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 The Kingdom of The Divine Will in the midst of creatures.  Book of Heaven.  The call of the creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose for which he was created by God’



 Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

Truths About The Mystical Marriage

VOL. 1

I remained all confused; I didn’t know what to say. My nature would do its part, being frightened and trembling, but I saw that my good Jesus was waiting for an answer – whether I accepted or not. So, seeing myself almost forced to speak, I said to Him: ‘Oh! my Most Divine Spouse, on one hand I would be ready to accept, but how is it going to work with the confessor: if he does not want to come every once in a while, how can it be possible that he will come every day? Free me from this cross – that the confessor be needed in order to free me – and then everything will be arranged between me and You.’ Then the Lord said to me: “Go to the confessor and ask him for the obedience. If he wants, you will tell him everything I told you, and you will follow whatever he says. See, it will not be only for the good of creatures that I want these continuous sufferings, but also for your good. In this state of sufferings I will purify your soul thoroughly, in such a way as to dispose you to form a mystical marriage with Me; and after this, I will make the last transformation, in such a way that both of us will become like two candles placed on the fire – one is transformed into the other and they form a single one. In this way I will transform Myself in you, and you will remain crucified with Me. Ah! would you not be happy if you could say: ‘The Bridegroom is crucified, but the bride also is crucified? Ah! yes, there is nothing that renders me dissimilar from Him.’

VOL. 1

I remember that from the very beginning of my being continuously bedridden, my Lover Jesus would make Himself seen very often, which He had not done in the past. From the beginning He told me that He wanted me to take on a new way of life in order to dispose myself to that mystical marriage which He had promised me. He would say to me: “Beloved of my Heart, I have put you in this state so that I might come more freely to converse with you. See, I have freed you of all external occupations, so that, not only your soul, but also your body might be at my disposal, and so that you might remain in continuous holocaust before Me. See, had I not drawn you into this bed, since you would have to carry out your family duties and submit yourself to other sacrifices, I could not come so often and let you share in the offenses, just as I receive them; at most, I would have to wait for when you have fulfilled your duties. But now – no, we are free, there is no one left who may bother us and interrupt our conversation. From now on, my afflictions will be yours, and yours will be Mine; my sufferings yours, and yours Mine; my consolations yours, and yours Mine. We will unite all things together, and you will take interest in my things as if they were your own; and so I will do with yours. Between the two of us there will no longer be ‘this is mine, and this is yours’, but everything will be in common, on both sides.

Do you know how I acted with you? Like a king when he wants to speak with his queen spouse, and she is with other ladies on other affairs. What does the king do? He takes her and brings her inside his room; they close the door, so that no one may go and interrupt their conversation and hear their secrets; and so, once they are alone, they communicate their consolations and their afflictions to each other. Now, if someone, imprudent, went to knock, shouting from behind the door, and did not leave them alone to enjoy their conversation – would the king not take offense? So have I done for you, and in the same way I would be displeased if someone wanted to remove you from that state.”

He continued to tell me: “From you I want perfect conformity to my Will, in such a way that your will may be undone within Mine; and absolute detachment from everything – so much so, that I want all that is earth to be considered by you as dung and rot, which one is horrified by just looking at. And this because, even though one were not attached to earthly things, just by having them around and looking at them they cast shadow on the celestial things and prevent the fulfillment of that mystical marriage which I promised you. Even more, I want that, just as I was poor, you also imitate Me in poverty. You must consider yourself in this bed as a little poor one; the poor are content with anything they have, and they first thank Me, and then their benefactors. The same for you: go along with everything that is given to you without asking for this or that, which might be a hindrance in your mind; but with holy indifference, without thinking of whether it may do good or bad, comply with the will of others.”

VOL. 7 – July 27, 1906

In the Cross, Jesus dowered souls and espoused them to Himself.

This morning, as my adorable Jesus made Himself seen embracing the Cross, I thought in my interior: ‘What were His thoughts in receiving the Cross?’ And He said to me: “My daughter, when I received the Cross, I embraced It as my dearest treasure, because in the Cross I dowered souls and espoused them to Myself. Now, upon looking at the Cross – at Its length and breadth – I rejoiced, because I saw in It sufficient dowries for all my spouses, and none of them could fear not being able to marry Me, because I held in my own hands – in the Cross – the price of their dowry. But with this condition alone: that if the soul accepts the little gifts I send to her – which are the crosses – as the pledge of her acceptance of Me as her Spouse, the marriage is formed and I give her the gift of the dowry. If then she does not accept the gifts – that is, if she is not resigned to my Will – everything is undone, and even if I want to dower her, I cannot, because in order to form a marriage, it always takes the will of both sides; and since the soul does not accept my gifts, it means that she does not want to accept the marriage.”

VOL. 13 December 5, 1921

One who does not accept the gifts of God is ungrateful. The gift of the Divine Will was given to Luisa from the time of the renewal of mystical marriage before the Holy Trinity, thirty-two years before. Doubts and difficulties. Jesus answers them in advance.

After I wrote that which is said above, I felt all concerned and, more than ever, annihilated. And as I began to pray, my always lovable Jesus came, and clasping me tightly to His Heart, told me: “Daughter of my Will, why do you not want to recognize the gifts that your Jesus wants to give you? This is highest ingratitude. Imagine a king, surrounded by his faithful ministers, and a poor boy, barefooted and ragged, who, taken by love of seeing the king, goes up to the royal palace, and making himself smaller than he is, looks at the king from behind the ministers, and then lowers himself for fear of being discovered. The king notices this, and while the boy is huddled behind the ministers, he calls him and takes him aside. The little one trembles and blushes, fearing of being punished, but the king presses him to his heart and says to him: ‘Do not fear, I took you aside to tell you that I want to raise you above all. I want you to surpass all the gifts I that I gave to my ministers, nor do I want you to leave my royal palace ever again…’ If the boy is good, he will accept with love the proposal of the king; he will tell everyone of how good the king is. He will say it to the ministers, calling everyone to thank the king. If then he is ungrateful, he will refuse to accept, saying: ‘What do you want from me? I am a little one – poor, ragged and barefooted. These gifts are not for me.’ And he will keep in his heart the secret of his ingratitude. Is this not a horrendous ingratitude? And what will happen to that boy? So you are: because you see yourself unworthy, you would rather get rid of my gifts.”

And I: ‘My Love, you are right, but what concerns me the most is that You always want to speak about me.’ And He: “It is right, it is necessary that I speak about you. Would it be nice if a bridegroom who is about to marry his bride, were forced to deal with others but not with her; while it is necessary that they confide their secrets to each other, that one know what the other has, that their parents provide this couple with a dowry, and that they become used to each other’s ways in advance?”

And I added: ‘Tell me, my Life, who is my Family? What is my dowry and Yours?’ And smiling, He continued: “Your family is the Trinity. Don’t you remember that in the first years of bed I took you to Heaven and we celebrated our union before the Most Holy Trinity? It endowed you with such gifts that you yourself have not yet known; and as I speak to you about my Will, about Its effects and value, I make you discover the gifts with which, from that time, you were endowed. I do not speak to you about my dowry, because what is Mine is yours. And then, after a few days, We, the Three Divine Persons, descended from Heaven, took possession of your heart, and formed Our perpetual residence in it. We took the reins of your intelligence, of your heart, and of all of yourself; and everything you did was an outpouring of our Creative Will over you, and the confirmation that your will was animated by an Eternal Will.

The work is already done. There is nothing left but to make it known, so that, not only you, but others also may take part in these great goods. And this I am doing by calling now one minister, now another, and even ministers from places afar, to make known to them these great truths. Therefore, this thing is Mine – not yours; so, let Me do. Even more, you must know that every time you manifest one additional value of my Will, I feel so much contentment that I love you with multiplied love.”

And I, blushing about my difficulties, said: ‘My highest and only Good, see how I have become more bad. Before I used to have no doubts about what You told me; now – no; how many doubts, how many difficulties. I myself don’t know where I go fishing for them.’ And Jesus: “Do not worry about this either. Many times I Myself cause these difficulties in order to answer not only you, confirming to you the truths that I tell you, but to answer all those who, in reading these truths, may find doubts and difficulties. I answer them in advance, so that they may find light, and all of their difficulties may be dissolved. Criticism will not be lacking; therefore, everything is necessary.”
VOL. 20 – February 16, 1927

It happens as in a wedding:  the bride and the groom walk in the front by themselves, but behind them follows the great number of those who are invited.  You are the bride with whom my Will wanted to form Its royal wedding; It wanted to destroy the division, the obstacles which existed between you and It, in order to form the most happy couple which has ever existed.  So, these are days of celebration for you and for It; your acts animated by the Divine Fiat are continuous invitations that you make to all the things that came out of Our creative hands.  Therefore your invitation is extremely vast, and there is no one who can do without accepting, because it is a Divine Will that calls all of Its works to Its banquet, excluding not even my Celestial Mama; and all feel honored and triumphant in attending the wedding and in participating in the nuptial banquet of this Supreme Will of Mine.  This is why they anxiously await your acts, your invitations, your calls, to come and sit at the banquet and celebrate the two spouses.  Therefore, you, go ahead together with my Will before the Supreme Majesty – my works follow you behind.  And this happens with justice, because in creating all things, it is to the creature that We gave supremacy over all Our works – that is, to the creature in whom Our Divine Fiat was to reign fully, not to the creature degraded by her will.  This one is the last among all, and has no right, nor communication; while the creature in whom my Will reigns, has the right to be the first one to call everyone, and to be followed by everyone.

Therefore, operating in my Will is the greatest miracle, and the fullness of all acts united together, and the triumph of the Divine act in the human act, because my Will was as though sterile in the midst of creatures, and It is now made happy by Its first daughter, in whom It sees Its many newborns who will come to light.  So, It will no longer live as a sterile mother in the midst of the people, but as a mother fecund with many children.  It used to be a widow, because in creating the first man It espoused the human nature, dowering it with the immense riches of Its Will, as the seal of the marriage It formed with man.  As he withdrew from It, It remained a widow for many centuries; but now It has removed the mourning of Its widowhood, and marrying again, It has taken Its garments of bride and has released Its dowries into the field, once again – and the seal of the dowries are the knowledges about It, through which It offers the gift of the riches It possesses.  Therefore, my daughter, be attentive in preserving your garments of bride, and in enjoying the dominions that my Will has given you as dowry.”

VOL. 24 – June 12, 1928

After this, since it was the Feast of Corpus Domini, I was thinking to myself that this day was the feast of the marriage which blessed Jesus did with souls in the Most Holy Sacrament of love.  And my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, the true marriage with humanity was done in Creation.  Nothing was lacking either to the soul or to the body; everything was done with royal sumptuousness.  An immense palace was prepared for the human nature, such that no king or emperor can have one similar to it, which is the whole Universe:  a starry heaven and its vault, a Sun which would never extinguish its light; flourishing gardens in which the happy couple, God and man, was to stroll, amuse itself and maintain the continuous, uninterrupted feast of our marriage; and garments, woven not with matter, but formed of purest light by Our power, as befitted royal persons…  Everything was beauty in man, soul and body, because the One who prepared the marriage and formed it was of unreachable beauty.  So, from the external sumptuousness of the so many enchanting beauties present in the whole of Creation, you can imagine the interior seas of sanctity, of beauty, of light, of science, etc., which the interior of man possessed.  All the acts of man, interior and external, were as many musical keys which formed the most beautiful melodies, sweet, melodious, harmonious, that maintained the joy of the marriage.  And each additional act that he would dispose himself to do, was a new little sonata that he would prepare, to call his spouse to delight with him.

My Divine Will which dominated humanity, brought him the new continuous act and the likeness to the One who had created him and married him.  But in such a great feast man broke the strongest bond, in which lay the whole validity of our marriage and through which it had been in force:  he withdrew from Our Will.  Because of this, the marriage was broken, and since all the rights were lost, only the memory of it was left, but the substance, the life, the effects no longer existed.  Now, the Sacrament of the Eucharist in which my Love overabounded in all possible imaginable ways, cannot be called either the first or the true marriage of Creation, for I do nothing but continue what I did when I was on earth.  According to the needs of souls, with some I make Myself a compassionate doctor in order to heal them, with some a teacher to instruct them, with some a father to forgive them, with some light to give them sight.  I give strength to the weak, courage to the timid, peace to the restless – in sum, I continue my redemptive life and virtue; however, all these miseries exclude the true marriage.  No young man marries a young woman who is ill – at most, he waits for her to recover; or a young woman who is weak and who offends him very often.  And if the groom is a king and loves her, at most he waits for the bride to get well, to love him, and for her condition to become somehow satisfactory, and not so inferior to his.  Now, the condition in which poor humanity finds itself is still that of a poor ill one, and I am waiting for my Will to be known and to reign in the midst of creatures, for It will give them true health, royal garments, and a beauty worthy of Me.  Then will I form again the true and original marriage.”

VOL. 24 – June 16, 1928
Example of a spouse who separates in court, as God did from the beginning of the fall of man.  The new engagement for the marriage was done on the Cross.  The fulfillment of the Divine Will.

I was thinking about what is written above, and blessed Jesus continued telling me:  “My daughter, it is really true that the Supreme Being established Its marriage with humanity at the beginning of Creation; and it happened as when a groom is induced to separate in court by his wicked bride.  But in spite of this, the groom keeps an affection in his heart, and he thinks and yearns that, if his chosen one should change, who knows… he may once again be able to unite and bind himself with her with the bond of marriage.  So, he often lets news reach her ear through messengers – that he loves her.

So God did:  even though the marriage with humanity was unbound in the divine court, He kept an affection for her and, though far away, he longed for the new bond of marriage with humanity; so much so, that He did not destroy the palace which He had formed with so much sumptuousness and magnificence, nor did He take away from her the good of the Sun that formed the day, but He left everything, so that the one who had offended Him might make use of it.  Even more, He maintained the correspondence by choosing, from the beginning of the world, now one of the good, now another, who were like messengers.  And like many postmen, some brought little letters, some telegrams, some phone calls from Heaven in which it was announced that the far away spouse had not forgotten her, that he loved her and that he wanted the return of the ungrateful spouse.

So, in the Old Testament, the more I multiplied the good, the patriarchs and the prophets, the more pressing were the invitations and the mail that ran between Heaven and earth, with the news sent by God – that He desired the new union.  This is so true that, unable to contain the ardor of His love any longer, and since decayed humanity was not yet disposed, He made an exception, espousing the Virgin Queen and the humanity of the Word with bond of true marriage, so that, by virtue of them, decayed humanity might be lifted up again and He might form His marriage with the entire humanity.  Then, my Humanity formed the new engagement with her on the Cross, and everything I did and suffered, up to dying on the Cross, were all preparations to carry out the desired marriage in the Kingdom of my Divine Will.  Now, after the engagement, there are pledges and gifts left to be exchanged, and these are the knowledges about my Divine Fiat.  Through them, humanity is given back the great gift which man rejected in Eden – the eternal, infinite and interminable gift of my Will.  This gift will attract so much decayed humanity, that she will give Us the return of the gift of her poor will, which will be the confirmation and the seal of the union of the spouses, after such a long chain of correspondence, of faithfulness on the part of God, and of inconstancy, ingratitude and coldness on the part of creatures.

My daughter, man degraded himself and lost all goods because he went out of my Divine Will.  In order to ennoble himself, to reacquire everything and receive the rehabilitation of the marriage with his Creator, he must enter once again the Divine Fiat from which he came.  There are no ways in the middle; not even my Redemption is enough to make man return to the beginning of the happy era of his creation.  Redemption is means, way, light, help – but not the end.  The end is my Will, because my Will was the beginning, and by justice, one who is the beginning must also be the end.  Therefore, humanity must be enclosed in my Divine Will to be given back her noble origin, her happiness, and to put the marriage with her Creator in force once again.  This is why the great good that my Redemption did to man is not enough for Our Love, but It yearns for more.  True Love is never content; only then is It content, when It can say:  ‘I have nothing else to give him.’  And knowing that man can return to be happy, victorious and glorious in the noble state in which he was created by God – and this, by means of my Will reigning in their midst – this is why all the divine yearnings, the sighs, the manifestations are directed toward making Our Will known to make It reign, so as to be able to say to Our Love:  ‘Calm Yourself, for Our beloved child has reached his destiny.  He is now in possession of Our inheritance that was given to him in Creation, which is Our Fiat!  And while he possesses what is Ours, We possess him.  Therefore, the marriage is
established once again, the spouses have returned to their place of honor; there is nothing left but to celebrate and enjoy a good so great, after such a long sorrow’.”

VOL. 30 – June 17, 1932

“Furthermore, for the creature who Lives in My Will, there is nothing that belongs to My Fiat over which she does not acquire her Rights:  Right over Our Divine Being, Right over her Celestial Mama, over the Angels, over the Saints; Right over the Heaven, over the sun, over the whole Creation.  And God, the Virgin, and everyone, acquire the Right over her.

“It happens as when two young spouses unite themselves together with an indissoluble bond, such that, on both sides, they acquire the right over their very persons, and over everything that belongs to both—a right that no one can take away from them.  The same for one who Lives in Our Volition:  she forms the New, True, Real Marriage with the Supreme Being, and, with it, a nuptial is formed with everything that belongs to Him.  O! how beautiful it is to see this creature espoused to all—the dear, the favorite, the beloved of all.  And, with right, everyone wants her, they yearn to enjoy her and to keep her together with them; and she Loves all, gives to all the right over her, and gives herself to all—it is the New and Extensive Family of her Creator that she has acquired.

VOL. 32 – July 30, 1933

“Now after having formed the beginning of this Life, it was necessary to form It, raise It, and nourish It, such that as My Manifestations on My Will followed, some have served to form It, some to raise It, and some to nourish It.  If I had not continued My Speaking about It, It would remain suffocated, or yet, a Life without growth, because It feeds Itself with nothing other than only the Truths and Knowledges that pertain to It.  See, therefore, the necessity of My long Speaking about My Fiat; it was necessary in order to make It known to the creature.  It was necessary in order to form Its Life, and not let It lack the Divine Nourishment of Its own Truths, that alone can serve in order to nourish It, because outside of the creature My Will has no need of anything or anyone.  By Itself, in Its Nature, It is Life, food, nourishment, and everything.  On the other hand, wanting the creature’s cooperating part, by way of Knowledges and Truths that pertain to It, It forms Its Life more or less according to what she knows.  And these Knowledges form an Indissoluble Marriage between the one and the other; the Substance, the heat, the growth, the food of the Life of My Will in the creature.  This is why I returned to My Speaking, because it serves My Will in you, and in order for you to make It more known, Loved and appreciated by yourself.

VOL. 36 – May 17, 1938

Then He added with more Loving Tenderness: “My good daughter, My Love wants to be tied more and more to the creature, and the more Truths It Manifests regarding My Will, the more bonds I put between God and herself.  In Manifesting the Truth, My Love is preparing the Marriage between God and the soul.  The more It Manifests the more Pomp and Magnificence this Marriage will have.  Would you like to know what happens then?  My Truths will be like the dowry needed in order to marry God; to get to know the One who lowers Himself and even ties Himself—only for Love—in the bond of Marriage.  My Truths touch the creature over and over; They mold her to New Life; They return her to the Beauty of Our Image and Resemblance from the time she was Created, and Impress on her Their kiss of inseparable Union.




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