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Feb 22

2/23 STARTS TODAY! Novena for the 70th anniversary of the Passing into Eternity of The Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta


2/23. STARTS TODAY! Novena for the 70th Anniversary of the Passing into Eternity of the Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta

Novena for the 70th Anniversary

of the Passing into Eternity
of the Little Daughter of the Divine Will Luisa Piccarreta

Divine Providence led the Little Daughter of the Divine Will down paths so mysterious that she knew no joys other than God and His Grace. One day the Lord said to her:
“Listen, I went round the earth over and over again; I looked at all creatures, one by one, in order to find the littlest of all. Among many I found you – the littlest of all. I liked your littleness and I chose you. I entrusted you to My Angels, so that they might keep you, not to make you grow, but to preserve your littleness. And now I want to begin the great work of the fulfillment of My Will; nor will you feel greater because of this; on the contrary, My Will shall make you even smaller, and you will continue to be the little daughter of your Jesus – the Little Daughter of My Will.” (3/23/21 – Vol. 12)
Come Divine Will to Reign soon on earth as in Heaven
through the intercession of the Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta!

Day One:
12/15/21 – Vol. 13
As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus, on coming, told me: “My daughter, reorder yourself in Me. And do you know how you can reorder yourself in Me? By fusing all of yourself in my Will. Even the breath, the heartbeat and the air you breathe must be nothing but fusion in my Will. So does order enter between Creator and creature, and she returns to the origin from which she came. All things are in order, have their place of honor and are perfect, when they do not move from the origin from which they came. Once they move from the origin, all is disorder, dishonor, imperfection. Only the acts done in my Will give themselves back to the origin in which the soul was created, and take life within the sphere of Eternity, bringing to their Creator the divine homages and the glory of their own Will. All other acts remain down below, waiting for the last hour of life, each to undergo its own judgment and the pain it deserves, because there is no act done outside of my Will, even good, which can be called pure. The mere lacking aim at my Will is to throw mud over the most beautiful works; and then, the mere moving from one’s origin deserves a penalty. Creation was delivered on the wings of my Volition, and on those same wings I would want it to return to Me – but I wait in vain. This is why everything is disorder and confusion. Therefore, come into my Will to give Me, in the name of all, reparation for such great disorder.”

Come Divine Will to Reign soon on earth as in Heaven
through the intercession of the Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta!

Day Two:
3/22/38 – Vol. 35
…Then, He (Jesus) added: “My daughter, the moment of death is the time of disillusion. In that point, all things present themselves, one after the other, to say: ‘Good-bye, the earth is over for you; now Eternity begins for you… It happens to the creature just as when she is locked inside a room and someone says to her: ‘Behind this room there is another room, in which there is God, Heaven, Purgatory, Hell; in sum—the Eternity.’ But she cannot see anything of these things. She hears them being asserted by others; but those who say them cannot see them either, so they speak in a way that is almost not credible; not giving great importance to making all their words believed as reality—as something certain.
“So, one day the walls fall down, and she can see with her own eyes what they had told her before. She sees her God and Father, Who Loved her with Great Love; the Gifts that He had given to her, one by one; and all the broken Rights of Love that she owed Him. She sees how her life belonged to God, not to herself. Everything passes before her: Eternity, Paradise, Purgatory, and Hell—the earth running away; the pleasures turning their back on her. Everything disappears; the only thing that remains present to her is in that room with fallen walls: the Eternity. What a change for the poor creature!
“My Goodness is such, wanting everyone saved, that I allow the falling of these walls when the creatures find themselves between life and death—at the moment in which the soul exits the body to enter Eternity—so that they may do at least one act of contrition and of Love for Me, recognizing My Adorable Will upon them. I can say that I give them one hour of Truth, in order to rescue them. O, if all knew My Industries of Love, that I perform in the last moment of their life, so that they may not escape from My more than Paternal Hands—they would not wait for that moment, but they would love Me all their life.”
Come Divine Will to Reign soon on earth as in Heaven
through the intercession of the Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta!

Day Three:
4/15/38 – Vol. 36
…But while I was feeling drowned in the Divine Will, the thought of my poor state was troubling me—the fact that I had to succumb to a sort of death every night, for fifty years and more, until someone would come to get me out of that state. My God, I feel such pain, You know how much pain and how much it costs me. Only the fear of displeasing You and not doing Your Will holds me on. Otherwise, who knows what I would do not to be submitted to this.
And my sweet Jesus ran toward me and squeezing me tight in His arms told me: “My good daughter, be of good cheer. Don’t be too worried; I don’t want you worried. It is your Jesus who wants this painful state for you—this succumbing as if you were losing your life. I suffer it together with you, since True Love cannot deny anything to the loved one. And then, this state of yours, so painful—as if losing your life, was necessary and wanted by My Divine Will. It wanted to find in you the return and reparation for the many deaths that creatures inflict upon It when they reject It, not giving It Life within themselves. Submitting yourself for so long to these pains of death repaid My Divine Will for the many deaths given to It, and called It to kiss the human will—to make Peace. It is thanks to this, I could speak so much about My Will.
“You must know that anything the creature does in My Will runs to give and form Life within It; otherwise, not receiving It, My Life dies for her. Do you think it’s nothing for Me, this Great Pain of seeing so many of My Divine Lives dead for the creatures? Therefore it was necessary to find one who, in some way, would re-ignite My Yearning to form My Life in them
Come Divine Will to Reign soon on earth as in Heaven
through the intercession of the Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta!

Day Four:
7/12/37 – Vol. 34
…“Now, I (Jesus) want to tell you another consoling surprise. So much is Our Pleasure when the creature decides with immovable firmness to Live in Our Volition, that what We must do at the point of death, of Confirming her in the Good in which she finds herself, because you must know that everything that she has done in life—prayers, virtue, sufferings suffered, good works—these serve to form Our little Divine Life in her soul, not one Blessed enters into Heaven if she does not possess this Divine Life, according to the good that they have done, and if they have Loved Me and fulfilled My Will more, so they will have It, some lesser, some greater, because the True Happiness, the True Joys, must be possessed within. In fact, each one will have inside and outside of them their God, who will always give them New Joys, so much so that if souls, dying, are not filled up even to the brim with Love and with My Will, I Confirm them, yes, but they do not enter into Heaven. I send them to Purgatory to fill these voids of love and of My Will by way of sufferings, of anxieties, and of longings. And when they are filled with everything, in a way that one sees in them that they are already completely Transformed into My Love and into My Will, then they take flight toward Heaven.
“Now, for one who does not want to do her will anymore but only Mine, We do not wait for that point. With an Irresistible Strength Our Love brings Us to anticipate the Confirmation of the Good, and to convert into nature Our Love and Our Will, so that she will feel that My Love, My Volition, is hers. She will feel My Life more than her own, but with the difference that of those who are Confirmed at the point of death, they will not grow anymore in good, their merits are finished. On the other hand, in these My Life will always grow, the merits will never end, rather, they will have the Divine Merits. As they continue to admire and to Live of My Will, so they will know Me more, and I Love them more and increase their Glory. I can say that I run in her every act in order to give her My kiss, My Love, in order to Recognize her, that she is Mine, and give her the Value, the Merit as if I were to have done it. Ah! you cannot understand what We feel for one who Lives in Our Volition, how We Love her. We want to make her content in everything, because in her We find the Purpose of Creation Realized and all the Glory that all things must give Us Centralized. And then, Our Completed Will is everything for Us.”
Come Divine Will to Reign soon on earth as in Heaven
through the intercession of the Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta!

Day Five:
7/14/07 – Vol. 8
Continuing in my usual state, blessed Jesus came for a little while, and without thinking, I asked: ‘Lord, yesterday I went to confession; if I had died, since confession remits sins, would You not have brought me straight to Heaven?’
And He: “My daughter, it is true that confession remits sins, but the surest and most certain thing to be exempt from Purgatory is love. Love must be the predominant passion in the soul. Love – her thought, her word, her movements… everything, everything must be enveloped by this love. In this way, finding her all love, the Uncreated Love absorbs the created love within Itself. In fact, Purgatory does nothing but fill the voids of love that are present in the soul; and once It has filled these voids, It sends her to Heaven. But if these voids are not there, it is not something that belongs to Purgatory.”
Come Divine Will to Reign soon on earth as in Heaven
through the intercession of the Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta!

Day Six:
4/29/28 – Vol. 24
Then, I don’t know how, a thought came to me: “If I died and went to Purgatory, what will I do? If while being here imprisoned in my body, caged more than in a narrow prison, my poor soul feels it so much when Jesus deprives me of His adorable presence that I don’t know what I would do and suffer to find Him again—what would happen if, when the prison of my body is broken and my soul, free and loose, takes its rapid flight, I did not find my Jesus, the center in which I must take refuge, never to go out again; and instead of finding my Life (referring to “Jesus” as “my Life”), the center of my rest, I found myself flung into Purgatory? What would be my pain and my torment?’
Now, while I was feeling oppressed by these thoughts, my Beloved Jesus clasped me all to Himself, and added: “My daughter, why do you want to oppress yourself? Don’t you know that one who lives in My Will has the bond of union with the heavens, with the sun, with the sea, with the wind—with all Creation? Her acts are fused in all created things, because My Will has placed them all in common as Its own things, in such a way that all of Creation feels the life of this creature.
“And if she could go to Purgatory, they would all feel offended, the entire universe would rebel, and they would not let her go alone to Purgatory. The heavens, the sun, the wind, the sea—all would follow her, moving from their places and, offended, they would say to their Creator: ‘She is Yours and ours—the life that animates all of us animates her. How is this—in Purgatory?’ The heavens would claim her with their love; the sun would speak up with its light, the wind with its lamenting voices, the sea with its tumultuous waves—all would have a word to defend she who has lived common life with them.
“But since one who lives in My Will absolutely cannot go to Purgatory, the universe will remain in its place, and My Will will have the triumph of bringing to Heaven the one who has lived in It on this earth of exile. Therefore, continue to live in My Will, and do not want to make your mind gloomy and to oppress yourself with things that do not belong to you.”
Come Divine Will to Reign soon on earth as in Heaven
through the intercession of the Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta!

Day Seven:
1/6/02 – Vol. 4
…But a little later He (Jesus) came back, and I also saw many people who greatly feared death. On seeing this, I (Luisa) said: ‘My lovable Jesus, it must be a defect in me, this not fearing death. I see that others fear it so much, while to me, instead, thinking only that death will unite me with You forever and will put an end to the martyrdom of my hard separation, the thought of death not only gives no fear, but is of relief; it gives me peace and I make feast, disregarding all the other consequences which death brings with itself.’
And Jesus: “Daughter, in truth, that extravagant fear of dying is foolishness, when one has all my merits, virtues and works as passport in order to enter Heaven, since I made a donation of it to everyone. Those who have added from their own, then, profit even more from this donation of Mine; and with all this substance, what fear can one have of death? Rather, with this most safe passport the soul can enter wherever she wants, and out of regard for her passport, everyone respects her and lets her pass. As for you, then, your not fearing death at all comes from your having dealt with Me, and having experienced how sweet and dear is the union with the highest Good. Know, however, that the most pleasing homage that can be offered to Me, is desiring to die in order to be united with Me. This is the most beautiful disposition in order for the soul to be purged and to pass straight on, with no interval, through the way of Heaven.” Having said this, He disappeared.
Come Divine Will to Reign soon on earth as in Heaven
through the intercession of the Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta!

Day Eight:
7/26/27 – Vol. 22
Then, afterwards, He added: “My daughter, all human actions—working, taking food, sleeping, the pains, the encounters, now of sorrow, now of joy—are nothing other than straw. Now, wheat cannot be formed without the straw; on the contrary, the straw defends the wheat from frost, from the burning rays of the sun, from the waters, from all the intemperances of the air. Like a garment, it covers the wheat and grows with it, and only when it has formed the wheat and given life to it—then does it detach from it; and the poor straw performs and receives this detachment by dint of threshing, after it has served the wheat and given life to it.
“Such are the human actions: from the littlest to the greatest, they are all straws, and if one lets the wheat of My Will flow within them, they serve in an admirable way to hide and preserve the wheat of My Divine Volition; and the more the straw, the more wheat can one hope to possess. It is an enchantment, My daughter, to see a human action enclosing within itself the most pure wheat and the refulgent gold of My Divine Will. Like straws, it seems that they have primacy over the wheat, and they can boast, saying: ‘It is true that we are straws, but we hide within ourselves a Divine Will that is more than wheat. We remain at Its service and give It the field, that It may be formed in our action.’ On the other hand, if My Will does not flow within them, the human actions remain as straws, worthy of being burned, because they have not formed within them the pure wheat that serves the Celestial Fatherland.
“Now, just as the straw is detached from the wheat by dint of threshing, in the same way, the human actions are detached from the pure wheat of My Divine Will by means of death that, knocking down what is human, crushes the garment that kept the gold wheat of My Will clothed, and letting it out, it manifests whether it was wheat or straw that the soul possessed. Therefore, it is not the human actions that indicate the value of them, but the will by which they are animated. How many actions, apparently beautiful and holy, will be found as full of mud, if done for the purpose of interest; full of wind, if done for the purpose of esteem and personal glory; full of rot, if done to please creatures; full of smoke, if done out of attachment to what is human.
“How many things do the straws of the human actions hide; but on the last day of life, when the threshing comes and crushes the straws, it will make known everything they kept hidden inside.”…
Come Divine Will to Reign soon on earth as in Heaven
through the intercession of the Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta!

Day Nine:
6/29/25 – Vol. 17
I was feeling oppressed, and a thought wanted to disturb the serenity of my mind: ‘What if you were at the moment of death, and doubts and fears about the way you behaved during your life, arose within you, to the extent of making you doubt about your salvation – what would you do?’
But as I was thinking about this, my sweet Jesus gave me no time to reflect any further, or to answer my thought. Moving in my interior, He made Himself seen shaking His head, and as though saddened by my thought, He told me: “My daughter, what are you saying? To think about this is an affront to my Will. No fears, doubts or dangers enter into It. These are things which do not belong to It; rather, they are the miserable rags of the human will. My Will is like a placid sea which murmurs peace, happiness, safety, certainty; and the waves It unleashes from Its womb, are waves of joys and of contentments without end. Therefore, in seeing you think about this, I was shaken. My Will is not capable of fears, of doubts, of dangers, and the soul who lives in It becomes estranged to the miserable rags of the human will. And then, what could my Will fear? Who can ever raise doubts about Its work, if before the Sanctity of my operating Will all tremble and are forced to bend their forehead, adoring the work of my Will?
“Even more, I want to tell you something which is very consoling for you, and of great glory for Me. It will happen with you, at your death in time, just as it happened with Me, at my death. During my life, I worked, I prayed, I preached, I instituted the Sacraments, I suffered unheard-of pains, and even death itself; but I can say that my Humanity saw almost nothing, compared to the great good It had done, nor did the very Sacraments have life as long as I remained on earth. As soon as I died, my death sealed all my works, my words, my pains, the Sacraments; and the fruit of my death confirmed all that I did, and placed my works, my pains, my words, the Sacraments which I instituted, as well as the continuation of their life until the consummation of the centuries, in the act of rising again to life. So, my death put all my works in motion, and it made them rise again to perennial life. All this was right, since my Humanity contained the Eternal Word and a Will which has no beginning and no end, and which is not subject to perish. Of everything It did, nothing was to perish – not even one word; rather, everything was to have continuation until the end of the centuries, in order to pass into Heaven to beatify all the Blessed, eternally.
“The same will happen with you. My Will which lives in you, speaks to you, makes you work and suffer in It, will let nothing perish – not even one word of the so many truths which I have manifested to you about my Will; rather, It will put everything in motion, It will make everything rise again. Your death will be the confirmation of all that I have said to you. And since the living in my Will is such that everything the soul does, suffers, prays and says, contain the Act of the Divine Will, all this will not be subject to perish, but will remain in the world, like many Lives – and all of them in the act of giving Life to the creatures. Therefore, your death will tear the veils which cover all the truths which I spoke to you; and they will rise again like many suns, such as to cast away all the doubts and difficulties with which they seemed to be covered during your life. Therefore, as long as you live in this low world, you will see little or nothing in others, of all the great good which my Will wants to do through you. But after your death, everything will have its full effect.”…
Come Divine Will to Reign soon on earth as in Heaven
through the intercession of the Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta!

“Now I die with greater contentment, because the Divine Will has consoled me more than usual with Its presence in these last few moments of my life.
“Now I see a long, beautiful and spacious road, all illuminated by an infinite number of resplendent suns – Oh, yes, I recognize them! They are all my acts done in the Divine Will!
“This is the road that I must now take; it is the road that the Divine Will has prepared for me. It’s the road of my victory: it’s the way of my glory, which will unite me with the immense happiness of the Divine Will.
“It’s my road; it’s the road that I have prepared for you. It’s the road that I will keep reserved for all the souls who will ever want to live in the Divine Will.”


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Feb 22


Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter the Apostle

  • Feast Day: February 22nd

  • The chair of St. Peter is a symbol of authority, as Jesus refers to this in Matthew 23: 2, when he commands and warns the crowd and his disciples, “The Scribes and Pharisees have taken their seat on the chair of Moses”.  The “chair” is metaphorically referring to the teaching and judging office that Moses held in the Name of God.  The name that Jesus gives to Peter is a second metaphor for an office of teaching and judging, and to drive the point home, Jesus uses a third metaphor by speaking of the “Keys of the kingdom of Heaven” Mathew 16:19.  The “power of the keys” is used in many ways; some are specific to the Office of St. Peter the Papacy, others are shared with those ordained to priestly ministry, the Sacrament of Confession.  During this season of Lent, we pray for these human leaders of the Church chosen by God, so they are faithful ministers of God’s grace to us.   

  • This feast day is an anniversary and celebration of the “authority” of the Papacy, and the particular mission entrusted to St. Peter by Jesus.  The Roman Missal explains, the symbol of the chair, and emphasizes the mission of teacher and pastor of Christ conferred upon Peter, to whom He formed in His person and in St. Peter’s successors, a visible foundation of unity of the Church.  The chair, literally is a fixed seat of the supreme Pontiff and the Bishops, permanently placed in the Mother Church of the Diocese – Cathedral, and is the symbol of the Bishop and his ordinary magisterium in the local church.  The Chair of St. Peter indicates his position in the Apostolic College, established by the express will of Jesus, who assigned the task of “feeding” the flock, to lead the People of god, the Church.  

  • Today we celebrate the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter the apostle.  The Lord said to Peter, “You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church” Matthew 16:18, and “Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” Matthew 16:19.  St. Peter’s life is so important to the Church that he has more than one feast day during the year.  Today’s feast is another way the Church celebrates this.  



From the writings of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


 May 28, 1929


Every time Jesus has spoken about His Will the Heavens have lowered themselves. The feast of all Heaven.  The Divine Will, crown of Creation and Redemption.  Sorrow of Jesus because the Divine Fiat is not known.

My little intelligence does nothing but keep crossing the unending Sea of the Divine Fiat; and as It forms Its waves of light, so It murmurs Its celestial and Divine language, and puts out Its secrets; and with arcane words It manifests Itself to my little soul. And many times my sweet Jesus comes out from within those waves of light, He runs, He embraces me, and placing His hand upon His Heart in order to sustain It, so great is the ardor of His Love that He feels, He speaks about His Most Holy Volition.

So, while I was in this state, my beloved Jesus told me: “Daughter of My Will, if you knew what love I feel when I decide to speak to you about My Divine Fiat…. Every time I have spoken to you about It, the Heavens have lowered themselves, so great was the esteem and the veneration they felt; and paying homage to what I would be about to say, and lowering themselves, they would overflow from the Celestial Fatherland and would all come to attention to listen to Me; and while I would speak, they would feel within themselves new creations of Divine Lives, new joys, new beauties.

“In fact, when it comes to speaking to you about more knowledges on My Divine Fiat, the whole of Heaven feels the power of It, and they compete among themselves to listen, and to receive the new effects of those knowledges. So, it has been the feast of all Heaven, every time I have spoken to you about My Most Holy Will, because It has felt Its happiness being doubled, and only Heaven could contain all the admirable effects, the pure joys, of even just one knowledge of My Fiat.  Only in this way could I speak to you about It—with the Heavens lowered, so as to receive their reverent acts and the homages due to My Divine Will.

“The love and the desire I feel to make It known is so great, that if it were necessary I would incarnate Myself again in order to obtain that My Will be known and that It reign upon earth. But this is not necessary because, having incarnated Myself once, My incarnation is always in act, and has the virtue of reproducing the same effects as if I were incarnating Myself again.  And it was only for the decorum of My Fiat that I chose you, I purified you of any seed of corruption, I enclosed Myself in your soul—not only in a spiritual way, but also in the natural—so as to make use of you as a veil to cover Myself, almost as I made use of My Humanity, as a veil to hide My Divinity.  And in order to have you at My disposal, I segregated you from everything, I confined you inside a bed—and for so many years, to give you the sublime lessons about My Eternal Fiat, and to make you drink, sip by sip, Its knowledges and Its life.

“Its long story required time, in order to narrate it to you and make you comprehend it. I can say I have done more than in Creation and Redemption, because My Will encloses both one and the other, It is origin and means of them, and It will be end and crown of Creation and Redemption, in such way that, without My Will, unknown and not reigning and dominating upon earth, Our works would be works without crown and incomplete.  And so, this is the reason for so much interest in making It known.  Our very works, done with so much love and magnificence, are in the nightmare of an unutterable moan, and almost of a profound humiliation, because the life, the essential substance that they hide, is not yet known.  The veils, the exterior of Creation and Redemption are known, but the life that they hide is ignored.  How can they give the life they hide and the goods they possess?  Therefore, Our works long for—demand their just rights:  that My Divine Will be known.  Ah! yes, It alone will be the glory, the everlasting crown and the fulfillment of Our works.

“Now, you must know that I am here hidden within you, with sorrow in My Heart, just as I was in My last years, when My Humanity lived down here on earth, and I, Word of the Father, was hidden within It. After so many sacrifices, after so much speaking of Mine and so many examples given, I looked at the earth, I looked at the peoples, and also those who surrounded Me—without the effects of My coming upon earth.  The fruits, the goods of My coming upon earth were so scarce, that My Heart was tortured in feeling the so many goods that I wanted to give them being rejected from Me; and My sorrow increased in seeing that, having fulfilled within My Humanity what I was to do in order to redeem them, I was about to depart for Heaven.  How painful it is wanting to do good, even at the cost of one’s life, and finding no one to whom to give these goods.

“Now, so I am within you; I look at My sacrifices and yours, I look at the order I have kept, at the many lessons I have given you, enough to make My Divine Will known in order to form Its Kingdom; and if I do not stop speaking, it is because Its story is eternal, and what is eternal has its eternal speaking, that never ends—and the speaking about My Fiat will be eternal in Heaven. I look at those who surround you, and who know what regards My Will—without true interest in making known a good so great.  I look at your humanity itself, that serves Me as cathedra from which I impart My lessons—and you yourself cannot deny that you feel Me within yourself, sensibly, moving, speaking, suffering, and that I am really inside you, to form My Kingdom and make It known.

“And while I look at you, I see that your humanity also will not remain on earth for much longer; and My Heart feels the grips of the sorrow that the great good that My Divine Will wants to do is not even known, Its knowledges are as though buried, and while they want to give life, happiness, light, they remain as though imprisoned between Me and you, and in the Papers that, with so much tenderness of love, I have made you write. Therefore, My daughter, compassionate My sorrow, adore My dispositions in keeping you on earth still.  I know that this is very hard for you, and I compassionate you; and while we compassionate each other, let us do what is up to us in order to make My Divine Will known.”

After this, I was doing my usual acts in the Divine Volition, and my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, My Fiat has Its Prime Act in Our Divinity, Its Prime Act in the Creation and Redemption and in all things, and therefore It has Its just right to dominate everything and to envelop all, and to be the primary wheel that, in moving, moves everything around itself, and all turn around it.  So, one who takes My Will as life takes everything; and as the primary wheel moves, all things give themselves to the soul; so much so, that she has no need to ask—as they turn around My Will, they all give themselves to her.  Therefore, the most necessary thing is to take My Divine Will; and if she has done this, she has done everything and has taken everything—everything is hers.

“It happens as to an engine: if the primary wheel in the center of it moves, all the secondary wheels rotate as well; but if the primary wheel does not move, all remain motionless, and there is no power nor artisan who would have the virtue of moving the secondary wheels.  But if the first one moves, the others rotate of their own and do their office.  Therefore, the attention and the art must be on the primary wheel—everything else comes of its own.  Such is My Will—one who possesses It has no need of anything.”


 July 14, 1929

How the Divine Will wants absolute freedom in order to form Its life. Different ways of acting of Our Lord.

My usual abandonment in the Supreme Fiat continues. I feel that It leaves me not a free minute; It wants everything for Itself, in a way that is ruling, but sweet and strong at the same time.  It is so attractive, that the soul would, herself, let It put Its sweet chains on her, so as not to oppose even slightly what the Divine Volition would want to do over her and within her.

So, while I was thinking about this, my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, do not be surprised if My Divine Will does not leave you free in anything—because It does not want to form simple acts and works, but life, and to one who must form a life continuous acts are needed; and if the continuous act ceases, the life cannot grow, nor be formed, nor have its true existence.  And so this is why My Divine Will, wanting to form Its Divine Life in you, wants to be free, It wants absolute freedom, and with Its incessant act that It possesses by nature, It pours Itself over the creature, and extending with Its more than maternal wings of light, It invests each fiber of the heart, each heartbeat, breath, thought, word, work and step; It warms it, and with Its kiss of light It impresses Its life in each act of the creature.  And while destroying the human life, It constitutes Its very self as Divine Life within her.

“And since nothing but tenebrous acts can come out of the human will, My Will does not want to mix with it, and therefore It stands at attention to be able to form Its life, all of light, in one who, freely, has given It freedom to let It reign. Therefore, Its attitude is admirable, It is all eyes so that nothing may escape It; and with unspeakable love, in order to see Its life formed in the creature, It makes Itself heartbeat for each heartbeat, breath for each breath, work for each work, step for each step; even over the little trifles of the creature, It runs, It extends, It places the power of Its Fiat, and creates Its vital act in them.

“Therefore, be attentive in receiving Its continuous act, because this is about life, and life has need of breath, of continuous heartbeat and of daily nourishment. Works are done and are put aside, nor do they need to be kept always in hand in order to be works; but life cannot be put aside—if the continuous act ceases, it dies.  Therefore, the continuous act of My Will is necessary for you—you, in receiving it, and My Will in giving it to you—so that Its life in you may live, be formed and grow with Its Divine Fullness.”

After this, I was feeling oppressed in thinking about my poor existence, especially the state I find myself in. How many changes I had to go through, even on the part of Our Lord.

But while I was thinking of this and other things, that it is not necessary to say on paper, my sweet Jesus, making Himself seen in my interior, told me: “My daughter, My Love for you has been exuberant, and in order to lead you there where My Divine Will wanted you, I had to have different ways of acting in the periods of your life.  In the first period, My Love and My acting toward you were so tender, sweet and gentle, and so jealous, that I wanted to do everything by Myself in your soul, and I wanted no one else, or that anyone might know what I was doing in you and saying to you.

“My jealousy was so great, that I put you in the impotence of opening yourself with anyone, not even with your Confessor. I wanted to be alone, free, in My work, and I wanted no one else to meddle in it or be able to scrutinize what I was doing.  I cared so much about this first period of your life—about My being with you one on one—that I can say that My Love used all the Divine weapons; and waging war on you, I assailed you in every way so that you would not be able to resist.  All this was necessary to My Love, because knowing what It wanted to do with you—no less than restoring the Creation, giving My Divine Will the rights to reign, making the new era arise in the midst of the human family—It used all arts and stratagems in order to obtain the intent.

“Now, after I became sure about you and I secured My work, My acting changed—I made you break the silence; and the ardor of My instructions and of My speaking was such and so great, that I can call you the cathedra of My Divine Will, the secretary of Its most intimate secrets, such that, as you were unable to contain them all within yourself, I commanded you to manifest them to My minister. And this acting of Mine was necessary; otherwise, how would My Divine Will have become known? 

“Now, My daughter, in this last period of your life, you feel another way of acting of Mine. Do not be concerned, let Me do, and I will know how to give My work the last coat.  Courage, then, you have the Divine Will in your power—what do you fear?  Therefore, always forward in My Will.”


January 17, 1932


Dominating, Speaking and Delighting Modes of the Divine Will. How Heaven remains behind.  Victory of God and Victory of the creature.  The Divine Will, Gatherer of Its Works.  Example of a mother who cries over her crippled child.


My little soul continues to cross the Interminable Sea of the Divine Fiat, and—O! how I remain surprised, that while I seem to have gone a long way, I go about looking and I find but a few steps compared to those that are left for me to take. The Interminability is so Great, that even if I should walk for centuries, I would always find myself at the beginning; and there is so much to know about the Divine Volition, that finding myself in Its Sea, I always feel like the little ignorant one who has only learned the vowels of the Divine Will, and who maybe will go to learn the consonants in the Celestial Fatherland—that I hope to reach soon.  O! how I would like ways to move all Heaven to pity, so that my long exile may end.  But, after all, Fiat! Fiat! Fiat!

And my always Lovable Jesus, having compassion for me, clasped me in His arms, telling me: “Blessed daughter, Courage, do not afflict yourself too much—for now, I want your Heaven to be My Divine Will.  It will be for you Celestial Fatherland on earth, and will not fail to make you happy and to give you the Pure Joys from up there.  Wherever It Reigns It has many manifold Ways to give always New Surprises of Joys, of Contentments, so that the soul who possesses It may enjoy her Paradise on earth; and therefore, now It takes on the Dominating Mode, and Its Dominion extends in the mind, in the word, in the heart, in the whole being of the creature, even in the littlest motion, and—O! how Sweet is Its Dominion.  It is Dominion and Life, It is Dominion and Strength, It is Dominion and Light that makes Its way, and Its Light dispels the darkness, removes the bars that may prevent Good, and Its Dominion puts the enemies to flight.

“In sum, the creature feels carried by the Dominion of the Divine Will; and while she is dominated, she becomes Dominator of herself, of her acts, and of the very Divine Will, that is such that, while It Dominates and Rules, Its Gentleness, Strength and Sweetness are so great, that It identifies Itself with the creature and wants her to Dominate along, because Its Dominion is Peaceful, and to each of the acts that the creature does It gives Its Kiss of Dominating Peace. This Kiss, Gentleness and Sweetness, enraptures the human will in the Divine, and they extend the Dominion together to form the Divine Kingdom in the depth of the soul.  There is nothing more Beautiful, more Dear, Greater and Holier, than to feel the Dominion of My Will flow in all of one’s acts, and in the whole entirety of the creature.  I could say that Heaven remains behind in the face of the Dominion of My Will in the heart of the pilgrim creature.  In fact, in the Saints It has nothing to add; there is nothing left but to delight them continuously; while in the pilgrim soul there are Works that It can do, New Life It can Infuse, New Conquests It can obtain, to Expand and Extend more Its Dominion.  The Total Dominion of My Divine Will in the creature is Our continued Victory; for each of Its Acts which It does in her with Its Dominion, so many Victories do We obtain, and the creature becomes the Winner of Our Divine Will in her acts.  On the other hand, in Heaven We have nothing to win because everything is Ours, and each Blessed completes his work in the act of breathing his last; therefore, Our Conquering Work is on earth in the pilgrim souls, not in Heaven.  In Heaven We have neither anything to lose, nor anything to acquire.

“Now, once My Divine Will has secured Its Total Dominion in the creature, It takes on Its Speaking Mode. You must know that each of Its Words is a Creation; wherever It Reigns It is unable to remain idle, and since It possesses the Creative Virtue, It is unable to speak if It does not Create.  But what does It Create?  It wants to Create Itself in the creature, It wants to make Display of Its Divine Qualities—and It does so Word by Word, almost as It did in the Creation of the universe, when It spoke, not just one Word, but as many Words for as many different things as It wanted to Create.  The soul costs Us more than the whole universe, and when It is sure of Its Dominion, It does not hold Its Words back—on the contrary, as she receives the Act of Its Creative Word, It Expands her capacity and prepares yet another.  So, It Speaks and creates Light, It Speaks and Creates Sweetness, It Speaks and Creates Divine Strength, It Speaks and Creates in her Its Day of Peace, It Speaks and Creates Its Knowledges.  Each of Its Words is Bearer of Creation of the Good It possesses and reveals.  Its Word makes Itself the Announcer of the Good It wants to Create in the soul.  Who can tell you of the Value that one Word alone of My Divine Will possesses?  And how many Heavens, Seas of Riches, Varieties of Beauty It places in the fortunate creature who possesses Its sweet and happy Dominion?

“Now, after the Work, arises the Joy, the Happiness. My Will, of Its own Nature, is pregnant with Innumerable Joys; It looks at the creature who has offered herself to receive the Creation of Its Words, and—O! how happy It feels, because It sees that each Creation that was received gives Birth to a Joy and Happiness without end.  And It passes from the Speaking Mode to the Delighting Mode; and so that the creature may enjoy more, It does not put Itself aside—no, but delights together with her; and in order to make her rejoice more, It keeps explaining to her the Nature and Diversity of the Joys It has Created in her soul only because It Loves her and wants to see her Happy.  And since the Joys, the Happiness, are not full when they are alone, they seem to die, therefore It leaves Me together with you, to be able to delight you always and prepare the New Joys with the Work of My Creative Word.

“Therefore, Our only Feast and Happiness that We have upon earth is the soul who lets herself be possessed by the Dominion of My Supreme Will. In her, Our Word, Our Life, Our Joys, find a place.  It can be said that the Work of Our Creative Hands is in the Order, there where it was established by Our Infinite Wisdom—that is, in Our Divine Will; she is at her place of honor.  On the other hand, one who lets herself be dominated by the human will, is in the disorder, and is Our continuous shame of Our Creative Work.  Therefore, be attentive, My daughter, and make Happy the One who wants to make you Happy in time and Eternity.”

After this, I continued to swim in the Sea of Light of the Divine Fiat. I felt myself being drowned with Light, and Its Knowledges were so many, that I did not know which of Them to cling to; because of my littleness I did not know where to put Them, therefore They dispersed in the same Light, and I remained stunned, unable to say anything.

And my sweet Teacher, Jesus, added: “My daughter, My Will is the Gatherer of all Its Works; in Its Light It hides everything; with Its Light It defends them and places all Its Works in safety.  How much does this Light not do in order to place the creature in safety—the most Beautiful Work of Our Creative Hands; and to make her return Beautiful, Striking, as We issued her?  It gathers her onto Its Lap of Light, and It casts much Light upon her, to make all evils disappear from her.  If she is blind, by dint of Light It gives her vision; if she is mute, by dint of Light It wants to give her Speech.  The Light takes her from all sides, and gives her Hearing if she is deaf; if crippled, It Straightens her up; if she is ugly, by dint of Light It renders her Beautiful.

“A mother does not do as much as My Divine Will does in order to render Its creature Beautiful and Restored. Its weapons are of Light, because there is no Power that the Light does not hide and no Beauty it does not possess.  What would a mother not do if, after she has given birth to a beautiful child that enraptured her with his beauty, and the mother felt happy in the beauty of the child, a misfortune strikes him and he becomes blind, mute, deaf, crippled.  Poor mother—she looks at her child and no longer recognizes him:  his eye lifeless, no longer looking at her; his silvery voice that would make her start with joy in hearing herself being called ‘mama’—she no longer hears; his little feet that would run to place themselves upon her lap—they hardly drag themselves.  This child is the most piercing sorrow for a poor mother.  And what would she not do if she knew that her child could return again to his original features?  She would go around the whole world if she could obtain this, and it would be sweet for her to lay down her own life as long as she could see her child beautiful as she gave birth to him.  But, poor mother, it is not in her power to give back to her dear child the original beauty, and he will always be her sorrow and the most piercing thorn of her maternal heart.

“Such has the creature rendered herself by doing her will—blind, mute, crippled. Our Will cries over her with Tears of ardent Light of Our Love; but what the mother cannot do for her crippled child My Divine Will does not lack the Power to do.  More than mother, It will place at her disposal Its Capitals of Light, that possess the virtue of Restoring all the Goods and the Beauty of the creature.  As tender Mother, Loving and Vigilant of the Work of Her Hands, that, more than dearest child, She issued to the Light, She will go around, not the whole world, but all centuries, in order to prepare and give the Powerful Remedies of Light that Vivifies, Transforms, Straightens and Embellishes; and only then will She stop, when She sees on Her Maternal lap, Beautiful as She issued it, the Work of Her Creative Hands, to make up for the many sorrows and enjoy it forever.

“Are the many Knowledges on My Will perhaps not Remedies? Each Manifestation and Word that I speak is a Fortress that I place around the weakness of the human will; it is a Food that I prepare; it is a Bait, a Taste, a Light, to make them Reacquire the lost Sight.  Therefore, be attentive and do not lose anything of what My Will manifests to you, because in due time everything will be needed—nothing will go lost.  Do you think It does not take into account even just one Word of what It says?  It counts everything and loses nothing; and if in your soul It has formed Its Cathedra in order to deposit Its Truths, however, the Primary Cathedra It keeps reserved within Itself as the Greatest Treasure that belongs to It, in such a way that if you lose any Word or Manifestation that belongs to It, It already keeps the Original within Itself, because what regards My Divine Will is of Infinite Value, and the Infinite cannot disperse, nor is it subject to dispersing; on the contrary, jealous, It preserves Its Truths in the Divine Archives. Therefore, you too, learn to be jealous and vigilant, and to appreciate Its Holy Lessons.”




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Feb 15



Ninevah 90 (begins today)

 Image result for our lady of fatima images


Dear Prayer Warrior,

Awesome job praying for our nation in the Novena for Our Nation!

Thank you!

 We are now calling you to a very important prayer and penance

campaign that starts on February 13.

We have now entered the 100th year since Our Lady appeared in

Fatima, Portugal.

The anniversary is May 13, 2017. Many people are wondering if

God may do (or allow)

something soon to “shake us up” (I wrote about it  HERE – this is the

most “shared” article I have ever written).

As we watch terrorism rising up everywhere around the world,

relations between

nations in steep decline, a false economy ready to collapse,

morality at an all-time

low, pre-born babies murdered by the millions,

marriage redefined for the first time in all of civilization,

adult men allowed to share a bathroom with little girls,

religious freedom under assault, corruption and collusion

rampant within our government, and confusion in

our Church … people are asking, especially as we enter

this centennial year of Fatima,


The answer may lie more in “God’s style.” What is “God’s style?”

Throughout salvation history, we know that no matter

how far we stray from God,

He always wants to give us every opportunity to return.

Recall the story of Jonah, and how God sent him to Nineveh to warn them.

The Ninevites believed God, and they put on sackcloth and ashes …

they repented and did intense prayer and penance. 

“When God saw what they did and how they turned from their evil ways,

he relented and did not bring on them the destruction he had
threatened” (Jonah 3:3-10).
Is it time to do the “Nineveh Thing”? Yes! We lay out everything about this
call for prayer and penance in the last 90 days before the
100th Anniversary of Fatima HERE. And,
here is the new website: Nineveh90.com.
Inspired by all of the research that reveals it takes 90 days
to replace bad habits (even addictions) with good habits,
We are calling upon all of us
to enter into a 90 day period of humility and transformation
we call “Nineveh 90,”
starting February 13 and leading up to the
100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima on May 13, 2017.

This amazing worldwide period of prayer and penance includes:

* 54 Day Rosary Novena (Basic Training in Holiness) –

February 13 to April 7

* 33 Day Preparation for Consecration – April 10 (Monday of Holy Week)

to May 12

* Marian Consecration – May 13, 2017. 100th Anniversary

of Our Lady of Fatima

You can read about the elements of Nineveh 90 HERE.

Please plan to join us by signing up for the daily emails of prayers

and reflections at nineveh90.com.

Please invite all of your family and friends!!

Your fellow warrior in Christ,

Fr. Rick Heilman

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Feb 14

2/15 The Book of Heaven and the Baltimore Catechism No. 3


The Book of Heaven and the Baltimore Catechism No. 3

The Book of Heaven and the Baltimore Catechism No. 3

LESSON FIFTH: On our First Parents and the Fall – Part 1 of 3

  1. 233. Who were the first man and woman?

  2. The first man and woman were Adam and Eve.

Volume 12 – January 24, 1921

“My daughter, calm yourself – I choose whomever I please. However, know that I begin all of my works between Myself and one creature; and then they are spread. In fact, who was the first spectator of the FIAT of my Creation? Adam, and then Eve. It surely wasn’t a multitude of people. Only after years and years did crowds and multitudes of people become spectators of It. .

  1. 234. Are there any persons in the world who are not the descendants of Adam and Eve?

  2. There are no persons in the world now, and there never have been any, who are not the descendants of Adam and Eve, because the whole human race had but one origin.

Volume 20 – October 12, 1926

Don’t you know that, as long as Adam remained the firstborn son of my Will, having therefore primacy over everything, I visited him often? Because my Will reigned in him, I administered to him all the necessary manners in order to be with Me, as the son who forms the consolation of his Father. I spoke to him as to a son, and he to Me as to his Father. As he withdrew from my Will he lost his primacy, the rights of firstborn, and along with them he lost all of my goods. He no longer felt the strength to sustain my presence, nor did I feel drawn by a Divine force and Will to go to him. So, all his bonds with Me were broken; nothing was due to him by right any more, and he no longer saw Me unveiled, but in the midst of lightnings and eclipsed within my light – that light of my Will which he had rejected.

  1. 235. Do not the differences in color, figure, etc., which we find in distinct races indicate a difference in first parents?

  1. The differences in color, figure, etc., which we find in distinct races do not indicate a difference in first parents, for these differences have been brought about in the lapse of time by other causes, such as climate, habits, etc.

Volume 21 – March 10, 1927

“My daughter, you must know that, before sinning, Adam did his acts in the Divine Fiat. This meant that the Trinity had given him possession of this Kingdom, because, in order to possess a kingdom, it takes one who forms it, one who  gives it, and one who receives it. The Divinity formed it and gave it; man received it. Therefore, in his first period of the creation, Adam possessed this Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, and since he was the head of all human generations, all creatures received the right to this possession.

  1. 236. Were Adam and Eve innocent and holy when they came from the hand of God?

  2. Adam and Eve were innocent and holy when they came from the hand of God.

Volume 20 – December 12, 1926

“My daughter, in creating man, the Divinity placed him inside the Sun of the Divine Will, and all creatures in him. This Sun served as garment not only for his soul, but its rays were such as to cover also his body, in such a way as to serve as more than a garment for him, rendering Him so adorned and beautiful that neither kings nor emperors have ever appeared so adorned as Adam appeared, with this garment of most refulgent light. Those who say that, before sinning, Adam went naked are wrong. False, false. If all things created by Us are all adorned and clothed, he who was Our jewel, the purpose for which all things were created – was he not to have the most beautiful garment and the most beautiful ornament of all? So, to him befitted the beautiful garment of the light of the Sun of Our Will; and since he possessed this garment of light, he had no need of material garments in order to cover himself. As he withdrew from the Divine Fiat, so did light withdraw from his soul and from his body; he lost his beautiful garment, and in seeing himself no longer surrounded with light, he felt naked. Feeling ashamed in seeing that he was the only one to be naked in the midst of all created things, he felt the need to cover himself, and he used superfluous things, created things, to cover his nakedness.

  1. 237. What do we mean by saying Adam and Eve “were innocent” when they came from the hand of God?

  1. When we say Adam and Eve “were innocent” when they came from the hand of God we mean they were in the state of original justice; that is, they were gifted with every virtue and free from every sin.

Volume 20 – December 12, 1926

“My daughter, during my Passion there is one lament of mine which came out, with immense sorrow, from the depth of my tormented Heart: they divided my garments and drew lots for my tunic. How painful it was for Me to see my garments being divided among my very executioners, and my tunic being gambled away. That was the only object I possessed, given to Me, with so much love, by my sorrowful Mama; and now, they not only stripped Me of it, but they make of it a game. But do you know who pierced Me the most? In those garments, Adam became present to Me, clothed with the garment of innocence and covered with the indivisible tunic of my Supreme Will. In creating him, the uncreated Wisdom acted as more than a most loving mother; more than with a tunic, It clothed him with the unending light of my Will – a garment which is not subject to be either disarranged, or divided, or consumed; a garment which was to serve man in order to preserve the image of his Creator and the gifts received from Him, and which was to render him admirable and holy in all his things. Not only this, but It covered him with the overgarment of innocence.

And Adam, in Eden, with his passions divided the garments of innocence, and he gambled away the tunic of my Will – a garment which is incomparable and of radiant light.

  1. 238. How was Adam’s body formed?

  2. God formed Adam’s body out of the clay of the earth and then breathed into it a living soul.

Volume 15 – May 29, 1923

.. in creating man, the first crafting, both in the soul and in the body, was done by my Divine Father. How much harmony, how much happiness did He not form with His own hands in the human nature? Everything is harmony and happiness in man. The mere external part – how many harmonies and happinesses does it not contain? The eyes can see, the mouth can express, the feet can walk, the hands can operate and take things where the feet have reached.

But if the eyes could see, but man did not have the mouth to express himself; or if he had feet to walk but no hands to operate – would there not be unhappiness and disharmony in the human nature? And then, the harmonies and happinesses of the human soul – the will, the intellect, the memory – how many harmonies and happinesses do they not contain? It is enough to say that they are part of the happiness and harmony of the Eternal One.

239. How was Eve’s body formed?

  1. Eve’s body was formed from a rib taken from Adam’s side during a deep sleep which God caused to come upon him.

Volume 12 – January 24, 1920

“My daughter, if you knew how I desire, yearn for, and love the company of the creature! So much that, if in creating man I said, ‘It is not good for man to be alone, let Us make another creature similar to him, who may keep him company, so that one may form the delight of the other’, I said these same words to my Love before creating man: ‘I do not want to be alone, but I want the creature for my company. I want to create him in order to amuse Myself with him, to share all my contentments with him. With his company I will pour Myself out in Love.’ This is why I made him in my Likeness; and as his intelligence thinks of Me and is interested in Me, he keeps company with my Wisdom, and as my thoughts keep company with his, we amuse ourselves together. If his gaze looks at Me and at created things in order to love Me, I feel the company of his gaze. If his tongue prays or teaches what is good, I feel the company of his voice. If his heart loves Me, I feel the company of his love; and so with all the rest. But if he does the opposite I feel lonely, and like a destitute king. But, alas!, how many leave Me alone and neglect Me!”

  1. 241. Could man’s body be developed from the body of an inferior animal?

  2. Man’s body could be developed from the body of an inferior animal if God so willed; but science does not prove that man’s body was thus formed, while revelation teaches that it was formed directly by God from the clay of the earth.

Volume 24 – September 10, 1928

Now, you must know that, indeed, Adam possesses a glory in Heaven which is given to no one else, as holy as he may be, except for my Celestial Mama, because no one else possesses even one act in the unity of my Divine Will. It was just and decorous for Our Divine Majesty that the first creature that came out of Our creative hands possess more glory than all the others; more so, since the first period of his life was carried out as We wanted. One can say that it was Our life, Our Will and Our works that flew within him. How could We destroy this first period of the life of Adam, since it was more Ours than his? It is useless even to think about it; whatever is done in Our Divine Will remains untouchable – no one can touch it, because these acts enter the divine and infinite order. And even though Adam slipped and fell, his acts done up to that moment remained intact and beautiful, just as he did them. He was the one who remained wounded, ill, Our image disfigured in him, because Our Divine Will, which had taken on the commitment to keep him beautiful, fresh, strong, holy, completely in order with Us, just as We created him, was no longer in him, because Adam himself had rejected It. But his works done up to the moment in which he had the misfortune to fall, and which possessed the unity of Our Fiat, suffered no change, because We too were jealous of these acts which had glorified Us so much. They had put Us in feast, as We saw that man, Our son, elevated himself up to Us in order to absorb within him Our divine manners, Our likeness, and to bring Us joys, happinesses, the return and the smile of all created things in the unity of Our Will. We were enraptured in seeing Our dear son, the work of Our hands, live in Our Will as in Our home; taking from Our own, he was able to bring Us new happinesses and joys without end.

My daughter, the first period of the life of Adam is unforgettable for Us, for him, and for all Heaven. After he fell into sin, he remained like a blind person who, before losing his sight, has done so many beautiful works as to fill Heaven and earth. Who could ever say that those are not works done by him, only because he voluntarily lost his sight? And

that, since he can no longer repeat them because he is blind, the ones he has done remain without value? Certainly no one. Or, if a person who applies himself to study science, in the middle of his studies no longer wants to continue, can anyone take away or destroy the good of the science he has acquired, only because he does not continue? Certainly not. If this happens in the human order, much more so, and with more validity and certainty, in the divine order. So, by virtue of the first period of his life, innocent and carried out all in the unity of Our Fiat, Adam possesses such glory and beauty that no one can equal him. At the mere sight of him, all of the Blessed recognize how beautiful and majestic the creation of the first man was, enriched with so much grace. In looking at him, they can see, in him, the incalculable good of the Divine Will in the creature, and the joy and happiness that the creature can possess. In him alone, as though within a mirror, the Blessed can see how man was created, the exuberant love that We had for him, the abundance with which We enriched him. We gave him everything, as much as a creature could contain, to the point of overflowing outside and being able to flood the whole earth. If it were not so – if the whole magnificence of Our creative hands could not be seen in Adam – then the great things We did in the Creation, and that which the creature does and can do in Our Divine Will would not be known even in Heaven. It is Our love that demands this, and also Our justice that wants to keep, in Heaven, the reality of that image, as man was created – and not another man, but the very one who came out of Our creative hands, so that, if the earth does not know him, Heaven may know him. They look at their origin in Adam, and, grateful, they thank Me and pray that my Fiat may come to reign upon earth, and form more images, more beautiful than Adam, because he was not a complete work in my Divine Will, but a period of life. Only the Sovereign Queen possesses complete life and works in my Fiat, therefore there is no one who can equal Her. My Will wants to make more complete lives in It, so as to repeat what It did in the Creation, to make known to the earth the way and the order in which the creature was created, and the great, beautiful, holy things that my Divine Will can do in her.

  1. 242. Could man’s soul and intelligence be formed by the development of animal life and instinct?

  2. Man’s soul could not be formed by the development of animal instinct; for, being entirely spiritual, it must be created by God, and it is united to the body as soon as the body is prepared to receive it.

Volume 20 – February 6, 1927

Such was the state of Adam when he was created, until he sinned – that which was Ours, was his; the fullness of light centered in him, in view of the fact that his will was one with Ours, brought him the communion of Our goods.

How We felt Our happiness redoubled – on the part of Creation, not because of anything else – as We saw Adam, Our son, happy of Our own happiness. In fact, since his will was one with Ours, Our Will could pour Our goods and Our happiness in torrents upon him; so much so that, unable to contain it all, because he did not have the capacity of his Creator, while being filled to the brim to the point of overflowing, he would make all the rest ascend to the One from whom he had received it. And what did he make ascend? His perfect love, which he had received from God; his sanctity, his glory, which he possessed in common with Us, so as to almost match Us with happiness, love and glory.

We gave him happiness – happiness he gave to Us; We gave him love, sanctity and glory – love, sanctity and glory he gave to Us. My daughter, to possess a Divine Will is something astonishing; the human nature cannot comprehend everything – it feels, it possesses, and knows not how to express.”

  1. 243. Did God give any command to Adam and Eve?

  2. To try their obedience, God commanded Adam and Eve not to eat of a certain fruit which grew in the garden of Paradise.

Volume 21 – April 8, 1927

“My daughter, Adam fell so low, because he withdrew from a Will expressed by his Creator, which enclosed the test in order to prove his faithfulness toward the One who had given him life and all the goods he possessed. More so, since after the so many goods He had given to him for free, God asked of him to deprive himself of one fruit alone of the many He had given him, for love of the One who had given him everything. And in this little sacrifice which God wanted from him, He had let him know that it was for nothing else but to be sure of his love and of his faithfulness.

Adam should have felt honored that his Creator wanted to be certain of the love of His creature. Moreover, the one who attracted him and convinced him to fall, was not a being superior to him, but a vile serpent – his major enemy

LESSON FIFTH: On our First Parents and the Fall – Part 2 of 3

  1. 244. What was the Garden of Paradise?

  2. The Garden of Paradise was a large and beautiful place prepared for man’s habitation upon earth. It was supplied with every species of plant and animal and with everything that could contribute to man’s happiness.

Volume 15 – May 29 A.D. 1923

God created His true personal Eden in the soul and in the body of man – an Eden all celestial; and then He gave him the terrestrial Eden as residence. Everything was harmony and happiness in the human nature, and even though sin upset this harmony and happiness, it did not completely destroy all the good which God had created in man.

  1. 245. Where was the Garden of Paradise situated?

  2. The exact place in which the Garden of Paradise — called also the Garden of Eden — was situated is not known, for the deluge may have so changed the surface of the earth that old landmarks were wiped out. It was probably some place in Asia, not far from the river Euphrates.

Volume 33 – December 10 A.D. 1933

Whence turning in the works of the Divine Fiat I detained myself in Eden, in which was made present to me the Creation of man and I thought to myself: what could be the first word that Adam said when he was created by God…“My daughter, I also feel the desire to tell you what was the first word pronounced from the lips of the first creature created by Us. You should know that no sooner than Adam felt life, motion, reason, he saw his God before himself and understood that He had formed him, he felt in himself, in all his yet fresh being the impressions, the touch of his created and thankful hands, in an impetus of love he pronounced his first word: ‘I love you my God, my Father, author of this my life’, but it was not only the word, but the breath, the heartbeat, the drops of his blood, that raced in his veins, the motion, all his being, united together they said as in chorus: ‘I love you, I love you, I love you.’ So that the first lesson that he learned from his Creator, the first word that he learned to say, the first thought that had life in his mind, the first beat that formed in his heart, it was I love you, I love you, he felt himself loved, and he loved. I could say that his I love you never ended, it was so long that then it was interrupted when he had the misfortune to fall into  sin…“Therefore my daughter, there is no greater sorrow for Us, than to see our love as broken in the creature and our Will impeded, smothered, without his working life and as subject to the human volition. Hence be attentive and in all things have for beginning love and my Divine Will.”

246. What was the tree bearing the forbidden fruit called?

  1. The tree bearing the forbidden fruit was called “the tree of knowledge of good and evil.”

Volume 19 – April 9 A.D. 1926

On the other hand, in the human will there is not a creative power which, if one wants to exercise the virtues, might be

able to create patience, humility, obedience, etc. This is why one feels hardship, fatigue, in order to be able to practice

the virtues: because the divine strength that sustains them, the creative power that nourishes them and gives them life, is missing. And so inconstancy appears, and one passes easily from virtues to vices, from prayer to dissipation, from church to amusements, from patience to impatience – all this mix of good and evil produces unhappiness in the creature. On the other hand, one who lets my Will reign within herself feels firmness in good; she feels that all things bring her happiness and joy. More so, since all the things created by Us carry the mark – the seed of the joy and the happiness of the One who created them; and they were created by Us so that all of them might bring happiness to man. Each created thing has the mandate from Us to bring to the creature the happiness and the joy it possesses 247. Do we know the name of any other tree in the garden?

  1. We know the name of another tree in the Garden called the “tree of life.” Its fruit kept the bodies of our first parents in a state of perfect health.

Volume 4 – October 8 A.D. 1901

“Ah, my daughter, the operating of the creature is empty, be it even a great work; rather, it is the union with Me and

the simple aim at pleasing Me that fills it. And since my operating, be it even a breath, accesses all the works of creatures together in an infinite way, this is why it renders it so great. Besides, don’t you know that one who makes use of my Humanity as the means to do his actions comes to nourish himself from the fruits of my own Humanity, and to feed himself from my own food? Furthermore, is it perhaps not the good intention that makes a man holy, and the evil intention that makes him perverted? One does not always do different things, but with the same actions one is sanctified and another becomes perverted.”

Now, while He was saying this, I saw a flourishing tree inside Our Lord, filled with beautiful fruits, and I saw that those souls who operated to please God alone and through His Humanity were inside of Him, upon that tree, and His Humanity served as dwelling of these souls. But how so very scarce was their number.

  1. 248. Which were the chief blessings intended for Adam and Eve had they remained faithful to God?

  2. The chief blessings intended for Adam and Eve, had they remained faithful to God, were a constant state of happiness in this life and everlasting glory in the next.

Volume 34 – August 2 A.D. 1937

“My daughter, our Supreme Being possesses the font of happiness, therefore from us can not go forth things or beings that were not happy. So that all the Creation possesses such fullness of happiness as to be able to give to all the earth perfect terrestrial happiness. Whence Adam enjoyed the fullness of happiness, all things rained upon him joys and happiness and then in his interior possessing my Volition, he contained seas of contentments, of beatitudes and joys without end, for Him everything was happiness within and without. As he sinned removing himself from my Will, the joy departed from him and all created things retired the joys that they possessed in their bosom, giving to man only the necessary means, not as to (a) proprietor, but as to (an) ungrateful servant. You see therefore from us unhappiness didn’t go forth, nor can we give it, because we don’t hold any, to give that which one doesn’t hold is impossible. Hence it was sin that cast the seed in man of unhappiness, of sorrow and of all the evils that encircle him within and without.

  1. 249. Did Adam and Eve remain faithful to God?

  2. Adam and Eve did not remain faithful to God, but broke His command by eating the forbidden fruit.

Volume 25 – February 17 A.D. 1929

“My daughter, you must know that in my Divine Will there is the permissive act and the wanted act. In the fall of Adam there was the permissive act, but not wanted by It; and in the permissive act, the light, the heat and the multiplicity of colors of my Divine Will place themselves aside and remain untouchable, without meddling in the human act. On the other hand, in the wanted act, they form one single act and one single thing. Does the light of the sun become stained because it passes over rubbish? Certainly not. Light remains always light, and rubbish remains rubbish. On the contrary, the light triumphs over everything and remains untouchable by anything, regardless of whether they trample upon it, or whether it invests the dirtiest things; because things extraneous to light do not enter into its life of light. My Divine Will is more than light; like light, It flows in all human acts, but It remains untouchable by all the evils of creatures, and only those who want to be light, heat and colors – that is, those who want to live only and always of Its Divine Will – can enter into It; anything else does not belong to It. Therefore, you can be sure that you did not enter into the fall of Adam, because his fall was not an act of light, but of darkness, and one shuns the other.”

  1. 250. Who was the first to disobey God?

  2. Eve was the first to disobey God, and she induced Adam to do likewise.

Volume 15 – June 6 A.D. 1923

Why did Adam sin? Because he removed his gaze from the divine attraction, and as Eve presented to him the fruit to let him eat of it, he looked at the fruit, and his sight took pleasure in looking at it, his hearing took delight in hearing the words of Eve – that if he ate the fruit he would become like God; and His palate took pleasure in eating it. So, taste was the first act of his ruin. On the other hand, had he felt displeasure in looking at it, tedium and bother in hearing the words of Eve, disgust in eating it, Adam would not have sinned. On the contrary, he would have done the first heroic act of his life, by resisting and correcting Eve for having done that, and he would have remained with the everlasting crown of faithfulness toward the One to whom he owed so much, and who had all the rights for his subjection. Oh! how careful must one be with the different tastes which arise in the soul. If they are purely divine tastes, one must give them life; but if they are human tastes, or of passions, one must give them death; otherwise there is the risk of falling into the current of evil.”

  1. 251. How was Eve tempted to sin?

  2. Eve was tempted to sin by the devil, who came in the form of a serpent and persuaded her to break God’s command.

Volume 29 – May 19 A.D. 1931

“My daughter, my Love was not extinguished because of the fall of man, but became more ignited; and even though my Justice justly punished him and condemned him, my Love, kissing my Justice, without delay promised the future Redeemer, and said to the deceitful serpent, with the empire of my Power: ‘You have made use of a woman to snatch man from my Divine Will, and I, by means of another woman, who will have in Her power the Power of my Fiat, will knock down your pride, and with Her immaculate foot, She will crush your head.’ These words burned the infernal serpent more than hell itself, and he stored so much rage in his heart, that he could no longer stay still – he would do nothing but go round and round the earth, to discover She who was to crush his head – not in order to let it be crushed, but so as to be able, with his infernal arts, with his diabolical tricks, to make fall She who was to defeat him, debilitate him and bind him in the dark abysses. So, for four thousand years he kept always wandering; and when he would see women who were more virtuous and good, he would arm his battle, he would tempt them in every way, and only then would he leave them, when he would be assured, by means of some weakness or defects, that they were not the One through whom he was to be defeated. And he would continue his wandering.

  1. 252. Which were the chief causes that led Eve into sin?

  2. The chief causes that led Eve into sin were:

1.(1) She went into the danger of sinning by admiring what was forbidden, instead of avoiding it.

2.(2) She did not fly from the temptation at once, but debated about yielding to it. Similar conduct on our part will lead us also into sin.

Volume 26 – April 7 A.D. 1929

Look and listen, my daughter: in the beginning, when Adam and Eve were created, Eden was given to them as their dwelling, in which they were happy and holy. This garden is a simile of that Eden, though it is not as beautiful and flowery. Now, know that I have permitted your coming to this house, which is surrounded by a garden, for you to be the new Eve; not Eve the tempter, who deserved to be put out of happy Eden, but Eve the reformer and the restorer, who will call again the Kingdom of my Divine Will upon earth. Ah! yes, you will be the seed, the cement on the wood worm that the human will has; you will be the beginning of a new happy era, and this is why I centralize in you the joy, the goods, the happiness of the beginning of Creation, and I love to repeat the conversations, the lessons, the instructions which I would have given if man had not withdrawn from Our Divine Will. Therefore, be attentive, and let your flight in It be continuous.”

  1. 253. What befell Adam and Eve on account of their sin?

  2. Adam and Eve, on account of their sin, lost innocence and holiness, and were doomed to sickness and death.

Volume 21 – April 8 A.D. 1927

‘How is it that, by withdrawing from the Divine Will, Adam fell from such a height to such a low level?’ And Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, in the natural order, one who falls from a very high point, either perishes completely, or remains so wrecked and disfigured that it is impossible for him to recover his original state of health, of beauty and of stature. He will remain as a poor cripple, bent over and lame; and if he is a father, from him will come the generation of the cripple, of the blind, of the hunchback, and of the lame. In the same way, in the supernatural order, Adam fell from a point which was extremely high. He had been placed by his Creator at a point so high as to surpass the height of the heavens, of the stars, of the sun. By living in the Divine Will, he dwelled above everything – within God Himself. Do you see, then, from what level Adam fell? Given the height from which he fell, it was a miracle that he did not perish completely; but even though he did not perish, the blow he received with the fall was so violent, that it was inevitable for him to remain crippled, wrecked, and disfigured of his rare beauty. He remained shattered in all his goods, numb in working, dazed in his intellect. A continuous fever debilitated him, and weakened all of his virtues; therefore he no longer felt the strength to dominate himself. The most beautiful character of man – the dominion of himself – had vanished, while passions took its place, to tyrannize him, and to render him restless and sad. And since he was father and head of the generations, from him came the family of the cripple. They think that not doing my Will is something trivial, but instead, it is the total ruin of the creature; and as many acts as she does from her own will, so many times does she increase her evils, her ruin, digging the most profound abyss in which to fall.”

  1. 254. What other evils befell Adam and Eve on account of their sin?

  2. Many other evils befell Adam and Eve on account of their sin. They were driven out of Paradise and condemned to toil. God also ordained that henceforth the earth should yield no crops without cultivation, and that the beasts, man’s former friends, should become his savage enemies.

Volume 24 – July 7 A.D. 1928

“My daughter, you must know that the body did nothing evil, but all the evil was done by the human will. Before sinning, Adam possessed the complete life of my Divine Will in his soul; one can say that he was filled to the brim with It, to the extent that It overflowed outside. So, by virtue of my Will, the human will transfused light outside, and emitted the fragrances of its Creator – fragrances of beauty, of sanctity and of full health; fragrances of purity, of strength, which came out from within his will like many luminous clouds. And the body was so embellished by these exhalations, that it was delightful to see him beautiful, vigorous, luminous, so very healthy, with an enrapturing grace.

Now, as Adam sinned, his human will remained alone, and he no longer had the one who would diffuse in his will the light, the varieties of so many fragrances which, being transfused outside, preserved the soul and the body as it had been created by God. Instead, thick clouds, putrid air, perfumes of weakness and of miseries began to emanate from within his human will, in such a way that the body also lost its freshness, its beauty. It became debilitated and remained subject to all evils, sharing in all the evils of the human will, just as it had shared in the good. So, if the

human will is healed by receiving again the life of my Divine Will, all the evils of the human nature will have life no more, as if by magic.


  1. 255. Were we to remain in the Garden of Paradise forever if Adam had not sinned?

  2. We were not to remain in the Garden of Paradise forever even if Adam had not sinned, but after passing through the years of our probation or trial upon earth we were to be taken, body and soul, into heaven without suffering death.

Volume 23 – November 10 A.D. 1927

You must know that the first model in Creation was the Supreme Being, within which was man to model all his acts with his Creator. The second was to be Adam, within which all his descendants were to model themselves. But because he withdrew from my Will, since my Will and Its unity were missing in him, he lacked the brushes, the colors and the raw material to be able to make the models in the likeness of his Creator. Poor one, how could he form models with the very divine form, if he was no longer in possession of that Will which administered to him the ability to do it, as well as everything that was needed to be able to form the very models of God? By rejecting my Divine Fiat, he rejected the power which can do everything and knows how to do everything. It happened to Adam as would happen to you, if you had neither paper nor pens nor ink with which to write. If these were lacking to you, you would not be able to write a single word. In the same way, he was no longer able to form the models on the divine mold. The third model must be formed by the one who must make the Kingdom of my Will return. Therefore, your duties are great; on your models will all those of others be modeled. So, let the life of my Divine Will flow in all your acts, that It may administer to you everything that is needed. In this way, everything will go well, and your Jesus will be together with you, to make you execute His divine models well.”

  1. 256. What evil befell us on account of the disobedience of our first parents?

  2. On account of the disobedience of our first parents, we all share in their sin and punishment, as we should have shared in their happiness if they had remained faithful.

Volume 21 – April 8 A.D. 1927

His fall brought graver consequences, because he was the head of all generations; therefore, as though naturally, all the members were to feel the effects of the evil of their head. See, then: when my Will has been expressed, wanted and commanded, the sin is graver and the consequences are irreparable; and only my Divine Will Itself can make up for such a great evil, as that which occurred to Adam. On the other hand, when It is not expressed, even though the creature has the duty to pray to Me in order to know my Will in her work – whether there is any good in her act, and my glory alone – the evil is not so grave, and it is easier to find a remedy. And I do this with each creature, in order to test their loyalty, and also to secure the love which they say they have for Me. Who would not want to be sure about a property he has acquired, to the point of writing the deed? Who would not want to be sure about the faithfulness of a friend, or about the true loyalty of a servant? So, in order to be sure, I let them know that I want some little sacrifices, which will bring all goods and sanctity to them, and they will fulfill the purpose for which they were created. But if they are reluctant, everything will be upset in them, and all evils will swoop down upon them.

Therefore, not doing my Will is always evil – more or less evil, according to the knowledge one possesses of It.”

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2/14 One who lives in the Divine Will feels the need to go around the Divine Works and how all the Divine Works go around the creature


From the writings of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


March 6, 1932

 One who Lives in the Divine Will feels the need to go around the Divine Works; and how all the Divine Works go around the creature. The purpose, seed of light.

 I was continuing my round in the Divine Works. I feel my poor mind as though fixed around the Works of my Creator; and it does its race, almost continuous, around them.  In fact, since they are Works done for Love of me, I feel the duty to recognize them, to use them as stairways in order to ascend to He who so much Loved me, and Loves me, and to give Him my little love because He wants to be loved.  But while I was doing this, I thought to myself:  “And why does my mind have to always run?  It seems to me that a Powerful Force is over me, maintaining my race.” 

And my sweet Jesus, making me His tiny little visit, told me: “My daughter, everything goes around the creature:  the heavens go around, and do not let her escape from under their azure vault; the sun goes around, and with its little rounds of light it gives her light and heat; the water goes around the creature; the fire, the air, the wind—and each element gives her the properties it contains.  My very Life and all My Works are in continuous round around the creatures, to be in continuous Act of giving Myself to them.  Even more, you must know that as soon as a baby is conceived, My Conception goes around the conception of the baby, to form him and keep him defended.  And as he is born, My Birth places itself around the newborn, to go around him and give him the helps of My Birth, of My tears, of My wailings; and even My Breath goes around him to warm him.  The newborn does not love Me, though unconsciously, and I Love him to folly; I Love his innocence, My Image in him, I Love what he must be.  My Steps go around his first vacillating steps in order to strengthen them, and they continue to go around unto the last step of his life, to keep his steps safe within the round of My Steps.  In sum, My Works go around his works, My Words around his, My Pains around his pains; and when he is about to breathe the last breath of his life, My Agony goes around him as support of his own, and My Death, with Unconquerable Strength, goes around to give him unexpected helps, and with Jealousy, all Divine, it presses itself around him so that his death may not be death, but True Life for Heaven.  And I can say that even My Resurrection goes around his sepulcher, waiting for the propitious time in order to call, by the Empire of My Resurrection, his Resurrection of the body to Immortal Life.

“Now, all the Works that have come out of My Will, all of them go round and round—for this purpose were they Created. To stop means to have no Life and not to produce the fruit established by Us—which cannot be, because the Divine Being knows not how to do either dead works or works without fruit.  So, one who enters into My Divine Will takes her place in the Order of Creation and feels the need to go around together with all created things; she feels the necessity to make her rapid rounds around My Conception, My Birth, My tender Age and everything I did upon earth.  And the Beauty of it is that while she goes around all Our Works, Our Works go around her; in sum, they compete in going around each other.  But this is all the effect and fruit of My Divine Will, such that, since It is continuous Motion, one who is in It feels the Life of Its Motion, and therefore the need to run together with It.  Even more, I tell you:  if you do not feel the continuous race of going around Our Works, it is a sign that your life is not permanent in My Will, but you make some exits, some little escapes; and therefore the race ceases, because the One who gives it the Life of running is missing; and as you enter into It, so It puts you in the Order, and you continue the race, because another Will, Divine and Operating, has entered into you.  Therefore, be attentive, because you have to deal with an Omnipotent Will, which always runs and embraces everything.”

After this, I was thinking to myself: “What will be the good, the utility of this race of mine, of this going round and round in the Acts of the Divine Will?” 

And the Celestial King Jesus added: “My daughter, you must know that each act of creature contains the value of the purpose with which she animates her act.  The purpose is like the seed which, buried under the earth, pulverizes with the earth—yet, not in order to die, but to be reborn and form the little plant, loaded with branches, with flowers and fruits that belong to that seed.  The seed cannot be seen, it is hidden in its little plant, but from the fruits one knows the seed—whether it is good or bad.  Such is the purpose—it is seed of Light, and it can be said that it remains as though buried, and it pulverizes in the act of the creature.  And if the purpose is holy, all the acts that come from that purpose will all be holy acts, because there is the First Purpose, the first seed that animates and gives Life to the sequence of the acts of the First Purpose; and these acts form the Life of the Purpose, and in them appear flowers and fruits of True Sanctity.  And as long as the creature, with Full Knowledge of her will, does not destroy the Original Purpose, she can be sure that her acts are enclosed in the First Purpose.  Now, your race in My Divine Will will have the Purpose that you want—that Its Kingdom be Formed—and therefore all its acts are centralized in My Fiat; and converting into seed of Light, they all become Acts of My Will, that eloquently, with Ancient and Divine Voices, ask for this Kingdom so Holy into the midst of the human generations.”



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