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2/5 Family Reconciliation: It Is Attributed To Luisa “The Holy”

Family reconciliation: It is attributed to Luisa “The Holy”.

From the Official website of the Little Daughter of the Divine Will on 2/2/2016

In a time when families are struggling to stay together, the testimony which follows is a message of hope.
From the beginning of his pontificate Pope Francis has emphasised the theme of mercy and underlined the importance of the family, which he calls the first and most important school of mercy.
The story received at our Association a few months ago, offers us a concrete example of the theme that is very dear to our Pope
Who testifies this “special healing” is the mother of one of the protagonists. With faith she attribute it to the intercession of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta and we faithfully report it with the hope that this year becomes the special year of family reunification.
«My son, R. and his wife were separated in 2012, after a very intense argument which resulted in his wife, J. calling the police, resulting in R. being charged with assault and preventing an emergency call. With the authorities involved, the entire incident escalated, resulting in the separation. From that point, their married life was in jeopardy and I had no contact with his wife J. an d my two grand children. The only contact with J. was to se e her in court, which only stirred up a great deal of pain.
Over a period of time, J. filed for a divorce and we knew their family was crumbling and nothing we could say or do would make a difference in saving this marriage. Throughout this separation, R. only saw his children and wife once a week for an hour. These visitations went on for months. During this time, J.’s family was pressuring her to go on with the divorce.
In the state we live in, married couples must be separated for one year, and as the months passed on, there was no hope for a reconciliation.
My husband and I decided to attend the National Divine Will Conference in 2013. On that day, after the conference concluded, I decided to go to confession. I confessed my sins and then asked the father if I could beg Luisa to intercede to save my son’s marriage. He said “Of course.” From that day forward, my husband and I made a commitment to pray the “Hours of the Passion and to also pray the “Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will” daily. I started off my daily prayer begging Luisa to help to reconcile R. and J.’s marriage. I would sincerely petition Luisa by reciting the prayer to implore the Beatification of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta prayer numbers one, two and three. I poured my heart out to her. I believe she heard my every plea.
On 14 September 2013, on the feast of the Exultation of the Cross, I went to confession with another priest. I explained to him in confession that my son, R.t had been arrested again and we would not see him for two years because of a restraining order that had been placed on him at the request of his wife, J. I explained to the priest that all these accusations J. accused R. of were exaggerated. He asked me to notify J. that he would like to talk to her. I left confession thinking it would be very unlikely that J. would agree to meet with the priest.
I picked up the phone and called J. to see if she would agree to meet with the priest so that he could pray over her to provide healing far the affects of being married to an alcoholic, which R. was. Up until this point, J. was completely committed to going through with the divorce. She would not consider nor even talk about the possibility of a reconciliation.
J. met with the priest for three hours, primarily listening to his advice. After their meeting, R. was contacted by J. saying that she desired to reconcile. She contacted her lawyer and had all charges against R. dropped and immediately stopped the divorce process. Additionally, R. has not had any alcohol since their reconciliation. J. also conceived their third child within two months or so of their reconciliation.
I believe with all my heart that it was Luisa who interceded for J. and R. through the priest».
Associazione Luisa Piccarreta

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2/4 Jesus Places Three Pillars in the Soul of Luisa On Which He Can Lean

‘The Kingdom of The Divine Will in the midst of creatures.  Book of Heaven.The call of the creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose for which he was created by God’

 Jesus places three pillars in the soul of Luisa on which He can lean.

Mama Luisa

Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


December 2, 1922

Jesus places three pillars in the soul of Luisa on which He can lean.

  I was feeling very afflicted because of the privation of my adorable Jesus – and if He makes Himself seen at all, He is all taciturn.  Then, this morning, He made Himself seen in my interior, between two pillars.  He was forming a third one between these two, and He would lean now on one, now on the other, and now on the pillar in the middle, which He was raising.  Surprised, I said to Him:  ‘My Love and my Life, when have You put these pillars in my interior?  Now You are more comfortable – if You are tired, You can lean on them.’  And He, without listening to me, continued to raise the pillar and kept silent.  And I:  ‘But, tell me, why don’t You talk to me?  What is the matter, where have I offended You?  Is it perhaps my reluctance in making known the truths You tell me that makes You keep silent in order to punish me?  But I promised You that I would not do it any more, and, remember, we remained in peace.’

And Jesus, looking at me and heaving a strong sigh, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), I am working, enlarging, preparing, and when I work I do not feel like speaking – first I want to operate and then speak.  To your reluctances I pay no heed, because the power of my Will that acts in you (Luisa) is so great, that it crushes you (Luisa) if you (Luisa) do not do what I want; so much so, that after a reluctance of yours you(Luisa) are forced to run into my arms to tell me:  ‘Jesus, I pray You to make me do what You want.  You want it – I want it’; and you do not let Me go unless you see that your will and Mine are one.  Therefore, my silence is work, and so that the work I am doing in you may be more beautiful, more secure, more stable, I put it between two pillars, stronger and higher, of which one is my Humanity and the other is my Mama, and on which only can I lean.  But two supports are not enough for Me – I want a third one; but if I do not form it for Myself, how can I have it?  So, here is the necessity of my work.  You (Luisa) will lend Me the materials, which are all your acts done in my Will; the more you(Luisa) do, the more materials you (Luisa) will lend Me, and I will work hard in forming it, and then I will rest and speak to you (Luisa).  Everything I did and that which my dear Mama did, will be connected together in this third pillar – my only purpose, that it may be worked with an Eternal Will which alone can serve as my support, and that this Will may be known.  I will put so much grace in it, that it will not only give Me rest, but will serve Me as pulpit, as voice, to teach in the most attractive, penetrating and convincing manners what it means to live in my Will, that I may no longer be in the midst of my children like an exiled one, but my Will may reign in them as on Its own throne.  Therefore, let Me do, and follow Me.”

Then, afterwards, He came back again, and continued to make Himself seen in my interior, all intent on working; and we would look at each other in silence.  I raised my eyes, and I saw the head of Our Lord placed at the top of one pillar, and that of the Celestial Queen at the top of the other – both crowned.  The third pillar which He was forming, was prepared for my head to be placed at its top; and the crown that was to crown it came out, half from the crown of Our Lord, and half from that of the Most Holy Virgin; and uniting together, these two halves formed one single crown.  I remained amazed and enchanted, and my sweet Jesus told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), have you (Luisa) seen how much I have to work to form for Myself the third support, and how you (Luisa) must hasten to form the materials so as to let me work, and what height it must reach in order to accomplish the work of my Will in you (Luisa), and what crown must surround your forehead?  Therefore, do not lose a minute of time, and let your flight in my Will be continuous.”


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2/3 Feast of St. Blaise

Feast of
St. Blaise

St. Blaise (also spelled Blase and Blasius) — one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers — was a 3rd century physician who became Bishop of Sebaste, Armenia. This was the time of persecution under Licinius, so St. Blaise hid out in a cave on Mt. Argeus. From the Golden Legend:

…the birds of heaven brought to him meat for to eat. And it seemed to him that they came to serve him and accompany him, and would not depart from him till he had lift up his hands and blessed them. And also sick men came to him and anon were cured and healed.

Now it happed that the prince of this region sent his knights to hunt, and they could take nothing. But by adventure they came unto the desert place where S. Blase was, where they found great multitude of beasts which were about him, of whom they could take none, whereof they were all abashed and showed this to their lord, the which anon sent many knights for him, and commanded to bring him and all the christian men with him.

And that night Jesu Christ appeared to him thrice, which said to him: Arise up and make to me sacrifice. Lo! here be the knights that come to fetch thee at the commandment of the prince. And the knights said to him: Come out from this place, the president calleth thee. And S. Blase answered: My sons, ye be welcome, I see now well that God hath not forgotten me. He went with them and continually preached, and did many miracles tofore them.

There was a woman that had a son dying, in whose throat was a bone of a fish athwart, which estrangled him, and she brought him tofore his feet, praying him that he would make her son whole. And S. Blase put his hand upon him and made his prayer to God that this child, and all they that demanded benefits of health in his name, that they should be holpen and obtain it, and anon he was whole and guerished.

Another woman there was that was poor which had a swine, which the wolf had borne away, and she humbly prayed to S. Blase that she might have again her swine. And he began to smile and said: Good woman anger thee not, for thou shalt have again thy swine, and anon the wolf brought again to the woman, which was a widow, her swine.

St. Blaise was captured and taken before the prince, whose gods, Blaise informed him, were fiends. The prince was enraged and threw him in prison. The widow whose pig was returned to her killed the pig and fed Blaise with it. From the Golden Legend again: 

And when this good widow, which by S. Blase had recovered her swine, heard thereof, she slew it, and the head and the feet with a little bread and a candle, she brought to S. Blase, and he thanked God and ate thereof, and he said to her that every year she should offer in his church a candle, and know thou that to thee and to all them that so shall do shall well happen to them, and so she did all her life, and she had much great prosperity.

Even after imprisonment, he refused to worship the prince’s gods, and for punishment his flesh torn by wool combs. He was finally beheaded, martyred along with seven women and two children.

Because of the cure of the boy’s throat when the boy was choking, St. Blaise is patron against troubles of the throat, and today our throats are blessed at Mass. The priest will bless two candles in honor of St. Blaise. The words of this blessing are:

V. Our help + is in the name of the Lord.
R. Who made heaven and earth.
V. The Lord be with you.
R. And with thy spirit. Let us pray.

Almighty and most gentle God, Who didst create the multiplicity of things through Thine only Word, and didst will that same Word through Whom all things were made to take flesh for the refashioning of man; Thou, Who art great and without measure, terrible and worthy of praise, a Worker of wonders: the glorious martyr and bishop Blaise, not fearing to suffer all sorts of diverse tortures because of his profession of faith in Thee, was suited happily to bear the palm of martyrdom: and Thou didst grant to him, among other graces, the favor that he should by Thy power cure all kinds of illnesses of the throat: we humbly beg Thy Majesty not to look upon our sins, but to be pleased by his merits and prayers and to deign in Thy venerable kindness to bless + and sanctify + this creature of wax by the outpouring of Thy grace; that all whose necks in good faith are touched by it may be freed by the merits of his sufferings from any illness of the throat, and that healthy and strong they may offer thanks to Thee within Thy Holy Church, and praise Thy glorious name, which is blessed forever and ever. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end.

R. Amen.

Then he will hold the two, unlit blessed candles crossed over our throats, intoning:

Per intercessionem S. Blasii liberet te Deus a malo gutteris et a quovis alio malo

May God at the intercession of St. Blasius preserve you from throat troubles and every other evil.

Then he will make a sign of the Cross over us.

St. Blaise is also the patron of veterinarians and against attacks of wild animals. He is represented in art as a Bishop holding two crossed candles, with wool combs, or in a cave surrounded by wild animals.



They Who Suffered More Than AnyoneTo Form The Kingdom Of Redemption, And The Necessity Of Making Known She Who Suffered For The Kingdom Of The Supreme Fiat

 Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


 July 11, 1926

Just as it was necessary to make known who They were who suffered more than anyone to form the Kingdom of Redemption, so it is necessary to make known she who has suffered for the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. 


For quite a few days my sweet Jesus had not told me anything about His Most Holy Will; rather, He would make Himself seen sad, in the act of striking the creatures.  Today, as though wanting to go out of His sadness – because when He speaks about His Will it seems He puts Himself in feast, coming out from within my interior, He told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), I want to cheer Myself up – let Me speak of the Kingdom of my Supreme Will.”  And I:  ‘My Love and my Life, Jesus, if You do not tell me all the secrets that are in It, not knowing everything, I will not enjoy the fullness of the goods that this Kingdom possesses, nor will I be able to give You the return of love for the goods that You hide; and I would feel unhappy in the midst of so much happiness, because my “I Love You” would not be flowing in everything that You possess in It.  It may be small, but it is the “I love You” of your little daughter, whom You love so much.’

And Jesus, taking my own words, told me:  “My little daughter (Luisa), you (Luisa) yourself are saying how necessary knowledge is.  If it is necessary for you (Luisa) , much more so for others.  Now, you (Luisa) must know that in order to form the Kingdom of Redemption, those who distinguished themselves the most in suffering were my Mama and I.  And even though apparently She suffered none of the pains that the other creatures knew, except for my death which was known by all, and which was the fatal and harrowing blow for Her maternal Heart, more than any most sorrowful death, however, since She possessed the unity of the light of my Will, this light brought to Her pierced Heart, not only the seven swords told by the Church, but all swords, spears and pricks of all sins and pains of creatures, which martyred Her maternal Heart in a harrowing way.  But this is nothing.  This light brought Her all my pains, my humiliations, my torments, my thorns, my nails, the most intimate pains of my Heart.  The Heart of my Mama was the true Sun:  though one can see nothing but light, this light contains all the goods and effects that the earth receives and possesses; so, one can say that the earth is enclosed in the Sun.  The same for the Sovereign Queen:  one could only see Her person, but the light of my Supreme Will enclosed in Her all possible imaginable pains; and the more intimate and unknown these pains were, the more valuable and powerful they were over the Divine Heart, to impetrate the longed for Redeemer; and more than solar light, they descended into the hearts of creatures, to conquer them and bind them in the Kingdom of Redemption.

So, the Church knows so very little of the pains of the Celestial Sovereign Queen, that one can say that She knows only the visible pains, and this is why She gives the number of the seven swords.  But if She knew that Her maternal Heart was the refuge, the deposit of all pains, and that the light of my Will brought everything to Her, sparing Her nothing, the Church would not speak of seven swords, but of millions of swords.  More so, since they were intimate pains, and therefore God alone knows the intensity of the sorrow.  This is why, by right, She was constituted Queen of martyrs and of all sorrows.  Creatures can give a weight, a value to exterior pains, but they do not know enough of the interior ones to be able to attribute to them the right price.  Now, in order to form in my Mama, first the Kingdom of my Will, and then that of Redemption, so many pains were not necessary because, since She had no sin, the inheritance of pains was not for Her – Her inheritance was the Kingdom of my Will.  But in order to give the Kingdom of Redemption to creatures, She had to submit Herself to so many pains.  So, the fruits of Redemption were matured in the Kingdom of my Will possessed by Me and by my Mama.  There is nothing beautiful, good or useful, which does not come from my Will. 

Now, united to the Sovereign Queen came my Humanity.  She remained hidden in Me, in my sorrows, in my pains, therefore little was known about Her; but as for my Humanity, it was necessary that what I did, how much I suffered and how much I loved be known.  If nothing were known, I could not form the Kingdom of Redemption.  The knowledge of my pains and of my love is magnet and spur, incitement and light to draw souls to taking the remedies, the goods contained in It.  Knowing how much their sins and their salvation cost Me is chain that binds them to Me and prevents new sins.  If, on the other hand, they had known nothing of my pains and of my death, not knowing how much their salvation cost Me, no one would have given a thought to loving Me and saving his soul.  See then, how necessary it is to make known how much he or she who has formed within him or herself a universal good to give it to others, has done and suffered.

Now, my daughter (Luisa), just as it was necessary to make known to creatures who He and She were, and how much it cost Them to form the Kingdom of Redemption, so it is necessary to make known she whom my paternal goodness has chosen, first, to form the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat within her, and then, to give rise to Its transmission to others.  Just as it was for Redemption, which was formed between Me and my Celestial Mama first, and then became known to creatures, so it will be for the Supreme Fiat.  Therefore, it is necessary to make known how much this Kingdom of my Will costs Me; that – so that man might enter once again into the Kingdom he had lost – I had to sacrifice the littlest of all creatures, keeping her nailed to a bed for forty years and more, without air, without the fullness of the light of the sun that everyone enjoys; how her little heart has been the refuge of my pains and of those of creatures; how she has loved all, prayed for all, defended all; how many times she has exposed herself to the blows of Divine Justice to defend all of her brothers; and then, her intimate pains, and the very privations of Me that martyred her little heart, giving her continuous death.  In fact, since she has known no other life but mine, no other Will but mine, all of these pains laid the foundations of the Kingdom of my Will, and, like solar rays, matured the fruits of the Supreme Fiat.  So, it is necessary to make known how much this Kingdom cost you Luisa) and Me, so that, from Its cost, they may know how much I yearn for them to acquire It; and from Its cost they may appreciate It, love It and aspire to enter, to live in the Kingdom of my Supreme Will.”

I wrote this to obey, but the effort has been so great, that I could just barely mention my poor existence, since, because of the great reluctance, I feel my blood freeze in my veins.  However, I can but repeat always:  ‘Fiat! Fiat! Fiat!…’




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2/2 Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord

Presentation of Our Lord



At the end of the fourth century, a woman named Etheria made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Her journal, discovered in 1887, gives an unprecedented glimpse of liturgical life there. Among the celebrations she describes is the Epiphany (January 6), the observance of Christ’s birth, and the gala procession in honor of his Presentation in the Temple 40 days later—February 15.

This feast emphasizes Jesus’ first appearance in the Temple more than Mary’s purification.

The observance spread throughout the Western Church in the fifth and sixth centuries. Because the Church in the West celebrated Jesus’ birth on December 25, the Presentation was moved to February 2, 40 days after Christmas.




On February 2, 1996 photocopies of the Thirty-Six Volumes of the Writings
of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta were made.
The Archbishop of Trani, Monsignor Cassati, had permission from
the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith to make the photocopies.



Queen of the Divine Will

The Blessed Mother to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta the Little Daughter of the Divine Will:

The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will
Day Twenty-three

My dear daughter, do not move from My side; follow Me everywhere. Forty days from the Birth of Little King Jesus are about to sound when the Divine Fiat calls us (the Holy Family) to the Temple in order to fulfill the law of the Presentation of My Son (Jesus). So we went to the Temple. It was the first time that we went out together with My Sweet Baby. A vein of Sorrow opened in My Heart: I was going to offer Him as Victim for the Salvation of all. We (the Holy Family) entered the Temple, and first we Adored the Divine Majesty; then we called the priest, and having placed Him in his arms, I made the Offering of the Celestial Baby to the Eternal Father—Offering Him (Jesus) in Sacrifice for the Salvation of all. The priest was Simeon, and as I placed Him in his arms, he recognized that He was the Divine Word and exulted with immense joy; and after the offering, assuming the attitude of prophet, he prophesied all My Sorrows. O! How the Supreme Fiat sounded over My Maternal Heart—thoroughly, with vibrating sound, the Mournful Tragedy of all the Pains of My Baby Son. But what pierced Me the most were the words that the holy prophet spoke to Me: “This Dear Baby will be the Salvation and the ruin of many, and will be the Target of contradictions.”

If the Divine Will had not sustained Me, I would have died instantly of pure Pain. But It gave Me Life, and used it to form in Me the Kingdom of Sorrows, within the Kingdom of Its very Will. So, in addition to the Right of Mother that I had over all, I acquired the Right of Mother and Queen of all Sorrows. Ah! Yes, with My Sorrows I acquired the Little Coin to pay the debts of My children, and also of the ungrateful children.

Now, My daughter, you must know that in the Light of the Divine Will I already knew all the Sorrows I was to suffer—and even more than that which the holy prophet told Me. But in that Act, so Solemn, of Offering My Son, in hearing it being repeated to Me, I felt so pierced that My Heart bled, and deep gashes opened in My Soul.

Now, listen to your Mama: in your pains, in the sorrowful encounters which are not lacking for you, never lose heart; but with Heroic Love let the Divine Will take Its Royal Place in your pains, that It may convert them for you into Little Coins of Infinite Value, with which you will be able to pay the debts of your brothers, to ransom them from the slavery of the human will, so as to make them enter again, as free children, into the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.

The soul:

Holy Mama, in Your Pierced Heart do I place all my pains; and You know how they pierce my heart. O please! Be my Mama, and pour into my heart the Balm of Your Sorrows, that I may share in Your same Destiny of using my pains as little coins in order to conquer the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

Little Sacrifice:

Today, to honor Me, you will come into My arms, that I may pour in you the First Blood that the Celestial Baby shed in order to heal the wounds that your human will did to you; and you will recite three acts of love in order to mitigate the Spasm of the Wound of Baby Jesus.

Ejaculatory Prayer:

My Mama, pour Your Sorrow into my soul, and convert all my pains into Will of God.


The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will
Meditation 3

The soul to her Celestial Mother:

Holy Mama, here I am close to You, to accompany You to the Temple, where You go to make the Greatest of sacrifices—that is, to place the Life of the Celestial Infant at the mercy of each creature, that they may use it to reach safety and to be sanctified. But, ah! What Sorrow—many will use it to offend Him, and even to become lost. O please! My Mama, place Little Jesus in my heart, and I promise You, and I swear, to love Him always, and to keep Him as the Life of my poor heart.

Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:

Dearest daughter, how happy I am to have you close to Me. My Maternal Heart feels the need to pour out My Love and to confide to you My Secrets. Be attentive to My Lessons, and listen to Me. You must know that for forty days now, we have been in this grotto of Bethlehem, the first home of My Son down here; but, how many Wonders in this grotto! The Celestial Infant, in an Ardor of Love, descended from Heaven to earth; He was Conceived, and was Born, and felt the need to pour out this Love; so, each Tear, Wail, and Moan, was an Outpouring of Love that He made. Each Tear, Wail and Moan, was an Outpouring of Love. Even His feeling numb with cold, His tiny little lips, livid and shivering—were all Outpourings of Love that He made; and He looked for His Mama in whom to deposit this Love, which He could no longer contain; and I was Prey to His Love. So, I felt Myself being Wounded continuously, and I felt My Dear Little One Palpitating, Breathing, Moving within My Maternal Heart. I felt Him Crying, Moaning and Wailing, and I remained inundated by the Flames of His Love. The circumcision had already opened deep gashes in Me, into which He poured so much Love that I felt Queen and Mother of Love. I felt Enraptured in seeing that in each Pain, Tear and Motion that My Sweet Jesus made, He looked for and called upon His Mama, as Dear Refuge of His Acts and of His Life. Who can tell you, My daughter, what passed between Me and the Celestial Baby during these forty days? The repetition of His Acts together with Me, His Tears, His Pains, His Love, were as though Transfused together, and whatever He did, I did.

Now, after the completion of the forty days, the Dear Baby, drowned more than ever in His Love, wanted to Obey the law and present Himself to the Temple to offer Himself for the Salvation of each one. It was the Divine Will that called us to the Great Sacrifice, and we promptly Obeyed. My daughter, this Divine Fiat, when It finds promptness in doing what It wants, places at the creature’s disposal Its Divine Strength, Its Sanctity, Its Creative Power to Multiply that act, that sacrifice, for all and for each one. In that sacrifice It places the Little Coin of Infinite Value, with which one can pay and satisfy for all.

It was the first time that your Mama and Saint Joseph went out together with the Little Child Jesus. All Creation recognized Its Creator, and felt honored at having Him in their midst; and assuming the attitude of Feast, they accompanied us along the way. As we arrived at the Temple, we prostrated ourselves and Adored the Supreme Majesty; and then we placed Him in the arms of the priest, who was Simeon, who made of Him an Offering to the Eternal Father—offering Him for the Salvation of all. And while he offered Him, inspired by God, he recognized the Divine Word, and exulting with Immense Joy, he adored and thanked the dear Baby. After the offering, he assumed the attitude of prophet, and predicted all My

Sorrows. O! How the Supreme Fiat, painfully, made My Maternal Heart feel, with vibrating sound, the Mournful Tragedy of all the Pains which My Divine Son was to suffer. Each word was a sharp sword that Pierced Me. But what Pierced My Heart the most was to hear that this Celestial Infant would be not only the Salvation, but also the ruin of many, and the Target of contradictions. What Pain! What Sorrow! If the Divine Will had not sustained Me, I would have died instantly of Pure Pain. But It gave Me Life, to begin to form in Me the Kingdom of Sorrows within the Kingdom of Its very Divine Will. So, with the Right of Mother that I (Blessed Mother) had over all, I acquired also the Right of Mother and Queen of all Sorrows. O! Yes, with My Sorrows, I acquired the Little Coin with which to pay the debts of My children, and also those of the ungrateful children.

Now, My daughter, you must know that through the Light of the Divine Will that Reigned in Me, I already knew all the Sorrows I was to suffer—and even more than those which the holy prophet told me. Rather, I can say that he prophesied to Me the sorrows which were to come to Me from the outside, but he said not a word about My Interior Pains which would Pierce Me more, and the Interior Pains between Me and My Son. But in spite of this, in that Act, so Solemn, of the Offering of My Son, in hearing them being repeated to Me, I felt so Pierced that My Heart Bled, and New Veins of Sorrow and deep gashes opened in My Soul.

Now, listen to your Mama: in your pains, in the sorrowful encounters which are not lacking for you either, when you know that the Divine Will wants some sacrifice of you—be ready, do not lose heart, but rather, repeat quickly the Dear and Sweet Fiat—that is: “Whatever You (God) want, I (the soul) want.” And with Heroic Love, let the Divine Will take Its Royal Place in your pains, that It may convert them for you into the Little Coin of Infinite Value, with which you will be able to pay your debts, and also those of your brothers, to ransom them from the slavery of the human will, so as to make them enter, as free children, into the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat. In fact, you must know that the Divine Will is so pleased by the sacrifice wanted by It from the creature, that It gives her Its Divine Rights, and constitutes her queen of the Sacrifice and of the Good that will arise in the midst of creatures.

The soul to her Celestial Mother:

Holy Mama, in Your Pierced Heart I place all my pains; and You know how much they afflict me. O please! Be my Mama, and pour the Balm of Your Sorrows into my heart, that I may share Your same Destiny of using my pains as the cortege of Jesus, to keep Him defended and sheltered from all offenses, and as the sure means to conquer the Kingdom of the Divine Will, and make It come to Reign upon earth. 

Little Sacrifice:

Today, to honor Me, you will come into My arms, that I may offer you, together with My Son, to the Celestial Father, in order to obtain the Kingdom of the Divine Will. 

Ejaculatory Prayer:

Holy Mama, pour Your Sorrow into my soul, and convert all my Pains into Will of God.

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Jan 31

1/31 This night, at 3 am, died Luisa Bucci, sister of Father Bernardino Bucci

JANUARY 31, 2016

The Divine Will

This night, at 3 am, died Luisa Bucci, sister of Father Bernardino Bucci.

Luisa Bucci was born in 1926 and she is the older sister of Father Bucci.

She had the good fortune to meet and attend for many years the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta.

She has dressed the body of the Servant of God when she died.

Father Bernardino asks you to pray for her dear sister.

Luisa Bucci


I think it is opportune to bring back part of the long testimony of Mrs. Luisa Bucci, who everyone calls Lisetta. Of all the members of the Bucci family, other than Aunt Rosaria, she was the person,

more than the others, who visited the house of the Servant of God and established a great close relationship with Luisa and her sister Angelina. Lisetta was perhaps the only one that did not feel uneasiness when in contact with the Servant of God, contrary to others who saw Luisa like a creature who was out of the ordinary.

Her testimony was very much appreciated by the Diocesan Court for the cause of the beatification of the Servant of God. When she was interrogated, she spoke with much simplicity and reverence. It was like a river flooding with the many details she knew about Luisa Piccarreta.

…”When Luisa died, all of creation was silent in wonder and astonishment.

Everyone had the impression that a great saint had left this world.

Nobody dared to touch her; Luisa remained in the position she was accustomed

  1. Her confessor did not dare to touch her, and only made the sign of the cross

to awaken her, but Luisa remained serene as if asleep….They did not know

what to do; then taking the initiative calling her name, as it was done to dress

the dead, I said to her: Aunt Luisa, let me remove the sweaty shirt that you hold and I will clean you up. Thus I dressed her with a clean dress and moved the body of Luisa easily… I took her in my arms and placed her on the portable bed that had been prepared in the other room for the viewing of her body. It was then that I had the impression that Luisa did not weigh anything: the body of Luisa weighed less than a newspaper. It was how Aunt Rosaria was easily able to move her when cleaning had to be done… The funeral was a triumph, all of

Corato participated and stopped to honor Luisa their Saint. The Headmaster of

the School, Lagrasta, convened the pupils of the Grammar school in order for

them to pay homage to Luisa and remember the words said into the microphone:

“In front of us is the body of Luisa Piccarreta, a creature totally of God, who has raised people by her virtues, and grandiose example of an authentic Christian life.

Hail this creature, Heaven and earth, hail this privileged creature who has illuminated Corato and the world with a life of faith.

Hail, Luisa the Saint, you have not died because you will always remain alive in our memory and one day the world will speak of you”.

By Father Bernardino Bucci

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