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Jesus used the word Religion in order to propagate the Faith in the whole universe

‘The Kingdom of The Divine Will in the midst of creatures.  Book of Heaven. The call of the creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose for which he was created by God’



 Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God,

Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will



 November 1, 1902

 True seriousness is found in religion, and true religion consists in looking at one’s neighbor in God, and at God in one’s neighbor.

 As I was in my usual state, I felt I was going outside of myself, and I found a child crying, and also several men; and one of them, more serious, took a most bitter drink and gave it to that crying child, who suffered so much in swallowing it, that his throat seemed to choke. Not knowing who he was, out of compassion I took him in my arms, saying to him: ‘Yet, he is a serious man, and did this to you. Poor little one, come to me, for I want to dry your tears.’ And he said to me: “True seriousness is found in religion, and true religion consists in looking at one’s neighbor in God, and at God in one’s neighbor.” Then, drawing close to my ear, so much so, that his lips touched me and his voice resounded in my interior, he added: “The word ‘religion’ is a ridiculous word for the world, and it seems to be worth nothing. Yet, before Me every word that pertains to religion is a virtue of infinite value; so much so, that I made use of the word in order to propagate the faith in the whole universe, and one who exercises himself in this serves Me as mouth to manifest my Will to creatures.” As He was saying this, I understood very well that it was Jesus. On hearing His clear voice which I had not heard for so long I felt myself rise again from death to life. I was waiting for Him to finish speaking to tell Him of my extreme needs, but – no, as soon as I stopped hearing His voice, He disappeared, and I was left disconsolate and afflicted.

Volume 1


…. He would also make me see scenes so consoling and beautiful as to be enrapturing; and this was to see good and holy priests celebrating the Sacrosanct Mysteries. Oh God! how high, great, sublime is their ministry. How beautiful it was to see the priest celebrating Mass, and Jesus transformed into him. It seemed that it was not the priest, but Jesus Himself that celebrated the Divine Sacrifice, and sometimes He would make the priest disappear completely, and Jesus alone would celebrate Mass – and I would listen to Him. Oh! how touching it was to see Jesus recite those prayers, do all those ceremonies and movements that the priest does. Who can tell how consoling it was for me to see these Masses together with Jesus? How many graces I received, how much light, how many things I comprehended! But since these are past things, I don’t remember them too clearly, so I keep silent.

But as I am saying this, Jesus has moved in my interior and has called me – He doesn’t want me to do so. Ah! Lord, how much patience it takes with You. Well then, I will content You. Oh! sweet Love, I will say a few little things, but give me your grace to be able to manifest them, because, by myself, I would not dare to utter one word about mysteries so profound and sublime.

Now, while seeing Jesus or the priest celebrating the Divine Sacrifice, Jesus would make me understand that in the Mass there is all the depth of our sacrosanct religion. Ah! yes, the Mass tells us everything and speaks to us about everything. The Mass reminds us of our redemption; It speaks to us, step by step, about the pains that Jesus suffered for us; It also manifests to us His immense love, for He was not content with dying on the Cross, but He wanted to continue His state of victim in the Most Holy Eucharist. The Mass also tells us that our bodies, decayed, reduced to ashes by death, will rise again on the day of the judgment, together with Christ, to immortal and glorious life. Jesus made me comprehend that the most consoling thing for a Christian, and the highest and most sublime mysteries of our holy religion are: Jesus in the Sacrament and the resurrection of our bodies to glory. These are profound mysteries, which we will comprehend only beyond the stars; but Jesus in the Sacrament makes us almost touch them with our own hands, in different ways. First, His Resurrection; second, His state of annihilation under those species, though it is certain that Jesus is there present, alive and real. Then, once those species are consumed, His real presence no longer exists. And as the species are consecrated again, He comes again to assume His sacramental state. So, Jesus in the Sacrament reminds us of the resurrection of our bodies to glory: just as Jesus, when His sacramental state ceases resides in the womb of God, His Father, the same for us – when our lives cease, our souls go and make their dwelling in Heaven, in the womb of God, while are bodies are consumed. So, one can say that they will no longer exist; but then, with a prodigy of the omnipotence of God, our bodies will acquire new life, and uniting with the soul, will go together to enjoy the eternal beatitude. Can there be anything more consoling for a human heart than the fact that not only the soul, but also the body will be beatified in the eternal contentments? It seems to me that on that day it will happen as when the sky is starry and the sun comes out. What happens? With its immense light, the sun absorbs the stars and makes them disappear; yet the stars exist. The sun is God, and all of the blessed souls are the stars; with His immense light, God will absorb us all within Himself, in such a way that we will exist in God and will swim in the immensesea ofGod. Oh! how many things Jesus in the Sacrament tells us; but who can tell them all? I would really be too long. If the Lord allows it, I will reserve saying something else on other occasions.





August 30, 1899


Man has lost religion. Threat of chastisements.


This morning my beloved Jesus transported me outside of myself, and made me see the decadence of religion in men and a preparation for war. I said to Him: ‘O Lord, in what a heart-rending state the world finds itself in these times, in the things of religion. It seems that she who ennobles man and makes him aspire to an eternal purpose is no longer recognized by the world. But that which makes one cry the most, is that religion is ignored by some of the very ones who call themselves religious, who should lay down their lives to defend her and revive her.’

And Jesus, assuming a most afflicted look, told me: “My daughter(Luisa), this is why man lives like a beast – he has lost religion. But even sadder times will come for man, because of the blindness in which he has immersed himself, so much so that my Heart aches in seeing him. But the blood which I will cause to be shed by every kind of people – secular and religious – will revive this holy religion, and will water the rest of the people, grown wild, that will be left; and by civilizing them once again, it will restore their nobility. Here is the necessity for blood to be shed and for churches themselves to be almost destroyed – so that they may be restored anew and exist with their original prestige and splendor.” But who can say the cruel torment they will make for them in the times to come? I let it pass in silence because I don’t remember very well, and I don’t see it very clearly. If the Lord wants me to talk about it, He will give me more clarity, and then I will take the pen again on this topic. So, for now I stop here.




March 14, 1900


How to draw souls to Catholicism.


Since the confessor had given me the obedience to pray to the Lord that He would manifest to me what should be done in order to draw souls to Catholicism and to remove so much unbelief, I prayed for several days, and the Lord would not deign to manifest Himself on this point.  Finally, this morning I found myself outside of myself, transported into a garden which seemed to be the garden of the Church, and in it there were many priests and other dignities, who were discussing this topic.  While they were discussing, a dog of enormous size and strength came out, and the majority of them were so scared and exhausted as to let themselves be bitten by that beast, and then they would withdraw like cowards from the enterprise.  That fierce dog had no strength to bite only those who had Jesus in their hearts as their center, who would thus form the center of all of their actions, thoughts and desires.  Ah, yes, Jesus formed a seal for these people, and that beast would become so weak as to have not even the strength to breathe.

Now, while they were discussing, I heard Jesus behind my shoulders saying:  “All other societies know who belongs to their party, only my Church does not know who Her children are.  The first step is to know who those are who belong to Her, and these you can know by establishing a reunion one day, to which you will invite them, so that who is Catholic should convene to the appointed place for this reunion; and there, with the help of the lay Catholics, they should decide what it is advisable to do.  The second step is to oblige to confession those Catholics who convene, which is the most important thing that renews man and forms the true Catholics.  And this, not only for those who are present, but they should oblige the leaders to oblige their subjects to confession; and if they do not succeed with gentle manners, they should dismiss them from their service.  Once each priest has formed the body of his Catholics, then will they be able to advance to superior steps.  In fact, recognizing the opportunity of the moment, the way to penetrate into other parties, and the prudence in exposing themselves, is like the pruning of trees, which makes them produce large and mature fruits.  But if the tree is not pruned, it does make, yes, a beautiful display of leaves and of flowers, but as soon as a frost comes, or a wind blows, since the tree does not have enough sap and strength to sustain so many flowers in order to change them into fruits, the flowers fall off, and the tree remains stripped.  The same happens in the things of religion:  first you must form a suitable body of Catholics, so as to be able to confront the other parties, and then you can come to penetrating into the other parties to form one single party.”

After He said this, I did not hear Him any more, and without even seeing Him, I found myself inside myself.  Who can say my pain at not having seen blessed Jesus for the whole day, and the tears I had to shed?




March 31, 1901 

Inconstancy and volubility.


This morning, feeling all embittered, I saw myself still so cattiva [bad], that I almost did not dare to go in search of my highest and only Good. But the Lord, looking not at my miseries, still deigned to come, telling me: “My daughter(Luisa), is it Me that you(Luisa) want? Well then, I have come to cheer you(Luisa) – let us be together, but let us remain in silence.”

After staying for some time, He transported me outside of myself, and I saw that the Church was celebrating the Day of the Palms; and Jesus, breaking the silence, told me: “How much volubility, how much inconstancy! Just as today they cried out ‘Hosanna!’, proclaiming Me as their King, on another day they cried out ‘Crucify Him! Crucify Him!’ My daughter(Luisa), the thing that displeases Me the most is inconstancy and volubility, because this is the sign that the truth has not taken possession of these souls. Even in things of religion, it may be that they find their satisfaction, their own convenience and interest, or that they just find themselves in that party; but tomorrow these things may be missing, or they may find themselves involved in other parties – and here is how they deviate from religion, and with no regret they give themselves to other sects. Indeed, when the true light of Truth enters a soul and takes possession of a heart, she is not subject to inconstancy. On the contrary, she sacrifices everything for love of It and to let herself be mastered by It alone; and with unconquered heart she despises everything else which does not belong to the Truth.” And while saying this, He cried over the condition of the present generation, worse than in those times, subject to inconstancy according to wherever the winds blow.




April 4, 1902

By destroying moral goods, physical and temporal goods are also destroyed. The power of reason and of humility.


Continuing in my usual state, my adorable Jesus keeps coming, but almost always in silence; or rather, He says to me something pertaining to the truth, but it happens that as long as the Lord is present I comprehend it and it seems I will be able to repeat it, but as He disappears, I feel that light of truth which had been infused in me being drawn from me, and I am unable to repeat anything. This morning, then, I had to struggle very much in waiting for Him, and as He came, He transported me outside of myself, showing Himself as very indignant. So, in order to placate Him, I made various acts of repentance, but Jesus seemed to like none of them. I would do my utmost in varying the acts of repentance – who knows, He might like one of them. At the end I said to Him: ‘Lord, I repent of the offenses given by me and by all creatures of the earth, and I repent and I am sorry for the sole reason that we have offended You, highest Good, who deserve love, while we have dared to give You offenses.’ With this last one the Lord seemed pleased and appeased.

After this, He transported me into the middle of a road on which there were two men in the shape of beasts, all intent on destroying every kind of moral good. They seemed to be strong like lions and drunken with passion; at the mere sight of them they struck terror and fright. Blessed Jesus told me: “If you want to placate Me a little bit, go and pass through those men, to convince them of the evil they do, facing their fury.” Though a little timid, yet I went. As soon as they saw me, they wanted to swallow me, but I said to them: ‘Let me speak, and then do to me whatever you want. You must know that if you reach your intent of destroying every moral good pertaining to religion, virtue, dependency and social welfare, without realizing your mistake, you would also destroy all corporal and temporal goods. In fact, as much as is taken away from moral goods, so much are physical evils doubled. So, without realizing it, you go against yourselves, destroying all those fleeting and passing goods which you so much love. Not only this, but you are looking for those who will destroy your very lives, and you will cause the survivors among you to shed bitter tears.’ Then I made a most great act of humility, which I am not even able to repeat, and they remained like someone who recovers from a state of madness; and also so weak, that they did not have the strength even to touch me. So I passed through them freely, and I understood that there is no power that can resist the power of reason and of humility.




December 30, 1902

One act contrary to the Divine Will is sufficient to destroy the work of Jesus in the soul 


As I was in my usual state, I seemed to see the Most Holy Trinity, as if They wanted to resolve what They should do with the world, and I was in Their midst. It seemed that They were saying: “If most fierce scourges are not sent to the world, everything is over for it concerning religion, and they will become worse than barbarians themselves.” And while They were saying this, it seemed that wars of every kind, earthquakes destroying entire cities and diseases were coming down upon earth. On seeing this, all trembling, I said: ‘Supreme Majesty, forgive the human ingratitude; now more than ever the heart of man has rebelled, but if man sees himself being mortified he will rebel even more, adding outrages upon outrages against your Majesty.’ And a voice coming from Their midst said: “Man can rebel when he is merely mortified, but when he is destroyed his rebellion ceases. Here We speak not of mortification, but of destruction.”

After this, They disappeared, but who can say how I was left? More so, since I felt as though a disposition for wanting to go out of this state of suffering, and a will not perfectly conformed to the Divine Volition. I could see with clarity that the ugliest offense that the creature can give to the Creator is to oppose His Most Holy Will. I felt pain for this, and I greatly feared I might be doing an act contrary to His Will; but in spite of this I could not quiet myself. Then, after I struggled very much, my adorable Jesus came back and told me: “My daughter(Luisa), many times I delight in choosing souls, surrounding them with divine fortitude in such a way that no enemy may enter into them. I establish in them my perpetual dwelling, and in this residence of Mine I lower Myself, one could say, to the most minute services; I clean her up, I pull out all thorns from her, I destroy all the evil that the human nature has produced in her, and I plant in her all the beautiful and good things that can be found in Me, to the extent of forming the most beautiful garden of my delights, to be used at my pleasure and according to the circumstances of my glory and of the good of others; so much so, that it can be said that she no longer has anything of her own, but serves only as my dwelling. Now, do you know what it takes to destroy all this? One act contrary to my Will; and if you oppose my Will you will do all this.” And I: ‘Lord, I fear that my superiors may give me the obedience of the other time.’ And He: “This is not your business; I Myself will deal with them, but your will is not present here.” In spite of this I could not calm down, and I kept repeating in my interior: “What a dismal change has taken place in me! Who has separated my will from the Will of my God, which seemed to be one?’



January 11, 1903
She sees Monsignor fighting for the sake of religion.

As the confessor had told me to pray according to the intention of Monsignor, finding myself outside of myself, I could see that it did not regard Monsignor, but other people. Among them I could see a very good lady, but all consternated and crying; and Monsignor, beneath the arms of a Cross with Christ crucified on It, defending It. He was going to have the occasion to fight for the sake of religion. And I saw blessed Jesus saying: “I will confuse them.” 




May 8, 1903


When man disposes himself to good, he receives good; and if he disposes himself to evil, he receives evil.


I continue in my most bitter state of privation; at the most, He makes Himself seen taciturn and for short instants. This morning, since the confessor committed himself to making Him come, as I lost consciousness He made Himself seen for a little, and almost by force; and turning to the confessor, with a serious and afflicted aspect, He said to Him: “What do you want?” Father seemed to be confused and was unable to say anything, so I said: ‘Lord, maybe it is that thing about Mass that he wants.’ And the Lord said to him: “Dispose yourself and you will have it. Besides, you have the victim; the closer you remain to her with your thought and with your intention, the stronger and freer you will feel to be able to do what you want.’ Then I said: ‘Lord, how is it that You are not coming?’ And He added: “Do you want to hear something? Hear it.” And at that moment many cries of voices from all over the world could be heard saying: “Death to the Pope… destruction of religion… churches torn down… destruction of every dominion… No one must exist above us!” And many other satanic voices, which it seems useless to me to repeat. Then our Lord added: “My daughter, when man disposes himself to good, he receives good; and if he disposes himself to evil, he receives evil. All these voices you hear reach my throne – and not once, but repeated times; and when my Justice sees that man not only wants evil, but he asks for it with repeated petitions, with justice is It forced to concede it, to make them know the evil they wanted. In fact, one can truly know evil only when he finds himself in it. This is the reason why my Justice keeps looking for voids in order to punish man. However, the time of your suspension has not yet come; at the most, a few days for now, so that Justice may press Its hand down on man a little bit, for It can no longer bear the weight of such enormities; and at the same time, so as to make man’s forehead, raised too high, lower down.




May 12, 1908   

With their bad example, the rich have poisoned the poor.


Continuing in my usual state, I was praying to Our Lord that He would concede to put peace in the hearts, which are all in discord – the poor want to attack the rich; there is such turmoil, a thirst for human blood… It seems that they themselves can no longer contain themselves. If the Lord does not put His hand in, we are already close to the chastisements which many times He has manifested. Then, He came for just a little and told me: “My daughter(Luisa), a just Justice Mine is. The rich have been the first to give a bad example to the poor, the first to move away from religion, from fulfilling their duties, to the point of feeling ashamed to enter a church, to attend Mass, to perform their obligation. The poor have nourished themselves with their poisonous slobber; and having fed themselves well with the poison of their bad example, with that same poison given by them, unable to contain it, they try to attack them and even to kill them. There is no order without subjection; the rich have subtracted themselves from God, and the peoples rebel against God, against the rich, and against everyone. The scale of my Justice is full, and I can no longer contain it.” 




July 23, 1912

Once Jesus has made a perfect conquest of the heart of the creature, He exercises His own right in full freedom, making her rise again or operate; but it’s always love.


Finding myself with my always adorable Jesus, I was lamenting to Him because, in addition to His privations, I also felt my poor heart insensitive, cold and indifferent to everything, as if it no longer had a life. ‘How pitiful my state is! And even so, I am unable to cry over my misfortune! Since I don’t know how to feel sorry for myself – You, please, have compassion for this heart, which You loved so much, and which You promised so much to receive.’

And Jesus: “My daughter(Luisa), do not trouble yourself for something that does not deserve any affliction. Instead of feeling compassion for your lamentations and for your heart, I am pleased and I tell you(Luisa): ‘Rejoice with Me, because I have made a perfect purchase of your heart. Since you(Luisa) no longer feel anything of your own contentments and of the life of your heart, I alone come and enjoy your contentment and your life.

You(Luisa) must know that when you(Luisa) do not feel anything from your heart, I pull your heart into my Heart and I keep it there, resting in sweet sleep, while I enjoy it. If you(Luisa) feel it, then the enjoyment is together. If you(Luisa) let Me do, after I have given you(Luisa) rest in my Heart and enjoyed in you(Luisa), I will come to rest within you(Luisa) and I will make you(Luisa) enjoy the contentments of my Heart.

Ah, my daughter(Luisa), this was necessary for you(Luisa), for Me and for the world. For you(Luisa): if you(Luisa) had been awake, you(Luisa) would have suffered very much in seeing the chastisements that I am sending now, and the others that I will send. Therefore, it is necessary to make you(Luisa) content not to make you(Luisa) suffer greatly. It is necessary for Me: how much I would have suffered, had I not made you(Luisa) content – had I not conceded what you(Luisa) would have wanted, since you(Luisa) would not permit Me to send chastisements. This is why it was necessary to put you(Luisa) to sleep. In certain sad times of necessity and chastisements, it is necessary to choose ways in the middle in order to be less unhappy.

It is necessary for the world: if I wanted to pour Myself out with you(Luisa) and make you(Luisa) suffer, as I once made you(Luisa) suffer – therefore making you(Luisa) content by saving the world from the chastisements – faith, religion and salvation would be even more banned by the world, especially considering the attitude of the souls during these times. Ah, my daughter, let Me do, whether I have to keep you awake or asleep. Didn’t you tell Me to make of you(Luisa) whatever I wanted? Do you(Luisa) perhaps want to withdraw your word?”

And I: ‘But, oh Jesus, it is rather that I fear that I’ve become bad and, because of this, I feel in such a state.’ And Jesus: “Listen, my daughter(Luisa). Is it perhaps that some thought, affection or desire which is not mine entered into you(Luisa)? If this were the case, you (Luisa)should fear Me, but if this is not, it’s a sign that I keep your heart within Me and that I make it sleep. The time will come when I will wake it up; then you(Luisa) will see that you(Luisa) will take the attitude of before, and since you(Luisa) will have rested, this attitude will be greater.”

Then He added: “I make souls of all kinds: I do the ones sleepy with love, the ignorant of love, the crazy of love, the erudite of love. But do you(Luisa) know what interests me the most? That all be love. I don’t so much as look at the rest, which is not love.”




September 25, 1913

The Divine Will, not the Holy Eucharist, is the center and the life of the soul. The Divine Will gives life to the Sacraments and encloses them within Itself. 


I had told my Confessor that Jesus had said to me that the Will of God is the center of the soul; that this center is in the depth of the soul, and that, spreading Its rays like the Sun, It gives light to the mind, sanctity to the actions, strength to the steps, life to the heart, power to the word and to everything; and not only this, but also that while this center – the Will of God – is inside of us, so that we may never escape from It, and so as to remain at our continuous disposal, never leaving us alone or separated even for a minute – at the same time, it is also in front of us, on our right, on our left, behind and everywhere, and it will be our center also in Heaven. The Confessor was saying, instead, that the Most Holy Eucharist is our center.

Now, blessed Jesus came and told me: “My daughter(Luisa), I had to do in such a way that sanctity might be easy and accessible to all – unless they did not want it – in all conditions, in all circumstances and in every place. It is true that the Most Holy Eucharist is center; but who instituted It? Who constrained my Humanity so that It might be enclosed within the little circle of a Host? Wasn’t that my Will? My Will will always have primacy over everything. Further, if everything is in the Eucharist, the Priests who call Me from Heaven into their hands, and who are in contact with my Sacramental Flesh more than anyone should be the most saintly and the most good; instead, many are the worst. Poor Me, how they treat Me in the Holy Eucharist! And the many souls who receive Me, perhaps every day, should be many saints if the center of the Eucharist were sufficient. Instead – and it makes one want to cry – they remain always at the same point: vain, irascible, punctilious, etc. Poor center of the Most Holy Eucharist, how dishonored It remains!

On the other hand, there might be a mother who does my Will and cannot receive Me every day because of her conditions, not because she doesn’t want to. She is patient, charitable, and carries the fragrance of my Eucharistic virtues within herself. Ah, is it perhaps the Sacrament or, rather, my Will to which she is submitted, that keeps her subdued and compensates for the Most Holy Sacrament? Even more, I tell you that the Sacraments themselves produce fruits depending on how the souls are submitted to my Will. They produce effects according to the connection that the souls have with my Volition. And if there’s no link with my Will, they may receive Communion, but they will remain on an empty stomach; they may go to Confession, but remain still dirty; they may come before my Sacramental Presence, but if our wills do not meet, I will be as if dead for them, because my Will produces all the goods and gives life even to the Sacraments only in the soul who submits herself to It. Those who  do not understand this are babies in religion.”




August 12, 1915

The will, the love, the desires of the soul, running together with those of Jesus, will form the net to defend both of them and to save souls. 


As I was in my usual state, my always adorable Jesus came for a little while, telling me: “My daughterLuisa), how hard people are! The scourge of war is not enough, the misery is not sufficient to make them surrender. They want to be touched in their own flesh, otherwise one cannot manage to make them mend their ways. In fact, look what happens in battles: how holy religion gains within them on battlefields – and why? Because they are being touched in their own flesh. This is why it is necessary that there be no country which will not be caught in the net, in one way or another; but that all of them be exposed to being touched in their own flesh. I don’t want to do this, but their hardness forces Me to.”

In saying this, He was crying. I cried along, and I prayed Him that He would make the people surrender with no slaughter and no blood, and that all be saved. And Jesus: “My daughter, everything will be enclosed in the union of our wills. Your volition will run together with Mine, pleading sufficient graces for the salvation of souls. Your love will run into Mine; your desires and your heartbeat will run into Mine, asking for souls with an eternal Heartbeat. All this will form a net around you(Luisa) and Me, in which we will remain as if woven inside. This will serve as bulwark for defense, within which, while defending Me, you(Luisa) will be protected from any danger… How sweet it is for Me to hear in my Heartbeat the heartbeat of a creature who says: ‘Souls, souls!’ I feel as if chained and, conquered, I surrender.”



April 15, 1919 

Greater things are done after the minor ones, and are the fulfillment and crowning of those. The Resurrected Humanity of Jesus, symbol of those who will live in His Will. 


I was fusing myself in the Holy Will of my always lovable Jesus, and together with my Jesus, my intelligence was wandering in the Work of Creation, adoring and thanking the Supreme Majesty for everything and for everyone. And my Jesus, all affability, told me: “My daughter(Luisa), in creating the heavens, first I made the stars as minor spheres, and then I created the Sun as the major sphere, endowing It with so much light as to eclipse all the stars, as though hiding them within Itself, and constituting It king of the stars and of all nature. It is my usual way to do minor things first, as preparation for greater ones – these, being the crowning of the minor things. While being my relater, the Sun also conceals the souls who will form their sanctity in my Will; the Saints who lived in the mirror of my Humanity, as if in the shadow of my Will, will be the stars; the former souls, although coming later in time, will be the Suns.

I maintained this order also in Redemption. My birth was without glamour, rather, it was neglected; my childhood was without splendor of great things before men; my life inNazarethwas so hidden that I lived as if ignored by all; I adapted Myself to do the smallest and most common things of human life. During my public life there were a few great things, but still – who knew my Divinity? Nobody, not even all of the Apostles. I passed through the crowds like any other man, so much so, that anyone could approach Me, talk to Me, and if needed, even despise Me.” And I, interrupting Jesus, said: ‘Jesus, my Love, how happy those times were, and even happier those people who, just by wanting it, could come close to You, talk to You, and be with You!’ And Jesus: “Ah, my daughter(Luisa), only my Will brings true happiness! It alone encloses all goods within the soul, and making Itself crown around the soul, constitutes her queen of true happiness. Only these souls will be the queens of my Throne, because they are a birth from my Will. This is so true, that those people were not happy. Many saw Me but did not know Me, because my Will did not reside within them as center of life. Therefore, even if they saw Me, they remained unhappy. Only those who received the good of receiving the seed of my Will in their hearts disposed themselves to receive the good of seeing Me resurrected.

Now, the portent of my Redemption was the Resurrection, which, more than refulgent Sun, crowned my Humanity, making even my most tiny acts shine, with such splendor and marvel as to astonish Heaven and earth. The Resurrection will be the beginning, the foundation and the fulfillment of all goods – crown and glory of all the Blessed. My Resurrection is the true Sun which worthily glorifies my Humanity; It is the Sun of the Catholic Religion; It is the glory of every Christian. Without Resurrection, it would have been as though heavens without Sun, without heat and without life.

Now, my Resurrection is the symbol of the souls who will form their Sanctity in my Will. The Saints of the past centuries symbolize my Humanity. Although resigned, they did not have continuous act in my Will; therefore, they did not receive the mark of the Sun of my Resurrection, but the mark of the works of my Humanity before my Resurrection. Therefore, they will be many; almost like stars, they will form a beautiful ornament to the Heaven of my Humanity. But the Saints of the living in my Will, who will symbolize my Resurrected Humanity, will be few. In fact, many throngs and crowds of people saw my Humanity, but few saw my Resurrected Humanity – only the believers, those who were most disposed, and, I could say, only those who contained the seed of my Will. In fact, if they did not have that seed, they would have lacked the necessary sight to be able to see my Resurrected and glorious Humanity, and therefore be spectators of my ascent into Heaven.

Now, if my Resurrection symbolizes the Saints of the living in my Will – and this with reason, since each act, word, step, etc. done in my Will is a Divine resurrection that the soul receives; it is a mark of glory that she receives; it is to go out of herself in order to enter the Divinity, and to love, work and think, hiding herself in the refulgent Sun of my Volition – what is the wonder, if the soul remains fully risen and identified with the very Sun of my Glory, and symbolizes my Resurrected Humanity? But few are those who dispose themselves to this, because even in sanctity, souls want something for their own good; while the Sanctity of living in my Will has nothing of its own – everything is of God. It takes too much for souls to dispose themselves to this – to strip themselves of their own goods. Therefore, they will not be many.

You are not in the number of the many, but of the few. Therefore, be always attentive to the call, and to your continuous flight.”




September 21, 1921

Jesus wants to give His goods to His children. Jesus before Caiphas. The working of the Divine Will is daylight.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus, on coming, told me: “My daughter(Luisa), in what painful conditions creatures put Me! I am like a most rich father who loves His children immensely. But the children, immensely ungrateful, while the father wants to clothe them, refuse his clothes and want to remain naked. The father gives them food, but they want to starve; and if they eat at all, they feed themselves with filthy and vile foods. The father offers them riches, he wants to keep them around himself, he gives them his own residence, but the children do not want to accept anything, contenting themselves with going wandering, homeless and poor. Poor father, how many sorrows – how many tears does he not shed? He would be less unhappy if he had nothing to give; but possessing goods and not being able to use them, while seeing his children dying, is a sorrow that surpasses every sorrow.

So I am. I want to give, and there is no one who takes; therefore creatures are the cause of my shedding bitter tears, and of continuous sorrow. But do you know who dries my tears and turns my sorrow into joy? One who wants to be always together with Me; one who takes my riches with love and with filial trust; who eats at my own table and clothes himself with my own garments. To these I give without measure. They are my confidants and I make them rest upon my lap.”

After this, I found myself outside of myself, and I could see new revolutions arise among different parties. And since these will be the cause of greater fights, my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter(Luisa), if parties were not formed, true revolutions could not occur, especially against the Church; in fact, if that party did not exist, the element against which to fight would be missing. But how many from this party – which apparently is said to be ‘catholic’ – are true wolfs covered with the mantle of lambs, and will give many sorrows to my Church. Many believe that with this party Religion will be defended; but it will be all the opposite, and the enemies will use it to rail more against It.”

Afterwards, I came back into myself, and it was the hour at which my beloved Jesus went out of prison and was brought again before Caiphas. I tried to accompany Him in this mystery, and Jesus told me: “My daughter(Luisa), when I was presented to Caiphas it was full daylight, and my love toward creatures was so great that on this last day I went out before the Pontiff, all disfigured and wounded, to receive my death sentence. But how many pains this sentence would cost Me! And I converted these pains into eternal days with which I surrounded each creature so that, by dispelling the darkness from them, each one might find the necessary light in order to be saved, as well as my death sentence at her disposal to find her life in it. Therefore, each pain I suffered and each good I did, was one more day that I gave to the creature. And not only Myself, but also the good which creatures do is always daylight that they form, just as evil is night. It happens as when a person has a light, and ten or twenty people are near him. Even though the light does not belong to all, but to one, the others enjoy the light. They can work, read; and while they enjoy the use of that light, they cause no harm to the person who possesses it. The same is with doing good. It is daylight not only for one soul, but who knows for how many others she can form daylight. Good is always communicative; and my Love not only pushed Me, but It gave also to the creatures who love Me the grace to form as many days for their brothers for as many good works as they do.”




April 21, 1923 

The darkest point of the present society.


This morning my always lovable Jesus transported me outside of myself, to a place in which one could see flags being waved, and parades in which all classes of people were participating, including priests.  As though offended by all this, Jesus wanted to clasp the creatures in His hand to crush them; and I, taking His hand in mine, clasped Him to myself, saying to Him:  “My Jesus, what are You doing?  After all, they don’t seem to be doing evil things, but rather, good things.  It seems that the Church is uniting with your enemies of before, and these no longer show that aversion for dealing with people from the Church; on the contrary, they call them to bless their flags.  Is this not a good sign?  And You, instead of being pleased with it, seem to get offended.”  And Jesus, sighing and highly afflicted, told me:  “My daughter(Luisa), how you(Luisa) are deceiving yourself.  This is the darkest point of the present society, and their union means that they all have the same color.  The enemies are no longer afraid and horrified to approach people from the Church, because since the true fount of virtue and religion is not in them – on the contrary, some of them celebrate the Divine Sacrifice without believing in my existence; for others, if they believe at all, it is a faith without works, and their lives are a chain of enormous sacrileges – so, what good can they do if they don’t have it within themselves?  How can they call others to a conduct of a true Christian by making known what great evil sin is, if the life of grace is missing in them?  With the all the unions they form, there are no more men who fulfill the precept, therefore it is not the union of the triumph of religion – it is the triumph of their party, and masking themselves with it, they try to cover the evil they are plotting.  It is true revolution that is hidden under these masks, and I remain always the offended God, both by the evil, who pretend a shade of piety in order to strengthen their party and therefore do graver evil, and by people from the Church, who, having a false piety, are no longer good for drawing the peoples to follow Me; on the contrary, it is the peoples that carry them away.  Can there be a time sadder than this?  Pretense is the ugliest sin, and that which most wounds my Heart.  Therefore, pray and repair.”




June 18, 1925 
How all things contain the seed of regeneration. How the Divine Will must regenerate in the human will in order to turn it into Divine.


I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Will according to my usual way, and as that immense void of the Most Holy Supreme Volition came before my mind, I thought to myself: ‘How can it ever be that this void will be filled by the return of the human acts done in this adorable Divine Will? In order to do this, all the bars of the human will must be removed, which prevent the step in order to enter this eternal and celestial sphere of the Supreme Will, in which it seems that God is waiting for man to let him return to his origin in the order of Creation, and to the first steps and upon that path on which he had his beginning. Yet, nothing new, which is good, can be seen in the world. Sins have remained as they were; or rather, they are worse. And if one hears of some awakening of religion, of works of Catholic Actions – some of them seem to be masquerades; others seem to have only the mark of good, but deep inside, in the substance, there are some with vices and passions such as to be wept over, more than before. And if they are looked at in God – oh, how unseemly they are for the Divine, most pure, eternal Will! Therefore, how can it ever be that, all of a sudden, man would give death to all vices, in order to give life to all virtues, as it is required in order to live in this sphere of the Supreme Will? In fact, in order to live in It, there are no compromises, or lives split between virtues and vices; rather, it is necessary to sacrifice everything, so as to convert all things into Will of God. The human will and the human things must have life no longer, but must exist in order to let the Will of God be fulfilled in them, so that God may carry out His Life within us.’

Now, while I thinking about these and other similar things, my sweet Jesus, interrupting my thought, told me: “My daughter, yet, it will be so – this immense void of my Will will be filled with the human acts done by the creatures in my Will.

The Divine Will came out from the eternal Womb of the Supreme Being for the good of man. While doing one single Act in coming out from Ourselves in order to overwhelm man, in such a way that he would not find a way out, this Will of Ours, then, multiplied into many innumerable acts, in order to surround him, and say to him: ‘See, this Will of Mine not only enwraps you, but is in continuous attitude of doing immediate acts, in order to be known and to receive your act in return, in my Will.

All things have their return, and if they don’t, they can be called useless works and without value. The seed which is sowed under the earth by the sower wants its return, and so the seed generates more seeds – ten, twenty, thirty, out of one. The tree which is planted by the farmer wants the return of the generation and multiplication of the fruits. The water which is drawn from the fount gives the return of quenching one’s thirst, of washing and cleaning the one who drew it. The fire which is lit gives the return of the heat and the service it renders to Humanity. In the same way, all the other things created by God, Who has the power to generate, contain the virtue of regeneration; they multiply and give their return. Now, is only this Will of Ours, which came out from Ourselves with so much Love, with so many manifestations and with so many continuous acts, to remain without Its return of regeneration of other human wills into Divine?

A seed gives more seeds, a fruit generates another fruit, man generates another man, a master forms another master. Is Our Will alone, as powerful as It is, to remain isolated, without return and without generating and multiplying Itself in the human will? Ah, no! This is impossible. Our Will will have Its return; It will have Its divine generations in the human will; more so, since this was Our Prime Act, through which all things were created – that Our Will would transform and regenerate the human will into Divine. Will is what came out from Ourselves – will is what we want. All other things were done in the secondary order, while this was done, established, in the primary order of Creation. At the most, it may take time; but the centuries will not end, until my Will does not obtain Its purpose. If It has obtained the purpose of regeneration in secondary things, more so must It obtain it in the primary purpose. Our Will would never have departed from Our Womb, if It had known that It would not have obtained Its complete effects – that is, that the human will would be regenerated in the Divine Will.

Do you(Luisa) think that things will always be as they are today? Ah, no! My Will will overwhelm everything; It will cause confusion everywhere – all things will be turned upside down. Many new phenomena will occur, such as to confuse the pride of man; wars, revolutions, mortalities of every kind will not be spared, in order to floor man, and to dispose him to receive the regeneration of the Divine Will in the human will. And everything I manifest to you(Luisa) about my Will, as well as everything you(Luisa) do in It, is nothing but preparing the way, the means, the teachings, the light, the graces, so that my Will may be regenerated in the human will.

If this were not to occur, I would not have manifested so much to you(Luisa), nor would I have kept you(Luisa) sacrificed in a bed for such a long time, in order to place in you the foundations of the regeneration of my Will in yours, and therefore keep you(Luisa) in continuous exercise within my Will. Do you(Luisa) think that my continuous being within you(Luisa), feeding you(Luisa) my prayer, and making you(Luisa) feel my pains which, together with Me, acquire another value, other effects, another power – is nothing? I could say that I am making the first statue, the first soul of the regeneration of my Will in her. Then, it will be easier to form copies. This is why I always say to you(Luisa): ‘Be attentive, for this about something too great, and about the most important thing which exists in Heaven and on earth. It about rescuing the rights of Our Will; about giving back to Us the purpose of Creation; about returning to Us all the glory for which all things were made, and about making Us pour out all the graces which Our Will had established to give to the creatures, had they fulfilled Our Will in everything’.”




May 26, 1928 

God is order, and when He wants to give a good He places the Divine order in the midst of creatures.  How Our Lord, in forming the ‘Our Father,’ placed Himself at the head of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.


I continue what is written above.  As I was concerned about all that regards the Kingdom of the Will of God, my always lovable Jesus added:  “My daughter(Luisa), God is order, and when He wants to give a good to creatures, He always places His Divine order in it, and everything that is done in order to obtain a good so great begins from God, as He places Himself at the head of it to take on the commitment, and then orders the creature for the same purpose.

“I did this in order to give, Myself, the Redemption, and so that creatures might receive It; and I am doing this, Myself, to give the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, and so that creatures may receive It.  By forming, Myself, the ‘Our Father,’ I placed Myself at the head of it and took on the commitment to give this Kingdom; and by teaching it to My Apostles, I placed in the creatures the order of how to be able to obtain a good so great.  So, the whole Church is praying—there is not one soul who belongs to Her that does not recite the ‘Our Father.’

“And even though many recite it without interest in wanting and asking for a Kingdom so holy—that the Divine Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven—since the interest is in He who taught it, by their reciting it, My interest is renewed, and I hear My own prayer asking:  ‘May Your Kingdom come, so that Your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.’  However, if the creature, in reciting the ‘Our Father,’ had this interest of wanting and longing for My Kingdom, she would take part in My own interest, and her will would be fused in Mine for the same purpose.  But, regardless of this, My Will and interest always run in each ‘Our Father.’

“See then, the Divine order:  all asking for one thing.  Among these who ask there are some who want to do My Will, others who do It.  All this is braided together, and they knock at the doors of My Divine Will—they repeat the knocking, and some knock strongly, some slowly.  However, there is always someone who knocks and asks that the doors be opened, so that My Will may descend to reign upon earth.  And since everything is established and ordered by the Divinity, It awaits the one who must give the strongest knock, who, forcing the doors with invincible strength—the very strength of my Divine Will—will open wide the doors, and with her sweet chains of love will bind the Eternal Will to make It come to reign in the midst of creatures.  She will be like a bride who, bejeweling the groom with her loving chains, will carry him as though in triumph into the midst of creatures.  And just as the Holy Virgin put an end to the night hours of the Patriarchs and Prophets, and formed the dawn to make the Sun of the Eternal Word rise, so will this one form the dawn to make rise the Sun of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.

“Do you(Luisa) think that My Will, that has made Itself known with so much love and has manifested so much interest in wanting to come to reign upon earth, pouring Its sorrow out with you(Luisa), has done this without anyone praying to It?  Ah, no! no!  The knocks of My Church have been continuous, and I Myself was knocking in those knocks, but I used them to knock at the door of the Divine Fiat which, tired of hearing them knocking at Its Divine doors, has used you to be knocked more strongly; and opening the doors to you, It made you share in Its knowledges.

“And for as many truths as It made known to you(Luisa), so many means has It given you(Luisa) to form the loving chains, to let Itself be bound to come to reign upon earth.  And all the times It calls you(Luisa) to live in Its Divine Volition, making known to you(Luisa) Its qualities, Its power, Its joys, Its immense riches, are as many pledges It gives you(Luisa), with which It assures you(Luisa) of Its coming upon earth.  In fact, in Us there is this prerogative:  if We make known a good of Ours, a truth, a knowledge that belongs to Us, it is because We want to give it to the creature as gift.  See then, how many gifts My Will has given you(Luisa); how many of Its knowledges It has made known to you(Luisa).  They are such and so many, that you(Luisa) yourself cannot count them.”

And I:  “My Beloved Jesus, who knows when this Kingdom will come!” 

And He:  “My daughter(Luisa), in order for Redemption to come it took four thousand years, because the people that prayed and longed for the future Redeemer was the smallest one, of limited number.  But those that belong to My Church are more peoples and—oh! how much greater in number than that one.  Therefore, the number will shorten the time; more so, since religion is making its way everywhere, and this is nothing but the preparation for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.”




October 3, 1928


Exchange between Jerusalem and Rome.  In creating man, God placed as many seeds of happiness in him for as many things as He created


My poor mind was thinking about many things regarding the Divine Will—especially about how Its Kingdom could come, how It could spread, and many other things that it is not necessary to write on paper.

And my Beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter(Luisa), if Rome has the primacy of My Church, she owes it to Jerusalem, because the beginning of Redemption was precisely in Jerusalem.  Within that homeland, from the little town ofNazarethI chose My Virgin Mother; I Myself was born in the little town of Bethlehem, and all of My Apostles were from that homeland.  And even though, ungrateful, she did not want to recognize Me and rejected the goods of My Redemption, it cannot be denied that the origin, the beginning, the first people who received the good of It, were from this city.  The first criers of the Gospel, those who established Catholicism inRome, were My Apostles, all fromJerusalem—that is, from this homeland.

“Now there will be an exchange:  if Jerusalem gave to Rome the life of religion and therefore of Redemption, Rome will give to Jerusalem the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  And this is so true, that just as I chose a Virgin from the little town of Nazareth for the Redemption, so I have chosen another virgin in a little town of Italy belonging to Rome, to whom the mission of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat has been entrusted.  And since It must be known in Rome, just as My coming upon earth was known in Jerusalem, Rome will have the great honor of requiting Jerusalem for the great Gift received from her, which is Redemption, by making known to her the Kingdom of My Will. 

“Then wil lJerusalem repent of her ingratitude, and will embrace the life of the religion that she gave to Rome; and, grateful, she will receive from Rome the life and the great Gift of theKingdomofMy Divine Will.  And not onlyJerusalem, but all the other nations will receive from Rome the great Gift of the Kingdom of My Fiat, the first criers of It, Its Gospel—all full of peace, of happiness and of restoration of the creation of man.

“And not only will My manifestations bring sanctity, joys, peace and happiness, but the whole of Creation, competing with them, will unleash from each created thing each of the happinesses It contains, and will pour them over the creatures.  In fact, in creating man, We placed in his being all the seeds of the happinesses that each created thing possessed, disposing the interior of man like a field that contained all the seeds of happinesses; so much so, that he has within himself all the tastes to be able to savor and receive into himself all the happinesses of created things.  If man did not possess these seeds, he would lack the sense of taste, of smell, to be able to enjoy what God had put out of Himself in the whole Creation.

“Now, by sinning, man caused all these seeds of happiness that God had infused in him in creating him to fall ill, and therefore he lost the taste to be able to enjoy all the happinesses contained in Creation.  It happened as to a poor ill one, who cannot enjoy all the flavors contained in foods; on the contrary, he feels heaviness; food itself converts into pain; everything gives him nausea; and if he takes it, it is not because he enjoys it, but in order not to die.

“On the other hand, one who is healthy feels taste, strength, warmth, because his stomach has the strength to assimilate the goods contained in foods, and he enjoys them.  The same happened in man:  by sinning, he caused the seeds, and the very strength to be able to enjoy all the happinesses contained in Creation, to fall ill; and many times they convert into pain.

“Now, with the return of man into My Divine Fiat, the seeds will acquire health, and he will acquire the strength to assimilate and to enjoy all the happinesses present in the order of Creation.  So, a contest of happiness will begin for him; everything will smile at him, and man will return to be happy, as God had created him.”

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