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On December 9th, 1531, on a hillside, just outside what is now Mexico City, the Blessed Virgin Mary Appeared before an Indian catholic farmer named Juan Diego, on his way to church. The Blessed Virgin Asked him to see to it that a church be built there in her honor. When Juan Diego approached his Bishop with Our Lady’s Request, he was not believed and was driven out. The Virgin Appeared again to the Indian and Directed him to a barren, stony place where She Said he would find roses growing. He wrapped the roses in his cloak (Tilma), and brought them to the Bishop. When he unwrapped the roses, he discovered the image of the Virgin imprinted on the cloak. This time he was believed and a basilica was built on the original spot.

The cloak or Tilma, unfaded by time and authenticated by art experts as not being any work they can explain, is exhibited on the main altar of the New Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the shrine that commemorates the Miracle (Marian of the Immaculate Conception, 1997).


On December 9. 2031, we will celebrate the 500th Anniversary of our Lady of Guadalupe to Juan Diego. The following novena is being prayed every day all over the world in preparation for the big celebration.


O Most Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe, Mother of the True God for Whom we live.  We come unto Thee feeling small and fragile like Juan Diego. Before Thy Dark-Skinned Face that unites us like brothers and sisters, we approach Thy Immaculate Heart, asking especially for the intentions of the People of God in this intercontinental prayer novena to Thee, Our Lady of Guadalupe:
(here we place our petitions)
O our Intercessor  Obtain for us from Thy Son, faith and hope, strength and serenity. May Thy maternal Caress Guide and Comfort us on our pilgrimage through life. Grant that by Taking us by the hand and Placing us under Thy Mantle, we may remain firm and unmovable in Jesus, Thy Son, Who Lives and Reigns, forever and ever. (Translated from the Spanish version)

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