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What it means to be Firstborn Daughter of the Divine Will

The Kingdom of The Divine Will in the midst of creatures.  Book of Heaven. The call of the creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose for which he was created by God’



Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God,

Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


October 12, 1926

What it means to be firstborn daughter of the Divine Will.  How Jesus feels drawn by His Will to visit the soul, disposing her to be with Him.

I felt immersed in the sea of pain of the privation of my highest Good, Jesus, and as much as I asked for Him, going around Heaven and earth, it was not given to me to find Him whom I so much longed for So, the waters of pain, swelling more and more, drowned me with sorrows and with pain—but that pain that only Jesus can give, and knows how to give, to a poor and little heart that loves.  And because it is little, it cannot sustain all the immensity of the bitter waters of the pain of His privation, therefore it remains drowned and oppressed, waiting for Him whom I so much yearn and long for.

Then, while I was all oppressed, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, in the midst of a cloud of light, and told me:  “Firstborn daughter of My Will(Luisa), why are you so oppressed?  If you(Luisa) think of your great fortune, your oppression will depart from you(Luisa).  Do you(Luisa) know what firstborn daughter of My Will means?  It means first daughter in the love of our Celestial Father, and first among all to be loved.  It means  first daughter of grace, of light, first daughter of glory, first daughter possessor of the riches of her Divine Father, first daughter of Creation.  As firstborn daughter of the Supreme Will, she contains all the bonds, all the relations, all the rights that befit a firstborn daughter—bonds of daughtership, relations of communication to all the dispositions of her Celestial Father, rights of possession of all His goods.

“But all this is not all.  Do you(Luisa) know what first daughter delivered by My Will means?  It means not only to be first in the love and in all the things of her Creator, but to enclose within herself all the love and all the goods of the other children.  So, if the others will possess each one his own part, she, as the firstborn, will possess, all  together, the goods of the others.  And this, by right and with justice, because, as firstborn, to her did My Will entrust everything—gave everything, therefore in her is the origin of all things, the cause for which Creation was created, the purpose for which the Divine Action and Love entered the field.  She who was to be the firstborn daughter of Our Will was the primary cause of all the works of a God; therefore, as a consequence, from her derive all goods—from her do they come, to her do they return.  See, then, how fortunate you(Luisa) are; you(Luisa) cannot fully comprehend what it means to have primacy in love and in all the things of your Creator.”

On hearing this, I said to Him:  “My Love, what are You saying?  And besides, what good comes to me from such great fortune You are talking about, when You deprive me of Yourself?  All goods convert for me into bitternesses without You.  And then, I have told You many times that You alone do I want, because You are enough for me in everything; and if I had everything, without You, everything changes for me into  martyrdom and indescribable pain.  Love, grace, light, the whole Creation, speak to me about You—they make me know who You are, and, not finding You, I become delirious, I go into mortal agonies.  Therefore, the primacy, the rights of firstborn—give them to whomever you want; I don’t care about them.  If you want to make me happy, remain with me, You alone—this is enough for me.”

And Jesus added:  “My daughter(Luisa), I alone must not be enough for you(Luisa), nor do I want you(Luisa) to say that you(Luisa) do not care about everything else.  No, no, if it is not enough for Me to give you (Luisa)Myself alone without giving you(Luisa) all of My things, if I care that you(Luisa) have the primacy and be the firstborn daughter, you(Luisa) too must care about it.  Don’t you(Luisa) know that My frequent coming is bound to your being My firstborn daughter?  Don’t you(Luisa) know that, as long as Adam remained the firstborn son of My Will, having therefore primacy over everything, I visited him often?  My Will reigning in him administered to him all the manners necessary in order to be with Me, as the son who forms the consolation of his father.  So, I spoke to him as to a son, and he to Me as to his Father.

“As he withdrew from My Will, he lost his primacy, the rights of firstborn, and along with them he lost all of My goods; and he no longer felt the strength to sustain My Presence, nor did I feel drawn by a Divine force and Will to go to him.  So, all his bonds with Me were broken; nothing was due to him by right any more, nor did he see Me unveiled any longer, but amidst lightnings and eclipsed within My Light—that light of My Will that he had rejected.

“Now, don’t you(Luisa) know that the primacy that Adam lost as firstborn son of My Will has passed on to you(Luisa), and that in you(Luisa) I must enclose all the goods that I was to enclose in him, had he not withdrawn from My Will?  Therefore, I look at you(Luisa) as the first creature come out of Our hands, because one who lives in My Will is always the first before her Creator; and even if she is born later in time, this says nothing:  in Our Will, one who has never gone out of It is always first.  See, then—you(Luisa) must care about everything; My coming itself is the irresistible force of My Will that draws you(Luisa) to Me and disposes you(Luisa).  Therefore, I want highest gratitude at your fortune of being the firstborn daughter of My Will.”

I did not know what to answer.  I remained confused, and in my inmost soul, I said: “Fiat, Fiat.”


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