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Extraordinary Things That Happen When You Are Linked to Luisa

Extraordinary Things That Happen

When You Are Linked To Luisa

 From The Writings of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter of the Divine Will”

VOL. 11 – September 2, 1912

Then He added: “My daughter, the souls who are united with my Will, who allow Me to give my Life within them, and who think only of loving Me, are united to Me like rays to the Sun. If the Sun were unable to form its rays, it could not extend its light and heat. The rays give more beauty to the Sun; therefore, through these rays alone, which form one single thing with Me, I extend Myself upon all regions, giving light, Grace and heat, and I feel more embellished than if I had no rays.

Now, one could ask a sun’s ray how many courses it has made, how much light and how much heat it has given. If it had a mind it would answer: ‘I don’t want to bother with this. The sun knows and that’s enough . If I had to give light and heat to more lands I would do so, because the sun that gives me life can do anything.’ If that ray wanted to think about it and look back at what it did, it would lose its course and become dark.

Such are the souls, my lovers. They are my divine rays; they don’t worry about what they do; their only intent is to remain fixed within the Divine Sun. If they wanted to think, it would happen to them as to the sun’s ray: they would lose much.”

VOL. 11 – November 27, 1913

With complete acts in the Divine Will, the soul forms within herself a Sun similar to the Divine Sun. In the Divine Will the soul becomes a God of the earth.

My Will is so great that whoever does It can call herself a God of the earth. Just as my Will forms the beatitude of Heaven, these Gods who do my Will form the beatitude of the earth, and of those who are close to them. There is not a good which exists on earth which is not to be attributed to these Gods of my Will – either as a direct or as indirect cause. Everything is because of them. Just as there is no happiness in Heaven which does not come from Me, there is no existing good on earth which does not come from them.”

VOL. 11 – August 6, 1916

Need of Jesus for souls who live in the Divine Will to multiply.

As I was in my usual state, my sweet Jesus came for just a little and in passing, and He said to me: “My daughter, my love feels an irresistible need for souls who live in my Will to multiply, because they are the places of my quarters. My love wants to do good to all, but sins prevent Me from pouring my benefits upon them, therefore I keep searching for these quarters; in them I am not prevented from pouring my graces, and through them, the towns and the people that surround them take part in them. Therefore, the more quarters I have on earth, the greater vent can I give to my love, and the more it pours itself out into benefits for the good of humanity.”


VOL. 35 – March 6, 1938

Therefore, the most Beautiful act of the creature is to throw herself into Our Arms—abandon herself—letting Us make whatever We want to make of her, in time as well as in Eternity.  Only then, do We get all the savor of making her one of the most Beautiful statues to adorn Our Celestial Jerusalem.”

Then He added:  “My daughter, when the creature abandons herself in Our Will, Our Satisfaction is so great that she pours into Us, and We pour into her, giving her Our New Life, New Love, New Sanctity and New Knowledge of Our Supreme Being.  When the creature abandons herself in Our Divine Volition, We can make the Greatest Prodigies and the most surprising Graces in her, since Our own Will will receive and deposit what We want to give to the creature.  By abandoning herself in Our Will, she storms Heaven, and her empire is such that she imposes herself over Our Divine Being, enclosing It within her littleness; while she, triumphant, encloses herself within Our Divine Womb.

The Heavens are amazed, and the Angels and the Saints remain ecstatic; all feel a New Life flowing within themselves, by virtue of the act of abandonment of the creature, while still a pilgrim.  And finding her abandoned in Our Fiat, We find that We can do whatever We want—she lends herself completely to Our Power.  So We begin the Work, and form in the soul many little fountains of Love, Goodness, Sanctity, Mercy, and so on.  In this way, when Our Love wants to Love, We set those little fountains of Love in motion with Our Omnipotent Breath, and she Loves Us, letting so much Love overflow from the fount, as to float the entire Celestial Court.  When We want to use Goodness, Mercy or Grace, We set these founts in motion, and the earth remains floated by Our Goodness and Mercy – and some are converted, some receive Graces….

“We could do all this directly by Ourselves, but We feel more delighted and pleased in using the founts that We Ourselves have formed inside the creature.  Through her, We feel more moved to use Our Mercy toward all.  We have Our Intermediary between Heaven and earth, who, in her abandon, makes Us pour Graces and makes Us Love all the creatures with New Love.  Therefore, the more you are abandoned in Our Will, the more Magnanimous We will be toward you and toward others.  And all—at least the more disposed—will find New Strength and New Guidance.”



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