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The three prerogatives that the one who Lives in the Divine Will acquires



Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God,

Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will



January 20, 1935

Living in the Divine Volition makes the Paternity of her Creator felt, and she feels the right to be His daughter.  Three Prerogatives that the one who Lives in It acquires.


My poor mind loses itself in the Divine Volition, but so much so that I do not know how to repeat what it understands, nor what I experience in that Celestial Sojourn of the Divine Fiat.  I only know how to say that I feel the Divine Paternity, who with all Love awaits me in His arms in order to tell me:  “We are like children and Father; come to enjoy My Paternal Tendernesses, My Loving Manners, My Infinite Sweetnesses.  Let Me act as Father to you, there is no greater enjoyment that I could experience, than to be able to develop My Paternity.  And you, come without fear, come to give Me your daughterhood.  Give Me the Love, the tenderness of daughter.  My Will being one with yours, It gives to Me the Paternity toward you, and It gives to you the right of daughter.”

O! Divine Will, how Admirable and Powerful You are.  You alone have the Virtue of uniting whatever distance and dissimilarity with Our Celestial Father.  It seems to me that it is exactly this to Live in You:  to feel the Divine Paternity and to feel oneself daughter of the Supreme Being.

But while my mind was crowded by so many thoughts about It, my sweet Jesus, making me His brief little visit, told me:  “My blessed daughter(Luisa), it is exactly this to Live in My Will:  to acquire the right of daughter, and God acquires the Supremacy, the Command, the Right of Father.  Only He knows how to unite the One and the other together, and form one single Life of them.  Now, you(Luisa) must know that the one who Lives in My Divine Volition acquires three Prerogatives:

1. – Right of Divine Life.  Everything that she does is Life that she feels.  If she loves she feels the Life of Love, and as Life she feels it flow in the mind, in the breath, in the heart, in everything; she feels the vital virtue that forms in herself not the act that is subject to ceasing, but the continuation of an Act that forms Life.  If she prays, if she adores, if she makes reparation, she feels the Incessant Life of Prayer, of Adoration, of Reparation, Divine not human, that is not subject to interruption.  In fact, every act done in My Will is a vital act that the soul acquires.  In It everything is Life, and the soul acquires the Life of the Good that she does in It.
What great difference between a Good that possesses Life, and a good or act that as one does it, the life of that act ends.  As Life she has it in her power and she feels the continuation of the Life of that Good.  On the other hand, as act she does not have it in her power, nor will she feel the continuation of it, and what is not continuous, cannot be called Life.  And only in My Will are these Acts full of Life found, because for beginning they have the Divine Life, which is not subject to ending, and therefore It can give Life to everyone and everything.  On the other hand, outside of It all things, even the greatest works, find the end.  And O! what Beautiful Prerogative that only My Will can give, feeling in the soul her acts changed into Perennial Divine Life.

2. – “Now, to the first Prerogative, the 2nd comes forth into the field, that is, the Right of Property.  But who is It that gifts her?  Who constitutes her owner? My Will Itself, because in It there is no poverty, everything is Abundance:  Abundance of Sanctity, of Light, of Graces, of Love.  And since she possesses these as Life, it is just that she possess as hers these Divine Properties of It, such that she feels herself master of the Sanctity, master of the Light, of the Grace, of the Love and of all the Divine Goods.  And only in My Will is there this Mastery; outside of It, everything is given by measure and without rendering them owners—what a difference between the one and the other!

3. – “From the second is born the 3rd Prerogative, Right of Glory.  There is nothing that she does, little or great, natural or supernatural, that the Right of Glory is not given to her:  Right of Glorifying their Creator in everything, even in the breath, in the heartbeat; right of remaining glorified themselves in the Glory of Him from whom there is no Glory that does not come from Him.

“Therefore, in My Will you(Luisa) will find everything, and everything at your disposition, and with Right not human but Divine, of which My Will Itself Loves to cede these Divine Rights of Its to you(Luisa), Loving the creature as Its True daughter.”



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