?  They are just little stars compared to the great Sun; and if they are illuminated, it is because of the Sun.

But even though she did not do amazing things, she did not cease to be, also visibly, majestic and beautiful, just barely flying over the earth, all intent on that Eternal Will which she charmed and enraptured with great love and violence, in order to transport It from Heaven to earth, and which the human family had so brutally exiled up on High.  And with all her interior ordered in the Divine Will, She gave no time to time; whether She thought, palpitated, breathed, and everything else She did – these were all charming bonds in order to draw the Eternal Word upon earth.  And in fact She won, and She performed the greatest miracle, which no one else can do.

This is your task, my daughter:  to charm Me, to bind Me so much with your interior all reordered in the Supreme Volition, as to transport It from Heaven to earth, that It may be known and have life on earth as it does in Heaven.  Of all the rest you should not worry about.  One who has to do the major part, has no need to do the minor; on the contrary, the field is given to others so that they may do the minor part, in order to give work to all.  I know what is needed – time, place and people – and when I have to make known my greatest works, also with external prodigies.  You, continue always your flight in my Will, filling Heaven and earth, charming Me so much as to make Me unable to resist performing the greatest miracle – that my Will reign in the midst of creatures.”
November 15, 1923  Volume 16
The goods which the Divine Will contains are suspended.  Feast of the Divine Will.  The role of the Queen of Heaven, and the role of the little daughter of the Divine Will.  How Redemption was necessary first.   

I felt as though drowned in the Holy Will of God.  My sweet Jesus seemed to amuse Himself very much in my interior in sending me light, and I felt as though eclipsed in that light.  I felt that my mind was being filled with so much that I could not contain it, to the point of saying to Jesus:  ‘Jesus, my Heart, don’t you know that I am little?  I cannot contain what You want to put into my intelligence.’

And Jesus:  “Little daughter of mine, do not fear, your Jesus will let you drink this light sip by sip, so that you may receive it and comprehend it.  Do you know what this light means?  It is the Light of my Will; it is that Divine Will rejected by other creatures, Which, wanting to come and reign upon earth, seeks to find someone who would receive It, comprehend It, and love It.  In order to come and reign, It wants to find a little soul who would offer herself to receive all the acts that the Supreme Will had destined for each creature, to make her happy and holy, and to give her the goods It contains.  Now, this happiness, Sanctity and the goods that the Eternal Will delivered, in order to communicate them to the creature just as It delivered the whole Creation – are united and suspended; and if It does not find one who receives them, to give It all the homage, honor and cortege that the other creatures have not given It – It cannot come and reign upon earth.  Therefore, your task is to embrace all generations in order to receive all the acts of the Supreme Will that they rejected, with all the goods It contains.  If you do not do so, my Eternal Will cannot put Itself in feast, to come and reign.  It will have the tears of the past sorrow – of how ungratefully It was rejected; and one who cries does not reign.  Therefore It wants not only that the acts of Its Volition destined to each creature, receive reparation, but that there be desire to receive Its happiness with love, along with everything It contains.”

And I:  ‘Jesus, my Love, how can I do this?  I am too little and also a little bad, and You know it.  Even more, I fear I am unable to do it even for myself – how can I do it for others?’  And He, again:  “This is exactly why I chose you, and I keep you small, so that you may do nothing by yourself, but always together with Me.  I too know that, little as you are, you are good at nothing; at the most, at making Me smile with your childish things.  Therefore, your Jesus will take care of everything.

This is necessary, just as it was necessary that in order to come and fulfill Redemption, a little daughter of Ours, my Mama, assumed the task of receiving within Her all the acts of Our Will rejected by creatures.  And she made them her own, she welcomed them with decorum, loved them, repaired them, returned them – so much so, as to fill all their boundaries, as much as it is possible for a creature.

When the Divinity saw, reintegrated in this little Creature, Its Will of Creation, not only for herself, but for all others, It felt so attracted that It added the greatest act, the most sublime, the most prodigious one, to the many acts of Its Will in Creation – that this little one be the One to be raised to the exclusive and unique dignity of Mother of her own Creator.  I, Eternal Word, could never have descended from Heaven, had I not found in Her my Will, reintegrated, as We had wanted It to be in the creature.  What then was the cause that made Me come upon earth?  My Will existing in a little creature.  What did I care if she was small?  All I cared about was that my Will be safe in Her, with no fracture on the part of her human will.  Once Our Will was safe, all Our rights were given back to Us – the creature placed herself in the order of her Creator, and the Creator placed Himself in the order of the creature.

The purpose of Creation was already fulfilled, so We got to the facts – that the Word be made flesh, first to redeem man, and then, so that Our Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  Ah, yes, it was my Mama, who, taking into herself all Our Will, delivered for the good of Creation, darted the Divinity with Divine arrows, in such a way as to draw, like a powerful magnet, the Word into her womb, wounded by Our own arrows.

We can deny nothing to one who possesses Our Will.  See then, the necessity for which I want another creature to offer herself to receive into herself all the acts of my Will, which I delivered in Creation, so as to give fulfillment to that FIAT which I brought upon earth, and which was welcomed and understood only by my Mother.  And this is why there was no division between Me and Her.

The Divinity wants to be wounded once again with Its own darts, in order to give the generations this great good – that my Will reign in them.  This is the greatest thing It wants to give – the true origin of man.  A human will is not enough to beseech It, and even less, to wound the Divinity.  It takes a Divine Will with which the soul, filled with It, may wound her Creator with His own arrows; so that, wounded, He may open the Heavens and let His Will descend upon earth.  More so, since He will find His noble court – all the acts of His Will lined up in the creature, who snatched from Him this solemn act – that His Will come to reign on earth with Its complete triumph.”

On hearing this, I said to Him:  ‘My beloved Good, your words confuse me; even more, they annihilate me, so much that I feel like a little newborn baby, whose limbs are not yet well formed, and therefore it is necessary to swaddle her.  And while swaddling clothes are still necessary to form me, You want to unswaddle me – but to do what?  To make me stretch my little baby hands and embrace your Eternal Will.  My Jesus, don’t You see?  I can’t reach, I cannot hold It – I am too little.  Moreover, if it pleases You so much that your Will reign upon earth, why did You wait so long?  And why, when You came upon earth, did You not do both things – that is, the Redemption and the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven?  Your arms were strong and long enough to embrace your interminable Will.  See, see, O Jesus?  Mine are weak and short.  How can I do that?’

And He, again:  “Poor little child, you are right.  My words confuse you, the Light of my Will eclipses you and renders you the true newborn of the Supreme Will… Come into my arms; I will swaddle you with the clothes of my own Will, so that It may strengthen your limbs with Its fortitude; so it will be easy for you to hold tightly in your little arms that Eternal Will which wants to come and reign in you with so much love.”

So I flung myself into His arms, to let Jesus do me what he wanted.  Then He added:  “I could indeed have done both things when I came upon earth, but the creature is not capable of receiving the Work of her Creator all at once.  Moreover, I Myself delight in giving ever new surprises of love.  And then, the creature had profaned her taste with her own will; she had made the breath of her soul stink with such ugly things as to be disgusting to Me.  She had reached the point of acquiring a taste for the most revolting things, to the extent of letting them flow over the three powers of the soul like a rotten fluid, such that her nobility could no longer be recognized.  Therefore, with my Redemption, first I had to take care of all of this, providing all the remedies, and giving all these evils the bath of my Blood in order to wash them.  Had I wanted to do both things, man being so dirty, blind and deaf – rendered so by his human will – he would not have had the eyes of the intelligence to comprehend, nor the ears to listen, nor the heart to receive my Will.  And my Will, not being understood, and finding no place in which to dwell, would have turned back to Heaven once again.  Therefore it was necessary that, first, man understand the goods of Redemption to be able to dispose himself to comprehend the good of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven.

The same would have happened also with you, if at the beginning, when I began to speak to you, I had talked to you about my Will – you would not have understood.  I would have behaved like a teacher, who, instead of teaching the first letters of the alphabet to his pupil, wanted to teach him sciences and foreign languages… Poor boy, he would get confused and would learn nothing.  Instead, I wanted to talk to you of suffering, of virtues – things which are more adapted and more tangible for human nature; things which can be called the alphabet of Christian life; the language of the exile, and of those who aspire to the Celestial Fatherland.  On the other hand, my Will is the language of Heaven, and It begins there where all other sciences and virtues end.  My Will is Queen that dominates all and crowns all, in such a way that before the Sanctity of my Will all other virtues shrink and tremble.  This is why, first, I wanted to be your teacher of the alphabet, to dispose your intelligence; and then become your Celestial and Divine Master, Who knows only about the language of the Fatherland – a Teacher of the highest science that my Will contains.  First I had to remove from you the taste for everything, because the human will has this poison that it makes one lose taste for the Divine Will.  In all created things, which came from Me, I had placed a Divine flavor.  But by doing her will, even in holy things, the soul does not find this flavor.  So, in order to let you taste my Will, I am attentive to not let you taste anything else, so as to dispose you and give you the more sublime lessons of my Will.  If this was necessary for you, more so for the whole Church, to Which first, I had to make known the inferior things, and then the highest thing of all – my Will.”

November 24, 1923  Volume 16
The sorrowful story of the Divine Will.  The Most Holy Virgin made all the acts of the Divine Will Her own; in this way She prepared the Food for Her children:  this is why She is “Mother and Queen of the Divine Will”.  Luisa must do the same for the Work of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua”.

I was doing the Hour of the Passion in which the Sorrowful Mama received Her dead Son into Her arms, and placed Him into the sepulcher; and I was saying in my interior:  ‘My Mama, together with Jesus I place all souls into your arms, that you may recognize them all as your children, inscribe them one by one into your Heart, and place them in the wounds of Jesus.  They are children of your immense sorrow, and this is enough for you to recognize them and love them.  And I want to place all generations in the Supreme Will, so that no one may be missing, and in the name of all, I give You comfort, compassion, and divine relief.’

Now, while I was saying this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, and told me:  “My daughter, if you knew with what food my Sorrowful Mama nourished all these children!”

And I:  ‘What was it, O my Jesus?’

And He, again:  “Since you are my little one, chosen by Me for the mission of my Will, and you live in that FIAT in which you were created, I want to let you know the story of my Eternal Will, Its joys and Its sorrows, Its effects and Its immense value, what It did and what It received, and the one who took Its defense to heart.

Little ones are more attentive in listening to Me, because their minds are not filled with other things.  They are as though empty of everything, and if one wants to give them other food, they feel disgusted, because, being little, they are used to taking only the milk of my Will, Which, more than a loving mother, keeps them attached to Its divine breast to nourish them abundantly.  And they remain with their little mouths opened, waiting for the milk of my teachings, and I amuse Myself very much… Oh, how beautiful it is to see them now smiling, now rejoicing, now crying, in hearing Me narrate the story of my Will!

Well then, the origin of my Will is eternal.  Never did sorrow enter into It; among the Divine Persons this Will was in highest harmony; or rather, It was one.  In every act It issued forth, both “ad intra” and “ad extra”, It gave Us infinite joys, new contentments, immense happiness.  And when We wanted to deliver the machine of Creation – how much glory, how much honor and harmony did It not give to Us?  As soon as the FIAT was unleashed, this FIAT diffused Our beauty, Our light, Our power, order, harmony, love, Sanctity – everything; and We remained glorified by Our own virtues, in seeing, through the FIAT, the blossoming of Our Divinity concealed in the whole Universe.  Our Will did not stop; swollen with love as It was, It wanted to create man; and you know his story, therefore I move forward.

Ah, he was the one who caused the first sorrow to my Will; he tried to embitter the One Who loved him so much and Who had made him happy.  My Will cried more than a tender mother who weeps over her son, crippled and blind, and only because he withdrew from the will of his mother.  My Will wanted to be the first agent in man, if, for no other reason, to give him new surprises of love, of joys, of happiness, of light, of riches.  It wanted to give – always; this is why It wanted to act.  But man wanted to do his will and broke it from the Divine… If only he had never done that!  My Will withdrew, and he fell into the abyss of all evils.

Now, in order to rejoin these two wills, One was needed Who would contain a Divine Will within Himself.  Therefore, since I, Eternal Word, loved this man with an Eternal Love, We decreed among Our Divine Persons, that I was to take on human flesh in order to save him, and rejoin the two broken wills.

But where to descend?  Who was to be the One to provide her own flesh for her Creator?  This is why We chose a Creature, who, by virtue of the foreseen merits of the future Redeemer, was exempted from original sin:  her will and Ours were one.  It was this Celestial Creature that understood the story of Our Will.  We narrated everything to Her, as to a little one:  the sorrow of Our Will, and how ungrateful man, by breaking his will from Ours, had constrained Our Will within the divine sphere, almost hampering It in Its designs, preventing It from communicating to him Its goods and the purpose for which he had been created.

For Us, to give is to make Ourselves happy, and to make happy the one who receives from Us; it is to enrich without being impoverished; it is to give what We are by nature, forming it within the creature by grace; it is to go out of Ourselves to give what We possess… In giving, Our Love pours Itself out, and Our Will makes feast.  If We were not to give, why would We form the Creation?  Therefore, just being unable to give to Our children, to Our dear images, was like a mourning for Our Supreme Will.  Just in seeing man work, speak, walk, without the connection of Our Will, because it had been broken by him, and that currents of graces, of Sanctity, of science, etc. would have run to him, had he been with Us, but could not – Our Will took the attitude of sorrow.  Every act of creature was a sorrow for Us, because We saw that act empty of divine value, deprived of beauty and of sanctity – completely dissimilar from Our acts.

Oh, how the Celestial Little One understood this great sorrow of Ours, and the great evil of man in withdrawing from Our Will!  Oh, how many times She cried hot tears for Our sorrow, and for the great misfortune of man!  Therefore, fearful, She did not want to concede to her own will even one act.  This is why She remained little:  because her will had no life in her – so how could she grow?  But that which she did not do, Our Will did:  It raised Her all beautiful, holy, divine; It enriched Her so much as to make Her the greatest of all creatures.  She was a prodigy of Our Will – a prodigy of grace, of beauty, of sanctity.  But She always remained little; so much so, that She never came down from Our arms.  She took on Our defense; She repaid all the sorrowful acts of the Supreme Will.  Not only was She completely in order with Our Will, but She made all the acts of the creatures Her own; and absorbing into Herself all of Our Will rejected by them, She repaired It, loved It, and keeping It as though deposited in her virginal Heart, She prepared the food of Our Will for all creatures.

Do you see, then, with what Food this most loving Mother nourishes Her children?  It cost Her all Her life, unspeakable pains, and the very Life of her Son, to prepare within Her the abundant deposit of this food of my Will, and to keep It ready to nourish all her children as a tender and loving Mother.  She could not love Her children more; by giving them this Food, Her love reached the ultimate degree.  Therefore, among the many titles that She has, the most beautiful title that could be given to Her is that of “Mother and Queen of the Divine Will”.

Now, my daughter, if my Mama did this for the Work of Redemption, you too must do it for the Work of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua”.  Your will must have no life in you.  Making all of the acts of my Will in each creature your own, you will deposit them into yourself; and in repaying my Will in the name of all, you will form within you all the necessary food to nourish all generations with the food of my Will.

Every saying, every effect, every additional knowledge of It, will be one more flavor that they will find in this Food, in such a way that they will eat it with avidity.  Everything I tell you about my Volition will serve to whet their appetite, and so that they may take no other food – at the cost of any sacrifice.  If a food were said to be good, to restore strength, to heal the sick, to contain all flavors, and even more, to give life, beauty and happiness – who would not make any sacrifice in order to take this food?  So it will be for my Will.  In order to make It loved and desired, the knowledge of It is necessary.  Therefore, be attentive, and receive within you this deposit of my Will, so that, as a second Mother, you may prepare the food for our children.  In doing so, you will imitate my Mama.  It will cost you much as well, but in the face my Will any sacrifice will seem nothing to you.  Be little, do not come down from my arms, and I will continue to narrate to you the story of my Will.”
December 6, 1923  Volume 16
The task of the Most Holy Virgin, the task of Jesus and the task of Luisa for the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.  

I was praying, and my sweet Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, staring at me.  And I, drawn by His gaze, looked at Him, down into His interior, which seemed to be like a crystal in which one could see all that my beloved Jesus was doing; and uniting myself with Him, I tried to do what He was doing.

At other times, it seemed to me that Jesus would take my soul in His hands, and would throw it in flight into the immensity of His Will, telling me:  “The Newborn of my Will!  You were born in my Will – in It do I want you to live.  Fly, fly in the Eternal Volition; fulfill your office.  See what needs to be done between the Divinity and the creatures; go around all generations, but always in my Will, otherwise you will not find them all.  And loving, working, repairing, adoring for all, you will go before the Supreme Majesty to give It all the love and the homages of all and of each one, as the First Newborn Daughter of Our Will.”

I would start my flight and Jesus would follow my flight with His gaze.  But who can say what I did?  In His Will I could find all the love which His Will was to give to the creatures, and because they would not take it, it was suspended, waiting to be taken.  And so I would make It my own, and investing all created intelligences, I would form for each thought an act of love, of adoration, and of all that every intelligence was supposed to give God.  And embracing everything within me, as though placing everyone on my lap, I would reach the vault of the Heavens to place them on the lap of the Celestial Father, saying to Him:  ‘Holy Father, I come to your Throne to bring you on my lap all your children, your dear images, created by You, in order to place them on your divine lap, so that You may bind and re-tie once again that Will which they had broken from You.  It is the Little Daughter of your Will to ask this of You.  I am little, it is true, but I take on the commitment to satisfy You for all.  I will not depart from your Throne, if You do not bind the human will with the Divine, so that, bringing It to  the earth, the Kingdom of your Will may come upon earth.  Nothing is denied to little ones, because what they ask is nothing other than the echo of your own Will and of what You Yourself want.’

Then I would go to Jesus, who was waiting for me in my little room, and He would receive me in His arms, covering me with kisses and caresses, telling me:  “My little one, in order for the Will of Heaven to descend upon earth, it is necessary that all human acts be sealed and glazed with acts of Divine Will, so that, in seeing that all the acts of the creatures are covered with Its Will, drawn by the powerful magnet of Its own Volition, the Supreme Will may descend upon earth and reign in it.  You, then, have been given this task, as First Newborn of Our Will.

Know that in order to draw the Word and make Him descend from Heaven, my Mama took on this commitment to go around all generations; and making all the acts of human will her own, She placed the Divine Will in them, since She possessed so much of this capital of the Supreme Volition as to surpass all that all creatures together would possess.  And for every round She made in It, this capital multiplied.  And so, I, Eternal Word, in seeing that one of our most faithful creatures had covered, with so much grace and love, all the human acts with the Divine Will, taking to heart all that was needed in order to do this, and in seeing that Our Will was present in the world – drawn, descended from Heaven.

The second commitment befitted Me in order to form Redemption.  How much I had to go around, across all human acts, as though taking them all in my hand and covering them, sealing them, glazing them with my Divine Will, in order to attract my Celestial Father, making Him look at all the human acts covered with that Divine Will which man had rejected into the celestial regions, so that my Divine Father would open the gates of Heaven, which had been closed by the human will.  There is no good which does not descend by means of my Will.

The third one is yours.  It befits you, Firstborn Daughter of Our Will, to add the third seal of Our Will upon all human acts to the first and the second, in order to obtain the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.  Therefore, go around, my daughter, over all the human acts of creatures.  Penetrate into the hearts; bring to each heartbeat the heartbeat of my Will, to each thought the kiss, the knowledge of my Will.  Impress the Omnipotent Fiat in every word; invade everything; overwhelm everyone with It, that my Kingdom may come upon earth.  Your Jesus will not leave you alone in these rounds; I will assist you and guide you in everything.”

And while He was saying this, I continued my flight, going around everything and everyone… But who can say what I did?  Jesus alone can say it, who made me do it.  So I spent a night always with Jesus, and while going around, I would bring Him now all thoughts, now all words, now works, steps, heartbeats, all invested by His Will; and Jesus received everything with love and made feast.

Then He said to me:  “Do you see what great difference exists between the Sanctity in my Will and that of other virtues?  The first one is to receive in every instant the currents of Grace, of Light, of Love, and in each one of her acts, the creature remains in order with her Creator.  Therefore it is the Sanctity which is closest to her Creator.  The second, that of the other virtues, exists in time and circumstances, whenever the occasion occurs to exercise now patience, now obedience, now charity and the like.  And if occasions do not come about, the virtues remain interrupted and without growth, and cannot receive the good which a virtue in act contains.  On the other hand, in the Sanctity of my Will there are no stops or interruptions.  My Will is always fixed on darting through the creature; she can receive It in every instant.  Whether she breathes, thinks, speaks, palpitates, takes food or sleeps – everything enters my Volition, and in every instant she can be filled with my Will along with all the goods It contains.”

December 8, 1923  Volume 16
The Immaculate Conception of the Most Holy Virgin.

I was thinking about the Immaculate Conception of my Queen Mama, and after I received Holy Communion, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, as though inside a room filled with light.  In this light He was showing all He did during the course of His life.  One could see, lined up in order, all His merits, His works, His pains, His wounds, His Blood, and all that the Life of a Man God contained, as though in the act of protecting a Soul, very, very dear to Him from the slightest evil that could possibly shadow Her.  I was stupefied in seeing so much attention from Jesus, and He said to me:  “To my Little Newborn I want to make known the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin, conceived without sin.

First you must know that my Divinity is one single Act; all Its acts concentrate into a single One.  This is what it means to be God – the greatest portent of Our Divine Essence: not to be subject to succession of acts.  And if to the creature it seems that We now do something, and now something else – it is, rather, that We allow her to know what is within that single Act; and since the creature is incapable of knowing it all at once, We allow her to know it little by little.  Now, everything that I, Eternal Word, was to do in my assumed Humanity, formed one act with that single Act contained in my Divinity.  Therefore, before this noble Creature was conceived, everything that the Eternal Word was to do upon earth already existed; and so, in the act of the conception of this Virgin, all my merits, my pains, my Blood, and all that the Life of a Man God contained, lined up around her Conception.  She was conceived in the interminable abysses of my merits, of my Divine Blood, and in the immense sea of my sufferings.  By virtue of them, She remained Immaculate, beautiful and pure; since my incalculable merits barred the way to the enemy, he could do no harm to her.

It is fair that the one who was to conceive the Son of a God, had to first be conceived in the works of this God, to be able to have the virtue of conceiving that Word, who was to come to redeem humankind.  Therefore, first She was conceived in Me, and then I was conceived in Her.  There was nothing left but to make it known to the creatures at the appropriate time, although in the Divinity it was already done.  Therefore, the one who most gathered the fruits of Redemption – or rather, who received Its complete fruit – was this excelling Creature.  Having been conceived in It, She loved, esteemed and kept as her own, everything that the Son of God did upon earth.  Oh, the beauty of this tender little one!  She was a prodigy of Grace, a portent of Our Divinity.  She grew up as Our own Daughter; She was Our decorum, Our joy, Our honor and Our glory.”

While Jesus was saying this, I was thinking in my mind:  ‘It is true that the Queen Mama was conceived in the interminable merits of my Jesus, but her blood, her body, were conceived in the womb of St. Anne, who was not exempt from original sin.  So, how can it be that She inherited nothing of the many evils which we all have inherited from the sin of our first father Adam?’

And Jesus:  “My daughter, you have not yet understood that all the evil is in the will.  It was the will that crushed man – that is, his nature; not nature that crushed the will of man.  Nature remained in its place, just as it was created by Me; nothing changed.  It was his will that changed, and put itself against nothing less than a Divine Will.  This rebellious will crushed his nature, debilitating it, contaminating it, and rendering it slave to most vile passions.  It happened as to a container full of fragrances or precious objects:  if it is emptied and then filled with rottenness or vile things, does the container perhaps change?  The content has changed, but the container is always the same; at the most, it becomes more or less estimable, depending on what it contains.  Such was man.

Now, to be conceived in the womb of a creature of the human race did no harm to my Mama, because her soul was immune to every sin.  There was no division between her will and the Will of her God.  The divine currents found no obstacle or opposition in pouring out into Her; in every instant She was under the pouring rain of new graces.  So, with this will and this soul, all holy, all pure, all beautiful, the container of Her body which She received from her mother, remained fragrant, restored, ordered, divinized, in such a way as to be exempt from all the natural troubles by which human nature is invaded.  Ah, yes!  She was the One who received the seed of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as It is in Heaven; and this ennobled Her and restored Her to her origin, as man was created by Us, before he sinned.  Even more, it made Her surpass it.  It embellished Her even more, through the continuous flows of that FIAT, which has the singular virtue of reproducing images fully similar to the One Who created them.  And by virtue of the Divine Will acting in Her, one can say that what God is by nature, She is by Grace.  Our Will can do anything and can reach everywhere, when the soul gives Us the freedom to act, and does not interrupt Our work with her own will.”
March 22, 1924  Volume 16
How by living in the Divine Will, the Virgin made the greatest miracle, without anything extraordinary on the outside.

When I told the Confessor what is written above, he said that he was not convinced, and that, if this was true, this morning we should see the world changed, at least in part.  So I remained doubtful and almost unwilling to write or say anything else.  Then, when my lovable Jesus came, I abandoned myself in His arms, and I poured out all my heart with Him.  I told Him what the opinion of the Confessor was, and that in order to believe, they would like to see prodigious things, miracles, etc.  And my beloved Jesus, pressing me to Himself as though wanting to cast away, by His touch, the doubts which were troubling me, told me:  “My daughter, courage, do not lose heart.  If it were not necessary that you write, I would not have forced you to this sacrifice.  You must know that every effect, every good, every value I make you know about my Will and all that the creature can do by living in It, are like many tastes, baits, magnets, nourishments, harmonies, fragrances, lights.  Each effect I talk to you about contains its own distinct property; so, by not manifesting all the goods contained in my Will and where the soul can reach by living in my Will, you would subtract a bait with which to capture them, or a taste to attract them, or a magnet to draw them, or a nourishment to satiate them.  So, the perfect harmony, the pleasure of the fragrances, the light in order to lead them, would be lacking… and therefore, not finding all possible goods – that is, not knowing them – they would not have that great yearning to rise above all other things in order to live in my Will.

And then, do not worry about what you were told.  Also my Mama contained my love as life; yet, the world continued its course of evil – in nothing it appeared to be changed.  Not even one external miracle was seen in her; yet, all that she did not do in the low world, she did in Heaven with Her Creator.  With her continuous living in the Divine Will, she formed a place within Her in which to draw the Word upon earth; she changed the destiny of mankind, and she performed the greatest miracle, which no one else has done or will ever do: to transport Heaven upon earth was a unique miracle.  One who has to do the greatest, does not need to do the least.  Yet, who knew anything of what my Mama was doing?  Or of what she did with the Eternal One in order to obtain the great portent of the descent of the Word into the midst of creatures?  It was known only by few at my Conception – that She was the cause of It; and by many, when they saw Me breathe my last on the Cross.

My daughter, the greater is the good I want to do to the soul – and this good must descend for the good of human generations and must bring Me complete glory – the more I draw her to Myself, and I make this good mature and seasoned between Me and the soul.  I segregate her from everyone; I make her ignored; and when my Will wants her to approach a creature, it takes all my power in order for her to submit to the sacrifice.  Therefore, let your Jesus do, and calm down.”

And I:  ‘My Jesus, they are right.  They say that they see no evidence, no positive good, that these are only words.  And I… I don’t really want anything; all I want is to do as You want, that I may do your Most Holy Will, and that all which passes between me and You may remain in the secret of our hearts.’

And Jesus:  “Ah, my daughter, would you like it if I had worked my Redemption in secret between my Celestial Father and my dear Mama, who was to conceive Me?  And then, was no one else to know that I had descended upon earth?  A good, as great as it may be, if it is not known, does not produce life, it does not multiply, it is not loved, nor imitated.  So, my Redemption would have been without effect for the creatures.  My daughter, let them talk, and let Me do.  Do not be concerned, and do everything I did when I was upon earth, both interiorly and externally, which is not yet known, nor has it received its full and desired fruit – especially my hidden Life.  The creatures knew almost nothing of all the good I did; yet, it served in an admirable and prodigious way before my Divine Father in order to prepare and mature the fruit of Redemption.  However, apparently I lived with the creatures, ignored, poor, miserable and despised; but this meant nothing.  Before my Father I was who I was, and my interior works opened seas of light, of graces, of peace and of forgiveness between Heaven and earth.  My interest was to open Heaven for the good of the earth – Heaven, which had been closed for many centuries, and that my Father would look with love upon the creatures.  Once this was done, the rest would come by itself.  And so, was this not a great good?  Even more, it was all; it was the yeast, the preparation, the foundation of Redemption.

The same with you.  It is necessary that I place the yeast of my Will, that I form the preparation, that I lay the foundations, that highest accord be between you and Me – between my interior acts and yours, in order to open Heaven to new graces and new currents, and to dispose the Supreme Majesty to concede the greatest Grace – that Its Will be known on earth and It may live in the midst of creatures with Its full dominion, as It does in Heaven.

And while you occupy yourself with this, do you think that the earth receives no good?  Ah, you are wrong!  The generations are running on a vertiginous slope of evil.  Who sustains them?  Who prevents them from being submerged in their vertiginous race to extent of disappearing from the face of the earth?

Remember that not too long ago the sea broke its boundaries under the earth, threatening to swallow entire cities – and your own town was in great danger.  Who stopped that chastisement?  Who stopped the waters and enclosed them in their boundaries?  This is exactly the great chastisement which is being prepared for the ugly, reckless race of the creatures.  Nature itself is tired of so many evils, and would want to take revenge for the sake of the rights of its Creator.  All natural things would want to hurl themselves at man; the sea, the fire, the wind, the earth, are about to come out of their boundaries to harm and strike the generations, in order to decimate them.

And does it seem trivial to you that while the human race is immersed in irreparable evils, I call you; and raising you between Heaven and earth and identifying you with my own acts, I make you run in my Will to prepare the act opposite to the so many evils that flood the earth, preparing good and trying to conquer man with my Love, to stop him from his vertiginous race, giving him the greatest thing, which is the Light of my Will, so that, by knowing It, he may take It as nourishment in order to restore his lost strengths, and so that, strengthened by It, he may stop it with recklessness and he may reacquire a firm step so as to no longer fall into evils?”

Then my Jesus disappeared, and I remained more embittered in thinking of the ugly, vertiginous race of creatures…
December 8, 1924  Volume 17
The Immaculate Conception of the Most Holy Virgin and the test which was asked of Her. 

I was thinking about and reflecting on the Immaculate Conception of my Sovereign Queen Mama.  The qualities, the beauties and the prodigies of Her Immaculate Conception were pouring into my mind – a prodigy that surpasses all other prodigies made by God in all of creation.  Now, while I was thinking of this, I said to myself:  ‘Great is the prodigy of the Immaculate Conception, but my Celestial Mama had no trial during her Conception:  everything was favorable to Her, both on the part of God and on the part of Her nature, created by God, so happy, so holy, so privileged.  So, what was Her heroism and Her trial?  If the Angel was not exempted from the test – nor was Adam in Eden – was the queen of all alone to be exempted and not to deserve the most beautiful halo that the trial would place on Her august head of Queen and Mother of the Son of God?’

While I was thinking about this, my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, no one can be acceptable to Me without the test.  Had there been no test, I would have had a mother slave, not free; and slavery does not enter Our relations or Our works, nor can it share in Our free love.  My Mama had Her first trial from the very first moment of Her conception.  As soon as She did Her first act of reason, She knew Her human will on one side, and the Divine Will on the other, and She was left free to adhere to any of those two wills.  And without losing one instant, knowing all the intensity of the sacrifice She was making, She gave Us Her will, without wanting to know it ever again; and We gave Her Ours as gift.  And in this exchange of donation of wills on both sides, poured all the qualities, the beauties, the prodigies, the immense seas of grace of the Immaculate Conception of the most privileged of all creatures.

It is always the will that I am used to testing.  All sacrifices, even death, which were not directed to Me from the human will, would nauseate Me, and would attract not even a glance of Mine.

But do you want to know what was the greatest prodigy worked by Us in this creature so holy, and the greatest heroism of this creature so beautiful, that no one – no one will ever be able to equal?  She began Her life with Our Will, and with Our Will She continued it and fulfilled it.  So, one can say that She fulfilled it from the moment She started it, and that She started it there where She fulfilled it; and Our greatest prodigy was that in each one of Her thoughts, words, breaths, heartbeats, movements and steps, Our Will poured upon Her, and She offered Us the heroism of a divine and eternal thought, word, breath, heartbeat, operating in Her.  This raised Her so high that what We were by nature, She was by grace.  All of Her other qualities, Her privileges, Her very Immaculate Conception, would have been nothing compared to this great prodigy.  Even more, this is what confirmed Her and made Her stable and strong during all of Her life.  My continuous Will, pouring upon Her, made Her share in the Divine Nature; and Her continuous receiving It, rendered Her strong in love, strong in sorrow – different from everyone.  In this Will of Ours operating in Her, She drew the Word upon earth, and the seed of the Divine Fecundity in order to conceive a Man and God without human intervention.  And Our Will made Her worthy to be the Mother of Her own Creator.

This is why I keep insisting on the topic of my Will – because my Will maintains the soul beautiful, just as she came out of Our hands, and raises her as the original copy of her Creator.  As many great works and sacrifices as one may do, if my Will is not in them, I refuse them, I do not recognize them – it is not food for Me.  And the most beautiful works, without my Will, become food for the human will, for self-esteem, and for the greed of the creature.”

May 1, 1925  Volume 17
Unique missions:  the mission of Our Lord Jesus Christ as the Savior, the mission of Mary as the Mother of the Son of God, and the mission of Luisa of making known the qualities, the value and the good which the Divine Will contains, and which are not yet known, and of making It reign upon earth.

I was thinking about the many things that my beloved Jesus told me on His Most Holy Will, and some doubts came back to me – that, who knows, it might really not be necessary to say everything, or, that some things were not necessary.  But Jesus, wanting to lovingly resolve my doubts and make me know the mission He entrusts to the one who is to make His Divine Will known – having chosen for this the misery that I am, to my great stupefaction and confusion – continuing His holy instructions on this matter, told me:  “My daughter, every mission is to be connected to the office of executing it, and therefore it must be carried out omitting nothing of that which belongs to it.  In fact, every mission which is destined for the good of others, has its own particular gifts, graces, riches and qualities, which are useful for its execution.

My Humanity received from my Divinity the mission of the salvation of souls and the office of Redeemer – that is, to redeem them from the slavery of sin and from eternal death.  In order to carry out this office, I was given their souls, their pains, their satisfactions.  Therefore, I enclosed within Myself everything from everyone; and if my Humanity had neglected to enclose in Itself just one soul, one satisfaction, the office of Redeemer would not have been complete – I would not have enclosed in Myself all the graces, the goods and the light which it was necessary to give to each soul.  And even though not all of the souls are saved, this says nothing.  On my part, I had to enclose the goods of all, so that I might have necessary and superabundant graces for all, in order to be able to save all.  This was convenient to Me for the decorum and the just honor of my office as Redeemer.

Look at the sun above your horizon:  it contains so much light as to be able to give light to all; and even though not all might want to enjoy its light, by its unique office as sun, it possesses even the light that creatures might refuse.  This was convenient to the Sun, because it was created by God as the unique sphere which was to warm and embrace the earth with its light.  Each created being has its own office to carry out, and that office is unique – linked to that being, to that creature.  In order to execute it well, it is necessary that the one who is to carry out the office entrusted to her, contain so much of that good – good which she must give to others according to the mission for which she was created – that as much of it as she gives, it is never exhausted, not even by one atom.

This was even more convenient to Me, Who was to be the new Sun of the souls, and Who was to give light to all and embrace all with my light, to bring them all to the Supreme Majesty, offering to this Divine Majesty an act from Myself which would contain all acts, and to make the superabundant light of my Divinity descend upon all in order to rescue them.

In addition to Me, there is my Celestial Mama, who received the unique mission as the Mother of a God Son, and the office of Co-Redemptrix of mankind.  For her mission of Divine Maternity, She was enriched with so much grace, that all other creatures combined, both celestial and terrestrial, would never be able to equal Her.  But this was not enough to draw the Word into her maternal womb; it was necessary that the Mother put in action all this abyss of graces and gifts, by embracing all creatures, loving them, repairing and adoring the Supreme Majesty for all; in such a way as to accomplish Herself, all that the human generations owed to God.  Therefore, in her virginal Heart She had an inexhaustible vein for God and for all creatures.  When the Divinity found in this Virgin compensation for the love of all, It felt enraptured, and formed in Her Its Conception – that is, the Incarnation of the Word.  And as She conceived Me, She took on the office of Co- Redemptrix, and shared and embraced together with Me, all the pains, the substitutions, the reparations, the maternal love, for all.  In the Heart of my Mother there was a fiber of maternal love for each creature.  This is why, in truth and with justice, when I was on the Cross, I declared Her Mother of all.  She ran together with Me in the love, in the sufferings – in everything; She never left Me alone.  If the Eternal One had not placed so much grace in Her as to be able to receive, alone, the love of all – He would never have moved from Heaven to come down upon earth and redeem mankind.  Here is the necessity, the convenience – that She had to embrace and surpass everything, as befitting the mission of the Mother of the Word.

When an office is unique, as a consequence, nothing must escape the one who has it as mission.  He must have everything under his eyes, so as to be able to offer the good he possesses; he must be like a true sun that can give light to all.  So were I, and my Celestial Mama.

Now, your mission of making known the Eternal Will is braided with mine and with that of my dear Mother.  And since it has to serve for the good of all, it was necessary to centralize the Eternal Sun of my Will into one creature; so that, as a unique mission, this Sun might let its rays blaze from her, and all might take the good of Its Light.  This implies that, for the decorum and honor of my Will, I had to pour into you, as bearers and preparations, such graces, light, love and knowledge of It, as to befit the residence of the Sun of my Will.  Even more, you must know that, just as my Humanity, in Its office of Redeemer, conceived all souls, the same was to happen in you, in your mission and office to make my Will known and reign:  as you continue to do your acts in my Will for all, all creatures remain conceived in your will; and as you keep repeating your acts in Mine, you form many sips of Life of Divine Will, in order to be able to nourish all the creatures which are as though conceived in yours, by virtue of my Will.  Do you not feel how, in my Will, you embrace all, from the first to the last creature which is to exist upon earth; and for all, you would want to satisfy, love, please this Supreme Will, binding It to all, removing all obstacles that prevent Its dominion in the creatures – making It known to all; and even with sufferings, you expose yourself to satisfy for all, this Supreme Will, which so much loves to be known and to reign in the midst of creatures?

To you, Firstborn Daughter of my Divine Will, it is given to make known the qualities, the value, the good It contains, and Its eternal sorrow of living unknown – hidden, in the midst of the human generations; even more, despised and offended by the evil ones, and placed by the good ones at the level of the other virtues, as if It were a little light which is lit by men – as virtues are in comparison with my Will – and not the Eternal Sun that my Will is.

The mission of my Will is the greatest that can exist:  there is no good which does not descend from It; there is no glory which does not come from It.  Everything is centered in It:  Our interior Works and those which We have delivered; the Creation of the angels, of the world, of men; all virtues, all merits, all predestinations, all goods, all the glory of the chosen ones, all the mysteries of the infinite love, which are still unknown to man; and the past, the present, the future – all in one Act and in act, and in one single point.

Therefore, be attentive, and do not want to lose time with doubts or uncertainties.  Everything I told you for this mission was necessary – not for you, but for the honor, the glory, the knowledge and the sanctity of my Will and of Its dominion in the creatures.  And since my Will is one, one was to be the creature to whom I had to entrust It, and through whom It would make Its rays blaze, to do good to all.”
May 4, 1925  Volume 17
(Continuation of the previous chapter).  The mission of the Divine Will will  reproduces on earth the image of the Most Holy Trinity; it will make man return to his origin, and will give completion to all.

After writing what is written above, I began to do the adoration to my Crucified Jesus, fusing all of myself in His Most Holy Will; and my beloved Jesus came out from within my interior, and placing His Most Holy Will close to mine, all tenderness, told me:  “My daughter, did you write everything on the mission of my Will?”

And I:  ‘Yes, yes, I wrote everything.’

And He, again:  “What if I told you that you did not write everything?  Rather, you have left out the most essential thing.  So, continue to write, and add:  ‘The mission of my Will will conceal the Most Holy Trinity upon earth.  Just as in Heaven there are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, inseparable but distinct among themselves, Who form all the beatitude of Heaven, in the same way, on earth there will be three persons who, because of their missions, will be distinct and inseparable among themselves:  the Virgin, with Her Maternity which conceals the Paternity of the Celestial Father and encloses His power in order to fulfill Her mission of Mother of the Eternal Word and Co-Redemptrix of mankind; my Humanity, for the mission of Redeemer, which was enclosed in the Divinity of the Word, without ever separating from the Father and from the Holy Spirit, in order to manifest my celestial wisdom, adding the bond of becoming inseparable from my Mama; and you, for the mission of my Will, as the Holy Spirit will display His Love in you, manifesting to you His secrets, the prodigies of my Will, the goods It contains, in order to make happy those who will give themselves to knowing how much good this Supreme Will contains, to love It and to let It reign in their midst, offering their souls to let It dwell within their hearts, that It may be able to form Its Life in them.  And the bond of inseparability will be added, between you, the Mother and the Eternal Word.

These three missions are distinct and inseparable.  The first two have prepared the graces, the light, the work, and everything, with unheard-of pains, for the third mission of my Will, in order to be all fused in It without leaving their office, so as to find rest, because my Will alone is celestial rest.  These two missions will be repeated, because their exuberance of grace, of light, of knowledge, is so great that all human generations can be filled with them; even more, they will not be able to contain all the good which they contain.  These two missions are symbolized by the Sun, since, in creating it, I filled it with so much light and heat, that all human generations can enjoy it in superabundance.  Nor did I take into account that, since in the beginning of creation there were only Adam and Eve on earth, I could have placed in the Sun enough light as to be sufficient only for the two of them, making it then grow, in proportion to the growth of the human generations.  No, no – I made the Sun full of light, just as it is now, and will be.  For the decorum and the honor of Our Power, Wisdom and Love, Our works are always made with the fullness of all the good which they contain; nor are they subject to increase or decrease.

So I did with the Sun:  I centralized in it all the light which it was to serve, up to the last man.  But how much good does the Sun not do to the earth?  What glory does it not give to its Creator, with its mute light?  I can say that, for the immense good it does to the earth, with its mute language, the Sun glorifies Me and makes Me known more than all other things together; and this, because it is full in its light, and stable in its course.  When I looked at the Sun which, with so much light, only Adam and Eve could enjoy, I also looked at all the living; and in seeing that that light was to serve all, my paternal goodness exulted with joy, and I remained glorified in my works.

So I did with my dear Mama:  I filled Her with so much grace, that She can give graces to all without ever exhausting even one of them.  So I did with my Humanity:  there is no good which It does not possess – and the very Divinity, to be able to give It to whomever wants It.  So I did with you:  I enclosed in you my Will, and with It I enclosed Myself.  I enclosed in you Its knowledges, Its secrets, Its light.  I filled your soul up to the brim; so much so, that what you write is nothing other than the outpouring of what you contain of my Will.  And even though it now serves you alone, and a few glimmers of light serve some other souls, I am content, because being light, it will make its way by itself, more than a second Sun, in order to illuminate the human generations and to bring about the fulfillment of Our works:  that Our Will be known and loved, and that It reign as Life within the creatures.  This was the purpose of Creation – this was its beginning, this will be its means, and end.

Therefore, be attentive, because this is about rescuing that Eternal Will which, with so much love, wants to dwell in the creatures.  But It wants to be known, It does not want to be like a stranger; rather, It wants to give out Its goods and become life of each one, but It wants Its rights whole – Its place of honor.  It wants the human will to be banished – the only enemy for It, and for man.

The mission of my Will was the purpose of the creation of man.  My Divinity did not depart from Heaven, from Its throne; my Will, instead, not only departed, but descended into all created things and formed Its Life in them.  However, while all things recognized Me, and I dwell in them with majesty and decorum, man alone drove Me away.  But I want to conquer him and win him; and this is why my mission is not finished.  So I called you, entrusting to you my own mission, that you may place the one who drove Me away on the lap of my Will, and everything may return to Me, in my Will.

Therefore, do not be surprised at the great and marvelous things I may tell you for the sake of this mission, or at the many graces I may give you; because this is not about making a saint, but about saving the generations.  This is about rescuing a Divine Will, for which everything must return to the beginning, to the origin from which everything came, so that the purpose of my Will may have its complete fulfillment.”
August 9, 1925  Volume 18
To return God in love for all created things forms part of the primary duty of the creature.  The first one to do it was the Celestial Queen.

My Jesus, give me strength; You, who see how great is the repugnance I feel in writing.  If it wasn’t for blessed obedience and for fear of displeasing You, I would not have written even one word – ever again.  Your long privations daze me and render me incapable of doing anything.  And so I need greater help, in order to put on paper that which your Holy Will suggests to me.  Therefore, give me your hand, and be always with me.

Now, while I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Will, in order to return God in love for all that He did in Creation out of love for the creatures, a thought told me that it was not necessary to do that; that this way of praying was not pleasing to my sweet Jesus, and that these are all inventions made up by my mind.  And my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, you must know that this way of praying – that is, to return God in love for all the things He has created – is a divine right and forms part of the primary duty of the creature.

The Creation was made out of love for man.  Even more, Our Love was so great that, had it been necessary, We would have created as many heavens, suns, stars, seas, earths, plants, and everything else, for as many creatures as were to come to the light of this world, so that each one of them might have a Creation for herself, a Universe of her own; just as when everything was created, and Adam was the only spectator of all Creation – he could enjoy all the good he wanted.  And if We did not do so, it was because man could enjoy everything anyway, as if it were his own, even if others too might enjoy it.  In fact, who cannot say, ‘the Sun is mine’, and enjoy the light of the Sun as much as he wants?  Or, ‘the water is mine’, and quench his thirst, and use it for his necessities?  Or, ‘the earth, the fire, the air, are mine’, as well as many other things created by Me?  And if it seems that man lacks something or that there is hardship in life, it is because of sin which, barring the way to my benefits, prevents the things created by Me from being abundant toward the ungrateful creature.

So, given all this – that in all created things God bound His Love for each creature – she had the duty to return God with her little love, with her gratitude, with her “Thank You” to the One who had done so much for her.  Not returning God in love for all that He has done in the creation of man, is the first fraud that the creature makes to God; it is usurping His gifts, without even recognizing where they come from, and the One who loved her so much.  Therefore, this is the primary duty of the creature, and it is so indispensable and important, that the One who took to heart all of Our glory, Our defense, Our interest, did nothing but wander through all the spheres, from the tiniest to the greatest thing created by God, in order to impress Her return of love, of glory, of thanksgiving, for all and in the name of all human generations.  Ah, yes, it was exactly my Celestial Mama, who filled Heaven and earth with the return for all that God had done in Creation.

After Her came my Humanity, which fulfilled this duty, so sacrosanct, in which the creature had so much failed, and which, through Me, rendered my Celestial Father favorable toward guilty man.  So, it was through my prayers, and those of my inseparable Mama.  Don’t you want, then, to repeat my own prayers?  Even more, for this I called you into my Will – that you may associate yourself with Us, and follow and repeat Our acts.”

So I tried, as much as I could, to go through all created things, to give to my God return of love, of glory and of gratitude, for all that He had done in Creation.  I seemed to see in all created things the return of love of my Empress Mama and of my beloved Jesus.  This return formed the most beautiful harmony between Heaven and earth, and bound the Creator to the creature.  Each return of love was a key, a little sonata of enrapturing celestial music…

August 15, 1925  Volume 18
The Feast of the Assumption should be called Feast of the Divine Will operating in the Most Holy Virgin.

I continued to fuse myself in the Holy Divine Will in order to give to my Jesus the return of my little love for all that He has done for mankind in Creation; and my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, in order to give more value to my little love, did what I was doing together with me.  Then He told me:  “My daughter, all created things were made for man, and all of them run toward man.  They have no feet, but they all walk; they all have motion, in order to find him and to be found.

The light of the Sun starts from the height of the heavens in order to find the creature, illumine her and warm her.  The water walks, to reach even into the human bowels, to quench her thirst and to refresh her.  The plant, the seed, walks – opens the earth and forms its fruit to give itself to man… There is not one created thing that does not have a step, a motion, toward the one to whom the Eternal Maker had directed it in its creation.  My Will, that walks continuously toward the creature in created things, never stops.  It is all motion toward the one whom It loves so much.  Yet, who says a “Thank you” to my Will, that brings her the light of the Sun to illumine her, the water that can be drunk to quench her thirst, the bread to satisfy her hunger, the flower and the fruit to cheer her, and many other things to make her happy?  Would it not be fair that, since my Will does everything for man, man would do everything to do my Will?

Oh, if you knew the feast that my Will makes in created things, when It walks toward one who does my Will!  My Will, operating and fulfilled in the creature, and my Will operating in created things, kiss as they meet, harmonize, love each other, and form the hymn of adoration to their Creator and the greatest portent of all Creation.  Created things feel honored when they serve a creature who is animated by that same Will which forms their own lives.

On the other hand, my Will takes the attitude of sorrow in those same created things, when It has to serve one who does not do my Will.  This is why many times, created things place themselves against man, strike him, chastise him… They then feel superior to man, because they preserve intact within themselves that Divine Will by which they were animated from the beginning of their creation, while man descended to the bottom, not keeping the Will of his Creator within himself.”

After this, I began to think of the feast of my Celestial Mama Assumed into Heaven, and my sweet Jesus, with a tender and moving tone, added:  “My daughter, the true name of this Feast should be Feast of the Divine Will.  It was the human will that closed Heaven, broke the bonds with its Creator, made miseries and suffering enter the field, and put an end to the feast that the creature was to enjoy in Heaven.  Now, this Creature, Queen of all, by doing the Will of the Eternal One, always and in everything – even more, it can be said that Her life was Divine Will alone – opened the Heavens, bound Herself to the Eternal One, and restored in Heaven the feasts with the creature.  Every act She did in the Supreme Will, was a feast that She started in Heaven; it was Suns that She formed to adorn this feast; it was melodies that She sent to delight the Celestial Jerusalem.

Therefore, the true cause of this feast is the Eternal Will operating and fulfilled in my Celestial Mama.  It operated such prodigies in Her as to astonish Heaven and earth, chain the Eternal One with indissoluble bonds of love, and enrapture the Word, even from Her womb.  The very Angels, enraptured, repeated among themselves:  “From where comes so much glory, so much honor, such greatness and prodigies never seen before – in this excelling Creature?  Yet, she is coming from the exile!”  Astonished, they recognized the Will of their Creator as life operating in Her; and, trembling, they said:  “Holy, Holy, Holy!  Honor and glory to the Will of Our Sovereign Lord!  And glory to Mary, trice Holy, She who let this Supreme Will operate!”

So, it is my Will that was and is celebrated more than everything on the day of Her Assumption into Heaven.  It was my Will alone that made my Most Holy Mother ascend so high as to distinguish Her among all.  Everything else would have been as nothing, had She not possessed the prodigy of my Will.  It was my Will that gave Her Divine Fecundity and made of Her the Mother of the Word.  It was my Will that made Her see and embrace all creatures together, making of Her the Mother of all, and loving all with a love of Divine Maternity.  Constituting Her Queen of all, It made Her rule and dominate.  On that day, my Will received the first honors, the glory and the abundant fruit of Its work in Creation; and the unending feast began, for the glorification of Its work in my beloved Mama.  And even though Heaven was opened by Me, and many Saints already possessed the Celestial Fatherland when the Celestial Queen was assumed into Heaven – we waited for Her who had honored It so much and contained the true prodigy of the Most Holy Will, to make the first feast for the Supreme Volition, because She Herself was the primary cause of it, having fulfilled the Supreme Will in everything.

Oh, how the whole of Heaven magnified, blessed and praised the Eternal Will, upon seeing this sublime Queen, all surrounded by the Eternal Sun of the Supreme Will, enter the Heavens, into the midst of the Celestial Court!  They saw Her all studded with the power of the Supreme FIAT, and saw that not one breath had been in Her which did not have this FIAT impressed in it.  Astonished, all the celestial spirits looked at Her and said:  ‘Ascend, ascend higher!  It is justice that She, Who so much honored the Supreme FIAT, and through Whom we find ourselves in the Celestial Fatherland, have the highest throne, and be our Queen!’

The greatest honor that my Mother received, was to see the Divine Will glorified in Her.”
October 10, 1925  Volume 18
Exchange of wills between the Virgin and the Celestial Father, and between Luisa and God.  The Most Holy Virgin repeats to one who lives in the Divine Will, all that She did to Her Son.

As I was in my usual state, my poor mind found itself within a very high atmosphere.  I seemed to see the Divinity, and upon one knee of the Celestial Father, I saw the Queen Mama, dead, as if She had no life.  Surprised, I thought to myself:  ‘My Mama is dead; but what a happy death – to die upon the knees of our Creator!’  But, looking more closely, I saw her will as though detached from her body, held in the hands of the Divine Father… Amazed, I looked, and I could not explain to myself what I was seeing; but a voice coming from the Divine Throne, said:  “This is the Elect among all the elect; She is the All Beautiful; She is the only creature who gave Us her will as a gift and left it, dead, upon Our knees, into Our hands.  And We, in exchange, gave her the Gift of Our Will.

Greater Gift We could not give Her, because by acquiring this Supreme Will, She had the power to make the Word descend upon earth, and to make Him form the Redemption of mankind.  A human will would not have had power or attraction over Us; but a Divine Will, which We Ourselves gave to this incomparable Creature, won over Us, conquered Us, enraptured Us; and unable to resist, We surrendered to Our own petitions to make the Word descend upon earth.

Now We are waiting for you to come and die upon the other knee, giving Us your will.  In seeing it dead in Our hands, as if it no longer existed for you, We will give you the Gift of Our Will, and through you – that is, through Our Will given to you – Our FIAT will return to live upon earth.  These two wills, dead upon Our knees, will be the ransom of many rebellious wills, and We will keep them as a precious pledge, which will repay Us for all the evils of the other creatures, because with Our Will they will be able to satisfy Us in everything.”

I could no longer hear the voice, and I found myself on the other paternal knee, in the act of breathing my last, and dying.  At that moment I found myself inside myself, but I am unable to say what I felt within me.  I just prayed from the heart that my will would never again enter into me, but that only the Divine might have life in me…  Ah, the Divine Will alone is the bearer of all goods and the repeater of Jesus within souls; and echoing the FIAT of Creation, It embraces everything and everyone as if in one breath, and returns God for the work of Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.  The Divine Will operating in us can do everything.  It is the true Queen, which reigns and rules over everything.

Afterwards, I saw my Celestial Mama with Baby Jesus in Her arms, as She kissed Him and placed Him at Her breast to give Him Her most pure milk; and I said to Her:  ‘My Mama, don’t you give anything to me?  O please, let me at least place my “I love you” between your mouth and that of Jesus, while you kiss each other, so that my little “I love you” may run within everything you do.

And She said to me:  ‘My daughter, please, place your little “I love you”, not only in my mouth, but in all the acts which pass between Me and my Son.  You must know that everything I did toward my Son, I intended to do toward those souls who were to live in the Divine Will, because, being in It, they are disposed to receive all the acts I did toward Jesus; and I could find sufficient space in which to place them.  So, if I kissed my Son, I kissed them, because I found them together with Him in His Supreme Will.  They were the first to be as though lined up within Him, and my maternal love pushed Me to make them participate in all that I did to my Son.

Great graces were needed for those who were to live in this Holy Will, and I placed all my goods, my graces, my sorrows, at their disposal, as their help, defense, strength, support and light; and I felt happy and honored with the greatest honors, to have, as my children, the children of the Will of the Celestial Father, which I too possessed, and therefore I looked at them also as my births.  Even more, it can be said of them what is said about my Son:  that the first generations found salvation in the merits of the future Redeemer.  In the same way, these souls, these future children, by virtue of the Divine Will operating in them, are the ones who incessantly plead from Us salvation and Grace for the future generations.  They are with Jesus, and Jesus is in them; and they repeat together with Jesus all that He contains.  Therefore, if you want me to repeat to you what I did to my Son, let me always find you in His Will; and I will be generous with my favors toward you.”
November 12, 1925  Volume 18
One who is called to be the head of a mission must enclose all the goods belonging to that mission in order to communicate them to others.  

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Will according to my usual way, and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, squeezed me all to Himself, placed Himself in the act of giving me a lesson and a correction, and told me:  “My daughter, be attentive in doing your acts in my Will.  You must know that for one who has been called to be the head of a mission, the more good she encloses which belong to this mission, the more good she will be able to communicate to others.  Those goods will be as many seeds which you will lend to others, so that, whoever will have the fortune of wanting to acquire those seeds, may become the possessor of the harvest of those very seeds.  This happened with Adam, who, being the first man, was constituted head of all generations; and being the head, by necessity he had to possess the seeds of all that is necessary for the development of human life, so that these might be given to others.  It is true that these seeds have been enlarged, clarified, known more, according to the goodwill of the following generations, to their capabilities, and to the applications they made of these very seeds; but Adam had them all within himself, and one can say that everything comes from him.  Therefore, it can be said that, in being created by God, he was provided with all the sciences.  All that the others learn with so many efforts, he possessed as a gift in a surprising way.  So, he possessed the knowledge of all the things of the earth; he had knowledge of all the plants, of all the herbs and of the virtue which each of them contained.  He had knowledge of all the species of animals and of how to use them; he had knowledge of music, of chant, of writing, of medicine – in sum, of everything.  And if the generations possessed each one its special science, Adam possessed them all.  See, then, how necessary it is that one who must be the head enclose in himself all the good in which the other must partake.

The same with you, my daughter.  Since I have called you as the head of a special mission, more than a new Adam – and here it is not about human sciences, but about the Science of sciences, which is my Will, a science all of Heaven – I want you to enclose within you all the seeds which my Will contains.  And the more acts you do in It, and the more knowledges you acquire, the more rays of light you will give to the Sun of my Will, so that, with greater fullness of light, It will be able to diffuse more for the good of the generations, in such a way that, struck by the fullness of light, they will be able to know with greater clarity the good which my Will contains, what it means to live in It, and the great good with which they would be enriched.

It will happen as it happened with the Sun.  Possessing such great fullness of light, it can easily take all of the earth in its power, warm it, illuminate it and fecundate it, in such a way that everyone – some more, some less – can know the good it does by bringing its light to all.  But if the Sun, in the height of its sphere, were lacking in light, could the light which descends to the bottom fully illuminate all the earth?  At the most, a few small portions of the earth, which rotate more closely to the Sun.

If to the Sun, which was to illuminate the earth naturally, I gave such fullness of light for the good of all generations, much more do I want to fill with fullness of light the Sun of my Will, which must illuminate, warm the souls, and place in them the fecundity of the seed of Divine Sanctity.  Just as I chose Adam as the head, so did I choose a point of Heaven in which to fix the center of the Sun which was to illuminate the earth; and so did I choose you as the center of the Sun of my Will, and the fullness of its light must be such that all may be able to enjoy it and be invested by this light, each one making it his own.

This is why your complete acts in my Will are needed, as well as the knowledge which I keep manifesting to you, in order to form the fullness of this light.  It is usual for the Eternal Wisdom to establish the acts of the creature in order to give completion to the good It wants to do in her.

This happened for the coming of Redemption upon earth – the Incarnation of the Eternal Word.  It took the course of four thousand years, and during this time, all the acts which the creatures had to do in order to dispose themselves and to deserve the great good of Redemption had been established, as well as all the graces and knowledges which the Supreme Majesty was to give in order to make known that same good, which would bring about the descent of the Word into their midst.  This is why the Patriarchs, the Holy Fathers, the Prophets and all the good of the Old Testament came, who, with their acts, were to prepare the way, the staircase, in order to reach the fulfillment of the longed for Redemption.

But this was not enough.  As good and holy as their acts were, there was the highest wall of original sin, which maintained the division between them and God.  This is why a Virgin was needed, conceived without original sin, innocent and holy, enriched by God with all graces, who made her own all the good acts done during the previous four thousand years, and covered them with her innocence, sanctity and purity, in such a way that the Divinity would see them through the acts of this innocent and holy Creature, who not only embraced all the acts of the ancients, but surpassed them all with her own; and therefore she obtained the descent of the Word upon earth.

It happened to all the good acts of the ancients as to one who has much gold and silver, but the image of King, which would give that precious metal the value of money, is not impressed on it.  So, even though it has a value in itself, it cannot be called value of money, which may circulate in the kingdom with right of currency.  But imagine that that gold or silver were acquired by the king, and that, giving it the shape of coins, he impressed on them his image:  now that gold has acquired the right of currency.

So did the Virgin:  she impressed on them her innocence, her sanctity, the Divine Will which she possessed as whole; she presented them all together to the Divinity, and she obtained the longed for Redeemer.  Therefore, the Virgin completed all the acts which were needed in order to make the Word descend upon earth.

But it did not end here.  So that the Redeemer might have His field of action upon earth and whoever wanted to, might use those acts as coins in order to purchase Heaven, the imprint of innocence, of Sanctity and of the Divine Will were needed, as well as the imprint of the works of the Word Himself, in order to let man rise toward Heaven.  If that of the Virgin was enough to make Me descend into the midst of creatures, in order to make man rise, my divine work was needed.  And so, this is why I embraced all those acts and I made them my own, I made up for all, I accomplished everything, and for all I placed the divine imprint on all the good acts, from the first to the last man who is to come upon earth.  And this imprint was made by Me with unheard-of pains, with the shedding of my Blood.  In this way, as a magnanimous King, I gave to all the coins with which to purchase Heaven.  All this had been established by the Uncreated Wisdom, and not even one act of all this could be missing in order for Redemption to take place.

Now, my daughter, just as it was with Redemption, so will it be with my Will.  The fulfillment of the human acts is needed in order to make It known and to make It reign as prime act of life in the creature.  You too, on the example of my Celestial Mama, must embrace in my Will all the acts done in the Old Testament, those of the Queen of Heaven, those done by Me, those which are done and will be done by all the good and the saints, up to the last day; and in each one of them, you will place your seal of return of love, of blessing, of adoration, with the Sanctity and the Power of my Will.

Nothing must escape you.  My Will embraces everything; so you too must embrace everything and everyone, and place my Will – my Will alone – in its prime place of honor upon all the acts of the creatures.  It will be your imprint, with which you will impress the image of my Will in all the acts of the creatures.  Therefore, your field is vast; I want to see you flow in my Will upon all the graces and the prodigies which I did in the Old Testament, in order to give Me your return of love and of thanksgiving; and in the acts of the Patriarchs and the Prophets, in order to compensate for their love.

There is not one act in which I do not want to find you.  I would not be satisfied nor content if I did not find you in all the acts of the creatures which have been done and will be done.  Nor would you be able to say that you have completed everything in my Will; you would lack something of the true living in my Will.  Therefore, be attentive, if you want the fullness of light to be enough as to be able to illuminate all peoples with the Sun of my Will.  One who wants to give light to all must embrace everyone as in one single embrace, by becoming life and supplement of everything and of everyone.  Is my Will, perhaps, not life of everything – a life which is requited with so many bitternesses?  Is there not the need, then, for one who would sweeten these bitternesses, by substituting, as act of life with my own Will, for each act of the ungrateful creature?”
March 6, 1926  Volume 19
Only the most important thing was known about the Celestial Mama.  The same will be for the daughter of the Divine Will.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus, taking my hand in His, drew me to Himself – up high, between Heaven and earth.  And I, almost fearing, clung to Jesus, holding on tightly to His most holy hand.  And wanting to pour out with Him the pain which so much oppresses me, I said to Him:  ‘My Love and my Life, Jesus, some time ago You told me that You wanted to make of me a copy of my Celestial Mama; yet, almost nothing was known about Her, of the many seas of Grace with which, in every instant, She was inundated by You.  She said nothing to no one – She kept everything within Herself; nor does the Gospel say anything.  It is known only that She was your Mama, and that She gave You, Eternal Word, to the world; but everything that passed between You and Her – the favors, the graces – She kept them all within Herself.  With me, then, You want the opposite – You want me to manifest what You tell me; You do not want the secret of what passes between me and You.  I feel sorrow for this; where is, then, the copy You want to make between me and my Mama?’

And my sweet Jesus, squeezing me tightly to His Heart, all tenderness told me:  “My daughter, courage, do not fear.  It happened with my Mama that nothing was known about Her, but that which it was necessary and sufficient to be known – that I was Her Son; that through Her I came to redeem the human generations, and that She was the first one in whom I had my first field of action, within Her soul.  All the rest – the favors and the seas of grace which She received – remained within the sacrarium of the divine secrets.  However, the most important, the greatest, the holiest thing was known – that the Son of God was Her Son; this was the greatest honor for Her, which raised Her above all creatures.  Therefore, since the most was known about my Mama, the least was not necessary.

The same will happen with my Daughter:  it will be known only that my Will had Its first field of divine action in your soul, as well as everything that is necessary in order to make known what regards my Will, which wants to enter the field, so that the creature may return to her origin; and how It anxiously awaits her into Its arms, so that there may no longer be division between Me and her… If this were not made known, how could she long for this great good?  How could she dispose herself to receive a grace so great?  If my Mama had not wanted to make known that I was the Eternal Word and Her Son, what good would Redemption have produced?  When a good is not known, as great as it may be, it has no channels in order to communicate the good it possesses.  And just as my Mama did not oppose, so must my Daughter not oppose what regards my Will.  All the rest – the secrets, the flight you do in my Will, the goods you take, and the most intimate things between Me and you – will remain the sacrarium of the divine secrets.  Do not fear, your Jesus will content you in everything.”
March 28, 1926  Volume 19
By living in the Divine Will, all goods remain centralized within the soul.  The primary purpose of Redemption was the Fiat Voluntas Tua reigning upon earth.  The Celestial Mama and Her acts as help of the soul. 

Having received Holy Communion, I was calling everyone – my Queen Mama, the Saints, the first man Adam, followed by all generations up to the last man who will come upon earth, and then all created things, so that, all together, prostrate with me around Jesus, we might adore Him, bless Him, love Him; so that nothing might be missing around Jesus, of all the works which came from His hands – not a heart that palpitates, nor a sun that shines, nor the vastness of the blue heaven studded with stars, nor the sea that murmurs, and not even the tiny little flower which emits its fragrance.  I wanted to centralize everything and everyone around ‘Jesus Host’, so that we might render Him the honors due to Him.  His Will made everything present to me, as if everything were mine; and I wanted to give everything to Jesus.

Now, while I was doing this, it seemed to me that Jesus was happy in looking at all generations and all of His things around Himself; and squeezing me to Himself, He told me:  “My daughter, how content I am in seeing all of my works around Me!  I feel I am receiving back the joy, the happiness, which I gave them in creating them; and I return them with new happiness.  This is the great good which my Will contains and brings; and in one who lives in It, It centralizes the goods of all, because there is no good which my Will does not bring, as it binds the soul to everyone and to everything which belongs to It.  Therefore, if the creature had not withdrawn from my Will, I would have found everyone within each one, and each one in everyone.  The goods, the light, the strength, the science, the love, the beauty, were to be common to all.  There was to be neither “yours” nor “mine”, both in the natural and in the spiritual order – each one could have taken as much as he wanted.

The human life in my Will was to be symbolized by the sun:  everyone can take its light, as much as they want of it, without anyone lacking it.  However, as man withdrew from my Will, the goods, the light, the strength, the love, the beauty, remained divided and as though halved among the creatures.  Therefore, there was no longer order, nor harmony, nor true love – either toward God or among themselves… Oh, if the sun could be split into many rays, these solar rays, detaching from the center of light, would end up becoming darkness.  And what would happen to the earth?  Ah, indeed no one could ever again have a light of his own, and all for himself.

So it was with my Will.  By withdrawing from It, man lost the fullness of goods, the fullness of Light, of Strength, of Beauty, etc., and therefore he was forced to live a life of hardship.  Therefore, be attentive; let your living in my Will be continuous, that you may contain everything, and I may find everything in you.”

Then, I was thinking to myself:  ‘If the true living in the Supreme Will contains so much good, why did my Celestial Mama, who was all Will of God, not impetrate together with the longed for Redeemer, the “Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven”, in order to let man return into that Supreme “FIAT” from which he came, to give back to him all the goods and the purpose for which he had been created?  More so since, being all Will of God, She did not have any extraneous element, therefore She possessed the very Divine Power, and with It She could impetrate everything…’

And my sweet Jesus, moving again in my interior, sighing, added:  “My daughter, the primary purpose of all that my Mama did, and of all that I did in Redemption, was that my “FIAT” would reign upon earth.  It would not have been decorous, nor true love, nor great magnanimity, or even less a work worthy of the God I was, if in coming into the world, I had had to, and wanted to, give to the creatures the minor thing – which was the means to be saved – and not, instead, the greater thing – which was my Will, that contains not only the remedies, but all possible goods which exist in Heaven and on earth; and not only salvation and sanctity, but that Sanctity which raises them to the very Sanctity of their Creator.

Oh, if you could penetrate into each prayer, act, word and pain of my indivisible Mama, you would find in them the “FIAT” which She longed for and pleaded for.  If you could penetrate into each drop of my Blood, into each one of my heartbeats, breaths, works and steps, sorrows and tears, you would find the “FIAT” excelling in them, which I longed for and asked for – for the creatures.  But while the primary purpose was the “FIAT”, my Goodness had to descend to the secondary purpose, and act almost like a teacher who, though possessing the highest sciences and being able to give noble and sublime lessons, worthy of himself, since his students are all illiterate, he must lower himself to giving lessons of  “a.b.c”, in order to reach, little by little, his primary purpose of imparting the lessons of the science he possesses, to make of them as many teachers worthy of such a great teacher.  If this teacher did not want to lower himself to giving lessons of inferior studies, and wanted to give lessons of his high science, the students, being illiterate, would not understand him and, confused by such a great science which they ignored, would leave him.  And the poor teacher, by not wanting to lower himself, would give neither the little good, nor the great good of his science.

Now, my daughter, when I came upon earth, the creatures were all illiterate of the things of Heaven, and if I had wanted to speak about the “FIAT” and of the true living in It, they would have been incapable of comprehending.  Since they did not know the way in order to come to Me, the majority being crippled, blind, sick, I had to lower Myself within the guise of my Humanity, which covered that “FIAT” I wanted to give, becoming familiar with them, associating with them, to be able to teach the first rudiments – the “a.b.c” of the Supreme “FIAT”.  And everything I taught, did and suffered, was nothing but preparing the way, the Kingdom and the dominion of my Will.

This is the usual way of Our works:  to do minor things as a preparatory act for greater things… Did I not do the same with you?  At the beginning, I certainly did not speak to you about the Supreme “FIAT”, or about the height of the sanctity which I wanted you to reach in my Will; nor did I ever mention the greater mission to which I was calling you; rather, I kept you like a little child, to whom I delighted in teaching obedience, love of suffering, detachment from everyone, death to your own self… And as you corresponded, I rejoiced because I could in you, ready, the place in which to put my “FIAT” and the sublime lessons which pertain to my Will.

The same happened in Redemption:  everything was done for the purpose that the “FIAT” might reign again in the creature, just as when we released her from Our creative hands.  We have no hurry in Our works, because We have, not only the centuries, but all eternity at Our disposal.  Therefore, We proceed at a slow pace; however, for Our own triumph, first We prepare, and then We act.  And after returning to Heaven, I have the same power, as if I continued to live upon earth.  My Power is always the same, whether I am in Heaven or on earth.  Did I not call my Mama, while being in the Celestial Fatherland?  In the same way, I have called and chosen you, with the same power which no one can resist, for the purpose of the longed for “FIAT”.  Even more, I tell you that in order to obtain this, you have at your disposal greater and more important things than my beloved Mama had.

Therefore, you are happier, because She did not have a mama, nor her works as help, in order to obtain the longed for Redeemer; rather, She had only the cortege of the acts of the Prophets, of the Patriarchs, and of the good of the Old Testament, and of the great foreseen goods of the future Redeemer.  You, instead, have a Mama and all of Her works as help.  You have the helps, the pains, the prayers and the very Life – not foreseen, but actual – of your Redeemer.  There is no good or prayer which has been done, and is being done in the Church, that is not with you, to help you to obtain the longed for “FIAT”.  Since the primary purpose of all that was done by Me, by the Queen of Heaven and by all the good, was the fulfillment of my Will, everything is with you, to impetrate the completion of their purpose.  Therefore, be attentive; I will always be with you, and also my Mama.  You will never be alone in longing for the triumph of Our Will.”
March 31, 1926  Volume 19
One who does the Will of God must know, love and possess all that belongs to It.  The Most Holy Virgin could conceive the Eternal Word because She did the Will of God as God does It. 

My poor mind was dissolving in the Divine Will, and an endless light invaded the little circle of my intelligence.  And while it seemed that this light was centralized in my mind, it would spread outside, and fill the whole atmosphere; and penetrating up into the Heavens, it seemed as though centralized in the Divinity… But who can say what one could feel and comprehend while being in that light?  One could feel the fullness of happiness.  Nothing could penetrate into that Light which would be able to shade the joy, the beauty, the strength, the penetration of the divine secrets and the knowledge of the supreme mysteries.

Then, while I was swimming in that Light, my always lovable Jesus told me:  “My daughter, this Light, this dwelling so enchanting, which knows neither sunset nor death, is my Will.  Everything is complete in It:  happiness, strength, beauty, knowledge of the Supreme Being, etc.  This Light so endless, which is Our Will, came out from the womb of the Divinity as heritage for man – the most beautiful inheritance We could give him.  It came out from the intimate place of Our womb, bringing with Itself part of all Our goods, to let the creature inherit them, and to form her as all beautiful and holy, in the Likeness of the One who had created her.

See, then, my daughter, what it means to do my Will and to live in It:  there is no good that exists in Heaven and on earth, which It does not possess.  I want you to know them; otherwise, how can you love them and possess them, and use them in the different circumstances, if you do not know them?  If you do not know that you have a divine strength at your disposal, you will lose heart for a trifle… If you do not know that you possess a divine beauty, you will not have the courage to be with Me in a familiar way; you will feel dissimilar from Me, and will not have the audacity to snatch from Me the coming of the “FIAT” to reign upon earth.  If you do not know that all I have created is yours, you will not love Me in all things, and you will not have the fullness of true love… And so forth with all the other things.

If you do not know all the goods which my Will possesses – that there is nothing which does not belong to It, and which you must possess – it would happen to you as to a poor one who was given a million, but without letting him know that that amount had been placed in his little hovel… Poor one, because he does not know the good he possesses, he continues his poor life – his stomach half-empty, his clothes tattered; and he sips the bitternesses of his poverty.  But, instead, if he knows it, he changes his fortune; he turns the hovel into a palace; he feeds himself abundantly, clothes himself with decency, and drinks the sweet sips of his richness… Therefore, as many goods as one might possess, if he does not know them, it is as if he did not have them.

This is the reason for which, very often, I enlarge your capacity, I give you more knowledges about my Will, and I let you know everything that belongs to It – so that you may possess, not only my Will, but everything which belongs to It.

Besides, in order to come to reign in the soul, my Supreme Will wants to find Its goods and Its dominions.  And the soul must make them her own, so that, upon coming to reign within her, It may find Its own dominions on which to lay Its regime – Its command.  If It does not find Heaven and earth within the soul, over what can It reign?  Here is the necessity for which my Will wants to centralize all goods in you; and you must know them, love them and possess them, so that, being in you, It may find Its Kingdom, and It may dominate and rule over It.”

Afterwards, I was thinking of what Jesus had told me and, more than ever, I could see my littleness.  And I said to myself:  ‘How can I centralize all that the Divine Will contains?  It seems to me that the more He says, the more little I become and the more incapable I feel.  So, how can this be?’

And Jesus, coming back, added:  “My daughter, you must know that my Celestial Mama was able to conceive Me, Eternal Word, within Her most pure womb, because She did the Will of God as God did It.  All of the other qualities She possessed – that is, virginity, conception without original sin, sanctity, seas of Grace that She possessed – were not sufficient means in order to conceive a God, because all these qualities gave Her neither the Immensity, nor the All-Seeingness, to be able to conceive a God who is immense and who sees all things; and even less the Fecundity to be able to conceive Him.  In sum, She would have lacked the seed of Divine Fecundity.  But by possessing the Supreme Will as Her own life, and by doing the Will of God as God does It, She received the seed of Divine Fecundity, and with it, the Immensity, the All-Seeingness.  Therefore, in a natural way, I could be conceived in Her, because I lacked neither Immensity, nor everything that belongs to my Being.

Now, my daughter, the centralization of all that belongs to my Will will be as though natural also for you, if you arrive at doing the Divine Will as God Himself does It.  The Will of God in you and That which reigns within God Himself will be one.  What is the wonder, then, that everything which belongs to God, and which this Will holds, preserves and dominates, is also yours?  Rather, what is needed is that you know what belongs to It, so that you may love the goods you possess; and in loving them, you may acquire the right to possess them.

Doing the Will of God as God does It, was the highest, the most substantial, the most necessary point for my Mama, in order to obtain the longed for Redeemer.  All the other qualities were the superficial part – the decency, the decorum which befitted Him.  The same for you:  if you want to obtain the longed for “FIAT”, you must arrive at this – doing the Will of God as God does It.”
April 16, 1926  Volume 19
In order to live in the Divine Will it takes full abandonment in the arms of the Celestial Father, as the Queen Mama did.  How the ‘nothing’ must surrender its life to the ‘All’.  Cares of Jesus for the soul.

I was feeling so very little and incapable of doing anything, and I called my Queen Mama to my help, so that, together, we might love, adore, glorify my highest and only Good, for all and in the name of all.  In the meantime, I found myself within an immensity of Light and all abandoned in the arms of my Celestial Father – even more, so identified with Him, as though forming one single thing with Him, in such a way that I no longer felt my own life, but that of God.  But who can say what I felt and did?

Afterwards, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior and told me:  “My daughter, everything you have experienced – your full abandonment in the arms of our Celestial Father, and no longer feeling your own life – is the image of the living in my Will.  In fact, in order to live in It, the creature must live more of God than of herself; even more, what is ‘nothing’ must give life to the ‘All’, in order to do everything and to have her act above all the other acts of each creature.

Such was the life of my Divine Mama.  She was the true image of the living in my Will.  Her living in It was so perfect, that She did nothing but receive from God, continuously, all that She was to do in order to live in the Supreme Volition.  So, She received the act of supreme adoration, in order to place Herself at the top of every adoration which all creatures were obliged to make to their Creator… In fact, true adoration has life within the Three Divine Persons.  Our perfect concord, Our reciprocal Love, Our One Will, form the most profound and perfect adoration within the Sacrosanct Trinity.  Therefore, if the creature adores Me, but her will is not in harmony with Me, it is a vain word – not an adoration.

So, my Mama took everything from Us, to be able to diffuse in everything and to place Herself above every act of creature – above every love, every step, every word, every thought; above every created thing.  She placed Her prime act upon all things, and this gave Her the right of Queen of all and of everything; and She surpassed, in sanctity, in love, in grace, all the Saints, who have been and will be, and all Angels united together.  The Creator poured Himself upon Her, giving Her so much love that She possessed enough love as to love Him for all.  He communicated to Her the highest concord and the One Will of the Three Divine Persons, in such a way that She was able to adore for all in a divine manner, and to compensate for all the duties of the creatures.  Had it not been so, it would not be true, but just a way of saying, that the Celestial Mama surpassed everyone in sanctity and in love.  But whenever We speak, these are facts, not words.  Therefore, We found everything in Her; and having found everything and everyone, We gave Her everything, constituting Her Queen and Mother of Her Creator Himself.

Now, daughter of my Supreme Will, one who wants everything, must enclose everything and place herself at the top of the acts of all, as prime act.  So, the soul must be at the top of every love, adoration, glory, of each creature.

My Will is everything – this is why the mission of the Sovereign Queen and yours can be called one.  And you must follow, step by step, the way She was with God, to be able to receive the Divine Attitude in order to have within yourself a love which says love for all, an adoration which adores for all, a glory which diffuses throughout all created things.  You must be Our echo, the echo of Our Celestial Mama, because She alone lived perfectly and fully in the Supreme Volition; therefore She can be your guide and Teacher.

Ah, if you knew with how much love I am around you – with how much jealousy I watch over you, so that your living in my Eternal Will may not be interrupted!  You must know that I am doing more with you than with my Celestial Mama Herself, because She did not have your needs, tendencies, or passions which might, even slightly, prevent the course of my Will in Her.  With highest happiness the Creator would pour into Her, and She into Him; my Will was always triumphant in Her; therefore She had no need of either pushes or admonitions.  With you, instead, I must use more attention, when I see that some little passion, some little tendency, wants to arise within you, and also when your human will would want to have an act of its own life within you.  Then I must admonish you; the power of my Will must be in the act of flooring whatever arises within you, which does not belong to It; and my Grace and my Love must flow in that fratricide which the human will keeps forming, or, with anticipated graces, prevent the fratricide from forming within your soul.

I love so much the soul in whom my Will reigns, and in whom the Supreme “FIAT” has Its field of divine action – the only purpose of all Creation, and of Redemption Itself – and she costs Me so much, that I love her and she costs Me more than all Creation, and Redemption Itself.  In fact, the Creation was the beginning of Our works toward the creatures, the Redemption was the means, and the “FIAT” will be the end; and when works are accomplished, they are loved more and they acquire their complete value.  Until a work is not fulfilled, there is always something to do, to work on, to suffer; and one cannot calculate its right value.  But when it is accomplished, what remains is the possession and the enjoyment of the work done, and its complete value comes to complete the glory of the One who has formed it.  Therefore, Creation and Redemption must be enclosed in the Supreme “FIAT”.  Do you see, then, how much you cost Me, and how prone I am to love you?

The “FIAT”, operating and triumphant in the creature, however, is the greatest thing, because the glory which was established by Us, to be received through Creation, is given back to Us, and Our purpose, Our rights, acquire their full power.  This is the reason for my attentions – all for you; for my manifestations to you, and for my love for all Creation and Redemption – all centralized in you:  in you I want to see the Triumph of my Will.”
April 28, 1926  Volume 19
How Creation and the Celestial Mama are the most perfect examples of the living in the Divine Will.  How the Virgin surpassed everyone in suffering.

I was thinking to myself:  “When my sweet Jesus speaks of His Will, He often unites to It the Sovereign Queen, or the Creation.  He seems to delight so much in speaking of both one and the other that He keeps looking for opportunities, pretexts and devices, in order to manifest what His Most Holy Will does, both in the Celestial Mama and in Creation.

Now, while I was thinking of this, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior, and all tenderness, squeezed me to Himself and told me:  “My daughter, if I do so, I have strong reasons.  You must know that only in the Creation and in my Celestial Mama has my Will remained ever intact, and has kept Its field of action free.  Therefore, having to call you to live in my Will as one of them, I had to propose them to you as examples – as an image for you to imitate.  In order to be able to do great things in such a way that all might perceive that good, unless they did not want to, the first thing is that my Will must act wholly in the soul.

Look at Creation – how my Will is whole in it.  And because It is whole, Creation remains always in its place and contains the fullness of that good with which it was created.  This is why it remains always new, noble, pure, fresh, and can participate in all the goods it possesses.  But the beautiful thing is that while it gives itself to all, it loses nothing, and remains always the same, just as it was created by God.  What did the sun lose by giving so much light and heat to the earth?  Nothing.  What did the blue heavens lose in remaining extended above the atmosphere, or the earth by producing so many and so various plants?  Nothing.  And so with all the things created by Me.  Oh, in what an admirable way does Creation sing that saying about Me:  ‘He is ever old and ever new.’  Therefore, my Will in Creation is center of life, fullness of good, order and harmony.  All things wanted by It, are kept by It in their place.  Where can you find a more beautiful example, a more perfect image of the living in my Will, other than in Creation?

So I call you to live in the midst of created things as their sister, that you may learn to live in the Supreme Volition, and you too, may remain in the place wanted by Me, to be able to enclose within you the fullness of good that my Will wants to enclose in you; so that whoever wants it, may take from it.  And since you are endowed with reason, you must surpass them all, and return your Creator in love and glory for each created thing, as if they were all provided with reason.

In this way you will be the substitutor for the whole of Creation, and Creation will be a mirror for you in which you can look at yourself, in order to copy the living in my Will, so that you may not move from your place.  It will be your guide and teacher, giving you the most high and perfect lessons of the living in my Will.

But the one who surpasses all is my Celestial Mama.  She is the new heaven, the most refulgent sun, the most radiant moon, the most flowery earth… She encloses everything – everything – within Her.  If each created thing encloses the fullness of its own good received by God, my Mama encloses all goods together, because She is endowed with reason.  And since my Will lived wholly in Her, the fullness of Grace, of light, of sanctity, grew in every instant.  Every act She did was suns, stars, that my Will formed in Her.  This surpassed the Creation – it surpassed everything; and my Will, whole and permanent in Her, did the greatest thing, impetrating the longed for Redeemer.  This is why my Mama is Queen in the midst of Creation, because She surpassed everything, and my Will found in Her the food of Her reason, which made It live wholly and permanently in Her.  There was highest accord; they held each other’s hand.  There was not one fiber of Her heart, word or thought, in which my Will did not possess Her Life.  And what can a Divine Will not do?  It can do everything.  There is no power It lacks, or thing It cannot do.  Therefore, one could say that my Mama did everything, and everything that the others were not, and would not be able to do, She alone did.

So, do not be surprised if I point out to you the Creation and the Sovereign Queen, because I must point out to you the most perfect examples in which my Will has perennial life, and has never found an obstacle for Its field of divine action, in order to operate things worthy of Itself.

My daughter, if you want my Supreme FIAT to reign as It does in Heaven – which is the greatest thing that is left for Us to do for the human generations – let my Will have Its Sovereign place in you, and live in a whole and permanent way.  Do not give a thought to anything else, either to your incapacity, or to circumstances, or to new things which may arise around you, because as my Will reigns in you, they will serve as raw material and nourishment, so that my FIAT may have Its fulfillment.”

Afterwards, I was thinking to myself:  ‘It is true that my Queen Mama made the greatest of sacrifices, that no one else has made – that is, by not even wanting to know her own Will, but only That of God, She embraced all sorrows, all pains, up to the heroism of sacrifice – sacrificing her own Son in order to do the Supreme Will; but once She made this sacrifice, everything She suffered later was the effect of this first act.  She did not have to struggle as we do, in different circumstances, in unforeseen encounters, in unexpected losses… It is a constant struggle, to the point of making our hearts bleed for fear of surrendering to our own belligerent human wills.  How much attention we must have, so that the Supreme Will may always keep Its place of honor and Its supremacy over everything; and many times this fight is harsher than the pain itself.’

But while I was thinking of this, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior, telling me:  “My daughter, you are wrong.  Not only one was the greatest sacrifice of my Mama, but they were so great and so many – for as many as were the sorrows, pains, circumstances and encounters to which her existence and mine were exposed.  Sufferings in Her were always doubled, because my pains were Hers – more than Her own pains.  Moreover, my Wisdom did not change direction with my Mama.  In every pain that was to touch Her, I always asked Her if She wanted to accept it, in order to hear Her repeat to Me that “FIAT” in each pain, in each circumstance, and even in each one of Her heartbeats.  That “FIAT” resounded so sweet, gentle and harmonious to Me, that I wanted to hear it being repeated in every instant of Her life; and so I always asked Her:  ‘Mama, do you want to do this?  Do you want to suffer this pain?’  And my ‘FIAT’ brought to Her the seas of the goods It contains, making Her understand the intensity of the pain She was accepting.

This understanding, through Divine Light, of all that She was going to suffer, step by step, gave Her such martyrdom as to infinitely surpass the struggle which creatures suffer.  Since the seed of sin was missing in Her, the seed of the struggle was missing, so my Will had to find another device, that She might not be beneath the other creatures in suffering; having to acquire by justice the right of Queen of Sorrows, She had to surpass in suffering all creatures together.

How many times have you yourself not experienced that, while you felt no struggle within you, as my Will made you understand the pains It inflicted upon you, you remained petrified by the intensity of the pain; and while you were undone in that pain, you were the little lamb in my arms, ready to accept more pains, which my Will would inflict on you.  Ah, did you not suffer more than in the fight itself?  The fight is a sign of vehement passions, while my Will, if It brings suffering, gives intrepidness; and with the knowledge of the intensity of the pain, It gives such merit that only a Divine Will can give.

Therefore, just as I do with you – that is, in everything I want from you, I first ask you if you want it; if you accept it – so I did with my Mama.  This, so that the sacrifice may be always new, and may give Me the opportunity to converse with the creature, to remain with her, and my Will may have Its field of divine action in the human will.”…
May 6, 1926  Volume 19
How the ones who live in the Divine Will are the first before God and form His crown.  Their inseparability from the Queen Mama.

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition according to my usual way, and I prayed the Celestial Mama to be with me and to give me Her hand, so that, guided by Her, I might return my God with all the love, the adoration and the glory that everyone owes Him.  Now, while I was saying this, my beloved Jesus moved in my interior and told me:  “My daughter, you must know that the first before the Supreme Majesty are those who have lived in my Volition and who have never gone out of my Will.  My Mama came to the world after four thousand years; yet, before God, She came before Adam.  Her acts, Her love, are in the first order of the creatures; therefore Her acts come before all the acts of the creatures, because She was the closest to God, bound to Him with the tightest bonds of sanctity, of union, and of likeness.  By living in Our Will, Her acts became inseparable from Ours; and that which is inseparable becomes as though natural for the Creator.

‘Before’ and ‘after’ do not exist in Our Will; rather, everything is in one prime act.  Therefore, the creature who lives in Our Will, even if she came as last, always comes before everything.  Therefore, it is not the age in which the souls came out to the light of time that will be considered, but whether the Life of my Will has been in them as center of life, reigning and dominating in all of their acts, just as It reigns and dominates in the womb of the Divinity.  These will be the first.  Their acts done in Our Will will rise above all the acts of the other creatures; and all will remain behind.  Therefore, these souls will be Our crown.

See, as you called my Mama in my Will, to give Me return of love, of adoration and of glory, my Will united the two of you together, and the love, the glory, the adoration which the Sovereign Queen did, have become your acts; and yours have become of my Mama.  My Will placed everything in common; the ones have become inseparable from the others, and I heard in you the voice of my Mama, Her love, Her adoration, Her glory; and in my Mama I heard your voice, loving Me, adoring Me, glorifying Me… How happy I felt in hearing and finding the Mama in the daughter, and the daughter in the Mama!

My Will unites everyone and everything.  It would not be true living in my Will, nor a work of my Will, if It did not centralize everything that belongs to It and all of Its eternal works in the soul who lives in It, in whom It has Its reign and dominion.  If it were not so, the Kingdom of my Will would be a divided kingdom – which cannot be, because my Will unites all Its works together and makes of them one single act.  And even though it is said that It creates, It redeems, It sanctifies and the like, these are the effects of that single Act, which never changes Its action.  Therefore, the origin of the living in my Will is eternal – inseparable from the Creator and from all those in whom my Will had Its reign and Its dominion.”

May 18, 1926  Volume 19
Just as the Virgin had to embrace everything and do the acts of all in order to obtain the longed for Redeemer and conceive Him, in the same way, the one who must obtain the Supreme Fiat must embrace everyone and answer for all.  Fear of Luisa; Jesus reassures her.

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Will, and after going around all created things in order to seal my “I love You”, so that my “I Love You” might resound everywhere and over everything to repay Jesus for His great love – I arrived at that point at which I was giving God return for all the love He had in the act of being conceived in the womb of His Celestial Mama.  At that moment my beloved Jesus came out from my interior and told me:  “My daughter, in order to conceive Me, Eternal Word, my inseparable Mama was enriched with seas of grace, light and sanctity by the Supreme Majesty.  And She did such and so many acts of virtue, of love, of prayer, of desire and of ardent sighs, as to surpass all the love, the virtues and the acts of all generations, which were needed in order to obtain the longed for Redeemer.  So, when the complete love of all creatures and all the acts needed in order to deserve that the Word be conceived, appeared in the Sovereign Queen, I found in Her the return of the love of all, Our Glory restored, all the acts of the Redeemed ones, and even the acts of those for whom my Redemption had to serve as condemnation because of their ingratitude.  Only then did my Love give Its final display, and I was conceived.  Therefore, the right to the title of Mother is natural for Her – it is sacred, because by embracing all the acts of the generations, and substituting for all, it was as if She delivered them all to new life from her maternal womb.

Now, you must know that when We do Our Works, We have to give so much love, light and grace to the chosen creature, to whom the work is entrusted, as to be able to give Us all the return and the glory of the work entrusted to her.  Our Power and Wisdom would not place themselves into the bank of the creature from the very beginning of a Work, as if in the act of failing.  Our Work must be safe in the creature who is called as prime act, and We must collect all the interest and the glory, equivalent to the work entrusted to her.  Afterwards, if Our work were to be communicated to other creatures, and to run the risk of failing because of their ingratitude, this would be more tolerable for Us, because the one to whom it had been entrusted at the beginning, allowed Us to collect all the interest in place of the failures of the other creatures.  This is why We gave Her everything and received everything from Her:  so that all the capital of Redemption might remain intact, and through Her, Our Glory might be completed and Our Love returned.

What wise man would put his capital, at the beginning, into a bank that is about to fail?  Rather, first he makes certain, and then entrusts his capital.  It could be that, in time, it may fail, but this will not cause him grave damage, because his capital has already been paid off by the great interest received.  If man does so, much more so does God, Whose Wisdom is incomprehensible.  Furthermore, this was not about just any work – a small capital; rather, it was about the great Work of Redemption, and of all the cost, the infinite and the incalculable value of the Eternal Word.  It was a unique Work; nor could a new descent upon the earth of the Eternal Word be repeated.  Therefore, We had to secure It in the Celestial Sovereign.  And since We entrusted everything to Her – even the very Life of a God – She, Our faithful one, had to answer for everyone, becoming guarantor, and responsible for this Divine Life entrusted to Her – as indeed She did.

Now, my daughter, what I did, and wanted from my Celestial Mama in the great Work of Redemption, I want to do with you in the great Work of the Supreme “FIAT”.  The Work of the Divine “FIAT” is a Work that must embrace everything:  Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.  It is the foundation of all; It is the life which flows in everything and encloses everything.  Having no beginning, It is the beginning of all things, and the end and fulfillment of Our works.

Do you see, then?  The capital We want to entrust to you is lavish – you have not calculated it.  But do you know what We entrust to you in the Supreme “FIAT”?  We entrust to you the whole Creation, all the capital of Redemption, and that of Sanctification.  My Will is universal and in all things It has been operative.  Therefore, it is fair that what belongs to It be entrusted to you.  Would you perhaps want my Will without Its works?  We don’t know how to give Our Life without Our works and Our goods.  When We give, We give everything.

Just as, in giving the Word to the Celestial Queen, We centralized all His works and His goods in Her, in the same way, in giving you Our Supreme Will, reigning and dominating within you, We give you all the works that belong to It.  This is why We are giving you so much of grace, knowledge and capacity – so that from the very beginning the Supreme “FIAT” may experience no failure.  And in keeping It safe, you must give It the return of love and glory for the whole of Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.  Your task is great – it is universal, and it must embrace everyone and everything, in such a way that if Our Will, communicated to the other creatures, should undergo some failure, in you We must find the compensation for the void of others.  As you keep it safe within you by giving Us the love, the glory and all the acts that the other creatures should do for Us, Our glory will be complete and Our Love will collect Its fair interest.  So, you will be Our trustworthy one, the one responsible for the Divine Will, and Its guarantor.”

While Jesus was speaking, I was taken by such fright in understanding all the weight of my responsibility, that, strongly fearing I could put in danger nothing less than all the weight and works of a Divine Will, I said:  ‘My Love, thank You for so much goodness toward me, but I feel that what You want to give me is too much.  I feel an infinite weight crushing me, and my littleness and incapacity has no strength and no ability.  Since I fear I might displease You, being unable to embrace everything – go to some other creature, more capable, so that all this capital of your Supreme Will may be safer, and You may receive all the interest equivalent to such a great capital.  I had never thought about such a great responsibility, but now that You are making me understand, I feel strength lacking in me and I fear my weakness.’

And Jesus, squeezing me to Himself, in order to relieve me from the fear that crushed me, added:  “My daughter, courage, do not fear.  It is your Jesus that wants to give you too much.  Am I perhaps not free to give whatever I want?  Do you perhaps want to put a limit to my complete work, which I want to entrust to you?  What would you say, if my Celestial Mama had been willing to accept Me, the Eternal Word, but without His goods and without the acts that were needed in order to conceive Me?  Would this be true love and true acceptance?  Certainly not.  So, would you want my Will without Its works and without the acts that befit It?

So that you may remove this fear, you must know that everything I have said to you – this capital so great – is already in you.  After I had you practice giving Me the return of the glory and the love of all Creation, Redemption and Sanctification, making you embrace everything and everyone, and having seen that the equivalent interest easily came to Me – only then did I want to make you know more clearly the great capital of my Will entrusted to you, so that you might know the great good you possess; and as you come to know it, I might sign the deed of the capital entrusted to you, and also make you a receipt for the interest you give Me.  If you did not know It, I could neither form the deed of the capital, nor the receipt of interest.  Here is, therefore, the necessity to make it known to you.

Moreover, why do you fear, to the point of wanting to send Me to another creature?  Do you not have a love within you that says,  “I love You for everyone and for everything”, a motion that repays Me for the motion of everyone?  And does everything you do not embrace everyone, to give Me the acts, the prayers, the glory and the reparations of all, as though in one single embrace?  If you already do it, why do you fear?”

At that moment, I saw other souls around me.  Jesus went to them, and passing through all of them, He seemed to touch them to see whether the motion of His Divine Life would come out at His touch – but nothing came out.  Then He came back to me, took my hand, and squeezed it tightly.  At His touch a light came out from me, and Jesus, all content, told me:  “This light is the motion of the Divine Life in you.  I went to other creatures, as you saw, but I did not find my motion.  How can I then entrust the great capital of my Will?  This is why I chose you, and that is enough.  Be attentive and do not fear.”
June 15, 1926  Volume 19
How the ‘nothing’ is frightened and trembles under the ‘All’.  How the Virgin loves Her celestial children and performs in Heaven Her office of Mother.  Just as knowledge gave life to the fruits of Redemption, so it will give life to the fruits of the Divine Will.

I was feeling all full of defects, especially because of the great repugnance I feel when it comes to writing of the intimate things between me and Our Lord.  The weight I feel is so great, that I don’t know what I would do in order not to do it; and since the obedience of the one who is above me imposes itself, though I would like oppose myself and tell my reasons for not doing it, I always end up surrendering.

So, having gone through a similar contrast, I felt full of defects and totally bad; therefore, as blessed Jesus came, I told Him:  ‘Jesus, my life, have pity on me – look at how full of defects I am, and how much badness there is in me.’  And He, all goodness and tenderness, told me:  “My daughter, do not fear, I am here watching over you and keeping your soul in custody, so that not even the slightest sin may enter into your soul.  And where you or others see defects and badness, I find none; rather, I see that your ‘nothing’ feels the weight of the ‘All’.  In fact, the more I elevate you intimately to Me and I make you know what the ‘All’ wants to do with your ‘nothing’, the more you feel your nothingness and, almost frightened and crushed under the All, you would want escape from manifesting and, even more, from writing on paper that which the ‘All’ wants to make of this ‘nothing’ of yours.  More so since, as much reluctance as you feel, I always win and make you do what I want.

This happened also to my Celestial Mama, when She was told:  ‘I hail You, Mary, full of grace; You will conceive the Son of God.’  On hearing this, She was frightened, She trembled, and said:  ‘How can this happen?’  But She ended up saying:  ‘Fiat Mihi secundum verbum tuum.’  She felt all the weight of the All over Her nothing and, naturally, She was frightened.  So, when I manifest to you what I want to do with you, and your nothing is frightened, I see the fright of the Sovereign Queen being repeated; and compassionating you, I lift your nothing, I strengthen it, that it may endure sustaining the All.  Therefore, do not be concerned about this, but rather, think of letting the All operate in you.”

Then, after this, I was doing my usual acts in the Supreme Volition, embracing everything and everyone, to be able to bring to my Creator the acts of all as one single act.  While I was doing this, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and embracing everything together with me, united Himself with me in doing what I was doing.  Then, all love, He told me:  “My daughter, I love so much the acts done in my Will, that I Myself take on the commitment to keep them in custody in the unity of my supreme light, in such a way as to render them inseparable from Me and from my own acts.  If you knew how jealous I am of these acts, how they glorify Me in a wholly divine way…  It can be said that each of these acts is a new feast that begins in the whole Creation and in the whole Celestial Fatherland.  Flowing in my Will like ray of light, these acts bring new joys, feasts and happinesses wherever my Will is.  These acts are the joys, the feast and the happiness that the creature forms in the Will of her Creator.  And do you think it is trivial that the creature can form and bring feast, joy and happiness to her Creator and to every place where Our Will reigns?

The same happened with my Queen Mama.  As She always operated in the unity of the light of the Supreme Will, all of Her acts, Her office of Mother, Her rights of Queen remained as inseparable from Her Creator; so much so, that when the Divinity unleashes the acts of beatitude to make the whole Celestial Fatherland happy, It unleashes with them all the acts of the Celestial Mama.  So, all the Saints feel invested, not only with Our joys and beatitudes, but also with the maternal love of their Mother, with the glory of their Queen, and with all of Her acts converted into joys for the whole Celestial Jerusalem.  All of the fibers of Her maternal Heart love all the children of the Celestial Fatherland with love of Mother, and She shares Her joys of Mother and Her glory of Queen with everyone.  So, on earth She was Mother of love and of sorrow for Her children, who cost Her so much, as much as the Life of Her Son God, and by virtue of the unity of the light of the Supreme Will which She possessed, Her acts remained as inseparable from Ours; while in Heaven She is Mother of love, of joys and of glory for all of Her celestial children.  So, all the Saints have greater love, greater glory and more joys, by virtue of their Mother and Sovereign Queen.  This is why I love one who lives in my Will so much, that I lower Myself to her, to do what she does together with her, to raise her up to the womb of the Eternal One, to make her act one with her Creator.”

After this, I remained thinking about the blessed Will of God, and many things wandered through my mind, which it is not necessary to put on paper; and my sweet Jesus, coming back, added:  “My daughter, the triumph of my Will is connected with Creation and with Redemption – it can be called one single triumph.  Since a woman was the cause of the ruin of man, after four thousand years, a Virgin Woman, letting my Humanity, united to the Eternal Word, be born of Her, was the cause and the giver of the remedy for the ruin of fallen man.  Now that the remedy is formed, is my Will alone to be left without Its full completion, while It has Its prime act both in Creation and in Redemption?  This is why, after two more thousand years, We have chosen another virgin as the triumph and fulfillment of Our Will.  Forming Its Kingdom in your soul and making Itself known, with Its knowledge my Will has given you Its hand to raise you to living in the unity of Its light, so that you may form your life in It and the Divine Will may form Its life in you.  And having formed Its dominion in you, It forms the connection through which to communicate Its dominion to the other creatures; and just as, in descending in the womb of the Immaculate Virgin, the Word did not remain for Her alone, but I formed the connection of communication for creatures, and I gave Myself to all and as a remedy for all – the same will happen with you:  by having formed Its Kingdom in you, my Supreme Volition forms the communications to make Itself known to creatures.  Everything I have told you about It, the knowledges I have given you, the ‘way’ and the ‘how’ of the living in my Will, my making known to you how It wants – how It yearns for man to return into Its arms and enter once again Its origin of the Eternal Will from which It came, are all ways of communication, bonds of love, transmission of light, a breeze to make them breathe the air of my Will and therefore disinfect the air of the human will, and an impetuous wind to conquer and uproot the most rebellious wills.

Each knowledge I have given you about my Will contains a creative power; and everything is in letting these knowledges out, because the power they contain will know how to make its way into the hearts, to submit them to its dominion.  Did the same perhaps not happen in Redemption?  As long as I remained with my Mama in the hidden life of Nazareth, everything was silent around Me, although this hiddenness of Mine, together with the Celestial Queen, served in an admirable way to form the substance of Redemption and so that I might to announce Myself as already present in their midst.  But when did Its fruits communicate themselves in the midst of the peoples?  When I went out in public, made Myself known, and spoke to them with the power of my creative word.  And as all that I did and said spread and keeps spreading still now in the midst of peoples, then did the fruits of Redemption had their effects, and still do.  Indeed my daughter, if no one had known that I had come upon earth, Redemption would have been something dead and without effects for creatures.  So, knowledge gave life to Its fruits.

The same will be for my Will:  knowledge will give life to the fruits of my Will.  This is why I wanted to renew what I did in Redemption, choosing another virgin, remaining hidden with her for forty years and more, segregating her from everyone as if in a new Nazareth, to be free with her of telling the whole story, the prodigies and the goods contained in It, so as to be able to form the life of my Will in you.  And just as I chose Saint Joseph to be together with Me and my Mama, as our cooperator, tutor and vigilant sentry for Me and for the Sovereign Queen, in the same way, I have placed near you the vigilant assistance of my ministers, as cooperators, tutors and depositories of the knowledges, goods and prodigies contained in my Will.  And since my Will wants to establish Its Kingdom in the midst of peoples, through you I want to deposit this celestial doctrine in my ministers as my new apostles, so that first I may form with them the link of connection with my Will, and then they may transmit it into the midst of peoples.  If it were not so, or were not to be so, I would not have insisted so much on having you write, nor would I have permitted the daily coming of the priest, but I would have left all of my work between Me and you.  Therefore, be attentive and leave Me free to do what I want in you.”

Now, who can say how confused I remained at this saying of Jesus?  I remained mute, and from the depth of my heart I repeated:  ‘Fiat, Fiat, Fiat…’
June 26, 1926  Volume 19
One who possesses the Kingdom of the Divine Will operates in a universal way and will possess universal glory.  Universal return to the Sovereign Queen.

I was doing my usual acts in the Supreme Volition according to my usual way, that is, embracing everything – Creation, Redemption and everyone – to be able to give back to my Creator the return of love and of glory that everyone owes Him.  And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, the little daughter of my Will must not only think about and occupy herself with defending the universal rights of her Creator, giving Him the return of love and of glory that everyone owes Him as if all were one, in such a way that He may find everything in her – because Our Will involves everything and everyone, and one who lives in It possesses universal ways, therefore she can give Us everything and We can recover everything – but, as Our daughter, she must also defend the rights of the Sovereign Queen.  She operated in a universal way, and therefore She had a love, a glory, a prayer, a reparation, a sorrow for Her Creator, for all and for each creature.  She let not one act escape Her which creatures owed their Creator; and enclosing all in Her maternal Heart, She loved all and each one in a universal way.  So, in Her We found all Our glory – She denied nothing to Us; She gave Us not only that which She was supposed to give Us directly, but also that which the other creatures denied to Us.  And to act as a magnanimous and most loving Mother, who pours Her own self out for Her children, She generated everyone in Her sorrowful Heart.  Each fiber of It was a piercing sorrow in which She gave life to each of Her children, up to the fatal blow of the death of Her Son God.  The sorrow of this death placed the seal of the regeneration of life upon the new children of this sorrowful Mother.

Now, a Virgin Queen who loved Us so much, who defended all of Our rights, a Mother so tender who had love and sorrows for all, deserves that Our little newborn of Our Supreme Will love Her for all, return Her for all, and embracing all of Her acts in Our Will, place her act united to Hers; because She is inseparable from Us – Her glory is Ours, and Ours is Hers; more so, since Our Will places everything in common.”

On hearing this, I remained a little confused, and as though unable to do what Jesus was saying; and I prayed Him to give me the ability to do it.  And Jesus, continuing, told me:  “My daughter, my Will contains everything, and as though jealous, It preserves all of Its acts as if they were one alone; so It preserves all the acts of the Sovereign Queen as if they were all Its own, because She did everything in It.  Therefore, my Will Itself will make them present to you.

Now, you must know that one who has done good to all, who has loved all, and has operated in a universal way for God and for all, has rights over everything and over everyone – and with justice.  Operating in a universal way is the divine way, and my Celestial Mama was able to operate with the ways of Her Creator because She possessed the Kingdom of Our Will.  Now, having operated in Our Supreme Will, She has the rights of the possessions which She formed in Our Kingdom; and who else can return Her if not one who lives in the same Kingdom?  In fact, only in this Kingdom there is universal operation – the love that loves everyone, that embraces everything, and from which nothing escapes.  But you must know that one who possesses the Kingdom of my Will on earth, has the right to universal glory in Heaven; and this, in a natural and simple way.  My Will embraces everything and involves everyone; so, from one who possesses It come all goods along with the glory that these goods contain; and while universal glory comes from her, she also receives it.  And do you think it is trivial to possess universal glory in the Celestial Fatherland?  Therefore, be attentive, the Kingdom of the Supreme Will is immensely rich; there are coins that spring forth; so, everyone expects something from you, and also my Mama wants the return for the universal love She had for all generations.  And you, in return, are due universal glory in the Celestial Fatherland – the exclusive inheritance of one who has possessed the Kingdom of my Will on earth.”
July 11, 1926  Volume 19
Just as it was necessary to make known who They were who suffered more than anyone to form the Kingdom of Redemption, so it is necessary to make known she who has suffered for the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. 

For quite a few days my sweet Jesus had not told anything about His Most Holy Will; rather, He would make Himself seen sad, in the act of striking the creatures.  Today, as though wanting to leave His sadness – because when He speaks about His Will it seems He puts Himself in feast – coming out from within my interior, He told me:  “My daughter, I want to cheer Myself up – let Me speak of the Kingdom of my Supreme Will.”  And I:  ‘My Love and my Life, Jesus, if You do not tell me all the secrets that are in It, not knowing everything, I will not enjoy the fullness of the goods that this Kingdom possesses, nor will I be able to give You the return of love for the goods that You hide; and I would feel unhappy in the midst of so much happiness, because my “I Love You” would not flow in everything that You possess in It.  It may be small, but it is the “I love You” of your little daughter, whom You love so much.’

And Jesus, taking my own words, told me:  “My little daughter, you yourself are saying how necessary knowledge is.  If it is necessary for you, much more so for others.  Now, you must know that in order to form the Kingdom of Redemption, those who distinguished themselves the most in suffering were my Mama and I.  And even though apparently She suffered none of the pains that the other creatures knew, except for my death which was known by all, and which was the fatal and harrowing blow for Her maternal Heart, more than any most sorrowful death; however, since She possessed the unity of the light of my Will, this light brought to Her pierced Heart, not only the seven swords told by the Church, but all swords, lances and pricks of all sins and pains of creatures, which martyred Her maternal Heart in a harrowing way.  But this is nothing.  This light brought Her all my pains, my humiliations, my torments, my thorns, my nails, the most intimate pains of my Heart.  The Heart of my Mama was the true Sun:  though one can see nothing but light, this light contains all the goods and effects that the earth receives and possesses; so, one can say that the earth is enclosed in the Sun.  The same for the Sovereign Queen:  one could only see Her person, but the light of my Supreme Will enclosed in Her all possible imaginable pains; and the more intimate and unknown these pains were, the more valuable and powerful they were over the Divine Heart, to impetrate for the longed for Redeemer; and more than solar light, they descended into the hearts of creatures, to conquer them and bind them in the Kingdom of Redemption.

So, the Church knows so very little of the pains of the Celestial Sovereign Queen, that one can say that It knows only the visible pains, and this is why It gives the number of the seven swords.  But if they knew that Her maternal Heart was the refuge, the deposit of all my pains, that the light of my Will brought everything to Her, sparing Her nothing, the Church would not speak of seven swords, but of millions of swords.  More so, since they were intimate pains, and therefore God alone knows the intensity of the sorrow.  This is why, by right, She was constituted Queen of martyrs and of all sorrows.  Creatures can give a weight, a value to exterior pains, but they do not know enough of the interior ones to be able to give them the right price.  Now, in order to form in my Mama – first, the Kingdom of my Will, and then, that of Redemption, so many pains were not necessary because, since She had no sin, the inheritance of pains was not for Her – Her inheritance was the Kingdom of my Will.  But in order to give the Kingdom of Redemption to creatures, She had to submit Herself to so many pains.  So, the fruits of Redemption were matured in the Kingdom of my Will possessed by Me and by my Mama.  There is nothing beautiful, good or useful which does not come from my Will.

Now, united to the Sovereign Queen came my Humanity; She remained hidden in Me, in my sorrows, in my pains, therefore little was known about Her.  But as for my Humanity, it was necessary that what I did, how much I suffered and how much I loved be known; if nothing were known, I could not form the Kingdom of Redemption.  The knowledge of my pains and of my love is magnet and spur, incitement and light to draw souls to taking the remedies, the goods contained in It.  Knowing how much their sins and their salvation cost Me, is chain that binds them to Me and prevents new sins.  If they had known nothing of my pains and of my death, not knowing how much their salvation cost Me, no one would have had a thought for loving Me and saving his soul.  See then, how necessary it is to make known how much he or she who has formed within him or herself a universal good to give it to others, has done and suffered.

Now, my daughter, just as it was necessary to make known to creatures who He and She were, and how much they cost Them to form the Kingdom of Redemption, so it is necessary to make known she whom my paternal goodness has chosen – first, to form the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat in her, and then, to give start to Its transmission to others.  Just as it was for Redemption, which was formed between Me and my Celestial Mama first, and then It became known to creatures, so it will be for the Supreme Fiat.  Therefore, it is necessary to make known how much this Kingdom of my Will costs Me; that, so that man might enter once again into his lost Kingdom, I had to sacrifice the littlest of all creatures, keeping her nailed to a bed for forty years and more, without air, without the fullness of the light of the Sun that everyone enjoys; how her little heart has been the refuge of my pains and of those of creatures; how she has loved everyone, prayed for all, defended all; how many times she has exposed herself to the blows of divine justice to defend all of her brothers; and then, her intimate pains, and the very privations of Me that martyred her little heart, giving her continuous death.  In fact, since she has known no other life but Mine, no other Will but Mine, all of these pains laid the foundations of the Kingdom of my Will, and like solar rays, they matured the fruits of the Supreme Fiat.  So, it is necessary to make known how much this Kingdom cost you and Me, so that, from Its cost they may know how much I yearn for them to acquire It; and from Its cost they may appreciate It, love It and aspire to enter living in the Kingdom of my Supreme Will.”

I wrote this to obey, but the effort has been so great, that I could just barely make a mention of a my poor existence, since, because of the great reluctance, I feel my blood freeze in my veins.  However, I can but repeat always:  ‘Fiat! Fiat! Fiat!…’

August 22, 1926  Volume 19
The acts done in the Divine Will assume the image of the divine qualities.  What privation of God means, and how the Sovereign Queen suffered this privation.  What it means to be the head of a mission.

I feel as though immersed in the Eternal Will of my adorable Jesus, and as much as I can, I do my round through the whole Creation, to keep company with all the acts that the Divine Will operates in It.  But while I was doing this, my highest and only Good made Himself seen in my interior, looking at all of me, counting all of my acts, one by one, and placing them around Himself to enjoy them.  Then, He told me:  “My daughter, I am doing the counting of all your acts to see whether they reach the number established by Me.  And since my Will encloses all of the divine qualities, each of your acts done in It assumes the image of a supreme quality.  Look at them – how beautiful they are!  Some possess the image of my Wisdom, some the image of Goodness, some of Love, some of Strength, some of Beauty, some of Mercy, some of Immutability, some of Order – in sum, all of my supreme qualities.  Each act assumes a distinct image, but they look like one another, they harmonize, they hold hands and form one single act.  How beautiful is the working of a creature in my Will!  She does nothing but produce divine images, and I delight in surrounding Myself with these images of Mine to enjoy the fruits of my qualities in the creature; and I give her the virtue of reproducing more of my divine images, because I want to see the Supreme Being copied and impressed in them.  This is why I have so much interest that the creature do my Will and live in It:  to repeat my works.”

After this, I was thinking to myself:  ‘How hard is the privation of my sweet Jesus… One feels the true death of the soul, and it happens as when the soul departs from the body:  while it possesses the same members, they are empty of life, they are inert, without motion, and have no more value.  So does my soul appear to me without Jesus:  it possesses the same faculties, but they are empty of life; once Jesus has departed, life, motion, warmth, are ended.  This is why this pain is harrowing and indescribable, and cannot be compared to any other pain.  Ah! the Celestial Mama did not suffer this pain, because Her sanctity rendered Her inseparable from Jesus, and therefore She was never without Him.’  But as I was thinking of this, my beloved Jesus moved in my interior, telling me:  “My daughter, you are wrong – the privation of Me is not separation, but pain.  You are right in saying that it is more than mortal, but this pain has the virtue, not of separating, but of connecting with stronger and more stable bonds the inseparable union with Me.  Not only this, but each time the soul is as though deprived of Me, with no guilt on her part, I rise again for her to new life of knowledges, allowing Myself to be comprehended more, with more love, loving her more, and with new grace, to enrich her and embellish her more.  And she rises again to new Divine Life, to new love and to new beauty; because it is justice that, since the soul suffers mortal pains, she be substituted with new Divine Life.  If it were not so, I would let Myself be surpassed by the love of the creature, which cannot be.

And then, it is not true that the Sovereign Queen was never without Me; separated – never; but without Me – yes.  But this did not prejudice the height of Her sanctity; on the contrary, it increased it.  How many times I left Her in the state of pure faith, because, having to be the Queen of sorrows and the Mother of all the living, She could not lack the most beautiful adornment, the most refulgent gem, which gave Her the characteristic of Queen of martyrs and Sovereign Mother of all sorrows.  This pain of being left in pure faith prepared Her to receive the deposit of my doctrines, the treasure of the Sacraments and all the goods of my Redemption.  In fact, since the privation of Me is the greatest pain, it places the soul in the condition of deserving to be the depository of the greatest gifts of her Creator, of His highest knowledges, and of His secrets.  How many times have I not done this with you?  After a privation of Me, I would manifest to you the highest knowledges about my Will; and with this, I would make you the depository, not only of Its knowledges, but of my Will Itself.  Moreover, the Sovereign Queen, as Mother, had to possess all of the interior states, therefore also the state of pure faith, to be able to give to Her children that unshakeable faith that makes one lay down one’s blood and life to defend and prove his faith.  Had She not possessed this gift of faith, how could She give it to Her children?”

Having said this, He disappeared.  But my mind wanted to think about many strange things, and maybe even senseless; and I would try to do my acts in the adorable Will of God.  But while doing this, I thought to myself:  ‘If living in the supreme Kingdom of the Divine Will requires so much attention, so many sacrifices, very few will be those who will want to live in a Kingdom so holy.’  And my sweet Jesus, coming back, told me:  “My daughter, one who is called to be the head of a mission must not only embrace all the members, but rule them, dominate them and constitute himself life of each of them; while the members do not give life to the head, nor do they do all that it does; but rather, each one does its own office.  In the same way, one who is called to be the head of a mission, embracing all that is needed in order to carry out the task entrusted to him, suffering more than anyone and loving everyone, prepares the food, the life, the lessons, the offices, according to the capacity of those who want to follow his mission.  That which is necessary for you, who must form the tree with all the fullness of its branches and the multiplicity of its fruits, will not be necessary for one who must only be branch or fruit.  Their task will be to remain incorporated in the tree, in order to receive the vital humors it contains – that is, to let themselves be dominated by my Will, never giving life to their volition in all things, both interior and external, to know my Will, and to receive It as their own life, so as to let It carry out Its Divine Life; in sum, to let It reign and dominate as Queen.

So, my daughter, one who must be the head needs to suffer, to work, and to do, himself alone, everything that all the others together will do.  This is what I did; because I was the head of Redemption, I can say that I did everything for love of all, to give them life and to place them all in safety.  The Immaculate Virgin also; because She was Mother and Queen of all – how much did She not suffer?  How much did She not love and work for all creatures?  No one can claim having reached Us, either in suffering or in loving.  At the most, they may resemble Us in part; but reaching Us – no one.  But by having been at the head of all, both the Sovereign Queen and I enclosed all graces and all goods; strength was in Our power, dominion was Ours, Heaven and earth obeyed Our every wish and trembled before Our power and sanctity.  The redeemed ones have taken Our crumbs and have eaten Our fruits; they have been healed with Our remedies, they have been strengthened with Our examples, they have learned Our lessons, they have been risen again at the cost of Our life; and if they have been glorified, it has been by virtue of Our glory.  But the power is always Ours, the living fount of all goods springs always from Us; so much so, that if the redeemed ones move away from Us, they lose all goods and return to be ill and poor, more than before.  This is what it means to be head; it is true that one suffers greatly, works much, and must prepare the good for all, but all that one possesses surpasses everything and everyone.  There is such distance between one who is head of a mission and one who must be a member, that the head can be compared to the Sun and the member to a little light.  This is why I have told you many times that your mission is great – because this is not about mere personal sanctity, but about embracing everything and everyone, and preparing the Kingdom of my Will for the human generations.”

After this, I was following the acts in the Supreme Volition, which converted all into light and formed an horizon of radiant light making clouds of quicksilver; and wherever this light penetrated, everything converted into light.  It had the power, the strength to empty everything, filling everything with its most refulgent light.  And Jesus added:  “My daughter, there is nothing more penetrating than light.  It diffuses everywhere with enchanting speed, bringing its beneficial effect to all those who let themselves be invested by it.  The light refuses to do its good to no one, be they people, earth, water, plants or other things; its nature is to illuminate and to do good, and therefore it leaves no one behind – to all it brings its kiss of light and gives the good it contains.  My Will is more than light; It diffuses everywhere and brings the good It contains; and the acts done in It form the atmosphere of gold and silver which has the virtue of emptying all the darkness of the night of the human will; and with its beneficial light, it brings the kiss of the Eternal Will, to dispose the creature to wanting to live in the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  Each act of yours done in It is a new horizon that you make arise for the eye of human intellect, to make it long for the light of the good that my Will possesses.  My daughter, in order to prepare this Kingdom it takes work, it takes celestial laws, which are laws all of love.  The laws of fears, of pains, of condemnation do not enter into It, because the laws of love of my Will will be friendly, filial, of reciprocal love between Creator and creature.  Therefore fears and condemnations will have neither force nor life; and if there will be some suffering, it will be full of triumph and of glory.  Therefore, be attentive, because this is about making known a Celestial Kingdom, manifesting Its secrets, Its prerogatives, Its goods, to draw souls to love It, long for It, and take possession of It.”

April 16, 1927  Volume 21
Participation of the Most Holy Virgin in the institution of the Eucharist.  How our Lord made the deposit of His Sacramental Life in Her Heart.  Office of Mary Most Holy in the Sacrament.

I was doing the hour in which Jesus instituted the Most Holy Eucharist, and Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, when I do an act, first I look to see whether there is at least one creature in whom to place the deposit of my act, so that she may take the good I do, and keep it safe and well defended.  Now, when I instituted the Most Holy Sacrament, I looked for the creature, and my Queen Mama offered Herself to receive my act and the deposit of this great gift, telling Me:  ‘My Son, just as I offered You my womb and all of my being in your conception, to keep You safe and sheltered, now I offered You my maternal Heart, to receive this great deposit.  I line up, around your Sacramental Life, my affections, my heartbeats, my love, my thoughts – all of myself, to keep You sheltered, courted, loved, protected.  I myself take on the commitment to repay You for the gift You are giving.  Trust your Mama, and I will take care of the defense of your Sacramental Life.  And since You Yourself constituted me Queen of all creation, I have the right to line up around You all the light of the sun as homage and adoration, the stars, the heavens, the sea, all the inhabitants of the air – I place everything around You, to give You love and glory.’

Now, being assured of a place in which to put this great deposit of my Sacramental Life, and trusting my Mama, who had given Me all the proofs of Her faithfulness, I instituted the Most Holy Sacrament.  She was the only creature worthy to keep, defend and protect my act.  See, then, when the creatures receive Me, I descend into them together with the acts of my inseparable Mama; and only because of this can I perpetuate my Sacramental Life.  Therefore, whenever I want to do a great work worthy of Me, it is necessary that I first choose one creature – first, in order to have a place in which to put my gift; second, to be repaid of it.

They do this also in the natural order.  If a farmer wants to sow a seed, he does not throw it in the middle of the street; but, rather, he looks for a little field.  First, he works it; he forms the furrow, and then he sows the seed in it; and to keep it safe, he covers it with earth, anxiously waiting for the harvest to receive the return of his work, and of the seed which he had entrusted to the earth.  Someone else, who wants to form a beautiful object, first prepares the raw material, the place in which to put it, and then he forms it.  So I have done for you.  I chose you, I prepared you, and then I entrusted to you the great gift of the manifestations of my Will; and just as I entrusted the destiny of my Sacramental Life to my beloved Mother, in the same way I wanted to trust you, entrusting to you the destiny of the Kingdom of my Will.”

Then, I continued to think about all that my beloved Good had done and suffered during the course of His Life; and He added:  “My daughter, my life down here was extremely short, and I spent most of it hidden.  But even though it was very short, since my Humanity was animated by a Divine Will, how many goods did I not do?  The whole Church hangs upon my Life, drinking Her fill at the fount of my doctrine.  Each word of Mine is a fountain that feeds each Christian; each one of my examples is more than a sun which illuminates, warms, fecundates, and makes the greatest Sanctities mature.  In fact, if one wanted to make a comparison, all of the saints, all of the good – all of their pains and their heroism, placed before my very short life, would always be tiny little flames before the great Sun.  And since the Divine Will reigned in Me, all the pains, the humiliations, the confusion, the contrasts, the accusations that the enemies gave Me during the course of my Life and of my Passion – everything served to their own humiliation and to their own greater confusion.  In fact, since a Divine Will was in Me, it happened with Me as with the sun, when the clouds, extending through the lower air, seem to want to insult the sun by obscuring the surface of the earth, covering momentarily the vividness of the solar light.  But the sun laughs at the clouds, because they cannot have perennial life in the air – their life is fleeting; a small wind is enough to make them dissolve, while the sun is always triumphant in its fullness of light, which dominates and fills the whole earth.

The same happened with Me.  Everything that my enemies did to Me, and even my very death, were like many clouds that covered my Humanity.  But they were not able to touch the Sun of my Divinity; and as soon as the wind of the power of my Divine Will moved, the clouds dissolved, and more than sun, I rose again, glorious and triumphant, leaving the enemies more humiliated than before.  My daughter, in the soul in whom my Will reigns with all Its fullness, minutes of life are centuries – and centuries of fullness of all goods; while wherever It does not reign, centuries of life are only minutes of the goods they contain.  And if the soul in whom my Will reigns should suffer humiliations, contrasts and pains, these are like clouds that the wind of the Divine Fiat unloads upon those who, to their own humiliation, have dared to touch the bearer of my Eternal Will.”

After this, I was thinking about the pain of my Mama, when, sorrowful and pierced in Her Heart, She departed from Jesus, leaving Him dead in the sepulcher; and I thought to myself:  ‘How could She possibly have so much strength, as to be able to leave Him.  It is true that He was dead, but it was always the body of Jesus.  How could Her maternal love not consume Her, rather than letting Her take one step alone away from that extinguished body?  What heroism – what strength!’

But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me:  “My daughter, do you want to know how my Mama had the strength to leave Me?  All the secret of Her strength was in my Will reigning in Her.  She lived of a Will which was Divine – not human, and therefore She contained an immeasurable strength.  Even more, you must know that when my pierced Mama left Me in the sepulcher, my Will kept Her immersed within two immense seas – one of sorrow, and another, more extensive, of joys and beatitudes; and while that of sorrow gave Her all the martyrdoms, that of joys gave Her all the contentments.  Her beautiful soul alone followed Me into Limbo, and was present at the feast that all the Patriarchs, the Prophets, Her father, Her mother and our dear Saint Joseph made for Me.  Through my presence, Limbo became Paradise; and I could not do without letting the One who had been inseparable from Me in my pains, participate in this first feast of the creatures.  Her joy was so great, that She had the strength to depart from my body, withdrawing and waiting for the fulfillment of my Resurrection, as the fulfillment of Redemption.  Joy sustained Her in sorrow, and sorrow sustained Her in joy.  To one who possesses my Will, neither strength, nor power, nor joy may be lacking; rather, she has everything at her disposal.  Do you not experience this within yourself when you are deprived of Me and you feel consumed?  The light of the Divine Fiat forms Its sea of happiness and gives you life.”


December 8, 1931

The Queen of Heaven Envelopes in Her Seas of Grace the Good Acts of Creatures.

I continued to abandon myself in the Divine Fiat, whose sweet chains constricted me with a powerful force—not only to take away my liberty and to help me wander more freely in Its infinite spaces, but to defend me from everyone and everything.  How I felt the pressing need for my Celestial Mother to grant me her help to sustain the little acts that I performed in the Divine Will, and for Her to present them Herself to God so that [they] could meet with his approval and his Divine smile.  The Heavenly Counselor, who denies nothing to her to try to please her, visiting my poor soul said:

“My daughter, our Divine Mother has the primacy over all the good acts of creatures.  As Sovereign She has the burden and right of collecting them in those that She accomplished Herself.  Her tenderness of Queen and Mother is such that, as soon as She discovers that a soul is disposed to form an act of love, She quickly lets a ray of her love descend from the height of her throne, and invests, surrounds, and vivifies that act.

            “When this is done, She allows it to ascend on that very ray up to the source of that love, and, presenting it to God, She says:  ‘Adorable Majesty, in my love that always flows to You there is that of my children, fused with mine.  With the right of Queen and Mother I drew it into my sea, so that you could find in my love that of all your creatures.’

            “When these [her children] adore, pray, atone, or suffer, the Queen of Heaven allows a vivifying ray of this very adoration to descend from her throne, and with it reparation and suffering.  Then with these She surrounds and invests their adorations, their prayer, their atonement, and their sufferings.  As soon as these holy acts are performed, She allows them to ascend by means of her rays to her throne, and setting them on the flow of her seas She repeats:

            “‘Most Holy Majesty, my adoration extends to that of all men; my prayers pray in their prayers, my reparation shelters their atonement, and my suffering is renewed in their pains.  How could I consider myself Queen of all men if I did not hasten to deposit my act first in all those that they complete?  How could I be their Mother, and how could I experience the sweetness of Mother, if I did not come to their aid, if I did not supplement their deficiencies, and if I did not embellish and fortify all their actions?

            “‘Yes, the acts of my children are truly one with mine.  I have them in my power close to your Throne to defend them from every danger and to augment them with my merits.  I guard them faithfully, because they are my guarantees that my beloved creatures will overtake Me in Heaven.’

            “So, my child, you are never alone in your acts.  Your Celestial Mother is with you; and not only does She surround you, but with the light of her virtues She nourishes your act to give it life.

            “The Sovereign Queen, since her Immaculate Conception, was the first and only creature that retied the ring of union between the Creator and man which Adam had broken.  She generously accepted the Divine Mandate to unite God and humanity, and by

means of her first acts of faithfulness, sacrifice, and heroism, She brought them to

completion.  Allowing not once, but in every act her own will to die so that that of God could always live, She gave birth to a new source of love between God and man.

            “Furthermore, since She now reigns in Heaven, in all her maternal tenderness She never ceases to allow her own virtue to flow [in the acts of creatures], and makes her very own acts inseparable from those of her children.  Know therefore, my child, that your knowledge is enveloped, sustained, and maintained by the very patience of your Mother, and that your sufferings are borne and strengthened in her ineffable sorrows which, like a balsamic oil, alleviate the pain of your suffering.

            “The Divine Maria is really the vigilant Queen that does not know how to rest on the throne of her own glory!  As a protective Mother, She descends and runs to the side of her children to supplement their acts and to meet their needs.  Show, therefore, great appreciation for the solicitude that She has toward you.  Above all, thank God heartily, who granted all generations a Mother so holy and so lovable.  [A Mother] who with so much goodness appropriates all human acts, supplements their deficiencies, and invests them with her merits!”


March 13, 1932

The Most Holy Virgin Was the True Prisoner of the Divine Will, and will Yet be the Announcer and Conductor of Its Holy Reign.

I delved into the abyss of the Divine Fiat, and I invoked the Celestial Mother so that She would teach me how it was necessary to live in the Divine Will.  But here is my sweet Jesus, repeating his short visit, and in all tenderness He said to me:

“My daughter, I exulted with joy on hearing that you called our Divine Mother so that She might be a companion and guide.  You must know that She was the true Celestial prisoner of my Will.  Accordingly, not only does She possess the secrets to fulfill It and the way to overtake Us, but besides She possesses the keys of Its Kingdom.

            “When She was on earth She prepared by her own actions a place for all the acts that men would have performed in the Divine Will.  With what maternal solicitude She descends on them from Heaven, and sets her gaze on them to observe those works in the Divine Fiat.  How She anxiously awaits their acts so that She can enclose them in her own hands.  What pledges and testimonials of their ardent desire they have in the coming of the promised Kingdom!

            “The Virgin Mary, being the holiest and the greatest among all creatures, has never known any other Kingdom than that of my Divine Will.  In Her, She has full right of Sovereign; and in time She will be the Announcer and Messenger, as well as Directress [of this Kingdom].  Therefore, pray to Her; ask Her to be your guide and teacher.  She shall collect all your acts with more than maternal love, enclose them in hers, and will tell you:  ‘The acts of my daughter are similar to that of the Mother.  Therefore they can remain together so that she may double the right that men have to receive the Kingdom of the Divine Will.’

            “This Kingdom that already exists, which has been previously formed by Me and by the Celestial Mistress, will be infallibly granted by God to the human generations. Therefore, either for Its granting or Its receiving, it is necessary that they know [of It], and [each one] must [chose to] act either inside or outside of It.

            “Since the Sovereign of Heaven is She who possesses the greater ascendancy and the greater kingdom in the Divine Heart, Her acts will be at the head of others.  It follows that those of men will come; [men] who have been transformed, by virtue of my Will, from earthly to Divine.  They shall make their very rights valuable before God, and they will induce Him to grant the Kingdom [that He has] pledged to give.  Therefore, work and live in my Supreme Fiat so that the purpose of the creation of the world is fulfilled, and in such a way my great Love will be reciprocated.”


September 8, 1932

The Wonder of the Birth of the Queen of Heaven.  How She Grew Up in Union With the Divine Will and Has Become a Sun That Speaks in the Recurrence of the Nativity of the Queen of Heaven.

I stopped to meditate on the great portent, the Divine prodigy that Heaven and earth adored.  Then my greatest good Jesus, with love and unspeakable tenderness, said:

            “Blessed child of my Will, do you know why the birth of my celestial Mother encloses within it marvels and prodigies?  It is Because when She was born not only did the most pure of all come into being, the Immaculate One, but with Her was also born my Divine Will, which had been generated and enclosed in the Holy Child when She was formed.  It was her very life operating and growing.  The freeing of the Celestial Creature from original sin, and the granting of Divine Life, would just have been a minor thing for our power and knowledge.  But what stupefied and called the attention of the Heavens and earth was the birth of My Will in Her.

            “All beings then felt shaken by a mysterious force, by the same power that

dominated, moved, and sustained everything, and that now placed itself and all creation at the service and disposition of this neonatal child  The birth of my Will that was accomplished with that of the Celestial Child was therefore the origin of all the other prodigies which We centered in Her.

            “My darling child, there is no marvel nor good that does not accomplish my Fiat there where It reigns.  To have an outlet for Its love and Its power It forms a true operating life in human creatures, and It gives of Itself even to overflowing.  Therefore admire and thank our Supreme Will for the rivers of Grace and Love which It bestowed on your Mother and Mine!”

In addition, lovable Jesus made me consider how the Divine Will diffuses Itself in the tender members of the little Queen, and developed at the same time with hers.  What happy development, what a new and great miracle this was!  While I showed my amazement, the dear Divine Teacher added:

            “My good child, the allowing of the Divine Fiat to live in the Celestial Queen was the greatest, most heroic, most intense love that our Divinity produced, because from this act flowed incalculable good!  Having given our Will to Her as life, We could not have given Her greater riches since this gave Her everything—and formed in Her the source of all Divine good.

            “My child, the Sovereign Baby, while growing together with our Will, generated simultaneously in her very soul, in her heart, in her works, and in her steps, innumerable speaking suns.  With voices of light and irresistible love they penetrated into our Divine Bosom, and they spoke incessantly of love . . . that of our Supreme Being and of the human kind.  Her little footsteps, the movement of her delicate hand, the beats kindled in her heart, all the acts that She completed in virtue of the Divine Will that lived and grew with Her, they were all like suns that spoke.

            “What She said never ceased, because her whole being spoke, not with a human voice, but with mysterious and Divine voices which were never exhausted.  Having the Divine Fiat in her power which is a word—an operating word—She kept Us occupied, besieged, ravished, surrounded on all sides, and compelled Us to concede what She asked.

            “Her word was powerful, and therefore allowed our power to give in.  She was sublime and sweet, and therefore could bend our justice.  She was light, and therefore She was commanding to our Supreme Being in our love and goodness.  In a word, there was no virtue of ours that did not yield to the influential voice of this Celestial Creature.”

While He was saying this, my sweet Jesus wanted to show me the Queen of Heaven.  From her Immaculate Heart a sun emerged which invaded the entire Celestial Court and all the Universe.  Its radiant rays formed a most brilliant light, and with speaking voices turned to God, the Saints, the Angels, and all the creatures on earth.

Before this marvelous spectacle, I know I thought how my Celestial Mother, by means of this sun, now possesses her continuous speech—and with voices of light speaks to her God.  She loves Him and glorifies Him Divinely; speaks to the Saints and beatifies them; speaks to the entire Celestial Court and inundates them with joy; speaks to all of us, creatures of the earth, and She smoothes the way to lead us to Heaven.

            Then my beloved Jesus asked:  “Have you seen what it means to live in the Divine Will?  It means acquiring the virtue of transforming all human acts into as many suns speaking incessantly of love to God.  All that flows from my Divine Will possesses a virtue that at the same time operates, enlightens, and continues throughout the centuries.  Therefore, they are the acts that will triumph upon Him, and will win Him over!”


October 9, 1932

The Prodigy of the Conception of the Virgin.

My small mind kept thinking of the acts accomplished by the Divine Will, and in particular reflected on the conception of the most Holy Virgin.  Oh God, the Heavens remained mute in the face of such a great prodigy.  Even the Angels themselves remained dumbfounded and were incapable of speaking about it!  And while I remained astonished, my Jesus discovered this and said:

            “My child, the conception of the Immaculate Virgin was an act of our Will, new for the times, new on earth, new in grace.  In Her all creation was revived.  In our immensity We called all creatures with all their past, present, and future good works as if they were one so that in all their acts this Conception could take place, and all creatures would have a right to it.

“When our Will completes an act that must serve the good of all, no one is set apart, and, taking advantage of our omnipotence, It reunites human creatures and their acts (except sin, so that evil may not enter our acts) and executes the act that It has decided to make.  As you see, my child, even your acts participated in the conception of the Celestial Queen.  Consequently, by right you are her child, and She by right is your Mother.

            “Each of our works always starts with a single act, and therefore, since it is one, it ties together everything.  When the Holy Virgin was born, We succeeded in producing multiplied effects.  We conceded existence for the Immaculate Lady, We renewed the entire creation, We loved Her with a new love, and We placed Her in safety because We entrusted It to the maternal custody of the Divine Maria.  Precisely in that consists our omnipotence and our creative force:  To accomplish all, and to obtain good for all, by means of a solitary act.”


April 12, 1935

How the Celestial Queen Has Loved All Creatures Since the First Moment of Conception.

While I was submerged in contemplation of the mystery of the Immaculate Conception, my good Jesus said to me:

            “My child, I want to let you penetrate further in this mystery, so that you can admire and understand this marvel:  How She loved her Creator and how, for our love, She loved all creatures.  From the first moment of her conception, the little Queen began her life together with the Divine Will—thus together with her Creator, from whom She felt her strength, her immensity and the fire of Divine Love in such a way as to almost feel lost, overcome by love, and feeling a strong need of loving He Who loved Her.

            “He felt Himself loved by an extraordinary love, infinite and Divine.  This is because We gave our Will into her possession, so that She could hold It as her own life.  Moreover, this love can be considered the greatest toward God, a very heroic love, a love that alone can say, ‘I have nothing to give you, I have given you all.’

            “Thus the little Queen used this life to love Us, as much as She was loved, and tried to keep equaling Us in love.  However our Divine Will, that possesses the all-seeing everything, presented to this Holy Creature all the human generations, along with the sins of each creature that were committed and that would have been committed.  From the first instant of her conception the Celestial Child that knew no other life than that of the Divine Will began to suffer with Divine suffering for the sins of each, so as to form around each sin seas of love and of Divine pain.

            “It was our Divine Will that was developing in her beautiful soul oceans of pain and love, in reparation for each sin of every creature.  Therefore the Holy Virgin, from the first instant of her life, became Queen of sorrows and of love.  Furthermore, if our self same Will had not sustained Her with Its power, She would have been dead with every sin, and on many occasions would have been consumed by love for as many creatures that were to exist.  It was then that our Divinity, in virtue of our Divine Will operating in this Sublime Creature, began to experience Divine Love for all—and a repertory love for all.  How We felt satisfied and repaid by each creature, and by virtue of this love and Divine sorrow We even felt raptures of love toward them.

            “Her love was such that, dominating Us, it would make Us love whom She loved so much that when this Celestial Creature was born the Eternal Word descended from Heaven to earth so as to come to find man and save him.  Who can resist the power of our Will operating in this Creature?  No one.  And what can the soul not obtain through Her?  Nothing!  If all could understand the great good that We granted to human generations in giving them this Celestial Queen who won her Creator, who prepared the Redemption, and who truly was the carrier of the Eternal Word, how they would embrace her knees and implore from Her that Divine Will which She possesses as her life!”


May 14, 1935

The Queen of Heaven Is Placed at the Head of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  Those Who Live in This Holy Kingdom Will Provide Much Work for the Celestial Mother.

My mind always returns to the unending seas of the Divine Will.  While It murmurs, It smiles with love at Its creatures.  In exchange, It requests that they return Its most tender smiles, and will not bear that It remain behind in showing them love.  Therefore, this proves that it is impossible not to do the Divine Will while one lives in It!

Who can say what the soul experiences in this Divine sea?  She feels the purity of Its kisses [and] tastes the joy of Its chaste embraces which produce Celestial peace, Divine life, and such strength as to win the same God.  How I long to know that all men would live in this sea, they certainly would never leave It!

While I kept thinking thus, I said to myself:  “When will this Kingdom of the Divine Fiat come?  And who can see It?  How difficult it is to realize It!”

Just then, my beloved Jesus intervened.  He said:  “And yet, the Divine Kingdom will certainly come.  You calculate by human standards, and therefore to you Its coming will seem difficult.  The Supreme Being, on the other hand, uses Divine measures which are such that they will do, in easy fashion, that which seems impossible to the human intellect.

            “Besides, is there not the Queen of Heaven who, with her sweet dominion, prays continuously so that this Kingdom comes on earth?  Moreover, when did We deny anything to this Celestial Mother?  Our Being is incapable of resisting the power of her prayer because the strength that She possesses is the same [strength] that animates our Will.  Additionally, in virtue of this, She impetrates with true right this Holy Kingdom, which will undoubtedly be granted to Her, and [which] will properly be named the Kingdom of the Celestial Empress.

            “What will the Queen and Celestial Mother of humanity [not] do for the children who live in It?  She will grant unheard of graces, unknown surprises, and will produce miracles that will shake them, as well as Heaven and earth.  She will place at their disposition seas of grace, holiness, and power, and will set to flight all their enemies.  To keep them safe, She will surround them with her virtues, her sorrows, and those of her Son, Jesus.  She will make them grow in her own womb, will hide them in her love, will cover them with her light, and with her own hands will nourish them with the food of the Divine Will.

            “How much work will these souls give Her; and what joy will She experience in transforming them into faithful copies of Herself, using the most tender care and the most diligent maternal solicitude.  They shall be her good souls, her secretaries, the powerful magnets from whom her gaze cannot be shaken, and with whom She will have love, life, joy, and grief in common.

            “Living in My Will, they will make the sweetest company, they will participate in her maternal fecundity, and will enjoy the inheritance of her every act.  How happy will this sweet Mother be!  How amply rewarded will She feel when She sees that there are those who understand Her, who resemble Her, who caress Her, and who, like Her, live in the Will of God!”


June 6, 1935

How the Queen of Heaven Wanders From Nation to Nation Trying to Save Her Children.

My poor mind continues its endless flight in the Divine Will, to retrace all the acts that It accomplishes and to admire all; that there is neither in Heaven nor on earth anything that does not tell us of the eternal origin of Him who created them.  His sanctity is unparalleled, his Love always emanates.  His Fiat always speaks to the mind and the heart, now with articulate voice, now with groans, now supplicatingly, now with majesty, and at times with such sweetness as to move the hardest and most hostile hearts.  My God, what power your Will has!  Allow that I always live in It.  With your omnipotence, overcome all obstacles, and hasten the Kingdom of your Will on earth!

At that time my sweet Jesus wanted to present to my mind so many sad and ghastly things before which the coldest hearts were shaken, and the most obstinate were terrified.  With an unspeakable goodness He then said to me:

            “My daughter, take courage.  You will serve in the triumph of my Will.  If I wound you, it is a sign that I want to heal you.  My Love is such that if I cannot win by means of grace, I shall try to win by force of terror [chastisements].  These same men who often do not pay attention to my kindnesses, who remain deaf to my words and laugh at my love, when they see taken away from them the things that they need in their natural life, become very humble.  Furthermore, unless they have a wicked and obstinate vice, they return to my arms as children to their father.

            “Know, oh child, that when I am occasionally compelled to use punishment for the good of creatures, my Heart is such that, so they may not be hurt, I entrust them all to my Mother.  Oh, how safe are those souls that are under her protection, and live sheltered under her mantle!  In some cases, not even death has power over them!”

To better convince me, my dear Jesus showed me the Queen of Heaven.  With unspeakable majesty and maternal tenderness She descended from Heaven, traveled through all nations, and marked with a particular sign all those who should not be touched by chastisement.  My sweet Jesus was giving to his Mother the privilege of saving whomever She pleased, and everyone marked by Her remained immune.

How moving it was to contemplate the Celestial Empress as She wandered throughout different parts of the world to collect her creatures into her maternal arms, to press them to her bosom, and to hide them under her mantle so that no one could harm them!  If all men were privileged to understand with what love and with what tenderness the Sovereign Mistress completes this duty, they would shed tears of consolation—and they would love much more She who loves us so!


July 8, 1935

Those Who Live in the Divine Will Acquire Inseparability From Their Creator, and in Heaven They Will Be Transformed Into Suns and Stars That Will Crown the Celestial Sovereign.  Participation of the Queen of Heaven at the Institution of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

Wandering in the Divine Will, I found myself delighted and surprised before the most beautiful work of the Holy Trinity, that is to say before our Queen Mother.  While I was contemplating in silent admiration, my lovable Jesus said to me with sweetness and with indescribable love:

            “My child, how beautiful my Mother is!  Her empire extends everywhere.  Her beauty ravishes and enchants all hearts.  There is no being that does not bend its knees to venerate Her.  Think . . . for such beauty emanates from the inseparability bestowed upon Her by my Divine Will.

            “In virtue of the same identical Fiat that We always pronounce together, She takes part in all my works and has the right to do all that I do.  I don’t do anything without her contribution.  In all my life there was no action in which She did not participate.  We are inseparably united even in the institution of the Blessed Sacrament, and together We pronounce that Fiat, that all powerful Fiat, that transubstantiated the bread and wine into my Body and Blood, into my Soul and Divinity.

            “Just as I would like to have obtained her Fiat before taking human form in the flesh of her virginal womb, so I still wanted it when I was about to begin my Sacramental Life.  Besides, how could I have had the heart to exclude my Mother from an act in which my Love gave vent to exuberant excesses, incredible in magnitude?  And not only did I want Her with Me in performing this prodigy, but I also made Her Queen of my Sacramental Life.

            “There are not enough words to express the impetus with which She accepted the new mission of Motherhood, nor phrases to express the tenderness with which She renewed the offer of her womb and of her beautiful soul so that She could protect Me from the horrendous ingratitudes and enormous sacrileges which I would have to undergo in the Sacrament of my Love!

            “My daughter, if I greatly insist that my Will become the Life of man, it is because I desire to have him as a companion in my acts since I yearn that he love Me with my same Love, and that he act through my own actions.  I do not want to be the isolated God, and I do not consent that my creatures live alone without taking part in our Divine work.

            “See how my Celestial Mother has, in an admirable way, taken part in everything that I did during my mortal Life, thanks to the single will that loved Us!  When I produced miracles, She was united with Me in the operation of the prodigy.  When I recalled the dead to life, I felt that She remained united to Me within the power of my Will.  When I suffered, She suffered with Me in totality and constancy.

            “The inseparability of person and of action was the supreme honor that She received from the Divine Fiat.  Additionally, in time her work fused with mine, and it proved to Me more love and greater glory than I could desire.  In such a way I deposited and She received in her maternal Heart the works performed.  She was even jealous to the point of taking care of my very breath.  The unity of our Wills, united as one, and Her having become sacred through my works, produced a flame of pure love sufficient to burn and consume the entire world.”

            After a few moments of silence, during which I remained imbued with an unspeakable joy and ineffable understanding of the seas of grace of my Celestial Sovereign, my greatest good Jesus added:

            “My daughter, admire my Mother!  Her majesty is enchanting, before her holiness the heavens bow.  Her praises are of incalculable value, who can claim to be like Her?  She is par excellence, the only true Mistress and Mother of all creatures, and the Queen of the Universe!  Of all the treasures that She possesses, do you want to know, my daughter, what is most precious to Her?  They are the souls!

            “Each soul is dearer to Her than the entire world.  Moreover, because no one enters Heaven except through her means and by virtue of her Motherhood and sufferings, She consequently considers them all as her property.  It is thus justifiable to give to the Holy Virgin the title of Mistress of Souls.  They form all of her riches, her ineffable joy, and the pride and the conquest of her infinite love!  See, therefore, how rich She is!  Her riches are special.  They are full of loves that speak, of loves which are singing the praises of the Celestial Mistress.

            “As Mother, She shall have the possession of an innumerable stock of children, and, as Sovereign of the Reign of the Divine Will, She shall have her subjects.  These children and these subjects will form her most shining crown.  As suns and as stars they will shine around her august body with such beauty as to ravish the Heavens.  The children of the Reign of my Divine Will will be the first to give Her glory and to render to Her the honors of Queen.

            “Therefore I beg you to intensely pray that this Kingdom come on Earth soon.  The Divine Mother, who was already crowned by the Holy Trinity, waits that her beloved children adorn Her with a new wreath of glory—proclaiming Her already in this life as their Queen, and offering their own existence in attestation of [their] love.  How many Divine secrets would men uncover if they understood the meaning of living in my Will!  On your part, my daughter, you should prefer to die rather than not live in my Will!”


December 20, 1936

The Divine Fiat Made the Virgin be Conceived in Each Soul So That Each Creature Should Have a Proper Mother, a Mother of His Own.  Gifts That God Gave to the Virgin.  Triumphs and Victories of the Virgin.

My consummate good Jesus held me immersed under the spell of the great marvel of the Conception of the Sovereign Queen, and showed great interest in revealing what He did in this Great Lady.  With untold joy He said:

            “My child, listen to the unheard of wonders, the amazing surprises, the sublime masterwork that the Divine Will performed in my Celestial Mother.  I feel a strong need to let all mankind know about it so that all may understand the great good that the generations have received from Her.  Know that our Divine Will—whose immensity embraces all, possesses the all-seeing ability of all beings, and always performs universal works—in the act of the Conception of the Holy Virgin called to Itself each creature (by means of the proper creative virtue), and made him conceived in the Maternal heart of Mary.

            “But this was still not enough for our Love.  With the greatest and unbelievable generosity It wanted to place the blessed germ, or seed, of the Celestial Lady in every human creature so that each person would possess a Mother of his own, and would be able to experience in the depth of his soul the sweetness of her dominion.  From that instant the more than maternal love of the Virgin was placed at the disposition of every creature to guide the creature and allow him to grow, to free him from perils, and to nourish him, so to say, by the Divine Fiat.

            “Our Will, that was free and had total dominion of the faculties of this child of ours, all beautiful and holy, wanted that all creatures be contained in Her and that She live in each one so that She would be able to experience the ineffable joy of being loved by all in her own right.  Our Will raised Her to such a level that from the first instant of her life She was Queen of our Fiat of our Love.  Moreover, when She loved Us, We felt in her love her Motherhood for the creatures, and the harmony between her love and theirs.  Oh how beautiful was that love, harmonized and united together.  It wounded Us, and made Us happy to the point of languishing.  It disarmed Us and made Us see everything, the heavens, the sun, the earth, seas, and creatures, enveloped and hidden in her love.

            “How moving it was to see this Celestial Child be a Mother to each creature!  After She had formed in them their own seas of love, She sent by them the proper items, the proper darts of love.  Then, still not satisfied, She brought all before our Throne, and with the strength of our Divine Will placed them in her arms caressed them, kissed them, and bestowed on them amazing graces.  My child, what holiness was not impetrated, formed, and safeguarded by the tender love of your Celestial Mother!

            “Besides this, you must know that our infinite Love gave to that Sublime Creature all our Divine attributes:  Our power and knowledge, our Love, our goodness and beauty.  However, We never give a man existence without fortifying him with particular gifts, gifts that he often loses so easily—then moves away from our Will, and at times never becomes aware of them.  Instead, this Holy Virgin never left Us, but led her life perennially in the interminable seas of our Fiat.  With the growth of her person, our Divine qualities increased.  She continuously kept producing vaster works of power, of knowledge, and of love.

            “Living in our Life as never any Angel had, She entered into our Divine secrets, penetrated into our most intimate recesses, and received acknowledgment from our Supreme Being, which were never granted to other creatures.  Won by our same power that dominated Her, We enjoyed being domineered by Her.  Furthermore, to make Her happier, We kept saying to her, [while] lavishing our chaste embraces and the most tender smiles, ‘Do what you will!’

            “Our Will feels so much love and so much desire to have the same creatures live on their own, [that], as soon as It sees a reciprocity from them, It submerges and drowns them in an abyss of graces.  Consequently their tiny humanity compels them to say:  ‘Enough! I am about to be overcome.  I am devoured by your very flames, I can’t take any more!’

            “Yes, our Love is never satisfied.  It never says ‘enough,’ and the more opportunity it has for giving, so much more does it rejoice.  Then it puts more on the banquet table of the person by whom it feels it is loved, so as to increase the attraction to let him live in communion of life with Us.

            “Now, my child, I want to reveal to you still another wonder that our Fiat performed in the Holy Virgin.  Already I explained to you how her every act, heartbeat, and step produced a new triumph that the Divine Fiat bestowed on Her, and constituted a new victory which She accomplished over God Himself.

            “Well, now in order for Her to be a true Mother to every human creature, She called everyone to Her, hid all their acts privately, gave them as a gift all her triumphs and all the victories that She had brought back, and then with an unspeakable tenderness, so as to break one’s heart, She turned to Us and said:  ‘Look, adorable Majesty, these are all my children.  My conquests belong to them because I gave them to them as a gift.  Just as the Mother won and triumphed, so will her children win and triumph.’

            “So that every creature could in all reality affirm that he had been donated the acts of his own Queen Mother, and be invested with her victories, She accomplished in God their other acts—as many as would have been done by all the creatures.  Therefore know, my child, that he who wants to become a Saint finds in the triumphs and victories of his own Celestial Mother the gifts for becoming the most superior Saint.  Who is weak finds in Her the strength that he lacks.  Who is suffering and afflicted obtains from her pain the possibility of triumph and victory needed for resignation.  Who is a sinner finds in Her the surest means to obtain pardon.  All, in summary, possess in the Sovereign Queen their proper gift, the best sustenance, and the help that is necessary for their needs and that conforms in a greater degree to the state in which he belongs.

            “What a wonderful and enchanting scene is made visible before our eyes when We

see that the Sovereign Lady, in order to be Mother to each creature, loves and prays in her own children!  This is the greatest marvel that occurs between Heaven and earth.  We could never offer a greater good to all the human generations!

            “However, my darling, it remains for Me to confide to you a disappointment that intensely distresses my Divine Mother.  In exchange for her immense love, She receives nothing but ingratitude from man!  Despite the fact that She acquired the real gifts by means of agonizing sufferings, by innumerable pains with the heroic sacrifice of her very own Divine Son’s Life, these are neither acknowledged nor appreciated by them.

            “Only a few are interested, and therefore make a poor showing in sanctity.  Then She, my Celestial Mother, suffers a continuous sorrow when She sees her riches are lost to them, and the purpose for which She acquired them is lost, especially since it involved the complete sacrifice of her life.  Know that She possesses immense riches of love, of grace, and of sanctity!  That is why She wants this good made known to all, because if you do not know it you can’t desire it nor appreciate nor possess it.

            “Moreover, since She acquired these gifts by virtue of the Divine Fiat that reigned in Her, this same reigning Divine Will will bring about the cognizance of the gifts to creatures, and will allow them to possess them.  Pray that such a great good be known and wanted!”


December 24, 1936

The Heavenly Mother is the Divine and Human Mother.  The Violent Flow of the Love of God Which in Virtue of the Divine Fiat Allows This Mother to Generate Her Son Jesus in Each Creature.

A light that seemed to speak descended from the bosom of the Eternal One, invested my poor mind, and told me many beautiful things about my Celestial Sovereign.  Seeing that I wasn’t capable of repeating everything, my loving Jesus comforted me with his usual goodness:

            “My daughter, take courage.  I shall help you.  I myself will suggest the words to you because I feel the irresistible urge to make my Mother known to all, her gifts, her privileges, and the great good that She does and can do for all human generations.  Listen and learn how far our Love reaches.  You will hear things never heard by you, nor by others, marvels that will shake the most unbelieving and ungrateful sinners.

            “You must know that our Love knew no peace.  It kept flowing and flowing with such power and rapidity as to bewilder Heaven and earth, and make everyone exclaim:  ‘Is it possible that a God could so love his creatures?’  Even though men possessed a Father in Heaven, even He was not satisfied.  Thus in his delirium and his folly, He thought to give them a Mother who at the same time could be Celestial and earthly.

            “If the pressures and the Love of the Divine Paternity were insufficient to induce human creatures to love their God, at least the unspeakable tenderness of this Divine Mother with human qualities would have eliminated the distance between God and man, and removed their fears and trepidations of the Supreme Majesty.  They would really be attracted to God, and abandoned themselves in the paternal arms of God, to be won by her love and to love Him in turn without measure.

            “In a word, She would be the ring of the union between Heaven and earth, between Creator and creature.  However, to obtain the intention it was necessary that tumultuous, prodigious accomplishments be made with Love that never ceases and that only a God could produce.  In our Omnipotence We called from nothing this Holy Creature, and gave her life making use of the same seed as the human generations that We had purified by Her.

            “In the same instant of her Conception the Celestial virtue of our Fiat descended upon this seed, and in it inoculated a proper Divine Life.  Thanks to the indissoluble union of the two creatures, the Divine fecundity was inoculated with the Virgin Mary so that one day She could prodigiously conceive a man and God with a human seed.  She would furnish humanity to the Incarnate Word, and with the seed of the Fiat would conceive in Herself the Divine Word.

            “In such a way, by means of this human and Celestial being, the barrier that existed between God and man were removed.  When one approached the other She gave to her very children the brother that all could love.  Mirrored in Son and Mother, creatures same human failings had experienced such confidence and love [so as] to be conquered—and [they] loved with rapture He who loved them so, and [who] led a common life with them.

            “If a good mother earns from her own children veneration and love, how much more [veneration and love] does this Celestial Mother deserve who did not hesitate to risk her own life so that her own children could be saved.  What is it that She did not do to make them happier and holy?  The humanity of the Son of God is his Celestial Mother, and as human is true motive for trust and love for all generations.

            “The Word made Flesh says to them:  ‘Do not be afraid; come to Us.  We resemble

each other in all, and We shall give you everything.  Our arms are always ready to receive you—come!  My Mother wants to enclose you in her Heart so as to give you all her and my good.  It is enough to tell you that She is my Mother and your Mother, and that She holds all of you conceived in her own womb.

            “But this is still nothing.  I was God and had to do as a God.  Our Love flowed and flowed.  At first you will be stupefied by the new findings that I uncovered to satisfy my excessive tenderness.  When at their time the human generations will learn about it, they also will remain surprised—and they will love Us so that they will reciprocate to a great extent the unbridled flow of our Love.  Therefore give Me your attention, my child, and thank Me for what I am teaching you.

            “As I already said, our Love was not satisfied to give to the Virgin the true and proper motherhood of all souls.  It was not enough for it to produce Mary in every creature so that every person should have a Mother all to himself, and could enjoy the possession of all her good—but it went beyond this to another superlative.

            “This Celestial Queen possesses the fullness of our Divine Fiat, which in [Its] Nature possesses the virtue of generation and bilocation.  Because of this She could generate and bilocate as many times as her God Son desired.  Whereupon our Love—having been placed in this Celestial Creature, and given deliriously by virtue of my Fiat that She possessed—gave Her the power to allow Her to generate Jesus in each creature.  To make Him be born, grow, and do everything necessary to form the Life of her dear Son, and, after this Life was formed, to supply that which the creature does not do for his Creator.  Accordingly . . . if He cries in Her, She dries his tears; if He is cold, She warms Him in her own way; if He suffers, She suffers suffer together with Him.

            “One can truly say that She is at the same time Mother to the Creator and to creatures; She nourishes them, brings them up, dresses them, guides and loves both with the same love.  With her very maternal arms She forms two wings of light and, covering them, hides them in her heart to give them the sweetest repose.

            “My child, if our Love was satisfied to give a single Jesus and a single Mother to all generations it would have been neither excessive in its grandeur nor swift in its course.  Instead, since the Mother was first generated, and later, through her means, her Son in each single soul, it quieted in part its own deliriums—and demonstrated that it was truly infinite.

            “What enchanting spectacle it offers to our sight:  The Celestial Lady always intent

in forming her Jesus in each creature, and making of each a portent of grace and love.  Do not marvel, my child, because the Divine Fiat can do everything and that It has granted this prerogative to the Holy Virgin, as well as demonstrated such an extraordinary predilection for Its creatures.  Rather, deplore the great indifference with which men receive our Supreme Gift, and wish with all your might they learn to know and appreciate the magnitude of the Love that moved Us.”


December 28, 1936

How the Celestial Heiress Invites Her Own Children to Inherit Her Goods, and How She Gives Her Maternal Love to Souls So That She Singularly Transforms Them Into Mothers of Jesus.

My good Jesus said to me:  “My blessed daughter, my Being is all Love, and while given in such a way that there is no greater Love, it still invents new Love that surpasses the preceding ones.  Listen, and you will be convinced of the truth of my words.

            “You know that Adam, because of the sin that he committed, caused all sin to be inherited by the human generations.  Since he exited from the beautiful heritage of the Divine Will in which he lived, and in which there was opulence and luxury, he therefore lost for himself and his posterity the right to possess all our goods.  All these treasures were not really destroyed.  Accordingly, when a good exists there is always the certainty that sooner or later there will be someone who will have the good fortune to possess it.

            “Contrary to all other human creatures, the great Queen gave beginning to her own life in the heritage of the Divine Will.  In recompense, She received from her Creator such a wealth of good as to feel replete and capable of making all men rich and happy.  Acquiring in this superabundant heredity the fecundity of human and Divine Motherhood, She inherited the Word from the Heavenly Father for all human generations.

            “Therefore, as Mother She has the right to generate in her maternal Heart her children as already being heirs.  But this was not enough for her love and ours, so She generated Herself and the Divine Word in each creature.  Just as Adam, when he sinned, transmitted to his descendants the sad heredity of all evils, passions, and weaknesses, so the Celestial Queen, by means of having lived her very life in the Divine Will, was able to bestow on her children the right to inherit all her innumerable good.

            “Oh, how The Sovereign Mistress wanted her sublime heritage to be known and donated to human creatures!  She who lives in their souls wants to make them participants in the Divine Motherhood, She wants that they generate Jesus in themselves.  They will act as Mother, they will defend Him from every offense, and they will love Him with the same love that She Herself loves Him with!  Mother love, my child, is different from all others.  It is a love that always yearns, a love that will sacrifice even [her] life for her own creature.

            “Very well, the Virgin Mother wants to give mankind her love of Mother, and make them heirs of her own Child.  How honored She will feel when She sees that they will love the Word of God, her beloved Jesus, with his infinite tenderness!  Not feeling able to hold back all the love that overflows from her Heart to mankind [and] to Me, She urges Me not to delay it any longer.  She says:  ‘Show my children my great heritage.  Tell them everything that I can, and will, do for them.  I will feel very honored and glorified by You if I do not reveal it Myself.’

            “Know, my child, that that which I taught you will have its full consummation as soon as my Will will reign on earth as it does in Heaven.  Then men on earth will feel the same heartbeat of their Celestial Mother, and will take possession of all her heritage.  Therefore pray that they may attain this great grace as soon as possible.”


January 1, 1937

The Feast of Love That the Queen of Heaven Prepared for the Birth of Her Divine Son.  Love Is a Magnet That Transforms and Embellishes.

I kept thinking about the excesses of love of the Divinity in the Incarnation of the Word.  Similar and many other infinite oceans of love envelop all creatures to let creatures understand how much God loves them, and how much He desires to be re-loved by them.  Investing them from within and without they murmured unceasingly:  “Love!  Love!  Love!  We give love and want love!”

Suddenly I saw that our Celestial Mother, wounded by this constant cry of the Eternal One, preparing a surprise of love for her dear Son, the Word Incarnate.  Then little Jesus, all delighted, said:

            “My child, do you not know that on the day of my birth my Mother prepared a great feast?  She knew the oceans of Love that the Eternal Word carried with Him when He descended from Heaven.  She listened to the continuous cry of God that wanted to be re-loved.  She knew our anxieties and our aspirations, and often in her womb She had heard Me sigh and cry.  Each moan of Mine was a sea of Love that I sent out to every human heart to obtain from it some tenderness.

            “Not seeing any reciprocity I redoubled my tears, and with them I multiplied these seas to win the creatures—but always in vain because they converted into other pains all the demonstrations of the affection that I gave them, pains that on my part I was transforming into new seas of love.

            “My Mother, who suffered untold pains in my martyrdom and knew that I could not take part in any jubilation if I did not feel Myself loved, wanted to give Me a reason for smiling and being happy as soon as I had opened my eyes to the light.  Being Queen of creation She enveloped heaven with her own love, and impressed her seal of ‘Love, oh Son, for Myself and for all’ in every star, in every rustle of a branch, in every motion of a creature.

            “She wanted that the sun would invest with its rays its very Creator, and after warming Him it would repeat by means of every shaft of light her maternal refrain.  She  had hid her love in the wind, and then commanded it to caress her sweet newborn and to repeat with every breath:  ‘I love You, oh Son, for Myself and for all.’  She inundated the air with her seas of love so that, while breathing, He would feel the breath of his own Mother.  She covered the sea with her seas of love, so that the sea would murmur ‘I love You, oh my Son,’ and the fish darting in the sea would incessantly repeat the same refrain.

            “With her empire of Queen She diffused everywhere her ‘I love You’ so that everything might offer to little Jesus the expression of her infinite tenderness.  And actually I felt her love in every twitter and chirp of the birds, I found it stamped on every atom of earth, even to the hay that served as a cradle for Me.  There was nothing that I saw or touched in which I did not feel the sweetness of the love of my Mother.

            “Yes, my child, for my birth my Mother truly prepared Me the most beautiful and great joyful jubilation because She gave Me the reciprocity of my immense Love.  It was her tenderness that quieted my weeping and that warmed my extremities, stiff from cold in the manger.  In it I found the love of all creatures, because my Mother kept kissing Me, She kept pressing me to her heart, and She loved Me for each of them.  Feeling Myself in Her loved by all mankind, I felt the need of looking at them as her dear children and my dear brothers.

            “My child, what can love not do when it is  sealed by the omnipotent Fiat?  It becomes a magnet and therefore attracts Us in an irresistible manner, cancels all lack of resemblance, and with its heat transforms and confirms the creature into Him whom he loves.  Even the Heavens and earth are attracted to him and ravished by his beauty.  It is not possible for Us not to love the man that loves Us.  Before his victorious power our power, though Divine, gives up its arms and declares itself weak and impotent.

            “My darling daughter, you too must offer to Me the jubilation that my Mother gave Me at my birth!  Surround the entire universe with your ‘I love You.’  Do not let anything slip by you, but allow your tender love to flow in everything toward Me—since my birth did not occur only once, but is being repeated continuously.  Make Me always smile.  Many times my rebirths are lacking in smiles and jubilation, and then I remain with my tears and my sighs, trembling from the cold that stiffens my extremities.  Press Me to your heart and warm Me with your tenderness, redress Me with the garb of light of my Will, and I in recompense will enrich you with new love and new understanding in my Divine Will.’

February 10, 1937

The Reign of the Divine Will Will be the Reign of the Queen of Heaven.  Her Ardent Desire, Her incessant Prayers, and the Assaults of Love to the Divinity to Obtain It.

While I felt completely immersed in the Divine Will, it seemed to me that Heaven and earth

were invoking the coming of this Kingdom since the will of all can be one—and because that of God must rule as Sovereign on earth as in Heaven.  To this immense chorus, the voice of the Queen of Heaven was added.  Thus, with her same yearnings every being should request with their own desires that Divine Will which She possess and desires, so that the Fiat could descend into their hearts and form Its Life there.  She entered into everything and absorbed to Herself Angels, Saints, men, and creation.

At that time my Jesus, appearing as all Love, told me between heartbeats and audible sighs:

            “Daughter of my Will, listen to Me.  My Love is about to overcome Me, I am unable to hold it any longer.  Even at the cost of overturning Heaven and earth, I desire that my Will reign in the world.  The Celestial Mother will unite with Me.  She tells Me, and constantly repeats to Me:  ‘Son, hurry—do not delay any longer!  Use your strategies of love, act like the God that You are.  With your power and majesty, pour [out] a love that no one can resist.  Allow your Will to take possession of all on earth as in Heaven.’  Moreover, She tells Me this with such ardent sighs, with palpitations so warm, that I could not resist them.

            “Making use of her amorous strategies, She added:  ‘My Son, Child of my maternal Heart, You have made Me Mother and Queen, but where are my subjects?  Where are my children?  If I was capable of suffering, I would be the most unhappy Queen and Mother because, though I possessed the Kingdom, I am deprived of the subjects that live in the same Will in which I live.  In whom will it be given to Me to find the joy of my Motherhood, if I do not have my children to whom I can entrust my great heritage?  Allow the Divine Fiat to reign quickly so that your Mother will be completely happy, since She will have her subjects and her progeny living as She, in Your Will.’

            “Do you believe, my child, that I can remain indifferent to this cordial prayer of my Mother that continuously resounds in my ear?  That gently insinuates itself into my Heart and wounds it with a dart of love?  No, I cannot, nor do I want to!  Since She never denied Me anything that I asked, how could I refuse Her?  My own Heart asks Me to satisfy Her!

            “To greater encourage you to unite your yearnings to ours, I want you to turn to the words of my own Mother.”

            Then drawing me with inexpressible love beneath her blue mantle, the Holy Virgin said:  “Daughter of my maternal Heart, the Kingdom of the Divine Will will infallibly  be my Kingdom.  [This is] because It has been entrusted to Me by the Divine Trinity, just as It was entrusted to Me by the Eternal Word when He descended from Heaven to earth.  Now, with my ardent sighs and incessant prayers, with my maternal Heart and rights as Queen, I assail the Most Holy Trinity so that this Kingdom come to light, and triumph in the world.

            “These sighs of mine burn Me so that in reality I feel as if I did not have any glory, despite the fact that I have much—because the Heavens and earth are full of it.  Thus if I do not see the Kingdom of the Divine Will established among my children, I shall not be happy.  I shall only be happy when they live in this Kingdom, because then they will double the glory that I now possess.

            “Therefore, continuously calling all men to my Heart, I repeat to them:  ‘My children, come to your Mother, love Me as I love you!  If you do not live in the same Will that I lived in you cannot offer Me the love of true children, and it will not be possible for you to learn how far my love for you will go!’

            “Imagine, my darling, that the ardent desire which I have for this Kingdom incited Me to descend from Heaven to visit souls.  When I find a heart disposed to live in the Divine Will, I enter into him and reside there to prepare with decorum and love a place for the Divine Fiat which, at Its time, will take possession of the soul and will form in her Its very Life.  To accomplish this purpose I shall remain inseparable from my children.  I shall place at their disposition, like an impenetrable wall, my life, my love, my virtues, and my sorrows.  Thus they may find in their Mother all the help that they need so that they may live in this Holy Kingdom.


            ‘Then my happiness will be complete, my love will find repose in creatures, and my Motherhood will find in them true filial affection—placing in jubilation Heaven and earth.  I shall be Queen to all, and I will spread unheard of and amazing grace everywhere.  My darling child, always remain close to [your] Mother, so that with Her you may invoke and incessantly implore the Kingdom of the Divine Will.”


February 4, 1934

Love of God Concealed in the Virgin.  The Divine Paternity Communicates to the Divine Maternity, and Generates in Her Human Generations.  How the Divine Immensity Renders all the Works of the Creator Inseparable From Him.

Continuing my abandonment in the Divine Will, the tiny atom of my soul finds in It all that my sweet Jesus accomplished since eternity for the love of creatures and [which] therefore circulates in all his acts to impress on each of us his “I love.”  Suddenly my beloved Jesus stopped me in the unending waves of love of the Conception of my Celestial Mother, and in all goodness said to me:

“Child of my Will, your ‘I love you’ wounds our hidden Love.  It compels it to overflow from those same wounds that it inflicts and induces it to reveal our intimate secrets.  Know that We loved the entire human race intensely, but We were obliged to hold concealed the immense power of our affection within Us, because in man We found neither love nor beauty that would take Us.  Instead, the generations were immersed in such a torpor of sin that horrified Us when We looked at them.

“But despite our insatiable desire to reach them . . . what did We have to do to satisfy their desires?  To satisfy it, it was necessary to take advantage of a great discovery.  We therefore called to life the Virgin Mary, and on creating Her all pure and holy, all beautiful, all love without blemish of origin, We placed in Her the germ of our own Divine Will.  Thus, between Her and Us there was free interchange, a perennial, inseparable union.

“The Celestial Queen, as soon as She was conceived, enamored Us with her beauty, and struck Us with her tenderness, so that our Love was compelled to flow from our Heart and seek refuge in Her.  As We looked across her beauty to all the creatures, they did not seem to be ugly anymore.  Therefore We loved them with the same love that had remained hidden and restricted in Us up to that time, and that now burned in the heart of the holy Virgin.  So that in her turn She could love all mankind as her own children, generated in Her by her celestial Father, our Divine Paternity communicated to her Divine Maternity.

“Just as the Virgin Mary understood that We loved all creatures in Her, even so She felt that our Love formed the new generation of humanity in her Maternal Heart.  My child, what better strategy could our Paternal goodness have conceived to extend our infinite Love to all men, (not) excluding those that had offended Us?  From their lineage We selected a creature that could love them.  We made Her very beautiful so that We could give them a most affectionate Mother, and We hid in Her our own Love.

            “True love, my child, is never idle.  It takes occasion to manifest itself from the smallest to the grandest things, uses all artifices to make itself loved.  Now it hides itself, now it reveals itself, now it faces the loved object directly, at times indirectly—always trying to be acknowledged by the loved one.  It is in this Celestial Queen that all men can find our hidden Love.  It is in her heart that they can be loved inexhaustibly by Us who remain subject to her sweet control.”

I cannot relate the joy that I experienced on thinking that my Divine Mother possesses in her Maternal heart the hidden love of my own Creator loving me.  In order to be more favored by my Jesus, I kept saying to myself very confidently:  “She will cover me with her virtues, will dress me up again in her beauty, and in such a way She shall hide all my poverty and my weaknesses.”

But suddenly a doubt tried to cloud my happiness.  Was it possible that the re-found Divine Love could have been extinguished at the same instant that my Queen Mother entered Heaven?  Then Jesus benignly explained:

            “My blessed child, our works always continue, and are inseparable from Us.  Therefore our every Love that is hidden remains, and will remain, indissolubly joined to the Virgin.  Our works would not be worthy of a God if they were subject to be discontinued, separated from Us.  When We love and allow our Love to overflow onto creatures, one can say that our Love separates from our bosom, but that is not so.  Instead it is shed over them; it still remains intimately united to Us, and is inseparable from Us and he who receives it.

“All that there is in Heaven and earth, every man that is born to the light of day, everything is inseparable from Us.  This is because of our immensity, which envelops everything.  Since it is everywhere, it unites everything that We do.  Therefore, neither can our works be separated from Us, nor We from them.  One can even say that they form a single thing with Us.

“Our immensity and power are similar to the circulation of the blood in the organism which provides and maintains life for its members.  These can be distinct functions, but they can never be separated from each other.”

            Marveling, I asked:  “And yet my Love, the reprobates, in spite of the fact that they were created by You, live separately from You.  Don’t they belong to you anymore?”

            Jesus resumed:  “You are mistaken, my child.  If they do not belong to Me by way of love, they belong to Me by way of justice.  My immensity that envelops them even holds over them the proper dominion,.  Otherwise, if this were not so, my punitive justice would not be able to have an equitable vindication.  If things did not belong to Me, they would instantly cease to exist.  But since they have life, it is a sign that there is someone that sustains them and who justly punishes them.

            “From what I told you, you can easily argue as to how our Sovereign Lady can still possess our hidden Love in Heaven in favor of each creature, and how much She enjoys feeling that We love all men in Her.  Since She is really their Mother, She truly hides them in her heart to make them be loved by Us.  [She hides them] in her very pains to forgive them, and in her prayers to allow the most precious graces to be granted.  Yes, She is truly the Mother that always knows how to perfect and excuse her beloved children near the Throne of our Divine Majesty.  Therefore, always run incessantly to your Celestial Queen and let Her protect you, and She will generously provide for all your needs.”


December 8, 1935

God Completes the Miracle of the Immaculate Conception and Makes the Holy Virgin Participant of the True Divine Rights.  How He Does Not Want to Do Anything Without the Consent of the Celestial Mother.

While I wandered in the works of the Divine Will, I stopped to contemplate on the instant in which the omnipotent Fiat created the Immaculate Virgin.  What an astounding and unheard-of prodigy I could see enclosed in Her!  My sweet Jesus, noticing my wonderment, said to me:

            “Blessed child of Mine, you must know that there is neither in Heaven nor on earth any comparable beauty or worth equal to the Immaculate Conception of my Divine Mother.  My omnipotent Fiat, that in Itself has neither beginning nor end, worked in Her a new creation infinitely beautiful, more marvelous, than that of the entire Universe.  This is because It accomplished a marvel superior to all others to make It Life of Her life and to increase It in Her in every instant by prayer and action.

“The creation of the Universe, though so wondrous, is maintained by Us through the power of our Creative Act and Conserving Act.  Yet it does not surpass the magnificence of the creation of this Virgin, because in Her We not only maintain the Creative and Conserving Acts, but the Growing Act as well.  This is the prodigy of prodigies.  Thus the Life of our Will is reborn in Her, and Her growing continues in every act that She makes.

“To be able to overtake Its proper purpose, our Fiat pronounced Itself in the act of conception of this Blessed Virgin.  Moreover, when our Fiat thus pronounces, our Act reaches a sumptuousness, a sublimity, a height, an immensity, and a power that can enclose all in the net of Its Love—excluding no one except he who would refuse to accept the good that is offered.

“Our Divinity, seeing that our Will was as if reborn in this creature, allowed Her to participate in the Divine Rights so that She became possessor of our own Love, of our Power, Knowledge, and Goodness, and also Queen of our Fiat.  On her part, the Heavenly Lady becoming worthy of the high level of our Will, accepted Us, and, by means of her every act, came to love Us not only for Herself but for each and every creature.  Enveloping each one in her same love, She allowed Us to hear the very tender echo of love from each one.  Who could resist this most Holy Virgin?  We felt as if bound and made prisoners by Her, because She operated, loved Us, praised Us, and prayed to Us by virtue of the increasing Act of our Fiat.

”          “Possessing It, She enveloped and absorbed into Herself her own Creator, the most

Holy Trinity.  The power that She held over Us was such that We felt We had to love Her in equal measure, and We did not have the heart to deny Her anything She asked for.  In making Her happy, We felt a greater happiness.

            “My child, when We see that a soul loves Us and possesses our Will as life, when We determine that she is all for Us and that We are all for her, then We find our happiness in the same joy.  That is the great prodigy that results when one lives in our Will, that of feeling a participation in our very same Divine Rights.  By means of this participation, the infinitely Divine Love embraces all, is given to all, and is lived by all in a continuously growing sanctity.

“Thus for the Sovereign Queen, possessing our Will as life, She always was able to give to Us and speak to Us.  Furthermore, there was not even an instant in which She did not hold Us occupied.  In this way She compelled Us to communicate to Her our most loved secrets, so that We never do anything without Her.

“First We come to an understanding with Her, then We decide and place in Her Maternal heart the good that We destine for man.  Truly there is no conversion of sinners, there is no grace that descends to earth, no holiness that develops, no love that leaves our Throne, which is not first deposited in her Maternal Heart which, in turn forms a maturation of the good that is about to be bestowed.  She fecundates it with her own love, enriches it with her graces, and, if necessary, with the virtue of her own sufferings.  Finally She offers it to him to whom it is destined in such a way that when he receives it, he experiences the Fatherhood of the Divinity and the Motherhood of the Celestial Queen.

            “We can operate without Her, but We do not want to place Her aside.  Our Love, our infinite Wisdom, and our Fiat are imposed on Her and do not allow Us to do anything without Her consent.  You can see therefore, my child, how far our Love goes for the souls that live in our Divine Will.  Just as our infinite knowledge fecundates the earth and gives life to all creatures, continuously enveloping the universal creation (which in turn gravitates to Us)—so the new creation of the Immaculate Conception revolves continuously around God, by whom She is continuously surrounded.  By means of this reciprocal encirclement, God and the Virgin maintain the fecundity of goodness, produce the sanctity of souls, and constantly recall men to their Creator.”

August 13, 1936

The Great Prodigy of the Creation of the Virgin.

As usual I was thinking of the conception of the Most Holy Virgin, when Jesus stopped my reflections and said to me:

“My child, the Holy Virgin constituted the greatest prodigy of creation, because the Divine Will, subordinating, even from the first instant of her conception, her human will, and the will of the Holy Creature, on her part subordinated to the Divine Will, overcame the other—and both of them remained victors.  As soon as the Supreme Fiat entered as ruling King in Her, the chain of Divine miracles immediately began.  The creative force flowed in that creature with such vehemence, that it could sustain the entire creation as if it were a bundle of straw.

            “Thanks to this impetuousness, all things felt in that creative force the flow of the Uncreated, which sustained and contributed to their preservation.  This invincible force that flowed from the Virgin by virtue of the Divine Fiat was so powerful as to prevail over all, even the Creator himself.  No one could resist Her.  Even the devils felt powerless, and did not know where to hide so that they could get away from it.

            “In the same way that our Divine Power flowed in our Will, it created in the Virgin our infinite Love diffused into her finite love, causing [in Her] the irresistible need of loving all without measure.  From that moment there never was a created being that was not favored by Her.  As Mother and as Queen She was invested with our Fiat in such an abundance of love, goodness, and grace as to win all hearts, and to allow Her to be loved even by things that do not possess reason.

            “Each one of her acts, her prayers, her adorations and reparations, filled Heaven and earth.  Moreover, her love, impatronizing all, flowed in Heaven, in the sun, wind—everywhere.  Thus our Supreme Being felt reciprocated and prayed to by Her in all created things.  A new life flowed in everything.  She loved for all, and made Herself be loved by all!  It was our Uncreated Will which had had the place of honor in her created will which, in that way, produced reciprocity of the love that We placed at Her disposition in creation.

            “Understand, my child, how by this Conception of the great Queen began the very Life of God in man, and the life of man in God.  Oh what exchanges of love, power, beauty, and good thereafter came about between them!  The prodigies that alternated in the Immaculate Lady were so continuous and unheard of that they astonished Heaven and earth, and made the Angels ecstatic before My Divine Will—through how It operated in that creature.

            “Possessing Her in my Will I not only elevated Her to the dignity of Queen of Creation, but I preselected Her for my own Sovereign.  As such, She became my Vessel of Election, the Door to Heaven, the Room in which I would have taken residence.  ‘Descend, oh Eternal Word,’ She pleaded with emphasis and [with] her imperial love, ‘Descend on earth.  In my bosom You will find your Paradise, your joys, that same Will that reigns in your Divine Person, and use Me as an entrance and way for souls to climb and reach the Celestial Native Land.’

            “In fact, the Blessed truly owe to their Divine Mother the triumph of their entrance into Paradise.  Having lived on earth purely under the Divine Will, as one lives in Heaven, She gains for them the delights of these Celestial Regions, and always keeps you covered—as if hidden in proper glory and in all the acts that She performed in the Divine Will.  Thus the Blessed experience love in their joy and their works.  The power of their ineffable Mother is sovereign.

“My child, what can my Will not do? It produces all possible and imaginable good, and when it reigns in a soul, it bestows such favors and compels her to supplicate:  ‘Oh Holy Will of my God, do with me what you will; command, take!  I shall never deny You anything.  Your power is irresistible, your strength makes me weak.  I abandon everything to your good judgment so that You may live in me, as mistress and Queen!’

            “Now you must know that this Holy Creature, ever since her conception, felt the pulsation of my Fiat in Herself.  She loved Me, and the Divinity reciprocated with twice as much love for every one of hers.  In her breath She felt the respiration of the Divine Will, and loved Us in every breath, and We reciprocated with double the love at every breath.  She felt the movement of the Fiat in her hands, in her footsteps, in her feet, in her entire being.  She felt the Life of the Divine Will.  In all her acts, She loved for Herself and for everyone, and We loved her always and always in every instant.  Our Love flowed like a rapid torrent, and She always held Us attentively, and in jubilation, to receive her love and give ours—so much so that She reached to cover all sins, and the same creatures, with our Love.

            “My child, the reason has been revealed to you why our justice remained disarmed by this invincible creature who, it can be said, did with our Supreme Being what She wished.   How We want for men to understand what it is to live in the Divine Will, and [how We want to] be able to render them all holy and happy!”.


December 8, 1936

How the Queen of Heaven Was Conceived in the Merits, Life, Love, and Sufferings of the Future Redeemer So That at a Later Time She Was Able to Conceive in Herself the Divine Word, the Savior of the World.

My mind, my poor mind submerged in the Divine Fiat never tired of contemplating the conception of the Immaculate Queen.  When the Fiat accomplished this act He was exultant and He called around Him to Himself the Angels, Saints, creatures, the entire creation, so that they all could witness the graces and love with which He produced from nothing this sublime creature.  Thus they all could be grateful to Her and extol Her as a rightful Queen and Mother.

My surprise reached its height when my lovable Jesus, all goodness, said to me:

“My child, I want to honor my Celestial Mother.  I want to narrate to you the story of her Immaculate Conception.  Only I Who am the Author can worthily speak of this great, prodigious Act.  Her acts, her words, her steps—before having life in her person—were first conceived in Me, Son of the Living God.  Her love, incarnate in Mine, enclosed everything and everyone and loved as God loves, with the same madness toward Us—and toward all creatures.  Even her prayer was conceived in Mine.

            “Therefore, She was gifted with an immense power to which our Supreme Being could deny nothing.  Her pains, her suffering, her innumerable agonizing and martyred experiences, were conceived in my Humanity, and all were animated and corroborated by Divine force before they came into existence in her soul and virginal body.  Therefore, with reason one can say that the Immaculate Conception of my Mother took place in Me, and through Me obtained life.

“In every instant of her existence I continuously poured into this Holy Creature, and surrounded Her with, the powerful entourage of my works and my sufferings, and without ceasing I said:  ‘You are the life of my Life.  You are entirely beautiful.  You are the first redeemed, my Divine Fiat has molded You.  It has made You live and has conceived You in my works, in my same Humanity.’

“My child, our total wisdom, our unreachable power, produced the conception of the Celestial Queen of the Incarnate Word for the decorum that was convenient to our works.  In fact, it would not have been enough—neither for my Love, nor to my Divine sanctity—that I take on Human Flesh in a creature purely Virgin, and only exempt from original sin.

            “To make Me descend from Heaven, it was necessary that this Celestial Creature should possess all the prerogatives, virtues, and beauty that were proper to the Word of the Father.  To be able to be conceived and incarnated in her womb, I had to find in Her my Heaven and my Sanctity.  I had to see Her sprinkled with my own Blood, and enriched by the Divine Fecundity of my Will—while She would form my Life of Son of God and Son of Man.

            “To make Her worthy of conceiving Me, my Divine Fiat invested Her and kept Her continuously under Its Power.  It took over her every act, bestowed everything on Her, called for the contribution of my foreseen merits, and of my entire Life, and continuously kept pouring graces into her beautiful soul.

            “My child, really no one is qualified to speak of the Immaculate Conception of my Divine Mother.  Even Holy Church, up till now, did not reveal but tiny bits of knowledge of her sanctity, of her greatness, and of the gifts with which She was enriched.  Only I, having conceived Her in Me, can narrate the true story of her life, and reveal the marvels that were accomplished in Her by our Divine Fiat.”


May 28, 1937

The Supreme Being, When He Willed the Incarnation of the Eternal Word in the Womb of the Celestial Queen, Entrusted to Her the Task of Carrier of Souls to Jesus.

This morning, after having received Holy Communion, my Celestial Mother made a sweet and dear surprise to me.  She made Herself seen inside of me with the baby Jesus, whom She held tightly to her maternal Heart, and so covered by her arms that, in order to see Him and enjoy Him with my love, I was forced to abandon myself also into her embrace.  Yes, I wanted to be so close, to be held tightly to Them so that I could love with the same love that Jesus and the Queen Mother had for each other.  Moreover, while I was thus, in all goodness and tenderness the Sovereign Queen said to me:

            “My darling child, know that I am the bearer of Jesus.  This task was given to Me by the Supreme Being.  Only after He had been assured that I had the grace, the love, the capacity, and the same Divine Will to care for Him, defend Him, and love Him, only then did He give Me the gift and made the Eternal Word become Incarnate in my womb.

            “The Supreme Being said to Me:  ‘My daughter, We are making You the great gift of the Life of the Son of God.  Thus, since You will possess Him, You can give Him to whoever You wish—but you must defend Him, and never leave Him alone when You give Him.  You must supply love if they do not love Him, and make reparation if they offend Him.  In short, see that He lacks nothing for decency, holiness, and the decorum that He needs.  Be attentive, Daughter, It is the greatest gift that We make to You.  We also give you the gift of bilocation [for] as many times as you wish.  Therefore whoever wants Him may receive Him, and also possess this great gift.’

            “Consequently, my darling, this Son is mine, I am the possessor of his Life.  Furthermore, since He is mine I know his amorous secrets, his anxieties, his sighs.  These are so powerful that they can drive Him to tears, and with repeated sobs He tells me:  ‘My Mamma, give Me to souls, I want souls!’  Then I, his Mother, sigh and cry together with Him.  I want what He wants, which is that they all possess my Son.

            “I must, however, be sure of the safety of his Life, the great gift that God entrusted to Me.  Therefore, because of this, in the Sacrament He descends into the hearts of creatures, and I also descend to protect my gift.  If I were to leave my poor Son alone, and if He did not have his Mother with Him, some bad souls would hurt Him!

            “For those who do not heartily tell Him ‘I love You’ when they receive Him, I dispose to love Him in their stead.  For those who receive Him distracted, without thinking of the great Host that they are receiving, I pour myself out to Him so as not to allow Him to feel the distractions and coldness of creatures.  For those who almost make Him weep, I dry his tears, I soothe Him, and at the same time scold those creatures so [that] they will stop making Him sad.

            “Who can relate to you the moving scenes that take place in the hearts of those who receive Him Sacramentally?  There are souls who would like to love Him more, and in that case I give them both my love and that of Jesus so that they can love Him with our own Love.  These are scenes of Heaven, before which even the Angels are enraptured, and at the same time make Us recover from the pains that other creatures give Us.

            “Who can tell you everything?  I am the Bearer of Jesus, He does not want to go to creatures without Me, so much so that when the Priest gets ready to pronounce the words of the Consecration on the Holy Host, I spread my maternal wings so that He descends from between my hands to be consecrated.  Furthermore, if unworthy hands would ever touch Him, I would make reparation with mine, defending Him and covering Him with my love.

            “This is not all.  I am always attentive to see if creatures want my Son.  Thus, if some sinner repents of his grave sins, and the light of grace appears in his heart, then I quickly bring Jesus to him as confirmation of the pardon, and provide all that is needed so that He may remain in that converted heart!

            “The Divine Will which I possess reveals to Me who [it is who] wants Him, and I rush to him.  [I] fly there, never leaving him, because I am the Bearer of Jesus.  This is a task given to Me by the Supreme Being, and from which I must not evade.  It is a task that at the same time makes Me experience the joys of my Motherhood, makes Me taste the fruit of my sorrows, gives Me the glory of the Kingdom that I possess, and the fulfillment of the Divine Will on earth.”


May 28, 1937  Volume 34
The Queen, bearer of Jesus; the great gift that was given to Her.  The task She received from the Supreme Being.

My living in the Divine Volition continues.  Its Love is so great that It hides me within Its light, that I may see, hear or touch nothing but Its Most Holy Will.  Even more, this morning my Celestial Mother gave me a sweet and dear surprise:  after I received Holy Communion, She made Herself seen in my interior as though fused with baby Jesus; She was holding Him so tightly to Her maternal Heart, covering Him with Her arms, that in order to look at Him and cheer Him with my little love, I had to abandon myself in Her arms, so that I too might be fused with Them, to be able to love as Jesus and the Queen Mama loved each other.  Oh! how happy They were that I wanted to live life together with Them.

Now, while I was clinging to Them, the Sovereign Queen, all goodness and tenderness, told me:  “My beloved daughter, you must know that I am the bearer of Jesus.  This was a gift that the Supreme Being entrusted to Me; and when He was certain that I had grace, love, power and the very Divine Will to keep Him safe, defended and loved, then He delivered the gift to Me – the Eternal Word incarnating Himself in my womb – telling Me:  ‘Our daughter, We are giving You the great gift of the Life of the Son of God, that You may be the owner, and may give Him to whomever You want.  However, know how to keep Him defended; never leave Him alone with the ones to whom You give Him, so that You may make up for them if they do not love Him, and repair if they offend Him.  You will act in such a way that nothing may be lacking to the decency, the sanctity and the purity that befit Him.  Be attentive, this is the greatest gift We give You; and We give You the power to bilocate Him as many times as You want, so that whoever wants it, may receive this great gift and possess it.’

Now, this Son is mine – He is my gift; and since He is mine, I know His loving secrets, His yearnings, His sighs, which are such that He reaches the point of crying, and with repeated sobs He tells Me:  ‘My Mama, give Me to souls – I want souls.’  And I want what He wants; I can say that I sigh and cry together with Him, because I want everyone to possess my Son.  But I must keep His Life safe – the great gift that God entrusted to Me; this is why, when He descends into hearts sacramentally, I descend together with Him to secure my gift – I cannot leave Him alone.  Poor Son, if He did not have His Mama who descends together with Him…!  How badly they treat Him!  Some tell Him not even one ‘I love you’ from the heart, and I must love Him; some receive Him distracted, without thinking of the great gift they are receiving, and I pour Myself over Him so as not to let Him feel their distractions and coldness.  Some reach the point of making Him cry, and I calm His crying, and give sweet reproaches to the creatures, that they should not make Him cry.  How many moving scenes take place in the hearts that receive Him in the Sacrament!  There are souls who never content themselves with loving Him, and I give them my love, and even His own, so that they may love Him.  These are scenes of Heaven – the very Angels remain enraptured, and We feel cheered from the pains that the other creatures have given Us.  But who can tell you everything?  I am the bearer of Jesus, nor does He want to go without Me; so much so, that when the priest is about to pronounce the words of Consecration over the Holy Host, I make wings of my maternal hands, that He may descend in between my hands to be consecrated, so that, if unworthy hands touch Him, I make Him feel mine that defend Him and cover Him with my love.

But this is not enough.  I am always on the lookout, to see whether they want my Son; so much so, that if some sinner repents of his grave sins and the light of grace dawns in his heart, I immediately bring him Jesus as confirmation of the forgiveness, and I Myself take care of everything that is needed so that He may remain in that converted heart.  I am the bearer of Jesus, and I am because I possess the Kingdom of His Divine Will in Me.  The Divine Will reveals to Me who wants Him, and I run – I fly to bring Him, but without ever leaving Him.  And I am not only bearer, but spectator and listener of what He does and says to souls.  Do you think that I was not present, listening to the many lessons that my dear Son has given you about His Divine Will?  Indeed I was present; I would listen, word by word, to what He would say to you; and in each word I would thank my Son and I would feel glorified twice as much, because He would speak of the Kingdom which I already possessed, which had been all my fortune and the cause of the great gift of my Son.  And in seeing Him speak, I would see the fortune of my children being grafted with mine.  Oh, how my Heart would rejoice!  All the lessons He has given you, and still more, are already written in my Heart; and in seeing Him repeat them to you, I would enjoy one more Paradise in each lesson.  And all the times you were not attentive and would forget, I would ask forgiveness on your behalf, and would pray Him to repeat His lessons.  And He, to make Me content – because He does not know how to deny anything to His Mama – would repeat His beautiful lessons to you.

My daughter, I am always with Jesus.  However, sometimes I hide in Him, and it seems as if He did everything without His Mama; but I am within Him, I concur with Him, and I am aware of what He does.  Other times, He hides in His Mama and lets Me do things, but He always concurs with Me.  Other times, We reveal Ourselves, the two of Us together, and the souls see Mother and Son that love them very much, according to what the circumstances and their good requires; and many times it is the love which We cannot contain that takes Us to excesses for them.  But be certain that if my Son is present, I am also there; and if I am present, my Son is there too.  This is a task that was given to Me by the Supreme Being, from which I cannot withdraw, nor to I want to.  More so, since these are the joys of my Maternity, the fruits of my sorrows, the glory of the Kingdom which I possess, and the Will and the completion of the Sacrosanct Trinity.”

February 10, 1937  Volume 34
The Kingdom of the Divine Will will be the Kingdom of the Queen of Heaven.  Her ardent desires and incessant prayers.  Assaults of love that She makes on the Divinity in order to obtain It.  How She will put Her Life at the creatures’ disposal to give them the grace to live of Divine Will.

I felt all immersed in the Divine Volition.  It seemed to me that Heaven and earth were sighing and praying for Its Kingdom to come upon earth, so that the Will of all may be one, and It may reign as It does in Heaven.  And the Queen of Heaven united to them, investing everything with Her ardent sighs, moving and uniting everything to Herself – Angels, Saints and the whole Creation – to ask with Her own sighs and with the very Divine Will that She possesses, for that Fiat to descend into the hearts and form Its Life in them.

But while I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus, making Himself seen, all love, sighed deeply.  His Heart was beating so very strongly, as if It wanted to burst; and He told me:  “Daughter of my Will, listen to Me.  My Love is about to submerge Me, I can no longer contain It; at any cost – even if It had to engulf Heaven and earth – I want my Will to come and reign upon earth.  To this unites my Celestial Mama who, without ever ceasing, says to Me – repeats to Me:  ‘Son, hurry, no longer delay; use your stratagems of love, act as the Omnipotent God that You are… Let your Will invest everyone and, with Its Power and Majesty, united to a Love that no one will be able to resist, take possession of all and reign on earth as It does in Heaven.’  And She says this to Me with such ardent sighs, with burning heartbeats, with Her stratagems of love of a Mother, that I cannot resist.  And She even adds:  ‘My Son, Son of my Heart, You made Me Queen and Mother; and my people, my children… where are they?  If I were capable of unhappiness I would be the most unhappy Queen and Mother, because I possess my Kingdom, but I do not have my people that may live in the same Will as their Queen’s.  And if I do not have my children to whom I may entrust the great inheritance of their Mother, where shall I find the joy, the happiness of my Maternity?  Therefore, let your Divine Fiat reign, and then will your Mama be happy, and I shall have my people and my children who will live together with Me, with the same Will as their Mother’s.’

Do you think that I can remain indifferent to this speaking of my Mother, which She makes resound continuously to my ear, which invests my Heart sweetly, and is continuous arrows and wounds of love?  I cannot, nor do I want to.  More so, since She has never denied anything to Me, therefore I lack the strength to deny anything to Her – my divine Heart pushes Me to make Her content.  You, unite yourself to Us, and sigh and pray that my Will be known and come to reign upon earth; and to confirm you more in this, I want to let you hear my sweet Mama.”

At that moment, I felt Her near me, and hiding me under Her blue mantle and taking me on Her lap, with a love that I cannot describe, She told me:  “Daughter of my maternal Heart, the Kingdom of the Divine Will will be my Kingdom – the Sacrosanct Trinity entrusted It to Me.  Just as It entrusted to Me the Eternal Word when He descended from Heaven onto earth, so It entrusted to Me Its Kingdom and mine.  Therefore my sighs are ardent, my prayers incessant; I do nothing but assail the Sacrosanct Trinity with my Love, with the rights of Mother and Queen that It gave Me, so that what It gave Me may come to light, may form Its Life, and my Kingdom may triumph over the face of the earth.  You must know that the desire that burns Me is so great, that I feel as if I had no glory – while I have so much that Heaven and earth are filled with it – if I do not see the Kingdom of the Divine Will formed in the midst of my children; because each of these children who will live in It, will give Me so much glory as to redouble the glory I possess.  Therefore, in seeing Myself deprived of it, I feel as if I had no glory of Queen and no love of Mother from my children.  And so, in my Heart I always call them, and I keep repeating:  ‘My children, my children, come to your Mama!  Love Me as your Mother as I love you as my children!  If you do not live of the same Will of which I lived, you cannot give Me the love of true children, nor can you know where my love for you reaches.’

You must know that my love and my ardent yearnings for this Kingdom to exist upon earth are so great, that I come down from Heaven, I go through souls to see who is more disposed to live of Divine Will.  I spy on them, and when I see them disposed, I enter their hearts and form my Life in them as preparation, honor and decorum of that Fiat which will take possession of them and form Its Life in them.  Therefore, I will be inseparable from them; I will put my Life, my love, my virtues, my sorrows at their disposal, as a wall of insurmountable strength, that they may find in their Mother that which is needed in order to live in this Kingdom so holy.  Then will my feast be complete; my love will rest in my children, my Maternity will find the ones who love Me as children of Mine, and I will give surprising graces, I will put everything in feast – Heaven and earth; and I will act as Queen, lavishing unheard-of graces.  Therefore, my daughter, remain united with your Mama, to pray and sigh with Me for the Kingdom of the Divine Will.”


October 25, 1937

In the Creative Hands of God the Sovereign Queen, Heiress of the Divine Will and Divine Life, Formed in Herself a Precious Pledge.

While wandering in the Divine Will, I stopped to reflect on the act of the conception of the Most Holy Virgin, to offer the Most Holy Trinity that same power and love that They centered in this act ,and to obtain by virtue of this the Kingdom of the Divine Will on Earth.  While doing thus, in all tenderness my sweet Jesus said to me:

            “My child, from the first moment of her conception the Holy Virgin became the Heiress of our Divine Will by giving life to It in her beautiful soul.  She in turn quickly began her Divine work.  Thus in every heartbeat, breath, and movement of hers, with Its creative power, She made enchanting prodigies of holiness, beauty, and grace so as to ravish Us, who were at the same time [both] actors and spectators of our Divine Will.

            “In our accentuation of love, She made Us exclaim:  ‘How beautiful is the creature

animated by our Will!’  She, by giving life to our Life in Her, gives Us the possibility of making our works more beautiful.  Our Love rejoiced and delighted in the act of conception of the Virgin because She came to light at the time of our Divine Heritage, the Heiress of our Will and of our own Life.

            “Moreover, because by virtue of our Will operating in Her She was all ours, exclusively ours, looking at Her We felt our breath in hers, our heartbeat in hers, our Love (which always burns and loves) in her love, and our movements in hers.  Our beauty was seen through the motions of her pupils, from the gesticulations of her hands, by the sweet enchantment of her ravishing voice, and She kept Us so occupied in jubilation that We could not take our eyes away from Her.  Thus this Celestial Child was ours, all ours, and at the same time, by right, was Heiress to our Will, and by giving life to Her She had taken possession.

            “Furthermore, the Holy Virgin, in her human nature, tied the whole human family as members to her body.  Then We, for love of Her, seeing in Her the entire human race, gave the first kiss of peace to this humanity when She was conceived..  We thus made Her Heiress to our Divine Heritage, and in this way began our jubilation with mankind.

            “Do you understand how it is certain that the Kingdom of the Divine Will should come on earth, since She who inherited It exists?  Moreover, since She is a human creature, all other creatures acquired the right of possessing It, [though] not for this alone, but also because in our creative hands the Sovereign Queen, seized by love of them, made a pledge of infinite value so that all could receive and possess this Kingdom.

            “In our hands, what a sweet and dear pledge was this Holy Creature!  She, while allowing her life to advance her acts in our Divine Will, became Divine money so that they could pay Us for those who were to inherit our Fiat.  Thus my Humanity came, united to the Eternal Word, sorrow, and death.  I paid the necessary price to recompense our Divine Will, and to give It to creatures as heritage that belonged to them.

            “Know, therefore, that an act, a breath, a movement of my Will contains such immense value, that they cannot be compared to any good that may exist [either] in Heaven [or] on earth.  May She be your entire life and your all!”


November 7, 1937

The Queen of Heaven Ardently Desires to Give a Dowry to Her Children.

Following the acts of the Divine Will, I found in It all the works, the love, the prayers, the reparations, the sorrows—in summary, the palpitating life of the Queen of Heaven, and all that She did, still operating as then.  Moreover, I embraced, kissed, and adored these acts, and offered them to God so as to obtain the Kingdom of the Divine Will on earth.  However, my dear Jesus said to me:

            “My blessed child, who lives in My Will, wherever he can enter, he can claim everything to offer it to Me.  He can also claim as his my Mother; he can take for his own even that love with which She loved Me, and the works that She accomplished.  He can take my Life as his own, duplicate it, and give Me all, as a real thing, to love Me in a Divine way.

            “Know also that I, on revealing here so many truths on my Will, made Its day for creatures.  In that way the Sovereign Lady of Heaven, with her love, prayers, sorrows, and all her acts animated by the Divine Will, formed enough dowry for those who were to live in Her.  Truly they filled Heaven and earth.  If you only knew with what eagerness this Celestial Mother awaits and desires to be able to give this dowry to her children!  She sees herself immersed in indescribable riches, in graces, love, and sanctity, but She does not find her children in that Will in which She lived—and therefore cannot give It to them.

            “Know, my child, that in everything She did and suffered is written:  ‘For my children.’  Therefore, if She loves, She calls her children to Her to receive the gift of her love, to make them be accepted by Us as her children and our children, and to make Us love them with the same love that We love Her.  If She prays, She wants to give them the gift of her prayers.  In short, She wants to favor them with her sanctity, with her suffering, and with the same Life as her Son.

            “She encloses them in her maternal Heart as if inside a sanctuary.  Furthermore, in all her acts and breaths She calls them, and tells our Supreme Entity:  ‘Adorable Majesty, all my being and all my riches belong to my children.  Please listen to Me.  I feel my Heart about to break for love.  Have pity on a Mother who loves and [who] wants to dote on her children to make them happy.  My happiness is not complete, I feel it lessened because I do not have my children to share it with Me.  Therefore, hurry and let your Divine Will be known so that they may know the yearnings of their Mother, who would like to make them holy and happy.’

            “Do you believe, daughter, that We remain indifferent to this moving spectacle of the Celestial Mother who suffers so with love, who with maternal tenderness and by the right of Motherhood entreats Us and implores Us?  No!  On the other hand, many, many times on these entreaties I revealed other truths of my Will to give Her relief and [to] dote more extensively on her children according to the knowledge that they will acquire.  So you, too, come into my Divine Will.  Then together with my Mother pray and supplicate that our Will be known, and that It reigns in all creatures.”





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