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The great difference between the soul, temple of God, and God, temple of the soul



Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will



March 11, 1934

How one who does not Live in the Divine Will places It in solitude and reduces It to silence.  One who is the Temple of God.  The Divine Will, Temple of the soul.  The little Host.  Sign in order to know if one Lives in the Divine Will.

It seems to me I hear the continuous Echo of the Divine Fiat that thunders in my soul, that with Its Invincible Power calls my little acts into Its Acts to make of them one alone.  And it seems It delights Itself with Its creature; It does not feel alone, It has someone to tell Its Joys and Its Sorrows, in sum, It does not feel Itself either in solitude, nor reduced to silence.

On the other hand, for one who does not Live in the Divine Volition, It feels the weight of solitude, and if It wants to speak and entrust Its Secrets, It is not understood, because she lacks the Light of Its Will that makes her understand Its Celestial Language.  And O! how Sorrowful It remains by it, because while It is all Voice and all Word, yet It does not have someone to say one of them to.  O! Adorable Will, make me always Live in You, so that it would break Your Solitude and give You the field to let You speak.

But while my mind was lost in the vast horizons of the Divine Fiat, my sweet Jesus, repeating His little visit, all Goodness told me:  “My little daughter of My Volition(Luisa), it is really true that one who does not Live in Our Will places It in solitude and reduces It to silence.  You(Luisa) must know that every creature is a New and distinct Labor that We had of doing, and therefore New things of saying.  If he does not Live in Our Volition, We feel that the creature is far from Us, because his will is not in Ours.  Therefore set aside by him, We feel Ourselves alone, impeded in Our Labor, and if We would want to speak it is as if We would want to speak to the deaf, to the mute.  Therefore, one who does not Live in Our Volition is Our Cross; he impedes Our Step, he binds Our Arms, he knocks down Our Most Beautiful Works, and I who am the Word am reduced to silence.

         “Now you(Luisa) must know that the soul in Grace is the temple of God, however when the soul Lives in Our Will, God makes Himself the Temple of the soul, and O! the great difference between the creature, temple of God, and God, Temple of the soul.  The first is a temple exposed to dangers, to enemies, subject to passions.  Many times Our Supreme Being finds Itself in these temples as in temples of stone, not cared about, not Loved as is befitting It, and the little lamp of his continuous Love that he must have as homage for his God who resides in him, without pure oil is extinguished.  And if he were ever to fall into grave sin, Our temple collapses and becomes occupied by thieves, Our and his enemies who profane and ruin it.

            “The second Temple, that is God, Temple of the soul, is not exposed to dangers, the enemies cannot get near, the passions lose life.  The soul in this Divine Temple of Ours is like the little Host that has her Jesus Consecrated in It, such that with the Perennial Love that she draws, receives, and is fed, she forms the little living lamp that always burns without ever going out.  This Temple of Ours occupies Its Royal Place, Its Volition is complete, and she is Our Glory and Our Triumph.  And what does the little Host do in this Temple of Ours?  She prays, she Loves, she Lives of Divine Will, she substitutes for My Humanity on earth, she takes My Place of sufferings, she calls the whole army of Our Works to make a cortege for Us.  She holds Creation and Redemption as hers, and acts as commander over them; and now she places them as army around Us in the act of prayer, of adoration, now as army in the act of Loving Us and glorifying Us.  But she is always at the head to make Our Works do what she wants, and she always ends with her little refrain so pleasing to Us:  ‘Your Volition be known, Loved, and Reign and Dominate in the whole world.’

            “In fact, all the anxieties, the sighs, the interests, the solicitudes, the prayers of this little Host who Lives in Our Divine Temple are that Our Fiat embrace everyone, set aside all the evils of the creatures, and with Its Omnipotent Breath make Itself a place in the hearts of everyone in order to make Itself Life of every creature.  Can one ever give an Office more Beautiful, more Holy, more important, more useful to Heaven and to earth, than this little Host who Lives in Our Temple? 

“In addition to this Our Love, Our Power, make all the displays, all the industries, all the stratagems, with one who Lives in Our Will.  It makes Itself little and encloses Itself in the soul in order to form her Life, and of this only the skin is left in order to remain covered.  It makes Itself Immense as It is, and It forms the sumptuous Temple so as to keep her secure within, and to enjoy her company.  For one who does Our Will, she is always occupied with Us, and We are always occupied with her; therefore, watch well to make yourself found always in Our Will.”

After this, I continued to think about the Divine Volition, and my beloved Jesus added:  “The sign if the soul Lives in My Will is if all things internal and external are bearers of My Will, because to say that ‘I possess Its Life,’ and not feel It, is impossible.  Therefore she will feel It in the heartbeat, in the breath, in the blood that circulates in her veins, in the thought that forms in her mind, in the voice that gives life to her word, and so forth.  So the internal act echoing the external, makes My Will found in the air that she breathes, in the water that she drinks, in the food that she takes, in the sun that gives her light and heat, in sum, the internal and external give each other a hand and form so many acts in order to form the Life of My Will in them.  One act alone does not form life, but continuous and repeated acts form life.

“Then, in My Will everything is present, as in the act of doing everything that was done by Us, and the creature in It enters into the Power of Our Present Acts, and she does what We do; she remains invested by Our Creative Strength, by Our Love that always rises.  She understands that it is really for her that He does everything, and O! how she Loves and wants to do everything for her Creator.

“On the other hand, outside of Our Fiat, what We have done are seen as past things, done for everyone, but not for her alone.  So love does not awake in her, it sleeps, it remains as in lethargy and they think of it as a love far away, not in act.  Therefore there is such difference between one who Lives in My Will and one who Lives outside of It, that there is no comparison that holds up.  Therefore be attentive and thank Me for the Great Good that I have made you(Luisa), of letting you(Luisa) know what it means to Live in My Volition.”



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