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‘MY FIAT’, the most beautiful name that will make all Heaven smile and all Hell tremble

‘The Kingdom of The Divine Will in the midst of creatures.  Book of Heaven.   The call of the creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose for which he was created by God’



Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

  VOLUME 34 

January 24, 1937

The Divine Will, for one who Lives in It, forms the repeater of Its Life and of Its Love, and It forms and extends in her the whole of Creation and everything that Jesus did.  How It will give her a new name calling her:  “My Fiat.”

I am at the mercy of the Supreme Fiat, that always wants to give me of Its, in order to keep me occupied and to always have something to do together with my poor soul.  And if It perceives some little void that is not Its Will, with an admirable and inimitable activity, It sees what is lacking in me of all Its Acts that It has done for Love of creatures, and all in feast It seals it in my soul, giving me a little tiny Lesson.

I was surprised, and my always Lovable Jesus, visiting His little daughter, told me:  “My good daughter(Luisa), do not marvel.  The Love of My Volition is Exuberant, but with Highest Wisdom, because It wants to do, for one who Lives in Its Volition, Works Worthy of It, the little repeaters of Its Life, of Its Love.  And to hide in them the Sanctity and the multiplicity of Its Works.  It wants to continue Its Creative Work.  It wants to form, to repeat, and to extend the whole Creation, and even more, in one who Lives in Its Volition.  Listen to where Its Love reaches:  My Fiat Created the Creation, and for each created thing It places a Value, a Love, and a distinct Office, since it must produce a distinct Good for the creatures, so much so that the sky possesses one Value, one Love and one Office all its own.  The sun, the wind, the sea, possess another, and they do distinct Offices.  And the same for all created things.

“Now, listen to what My Will does for one who Lives in It:  everything that It does is hers; therefore in one Act It encloses the Value, the Love, and the Office that the sky does, and It gives to the creature the Love and the Value of the sky.  In another act It pronounces Its Fiat, and encloses there the Value, the Love, that It had in Creating the sun, and It lets her do the Office of sun.  In another It encloses there the Value of the wind, its ruling Love, and pronouncing Its Fiat It lets her do the Office of wind.  In another It encloses there the Value of the sea, and pronouncing Its Fiat It lets her do the Office of the sea and gives her the virtue of always murmuring ‘Love, Love, Love.’  In sum, there is no act that she does that It does not delight in pronouncing Its Fiat, and there It encloses the Value of the air, there the sweet song of the birds, the bleating of the lambs, there the beauty of the flowers.  And if the acts of the creature do not arrive at extending the Work of Creation, It makes use of the heartbeat, of the breath, of the rapidity as the blood circulates in her veins, It animates everything with Its Fiat, and forms there the Complete Creation.

“And when It has Completed everything of all that It has done in Creation for Love of creatures, It extends Its Domain there, and with Its Creative Strength It Conserves everything, It maintains the Order of the New Creation that It has formed in the acts of the creature.  And It feels so very Loved and glorified because It does not find Creation without reason, without will, and without life, but It finds the strength of a reason, of a will and life, that voluntarily has undergone in her acts the Power of Its Fiat, Its Creative Virtue, Its Divine Life Itself, Its Ruling and Untiring Love, in a word, she has let It do with her what It wanted, even with her breath and with her acts.

“My blessed daughter(Luisa), continue to listen to Me.  Let Me pour out My Love, I cannot contain it anymore.  I want to tell you(Luisa) where My Love reaches, and where it can reach and can do for one who Lives in My Fiat.  Do you believe that My Volition has been content, It has said ‘enough,’ because It has enclosed the Value, the Love and the different Offices of the whole of Creation in the creature who Lives as in harmony with It, with One Single Will?  No, no!  You(Luisa) must know that I came on earth, and in the ardor of My Love I offered My Life, My sufferings and My very Death, in order to Repurchase My Divine Will for the benefit of creatures who, with so much ingratitude, had rejected, and therefore lost, It.  In fact, My Life served as disbursement of the price that was needed in order to reacquire It and give It into the possession of My children, therefore there was needed a God in order to be able to have sufficient Value to be able to Purchase a Divine Will.  See, then, how it is certain that the Kingdom o fMy Volitionwill come, because the Purchase was made by Me.

“Now, My Will, after having formed the Order of Creation, with all the Sumptuousness and Sublimity of Its Creative Work, as the creature goes repeating her acts, in one Act It pronounces Its Fiat and forms there My Life and It encloses Its Value.  In another Act It pronounces Its Fiat and encloses in her sufferings the Value of My sufferings; It pronounces Its Fiat over her tears and places there the Value of Mine.   Its Fiat follows in her works, in her steps, in her heartbeat, and It encloses there the Value of My Works, of My steps, and of My Love.  There is no prayer, or even natural acts, that she does, that It does not enclose the Value of My Acts.    In fact, in one who Lives in My Divine Will, I feel Myself repeat My Life, and it Doubles the Value in order to Purchase My Divine Will for the benefit of the human generations.  One can say that there is a contest between Me and her for who wants to give more, in order to make that My Will would be possessed again by the human family.

“But this is not yet everything.  If It does not do Complete Works, It is not content. To the Value of the Creation and Redemption that It has enclosed in the soul, there It adds with an Incredible Love, there It encloses the Celestial Fatherland and makes resound Its Glory, Its Joys, the Eternal Beatitudes, as Seal and Confirmation of the Creative and Redemptive Work that It has formed in her.  After this, in order to be more secure, It Creates there Its Heartbeat, Its Breath.  It makes Its Life, Its Light, circulate more than blood, and as Triumphant It gives her a New name, calling her:  ‘My Fiat.’  This name is the most Beautiful name that will make all of Heaven smile, and all of hell tremble, name that I can not give except to one who Lives in My Volition and has let Me do in her what I want.  My daughter(Luisa), what can My Omnipotent Fiat not do and give?  It arrives at so much, that It gives her rights over Its own Power, over Its Love, over Its Justice.  It incorporates the will of the creature with Itself, and It tells her:  ‘Be attentive, I do not want anything else from you(Luisa) than that you(Luisa) do what I do.  Therefore it is necessary that you(Luisa) are always together with Me, and I with you(Luisa).’”

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