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From  the Writings of

The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will






Three – The Signature of the Holy Trinity

God the Father                      Jesus the Son                             The Holy Spirit

Fiat of Creation                        Fiat of Redemption                          Fiat of Sanctification

Current of LIFE                         Current of WORD & POWER          Current of LOVE

Tree of LIFE                             Tree of KNOWLEDGE of good/evil        Tree of LOVE

Immaculate Conception           Divine Motherhood                           Assumption

Daughter of the Father              Mother of the Son                           Spouse of the Holy Spirit

Water                                        Blood                                              Fire

Power                                       Knowledge                                    Love

Intellect                                     Memory                                         Will

Garden of Eden                       Garden of Agony                         Garden of Mary/Luisa

Mary                                         Jesus                                          Luisa

Green                                       Red                                            White

Know                                       Love                                          Possess

Joy                                         Sorrow                                       Glory

Faith                                       Hope                                         Charity

Old Testament                      New Testament                         Testament of the Kingdom

St. John the Baptist             Jesus/Mary                                 Luisa

Manna                                   Eucharist                                   Food you do not know of

Daily Bread                          Sacramental Bread                   Bread of His Will

Transfiguration                    Transubstantiation                     Transmutation

Jerusalem                            Rome                                       New Jerusalem

Jews                                    Christians                                 little Children of the Divine Will

Men of Good Will                Saints                                       Sharing in Divinity

Thrones                              Cherubim                                 Seraphim

Principalities                      Powers                                     Dominations

Angels                               Archangels                                Virtues

Other references to 3 in the writings of the Divine Will:

Jesus 33 years old

3 Theological Virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity

3 Marriages – Jesus the Mystical Marriage, in Heaven to the Holy Trinity – Marriage of the Cross

Ring 3 with stones Jesus gave to Luisa  – white, red & green stone

Luisa’s vision of 3 babies having one singe body with 3 distinct heads

3 Characteristics of Love – force of benefits, attractions and persuasions

3 ways Jesus uses manifest Himself to the soul – With Power, with News, with Love

3 way sacrifice of Jesus– to glorify the Father, Conversions of Sinners, companions in my pains

3 Signatures of Love – resignation, humility & obedience

3 suns  – One sets in the East, the West and the third in the South

3 powers of the Trinity given to mankind– Memory in the Father, the intellect in the Son, the will in the Holy Spirit

3 different days to come – one far from the other of storms, hail thunder and floods

3 Divine Breaths given to Luisa

3 enemies of man = Love of pleasures, of riches and of honors

Luisa’s vision of 3 children – their beauty and similarity was so striking…of the same birth…golden cords

Jesus  gave off 3 breaths full of Light that took the place of Luisa’s heart

Most Holy Trinity, for while You are one, You are also 3 …speaking a single Voice

Jesus “I was conceived in sorrow, born in sorrow and died in sorrow”

3 nails that they crucified me (Jesus), I nailed down the 3 powers intellect, memory and will

3 wise men

3 gifts – gold = intelligence & knowledge of truth = gold of their will, affections desires preferences of their whole essence, frankincense = adoration love,  myrrh = sacrifice

Jesus conveyed Himself to the Magi in 3 ways – with Love, with Beauty with Power

3 effects – Love for Jesus = Detachment from themselves, Beauty = disregard for earthly things, Power = bravery to risk both blood and life for Me.

Jesus waning to Luisa –  Daughter, Three terrible trials are going to happen.

3 qualities of the Holy Trinity = Might, Wisdom and Charity

3 prerogatives of True Love – Constant Love without limits, strong love and love renewed together for God and Neighbor.

3 stages of the World – natural law, written law and the law of Grace

3 stages of man – adolescence, youth and old age

3 types of true love – untiring suffering, perpetual atonement and preserving love

Luisa’s vision of 3 men in the shape of 3 untamed horses let loose across Europe bringing it bloody terror.

3 wicked domains – the world the devil and the flesh

3 Holy domains – the Spiritual Reign the Divine and the Eternal

3 of the Passion:

3 Times crowned with thorns

3 hours of agony in the garden

3 fold flagellation done with 3 different kinds of whips

3 times striped, condemned to death at night morning and full daylight

3 times fell under the Cross

3 nails to the Cross

3 times My Heart bled – In the garden, the Crucifixion and pierced with a lance

3 hours of agony on the cross

3 places in Italy, there were 3 points, 3 volcanic mouths …. To level the towns

3 steps for Luisa – Transformed interiorly in Him, operating exteriorly with Him and doing so for the benefit of all creatures and God.

3 ways that enable Jesus to be born in one’s heart – to be empty of everything to be filled by Him,

All is and must be done for Him, The 3 loves, heroic, ever-increasing, and love of sacrifice.

3 virtues of true love:  To purify all, to triumph over all and to attain all.

Luisa’s vision of the Baby Jesus in my arms from One Three emerged.

Jesus gave to men six hours of my Passion so that I may die. 3 in the Garden were for help in agony the 3 on the Cross were for help at the last gasping at death.

3 Weapons that Combat Anxiety – :  purity of intention, the right work ­ good in itself ­ of victim and of sacrificing yourself for Me, and having the sole purpose to love Me.

THREE wounds that give Me (Jesus) mortal pain and such bitterness of sorrow as to surpass all the other wounds together.  “[First:]  These are the pains of My loving souls. “The second mortal wound of My Heart is ingratitude.  “The third [wound] is obstinacy.  What mortal wound to My Heart!

“My daughter, the First Fiat was said in Creation without the intervention of any creature.  For completion of the Second Fiat I chose My Mama.  Now for the completion of both I want to say the Third Fiat, which will complete the glory [and] honor of the Fiat of Creation, as well as will be the confirmation and development of the fruits of the Fiat of Redemption.  These THREE Fiats will veil the Sacrosanct Trinity on the earth, and I will have the Fiat Voluntas tua, come in Cielo cosi in terra.  These THREE Fiats will be inseparable; one will be life of the other.  They will be One and Triune, but distinct among themselves.

“These THREE Fiats have the same value and power.

“My daughter, these THREE ‘Fiats’ are the Creating, the Redeeming, [and] the Sanctifying [Fiats].  In creating man I endowed him with THREE powers—intellect, memory, and will.  Moreover, with THREE ‘Fiats’ I will complete the work of the sanctification of man.

“This generation will not end if My Will does not reign on the earth.  My Redeeming Fiat will put Itself in the middle, between the Creating Fiat and the Sanctifying Fiat.  The THREE will mix together and will complete the sanctification of man.  The Third ‘Fiat’ will give such grace to the creature as to make her return as if to her state of origin.  And then, when I have seen man as he came forth from Me, My work will be complete and I will take My perpetual repose in My last ‘Fiat.’  Only life in My Volition will restore man to his state of origin.

I stayed in prison THREE hours.  In so doing, I wanted to restore the THREE epochs of the world: the law of nature, the written law, and the law of Grace.  I wanted to free everyone, reunite everyone, and give them the freedom that belongs to my sons.  By staying THREE hours, I wanted to restore the THREE stages of man: childhood, youth, and old age.

Luisa’s 3 affirmations:

            I was saying my usual prayers when my ever-loving Jesus, surprising me from behind, called out my name and said: “Luisa, daughter of my Will, do you want to live always in my Will?”

I replied: “Yes, oh Jesus.”

He said: “But do you truly want to live in my Will?”

I replied: “Truly, my love.  Besides, I would neither recognize nor adapt to any other will.”

And again Jesus said: “But…do you mean it certainly?”

Then, feeling confused and almost fearful, I added: “Jesus my life, you frighten me with these questions.  Explain Yourself better.  I say it with certainty, but always aided by You and with the strength of your Will, which envelops me so that I could not but live in your Will.”

He gave a sigh of relief and continued:

“How happy your THREE affirmations make Me!  Fear not, they are but reaffirmations and confirmations to seal in you the triple seal of the Volition of the THREE Divine Persons.

Jesus in the Garden:

Suffering was I crying out? Ah, no!  You are deceiving yourself if you think that. I loved suffering to the point of folly; I loved death in order to give Life to my children.

That was the cry of all the human family together echoing in my Humanity.  I, crying out together with them, repeated THREE times: ‘If it is possible, let this chalice pass from Me!’ I cried out in the name of all humanity in so far as all humanity was a part of Me, and I felt oppressed and crushed.

Now I come to you.  After calling my Celestial Mother I called you so that all human acts would have THREE seals: the first seal given by Me, the second seal given by my Mother, and the third seal given by an ordinary creature.

3 Types of Bread:

“Our Will, seeing the great value in acting as one in THREE distinct Persons, also wants to act as one in THREE distinct persons on earth:  the Mother, the Son, and the Bride.  From these THREE persons other seas of happiness will flow, bringing immense good to all wayfarers.”

, I beseech You for THREE kinds of daily bread.  The first is the bread of your Will; .  Father, without this Bread of your Will, I will never be able to receive all the fruits of my Sacramental Life, which is the second kind of bread I ask You for every day.  “After that I asked for the third bread, which is material bread.

THREE times has the Divinity decided to work ‘ad extra’:  the first was in the Creation, and this was without the intervention of any creature, since none had come yet forth to the light of day; the second was Redemption, which involved the intervention of a woman, my Heavenly Mother, who was the holiest and most beautiful of all, and the channel and the instrument I used to accomplish the work of the Redemption; the third is the fulfillment of my Will, that It may be done on earth as It is in Heaven, so that the creature live and work with the Holiness and the Power of our Will,

“From then on I formed the epic of the Fiat Voluntas Tua upon the earth; and by saying it for [a] THREE times, in the first I impetrated, and in the second I made It descend, and in the third I formed It reigning and dominating.  And as I said ‘Non mea voluntas, sed tua fiat,’ I intended to empty creatures of their will, and fill them with the Divine.

3 in the creation of man

…in creating man, formed diverse ways of communication between the Creator and the creature, ways that form the THREE powers of the soul:  Intelligence, the means to understand my Will; memory, means to always remember It; and the will.  The middle of the first two ways formed the third way to fly in the Will of its Creator.  The intelligence and the memory were the help, the defense and the strength of the way of the will, because they could not deviate either to the right or to the left.

“The mission of my Volition will reflect the most Holy Trinity upon the earth.  And as in Heaven there are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, inseparable yet distinct among themselves, who form all the beatitude of Heaven, so also on earth there will be THREE persons who for their mission will be distinct and inseparable among themselves:  The Virgin with her Maternity, which reflects the Paternity of the Celestial Father and encloses his Power to fulfill the mission of Mother of the Eternal Word and Co-Redemptrix of the human race; my Humanity, for the mission of Redeemer, enclosed in the Divinity of the Word, without ever separating Itself from the Father and Holy Spirit, manifesting my Celestial Wisdom, adding the bond to make Me inseparable from my Mother; and you for the mission of my Will.  In you the Holy Spirit will make his Love overflow, manifesting to you the secrets, the prodigies of my Will, the goods It contains, to make happy those who will want to know how much good this Supreme Will contains and who want to love It and have It reign in them.  They will offer their souls to let It inhabit their own hearts and form its Life in them.  And the bond of inseparability among you, the Mother and the Eternal Word will remain.

The 3 missions:

“These THREE missions are distinct and inseparable.  With extraordinary suffering the first two have prepared the grace, the light, the work and everything for the third mission—the mission of my Will—to fuse both in It so as to find Its repose, because my Will alone is celestial repose.

And glory to Mary; and THREE times Holy, She who has let this Supreme Will operate!’

The course of my thirty-THREE years was not sufficient, nor were the creatures prepared, disposed, to foresee a food so delicate that I gave to all Heaven;

THREE Divine Persons; It placed in him THREE motions which were to murmur continuously, to unite with that continuous motion and murmuring of love of their Creator.  And these are:  the motion of the beating of the heart which never ceases, the circulation of the blood which always flows without ever ceasing, the breathing of the breath which never stops.  This, in the body; in the soul there are THREE more motions which murmur continuously:  the intellect, the memory and the will.

But in order to manifest to the peoples the coming of Myself, Word of the Father, upon earth, I wanted and used royal authorities, learned and erudite men, so that, by their authority, they might diffuse the knowledges of the incarnate God and, eventually, also impose themselves to the peoples.  In spite of this, the star was seen by everyone, yet only THREE of them move, pay attention and follow it.

Then I will have THREE Kingdoms – one in the Celestial Fatherland, another in the Creation, and the third among the creatures – and each one will be the echo of the other, each one the reflection of the other.

.  For your Jesus there will no longer be difference between staying in the Celestial Fatherland, and descending to be in the midst of creatures in the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat upon earth.  Then, Our work of Creation will sing victory and full triumph, and We will have THREE Kingdoms in one – symbol of the Sacrosanct Trinity, because all of Our works carry the mark of the One who created them.”

The THREE Appeals

1)   The Divine Appeal

With His Father and the Holy Spirit, the Divine King appeals to His children on earth to come now and enter into the Kingdom of His Will.



3)   Luisa’s Appeal

And in the first place, I appeal to the HIGHEST HIERARCH, to the ROMAN PONTIFF, to HIS HOLINESS, to the representative of the Holy Church, and therefore the representative of the KINGDOM OF THE DIVINE WILL. At his holy feet, this little, tiny child places this Kingdom, so that he dominate It and make It known, and with his paternal and authoritative voice, call his sons to live in this Kingdom so holy.

May the Sun of the SUPREME “FIAT” invest him and form the first Sun of the Divine Volition in Its Representative on earth; and forming Its primary Life in Him who is the Head of all, It will spread Its interminable rays in all the world; and eclipsing all with Its Light, It will form one flock and one Shepherd

The second appeal I make to all PRIESTS. Prostrate at the feet of each one, I pray, I implore them to interest themselves in knowing the Divine Will. Take your first movement, your first act from It; rather, enclose yourselves in the “FIAT,” and you will feel how sweet and dear Its Life is. Draw from It all your workings; you will feel a Divine strength in you, a voice that always speaks, that will say admirable things to you that you have never heard. You will feel a light that will eclipse all your evils, and eclipsing the peoples, will give you the dominion over them.   How many labors you do without fruit, because the Life of the Divine Will is lacking. You have broken a bread for the peoples without the leaven of the “FIAT”; and they therefore, in eating it, have found it hard, almost indigestible; and not feeling the Life in themselves, they do not submit to your teachings. Therefore, you eat this bread of the Divine “FIAT!” Thus you will have sufficient bread to give to the peoples. Thus you will form with all, one single Life and one single Will.

The third appeal I make to all, to the entire world, for you are all my brothers and sisters and my children. Do you know why I am calling all?  Because I want to give to all the Life of the Divine Will. This is more than air that we can all breathe. It is as Sun from which we can all receive the good of the light; It is as palpitation of the heart that wants to beat in all. And, as a little baby, I want, I yearn for you to take the Life of the “FIAT”…Oh, if you knew how many goods you would receive; you would consume your life to make It reign in all of you! This little, tiny one wants to tell you another secret that Jesus has confided to her; and I tell you it so that you give me your will, and in exchange you will receive that of God which will make you happy in soul and in body.


Come Holy Spirit, Come Supreme Will,

down to reign in Your Kingdom on earth

and in our hearts!


Come Holy Spirit, Come Supreme Will,

down to reign in Your Kingdom on earth

and in our hearts!


Come Holy Spirit, Come Supreme Will,

down to reign in Your Kingdom on earth

and in our hearts!

“Adorable Trinity, hurry, delay

     no more;

we pray You, we press You, that  Your Will descend upon earth, make Itself known and Reign on it as It does     in Heaven!”  



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