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How Jesus Himself, will become the vigil custodian of these writings

Luisa writing in Her Diary


‘The Kingdom of The Divine Will in the midst of creatures.  Book of Heaven. The call of the creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose for which he was created by God’




Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will:



June 20, 1938 

One who Lives in the Divine Volition is in continuous communication with God.  New Birth and Rising Love.  How it gives Happiness and Joy to all.  How Jesus Himself will become the Vigil Custodian of these Writings, the interest being all His own

I am under the Empire of the Divine Will.  Its Power raises me in Its Center; Its Love, embalming me, brings me Its Celestial air; Its Light Purifies, Embellishes, Transforms me, enclosing me in the range of the Divine Will, so that all is forgotten; so Great and so many are the Joys, so enchanting the scenes of the Supreme Being that one remains enraptured.  O, Divine Will, how I’d love for all to know You, to enjoy Joys so Pure, Gladness so Ineffable, that can be found only in You!

And while my mind was feeling such an Unspeakable Happiness, my beloved Jesus, repeating His short little visit, all Goodness told me: “My little daughter of My Will(Luisa), see, how Beautiful it is to Live in My Will? We are in continuous communication with the creature.  We prepare for her New Joys for every New Act she does, to make her more and more Happy in Our Residence.  The actions done in the Fiat remain always in the act of being done; Our Life Rises Again continuously; Our Love Ascends and, Investing everyone with Its Waves, calls all into that act, so that all would repeat it, and We hear the echo of them loving and glorifying us.  The Angels and the Saints are all attentive, and anxiously long for the act of the creature done in Our Will.  Do you know why?  Because in this way They receive Double Glory:  the Glory of Heaven, and the New Glory, Joy and Happiness of the act done in My Fiat. How grateful they are to Me, and how much they Love the creatures that Redouble for them New Happiness and Endless Joys!

“Who would not Love the one who Lives in My Will; the one who gives Us Joys and Happiness; the one who gives Us the Great Glory of letting Us do what We want in her; the one who gives Happiness and Joys to all?  There is no Good that does not come from her.  Therefore, one who Lives in Our Will is not subject to discouragement or fear.  Distrust just doesn’t find its way in, because the creature possesses everything.  She feels as though she were the owner of everything and she takes what she wants.  Her life is nothing other than Our Love and Will, to the extent that she even suffers Our same Love follies, and would be happy to give her life for anyone, to give Us the Glory of making Our Will known.”

After this, I was feeling concerned for these Blessed Writings here, and for the insistence of my beloved Jesus in wanting me to keep writing:  after so many sacrifices, where will they end up?  And my Jesus, interrupting my thinking, told me: “My daughter(Luisa), don’t trouble yourself.  I will be their Vigil Custodian, they cost Me too much.  They cost Me My Will that enters these Writings as Primary Life.  I could call them ‘Testament of Love’ which My Will does for the creatures.  It donates Itself and calls them in Its Heritage, but with such supplicant, attractive, Loving modes that only the hearts of stone won’t be moved to compassion and won’t feel the need to receive such a Great Good.  Therefore these Writings are Full of Divine Lives that cannot be destroyed.  If anyone tried to do so, the same would happen to him as to one who would try to destroy Heaven. Offended, It would fall back upon him, from every side, annihilating him under Its blue vault; or, as to one trying to destroy the sun, which would laugh at him and burn him up; or, as to another one would want to destroy the waters of the sea, and be drowned by them.  It would take too much to touch what I made you write on My Will.  I can call this a New Living and Speaking Creation:  it will be the last display of My Love to the human generation.

“You(Luisa) must know that, at each word I have you(Luisa) write on My Fiat, I Double My Love for you(Luisa) and towards those who will read them, to make them remain embalmed by My Love.  Therefore, as you(Luisa) write, you(Luisa) give Me the space to Love you(Luisa) more; I see the Great Good these Writings will do for you(Luisa).  I feel each one of My Words and the Palpitating Lives of the creatures who will know the Goodness of My Word, forming within themselves the Life of My Will.  So, the interest is all Mine, and you(Luisa), leave everything to Me.  You(Luisa) have to know that these Writings came out of the center of the Great Sun of My Will, whose rays are Full of the Truths coming from this center, and embrace all times, all centuries, all generations.  This great wheel of Light fills Heaven and earth, and, through Light, It knocks at every heart; praying, begging them to receive the Palpitating Life of My Fiat, that Our Paternal Goodness condescended and deigned to dictate from within Its Center with the most unusual, charming, affable, sweet modes, and with such a Great Love, as to seem almost incredible—to Astound the very Angels.

“Every Word can be called a ‘Portent of Love,’ one Greater than the other.  Therefore trying to touch these Writings is wanting to touch Myself, theCenterofMy Love, the Loving keenness with which I Love creatures.  I will know how to defend Myself and confound anyone who would slightly disapprove of even one Word of what is written on My Divine Will.  Therefore, continue to listen to Me, My daughter(Luisa); don’t obstruct My Love, don’t tie My arms by rejecting back into My Womb what you(Luisa) keep writing.  These Writings cost Me too much.  They cost Me as much as Myself.  Therefore, I will take so much care of Them that I will not allow even a Word to be lost.”

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