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The Divine Will is hell for the devil


  ECHO THE PRAYERS OF LUISA TO THE MOST HOLY TRINITY  Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


September 9, 1923

It is impossible that it might be the Devil to manifest the knowledges and the secrets of the Divine Will, because It is hell for him, and he knows It only to hate It.

I still had another strong fear: who knows whether it might not be my adorable Jesus to deign to speak to Me, manifesting to me so many sublime truths, especially on the Divine Will, but the devil, in order to deceive me; and while it seems that he raises me up high with so many truths, he then makes me fall into the abyss. And I said to myself: ‘My Jesus, free me from the hands of the enemy. I don’t want to know anything; all I care about is to save my soul.’

And blessed Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter(Luisa), why do you(Luisa) fear? Don’t you(Luisa) know that the thing which the infernal snake knows the least about Me is my Will? Because he did not want to do It, and by not doing It, he did not know It nor love It. And even less did he penetrate into the secrets of my inscrutable Volition in order to know the effects and the value of my Will; and if he does not know them, how could he speak about them? Even more, the thing which he abhors the most is that the creature do my Will. He does not care whether the soul prays, goes to Confession, goes to Communion, does penance or makes miracles; but the thing which harms him the most is that the soul do my Will, because as he rebelled against my Will, then was hell created in him – his unhappy state, the rage that consumes him. Therefore, my Will is hell for him, and every time he sees the soul being subject to my Will and knowing Its qualities, value and Sanctity, he feels hell being redoubled, because he sees the paradise, the happiness and the peace he lost, being created in the soul. And the more my Will is known, the more tormented and furious he is. So, how could he possibly speak to you(Luisa) about my Will, if It forms his hell? And if he did speak to you(Luisa), his words would form hell in you(Luisa), because he knows my Will only to hate It, not to love It; and whatever is hated never brings happiness and peace. Besides, his word is empty of grace, and so he cannot confer the grace to do my Will.”


September 22, 1924

Diabolical rage because Luisa writes on the Divine Will. Living in the Divine Will makes one lose all rights over the human will.

I continue: while I was writing what is written above, I saw my sweet Jesus placing His mouth at the point of my heart, and feeding me the words I was writing. At the same time, I heard a horrible din from afar, as if people were beating each other, and roaring with such clamor as to strike fear. And I, turning to my Jesus, said to Him: ‘My Jesus, my Love, who is making all this din? They sound like furious demons. What is the matter, that they rage so much?’

And Jesus: “My daughter(Luisa), it really is them. They would want you(Luisa) not to write about my Will, and when they see you(Luisa) write more important truths on living in my Will, they suffer a double hell and they torment the damned even more. They fear so much that these writings on my Will be manifested because they see that they lose their kingdom upon earth, which they acquired when man, withdrawing from the Divine Will, gave free step to his own human will… Ah, yes, it was exactly then that the enemy acquired his kingdom on earth; and if my Will reigns upon earth, my enemy, by himself, will shut himself up into the deepest abysses. This is why they wrestle with so much fury: they feel the power of my Will in these writings, and at the mere thought that they may be manifested, they fly into a rage and try anything they can in order to hamper a good so great. You(Luisa), however, do not pay attention to them, and learn from this to appreciate my teachings.”

And I: ‘My Jesus, I feel I need your omnipotent hand in order to write what You say about your Will. In the face of the so many difficulties they raise, especially when they keep saying to me, “How is it possible that no other creature ever lived in His Most Holy Will?”, I then feel so annihilated that I would rather to disappear from the face of the earth, so that no one may see me ever again. But, against my will, I am forced to stay in order to fulfill your Holy Will.”

And Jesus: “My daughter(Luisa), living in my Will brings with itself the loss of any right of one’s own will. All the rights belong to the Divine Will, and if the soul does not lose all of her rights, it cannot be called true living in my Will; at the most, she lives resigned, conformed. In fact, living in my Will is not only that she does her action according to my Will, but that in all of the interior of the creature, she gives no place to one affection, one thought or one desire, or even one breath, in which my Will does not have Its place. Nor would my Will tolerate even one human affection of which It is not the Life; It would feel disgusted in letting the soul live in my Will with her own affections, thoughts, and other things which a human will could have without the Divine.

And do you(Luisa) think it is easy that a soul would willingly lose her rights? Oh, how difficult it is! There are souls who, when they reach the point of losing all the rights over their own will, draw back and content themselves with conducting a life in the middle, because to lose her rights is the greatest sacrifice that a creature could do; but it is the one which disposes my Goodness to open the doors of my Will, giving her my divine rights in exchange, by letting her live in It. Therefore, be attentive, and never go out of the boundaries of my Will.”

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