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Passages On Jesus Dwelling In The Heart Of Luisa






Then, my mind brought itself into the maternal womb, and remained stupefied in considering a God so great in Heaven, now so annihilated, restricted, constrained, as to be unable to move, and almost even to breathe. The interior voice told me: “Do you see how much I have loved you?” O please, make Me a little space in your heart; remove everything which is not Mine, so you will give Me more freedom to move and to breathe.” My heart was consumed; I asked for His forgiveness, I promised to be completely His own, I poured myself out in crying; but – I say this to my confusion – I would go back to my usual defects. Oh Jesus, how good You have been with this miserable creature



April 12, 1899


Jesus says: “Being in the Sacrament for Me is the same as being in your heart”. Hypocrisy, a profound pain for Jesus.


Today, without having me wait too long, Jesus came quickly and told me: “You are my tabernacle. Being in the Sacrament for Me is the same as being in your heart; or rather, in you I find something more: I am be able to share my pains with you and to have you with Me, a living victim before divine justice, which I do not find in the Sacrament.” And while saying these words, He enclosed Himself within me.



October 14, 1900


This morning I felt so dazed that I could not understand myself, nor was I able to go in search of my highest Good as I usually do. Every now and then He would move within my interior and would make Himself seen; and completely embracing me, and compassionating me, He would say to me: “Poor daughter, you are right that you cannot be without Me; how could you live without your beloved?” And I, stirred by His words, said: ‘Ah, my beloved, what a hard martyrdom life is, because of the intervals in which I am forced to be without You. You Yourself are saying that I am right, but then You leave me!’ He hid furtively, as if He did not want me to hear what He was saying to me, and I was left in my dazedness again, unable to say anything else. When He saw me dazed again, He came out and said: ‘You are all my contentment, in your heart I find true rest, and resting in it I experience the dearest delights.” And I, stirring myself again, said: ‘For me also, You are all my contentment, so much so that all other things are nothing but bitternesses for me…’ And since He withdrew again, I remained half way through my words, more dazed than before; and this is how the morning went on – it seemed He felt like joking a little bit.



October 15, 1900


This morning, after I received Communion, blessed Jesus let me hear His voice saying: “My daughter, this morning I feel all the necessity to be refreshed. O please! Take my pains upon yourself a little bit, and let Me take some rest in your heart.” And I: ‘Yes, my Good, let me feel your pains, and while I suffer in your place, You will have all the ease to be able to refresh Yourself and take some sweet rest.



August 14, 1908
The human will serves as brush for Jesus in order to portray His image in the heart.

Having received Communion, I could see the Baby within my interior, as though looking for something important; and I said: ‘My pretty little one, what are You looking for with so much zeal? And He said: “Daughter, I am looking for the brush of your will to be able to portray my image in your heart. In fact, if you do not give me your will, I lack the brush to be able to portray Myself freely in you; and just as your will serves as brush in my hands, love serves as colors in order to impress the variety of colors of my image. Moreover, just as the human will serves as brush for Me, my Will serves as brush in the hands of the soul in order to portray her image in my Heart; in Me, then, she will find abundant color of love for the variety of colors.”



October 6, 1911


And I: ‘Certainly, Lord, I would have to stick to all that You Yourself have taught me – to love the creatures as your images and as Yourself. If I could see You as before, You would never be able to permit the war in Italy; but You hide, and I remain as nothing – and pure nothing. With You I can do everything; without You I can do nothing.’

And Jesus: “You see? You yourself say it; so, if I came to you, the war would be reduced to a game, while my Will is for it to bring sad and grave consequences. Therefore I repeat to you my refrain: ‘Courage, be at peace, be faithful to Me; don’t act like a child who makes fusses for everything, but like a heroine. I do not really leave you, but I will remain hidden in your heart, and you will continue to live of my Will; and if we don’t do it so, the peoples will reach such excesses as to strike terror and fright.”




December 21, 1914


I was in my usual state and blessed Jesus, coming all afflicted, told me: “My daughter, I can’t take the world any more. Relieve Me for all; let Me palpitate in your heart, so that in hearing the heartbeats of all through the heartbeats of your heart, sins may not come to Me directly, but indirectly – through your heart. Otherwise, my Justice will send chastisements never seen before.”

In the act of saying this, He identified His Heart with mine, making me feel His heartbeat. Who can tell all that I could feel in It? Sins, like flashes, wounded that Heart; and as I shared in it, Jesus felt relieved. Then, as I felt completely identified with Him, it seemed as if I was enclosing His Intelligence, His hands, His feet, and all the rest; and I shared in all the offenses of creatures against each one of the senses…. But who can tell how this happened? Then Jesus added: “To have company in my pains is the greatest relief for Me. This is why my Divine Father was not so inexorable after my Incarnation, but milder: He no longer received direct offenses, but indirect ones – that is, through my Humanity, which was a continuous shield for Him. In the same way, I keep searching for souls who may place themselves between Me and the creatures; otherwise I will make of the world a heap of ruins.”



May 4, 1919
Jesus has His Throne on earth in one who lives in His Will.


I live in the midst of privations and bitternesses. My only strength and life is the Will of my Jesus. My sweet Jesus made Himself seen in my interior for a little while, all afflicted and pensive, sustaining His forehead with His own hand. In seeing Him so afflicted, I said to Him: ‘Jesus, what’s wrong – why so afflicted and pensive?’ And He, looking at me, told me: “Ah! daughter, I am dividing the lots of the world from within your heart. Your heart is the center of my Throne upon earth; and from my center I look at the world, the madness of creatures, the precipice which they are preparing; while I am put aside, as if I did not mean anything to them. So I am forced to withdraw the light, not only of grace, but also of natural reason itself, so as to confuse them, and let them touch with their own hands what man is, and what man can do. And from within your heart I look at him, and I cry and I pray for the ungrateful man. I want you together with Me, crying, praying and suffering for my relief and company.”







September 6, 1923
One who is a dwelling for Jesus on earth, is also kept by Him in His Heart in Heaven. Let us never forget the Love of God, and to love Him for all. When the Love for God ceases, there begins sin.


I felt petrified with pain because of the privation of my sweet Jesus. It seems to me that even His flashes, His shadow, are decreasing – my only support in His privation, which, like little drops of dew, sustain the poor little plant of my soul, burned and withered by His privation, giving it a thread of life so as to not let it die. However, I was all resigned to His Will, and I tried as much as I could to continue my interior acts, as when I used to take flight together with Jesus in His Most Holy Will. But – oh, how differently I made them! I did them badly, not finding all in order to give my God to all.

So, I was saying in my interior: ‘My Jesus, in your Will I unite my thoughts to Yours, and since your thoughts circulate in each created intelligence, I want every thought to draw from yours the love of your intelligence, in order to place each thought of creature into the flight of love. This flight goes up into Heaven, before the Supreme Majesty, and blending with the Eternal Love, draws the Love of the Most Holy Trinity upon earth, over all creatures.’

Now, while I was doing this and other things, my adorable Jesus moved in my interior and, sighing, told me: “My daughter, you cannot be without Me, but even less can I be without You. Everything you feel in your heart is Me; your anxieties, your sighs, the martyrdom you suffer being deprived of Me, are Me. Those are my heartbeats which resound in you, bringing you my pains, hiding Me from you. And so, when Love can no longer resist, surpassing Justice, It forces Me to unveil Myself.”

And as He was saying this, He made Himself seen. My God, who can tell how reborn I felt? Then He added: “My daughter, you gave Me a dwelling in you on earth, and I keep you in Heaven inside my Heart; so, while being on earth, you are with Me in Heaven. The Divinity delights with the Little Daughter of the Supreme Volition, having her in Heaven with Itself. And since We have Our Little Daughter in Heaven and on earth, it is not worthwhile for Us to destroy the earth, as Justice would want to do, since creatures deserve it. At the most, many cities will disappear; the earth will open abysses in several places making lands and people disappear, and wars will decimate it, but out of regard for Our Little Daughter, We will not destroy it, having given her the task to make our Will live on earth.

Therefore, pluck up courage, do not lose heart too much during my absence. Know that I cannot last too long without making Myself seen. I Myself cannot do this, and you will never, never cease to love Me, not only for yourself, but also for all our dear brothers.

In fact, do you want to know why Adam sinned? Because he forgot that I loved him and he forgot to love Me. This was the first seed of His fall. Had he thought that I loved him very much and that he was obliged to love Me, he would never have decided to disobey Me. So, first love ceased, and then began sin; and as soon as he stopped loving his God, true love for himself ceased. His members and powers rebelled against him; he lost dominion, order, and he became fearful. And not only this, but true love toward other creatures ceased, while I had created him with the same love which reigned among the Divine Persons, in which one was to be the image of the other, the happiness, the joy and life of the other.

This is why, in coming upon earth, the thing to which I gave greatest importance was that they love one another as they were loved by Me, in order to give them my first Love, to let the Love of the Most Holy Trinity breathe over the earth.

Therefore, in all your pains and privations, never forget that I love you very much, so as to never forget to love Me; and as Daughter of Our Will, you have the task to love Me for all. In this way, you will remain in order and you will fear nothing.”


June 6, 1924
One who must live in the Divine Will must enclose within herself all that the Divine Will contains.

I was in the midst of my usual and hard pains of the privation of Jesus. I feel I am under the lash of a Justice which punishes me with great rigor, with not even a shadow of pity. Oh, punishing Justice of God, how terrible you are! But You are even more terrible when You hide from the one who loves You! Your arrows would be sweeter to me if, while You punish me, even tearing me to pieces, my Jesus were with me… Oh, how I cry over my destiny. Even more, I would like Heaven and earth – everyone, to cry with me over the destiny of the poor exiled, who not only lives far away from her Fatherland, but is also left by her Jesus, who was her only comfort – the only support of her long exile.

Now, while my poor heart was swimming in the bitterness of its pain, my adorable Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, in act of dominating everything. It was as if He held many reins in His hands, and each rein was bound to a human heart. So, there were as many reins in His hands for as many existing creatures. And then He said to me: “My daughter, the path is long; even more, each life of a creature is a distinct path; therefore, it is appropriate to walk much, and through many paths. You will be the one who will cover all these paths, because having to enclose my Will in you, you must enclose all that It contains, and it is befitting for you to cover all paths of every creature, together with my Will. Therefore, in my Will you have yet much to do and suffer.”

On hearing this, oppressed and tired as I was, I said: ‘My Jesus, this is too much; who is going to do them? I am already tired enough; and then, You leave me alone and without You I can do nothing…Ah, if I only had You always with me, then I could do them; but, alas, You leave me alone and I can do nothing.’

And Jesus added: “Yet, I am in your heart leading everything, and all these paths were covered by Me. I enclosed everything; I let not even a heartbeat or a pain of one creature escape Me. And you must know that, having to enclose my Will in you as center of life, it is necessary that my Supreme Volition find in you all the paths and all that your Jesus did, because these are inseparable from It. It is enough not to accept one single thing It contains to prevent It from forming Its center, having Its full dominion, and having Its point of origin in you, to make Itself known and to dominate others. It will have it from Itself, but not from you. See then, how necessary it is that you embrace all and cover the paths of all, loading yourself with the hardship, the pains and the acts of all, if you want the Majesty of my Will to descend in you and to follow Its course within you.”

On hearing this, surprised, I said: ‘My Love, what are You saying? You know how poor I am and in what state I find myself. And then, how can I enclose all of your Will? At the most, by your Grace, I can live in It, but to enclose It is impossible. I am too little and I cannot contain an unending Will.’

And Jesus: “My daughter, it seems you do not want to understand: the One who wants to enclose this Will in you must give you the grace and the capacity to contain It. Did I perhaps not enclose my whole Being in the womb of my Celestial Mama? Did I perhaps enclose Myself in part, leaving part of Myself in Heaven? Certainly not. And by enclosing Myself in her womb, was She not the first one to take part in all the acts of her Creator and in all pains, identifying Herself with Me so as to omit nothing of what I worked? Was She not my starting point, from which I came out to give Myself to other creatures? If I did this with my inseparable Mama in order to descend toward man and fulfill my Redemption, can I not do it with another creature, giving her the grace and capacity to enclose my Will, making her share in all the acts It contains, in order to form Its Life and to come out from her, as from a second Mother, to make Me known and to fulfill the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven? Do you not want, then, to be the point of origin of my Will? But – oh, how much it cost my Queen Mother to be the point of origin of my appearance upon earth! So will the starting point of my Will cost you, that It may make Its appearance in the midst of creatures…

One who must give everything, must enclose everything; one cannot give, if not what he possesses. Therefore, my daughter, do not take lightly what regards my Will and what is befitting for you to do, so that It may form Its Life in you. It is the thing which interests Me the most, and you must pay attention, in order to follow my teachings.”



December 3, 1926

How the Divine Will eclipses the Humanity of Jesus within the soul.  How the human will puts distance between God and the soul.  How we are rays of light that came out from God.  How the imprisonment of Jesus is symbol of the prison of the human will.

Continuing in my usual abandonment in my adorable Supreme Fiat, I anxiously longed for my highest Good, Jesus.  In that endless light of the Eternal Volition, whose boundaries cannot be seen—either where they begin, or where they end—I was all eyes to see if I could catch sight of Him whom I so much longed for.

And Jesus, to calm my restlessness, came out from within my interior, and, on seeing Him, I said to him:  “My Love, how You make me struggle and sigh for your return—You are really waiting for the moment when I can take no more.  How clearly it shows that You no longer love me as before.  Yet, You told me that You would love me more and more, and that You would never be without me; and now You leave me, maybe even for one entire day—prey to pain and under the press of your privation, abandoned and all alone.”

And Jesus, interrupting my speaking, said to me:  “My daughter, courage, do not lose heart—I do not leave you.  And this is so true, that it is always from within your interior that I come out to spend time with you; and if you do not always see Me, I do this to give you the field in order to follow that single Act of My Will, that contains all acts together. 

“Do you not see that the light of My Supreme Volition flows from within your heart, from your mouth, from your eyes, from your hands, from your feet—from all your being?  And as It eclipses Me within you, you do not always see Me, because, being endless—which My very Humanity is not—It has the strength to eclipse Me, and I enjoy this eclipse of My Supreme Volition, and from within you, I see your flight, your acts in the Divine Fiat. 

“If I made Myself seen always, in order to spend time with Me and to enjoy My sweet and lovable presence, you would occupy yourself with My Humanity; you would pour out your love with Me, and I with you, and you would not have the heart to leave Me in order to follow the flight of My Will in the Creation and in the very acts that My Humanity did in Redemption.  Therefore, in order to make you fulfill the mission entrusted to you, to render you more free, I remain within you, as though hidden, to follow your very acts in the Eternal Fiat. 

“Do you not remember that this was said to My very Apostles—that it was necessary for them to detach themselves from My Humanity, that they loved very much, and could not be without It?  This is so true that, as long as I lived on earth, they did not depart from Me in order to go throughout the whole world to preach the Gospel and make My coming upon earth known.

“But after My departure for Heaven, invested by the Divine Spirit, they received this strength to leave their region in order to make known the goods of Redemption, and to lay down even their lives for love of Me.  So, My Humanity would have been a hindrance to the mission of My Apostles.  I am not saying that happens to you, because between you and Me there isn’t this hindrance.  In fact, a hindrance occurs when two beings are separable; but when two beings have identified themselves with each other so much that one lives within the other, the hindrance ends, because wherever one goes, the other is as well.  So, since they are together, no efforts are needed in order to go wherever one wants, because the beloved is within her, to follow her everywhere.

“I am only saying that often the eclipse occurs, because of the strong light of My Will that, dominating you and My very Humanity in you, eclipses us and makes us follow Its acts.  This does not mean that I no longer love you as before, and that I can be without you—not at all.  On the contrary, My Will gives you the eternal and complete love of your Jesus, and placing Itself around Me like a wall with Its light, It does not allow that even for one instant I may move away from you.

“Do you know what puts distance between God and the soul?  The human will!  Each act of it is one step of distance between the Creator and the creature.  The more the human will operates, the more man moves away from He who created him; he loses sight of Him; he decays from his origin; he breaks every bond with the Celestial Family.

“Suppose that a sun’s ray could detach itself from the center of its sphere:  as it moves away from the sun, it feels itself dispersing light; and if it moves so far away as to completely lose sight of the sun, this ray disperses all of its light and turns into darkness.  This ray, converted into darkness, feels a motion, a life within itself, but it is no longer capable of giving light, because it possesses none; therefore its motion, its life, is only capable of spreading thick darkness.

“Such are the creatures—rays of light that came out from the sphere of the Sun of the Divinity:  as they move away from My Will, they empty themselves of light, because it was given to My Will to preserve the light in these rays; and so they turn into darkness.  Oh! if all knew what it means not to do My Will—oh! how attentive they would be not to let the poison of the human will, destroyer of every good, enter into them.”

After this, I was following my passionate Jesus in His sorrowful prison.  Bound to a column, in the barbarous way in which they had bound Him, He could not stand firm, leaning against the column—but dangled, with His legs bent and bound to it; and so He oscillated now to the right, now to the left.  And I, clinging to His knees to make Him stand firm, reordered His hair, all disheveled, that even covered His adorable Face—on which not even the spittle with which they had so dirtied Him, was missing.  Oh! how I would have wanted to untie Him, to free Him from that position, so painful and humiliating.

And my prisoner Jesus, all afflicted, said to me:  “My daughter, do you know why I allowed Myself to be put in prison during the course of My Passion?  To free man from the prison of the human will.  Look at how horrible is My prison.  It was a narrow place, that served to contain the rubbish and the excrements of creatures; so, the stench was unbearable, the darkness was thick—they left Me not even a little lamp.  My position was excruciating—dirtied with spit, My hair disheveled, suffering in all of My members, bound not even erect, but bent.  I could help Myself in no way, not even to remove the hair from My eyes, that bothered Me.

“This prison of Mine is the true Image of the prison formed by the human will of creatures.  The stench that emanates from it is horrible; the darkness is thick; many times, not even the little lamp of reason is left to them.  They are always restless, deranged, dirtied with most wretched passions.  Oh! how much should this prison of the human will be wept over.  How vividly I felt, in this prison, the evil it had done to creatures.  My sorrow was so great that I shed bitter tears, and I prayed My Celestial Father to free the creatures from this prison, so ignominious and painful.  You too, pray together with Me, that creatures may release themselves from their will.”



June 3, 1928
Requital to the Love of God in forming the nature of man.  The truths are stairs in order to ascend to God.  The Divine Will, revealer of the work of Creation to man.  Example of the sleeping child.


I continue my abandonment in the Divine Will, and while going around in It, my poor mind carried itself into Eden, in the act in which God was forming the nature of man, before infusing the soul in him; and I was thinking of the great love with which the Supreme Creator formed the human body; and that, before Adam existed, in forming his body, He loved him with the love of a father who loves his newborn; and that, since the life of the soul of Adam did not yet exist, he did not requite Him with his love.  So, the Divine Love remained isolated, without the company of the love of its creature.

But it was not right that His Love remain without the requital of the little love of the one whom He so much loved; so I thought to myself:  “The Divine Will is eternal, and whatever is done in It is always in act, nor does it ever lose the present act.  Therefore, in the Fiat I want to anticipate the love of Adam and amuse my Creator with my love; in the act in which He formed the human body I want to echo His Love, to say to Him:  ‘In Your Will I have loved You always, even before all things existed.’”

Then, while I was thinking of this and other things, my always lovable Jesus clasped me tightly in His arms, telling me:  “My daughter, how happy I am that I manifested to you so many truths about My Divine Will.  All of My Truths that I have told you about It are stairs—for you, in order to ascend in the acts of My Eternal Volition, to find Our first Act in act, that has the virtue of being always present, and of giving Us the joy and the happiness of the requital of your love; for Us, in order to descend toward you, to look for the company of her for whom We operated, and whom We loved so much.

“How sweet is the company of the loved one—it is full of unforgettable joys.  And how equally bitter is isolation, and not enjoying the presence of the one who is so longed for, so loved, and for whom one operates.  While We were forming the nature of man, before infusing life in him, We acted like a father or a mother when their child is sleeping:  taken by tenderness, by irresistible love, they long for, they kiss and press their sleeping child to their bosom; and the child, because he is sleeping, knows nothing about it.

“If you knew, My daughter, how many kisses, how many loving squeezes We gave to the human nature before giving it life….  And it was in the ardor of Our Love that, breathing over him, We gave him life, giving him the soul, and breath, heartbeat and warmth to his body.  So, the breathing you feel is Our own; the heartbeat that beats in your heart is Ours; the warmth that you feel is the touch of Our creative hands that, in touching you, infused warmth in you.  And as you breathe, We feel Our breath breathing in you; as your heart palpitates, We feel Our heartbeat of eternal life beating in you; and as you feel the warmth, it is Our Love that circulates in you and continues its creative and preserving work, warming you….

“You must know, My daughter, that Our Will is the revealer of the work of Creation.  It alone can reveal all the secrets of love hidden in Creation.  Adam did not know everything—how many stratagems and loving finesses We used in creating him, soul and body.  We acted like a father who does not tell everything at once to his little child, but little by little, as the child keeps growing, he wants to give him surprises, telling him how much he loves him, how much he has done for him, how many loving finesses, hidden kisses… when the child, as a little one, was incapable of comprehending what the father gave him and could give him.  So, the father gives him now a surprise, now another, and this serves to maintain the life of love between father and son, and to increase their joy and happiness at each surprise.

“What would the sorrow of this father not be, who, while his child was sleeping, covered him with kisses, pressed him to his heart, and his loving tenderness was such and so great that he reached the point of wetting the face of the sleeping child with tender tears—if, in waking up, the child does not smile at his father, does not throw his arms around his neck to kiss him; and if he looks at him, it is with coldness?  What sorrow for this poor father.  All the surprises he had prepared to manifest to his son, He closes in his heart, with the sorrow of not being able to share his happiness, his purest joys; to the point of not being able to tell him how much he has loved him and loves him.

“So it was for Us, My daughter.  Our more than paternal Goodness prepared many new surprises for Our beloved child, and Our Divine Will took on the commitment to be the revealer of them to him.  As he withdrew from It, Adam lost the revealer, and this is why it is not known how much We loved him and all that We did for him in creating him.  Therefore, We feel the irresistible love for Our Fiat to come to reign on earth as It does in Heaven, so that, after so many years of silence and of secrets, It may give vent to Its flames and return to act as the revealer of Creation, because little is known of all that We did in creating man.

“How many surprises It has to say, how many joys and happinesses to communicate.  Don’t you yourself hear how many things It tells you, both on what regards My Divine Will and on the surprising love of the whole Creation, and, in a special way, the creation of man?  My Will is the book of Creation, therefore Its reigning in the midst of creatures is necessary in order to know how to read it and to be able to read it.

“The human will keeps poor man as though asleep; he sleeps, and the sleep prevents him from feeling and seeing all the caresses and finesses of love that His Celestial Father gives him, as well as the surprises He wants to make known to him.  His sleep prevents him from receiving the joys, the happiness, that His Creator wants to give him, and from comprehending the sublime state of his creation.

“Poor man, asleep to true good, and deaf to listening to My Will, which is his revealer, his noble history, his origin, his marvelous height and beauty.  And if he feels any vigil, it is either for sin, for his passions, or for things that do not have an eternal origin.  He acts just like that sleeping child who, if he wakes up, cries, makes fusses and torments the poor father, who almost regrets having a child so restless.

“And this is why My Divine Will is revealing so many of Its knowledges—to wake man up from his long sleep, so that, waking up in My Fiat, he may lose the sleep of the human will, he may reacquire what he lost, and may feel the kisses, the love, the loving squeezes that His Creator gives him to His bosom.  So, each knowledge that regards My Divine Will is a call, it is a voice that I emit, it is a cry that I send, to wake man




December 22, 1929

How the greatest works cannot be done on one’s own, for they would die at birth.  The three prisons of Jesus.  The two mamas.


My abandonment in the Divine Fiat continues, and my tender Jesus, making Himself seen as a tiny little baby, either in my heart or in the womb of the Celestial Mama, but so very tiny, with an enrapturing beauty, all love, with His face wet with tears—and He cries because He wants to be loved—sighing, tells me:  “Ah! ah! why am I not loved?  I want to renew in souls all the love I had in incarnating Myself, but I find no one to whom to give it.  In incarnating Myself I found My Queen Mama who gave Me the field to pour out My Love and to receive in Her maternal Heart all the love that creatures rejected from Me.  Ah! She was the depository of My rejected Love, the sweet company of My pains, Her ardent love that dried My tears.

“The greatest works cannot be done on one’s own, but two or three at least are needed, as depositories and nourishment of the work itself.  Without nourishment works cannot have life—there is the danger that they might die at birth.  This is so true that, in Creation, there were the Three of Us, Divine Persons, in creating It; and then We made man as the depository of Our work.  Not content, because works alone do not bring happiness, We gave him the company of the woman.

“In the Incarnation, the Three Divine Persons were concurring, and in My company—or rather, They were inseparable from Me, with the addition of the Celestial Queen; and She Herself was the Divine depository of all the goods of the Incarnation.  See, then, how the company of the creature is necessary to Me in order to form My works—a creature who would place herself at My disposal in order to receive the great good I want to give her.  So, do you want to be My second mama?  Do you want to receive the great good of the renewing of My Incarnation, as the endowment of theKingdomofMy Divine Fiat?  In this way I will have two mamas—the first, who let Me form theKingdomofRedemption; the second, who will let Me form theKingdomofMy Divine Will.”  And placing His tiny little hands on my face, caressing me, He told me:  ‘My mama! My mama!  Maternal love surpasses all loves; so, you will love Me with insuperable love of mother.’”

After this, He kept silent, wanting to be rocked in my arms; and then He added:  “My daughter, now, you must know the excess of My Love—where it led Me.  In descending from Heaven to earth it led Me into a most narrow and dark prison, that was the womb of My Mama.  But My Love was not content; within this very prison it formed for Me another jail, that was My Humanity, that jailed My Divinity.  The first prison lasted nine months for Me; the second prison of My Humanity lasted for Me as many as thirty-three years.  But My Love did not stop; toward the end of the prison of My Humanity it formed for Me the prison of the Eucharist, the littlest of prisons—a little host in which it imprisoned Me, humanity and Divinity; and I would have content Myself with being there as though dead, letting not one breath, not a movement, nor a heartbeat be heard—and not for a few years, but until the consummation of centuries.

“So, I went from prison to prison—they are inseparable from Me; therefore I can be called the Divine Inmate, the Celestial Prisoner.  In the first two prisons, in the intensity of My Love I matured the Kingdom of Redemption; in the third prison of the Eucharist I am maturing the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.  And this is why I called you to the prison of your bed, so that, together, both of us prisoners, in our solitude, bonding together, we may make the good of the Kingdom of My Will mature. 

“If a Mama was necessary to Me for Redemption, so also do I need a mama for the Kingdom of My Fiat, and My demanding Love wanted this mother as imprisoned, so as to keep her at My disposal.  Therefore, I will be your prisoner, not only in the little host, but also in your heart; and you will be My dear prisoner, all intent on listening to Me and on breaking the loneliness of My long imprisonment.  And even though we are prisoners, we will be happy, because we will mature the Kingdom of the Divine Will to give It to creatures.”





December 24, 1929

When Jesus speaks of His Truths He unleashes light.  The Truths, read and reread, are like wrought iron.  Run of the Divine Will.


I was thinking about all that my sweet Jesus, with so much goodness, deigns to tell to my poor soul, and that, as I reread them in the circumstances, sparkle with light.

And my always lovable Jesus told me:  “My daughter, when I speak I unleash light of Truth, and I want that it be accepted and caressed by the soul.  If this light is accepted and put in a place of honor in her interior, it calls for another light; so, one calls for another.  Otherwise, it goes back to its source.  And when the soul returns to read them, if they are written, and to ponder them, My Truths are like wrought iron—as the iron is beaten, it becomes red-hot and gives out sparkles of light; while, if is not beaten, the iron is hard, black, and an ice-cold metal.

“So it is with My Truths; if the soul reads them over and over again in order to suck the substance that is inside My Truths that have been communicated to her soul—that is symbolized by the iron, its blackness and coldness—she remains red-hot; and by pondering them, she strikes blows over herself, who has received the good of hearing My Truth, that, feeling honored, sparkles with light of more truths.  But if My manifested Truths are put into oblivion, nor are they put in a place of honor, they remain as though buried.  But the living are not buried; in fact, they are light that possesses and brings life; therefore, since they are not subject to dying, the time will come in which others will treasure them, and will condemn those who have kept them in oblivion and as though buried.  If you knew how much light there is in everything I have manifested to you on My Divine Will, and how much more light would sparkle if they were read and reread, you yourself would remain eclipsed and amazed at the great good they would do.”

Then, I was continuing my acts in the Divine Volition, and as I was thinking about the loneliness of Jesus in the womb of His Mama, He added:  “My daughter, how sweet and pleasing to Me is the company of the creature.  Since My descent from Heaven to earth was precisely for her—to find her, to make her My own, keeping her in My company—I feel it as though repaid.  However, know that if I am content with the mere company of the creature who loves Me and tries to break My loneliness, with one who lives in My Divine Will I am not content—I want her always together with Me, as spectator of My baby tears, of My moans, of My sobs, My pains, works and steps, and also of My joys, because I want to make the deposit of them in her.  In fact, My Will being in her, it would be too hard for Me if I did not have her always together with Me, keeping her aware of everything.  My Divine Will feels the irresistible need to share with the creature everything It does in My Humanity, so that the Will that reigns in Me and what reigns in the creature might not be a divided Will.  And this is the reason why I call you in each of My Acts and I want you to know what I have done and what I do—so as to give it to you as gift and be able to say:  ‘The one who lives in My Divine Will never leaves Me—we are clasped and inseparable.’”

And I:  “My Love, Your run of love never stops; You run—You run always, and I feel I am incapable of doing my runs of love as You do them—I am too little and do not have the flight of running everywhere to love You.”

And my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter, you too can do runs of love in the immenseSeaofMy Divine Will.  You will act as a ship does:  when it wants to cross the sea, it plunges into the sea, the waters split and let it pass; and while it moves quickly, it leaves a white wake behind itself, as the sign that the ship is passing through that point of the sea; and then, little by little, the wake disappears, and no sign is left that the ship ever passed.  But, in spite of this, the ship has done its run in the sea, and has arrived there where it had established to go.

“In the same way, if the soul wants to love, she will plunge into the Sea of My Divine Fiat and will form her run of love; she will go around all eternity, and it will not happen to her as to the ship—that nothing remains in the sea of its having passed, as the waters, proud, close from behind, leaving no trace that the ship ever passed.  On the contrary, in the Sea of My Divine Volition, as the soul plunges into It to do her run, Our Divine waters seethe, and in their gurgling they form the furrow, that does not disappear, but the sign remains, and it points out to everyone her run of love done within Our Sea, in such a way that We are able to say:  ‘Through here passed, and did her run of love, the one who lives in Our Will, because what is done in It remains as indelible.’

“In the same way, if you want to do your adorations, if you want to be embellished, if you want to be sanctified, if you want to be powerful, wise—plunge yourself into Our Will, and while you do your run, you will remain all love, all beautiful, all holy; you will acquire the science of who your Creator is, and all your motions will be profound adorations.  And you will leave in Our Sea as many furrows for as many different runs as you have done in the Divine Fiat, in such a way that We will say:  ‘In this run that the little daughter of Our Divine Volition did in Our Sea, she formed the furrow of sanctity, and We sanctified her and she remained holy; in this other run she plunged into the Sea of Our beauty and formed her furrow, and We embellished her and she remained embellished; in this other run she formed the furrow of Our knowledges, and she knew Us, and We spoke to her and made Ourselves known, and spoke to her at length of Our Divine Being; Our word bound her, identified her with Us, and We feel the irresistible need to make Ourselves known more and more, and to give her the greatest gift of manifesting to her Our Truths.’  So, for each run you do in Our Supreme Fiat, you always take of Our own; and Our Love, seething, speaks of you to Us, and points out to Us your runs with its gurgling, as the sign that you have been in Our Divine Sea.”




December 25, 1929

How the birth of Jesus was the rebirth of the Divine Will in His Humanity, and everything He did were rebirths of It, formed in Him in order to make It be reborn in creatures.  Jesus was the true Sacrificed One of His Will.


I was thinking of when my most sweet Baby Jesus, fidgeting with love, came out of the womb of His Celestial Mama.  What joy for Her to be able to squeeze Him in Her arms, kiss Him, and engage in a contest in loving He who so much loved Her.

But while many thoughts were crowding my mind about the holy birth of the Divine Infant, I felt Him move in my interior, and coming outside, He placed Himself in my arms, and stretching out His tiny little hands to my neck, He told me:  “My daughter, you too—kiss Me and squeeze Me to yourself, as I kiss you and squeeze you to Myself; and let us love each other with such contest of love as to never stop.”  And abandoning Himself in my arms as a tiny little Baby, He remained silent.  But who can say the squeezes of love, the affectionate kisses?  I believe it is better to pass over them in silence.

Then, afterwards, resuming His speaking, He added:  “My daughter, My birth in time was the rebirth of My Divine Will in My Humanity; and as It was reborn in Me, It brought the good news of Its rebirth in the human generations.  My Fiat is eternal, but it can be said that It was as though born in Adam in order to form the long generation of the rebirth in the creature.  But since Adam rejected this Divine Will, by rejecting It, he prevented the many rebirths It was to have in each creature; and with constant and invincible love It waited for My Humanity in order to be born again in the midst of the human family.

“Therefore, everything I did in the whole course of My Life—the baby tears, My moans and wailings—were nothing other than rebirths of My Divine Will that were formed in Me so as to make It be reborn in creatures.  In fact, It being reborn in Me, and possessing It as My own, I had the right and the power to give It and make It be reborn in the creature.  So, everything that My Humanity would do—steps, works, words, pains, and even My breath, and My very Death—formed as many rebirths of My Divine Will for as many creatures as would have the good of the rebirth of My Divine Fiat.  Since I am the head of the human family, and it, My members, as the head I called with My Acts—I called the many rebirths of My Divine Volition within Me, to let them pass to be reborn in My members, the creatures.

“Therefore, there was not one act I did—even My very Sacramental Life, each consecrated Host, are continuous rebirths of My Supreme Volition, that It prepares for the creature.  So, I am the true Sacrificed One of a cause so holy—that My Will may reign.  I Myself am He who formed Its Kingdom within Me; and making It be reborn in Me as many times for as many creatures as It would be reborn in, I formed Its most holy empire and Its reigning in the midst of My members.

“Now, My daughter, after I placed theKingdomofMy Divine Willin safety within My Humanity, I had to manifest It in order to make It known.  Therefore I came to you and I began to narrate to you the long story of My Divine Fiat.  Now, you must know that I have made and I make so many manifestations, I have spoken so many truths, so many words, for as many rebirths as My Will did in My Humanity.  Its rebirths in Me and Its knowledges that I manifest to you will be in perfect balance; each rebirth of My Divine Volition done in Me and in each consecrated Host will find a manifestation and a truth of Its own that confirms It, and will give It rebirth in the creature.

“In fact, in God the word forms the life of the good He wants to form in the creature; Our word is bearer of life.  Was it not Our word ‘Fiat’ that, pronouncing Itself, created the Heavens, the sun and everything that can be seen in the entire universe, and even the very life of man himself?  Until We pronounced ‘Fiat,’ everything was in Us; as It was pronounced, It populated heavens and earth with so many works, beautiful and worthy of Us, and It gave the start to the long generation of so many human lives.  See, then, how everything I tell you on My Divine Will will bring, with the power of My creative word, Its many rebirths done in Me into the midst of the human family.

“Here is the great reason for a story so long and a speaking of Mine so continuous.  It will be in balance with everything that was done by Us in Creation, and with everything I did in Redemption.  And if it seems that sometimes I remain silent, it is not because I have ceased My speaking, but because I take rest.  In fact, it is My usual way to rest in My very word and works that come out of Me.  Just as I did in Creation—It was not pronounced always; I would say ‘Fiat’ and I would pause, and then I would pronounce It again—so I do in you:  I speak, I give you My lesson and I take rest; first, to enjoy in you the effects of My words; and to dispose you to receive the new life of My lesson.  Therefore, be attentive, and let your flight in My Divine Will be continuous.”




June 2, 1930

How the Divine Will is peace and security.  Doubts and fears.  Jesus, the only author of the law.  Necessity of the comings of Jesus.  Lack of confidence, the weak act of our centuries.  


I was feeling all oppressed because of the privations of my sweet Jesus.  Oh! God, what pain—its pain is without mercy, without relief, without support.  If Jesus is missing, everything is missing, therefore one feels that the Life of the One who can give life is missing.  It is pain that converts the poor human being all into voices that call He who can give it life; it is pain of light that reveals with more clarity who Jesus is.

But while I was swimming in the hard pain of His privation, another sorrow added, that hammered my poor intelligence:  they had told me that some were doubting about my writings, for in them one could find that Jesus had kissed me, embraced me, and had come to me almost daily.  My poor mind could not hold up, and speaking nonsense, I was saying:  “See, My Love, what it means for You not to make Yourself seen and known by all.  If You did so, they would be caught in the net of not being able to be without You, and they would catch You into not being able to be without them.”  I felt tortured by doubts, by fears, that it is not necessary to say on paper.

And my sweet Jesus, having compassion for me, all goodness, told me:  “My daughter, calm yourself, calm yourself; you know that I have never tolerated in you doubts and fear, that are old rags of the human will.  My Divine Fiat, wherever It reigns, does not admit these miseries, because by Its nature It is peace and security, and so It renders the soul who lets herself be dominated by Its light.  Therefore, I want from you nothing but that your breath, your heartbeat, your whole being, be no other than My Will and love.  Love and Divine Will, united together, form the greatest offering, the most beautiful homage that the creature can give to her Creator, the act that most resembles Our Act.

“Therefore, let us remain at our place of always loving each other and of never interrupting our love.  A Divine Will always fulfilled and a love never interrupted is the greatest thing that can be found in Heaven and on earth, that is only of Our Divine Being and of one who gives himself prey to Our Will.  And besides, My daughter, why do you afflict yourself so much because of what they said?  I am the Author of the laws and no one can subject Me to any law, and therefore I do whatever I want and what most pleases Me.  To dispose of souls, to fulfill with one a design of Mine, with one another, is a right that I have reserved to Myself alone.  And besides, which is greater:  to receive Me in the Sacrament every day, to enter into their mouth, descend into their stomach, and maybe even into souls full of passions, in order to communicate My Life, My Blood, to mix It with their blood—or to give a kiss, an embrace, to one who loves Me and lives only for Me?  Oh! how true it is that the human sight is short, and they make the great things small, and the small great, for the only reason that they are not common to everyone.

“Furthermore, everything that has passed between Me and you, the many intimacies, the many excesses of My Love, My repeated comings, was required by the decorum of My Divine Will that I was to make known through you.  If I had not come often, how could I tell you so many things about My Divine Will?  If I had not made My dwelling in your heart, as My living Temple, My lessons would not have been so continuous.  Therefore, they should comprehend that everything I have done to your soul was to serve My Divine Will, that deserves everything; and it was to serve, in hearing My so many loving condescendences, to make them comprehend how much I love the creature and how much I can love her in order to elevate the creature to My pure Love and to the full confidence that she must have toward the One who loves her so much.  In fact, if there isn’t full confidence between Me and the creature, they cannot be elevated to live in My Divine Will.

“Lack of confidence always places an obstacle to the union between Creator and creature; it is the wing-clipper of the flight toward the One who loves her so much; it makes her live at the earth’s level; and even though she does not fall, it makes her feel, vividly, her passions.  More so, since lack of confidence has been the weak act in the course of the centuries, and sometimes even good souls have drawn back in the journey of virtues because of lack of confidence.  And I, in order to remove this torpor that the specter of the lack of confidence produces, wanted to show Myself with you as all love, and in an intimate way, more than father and daughter, in order to call back, not only you, but all others, to live as My children, as though rocked in My arms.  And I have enjoyed, and so have you, how beautiful it is to have the creature as all love and all trust with Me; I can give whatever I want, and she has no fear of receiving what she wants.  So, once true confidence is placed in order between Me and you, the greatest obstacle to letting My Divine Will reign in their souls is removed.

“Therefore, My daughter, I know where My aims tend to, what they must serve for, what I do, great and beautiful, when I choose a creature.  What do they know?  And this is why they have always something to say about My operating.  And not even My short Life down here was spared, when My Most Holy Humanity was in their midst and I was all love for them; and yet, if I drew too close to sinners, they had to say that it was not decorous for Me to deal with them.  And I let them talk, and without giving importance to their talking, I did the facts, I drew closer to sinners, I loved them more in order to attract them to love Me.  If I did miracles, they had something to say, because they believed I was the son of Saint Joseph; they had to say that the promised Messiah could not come from a carpenter, and they kept arousing doubts about My Divine Person, so much so, as to form clouds around the Sun of My Humanity.  And I aroused the little breezes to get rid of the clouds, and I reappeared more blazing with light in their midst, in order to accomplish the purpose of My coming upon earth, that was the Redemption.

“Therefore, do not be surprised that they have found something to say on the way I have conducted Myself with you; and even though they have formed clouds around the operating I have had with you, I will arouse My little breezes to get rid of these clouds.  And if they love the truth, they will know that the way I have conducted Myself with you, even though I have not used it with other souls, was necessary to Our Love, because it was to serve Our very Will, in order to make It known and to make It reign.”

Then He added with a more tender tone:  “My daughter, poor ones, they are not used to walking in the fields of the light of My Divine Will, therefore it is no wonder that their intelligence has remained as though dazzled.  But if they get used to looking at the light, they will see clearly that only My Love could reach such extent; and since I love so much that My Divine Will be known in order to let It reign, I wanted to be exuberant in the excess of My Love that I contained in My Heart.  Even more, everything I have done with you can be called the preludes of what I will do to those who will let themselves be dominated by My Fiat!  However, I tell you that all those who had something to say about My Humanity when It was on earth, and did not surrender to believing in the sanctity of My works, remained empty of the good that I came to offer to all, and remained outside of My works.  So it will be with those who, in addition to talking on the how and the way of what I have said—but if they do not surrender, they too will remain on an empty stomach, and outside of the good that, with so much love, I wanted to offer to all.”



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