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Reflections On Jesus I Trust In You

Reflections On Jesus I Trust In You

From The Writings Of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter Of The Divine Will”


Hours of the Passion:1AM Hour

“Ah, child, let us cry together over the lot of so many souls consecrated to Me, who, over little trials, over incidents of life, no longer take care of Me and leave Me alone; for many others, timid and cowardly, who, for lack of courage and trust, abandon Me; for many upon many who, not finding their own advantage in holy things, do not care about Me; for many priests who preach, who celebrate, who confess for love of interest and of self-glory. These show that they are around Me, but I remain always alone! Ah, child, how hard is this abandonment for Me! Not only do my eyes cry, but my Heart bleeds! O please, I beg you to repair my bitter pain by promising that you will not leave Me alone.”

 Hours of the Passion:1PM Hour

With your grace You touch his heart, and that thief is completely changed; he recognizes You; he professes You God, and all contrite, says:

“Lord, remember me when You are in your Kingdom.” And You do not hesitate to answer: “Today you will be with Me in Paradise”; making of him the first triumph of your love.

But I see that, in your love, You are not stealing the heart of that thief alone, but also that of many who are dying! Ah, You place your Blood, your love, your merits at their disposal, and You use all divine devices and stratagems in order to touch their hearts and steal them all for Yourself. But, also here, your love is hindered! How many rejections, how much lack of trust, how much desperation! And the pain is such that, again, it reduces You to silence!

O my Jesus, I intend to repair for those who despair of the Divine Mercy at the point of death. My sweet Love, inspire trust and unlimited confidence in You for all, especially for those who find themselves in the grips of agony; and by virtue of your word, concede to them light, strength and help, to be able to die in a saintly way, and fly from this earth up to Heaven. O Jesus, enclose all souls – all of them, in your Most Holy Body, in your Blood, in your wounds. And by the merits of this most precious Blood of Yours, do not allow even one soul to be lost! Together with your voice, may your Blood cry out for all, again: “Today you will be with Me in Paradise.”

 The Virgin Mary In The Kingdom Of The Divine Will: Day 16

Therefore, if You love me as your child, take my heart in your hands and remove from me the fear and the timidity which prevent my flight toward my Creator. In their place, put in me that Fiat, which You love so much, and want to reign in my soul.

Little Sacrifice:

Today, to honor Me, you will place into my hands every bother, fear and distrust you may feel, that I may convert them into Will of God; saying to me, three times: “My Mama, make the Divine Will reign in my soul.”

Ejaculatory Prayer:

My Mama, my trust, form the day of the Divine Will in my soul.

The Virgin Mary In The Kingdom Of The Divine Will: Day 16

Cheer up, my child – have courage and trust in your Mama, and an iron resolution never to give life to your will. Oh, how I would love to hear from your lips: “My Mama, my will is finished, and the Divine Fiat has total empire within me.” These are the weapons which make it die continuously, and which conquer the Heart of your Mama to use all the loving arts of Mother, so that Her child may live in the Kingdom of Her Mama. For you it will be a sweet death which will give you true life, and for Me it will be the most beautiful victory I will achieve in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Therefore, have courage and trust in Me. Distrust is of the cowardly, and of those who are not really committed to obtaining victory, and therefore they are always without weapons. But without weapons one cannot win, and is always inconstant and vacillating in doing good.

 Letters Of Luisa #12

Three things I recommend to you:  firmness in good, perennial peace, filial trust.  Trust will make you live like a little baby in the arms of her mama, and Jesus and the Celestial Mama will take care of all the things you need.  They will tell you with facts:  “Think about living from Our Will, and We will take care of everything, even the salvation of your brothers.”  Aren’t you happy?

Letters Of Luisa #13

Sweet Jesus gave you everything to make of you a saint:  call to religion, crosses, nourishment… And if you sin and are not holy, do you want to know the cause?  Lack of union with Jesus.  Union with Jesus floors all sins, love kills all passions, and abandonment in Him and trust are the nourishment in order to grow in sanctity.  Here is the means to sin no more:  to be united with Jesus, love Him, and always do His Will.

 Letters Of Luisa #17

Oh, how happy will you feel, if in every pain you say,  “This pain serves Jesus”!  Then you will feel His invincible patience, filial trust, and courage of heroes.  Patience, trust, courage, is the bread of the strong, the heroism of martyrs.  Therefore, courage!  Those who think of the past lose the present.  The Lord has disposed everything:  crosses, illness, state of marriage; in a word – everything.  The Lord had to prepare the material in order to make of you a saint; and He has prepared enough of it.  So, all you have to say and do is this:  “The Heart of Jesus wants me a saint:  I must become a saint!”  Have we understood each other?

Letters Of Luisa #23

Therefore, I recommend that you never leave prayer.  Have great confidence in God.  One who trusts, captures the Heart of God, His graces, His love, and becomes a faithful copy of sweet Jesus; and He always carries her in His arms, as triumph of the trust of the creature and of His Love.  So, I recommend to you:  make yourself a saint.  If Jesus gives you the means, the raw materials of sanctity, which are crosses, abandonments, humiliations – all raw materials to make us holy – take advantage of it, do not reject such a great good…

Letters Of Luisa #32

Peace, trust, courage, resignation and prayer, and the Lord won’t be missing to you.  All that the Lord allows for you is nothing but means to become a saint.  Therefore, do not bother about what your thoughts say to you, but kiss the Divine Will, Which disposes everything for our good.

Now, you must know that these sisters don’t take people in as lodgers; it is prohibited by their rule.  As far as coming to speak with me, you should not say this to anyone, because I cannot receive; it would be an exception.  I wouldn’t want you to spend the money on the trip, when with a little bit of Will of God you could fix everything.  Therefore, do as you think best.  It is certain, though, that whoever does the Most Holy Will of God is never abandoned by God.  So, I repeat – trust, do not lose peace, otherwise you’ll ruin yourself. 

 Letters Of Luisa #47

Therefore, courage and trust; these are the weapons which conquer God.  If we don’t take the first steps, we cannot that second, the third ones, and so forth… If we do not enter the sea, we cannot get wet, nor swim in it.  Therefore, the essential thing is to really begin; the rest will come by itself.

Letters Of Luisa #53

Be on guard from everything which is not peace, because fears and restlessness, even under the aspect of good, are always infernal breaths and rags of hell – stuff which does not belong to us; and we must be on our guard so as not to let alien and noxious things enter into our soul, which can harm us.  Therefore, if you love Jesus, be at peace; whatever the circumstances may be, never get disturbed, and remain in full confidence like a baby in the arms of Jesus.

Peace will be your heritage, the Divine Will your life, trust the powerful magnet which will capture blessed Jesus to dwell in your heart.  Oh, how happy He will be to remain in your heart, because He will find His Heaven in it, the things of the Celestial Fatherland – which are His Will, peace and trust.  In Heaven they live in full confidence, more than as children with their Father, enjoying peace and living from the Divine Will.  Therefore, let us learn from this exile how one must live in Heaven!

Letters Of Luisa #53

Disturbance, fears, little mistrusts, are the night of the soul and make her see all things opposite to what they are.  The night hides the warmth of the Divine Sun from us, and maybe even Jesus Himself.  On the other hand, peace is the smile of the soul, and the spring which makes the little ground of our soul bloom; it removes from us the veil of disturbance and reveals to us the One Who loves us so much.  But if you want peace, you must live from the Divine Will.  It alone gives us true peace and encloses the Celestial Fatherland in our heart.

Letters Of Luisa #53

My good daughter in Jesus Christ

            Do not get discouraged, never lose trust.  What I recommend is that you look at your crosses as many visits from Jesus, Who brings you the life of the Divine Will, to make It reign in you and to give you all His love as food; to make you grow in His likeness within His arms, and to make of you such a rare beauty as to enrapture even Himself.  If you do the Will of God, you will feel a strength in all your sufferings; you will feel an invisible hand which helps you, guides you, and does whatever you do within you.  In fact, when one does the Will of God, the work is more of God than ours.  Therefore, I wouldn’t know what else to say:  do the Divine Will; live in It, and you can be sure that you will make yourself a saint.  You will feel the bond and the association with the Divine Family.  What is Theirs will be yours.  So, banish fear and fright, and all the most painful circumstances will bring you the kiss, the strength – the life of the Divine Will, embalmed by Its love and joy.

Letters Of Luisa #100

I like to hear that you always receive Communion.  Never leave it, neither out of disturbance, nor distress, nor fears.  Anything which is not peace never comes from God, but always from our enemy, who gains a lot when he sees us disturbed.  And we lose true trust; we lose our arms to take refuge in Jesus.  Therefore, in order to become saints, nothing is needed but courage, trust and peace, in order to live in the immense sea of the Divine Will.

Letters Of Luisa #102

Therefore, courage and trust.  With courage we will challenge everyone, and with trust we will live safely in the Heart and in the arms of our sweet Jesus; our Queen Mama will take us on Her knees and will keep us hidden under Her blue mantle.  I leave you in the Divine Volition to make yourself a saint.  I recommend to you:  let us not change in the different circumstances of life; many times they serve to make us copy and imitate our dear Jesus.

VOL. 1

What I want from you is that you abandon yourself in my arms as if you were dead. Until you keep your eyes opened to look at what I am doing, and at what the creatures do and say, I cannot operate freely upon you. Don’t you want to trust Me? Don’t you know how much I love you, and that everything I allow, either through creatures, or from demons, or directly from Me, is truly for your good and serves for nothing but to lead the soul to that state for which I have chosen her? Therefore I want you to remain in my arms with your eyes closed, without looking at and investigating this or that, trusting Me completely, and letting Me operate freely. If then you want to do the opposite, you will lose much time, and you will come to oppose what I want to do with you. As for creatures, use profound silence, be benign and submissive with everyone; let your life, your breathing, your thoughts and affections be continuous acts of reparations to placate my justice, offering Me, along with them, the bothers from creatures, which will not be few.”

 VOL. 1

“Hope”, Jesus said, “provides the soul with a garment of fortitude, almost of iron, in such a way that, with all of their arrows, the enemies cannot wound her; not only this, but they cannot cause even the slightest disturbance. Everything is tranquillity in her, everything is peace. Oh! it is beautiful to see this soul invested with beautiful Hope, all cleaving to her beloved, all distrustful of herself, and all trustful in God. She challenges the fiercest enemies, she is queen of her passions; she regulates all of her interior, her inclinations, desires, heartbeats, thoughts, with such mastery that Jesus Himself remains enamored, because He sees that this soul operates with such courage and strength. But she draws it from Him, and places all her hope in Him, so much so, that in seeing this firm hope, Jesus cannot deny anything to this soul.

 VOL. 2 – April 3, 1899

Humility without confidence is false virtue.

After going through several days of privation and of tears, I found myself all confused and annihilated within myself. In my interior I kept saying, continuously: ‘Tell Me, O my Good, why have You moved away from me? Where have I offended You, that You no longer make Yourself seen – and if You show Yourself, You are almost concealed, and silent? O please, do not make me wait and wait any longer, for my heart cannot take any more!’

Finally, Jesus showed Himself a little more clearly, and in seeing me so annihilated, He told me: “If you knew how much I like humility… Humility is the littlest plant that can be found, but its branches are so high as to reach Heaven, wind their way around my throne, and penetrate deep into my Heart. This little plant is humility, and the branches which this plant produces, are confidence; so, there cannot be true humility without confidence. Humility without confidence is false virtue.” From the words of Jesus it shows that my heart was not only annihilated, but also a little discouraged.

 VOL. 2 – May 2, 1899

While Jesus was saying this, I saw the confessor near Him. Jesus stared at him with His penetrating gaze; then He turned to me and told me: “I want you to have full confidence in the confessor, even in the smallest things; so much so, that there must be no difference for you between Me and him, and according to your confidence and faith in his words, so I will concur.” In the very act in which Jesus was saying these words, I remembered about certain temptations of the devil which had produced a little bit of distrust in me. But Jesus, with His vigilant eye, immediately corrected me, and at that very moment I felt that distrust being removed from within my interior. May the Lord be always blessed, who has so much care for this soul, so miserable and sinful.

VOL. 2 – June 25, 1899

While I was praying, all goodness, Jesus turned to the confessor and said to him: “I want Faith to inundate you everywhere, just like those boats inundated with the waters of the sea. And since I Myself am Faith, you would be inundated with Me, who possesses everything, can do everything and gives freely to those who trust in Me; and without your thinking of what will come, of when it will, and of how you will do it, I Myself will be there to assist you according to your needs.”

 VOL. 3 – January 6, 1900

Confidence, the staircase to ascend to the Divinity.

This morning I received Communion, and as I found myself together with Jesus, the Queen Mama was also there, and – oh, marvel! – I looked at the Mother and I could see Her Heart transmuted into Baby Jesus; I looked at the Son and I could see the Mother in the Heart of the Baby.  In the meantime, I remembered that today is the Epiphany, and in the example of the Holy Magi, I was to offer something to Baby Jesus, but I saw myself as having nothing to give Him.  So, in seeing my misery, the thought came to me of offering my body as myrrh, with all the sufferings of the twelve years in which I had been in bed, ready to suffer and to remain there as much longer as He pleased; as gold, the pain I feel when He deprives me of His presence, which is the most painful and sorrowful thing for me; as incense, my poor prayers, united to those of the Queen Mama, so that they might be more pleasing to Baby Jesus.  So I made the offering with full confidence that the Baby would accept everything.

Jesus seemed to accept my poor offerings with great pleasure, but that which He enjoyed the most was the confidence with which I had offered them.  Then He said to me:  “Confidence has two arms:  with one it embraces my Humanity, and it uses my Humanity as a staircase in order to ascend to my Divinity; with the other it embraces the Divinity and draws celestial graces in torrents, in such a way that the soul remains all inundated within the Divine Being.  When the soul is confident, she is certain to obtain what she asks.  I let my arms be bound, I let her do whatever she wants, I let her penetrate even into my Heart, and I let her take, by herself, that which she has asked from Me.  If I did not do so, I would feel Myself in a state of violence.”  While He was saying this, many rivulets of a liqueur (I call it ‘liqueur’, but I can’t really tell what it was) came out from the breast of the Baby and of the Mother, which inundated my soul completely.  Then the Queen Mother disappeared.

VOL. 3 – February 4, 1900


As I was in a state full of discouragement, especially because of the privation of my highest Good, this morning, making Himself seen for just a little, He told me:  “Discouragement is an infectious humor, which infects the most beautiful flowers and the most pleasant fruits, and penetrates down to the bottom of the root, in such a way that, by invading the whole tree, that infectious humor renders it withered and squalid.  And if one does not remedy it by watering it with a contrary humor, since the bad humor has infiltrated deep into the root, it will make the root wither and the tree fall to the ground.  So it happens to the soul who becomes soaked with this infectious humor of discouragement.”

In spite of all this, I still felt discouraged, all huddled within myself, and I saw myself as so bad that I did not dare to fling myself toward my sweet Jesus.  My mind was occupied with the thought that it was useless for me to hope for His continuous visits as before, for His graces, for His charisms – everything was over for me.  And He, almost scolding me, added:  “What are you doing?  What are you doing?  Don’t you know that lack of confidence renders the soul moribund?  Thinking that she has to die, she no longer thinks of anything – neither of gaining anything, nor of making it circulate, nor of embellishing herself more, nor of remedying her sicknesses – she thinks of nothing else but that everything is over for her.” 

Ah, Lord, I imagine seeing this specter of the lack of confidence – squalid, emaciated, fearful and all trembling; and all of his mastery, with no other ingenuity but fear alone, leads souls to the tomb.  But what is more, this specter does not show himself as an enemy so that the soul may sneer at his fear, but he shows himself as a friend, and infiltrates so sweetly into the soul, that if the soul is not attentive, seeing him as a faithful friend who agonizes with her and even dies together with her, she will hardly be able to free herself from his artificious mastery.

VOL. 3 – February 5, 1900

The circle of truth of the knowledge of self.

Continuing in the same state, with a little bit more courage, though I was not perfectly free, my dearest Jesus, on coming, told me:  “My daughter, sometimes the soul feels an encounter in some virtue, and plucking up her strength, the soul overcomes that encounter; and then, that virtue becomes more resplendent and rooted in the soul.  However, the soul must be very attentive in order to avoid that she herself might provide the little rope to let herself be bound by lack of confidence; and she will do this by always restricting herself within the circle of truth, without ever leaving it, which is the knowledge of her nothingness.”

VOL. 4 – November 10, 1900

The most perfect love is in true trust in the beloved.

As He continued not to come, I felt immersed in the greatest bitterness; my soul was tortured in a thousand ways. Then I felt as though a shadow near me, and I heard the voice of my adorable Jesus, though I could not see Him, saying to me: “The most perfect love is in the true trust that one must have in the loved object, and even if it should appear that the object one loves is lost – then more than ever is the time to prove this living trust. This is the easiest means to take possession of that which one ardently loves.” Having said this, both shadow and voice disappeared. Who can say the pain I feel for not having seen my beloved Good?

VOL. 4 – July 16, 1901

After various days of privation, this morning He deigned to come, transporting me outside of myself. Now, as I was before blessed Jesus, I could see many people, and the evil of the present generation. My adorable Jesus looked at them with compassion, and turning to me, told me: “My daughter, do you want to know where the evil of man began? The beginning of it is that as soon as he knows himself – that is, as soon as he begins to acquire reason – man says to himself: ‘I am something.’ And believing themselves to be something, they move away from Me, they do not trust Me, who am the All, and they draw all their confidence and strength from themselves. From this it happens that they even lose every good beginning, and by losing the good beginning, what will the end be? Imagine, yourself, my daughter. Moreover, by moving away from Me, who contain every good, what good can man hope for, since he is a sea of evil? Without Me everything is corruption, misery, and without a shadow of true good. This is the present society.”

VOL. 6 – April 11, 1904

Jesus thanks Luisa.

Continuing in my usual state, after much struggling, I saw my adorable Jesus for just a little, and He told me:  “You who wanted Me so much – what do you want, what is it that you care about the most?”  And I:  ‘Lord, I want nothing – what I care about the most is You alone.’  And He repeated:  “What – you want nothing?  Ask Me for something – sanctity, my grace, virtues… for I can give you everything.”  And, again, I said:  ‘Nothing, nothing, I want You alone and whatever You want.”  And, again, He added:  “So you want nothing else?  I alone am enough for you?  Your desires have no other life in you but for Me alone?  All your trust, then, must be in Me alone, for even if you want nothing, you will obtain everything.”  And without giving me any more time, He disappeared like a flash.

VOL. 6 – July 29, 1904

Faith makes one know God, but trust makes one find Him.

Continuing in my usual state, as soon as I saw my adorable Jesus, I said to Him:  ‘My Lord and my God.’  And He continued:  “God, God, God alone.  Daughter, faith makes one know God, but trust makes one find Him.  So, without trust, faith is sterile, and even though faith possesses immense riches with which the soul can enrich herself, if there is no trust she remains always poor and lacking in everything.”  While He was saying this, I felt myself being drawn into God, and I remained absorbed in Him like a little drop of water in the immense sea.  As much as I looked, I could find no boundaries, either of height or of breadth; Heaven and earth, blessed and pilgrim souls, all were immersed in God.  I could also see wars, like that between Russia and Japan, the thousands of soldiers who were dying and will die, and that by justice, also natural, the victory will be of Japan; and I saw that other European nations are plotting machinations of war even against nations of Europe.  But who can say all that I could see of God and in God?  So, to end it, I stop here.

VOL. 6 – March 23, 1905

Glory and satisfaction of Jesus.

As I was in my usual state, blessed Jesus came for a little, and I said to Him:  ‘Lord, is my state your glory?’  And He:  “My daughter, all my glory and all my satisfaction is solely that I want the whole of you more in Me.”  Then He added:  “Everything is in the soul’s distrust and fear of herself, and in her trust and confidence in God.”  Having said this, He disappeared.

VOL. 7 – January 3, 1907

True trust reproduces Divine Life in the soul.

Continuing in my usual state, I saw blessed Jesus for just a little, and He told me: “My daughter, if one fears much, it is a sign that she relies much on herself, because in noticing nothing but weaknesses and miseries within herself, she naturally and justly fears. On the other hand, if one fears nothing, it is a sign that she relies on God, because by relying on God, her miseries and weaknesses are dissolved in God, and as she feels invested by the Divine Being, it is no longer she who operates, but God within her. So, what can she fear? Therefore, true trust reproduces Divine Life in the soul.”

VOL. 9 – May 16, 1909

The Sun is symbol of Grace.

Continuing in my usual state, blessed Jesus came for just a little and told me: “My daughter, the Sun is symbol of Grace. When it finds a void, be it even a cave, a vault, a fissure, a hole, as long as there is empty space and a little opening through which to penetrate, it enters and fills everything with light; nor with this does it diminish its light in the other spaces. And if its light does not illuminate more, it is not because it lacks light, but rather, because of the lack of space in which to be able to diffuse its light more. So is my Grace: more than majestic Sun, it envelops all creatures with its beneficial influence; however, it does not enter but into empty hearts – as much empty space as it finds, so much light does it let penetrate into the hearts.

These voids, then – how are they formed? Humility is the hoe which digs and forms the void. Detachment from everything and also from oneself is the void itself. The window in order to let the Grace of Light enter into this void, is trust in God and distrust of ourselves. Therefore, as much trust as one has, so much does he enlarge the door in order to let the light in, and to take more Grace. The custodian which keeps the light and expands it, is peace.”

VOL. 9 – July 29, 1910

The two pillars on which the soul must lean.

Continuing in my usual state, I felt I was so very bad – and even more, I felt troubled because even the confessor says that I have very much fallen out of my early state, otherwise Jesus would come. So, having received Communion, I lamented to blessed Jesus about His privations, asking Him to have the goodness of telling me what is the evil I do, for I would gladly give my life rather than displease Him: ‘How many times have I told You: if You see that I am about to offend You, even slightly, make me die’. And Jesus told me: “My daughter, do not trouble yourself. Have I not said years ago that in order to chastise the world I would not come so often to relieve Myself with you, and as a consequence, I would not come too often, though I would never leave you; and in order to make up for my frequent coming and going, I would permit Mass and Communion every day, so that you might draw the strength which you used to draw from my continuous visits; so much so, that I reached the point of threatening the confessor if he would not offer to do it? Yet, who does not know the chastisements that have happened in the meantime? Entire cities destroyed, rebellions, the withdrawal of grace from the evil, and also from the very religious who are evil, so that those poisons, those wounds which they had inside, might come out… Ah! I can take no more, the sacrileges are enormous; yet, this is still nothing compared to the chastisements that will come! Had I not said this before, you would have some reason to become alarmed.

You, however, must lean on two pillars to be able to live with full confidence. One is my Will. In my Will there cannot be sins; my Will smashes all passions and sins to pieces – even more, It pulverizes them, to the point of destroying their roots. If you lean on the pillar of my Will, darkness will convert into light, doubts into certainty, hopes into possession. The second pillar on which you must lean is the firm will and continuous attention not to offend Me, even slightly; disposing one’s own will to suffer everything, to face everything, to be submitted to everyone, rather than displease Me. When the soul sees that she is leaning continuously on these pillars, which form more than her very life, she can live with greater confidence than if she lived with my continuous favors. More so, since I permit this state also to dispose you to departing from this earth.”

VOL. 10 – May 19, 1911

Confidence captures Jesus. Jesus wants the soul to forget about herself and to occupy herself with Him alone.

Continuing in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen all afflicted, and I was around Him, all intent on compassionating Him, loving Him, embracing Him and consoling Him, with all the fullness of confidence; and my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, you are my contentment. I like it this way – that the soul forgets about herself, about her miseries, and occupies herself only with Me, with my afflictions, with my bitternesses, with my love, and she remains around Me with all confidence. This confidence captures my Heart and inundates Me with so much joy that, just as the soul forgets all of herself for Me, I forget everything for her, and I make her one single thing for Me; and I reach the point of not only giving her, but of letting her take everything she wants. On the other hand, to the soul who does not forget everything for Me, even her miseries, and who, if she wants to be around Me, does so with all respect, with fear and without the confidence that captures my Heart, as though wanting to be with Me with fearful restraint and all circumspect – to this one I give nothing, and she can take nothing, because the key of confidence, of ease, of simplicity is missing. These are all necessary things in order for Me to give, and for her to receive; and so, she comes with miseries, and with miseries she remains.”

VOL. 11 – March 8, 1912

After this, Jesus seemed to be looking around; and I: ‘What are you looking at, O Jesus? Aren’t we alone?’ And He said: “No, there are people. I attract them around you to keep them tightly to Me.” And I: ‘Do You love them?’ And He: “Yes, but I would like them to be more nimble, more trusting, more brave and more intimate with Me, with no thought for themselves. They must know that victims are no longer the owners of themselves, otherwise they would cancel the state of victim.”

Then, having to cough a little, I said: ‘Jesus, make me die of consumption. Hurry, hurry, let me come! Take me with You!’ And Jesus: “Don’t make Me see you feel discontent, otherwise I suffer…. Yes, you will die of consumption. Just a little longer; and if you won’t die of physical consumption, you will die consumed of love. Please, do not get out of my Will, for my Will will be your Paradise; or better still, the Paradise of my Will. For as many days as you will be on earth, so many Paradises will I give you in Heaven.”

VOL. 11 – April 10, 1912

The souls who have more trust will shine more in the crown of the divine mercy.

Continuing in my usual state, as soon as blessed Jesus came, He told me: “My daughter, the souls who will shine the most, like bright gems in the crown of my divine mercy, are the souls who have more trust, because the more trusting they are, the more they give space for the attribute of my Mercy to pour into them all the Graces that they want. On the other hand, the soul who does not have real trust closes the graces within Me, remaining poor and unequipped, while my Love remains contained within Me and suffers greatly.

In order not to suffer so much, and to be able to freely pour out my Love, I deal more with those souls who trust than with the others. With these souls I can pour out my Love, I can play, I can cause loving contrasts, since there is no worry that they may feel ashamed or afraid; rather, they become more brave and take everything in order to love Me more. Therefore, trusting souls are the outpouring and the amusement of my Love – the most graceful and the richest ones.”

VOL. 11 – August 16, 1912

The harm of thinking about oneself and the goodness of thinking only of Jesus.

This morning my always adorable Jesus told me: “My daughter, the thought of yourselves blinds your minds; it forms a sort of human enchantment in you, and this enchantment forms a net around man. This net is made of weaknesses, oppressions, melancholies, fears and of all the evil contained in human nature. The more one thinks of herself, even under the aspect of good, the thicker the net becomes – the more blind the soul.

On the other hand, not thinking of oneself but thinking only of Me, and only of loving Me in everything, is light for the mind which forms a sweet divine enchantment. Its net is also formed, but this net is made of light, fortitude, joy and trust; in sum, of all the goods that I Myself possess. The less one thinks of herself, the thicker that net becomes, to the extent that one no longer recognizes herself. How beautiful it is to see the soul wrapped in this net which has been woven by Divine enchantment! How delightful, gracious and dear to all Heaven! The opposite for the soul who remains fixed on herself.”

VOL. 11 – August 20, 1913

One who lives in the Divine Will must have trust, simplicity and disinterest in giving to all. Her life and her work are ended, because the Divine Will consecrates her and transubstantiates her.

While I was praying, I saw my always adorable Jesus within me, and many souls around me, who were saying: ‘Lord, You have placed everything in this soul!’ And stretching their hands toward me, they said: ‘Since Jesus is in you, and all His goods are with Him, take them and give them to us.’ I remained confused, and blessed Jesus told me: “My daughter, all possible goods are contained in my Will, and it is necessary for the soul who lives in It to be in It with trust, operating as owner together with Me. Creatures expect everything from this soul, and if they don’t receive, they feel defrauded. But how can she give if she does not operate together with Me in complete confidence? Therefore, trust in giving; simplicity in communicating herself to all; disinterest for herself, to be able to live completely for Me and for her neighbor are necessary for the soul who lives in my Will. Such am I.”

Then He added: “My daughter, it happens to one who does my Will as to a grafted tree: the power of the graft has the virtue of destroying the life of the tree which receives the graft. Therefore, one can no longer see the fruits and the leaves of the first tree, but those of the graft. And if the first tree said to the graft: ‘I want to keep at least a little branch, so that I too will be able to give some fruits, in order to make everybody know that I still exist,’ the graft would say: ‘You have no more reason to exist after you submitted yourself to receive my graft. Life will be all mine.’

In the same way, the soul who does my Will can say: ‘My life is ended. I will no longer produce my works, my thoughts, my words, but the works, thoughts and words of the One whose Will is my Life.’ Therefore, I say to the one who does my Will: ‘You are my life, my blood, my bones,….’ The true, real, sacramental transformation takes place, not by virtue of the words of the Priest, but by virtue of my Will. As soon as the soul decides to live in my Volition, my Will creates Myself within the soul; and as my Will flows in the will, works and steps of the soul, she undergoes as many of my creations. It happens just as to a pyx full of consecrated particles: there are as many Jesuses for as many particles – one for each particle. In the same way, by virtue of my Will, the soul contains Myself in her whole being, as well as in each particle of it. One who does my Will fulfills the true eternal Communion – a Communion with complete fruit.”

VOL. 12 – October 8, 1919

Effects of confidence in Jesus.

Continuing in my usual state of pains and privations, I have been spending it with Jesus almost in silence, completely abandoned in Him like a little child. Then, making Himself seen in my interior, my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, confidence in Me is the little cloud of light, in which the soul remains so wrapped that all fears, all doubts, all weaknesses disappear from her. In fact, not only does confidence in Me form this cloud of light which involves her completely, but it feeds her with opposite foods, which have the virtue of dispelling all fears, doubts and weaknesses.

In fact, confidence in Me dispels fear, and nourishes the soul with pure love; it dissolves doubts, and gives her certainty; it takes away weakness, and gives her fortitude. Even more, it makes her so daring with Me, that she attaches herself to my breast – and she suckles and suckles, and feeds herself; nor does she want any other food. And if she sees that, in suckling, nothing comes out – and I permit this in order to excite her to the highest confidence – she does not get tired, nor does she detach herself from my breast; on the contrary, she suckles more strongly, she knocks her head against my chest, while I laugh to Myself, and I let her.

The trusting soul is my smile and my amusement. One who has confidence in Me, loves Me, esteems Me, believes I am rich, powerful, immense; on the other hand, one who has no confidence, does not really love Me; she dishonors Me, believes I am poor, powerless, small… What an affront to my Goodness!”

VOL. 13 – September 21, 1921

Jesus wants to give His goods to His children. Jesus before Caiphas. The working of the Divine Will is daylight.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus, on coming, told me: “My daughter, in what painful conditions creatures put Me! I am like a most rich father who loves His children immensely. But the children, immensely ungrateful, while the father wants to clothe them, refuse his clothes and want to remain naked. The father gives them food, but they want to starve; and if they eat at all, they feed themselves with filthy and vile foods. The father offers them riches, he wants to keep them around himself, he gives them his own residence, but the children do not want to accept anything, contenting themselves with going wandering, homeless and poor. Poor father, how many sorrows – how many tears does he not shed? He would be less unhappy if he had nothing to give; but possessing goods and not being able to use them, while seeing his children dying, is a sorrow that surpasses every sorrow.

So I am. I want to give, and there is no one who takes; therefore creatures are the cause of my shedding bitter tears, and of continuous sorrow. But do you know who dries my tears and turns my sorrow into joy? One who wants to be always together with Me; one who takes my riches with love and with filial trust; who eats at my own table and clothes himself with my own garments. To these I give without measure. They are my confidants and I make them rest upon my lap.”

 VOL. 15 – December 8, 1922

Therefore, as soon as Her conception was formed, I gave Her the use of reason, I endowed Her with all sciences, I made Her aware of Our joys and Our sorrows with regard to Creation.  Even from the maternal womb, She would come to Heaven, at the foot of Our Throne, to give Us Her embraces, the return of Her love, Her tender kisses; and throwing Herself into Our arms, She would smile at Us with such delight of gratitude and thanksgiving as to snatch Our smiles.  Oh! how beautiful it was to see this innocent and privileged creature, enriched with all the divine qualities, coming into Our midst, all love, all trust, without fear.  In fact, sin alone is what puts distance between Creator and creature, breaking love, dissolving trust, and striking fear.  So, She would come into Our midst as Queen who, with Her love, given by Us, would dominate Us, enrapture Us, put Us in feast, and capture yet more love.  And We would let Her do it, enjoying the love that enraptured Us, and constituting Her Queen of Heaven and earth.

VOL. 17 – September 2, 1924

Jesus strengthens the little child. The harm of distrust. The work of Jesus.

I was feeling very oppressed, but all abandoned in the arms of Jesus, and I prayed Him to have compassion for me. But while I was doing this, I felt like loosing consciousness and I saw a little child come out from within me – weak, pale, and all engrossed in profound sadness. And blessed Jesus, going to meet her, took her in His arms and, moved to pity, pressed her to His heart; and with His hands He touched her forehead, marking her eyes, her lips, her breast, and all the members of the little child, with signs of the cross. And as He was doing this, the child regained strength, acquired color, and bestirred herself from that state of sadness. And Jesus, seeing that the child was regaining strength, pressed her more tightly to Himself, to strengthen her even more, and said to her: “Poor little one, in what state you are! But do not fear, your Jesus will make you come out this state.”

While this was happening, I thought to myself: ‘Who is this child who came out from me and whom Jesus loves so much?’

And my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, this child is your soul – it is you – and I love her so much that I cannot tolerate seeing you so sad and weak. This is why I came – to infuse in you new life and new vigor.”

On hearing this, crying, I said to Him: ‘My Love and my Life, Jesus, how I fear that You may leave me! How shall I do without You? How will I be able to live? In what a deplorable state will my poor soul be reduced? What a harrowing pain is the thought that You may leave me! A pain that lacerates me, takes peace away from me and puts hell into my heart! Jesus, have pity, compassion, mercy on me, a little child! I have no one; if You leave me, everything is over for me!’

And Jesus, continuing, added: “My daughter, calm yourself, do not fear; your Jesus will not leave you. I am jealous of your trust, nor do I want you to even slightly distrust Me. See, I love so much the souls who are with Me in full trust, that many times I hide some defect or imperfection of theirs, or some lack of correspondence to my grace, so as to give them no occasion not to be with Me in full trust. In fact, if the soul loses trust, she remains as though separated from Me and all huddled within herself; she places herself at a painful distance from Me, and so, remaining paralyzed in her rush of love, she becomes paralyzed in sacrificing herself for Me. Oh, how much harm does distrust cause! One can say that it is like the spring frost that arrests the growth of the plants; and many times, if it is intense, the frost arrests the development of virtues, and puts cold into the most ardent love. Oh, how many times, because of lack of trust, my designs and the greatest sanctities are stopped! This is why I tolerate some defects rather than distrust – because those will never be so harmful. And then, how can I leave you, if I have worked so much within your soul? Take a look at how much I had to work.”

And as He was saying this, He showed a sumptuous and great palace, worked by the hands of Jesus in the depth of my soul. And then He continued: “My daughter, how can I leave you? Take a look at how many rooms – they are almost innumerable: how many knowledges, effects, values and qualities in my Will! I have let you know how many rooms I form in you in order to place all those goods. There is nothing left but to add some more varieties of different colors, in order to portray more rare beauties of my Supreme Will, to give more prominence and honor to my work. And you fear that I may leave such a great crafting of Mine? It costs Me too much. There is my Will involved in it; and wherever my Will is, there is Life – a Life not subject to death. And your concern is nothing but a little distrust on your part. Therefore, trust Me and we will get along, and I will accomplish the work of my Will.”

VOL. 17 – August 2, 1925

And my sweet Jesus, as though moving hurriedly in my interior, told me: “What are you saying? How special is for Me the “I love you” directed to Me?! My daughter, the “I love you” is everything! The “I love you” is love, it is veneration, it is esteem, it is heroism, it is sacrifice, it is trust toward the one to whom it is directed. The “I love you” is to possess the One who encloses the “I love you”. The “I love you” is a little word, but it weighs as much as Eternity! The “I love you” encloses everything, involves everyone; it diffuses itself, it restricts itself, it rises up high, it descend down to the bottom, it impresses itself everywhere, and it never stops.

VOL. 28 – June 2, 1930

Furthermore, everything that has passed between Me and you, the many intimacies, the many excesses of my Love, my repeated comings, was required by the decorum of my Divine Will which I was to make known through you.  Had I not come often, how could I tell you so many things about my Divine Will?  Had I not made my dwelling in your heart, as my living temple, my lessons would not have been so continuous.  Therefore, they should comprehend that everything I have done to your soul was to serve my Divine Will, which deserves everything; and it was to serve, in hearing my so many loving condescendences, to make them comprehend how much I love the creature and how much I can love her in order to elevate the creature to my pure Love and to the full confidence which she must have toward the One who loves her so much.  In fact, if there isn’t full confidence between Me and the creature, they cannot be elevated to live in my Divine Will.  Lack of confidence always places an obstacle to the union between Creator and creature; it is the wing-clipper of the flight toward the One who loves her so much; it makes her live at the earth’s level; and even though she does not fall, it makes her feel, vividly, her passions.  More so, since lack of confidence has been the weak act in the course of the centuries, and sometimes even good souls have drawn back in the journey of virtues because of lack of confidence.  And I, in order to remove this torpor that the specter of the lack of confidence produces, wanted to show Myself with you as all love, and in an intimate way, more than father and daughter, in order to call back, not only you, but all others, to live as my children, as though rocked in my arms.  And I have enjoyed, and so have you, how beautiful it is to have the creature as all love and all trust with Me; I can give whatever I want, and she has no fear of receiving what she wants.  So, once true confidence is placed in order between Me and you, the greatest obstacle to letting my Divine Will reign in their souls is removed.

 VOL. 29 – March 23, 1931

And my beloved Jesus, making Himself seen and heard, told me:  “My daughter, courage, do not worry so much; to feel the weight of one’s will says nothing; it is a pain more painful than all other pains, and if you had wanted it, it would no longer be pain, but the pain would change into satisfaction.  To feel is one thing, to want is another; so, banish the thought that you always commit sins because you feel your will.  Therefore, do not fear, I am watching you, and when I see that it wants life in your things, I give you the pain so as to make it die of pain.  So, trust your Jesus, because what harms you the most is the lack of trust.  Ah! it is always this that causes souls to be restless, even when I keep them clasped in My arms.  And then, this pain of feeling the weight of the human will, oh! how much did your Jesus feel it, more vividly, as it lasted My whole life.  Therefore, Mine and yours—let us unite them together, and let us offer them for the triumph of My Will in souls.

VOL. 29 – October 26, 1931

But while I was pouring out my sorrow, my sweet Jesus came back, and embracing my poor soul, told me:  “Daughter, I am here, abandon yourself in My Arms, and rest in Me.  Your abandonment in Me calls for My abandonment in you, and forms My sweet rest in your soul.  Abandonment in Me forms the sweet and powerful chain that binds Me so much to the soul, that I cannot unbind Myself from her, to the point of rendering Me her dear and sweet Prisoner.  Abandonment in Me gives birth to true trust, and she has trust in Me, and I have trust in her; I have trust in her love that will never fail; I have trust in her sacrifices, for she will never refuse Me anything of what I want; and I have all the trust that I can accomplish My Designs.  Abandonment in Me says that she gives Me freedom, and I am free to do what I want; and I, entrusting Myself to her, manifest to her My most intimate Secrets.  Therefore, My daughter, I want you all abandoned in My Arms, and the more abandoned you are in Me, the more you will feel My abandonment in you.”

VOL. 30 – November 4, 1931

Then, abandoning myself in the arms of Jesus, I heard His Most Sweet Voice whispering to my ear, saying to me:  “My little daughter, the more you remain abandoned in Me, the more you will feel My Life in you, and I will take the place of Primary Life in your soul.  Know that true confidence in Me forms the arms of the soul, and the feet in order to climb up to Me and clasp Me so tightly, that I cannot unbind Myself from her.  So, one who has no confidence has no arms, nor feet—she is a poor cripple.  Therefore, your confidence will be your Victory over Me, and I will hold you tightly in My arms, attached to My Breast, to give you the continuous milk of My Divine Will.

VOL. 33 – May 26, 1935

Fear, human virtue; Love, Divine Virtue.  How trust enraptures Jesus.  One who does the Divine Will finds herself with all the Divine Works, and remains confirmed in them.

            Although I feel myself abandoned in the arms of the Divine Volition, still my mind felt full of apprehensions and of fears, but I offer them to my sweet Jesus so that He would invest them with His Fiat and would change them for me into Peace and Love.

And He, making me His brief little visit, all Goodness told me:  “My blessed daughter, fear, even though it be holy, is always a human virtue; it breaks the flight of love and gives birth to fear and hardship in the walk on the way of Good.  One is always looking to the right and to the left, and arrives at fearing He who so much Loves her.  It removes the sweet enchantment of trust that lets her Live in the arms of her Jesus; and if she fears too much, she loses Jesus and it makes her live by herself.

“On the other hand, Love is Divine Virtue, and with its fire it has the Purifying virtue to Purify the soul from any stain.  It Unites her and Transforms her in her Jesus, and it gives her such trust as to make her enraptured by her Jesus.  The sweet enchantment of trust is such and so much that they enrapture each other in turn, because the one cannot be without the other.  And if she pays attention to anything, she pays attention to only if she loves He who Loves her so much.  In fact, all her being becomes enraptured in Love, and since Love is the inseparable son of the Divine Volition, so it gives the First Place of Dominion to My Divine Will.  It extends itself in all the acts of the creature, human and spiritual; it ennobles everything.

“And although the human acts remain in the form and material from which they are formed, they do not change externally, all the change remains in the depth of the human will.  Everything that she does remains, even the most indifferent things, changed into Divine and Confirmed by the Divine Will.  Its Labor is Incessant, and It extends Its Sojourn of Peace over everything that the creature does.  And as True Mother It does nothing other than enrich with Divine Conquests Its dear daughter.  Therefore, banish every fear.  In My Volition they have no reason to exist:  neither fears, nor worries, nor mistrust.  They are things that do not pertain to Us, and you must do nothing other than Live of Love and of My Will.

“You must know that one of the purest joys that the creature can give Me is trust in Me.  I feel her as My daughter, and I do what I want with her.  I can say that trust makes Me known for who I am—that I am the Immense Being; My Goodness, without end; My Mercy, without limits.  And when I find more trust, I Love her more, and I abound more toward creatures.”

VOL. 34 – March 18, 1937

Can greater Love be given, that He arrives at saying:  ‘Courage, do not fear.  Come with all trust to Live with Me.  Trust in Me, and if you were to lack always flowing in My Fiat, I will commiserate you and will take the Operating part that you cannot do, and I will Supply for you in everything.’  The Kingdom of My Volition is Kingdom of Love, of Trust, and of accord on both parts.



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