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Living The Life Of Faith In The Divine Will

 The Kingdom of my Divine Will in the midst of creatures.  Book of Heaven.  The call of the creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose for which he was created by God’





 Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will



One morning – it was the eve of the nativity of Mary Most Holy – my always benign Jesus Himself came to dispose me. He did nothing but come and go continuously. He would speak to me now about Faith, and then He would leave me, and I would feel a life of faith being infused in my soul. As rough as I felt it before, at the speaking of Jesus, I would feel my soul become very light, in such a way as to penetrate into God; and I would contemplate now His Power, now His Sanctity, now His Goodness, and so on. My soul would remain stupefied, and in a sea of stupefaction, I would say: ‘Powerful God, what power is not undone before You? Immense Sanctity of God, what other sanctity, as sublime as it might me, would dare to appear before You?’ Then I would feel myself descend into myself, and I could see my nothingness, the nonentity of earthly things, how everything is nothing before God. I would see myself as a little worm, all full of dust, climbing up in order to take a few steps; it would take nothing to destroy me but someone who would trample me under foot, and I would be undone. So, seeing myself so ugly, I almost would not dare to go to God, but His Goodness would make itself present before my mind, and I would feel drawn as though by a magnet, to go to Him. And I would say to myself: ‘If He is holy, He is also merciful; if He is powerful, He also contains full and highest Goodness within Himself.’ It seemed to me that Goodness surrounded Him on the outside and inundated Him from within. So I would contemplate the Goodness of God. It seemed to me that it would surpass all of the other attributes, but then, looking at the others, I would see them all equal among themselves – immense, immeasurable and incomprehensible to the human nature. While my soul would be in this state, Jesus would come back and speak about Hope.

I remember something confusedly, because after so much time it is impossible to remember clearly; but in order to do the obedience that wants it so, I will say what I can.

So, going back to Faith, Jesus would say: “In order to obtain, one must believe. Just as for the head without the sight of the eyes, everything is darkness, everything is confusion, so much so, that if one wanted to walk, he would stumble now at one point, now at another, and would end up falling completely, the same for the soul without Faith – she does nothing but go from precipice to precipice. But Faith serves as the sight of the soul, and as the light which guides her to eternal life. Now, what is this light of Faith nourished by? By Hope. Now, what is the substance of this light of Faith, and of this nourishment of Hope? It is Charity. All of these three virtues are grafted to one another, in such a way that one cannot be without the other.

In fact, what good comes to man from believing in the immense riches of Faith, if he does not hope for them, for himself? He will look at them, yes, but with indifferent eye, because he knows that they do not belong to him. But Hope provides the light of Faith with wings, and by hoping in the merits of Jesus Christ, he looks at them as his own, and he comes to love them.”

“Hope”, Jesus said, “provides the soul with a garment of fortitude, almost of iron, in such a way that, with all of their arrows, the enemies cannot wound her; not only this, but they cannot cause even the slightest disturbance. Everything is tranquillity in her, everything is peace. Oh! it is beautiful to see this soul invested with beautiful Hope, all cleaving to her beloved, all distrustful of herself, and all trustful in God. She challenges the fiercest enemies, she is queen of her passions; she regulates all of her interior, her inclinations, desires, heartbeats, thoughts, with such mastery that Jesus Himself remains enamored, because He sees that this soul operates with such courage and strength. But she draws it from Him, and places all her hope in Him, so much so, that in seeing this firm hope, Jesus cannot deny anything to this soul.

Now, while Jesus would speak about Hope, He would withdraw for a little, leaving a light in my intellect. Who can tell what I comprehended about Hope? If all the other virtues serve to embellish the soul, but can make us stagger and render us inconstant – Hope, instead, renders the soul firm and stable, like those high mountains which cannot be moved a tiny bit. It seems to me that it happens to the soul invested with Hope as to certain very high mountains: all of the intemperances of the air cannot do any harm to these mountains; neither snow, nor winds, nor heat can penetrate into them; whatever thing might be placed at their top, one can be sure of finding there where it was put, even if a hundred years should pass. Just so is the soul clothed with Hope: nothing can do harm to her, neither tribulation, nor poverty; nor do all the various accidents of life dismay her for one instant. She says to herself: “I can do
everything, I can bear everything, suffer everything – hoping in Jesus, who forms the object of all my hopes.”

Hope renders the soul almost omnipotent, invincible, and it administers to her the final perseverance, so much so, that only then does she cease to hope and to persevere, when she has taken possession of theKingdomofHeaven. Then, she lays down Hope and plunges all of herself into the immenseoceanofDivine Love.

While my soul would dissolve in the immense sea of Hope, my beloved Jesus would come back and speak to me about Charity, telling me: “Faith and Hope give way to Charity, and Charity connects all the rest of the other two together, in such a way as to make them one, while they are three. And here is how, oh my spouse, the Trinity of the Divine Persons is concealed in the three theological virtues.”

Then He continued: “If Faith makes one believe, and Hope makes one hope, Charity makes one love. If Faith is light and serves as the sight of the soul, and Hope, which is the nourishment of Faith, provides the souls with courage, peace, perseverance and all the rest – Charity, which is the substance of this light and of this nourishment, is like that most sweet and fragrant ointment which, penetrating everywhere, relieves and soothes the pains of life. Charity makes suffering sweet, and makes one reach the point even of desiring it. The soul who possesses Charity diffuses fragrance everywhere; her works, all done out of love, give off a most pleasing odor. And what is this odor? It is the odor of God Himself. The other virtues render the soul solitary and almost unrefined with creatures; Charity, on the other hand, being substance that unites, unites the hearts. But where? In God. Being a most fragrant ointment, Charity spreads everywhere and with everyone. Charity makes one suffer the most ruthless torments with joy, and one reaches the point of not being able to be without suffering. And when she see herself deprived of it, she says to her spouse Jesus: “Sustain me with the fruits, which is suffering, because I am languishing with love; and where else can I show You my love other than in suffering for You?” Charity burns, consumes all other things, even the virtues themselves, and turns them all into itself. In sum, it is like a queen who wants to reign everywhere, and does not want to surrender to anyone.”

Who can tell what remained after this speaking of Jesus? I will just say that such yearning for suffering ignited within me – and not just yearning, but I feel as though an infusion in me, like something natural, such that I believe that the greatest disgrace is not to suffer. 



February 28, 1899 

By order of the confessor I begin to write what passes between me and Our Lord, day by day. Year 1899, month of February, day 28. 

I confess the truth, I feel great repugnance; the effort I have to make in order to conquer myself is so great that the Lord alone can know the torture of my soul. But, oh holy obedience, what a powerful bond you are! You alone could win over me, and surpassing all my repugnance, almost impassable mountains, you bind me to the Will of God and of the confessor. But, please, O Holy Spouse, as great as my sacrifice is, so much help do I need; I want nothing but that You hold me in your arms and sustain me. In this way, assisted by You, I will be able to say only the truth, only for your glory, and to my confusion.

This morning, since the confessor celebrated Mass, I also received Communion. My mind was in a sea of confusion because of this obedience that the confessor gave me, to write everything that passes in my interior. As I received Jesus, I began to tell Him of my pains, especially my insufficiency, and many other things. But Jesus did not seem to care about this thing of mine, and did not answer to anything. A light came to my mind, and I said: ‘Who knows whether I myself am the cause for which Jesus is not showing Himself as usual.’ So, with all my heart, I said to Him: ‘O please! My Good and my All, don’t show Yourself so indifferent with me – You make my heart split with pain. If it is because of the writing – let it be, let it be, even if it cost me the sacrifice of my life, I promise I will do it!’ Then Jesus changed appearance and, all benign, He told me: “What do you fear? Have I not assisted you the other times? My light will surround you everywhere, and so you will be able to manifest it.” 

Purity of intention.

While He was saying this, I don’t know how, I saw the confessor near Jesus; and the Lord told him: “See, everything you do passes into Heaven. Therefore, see with what purity you must operate, thinking that all of your steps, words and works come before my presence, and if they are pure – that is, if they are done for Me – I take greatest delight in them and I feel them around Me like many messengers that remind Me continuously of you. But if they are done for low and earthly purposes, I feel bothered by them.” And as He was saying this, He seemed to grab his hands, and raising them up to Heaven, He said to him: “Your eyes always on high; you are of Heaven – work for Heaven!”

While I was seeing the confessor, and Jesus saying this to him, in my mind it seemed to me that if one operated in that way, it would happen as to a person who has to leave one house to move to another. What does he do? First he sends all of his things and everything he possesses, and then he goes himself. In the same way, we first send our works to take a place for us in Heaven, and then, when our time comes, we go ourselves. Oh, what a beautiful cortege they will make for us! 


Now, while seeing the confessor, I remembered he had told me that I was to write about Faith in the way in which the Lord had spoken to me about this virtue. While I was thinking of this, in one instant the Lord drew me so much to Himself, that I felt I was outside of myself, in the the vault of the heavens together with Jesus, and He told me these exact words: “Faith is God.”

But these two words contained an immense light, such that it is impossible to explain them – but I will do what I can. In the word “Faith”, I comprehended that Faith is God Himself. Just as material food gives life to the body so that it may not die, Faith gives life to the soul – without Faith, the soul is dead. Faith vivifies, Faith sanctifies, Faith spiritualizes man, and makes him keep his eyes fixed on a Supreme Being, in such a way that he learns nothing of the things of down here; and if he learns them, he learns them in God. Oh, the happiness of a soul who lives of Faith! – her flight is always toward Heaven. In everything that happens to her she always looks at herself in God; and so, just as in tribulation, Faith raises her in God and she does not afflict herself, not even with a lament, knowing that she is not to form her contentment here, but in Heaven; in the same way, if joy, riches and pleasures surround her, Faith raises her in God, and she says to herself: “Oh, how much more content and rich I will be in Heaven!” So, she feels bothered by these earthly things, she despises them, and tramples them underfoot. It seems to me that to a soul who lives of Faith, it happens as to a person who possessed millions upon millions of coins, and even entire kingdoms, and someone else wanted to offer him a cent. What would he say? Would he not disdain it? Would he not throw it in his face? I add: and what if that cent were all muddy, just as earthly things are? Even more: what if that cent were only lent to him? This person would say: “I enjoy and possess immense riches, and you dared to offer me this miserable cent, so muddy, and only for a short time?” I believe he would quickly remove his gaze from it, and would not accept the gift. So does the soul who lives of Faith with regard to earthy things.

Now, let us go back again to the idea of food: by taking food, the body is not only sustained, but shares in the substance of the food, which transforms into the body itself. The same for the soul who lives of Faith: since Faith is God Himself, the soul comes to live of God Himself; and by nourishing herself with God, she comes to share in the substance of God; and by sharing in Him, she comes to resemble Him and to be transformed with God Himself. Therefore, it happens to the soul who lives of Faith, that, just as God is holy, the soul is holy; powerful God – powerful the soul; wise, strong and just God – wise, strong and just the soul; and so with all the other attributes of God. In sum, the soul becomes a little god. Oh, the blessedness of this soul on earth, to then be more blessed in Heaven!

I also understood that the words that the Lord says to His beloved souls – “I will espouse you in the Faith” – mean nothing less but that the Lord, in this mystical marriage, comes to endow the souls with His own virtues. It seems to me that it happens as to two spouses: as they join their properties together, the belongings of one can no longer be distinguished from those of the other, but both of them become their owners. However, in our case, the soul is poor – all the good comes from the Lord, who lets her share in His possessions.

The life of the soul is God – Faith is God, and the soul, by possessing Faith, comes to graft all the other virtues into herself, in such a way that Faith is like a king in her heart, and the other virtues remain around It, as the subjects that serve Faith. So, without Faith, virtues themselves are virtues that have no life.

It seems to me that God communicates Faith to man in two ways: the first is holy Baptism; the second is when blessed God, by unleashing a particle of His substance into the soul, communicates to her the virtue of making miracles, like raising the dead, healing the sick, stopping the sun, and the like. Oh, if the world had Faith, it would change into a terrestrial paradise!

Oh, how high and sublime is the flight of the soul who exercises herself in Faith. It seems to me that by exercising herself in Faith, the soul acts like those timid little birds which, for fear of being caught by hunters, or of some other snare, establish their dwelling at the top of the trees, or in high places. Then, when they are forced to take food, they descend, take the food, and immediately fly back into their dwelling. And some of them, more cautious, take the food and don’t even eat it on the ground, but in order to be safer, they carry it up to the top of the trees, and there they swallow it.

In the same way, the soul who lives of Faith is so timid with earthly things, that for fear of being snared, she doesn’t so much as glance at them. Her dwelling is up high – that is, above all the things of the earth, but especially in the wounds of Jesus Christ; and from within those blessed rooms she moans, cries, prays and suffers together with her Spouse Jesus over the condition and the misery in which mankind lies. While she lives inside those holes of the wounds of Jesus, the Lord gives her a particle of His virtues, and the soul feels those virtues within herself as if they were her own. However, she realizes that even though she sees them as her own, the possession of them is given to her, for they have been communicated by the Lord.

It happens to her as to a person who has received a gift which he did not have. What does he do? He takes it and makes himself the owner of it; however, every time he looks at it, he says to himself: “This is mine, but it was given to me by so and so.” So also does the soul whom the Lord transforms in Himself, by unleashing a particle of His Divine Being from Himself. Now, just as this soul abhors sin, she also feels compassion for others, and prays for those whom she sees walking on the path of the precipice. She unites herself with Jesus Christ, and offers herself as victim in order to placate divine justice, and to spare creatures the deserved chastisements. And if the sacrifice of her life were necessary – oh, how gladly she would make it for the salvation of one soul alone! 

How she sees the Divinity of Jesus.

After the confessor told me to explain to him how I sometimes see the Divinity of Our Lord, I answered that it was impossible for me to be able to tell him anything. But, at night, blessed Jesus appeared to me and almost reproached me because of this refusal of mine, and then He flashed through me with two most luminous rays. With the first one I understood in my intellect, that Faith is God and God is Faith. I tried to say a few things about Faith; now I will try to say how I see God – and this was the second ray.

While I am outside of myself, and I find myself in the height of the heavens, I seem to see God within a light. He Himself seems to be light, and within this light there is beauty, strength, wisdom, immensity, height, depth – endless and boundless. Even in the air we breathe is God present, and we breathe Him; so, each one can make Him his own life, as indeed He is. Nothing escapes Him, and nothing can escape Him. This light seems to be all voice, though it does not speak; and all operating, though it always rests. It is present everywhere, though it occupies no space; and while it is present everywhere, it also has its own center. Oh, God, how incomprehensible You are! I see You, I feel You, You are my life, You restrict Yourself within me, but You remain always immense and lose nothing of Yourself. Yet, I feel I am stammering, and it seems I can say nothing.

In order to explain myself better, according to our human language, I will say that I see a shadow of God in the whole creation, because in the whole creation – someplace He has cast the shadow of His beauty, someplace His fragrances, someplace His light, as in Sun, in which I see a special shadow of God. I see Him as though concealed within this sphere, as the king of all other spheres. What is the Sun? It nothing but a globe of fire. One is the globe, but its rays are many; from this we can easily understand how the globe is God, and the rays are the immense attributes of God.

Second. The Sun is fire, but It is also light and heat. Here is the Most Holy Trinity veiled in the Sun: the fire is the Father, the light is the Son, the heat is the Holy Spirit. However, the Sun is one, and just as one cannot separate fire from light and heat, so one is the power of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who in reality cannot be separated from one another. And just as fire produces light and heat at the same time, in such a way that fire cannot be conceived without light and heat; in the same way, the Father cannot be conceived before the Son and the Holy Spirit, and vice versa, but all Three of the Them have the same eternal beginning.

I add that the light of the Sun diffuses everywhere; in the same way, God penetrates everywhere with His immensity. However, let us remember that this is but a shadow, because the Sun cannot reach where It cannot penetrate with Its light, while God penetrates everywhere. God is most pure Spirit, and we can represent Him with the Sun, which makes Its rays penetrate everywhere, and no one can grab them with their hands. Moreover, God looks at everything – the iniquities and the evils of men – but He remains always as He is, pure, holy and immaculate. A shadow of God is the Sun, which sends Its light over rubbish, but remains immaculate; It spreads Its light in the fire, but is not burned; in the sea and in the rivers, but is not drowned. It gives light to all, It fecundates everything, It gives life to all with Its heat, but does not become poor in light, nor does It lose any of Its heat. Even more, while It does so much good to all, It needs no one, and remains always as It is – majestic, shining, ever immutable. Oh, how well one can see the divine qualities in the Sun! With His immensity, God is present in the fire, but is not burned; in the sea, but is not drowned; under our steps, but is not trampled. He gives to all, but does not become poor, and needs no one; He looks at everything – even more, He is all eyes, and there is nothing He does not hear. He is aware of each fiber of our hearts, of each thought of our minds, but, being most pure Spirit, He has neither ears nor eyes, and no matter what happens, He never changes. The Sun invests the world with Its light, and It does not tire; in the same way, God gives life to all, helps and rules the world, and He does not tire.

A man can hide or place shelters so as not to enjoy the light of the Sun and Its beneficial effects, but he does nothing to the Sun – the Sun remains as It is, while all the evil will fall upon man. In the same way, by sin, the sinner can move away from God and no longer enjoy His beneficial effects, but he does nothing to God – the evil is all his own.

The roundness of the Sun also symbolizes the eternity of God, which has no beginning and no end. The penetrating light of the Sun itself is such that no one can restrict it in his eye; and if one wanted to stare at It in Its midday fullness, he would remain dazzled; and if the Sun wanted to draw near man, man would be reduced to ashes. The same for the Divine Sun: no created mind can restrict It in its little mind so as to comprehend It in all that It is; and if it wanted to try, it would remain dazzled and confused; and if this Divine Sun wanted to display all Its love, allowing man to feel It while he is in his mortal flesh, he would be reduced to ashes.

So, God has cast a shadow of Himself and of His perfections over the whole creation; it seems that we see Him and touch Him, and we are touched by Him continuously.

In addition to this, after the Lord said those words – “Faith is God” – I said to Him: ‘Jesus, do You love me?’ And He added: “And you(Luisa), do you love Me?” Immediately I said: ‘Yes Lord, and You know that without You I feel that life is missing in me.’

“Well then”, Jesus continued, “you(Luisa) love Me, I love you(Luisa) – so, let us love each other, and remain always together.” This is how He ended for this morning. Now, who can say how much my mind has comprehended of this Divine Sun? I seem to see It and touch It everywhere. Even more, I feel invested by It, inside and out, but my capacity is so very little – while it seems it comprehends something about God, the moment I see Him, it seems I have comprehended nothing; even more, it seems I have spoken nonsense. I hope that Jesus will forgive my nonsense. 



September 9, 1899 

Faith, Hope and Charity. The soul, royal palace of God.

Jesus continues to come, but with a look all new. It seemed that the trunk of a tree was coming out of His blessed Heart, which contained three distinct roots. This trunk was leaning out of His Heart into mine, and coming out of my heart, it formed many beautiful branches, loaded with flowers, with fruits, with pearls and precious stones, shining like most refulgent stars. Now, seeing Himself in the shade of this tree, my loving Jesus amused Himself completely; more so, since many pearls were falling from the tree, which formed a beautiful ornament for His Most Holy Humanity. While He was in this position, He told me: “Dearest daughter of mine(Luisa), the three roots you see, which this tree contains, are Faith, Hope and Charity. The fact that you see this trunk coming out of Me and entering into your heart means that there is no good that souls possess which does not come from Me. Then, after Faith, Hope and Charity, the first development of this trunk is to make known that everything good comes from God, that creatures have nothing of their own but their nothingness, and that this nothingness does nothing but give Me the freedom to enter into them and do what I want. However, there are other ‘nothings’ – that is, other souls – who make opposition with their own human will; so, because this knowledge is lacking, the trunk produces neither branches, nor fruits, nor anything else that is good. The branches which this tree contains, with all the apparatus of flowers, fruits, pearls and precious stones, are all the different virtues that a soul can possess. Now, who has given life to such a beautiful tree? Certainly the roots. This means that Faith, Hope and Charity embrace everything and contain all virtues, so much so, that they are placed there as the basis and the foundation of the tree, and without them no other virtue can be produced.”

I also understood that the flowers signify the virtues, the fruits, sufferings, the precious stones and pearls, suffering only out of pure love for God. This is why those pearls which were falling formed that beautiful ornament for Our Lord.

Now, while sitting in the shade of this tree, Jesus looked at me with tenderness, all paternal, and taken by a surge of love, such that it seemed He could not contain it within Himself, He embraced me tightly and began to say: “How beautiful you(Luisa) are! You(Luisa) are my simple dove, my beloved dwelling, my living temple, in which I am pleased to delight united with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Your continuous languishing for Me relieves Me and refreshes Me from the continuous offenses that creatures give Me. Know that the love I have for you(Luisa) is so great that I am forced to hide it in part, so that you(Luisa) may not go mad, but may live. In fact, if I showed it to you(Luisa), you(Luisa) would not only go mad, but would not be able to continue to live; your weak nature would be consumed by the flames of my love.” While He was saying this, I felt all confused and annihilated, and I felt myself sinking into the abyss of my nothingness, because I saw myself all imperfect; especially, I noted my ingratitude and coldness at the so many graces that the Lord gives me. But I hope that everything will be for His glory and honor, hoping with firm confidence that in an effort of His love He may want to conquer my hardness.



May 26, 1899 

Contempt of oneself must be united to Faith.

This morning, I was in such a state of annihilation of myself, to the point of feeling obnoxious and annoyed. It seemed to me I was the most abominable being that could be found. I saw myself like a little worm that tossed and turned, but remained always there – in the mud, unable to take one step. Oh, God, what human misery! Yet, after I have been given so many graces, I am still so bad!

My good Jesus, always benign with this miserable sinner, came and told me: “Contempt of yourself is praiseworthy when it is well invested with the spirit of Faith; but when it is not invested with the spirit of Faith, instead of doing you good, it can harm you. In fact, in seeing yourself as you are, unable to do anything good, you will be discouraged, disheartened, without daring to take one step on the path of good. But by leaning on Me – that is, by investing yourself with the spirit of Faith – you will come to know and despise yourself, and at the same time, to know Me, confident of being able to do anything with my help. And here is how, by acting in this way, you will walk according to the truth.”

How much good these words of Jesus have done to my soul! I understood that I must enter into my nothingness and know who I am, but I must not stop there. Rather, immediately after I have known myself, I must fly into the immenseseaofGod, and stop there, to draw all the graces that my soul needs; otherwise, nature becomes weary and the devil will look for means in order to cast it into discouragement. May the Lord be always blessed, and may everything be for His glory.



June 25, 1899 

Three spiritual joys of Faith.

This morning, Jesus continued to make Himself seen every now and then, sharing a little bit of His sufferings with me, and sometimes the confessor appeared with Him. Since he had told me to pray for certain needs of his, in seeing him together with Our Lord I began pray Jesus to grant what he wanted.

While I was praying, all goodness, Jesus turned to the confessor and said to him: “I want Faith to inundate you everywhere, just like those boats inundated with the waters of the sea. And since I Myself am Faith, you would be inundated with Me, who possesses everything, can do everything and gives freely to those who trust in Me; and without your thinking of what will come, of when it will, and of how you will do it, I Myself will be there to assist you according to your needs.”

Then He added: “If you exercise yourself in this Faith, almost swimming in it, as recompense I will infuse three spiritual joys in your heart: first, you will penetrate the things of God with clarity, and in doing holy things you will feel inundated with such gladness, with such joy, as to feel as though soaked with it. This is the unction of my grace. Second, you will feel boredom for earthly things, and you will feel joy in your heart for celestial things. Third, total detachment from everything, and there, where you felt inclination in the past, you will feel bother; this I have been infusing in your heart for some time, and you are already experiencing it. Because of this, your heart will be inundated with the joy which naked souls enjoy, who have their hearts so inundated with my love, that they are not affected at all by the things that surround them externally.”



September, 19, 1899 

The fruits of Faith, of Hope and of Charity.

This morning I was a little disturbed, especially because of the fear that it is not Jesus that comes, but the devil, and that my state may not be Will of God. While I was in this agitation, my adorable Jesus came and told me: “My daughter(Luisa), I do not want you(Luisa) to waste time thinking about this. You(Luisa) distract yourself from Me, and you(Luisa) cause the food with which to nourish Me to be lacking. What I want is that you(Luisa) think only of loving Me and of remaining all abandoned in Me, because in this way you(Luisa) will offer Me a food very pleasing to Me – and not just every now and then, as you(Luisa) would if you(Luisa) continued like this, but continuously. Would this not be a greatest contentment for you(Luisa) – that your will, by being abandoned in Me and by loving Me, be food for Me, your God?”

After this, He showed me His Heart, which contained three distinct globes of light, which then formed a single one. And Jesus, resuming His speech, told me: “The globes of light which you(Luisa) see in my Heart are the Faith, the Hope and the Charity which I brought upon earth to make suffering man happy by offering them to him as gift. Now, to you(Luisa) also I want to give a more special gift.” And while He was saying this, many threads of light came out of those globes of light, which inundated my
soul like a sort of net, and I remained inside of it. And Jesus: “Here is how I want you(Luisa) to occupy your soul. First, fly upon the wings of Faith, and in that light, by plunging yourself into it, you(Luisa) will know and acquire ever more news about Me, your God; but by knowing Me more, your nothingness will feel almost dissolved, and you(Luisa) will have no place to lean on. You(Luisa), however, rise more, and dive into the immense sea of Hope, which is made of all my merits that I acquired in the course of my mortal life, and of all the pains of my Passion, which I also gave to man as gift. Only through these can you(Luisa) hope for the immense goods of Faith, because there is no other way to obtain them. So, as you(Luisa) avail yourself of these merits of mine as if they were your own, your ‘nothing’ will no longer feel dissolved and sinking into the abyss of nothingness, but acquiring new life, it will be embellished and enriched, in such a way as to draw the very divine gazes upon itself. Then the soul will no longer be timid, but Hope will administer to her courage and strength, in such a way as to render her stable like a pillar exposed to all the intemperances of the air, which are the various tribulations of life, and which do not move her a tiny bit. And Hope will cause the soul not only to immerse herself without fear into the immense riches of Faith, but to make herself the owner of them; and through Hope she will reach such a point as to make God Himself her own. Ah, yes! Hope makes the soul reach wherever she wants; Hope is the door of Heaven – only by means of It can it be opened, because one who hopes for everything, obtains everything. Then, after the soul has reached the point of making God Himself her own, immediately, without any obstacle, she will find herself in the immense ocean of Charity, and carrying Faith and Hope with her, she will immerse herself in it and will form one single thing with Me, her God.”

Most loving Jesus continued: “If Faith is the king, Charity is queen, and Hope is like the peacemaking mother who pacifies everything. In fact, with Faith and Charity there may be disturbance, but Hope, being bond of peace, converts everything into peace. Hope is support, Hope is refreshment; and when the soul, rising by means of Faith, sees the beauty, the sanctity and the love with which she is loved by God, and feels drawn to love Him, but in seeing her insufficiency, how little she does for God, and how she should love Him but does not, she feels discomforted, disturbed and almost does not dare to draw near God – immediately this peacemaking mother comes out, and placing herself between Faith and Charity, she begins to perform her office of peacemaker. She makes the soul peaceful again, she pushes her, raises her, gives her new strengths; and carrying her before king Faith and queen Charity, she excuses the soul, she places a new effusion of her merits before the soul, and she prays them to receive her. And Faith and Charity, with their gazes fixed only on this peacemaking mother, so tender and compassionate, receive the soul, and God forms the delight of the soul, and the soul the delight of God.”

Oh, holy Hope, how admirable you are! I imagine seeing the soul who is possessed by this beautiful Hope, like a noble wayfarer, who walks in order to go and take possession of a land that will make his whole fortune. But since he is unknown and he journeys through lands which are not his, some deride him, some insult him, some strip him of his clothes, and some reach the point of beating him and even of threatening to kill him. And the noble wayfarer – what does he do in all these trials? Will he be disturbed? Ah, no – never! On the contrary, he will deride those who do all this to him, and knowing with certainty that the more he suffers, the more he will be honored and glorified when he comes to take possession of his land, he himself teases the people into tormenting him more. But he is always tranquil, he enjoys the most perfect peace; and what is more, while in the midst of these insults, he remains so calm, that while the others are all alert around him, he keeps sleeping in the bosom of his longed-for God. Who administers so much peace and so much firmness to this wayfarer in continuing the journey he has undertaken? Certainly Hope in the eternal goods that will be his; and since they are his, he will surpass everything in order to take possession of them. Now, by thinking that they are his own, he comes to love them – and here is how Hope gives rise to Charity.

Who can say, then, what the light of blessed Jesus makes me see? I would rather have let it pass in silence, but I see that lady obedience, laying down her friendly guises of friendship, assumes the aspect of a warrior and is arming his weapons to wage war against me and to wound me. O please! Do not arm yourself so quickly – lay down your claws, be quiet, for I will do as you say, as much as I can, and so we will always remain friends.

Now, when the soul carries herself into the most extensive sea of Charity, she experiences ineffable delights, and enjoys joys which are unspeakable to mortal soul. Everything is love; her sighs, her heartbeats, her thoughts, are as many sonorous voices that she makes resound around her most loving God. These voices are all of love, calling Him to themselves, in such a way that blessed God, drawn and wounded by these loving voices, requites them, and it happens that His sighs, His heartbeats, and all of the Divine Being continuously call the soul to God.

Who can say, then, how wounded the soul is by these voices; how she begins to rave as though taken by a most ardent fever; how she runs, almost made insane, and goes to plunge herself into the loving Heart of her Beloved to find refreshment, and how she suckles, in torrents, the divine delights? She becomes inebriated with love, and in her inebriation, she makes canticles, all of love, for her most sweet Spouse. But who can say everything that passes between the soul and God? Who can speak about this Charity, which is God Himself?

At this moment, I see an immense light, and my mind remains stupefied; it applies itself now at one point, now at another, and I try to write it on paper, but I feel I stammer in expressing it. So, not knowing what to do, for now I keep silent, and I believe that lady obedience will forgive me this time, because if she wants to get huffy with me, this time she is not so right. The wrong is all hers, for not giving me a more fluent tongue to be able to express it. Have you understood, most reverend obedience? We remain at peace, don’t we? 



December 2, 1899

Eloquent praise of the Cross.

As I was very afflicted about certain things, which it is not licit here to say, lovable Jesus, wanting to relieve me from my affliction, came with an appearance all new.  He seemed to be dressed in pale blue, all adorned with tiny little bells of gold which, in touching one another, resounded with a sound never before heard.  At the appearance of Jesus and at that gracious sound, I felt enchanted and relieved in my affliction, which departed from me like smoke.  I would have remained there in silence, so much did I feel the powers of my soul enchanted and stunned, if blessed Jesus had not broken my silence, saying to me:  “My beloved daughter(Luisa)r, all these little bells are many voices that speak to you(Luisa) of my love, and call you(Luisa) to love Me.  Now, let me see how many little bells you(Luisa) have that speak to Me of your love and call Me to love you(Luisa).”

And I, all full of blushing, said to Him:  ‘But, Lord, what are You saying?  I have nothing; I have nothing but defects.’  And Jesus, compassionating my misery, continued:  “You(Luisa) have nothing, it is true.  Well then, I want to adorn you(Luisa) with my own little bells, so that you(Luisa) may have many voices to call Me and to show Me your love.”  So it seemed that He surrounded my waist with a belt adorned with these little bells.

After this, I remained in silence, and He added:  “Today I take pleasure in spending time with you(Luisa).  Tell Me something.”  And I:  ‘You know that all my contentment is in being with You, and in having You, I have everything.  So, in possessing You, it seems I have nothing else to desire, or to say.’  And Jesus:  “Let Me hear your voice that cheers my hearing.  Let us converse together a little; I have spoken to you(Luisa) many times about the Cross; today, let Me hear you(Luisa) speak of the Cross.”

I felt all confused; I did not know what to say.  But as He sent me a ray of intellectual light, to make Him content I began to say:  ‘My Beloved, who can say to You what the Cross is?  Your mouth alone can speak worthily of the sublimity of the Cross; but since You want me to speak, I will do it.

The Cross, suffered by You, freed me from the slavery of the devil, and espoused me to the Divinity with an indissoluble bond.  The Cross is fecund and gives birth to Grace in me.  The Cross is Light, It disillusions me of what is temporal, and reveals to me what is eternal.  The Cross is fire, and reduces to ashes all that is not of God, to the point of emptying my heart of the tiniest blade of grass that might be in it.  The Cross is coin of inestimable value, and if I have, O Holy Spouse, the fortune of possessing it, I will be enriched with eternal coins, to the point of becoming the richest in Paradise, because the currency that circulates in Heaven is the Cross suffered on earth.  The Cross, then, makes me know myself; not only this, but It gives me the knowledge of God.  The Cross grafts all virtues into me.  The Cross is the noble pulpit of the uncreated Wisdom, that teaches me the highest, the finest and most sublime doctrines.  So, only the Cross will reveal to me the most hidden mysteries, the most secret things, the most perfect perfection, hidden to the most erudite and learned of the world.  The Cross is like beneficent water that purifies me; not only this, but It administers to me the nourishment for the virtues, It makes them grow, and only then does It leave me, when It brings me back to Eternal Life.  The Cross is like celestial dew, which preserves and embellishes for me the beautiful lily of purity.  The Cross is the nourishment of Hope.  The Cross is the beacon of operating Faith.  The Cross is like hard wood, which preserves the fire of Charity, keeping it always lit.  The Cross is like dry wood, which dispels and puts to flight all the smokes of pride and of vainglory, producing the humble violet of humility in the soul.  The Cross is the most powerful weapon that offends the demons, and defends me from all of their claws.  Therefore, the soul who possesses the Cross is the envy and admiration of the very Angels and Saints, and the rage and indignation of the demons.  The Cross is my Paradise on earth, in such a way that if the Paradise of the Blessed up there, is of delights, theParadise down here is of sufferings.  The Cross is the chain of most pure gold that connects me to You, my Highest Good, and forms the most intimate union which can possibly be given, to the point of making my being disappear.  And It transforms me in You, my Beloved, to the point that I feel lost within You, and I live from your very Life.’

After I said this (I don’t know whether it is nonsense), my lovable Jesus was all delighted in listening to me, and taken by enthusiasm of love, kissed me all over, and said to me:  “Brava, brava, my beloved – you(Luisa) spoke well!  My Love is fire, but not like the terrestrial fire which, wherever it penetrates, renders things sterile and reduces everything to ashes.  My fire is fecund, and it renders sterile only that which is not virtue.  To all the rest it gives life, it makes beautiful flowers bloom, it makes the most delicious fruits mature, and forms the most delightful celestial garden.  The Cross is so powerful, and I communicated so much grace to It, as to render It more effective than the very Sacraments; and this, because in receiving the Sacrament of my Body, the dispositions and free concourse of the soul are needed in order to receive my graces, and many times these may be lacking; while the Cross has the virtue of disposing the soul to grace.”



January 27, 1901

The establishment of Faith is in the establishment of Charity. 

As I was in my usual state, my adorable Jesus made Himself seen for a little while and, I don’t know why, He said to me: “My daughter(Luisa), the whole establishment of the Catholic Faith is in the establishment of Charity, which unites the hearts and makes them live in Me.” Then, throwing Himself into my arms, He wanted me to refresh Him. After I did as much as I could, He gave me tit for tat, and He disappeared. 



November 18, 1900

he union of one’s heart with that of Jesus makes one pass on to the state of perfect consummation. 

He continues to keep my heart inside His Heart, and every now and then He deigns to let me see it, making feast as if He had made a great gain. In these days, when I find myself outside of myself, at the place that corresponds to the heart, instead of the heart I see the light that blessed Jesus sent me in those three breaths. Then, this morning, on coming, showing me His Heart, He told me: “My beloved(Luisa), which one would you(Luisa) like: my Heart or yours? If you(Luisa) want Mine, you(Luisa) will have to suffer more. Know, however, that I have done this to make you(Luisa) pass on to another state, because when one reaches union, one passes to another state, which is that of consummation, and in order to pass to this state of perfect consummation, the soul needs either my Heart in order to live, or her own completely transformed into Mine. Otherwise, she cannot pass on to this state of consummation.” And I, all fearful, answered: ‘My sweet love, my will is no longer mine, but Yours – do whatever You want, and I will be more than happy.’

After this, I remembered about some difficulties of the confessor, and Jesus, seeing my thought, showed me as if I were inside a crystal, and this prevented others from seeing what the Lord was operating in me. Then He added: “Only in the reflections of light can one know the crystal and what it contains. The same with you(Luisa): one who carries the light of faith will touch what I operate in you with his own hand; if then he does not, he will see things in a natural way.”



November 22, 1901

The self carries the mark of all ruin, while without the self everything is safety.

After going through most bitter days of tears, of privation and of silence, my poor heart can bear no more. The torment of being outside of my center, God, is so great, that I am continuously battered amid dense waves of a fierce storm in a state of strong violence, such that I suffer death at each moment, and what’s more, I cannot die.

As I was in this position, He made Himself seen for a little while and told me: “My daughter(Luisa), when the soul does the will of someone else in everything, it is said that she has trust in that person, therefore she lives from someone else’s volition, and not from her own. In the same way, when the soul does my Will in everything, I say that she has faith. So, Divine Will and faith are branches produced by the same trunk; and since faith is simple, faith and Divine Will produce a third branch, that of simplicity. And here is how the soul comes to reacquire the characteristics of a dove in everything. Don’t you(Luisa) want, then, to be my dove?”

On another occasion, another day He told me: “My daughter(Luisa), pearls, gold, gems, the most precious things, are kept in good custody inside some casket, and with double locks. What do you fear, then, if I keep you(Luisa) in good custody inside the casket of holy obedience – most safe custody, in which, not one, but two keys keep the door well closed so as to preclude the entrance of any thief, and even of a shadow of any defect? Only the self carries the mark of all ruin, but without the self everything is safety.”



March 2, 1902

The effects of faith. 

This morning I felt all concerned, as if the Lord wanted to deprive me again of His presence, and therefore take sufferings away from me; and I also felt a little bit of discouragement. Then, after much waiting, He came for just a little and told me: “My daughter(uisa), one who nourishes himself with faith acquires divine life, and by acquiring divine life he destroys the human – that is, he destroys within himself the germs which original sin produced, reacquiring the perfect nature, as came out of my hands, similar to Me. And by this, he comes to surpass the very angelic nature in nobility.” Having said this, He disappeared.


November 1, 1902

True seriousness is found in religion, and true religion consists in looking at one’s neighbor in God, and at God in one’s neighbor. 

As I was in my usual state, I felt I was going outside of myself, and I found a child crying, and also several men; and one of them, more serious, took a most bitter drink and gave it to that crying child, who suffered so much in swallowing it, that his throat seemed to choke. Not knowing who he was, out of compassion I took him in my arms, saying to him: ‘Yet, he is a serious man, and did this to you. Poor little one, come to me, for I want to dry your tears.’ And he said to me: “True seriousness is found in religion, and true religion consists in looking at one’s neighbor in God, and at God in one’s neighbor.” Then, drawing close to my ear, so much so, that his lips touched me and his voice resounded in my interior, he added: “The word ‘religion’ is a ridiculous word for the world, and it seems to be worth nothing. Yet, before Me every word that pertains to religion is a virtue of infinite value; so much so, that I made use of the word in order to propagate the faith in the whole universe, and one who exercises himself in this serves Me as mouth to manifest my Will to creatures.” As He was saying this, I understood very well that it was Jesus. On hearing His clear voice which I had not heard for so long I felt myself rise again from death to life. I was waiting for Him to finish speaking to tell Him of my extreme needs, but – no, as soon as I stopped hearing His voice, He disappeared, and I was left disconsolate and afflicted.


March 20, 1904

All things take origin from Faith. 

This morning I was feeling all discouraged and embittered because of the loss of my adorable Jesus; and while I was in this state, He let His most sweet voice be heard, saying to me:  “My daughter(Luisa), all things take origin from Faith.  One who is strong in Faith is strong in suffering; Faith makes one find God in every place, it makes one see Him in every action, touch Him in every movement, and every new occasion that presents itself is a new divine revelation that one receives.  Therefore, remain strong in Faith, for if you(Luisa) are strong in it, in all states and circumstances, Faith will administer fortitude to you(Luisa), and will make you(Luisa) be always united with God.” 


July 29, 1904

Faith makes one know God, but trust makes one find Him. 

Continuing in my usual state, as soon as I saw my adorable Jesus, I said to Him:  ‘My Lord and my God.’  And He continued:  “God, God, God alone.  Daughter(Luisa), faith makes one know God, but trust makes one find Him.  So, without trust, faith is sterile, and even though faith possesses immense riches with which the soul can enrich herself, if there is no trust she remains always poor and lacking in everything.”  While He was saying this, I felt myself being drawn into God, and I remained absorbed in Him like a little drop of water in the immense sea.  As much as I looked, I could find no boundaries, either of height or of breadth; Heaven and earth, blessed and pilgrim souls, all were immersed in God.  I could also see wars, like that between Russia and Japan, the thousands of soldiers who were dying and will die, and that by justice, also natural, the victory will be of Japan; and I saw that other European nations are plotting machinations of war even against nations of Europe.  But who can say all that I could see of God and in God?  So, to end it, I stop here.



September 13, 1904

True donation is to keep one’s will sacrificed continuously; this is a martyrdom of continuous attention that the soul makes for God. 

As I was in my usual state, after I struggled very much He made Himself seen clasped to me, holding my heart in His hands; and fixing on me, He told me:  “My daughter(Luisa), when a soul has given Me her will, she is no longer free to do what she pleases, otherwise it would not be a true donation.  On the other hand, true donation is to keep one’s will sacrificed continuously to the One to whom it had already been given; and this is a martyrdom of continuous attention that the soul makes for God.  What would you say of a martyr who today offers himself to suffer any kind of pain, and tomorrow draws back?  You would say that he did not have true disposition for martyrdom, and that one day or another he will end up denying his faith.  So I say to the soul who does not let Me do what I please with her will, but now gives it to Me, and now draws it back:  ‘Daughter, you are not disposed to sacrifice and martyr yourself for Me, because true martyrdom consists in continuity.  You may call yourself resigned, conformed, but not a martyr; and one day or another you may end up withdrawing from Me, reducing everything to a child’s game.’  Therefore, be attentive, and leave Me full freedom to do with you(Luisa) as I best please.”



November 6, 1906

The Faith and the Hope of the soul who lives in the Divine Will. 

I was praying according to my usual way – that whatever I do, I do it as if I were doing it with Our Lord and with His own intentions. So, I was reciting the Creed, and without realizing it myself, I was saying that I intended to have the faith of Jesus Christ to repair for so many unbeliefs, and to impetrate the gift of faith for all. At that moment, He moved in my interior, and told me: “You(Luisa) are wrong, I had neither faith nor hope, nor could I have them, because I was God Himself – I was only love.”

On hearing ‘love’, I liked so much being able to be only love that, not paying attention, I spoke some more nonsense, which was: ‘My Lord, I too would like to be like You – all love, and nothing else.’ And He added: “This is my goal, and this is why I often speak to you(Luisa) about perfect resignation, because by living in my Will, the soul acquires the most heroic love, and reaches the point of loving Me with my own love. She becomes all love, and becoming all love, she is in continuous contact with Me. So, she is with Me, in Me, and for Me she does everything I want; nor does she move or desire anything but my Will, in which all the love of the Eternal One is enclosed, and in which she herself remains enclosed. By living in this way, the soul almost comes to the point of dissolving faith and hope, because as she comes to live of Divine Will, the soul no longer feels in contact with faith and hope. Since she lives of the Will of God, what does she have to believe if she has found It and made of It her food? And what does she have to hope for, if she already possesses It by living, not outside of God, but in God? Therefore, true and perfect resignation is the mark of sure predestination, and the sure possession that the soul has of God. Have you understood? Think it over carefully.”

I remained as though enchanted, and I said to myself: ‘Really, one can reach this?!’ And I almost doubted, saying: ‘Maybe He wanted to tempt me to see what I would do, to give me the field to speak more nonsense, and to show me where my pride reaches. However, it is good to speak some nonsense; at least one pushes Him to say something, and receives the good of hearing His voice, which restores one from death to life’; and I kept thinking of what other nonsense I could say… At that moment, He moved again and added: “It is you(Luisa) who want to tempt Me, not I you(Luisa). And besides, stop doubting about my truths.” And He kept silent. I felt confused, and I kept thinking of what He had told me; but who can say everything? These are things that cannot be expressed.



January 28, 1911

Love forces God to tear the veils of faith. The Church is agonizing, but will not die

As I was in my usual state, the Heart of my sweet Jesus made Itself seen, and as I looked inside of Jesus, I could see His Heart in Him, and in looking inside of myself, I could see His Most Holy Heart also within me. Oh! how much gentleness, how many delights, how many harmonies could be felt in that Heart! Then, while I was delighting with Jesus, I heard His most gentle voice coming out from His Heart, telling me: “Daughter(Luisa), delight of my Heart, Love wants its outpourings, otherwise one could not go on, especially one who really loves Me and does not admit within herself any other pleasure, any other taste, any other life but Love. I feel so drawn toward them, that Love Itself forces Me to tear the veils of faith, and I reveal Myself, making them enjoy, down here also,Paradiseat intervals. Love gives Me no time to wait for death with those who really love Me, but I anticipate It also in this life. Enjoy – feel my delights, see how many contentments there are in my Heart; take part in everything, pour yourself out in my Love, so that yours may expand more and you may love Me more.”

While He was saying this, I saw some priests, and Jesus continued: “My daughter(Luisa), the Church in these times is agonizing, but will not die – on the contrary, She will rise again more beautiful. The good priests strive for a life more stripped, more sacrificed, more pure; the bad priests strive for a life more interested, more comfortable, more sensual – all earthly. I speak – but not to them; I speak to the few good ones, be they even one per town. To these do I speak, and I command, I beg, I supplicate that they make these houses of reunion, saving for Me the priests who will come into these shelters, by rendering them completely free from any bond of family. And through these few good ones will my Church recover from Her agony. These are my support, my pillars, the continuation of the life of the Church. I do not speak to the others – that is, to those who do not feel like freeing themselves of any bond of family; because if I speak, I am certainly not listened to – even more, at the mere thought of breaking every bond, they become indignant. Ah!, unfortunately they are accustomed to drinking the cup of interest and the like, which, while being sweetness for the flesh, is poison for the soul. These will end up drinking the sewer of the world. I want to save them at any cost, but I am not listened to; therefore I speak, but for them it is as if I were not speaking.” 



January 29, 1919

God will accomplish the third renewal of humanity by manifesting what His Divinity did within His Humanity.

I was doing the adoration of the wounds of blessed Jesus, and at the end I recited the Creed, intending to enter into the immensity of the Divine Will in which there are all the acts of the creatures, past, present and future, and even those acts which the creature should do, but did not, because of negligence or wickedness. And I was saying: ‘My Jesus, my Love, I enter your Volition, and with this Creed I intend to redo and repair all the acts of faith which the creatures have not done, all the disbeliefs, and the lacks of adoration which is due to God as Creator…’

While I was saying these and other things, I felt my intelligence being dissolved in the Divine Will, and a light investing all my intellect, in which I could see my sweet Jesus. This light spoke and spoke… But who can say everything? I will say it confusedly; and then, I feel such repugnance that if obedience were not so severe, but more indulgent, it would not force me into such sacrifices. But You, my Life, give me the strength, and do not leave this poor little ignorant one on her own.

Now, it seemed that He was saying to me: “My beloved daughter(Luisa), I want to let you(Luisa) know the order of my Providence. Every two thousand years I have renewed the world. In the first two thousand years I renewed it with the Deluge; in the second two thousand I renewed it with my coming upon earth when I manifested my Humanity, from which, as if from many fissures, my Divinity shone forth. The good ones and the very Saints of the following two thousand years have lived from the fruits of my Humanity and, in drops, they have enjoyed my Divinity. Now we are around the third two thousand years, and there will be a third renewal. This is the reason for the general confusion: it is nothing other than the preparation of the third renewal. If in the second renewal I manifested what my Humanity did and suffered, and very little of what my Divinity was operating, now, in this third renewal, after the earth will be purged and a great part of the current generation destroyed, I will be even more generous with creatures, and I will accomplish the renewal by manifesting what my Divinity did within my Humanity; how my Divine Will acted with my human will; how everything remained linked within Me; how I did and redid everything, and how even each thought of each creature was redone by Me, and sealed with my Divine Volition.

My Love wants to pour Itself out; It wants to make known the excesses which my Divinity operated in my Humanity for the creatures – excesses which greatly surpass the excesses that my Humanity operated externally. This is also why I often speak to you(Luisa) about living in my Will, which I have not manifested to anyone until now. At the most, they have known the shadow of my Will, the grace and the sweetness of doing It. But to penetrate inside of It, to embrace immensity, to be multiplied with Me and – even while being on earth – penetrate everywhere, both into Heaven and into the hearts, laying down the human ways and acting in Divine ways – this is not yet known; so much so that not to a few will this appear strange, and those who do not keep their minds opened to the light of the Truth will not understand a thing. But little by little I will make my way, manifesting now one truth, now another, about this living in my Will, so that they will end up understanding.

Now, the first link which connected the true living in my Will was my Humanity. My Humanity, identified with my Divinity, swam in the Eternal Volition, and kept tracing all the acts of creatures in order to make them Its own, to give to the Father a divine glory on the part of creatures, and to bring the value, the love, the kiss of the Eternal Volition to all the acts of creatures. In this sphere of the Eternal Volition, I could see all the acts of creatures – those which could be done and were not done, and also the good acts done badly – and I did those which had not been done, and redid those done badly. Now, these acts which were not done, except by Me alone, are all suspended in my Will, and I await the creatures to come to live in my Volition, and repeat in my Will that which I did.

This is why I chose you as the second link of connection with my Humanity, a link which becomes one with mine, as you live in my Volition and repeat my own acts. Otherwise, on this side my Love would remain without Its outpouring, without glory from the creatures for all that my Divinity operated within my Humanity, and without the perfect purpose of Creation, which must be enclosed and perfected in my Will. It would be as if I had shed all my Blood and suffered so much, and nobody had known it. Who would have loved Me? Which heart would have been shaken? No one; and therefore in no one would I have had my fruits – the glory of Redemption.”

Interrupting Jesus’ saying, I said: ‘My Love, if there is so much good in this living in the Divine Will, why didn’t You manifest it before?’ And He: “My daughter(Luisa), first I had to make known what my Humanity did and suffered externally, to be able to dispose souls to knowing what my Divinity did inside. The creature is incapable of understanding my work all together; therefore I keep manifesting Myself little by little.

Then, from your link of connection with Me, the links of other souls will be connected, and I will have a cohort of souls who, living in my Volition, will redo all the acts of the creatures. I will receive the glory of the many suspended acts done only by Me, also from the creatures – and these, from all classes: virgins, priests, lay people, according to their office. They will no longer operate humanly; but rather, as they penetrate into my Will, their acts will multiply for all in a way which is fully Divine. I will receive from the creatures the divine glory of many Sacraments administered and received in a human way, of others which have been profaned, of others sullied with interest, and of many good works in which I remain more dishonored than honored. I yearn very much for this time… And you, pray and yearn for it together with Me, and do not move your link of connection with Mine, but start – as the first one.” 



October 16, 1918

He predicts wars and the lot of some countries.

I was feeling very afflicted because of the privation of my lovable Jesus, and my mind was made gloomy by the thought that everything in me had been a crafting either of my fantasy or of the enemy. There are rumors of peace and triumph forItaly, while I remembered that my sweet Jesus had told me thatItalywill be humiliated. What pain – what mortal agony, to think that my life had been a continuous deceit. I felt that Jesus wanted to talk to me, and I didn’t want to listen – I rejected Him. I fought for three days with Jesus, and many times I was so exhausted that I didn’t have the strength to reject Him; and then Jesus would speak and speak, and I, drawing strength from His speech, would say to Him: ‘I don’t want to hear anything.’

Finally, Jesus placed His arm around my neck and said to me: “Calm down, calm down, it is I – listen to Me. Don’t you(Luisa) remember that months ago, when you(Luisa) were lamenting to Me for poor Italy, I said to you, ‘My daughter(Luisa), those who win, lose – those who lose, win’?ItalyandFrancehave already been humiliated, and they will be no longer, until they are purged and they return to Me, freely, voluntarily and peacefully. In the merely apparent triumph which they enjoy, they already suffer the greatest humiliation: they did not do it by themselves, but a foreigner, not even European, came to drive the enemy away. So, if this could be called a triumph – which it is not – it belongs to the foreigner. But this is nothing. Now more than ever, they lose more – in moral things, as much as in the temporal – because this will dispose them to commit greater crimes, to fierce internal revolutions, such as to surpass the very tragedy of war. And then, what I told you(Luisa) did not regard only the present times, but also the future, and all that is not happening now, will happen then. And if someone will raise difficulties and doubts, it means that he knows little about my way of speaking. My speech is eternal, just as I am.

Now I want to tell you(Luisa) something consoling. Italyand Francenow lose, while Germanywins. All nations have some black stains, and all of them deserve humiliations and crushings. There will be a general uproar – confusion everywhere. I will renew the world with the sword, with fire and with water, with sudden deaths, and with contagious diseases. I will make new things. The nations will form a sort of towerof Babel; they will reach the point of being unable to understand one another; the peoples will revolt among themselves; they will no longer want kings. All will be humiliated, and peace will come only from Me. And if you(Luisa) hear them say ‘peace’, that will not be true, but apparent. Once I have purged everything, I will place my finger in a surprising way, and I will give the true Peace. Then, all those who are humiliated will return to Me. Germany will be Catholic; I have great designs upon for her. England, Russia, and all the places where blood has been shed, will rise again to Faith, and will be incorporated into my Church. There will be great triumph and union among peoples. Therefore, pray – and it takes patience, because this will not be so soon, but it will take time.”


February 13, 1923

The good of being faithful and attentive.

I felt all afflicted, and my sweet Jesus, making Himself seen for just a little, told me:  “My daughter(Luisa), courage, be faithful and attentive to Me, because faithfulness and attentiveness produce equality of humors in the soul, forming one single humor and establishing perfect peace; and this peace renders her dominator, in such a way that she does whatever she wants, and reaches wherever she wants.  Especially for one who lives in my Will, it happens as to the sun – it never changes, one is its act:  to unleash light and heat from its sphere.  It does not do something today, and something else tomorrow; it is always faithful and constant in doing the same thing.  But while its act is one, as this act descends and hits the surface of the earth, how many different acts do not take place?  They are almost innumerable.  If it finds a flower half-closed, with the kiss of its light and with its heat, it opens it and gives it color and fragrance.  If it finds an unripe fruit, it matures it and gives it sweetness.  If it finds fields that are green, it makes them golden.  If it finds air that is putrid, it purifies it with the kiss of its light.  In sum, to all things it gives what they need for their existence on this earth, and to be able to produce the utility which they contain, and which has been established by God.  So, by its faithfulness and by doing always the same thing, the sun is the fulfillment of the Divine Will over all created things.  Oh, if the sun were not always equal in sending its light, how many fluctuations, how many disorders there would be on earth!  And man would not be able to make any calculation, either about fields, or about plants.  He would say:  ‘If the sun does not send me its light and its heat, I do not know when I am supposed to harvest, nor when the fruits will mature.’

The same happens with the soul who is faithful and attentive:  in my Will one is her act, but its effects are innumerable.  On the other hand, if she is inconstant and inattentive, neither she nor I can make any calculation, nor establish the good which she can produce.”



May 23, 1923

The Will of God is fullness, and one who lives in It must centralize everything within herself.

His privations continue, and as my sweet Jesus made Himself seen just a little, I said to Him:  “Tell me, my Love, where have I offended You, that You run far away from me?  Ah! my heart is bleeding because of the bitterness of the pain.”

And Jesus:  “Have you(Luisa) perhaps withdrawn from my Will?”

And I:  ‘No, no – may Heaven free me from such a misfortune.’

And He:  “And why, then, do you(Luisa) ask Me where you(Luisa) have offended Me?  Only when the soul withdraws from my Will, then does sin enter.  Ah, my daughter, in order to take full possession of my Will, you(Luisa) must centralize all the interior states of all creatures within yourself, and as you(Luisa) move from one interior state to another, you(Luisa) take dominion over it.  This happened in my Mama and in my very Humanity.  How many pains, how many states of souls were centralized in Us?  Several times my dear Mama remained in the state of pure faith, and my moaning Humanity was almost crushed under the enormous weight of all the sins and pains of all creatures.  But while I suffered, I remained with the dominion of all the goods opposite to those sins and pains of creatures, and my dear Mama became Queen of faith, of hope and of love, and dominator of light, to the extent of being able to give faith, hope, love and light to all.  In order to be able to give, it is necessary to possess; and in order to possess, it is necessary to centralize those pains within oneself, and with resignation and love, change pains into goods, darkness into light, coldness into fire.  My Will is fullness, and one who must live in It, must acquire the dominion of all possible imaginable goods, as much as is possible for a creature.  How many goods can I not give to all?  And how many can my inseparable Mama not give?  And if We do not give more, it is because there is no one who takes them, because We suffered everything, and while We were on earth, Our dwelling was in the fullness of the Divine Will.

Now it is your turn to follow Our same path and to dwell where We dwelt.  Do you(Luisa) think that to live in Our Will is something trivial, or just like any other life – even holy?  Ah, no, no! – It is the All.  In It one must embrace everything, and if something escapes, you cannot say that you live in the fullness of Our Will.  Therefore, be attentive and always follow your flight in my Eternal Volition.”



August 22, 1926

The acts done in the Divine Will assume the image of the divine qualities.  What privation of God means, and how the Sovereign Queen suffered this privation.  What it means to be the head of a mission.

I feel as though immersed in the Eternal Will of my adorable Jesus, and as much as I can, I do my round throughout the whole Creation, to keep company with all the acts that the Divine Will operates in It.  But while I was doing this, my highest and only Good made Himself seen in my interior, looking at all of me, counting all my acts, one by one, and placing them around Himself to enjoy them.  Then He told me:  “My daughter(Luisa), I am making the count of all your acts to see whether they reach the number established by Me.  And since my Will encloses all the divine qualities, each of your acts done in It assumes the image of a supreme quality.  Look at them – how beautiful they are!  Some possess the image of my Wisdom, some the image of Goodness, some of Love, some of Strength, some of Beauty, some of Mercy, some of Immutability, some of Order – in sum, all of my supreme qualities.  Each act of yours assumes a distinct image, but they resemble one another, they harmonize, they hold hands and form one single act.  How beautiful is the working of the creature in my Will!  She does nothing but produce divine images, and I delight in surrounding Myself with these images of mine to enjoy, in the creature, the fruits of my qualities; and I give her the virtue of reproducing more of my divine images, so as to be able to see the Supreme Being copied and impressed in them.  This is why I have so much interest that the creature do my Will and live in It – to repeat my works.”

After this, I was thinking to myself:  ‘How hard is the privation of my sweet Jesus… One feels the true death of the soul, and it happens as when the soul departs from the body:  while it possesses the same members, they are emptied of life, they are inert, without motion, and have no more value.  So does my little soul appear to me without Jesus:  it possesses the same faculties, but emptied of life; once Jesus has departed, life, motion, warmth, are ended.  This is why this pain is harrowing and indescribable, and cannot be compared to any other pain.  Ah! the Celestial Mama did not suffer this pain, because Her sanctity rendered Her inseparable from Jesus, and therefore She never remained without Him.’  But while I was thinking of this, my beloved Jesus moved in my interior, telling me:  “My daughter(Luisa), you are wrong – the privation of Me is not separation, but pain.  You(Luisa) are right in saying that it is more than mortal, but this pain has the virtue, not of separating, but of joining with stronger and more stable bonds the inseparable union with Me.  Not only this, but each time the soul remains as though without Me, with no guilt on her part, I rise again for her to new life of knowledges, allowing Myself to be comprehended more with more love, loving her more, and with new grace, to enrich her and embellish her more.  And she rises again to new Divine Life, to new love and to new beauty; because it is justice that, since the soul suffers mortal pains, she be substituted with new Divine Life.  If it were not so, I would let Myself be surpassed by the love of the creature, which cannot be.

And besides, it is not true that the Sovereign Queen was never without Me; separated – never; but without Me – yes.  But this did not prejudice the height of Her sanctity; on the contrary, it increased it.  How many times I left Her in the state of pure faith, because, having to be the Queen of sorrows and the Mother of all the living, She could not lack the most beautiful adornment, the most refulgent gem, which gave Her the characteristic of Queen of martyrs and Sovereign Mother of all sorrows.  This pain of being left in pure faith prepared Her to receive the deposit of my doctrines, the treasure of the Sacraments and all the goods of my Redemption.  In fact, since the privation of Me is the greatest pain, it places the soul in the condition of deserving to be the depository of the greatest gifts of her Creator, of His highest knowledges, and of His secrets.  How many times have I not done this for you(Luisa)?  After a privation of Me, I would manifest to you(Luisa) the highest knowledges about my Will; and with this, I would make you(Luisa) the depository, not only of Its knowledges, but of my Will Itself.  Moreover, the Sovereign Queen, as Mother, had to possess all of the interior states, therefore also the state of pure faith, to be able to give to Her children that unshakeable faith that makes one lay down one’s blood and life to defend and prove one’s faith.  Had She not possessed this gift of faith, how could She give it to Her children?”

Having said this, He disappeared.  But my mind wanted to think about many strange things, and maybe even senseless; and I would try hard to do my acts in the adorable Will of God.  But while doing this, I thought to myself:  ‘If living in the supreme Kingdom of the Divine Will requires so much attention, so many sacrifices, very few will be those who will want to live in a Kingdom so holy.’  And my sweet Jesus, coming back, told me:  “My daughter(Luisa), one who is called to be the head of a mission must not only embrace all the members, but rule them, dominate them and constitute himself life of each of them; while the members do not give life to the head, nor do all that it does, but rather, each one does its own office.  So, one who is called to be the head of a mission, embracing all that is needed in order to be able to carry out the task entrusted to him, suffering more than anyone and loving everyone, prepares the food, the life, the lessons, the offices, according to the capacity of those who want to follow his mission.  That which is necessary for you(Luisa), who must form the tree with all the fullness of its branches and the multiplicity of its fruits, will not be necessary for one who must only be branch or fruit.  Their task will be to remain incorporated in the tree, in order to receive the vital humors it contains – that is, to let themselves be dominated by my Will, never giving life to their volition in anything, either internal or external, to know my Will, and to receive It as their own life, so as to let It carry out Its Divine Life; in sum, to let It reign and dominate as Queen.

So, my daughter(Luisa), one who must be the head needs to suffer, to work, and to do, himself alone, everything that all others together will do.  This is what I did; because I was the head of Redemption, I can say that I did everything for love of all, to give them life and to place them all in safety.  The Immaculate Virgin also; because She was Mother and Queen of all – how much did She not suffer?  How much did She not love and work for all creatures?  No one can claim having reached Us, either in suffering or in loving.  At the most, they may resemble Us in part; but reaching Us – no one.  However, by having been at the head of all, both the Sovereign Queen and I enclosed all graces and all goods; strength was in Our power, dominion was Ours, Heaven and earth obeyed Our every wish and trembled before Our power and sanctity.  The redeemed ones have taken Our crumbs and have eaten Our fruits; they have been healed with Our remedies, they have been strengthened with Our examples, they have learned Our lessons, they have risen again at the cost of Our lives; and if they have been glorified, it has been by virtue of Our glory.  But the power is always Ours, the living fount of all goods springs always from Us; so much so, that if the redeemed ones move away from Us, they lose all goods and return to be ill and poor, more than before.  This is what it means to be head; it is true that one suffers greatly, works much, and must prepare the good for all, but all that one possesses surpasses everything and everyone.  There is such distance between one who is head of a mission and one who must be a member, that the head can be compared to the sun and the member to a little light.  This is why I have told you(Luisa) many times that your mission is great – because this is not about mere personal sanctity, but about embracing everything and everyone, and preparing the Kingdom of my Will for the human generations.”

After this, I was following the acts in the Supreme Volition, which converted all into light and formed a horizon of radiant light that formed clouds of quicksilver; and wherever this light penetrated, everything converted into light.  It had the power, the strength to empty everything, filling everything with its most refulgent light.  And Jesus added:  “My daughter(Luisa), there is nothing more penetrating than light.  It diffuses everywhere with enchanting rapidity, bringing its beneficial effects to all those who let themselves be invested by it.  The light refuses to do its good to no one, be they people, earth, water, plant or other things; its nature is to illuminate and to do good, and therefore it leaves no one behind – to all it brings its kiss of light and gives the good it contains.  My Will is more than light; It diffuses everywhere and brings the good It contains; and the acts done in It form the atmosphere of gold and silver which has the virtue of emptying all the darkness of the night of the human will, and with its beneficial light, it brings the kiss of the Eternal Volition, to dispose the creatures to wanting to come into the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  Each act of yours done in It is a new horizon that you make arise for the eye of the human intellect, to make it long for the light of the good that my Will possesses.  My daughter(Luisa), in order to prepare this Kingdom it takes work, it takes celestial laws, which are laws all of love.  The laws of fears, of penalties, of condemnation do not enter into It, because the laws of love of my Will will be friendly, filial, of reciprocal love between Creator and creature.  Therefore fears and condemnations will have neither force nor life; and if there will be some suffering, it will be full of triumph and of glory.  Therefore, be attentive, because this is about making known aCelestialKingdom– about manifesting Its secrets, Its prerogatives, Its goods, to draw souls to love It, long for It, and to take possession of It.”


June 29, 1928

The ‘I love You’ forms the heat, the Divine Will the light, in order to form the sun.  The long offspring formed by one who lives in the Fiat.  Its three kingdoms, three suns and three crowns.  How Faith will no longer be shadowed.


I was doing my usual acts in the Divine Fiat, and for each created thing I repeated my long singsong of my “I love You”; but while doing this, I thought to myself:  “I have become so used to it, that it seems I cannot do without saying, ‘I love You, I love You….’”

Now, at that moment, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, telling me:  “My daughter(Luisa), this continuous ‘I love You’ of yours is nothing other than the continuity of the first ‘I love You’ said in My Divine Will that, pronounced one time, has the virtue of repeating, with facts, what was said once.  The ‘I love You’ forms the heat, and My Divine Will forms the light that, invading the ‘I love You,’ forms the sun, one more radiant than the other.  How beautiful is the life of the soul in My Divine Will.  She acquires a long offspring—almost interminable.

“In fact, if she thinks, she gives birth to her thoughts within the Divine mind, forming the long generation of her children in the mind of her Celestial Father; if she speaks, she gives birth to her words within the Word of God, forming the long generation of the children of her word; if she operates, if she walks, if she palpitates, she gives birth to her works within the hands of her Creator, her steps within the Divine feet, her heartbeats within the paternal Heart, forming the long generation of the children of her works, of her steps and of her heartbeats.  What an endless generation she who lives in My Will forms for her Creator.  She is the populator and the fecund mother that keeps He who created Her always in feast, because each child is a feast that God feels being given birth within His womb by she who lives in His Will.”

And, all moved, He repeated:  “How beautiful she(Luisa) is!  How beautiful is the newborn of My Will(Luisa).  In her littleness she (Luisa)would want to engage in a competition with her Creator; she(Luisa) would want to give Him the occasion to always smile, and with childlike surprises capture Him so as to be always gazed upon, to show Him the long generation of her children.”

And as though fainting with love, He remained silent; but a little later He added:  “My daughter(Luisa), the creature has three kingdoms in her soul, that are her three powers.  These can be called the capitals of these three kingdoms, while all the rest of the creature—words, eyes, works, steps—are cities, villages, rivers, seas and territories that form these kingdoms.  The heart itself cannot be called a capital, but the most important city of communication for the others. 

“Now, in a war, if the capital is conquered, the war ends, because all other cities are conquered along with the capital.  Now, if My Will arrives at taking over the three capitals of these kingdoms, raising Its throne in them, all the other cities will be conquered and dominated by the Supreme Fiat.  How much glory these kingdoms will acquire.  They will be the happiest, the richest and most populated ones, because He who rules them and dominates them is the Invincible, the Strong, the Powerful.  No one will dare to molest and disturb their order; everything will be peace, joy and perennial feast. 

“So, those who live in My Divine Fiat will possess three suns, one more beautiful than the other; three peaceful kingdoms, enriched with all the joys, harmonies and happinesses; and they will be crowned with three crowns.  But do you know who will crown the forehead of the children of My Will?  The Sacrosanct Trinity.  Enraptured by Their Likeness, that They infused in them in creating them, seeing that Our Fiat has raised them and formed them as We wanted, and wounded at the sight of Our own features in them, the ardor of Our Love will be so great, that each of the Three Divine Persons will place His own crown, as the special distinctive sign that they are children of Our Divine Will.”

Then, I was feeling so immersed in the Supreme Fiat, that I felt like a sponge soaked with Its light.  It seemed to me that all created things were bringing me the kiss of the Divine Volition, and in that kiss I could feel the lips of my Creator impressing it on me.  It seemed to me that the Fiat was carrying the Three Divine Persons with Itself.

Now, while I was feeling my mind dissolved in the light of the Fiat, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior and told me:  “My daughter(Luisa), when My Will has Its Kingdom upon earth and souls live in It, Faith will no longer have any shadow, no more enigmas, but everything will be clarity and certainty.  The light of My Volition will bring in the very created things the clear vision of their Creator; creatures will touch Him with their own hands in everything He has done for love of them. 

“The human will is now a shadow to Faith; passions are clouds that obscure the clear light of It, and it happens as to the sun, when thick clouds form in the lower air:  even though the sun is there, the clouds advance against the light, and it seems it is dark as if it were nighttime; and if one had never seen the sun, he would find it hard to believe that the sun is there.  But if a mighty wind dispelled the clouds, who would dare to say that the sun does not exist, as they would touch its radiant light with their own hands?  Such is the condition in which Faith finds Itself because My Will does not reign.  They are almost like blind people who must believe others that a God exists.  But when My Divine Fiat reigns, Its light will make them touch the existence of their Creator with their own hands; therefore, it will no longer be necessary for others to say it—the shadows, the clouds, will exist no more.” 

And while He was saying this, Jesus made a wave of joy and of light come out of His Heart, that will give more life to creatures; and with emphasis of love, He added:  “How I long for theKingdomofMy Will.  It will put an end to the troubles of creatures, and to Our sorrows.  Heaven and earth will smile together; Our feasts and theirs will reacquire the order of the beginning of Creation; We will place a veil over everything, so that the feasts may never again be interrupted.”



August 2, 1930

How all things are veiled; only in Heaven everything is unveiled.  Necessary conditions and work that are needed in order to know the truths. 

I was thinking about the many truths that blessed Jesus had told me on His Divine Will, and that, only to obey, I had written on paper; and that some people, in reading them, not only are not taken by these truths, but it seems to me that they hold them as truths not to be taken into consideration.  I felt in pain because of this—that while to me they seem like many Suns, one more beautiful than the other, capable of illuminating the whole world, for others, instead, it seems that they have not even the virtue of warming it and giving it a little bit of light.

So, while I was thinking of this, my lovable Jesus, all goodness, told me:  “My daughter(Luisa), all things down here, both in the supernatural order and in the natural order, are all veiled.  Only in Heaven are they unveiled, because in the Celestial Fatherland there are no veils, but things can be seen as they are in themselves.  So, up there the intellect does not need to work in order to comprehend them, because of their own they show themselves for what they are; and if there is any work to do in the Blessed Dwelling—if it can be called work at all—it is that of enjoying and delighting in the things that, unveiled, one sees.

of the body prevents the soul from seeing My Truths; the Sacraments and all other things are “On the other hand, down here it is not so.  Since the human nature is spirit and body, the veil veiled.  I Myself, Word of the Father, had the veil of My Humanity; all My words, My Gospel, in the form of examples and of similes; and only those who drew near Me to listen to Me with faith in their hearts, with humility and with the will to know the truths that I manifested to them in order to put them into practice, could comprehend Me.  By doing this, they tore the veils that hid My Truths, and found the good that was in them.

“Through faith, through humility and by wanting to know My Truths, it was a work that they were doing; and with this work they would tear the veil and find My Truths as they are in themselves; and therefore they remained bound to Me and to the good that My Truths contained.  Others, who would not do this work, would touch the veil of My Truths, not the fruit that was inside; therefore they remained on an empty stomach, they could not understand anything; and turning their back to Me, they departed from Me.  

“So are My Truths that, with so much love, I have manifested to you(Luisa) about My Divine Will.  So that they may shine like unveiled Suns, as they are, creatures must do their work, walk the way in order to touch them—that is faith; they must desire to want to know them, and pray, and humble their intellect in order to open it, so as to let the good and the life of My Truths enter into them.  If they do this, they will tear the veil and will find them, more than refulgent sun; otherwise, they will remain blind, and I will repeat the saying of the Gospel:  ‘You have eyes and do not see, ears and do not hear, tongue and are mute.’

“See, also in the natural order all things are veiled.  Fruits have the veil of the skin.  Who enjoys the good of eating them?  One who does the work of drawing near the tree, of picking it, of removing the skin that hides the fruit.  This one enjoys and makes the desired fruit his food.  The fields are veiled by straws.  Who takes the good that those straws hide?  One who uncovers them of those straws has the good of taking the grain in order to form the bread to make of it his daily food.  In sum, all things down here have the veil that covers them, to give to man the work and the will, the love to possess them and enjoy them.  Now, My Truths surpass natural things by far, and they present themselves to the creature like noble queens, veiled, in the act of giving themselves to them.  But they want their work; they want them to draw near them by the steps of their will, in order to know them, possess them and love them—necessary conditions in order to tear the veil that hides them.  Once the veil is torn, with their light, of their own they make their way, giving themselves in possession to those who have searched for them.

“This is the reason for those who read the truths on My Divine Will and show that they do not comprehend what they read—even more, they are confused:  because the true will of wanting to know them is lacking.  It can be said that the work in order to know them is lacking; and without work nothing can be acquired, nor do they deserve such a great good.  And I, with justice, deny to them what I abundantly give to the humble and those who yearn for the great good of the light of My Truths.  My daughter(Luisa), how many Truths of Mine, suffocated by those who do not love to know them and do not want to do their little work in order to possess them.  I feel that they want to suffocate My very Self, if they could.  And I, in My sorrow, am forced to repeat what I said in the Gospel, and I do it in deed:  I take away from those who do not have, or who might have a little something of My goods, and I leave them in squalid misery, because, not wanting them and not loving them, these would hold them without esteeming them and without fruit; and I will give more abundantly to those who have, because these will hold them as precious treasures that will bear fruit more and more.”


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