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4/23 Happy 153d Birthday Luisa!


Happy 153rd Birthday Luisa in the Most Holy Divine WILL!!!

 Luisa was born on April 23, 1865, the Sunday after Easter (now Celebrated as Mercy Sunday) and was Baptized that same day. Her father – a few hours after her birth – wrapped her in a blanket and carried her to the parish Church where Holy Baptism was administered to her.

Font where the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta was Baptized

 Note images of St. Faustina and Our Lord in the background
Luisa was born and baptized on the Sunday after Easter
Now the Sunday after Easter is known as Divine Mercy Sunday
As designated by Saint Pope John Paul II

 Childhood Memories by the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

The Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta the Little Daughter of the Divine Will



July 15, 1926

My Jesus, my Love, my Celestial Mama and Sovereign Queen, come to my assistance, take my poor heart in your hands. Don’t you see how it bleeds because of the hard fight of having to start all over again, talking about my poor existence, my childhood?
At any cost would I want to escape this most painful and hard sacrifice,
and even more painful because unexpected; but a new obedience comes out into
the field to torture my poor and insignificant existence. Jesus, Mama, come to my aid, otherwise I feel that my will would want to enter the field again, in order to have life and to be able to say a curt “no” to the one who commands me. Ah, Jesus, will You
perhaps allow me to have anything to do with my will, after You have kept it
bound at your feet with so much jealousy for so long, as gift and triumph of
your little daughter?

They imposed it on me to pray in order to know from You, whether I have to do it or not, and instead of being with me, You told me: “This will serve to make known the land which the Sun of My Will had to illumine, in order to form Its Kingdom.”

Ah, Jesus, what do I care of making my little land known! And You
should care to make your Will known; isn’t that true, O Jesus? But Jesus kept silent and disappeared; and with all the intense bitterness of my soul I say, “Fiat! Fiat!,”
and I begin.

So, at the beginning I will say what I have been told by my own family.

I was born in 1865, on April 23, Sunday “in Albis”, in the morning; on the same evening I was baptized. My mother said that I was born upside down although she did not suffer at all during the delivery; and in fact in the encounters and circumstances of my poor existence I usually say: “I was born upside down! It is right that my life be
upside down compared to the life of other creatures.”

I remember that during the tender age of three or four up to about the age of ten, I was of fearful temperament, and the fear was such that I could neither be alone nor take one
step by myself. But the reason for this was that from the age of three, at night I had always had frightening dreams. I dreamed of the devil who gave me such fright as to make me tremble. Many times I dreamed that he wanted to take me with him pulling me strongly, and I made every effort to escape. In this dream I would break out into a cold sweat, hide, and run into the arms of my Mama. Then the following
day I would remain with the impression of those dreams, and with such fear that
I felt as though the devil was coming out from all sides.

Now, I believe that this was good for me, because from that age I recited many “Hail Marys” and “Our Fathers” to all the Saints whose names I knew, in
order to obtain the grace of not dreaming of the devil; and if anyone mentioned
another Saint whom I didn’t know, I immediately added a “Father” if he was male, or a “Hail” if she was female, because I said that if I did not honor all of them, they would have made me dream of the devil. I remember that from that age I always
recited the seven “Hails” to the Sorrowful Mama, so I had a great length of “Fathers” and “Hail Marys”; so, while the other little girls and my little sisters were playing, I remained a short distance from them-or together with them because I was scared-but I did not participate in their innocent games in order to recite my long series of “Hails” and “Our Fathers”… I also remember that sometimes I dreamed of
the Virgin who cast the devil away from me, and once said to me: “My
daughter, cry, for My Son is dead.”
I was shaken and I felt compassion for Her; but this made me unhappy. When I reached a more capable age in which I
was able to meditate and read, I could not be by myself because of the fear,
and therefore I could not do what I wanted.

Now, after I became a daughter of Mary at the age of eleven, one day, as I wanted to pray and meditate, I was caught up by fear and I was about to run to my family, when I
felt a strength in my interior holding me back, and in the depth of my soul I
heard a voice telling me: “Why do you fear? Your Angel is by your side, Jesus is in your heart, and your Celestial Mama keeps you under her mantle; why do you fear then? Who is stronger: your guardian Angel, your Jesus, your Celestial Mama, or the infernal enemy? Therefore, do not run away, but stay, pray, and do not fear.”

This voice in my interior gave me so much strength, courage and firmness that the fear went away, and every time I was caught up by fear, I heard this voice in my interior again, and I felt I was being carried by the hand, by my angel, by the Sovereign Queen
and by sweet Jesus. I felt triumphant in their midst, so much so, that I acquired such courage that all the fear went away; and even more, the frightening dreams ceased completely. So I was able to be alone, walk alone, go to the garden by myself when we stayed at the farm house; while before, if I did go, I would run away if I saw only a tree branch moving, because I thought that the devil was up there.

I remember that one day, recalling the fear of my young age, the many dreams about the enemy, which rendered my childhood unhappy, I said to Jesus: “What’s the purpose, my Love, of having spent my young age with so much fear, with so many bad dreams which made me shake and sweat, and embittered an age so tender? I could understand nothing, nor did I think that the enemy had any purpose, given that my age was so small; and Jesus said to me: “My daughter, the enemy had an inkling of something about you-that I could use you in something for My great Glory, and that he would receive a great defeat, never before received; more so, since he saw that, as much as he tried, he could not make any affection or thought less pure penetrate into you, because I kept the doors closed to him, and he could find no way to enter. In seeing this, he became angry and, unable to do anything else, he tried to terrify you with dreams of fear and fright. Moreover, since he did not know
the reason for My great designs upon you which were to serve for the
destruction of his kingdom, he came to attention in order to investigate the
cause, hoping to be able to harm you in some way.”

Our Lord has been very good to me, giving me good parents, who were mostly attentive not to letting us hear even one word of blasphemy or that was less than honest. They loved me, but with a dignified and serious love. I remember that when I was
a little child, my father never took me in his arms, and that I never gave or received kisses from him. I do not remember having kissed my mother either; and when I was grown up and bedridden, as she had to go to the farm house and be absent for many months, on taking leave of me, my mama made the motion of wanting to kiss me; in seeing this, I kissed her hand before she could, and so she abstained from that expression, so maternal.

Daddy and mama were angels of purity and modesty. They were
generous with their employees: fraud and deceit had no place in our house. Their custody was such that never did they entrust us to strange people, but kept us always with them. I hope that blessed Jesus rewarded so much virtue, by giving them the Celestial Fatherland as residence.

I also remember that I was of shy temperament, and if relatives or other people came to visit us, I ran upstairs so as not to be found, or I hid behind a bed and prayed; and I came out only when they called me telling me that they had left. When my mama went to visit some relatives and wanted to take me with her, I cried because I did not want to go; so, I and one of my little sisters, with almost the same temperament, were content with remaining alone and locked in instead of going out. This shyness prevented me from participating in anything-either feast or amusements, even innocent ones-which were usual among families. I was the sacrificed one of shyness, and if my parents forced me, I felt crucified because shyness rendered all things alien to me.

As I remembered all this, which somehow rendered my childhood unhappy, sweet Jesus said to me: “My daughter, even the shyness with which I surrounded you in your tender age was one of My greatest jealousies of love for you. I wanted that no one would enter into you, either world or people; I wanted to render you apart from everyone. I did not want you to participate in anything, or that anything be
pleasing to you, because, having established from that time that I was to form
the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat within you, and since you were to take part in
Its feasts and joys-it was right that you enjoy no other feast, and that you be
deprived of all pleasures and amusements which are on earth. Aren’t you happy?”
But although I was shy and fearful, I was of lively and happy temperament: I ran, I jumped, and I even did some impertinences.

Then, at about the age of twelve, a new period of my life began: I started to hear the interior voice of Jesus, especially at Communion. I had First Communion at nine, and on the same day I received the Sacrament of Holy Confirmation.

Not rarely did Jesus make Himself heard in my interior when I received Holy Communion. Sometimes I remained several hours kneeling,
almost motionless, after Communion, and I heard the interior voice speaking,
and sometimes reproaching me if I had not been good and attentive. And if sometimes during the course of the day I had been a little distracted, oh, how it reprimanded me, and ended up saying: “Yet, you say that you love Me; and where is this love of yours?” I felt like dying in hearing this, and promised to be more attentive, and Jesus added: “I will see, I will see if it is true…; words are not enough for Me; I want facts.”

Communion became my predominant passion. In It I centralized
all my affections. I was certain to hear Our Lord speaking; and how much it cost me to be deprived of It, being forced by my family to go with them to the farm house, and having to be many months without Mass and without Communion. How
many times I burst into tears in seeing trees, flowers, the whole Creation…! I said to myself: “The works of Jesus are around me; only Jesus is not with me…
Please, speak to me, you flower, you sun, you heavens, you crystal clear
water flowing in our little pond-speak to me about Jesus. You are works of His hands, give me news of Him…!” And it seemed that all things spoke to me about Him. Each created thing spoke to me about each quality of Jesus, and crying because I could not
receive the One Whom all things loved, things which could narrate so well the
beauty, the love, the goodness of Jesus-I wept and reached the point of falling ill.

Also during meditation I heard the voice of Jesus, but sometimes it was missing; but at Communion, never. And how many times, while meditating, I would remain two or three hours without being able to move. As I read the point and stopped, I heard the
voice of Jesus in my interior, Who, acting as Teacher, explained the meditation
to me. Since that time in my interior lovable Jesus gave me lessons on the Cross, on meekness, on obedience, on His hidden Life… Talking about His hidden
Life, I remember that He said to me: “My daughter, your life must be in our
midst in the home of Nazareth. If you work, if you pray, if you take food, if you walk, you must give one hand to Me, the other to our Mama, and your gaze to Saint Joseph, to see whether your acts correspond to ours, so as to be able to say: first I make my model what Jesus, the Celestial Mama and Saint Joseph do, and then I follow it. According to the model you have made, I want to be repeated by you in My hidden Life; I want to find in you the works of My Mama, those of My dear Saint Joseph, and My own works.”

I was confused and said to Him: “My beloved Jesus, I don’t know how to do it.” And He: “My daughter, courage, do not lose heart; if you do not know how to do it, ask Me to teach you, and I will soon teach you. I will tell you of our way-My
intentions, the continuous love among the three of us; of how I, as sea, and
they, as little rivers, were always swollen in such a way that one overflowed
into the other, to the extent of having little time to talk to each other, so
much were we absorbed in love. Do you see how behind you are? Much do you have
to do in order to reach us. Much silence and attention would be convenient for you, for I do not want you behind, but in our midst.”

So, when I didn’t know what to do, I asked Jesus, and He taught me in my interior. I tried almost always to withdraw from my family as much as I could, in order to be alone, to maintain silence. I took my work and I asked mama for permission to go upstairs, and she allowed me to do so. So my mind was in the house of Nazareth-and I
looked now at one, now at the other, and I felt confused in seeing them so
attentive in their humble works, so absorbed in the flames of love, which rose
so high that their works remained inflamed and transformed into love. And I, astonished, thought to myself: “They love so much, and what is my love? Can I
say that my works, my prayers, the food I take, the steps I take, are flames
which rise to the Throne of God, and form a river which overflows into the sea
of Jesus? In seeing that it was not so, I remained afflicted, and in my interior Jesus said to me: “What is it? Do not afflict yourself; little by little you will make it. I will be over you, and you-follow Me and do not fear.”

If I wanted to say everything which occurred in my interior during my childhood, I would be too long; more so, since in the first Volume I have written-without specifying the
period, whether before or after, whether I was younger or grown up-there is
mention of the crafting of grace in the depth of my soul, because so I was
told: that it did not matter if I didn’t put the order of age-what had happened
before, or what happened later-as long as I said what had occurred in me. More so, since after many years, it was difficult for me to maintain the order of what had occurred in my interior. So now, in order not to make repetitions, I move forward.

I remember that, as a girl, I had almost a yearning for becoming a nun, and since I went to school to the nuns, I felt an affection a little pronounced for them; but I loved them
because I wanted to be one of them. However, in my interior I felt reproached because of this affection, and while I promised to love no one else but Jesus, I fell again, and Jesus returned to give me bitter reproaches. This was the only affection I remember, which I felt in my life in a special way, since afterwards I no longer felt in love with anyone. What tyranny a natural affection is, even though innocent, for the poor human heart! I remember it with terror; the internal reproaches crucified me; it
seemed to me that my affection kept Jesus crucified, and that Jesus, in return,
crucified me; so I did not enjoy true peace, because the nature of human love
is to wage war against a poor heart. To have peace and to love people in a special way, does not exist in the world, and if it does, it means having no conscience; even if it were with a holy and indifferent intention.

But blessed Jesus put a stop to it soon, and here is how. One morning
I asked my mama to send me to visit Mother Superior, and I obtained this with
hardship and sacrifice. Upon going there, I asked for Mother Superior, and after a while I got the answer that she was busy and could not come. On hearing
this I was wounded. I went to church and poured out my pain with Jesus; and from this He took the occasion to make me stop. He spoke to me of His Love, of the
inconstancy of the love of creatures, and of how He absolutely wanted me to
stop it, telling me: “When a heart is not empty, I refuse it, nor can I
begin the crafting which I had planned to do in the depth of the soul.”
But who can tell all that He said to me in my interior? I remember that it did
end there, and my heart remained intrepid, no longer able to love anyone.

But I always prayed Jesus to let me become a nun, and I often asked Him when I felt Him in my interior, whether my religious vocation was going to be fulfilled. And Jesus assured me, telling me: “Yes, I will make you content; you will see that you will be a nun.” I remained all content in being assured by Jesus, and I tried to dispose my family in order to obtain their consent; but they were opposed, especially my mother. She even cried, and said to me that she would have made me content if I
wanted to become a cloistered nun; but to be an active nun, she would have
never let me win.

However, to tell the truth, I wanted to become an active nun, because those I knew had been my teachers; but my long illness occurred, and put an end to my vocation. Many times I lamented with Jesus and said to Him: “Yet, You told me a lie-You made fun of me, promising that I was going to become a nun.” And many times Jesus
assured me that He was telling the truth, saying to me: “I can neither
deceive nor make fun. The call which I made upon you was more special: who, in becoming a nun, even in the most strict religious lives, cannot walk, cannot take air, cannot enjoy anything? And how many times in religious orders do
they let the little world in, and amuse themselves magnificently? And I remain as if aside… Ah, My daughter, when I call to a state, I know how to fulfill the call. The place
is indifferent to Me; the religious habit tells Me nothing, when in substance
the soul is what she should be if she had entered religious life. Therefore I tell you that you are and will be the true little nun of My Heart.”

Important dates

1865 – Luisa Piccarreta was born on April 23, the Sunday after Easter, in Corato, Bari, to Nicola Vito and Rosa Tarantino, who had five daughters: Maria, Rachele, Filomena, Luisa and Angela.  A few hours after Luisa’s birth, her father wrapped her in a blanket and took her to the main church for baptism. Her mother had not suffered the pangs of labor: her birth was painless.

1872 – She received Jesus in the Eucharist on the Sunday after Easter, and the sacrament of Confirmation was administered to her on that same day by Archbishop Giuseppe Bianchi Dottula of Trani.

1883 – At the age of eighteen, from the balcony of her house, she saw Jesus, bent beneath the weight of the Cross, who said to her: “O soul! Help me!“. From that moment, solitary soul that she was, she lived in continuous union with the ineffable sufferings of her Divine Bridegroom.

1888 – She became a Daughter of Mary and a Dominican Tertiary with the name of Sr. Maddalena

1885-1947 – A chosen soul, a seraphic bride of Christ, humble and devout, whom God had endowed with extraordinary gifts, an innocent victim, a lightening conductor of Divine Justice, bedridden for sixty-two years without interruption, she was a herald of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

March 4 – Full of merits, in the eternal light of the Divine Will she ended her days as she had lived them, to triumph with the angels and saints in the eternal splendor of the Divine Will.

March 7 – For four days her mortal remains were exposed for the veneration of an immense throng of the faithful who went to her house to have a last look at Luisa the Saint, so dear to their hearts. The funeral was a realm triumph; Luisa passed like a queen, borne aloft on shoulders among the lines of people. All the clergy, secular and religious, accompanied Luisa’s body. The funeral liturgy took place in the main church with the participation of the entire chapter. In the afternoon, Luisa was buried in the family Chapel of the Calvi family.

July 3,1963 – Her mortal remains were definitively laid to rest in Santa Maria Greca.

November 20, 1994 – Feast of Christ the King: Archbishop Carmelo Cassati officially opened the Beatification Cause of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta in the principal church of Corato, in the presence of a huge crowd of people, locals and foreigners.


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4/23 Tomorrow is the Anniversary of the Birth of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta

April 23 2018: Archbishop D’Ascenzo’s first visit to Luisa Piccarreta



On April 23, on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, our Archbishop Monsignor Leonardo D’Ascenzo will visit, for the first time, the house of Luisa and will meet the Association Luisa Piccarreta Little Children of the Divine Will.

Our bishop will have the opportunity to know the reality of the sons and daughters of the Divine Will and it would be nice that in some way this visit can be shared also by all the brothers and sisters in Italy and in the world.

For this reason, those who have the opportunity to come to Corato can participate in the Celebration of Holy Mass at 7, 00 pm in the Church of Saint Mary the Greek and at the end take part in the meeting with the Archbishop.

However, for those who, can’t be present we ask to participate the same, first of all with the prayer and also with a photo or a video that you can send to the Association. Then they will merge into a video that we will show to the Archbishop in the evening of April 23rd.

It is a beautiful gesture to make him feel the presence of the great family of the children of the Divine Will in the world.

You can send your photos or videos to the email address of the association: or

We look forward to meeting lots of youI


Associazione Luisa Piccarreta

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Luisa had a good word for everybody, a word of hope”

The Testimony of Eugenia Carvelli



Miss Eugenia Carvelli died on April 13th at the age of 93. She was one of the lucky people who knew the servant of God Luisa Piccarreta. Eugenia was born in Catanzaro on 10 March 1925. She was the last of six siblings, and lost both her parents at the age of three. The children, left orphans, were entrusted to a different orphanage. Providence brought Eugenia to the Institute of the Sisters of Divine Zeal in which she remained until she reached the age of majority. And it was in this place that her meeting with Luisa originated.

We report, below, some excerpts of an interview that was made with Dr. Marina Labartino and published on Lostradone newspaper in which her memories emerge.

“For the most part, during the summer or on the warm days of spring and autumn, I and the other girls had the task of taking Luisa out in the garden, on the wheelchair, after lunch, during the recreation … Luisa attended the Mass from access to the sacristy sitting on the wheelchair; she lived in a room close to the chapel, and was helped by her sister Angelina and another attendant … .. She spoke very little – Eugenia continued – she always spoke only of the Divine Will “.

In the convent, Eugenia received the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. Miss Maria Greca Calvi, sister of Don Benedetto accompanied her on the Christian path. In fact, she became Eugenia’s godmother of Confirmation, and promised her that, at the age of majority, she and Don Benedetto would welcome her into their home as a niece. And so it happens. At the age of 21, Eugenia left the orphanage and went to live with them; she was joined to them by a deep bond, and when she spoke to them she affectionately called them “Uncle Benedetto” and “Aunt Maria Greca”.

After her transfer to Calvi family’s house, Eugenia went with Maria Greca to visit Luisa in her house in Via Maddalena, every afternoon and spent time with her for about an hour. ” We often talked with her sister Angelina in the other room, because there were always so many people in Luisa’s that we preferred to move or leave … Luisa had a good word for everybody, a word of hope. Most people who went to her, suffered from some disorder or illness, or worried about some family members. Luisa told them to entrust themselves to the Divine Will, that the strength to bear everything would come from God. Also the foreigners who came from anywhere were so many, they came even from America “.

Eugenia reported that she often saw Luisa with a booklet in her hand while writing. “When it happened, Aunt Maria Greca and I, we immediately moved to the next room so as not to disturb.” She also remembered the molten iron bowl near the bed where Luisa vomited all her food: “Luisa ate very little, more liquid things, but after an hour she vomited everything. She was unable to throw up only the Eucharist”.

The thing that fascinated her most was the fact that Luisa never complained, that she was always sitting, in the same position for years, yet she had no sores, as it happens to people who are bedridden  for a long time.

Eugenia remembered vividly also the day of Luisa’s funeral: We were called immediately. Aunt Maria Greca and I, we ran to help dress her. As her body was soft and flexible,  we also tried to stretch it on the bed, holding it firm, but, as we loosened the grasp, the body lifted up again and restored the original position that it had held for so many years. Each of our operations aimed at lying down was vain. As Luisa remained in a sitting position when she was  alive, so she remained even after death. So, a coffin especially for her was built. “

Even the memories of the exhumation of Luisa’s body in 1963 were still shining: “Aunt Maria Greca and I, we cleaned the bones, one by one, with pieces soaked in alcohol. A few tiny fragments and the shirt that was worn by Luisa was cut into strips and given to those who wanted a memory of her. Together with some dressmakers devoted to Luisa, we made many small cardboard hearts covered with white silk. Inside, between the two cardboard hearts, we inserted the relics: some shreds of cloth or crumbs of bones. Nothing was lost or thrown away. During Mass celebrated by Uncle Benedetto in Santa Maria Greca,  there were so many foreigners. Then what remained of Luisa’s body was buried in a grave placed on one side of the Church of Santa Maria Greca “.

It is always nice to read or listen to testimonies of people who knew Luisa, because they also allow us to have a direct encounter with her humanity.


It is adapted from an article by Marina Labartino – “Lostradone” newspaper  – March 2017


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4/16 A Very Blessed and Happy 91st Birthday to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

4/16 – A Very Blessed and Happy 91tst Birthday to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

P_Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
Born April 16, 1927

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s words to people gathered at Castel Gandolfo:

“I am no longer the Pope but I am still in the church.
I’m just a pilgrim who is starting the last part of his pilgrimage on this earth.” 

Letter #46 of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta.

In Voluntate Dei!

Most esteemed one in the Lord,

I assure you my poor prayers.  Have great confidence, which conquers God, Who surrenders to your needs.  Offer some Holy Masses to plead for what you want.  Then put everything with filial abandonment into the hands of God and of the Queen – They, who love us so much and want to be loved.  All that will happen will be always the best for you and for poor Jesus.  Crosses make us be reborn to a new life of sanctity and of Grace; therefore the crosses which are borne with true resignation make us like Jesus and are our rebirths in good, in Love and in the Divine Volition, which wants to be our life.  So, let us make everything flow in the Holy Will, if we want It to perform Its prodigies of love in our soul…

I commend myself to your prayers, and from the heart I will do it for you.  And sending you the greeting of the Divine Volition, that may bring peace to you and balm to your pains, I say,

most affectionately yours,

the little daughter of the Divine Will

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4/14 Today begins the Novena for the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta’s birthday

4/14 Today begins the Novena for the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta’s birthday.

NOVENA in honor of  LUISA PICCARRETA’S  birthday April 23rd


Baptismal Font were Luisa Piccarreta was Baptized on April 23, 1865


The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta was born in Corato in the Province of Bari, on April 23,1865 and died there in the odor of sanctity on March 4, 1947.
Luisa was born on the Sunday after Easter and was baptized that same day. Her father – a few hours after her birth – wrapped her in a blanket and carried her to the parish church where holy Baptism was administered to her.

Nine Day Novena
For the Gift of Living In the Divine Will
one with Luisa, the little daughter of the Divine Will
From April 14 to April 23 – Birthday of Luisa
click here


The Command Prayer

(recite after each days prayer)

Abba Father, In the Name of Jesus, in the Unity and Power of the Holy Spirit, Under the Mantle of Mary, with all the Angels and Saints, through the Intercession ofThe Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta. please take my humble prayer and make it Your Command, that all be accomplished and completed in Your Most Holy Divine Will. Fiat! Amen!


Day 1

The Mystical Marriage –  “The longed for day finally arrived, after not a little suffering. …He drew near me, took my heart in His hands,…He dusted it, and then He gave it back to me. Then He took a garment of immense beauty, …and He clothed me with that garment. …He bejeweled my ears. Then He adorned my neck and my arms, and surrounded my forehead with a crown of immense value,…Now, while He was crowning my forehead, Jesus told me: “Most sweet spouse, I place this crown upon you so that nothing may be missing in order to make you worthy of being My spouse; but then, after our wedding is finished, I will take it with Me to Heaven, to keep it for you at the moment of your death.” (V1)

PrayerLord, may Your Kingdom Come.  O Please!  Let it be Known, Loved and Possessed by the human Generations.


Day 2

“Sometimes, carrying me with Him, He (Jesus) would take me (Luisa) to Paradise… I will just say that sometimes, while finding myself in that Blessed Fatherland, I would be strolling together with Jesus in the midst of the Choirs of Angels and the Saints; and since I was newly-espoused, all the Blessed would unite together to participate in the joys of our marriage. …Jesus would show me to the Saints, saying to them: “See this soul – she is a Triumph of My Love; My Love has surpassed everything in her.”

Other times, then, He would make me stay at the place which was going to be mine, and He would say to me: “Here is your place – no one can take it away from you.” (V1)

PrayerLord, may Your Kingdom Come.  O Please!  Let it be Known, Loved and Possessed by the human Generations.


Day 3

“While I am outside of myself, my Adorable Jesus continues to show me my heart inside of His – but so transformed, that I can no longer recognize which one is mine and which one is Jesus’. …I seemed to see my Beloved Jesus occupied with preparing the place in which He was to put the heart, perfuming it and bejeweling it with many different flowers. And while He was doing this, He told me: “My beloved, since you must live from My Heart, it is appropriate for you to undertake a more perfect way of living. Therefore, from you I want:

  1. Perfect conformity to My Will, because you will only be able to love Me perfectly if you love Me with My own Will.
  2. Profound humility, placing yourself, in front of Me and of creatures, as the last among all.”  (…)  (V4 – 11.20.00)

PrayerLord, may Your Kingdom Come.  O Please!  Let it be Known, Loved and Possessed by the human Generations.


Day 4

  1. Purity in everything, because any slightest fault against purity, both in loving and in operating, is reflected all in the heart, and it remains stained. …if all your works, thoughts and words, heartbeats and affections, desires and inclinations, are adorned with the celestial dew of purity, you will weave a sweet enchantment, not only for the human eye, but for the Whole of Heaven.
  2. Obedience, which must be connected with My Will, because if this virtue regards the superiors I have given you on earth, My Will is obedience which regards Me directly; …However, both of them have the same value, and one cannot be without the other; therefore you must love both one and the other in the same way.”

“Know that from now on you will live with My Heart, and you must see things the way My Heart does, that I may find My satisfactions in you. Therefore be careful, for this is no longer your heart, but Mine.”   (V4 – 11.20.00)

PrayerLord, may Your Kingdom Come.  O Please!  Let it be Known, Loved and Possessed by the human Generations.


Day 5

“…See, in order to make the creature ascend again into the Firmness, into the Perennial Good, into the unshakeability of My Will, I want to Establish My Kingdom in their midst. See then, in what point I have placed you—in the Firmness and unshakeability of the Fiat, so as to allow you to lay this Kingdom of Mine within It. And just as My Will Triumphs of everything with Its Firmness, so will you Triumph of everything with Its Firmness and in the unshakeability of Its Acts, and you will reorder the Divine Order between the two wills—the Divine Will shall be reintegrated in Its Glory, and the human will shall place itself again in the order established by God.”   (V20 – 1.13.27)

PrayerLord, may Your Kingdom Come.  O Please!  Let it be Known, Loved and Possessed by the human Generations.


Day 6

‘Tell me, my Life, who is my Family? What is my dowry and Yours?’ And smiling, He continued: “Your family is the Trinity. Don’t you remember that in the first years of bed I took you to Heaven and we Celebrated our Union before the Most Holy Trinity…We, the Three Divine Persons, Descended from Heaven, took Possession of your heart, and formed Our Perpetual Residence in it. We took the reins of your intelligence, of your heart, and of all of yourself; and everything you did was an Outpouring of Our Creative Will over you, and the Confirmation that your will was animated by an Eternal Will.  (V13 – 12.5.21)

PrayerLord, may Your Kingdom Come.  O Please!  Let it be Known, Loved and Possessed by the human Generations.


Day 7

(…) “My daughter, courage, let Me finish to manifest to you all that is necessary, regarding the Kingdom of My Will, so that nothing may be missing in order to form It in the midst of the human family.  …Its full Triumph you will see from Heaven.  …We will do It together, My daughter.  Your pains, your long sacrifices, your incessant prayers that My Kingdom may come soon, and My Manifestations about It – I will Unite everything together with Me and will form the foundations.  Once I have completed everything, I will Entrust My Kingdom to My ministers, so that, like second Apostles of the Kingdom My Will, they may be the criers of It.  (V20 – 11.6.26)

PrayerLord, may Your Kingdom Come.  O Please!  Let it be Known, Loved and Possessed by the human Generations.


Day 8

“Live always in your precious Inheritance, that was given to you with so much Love.  It is yours—It will always be yours, inseparable from you; nor will I ever permit that My little daughter not feel the heartbeat of My Light, the breath of My balsamic Air, the Life of My Divine Will.”

(…)“Now, My daughter, one who lives in My Divine Will possesses the rights of her creation, and therefore, more than sun, she lives in the Unity of her Creator; she is the reproducer of the effects of the Divine Unity.  In this Unity she gathers everything, embraces everyone, warms everyone, and with the breath of the Divine Unity she produces in the hearts of creatures all the effects that are present in the Kingdom of Grace…” (V27 – 11.14.29)

PrayerLord, may Your Kingdom Come.  O Please!  Let it be Known, Loved and Possessed by the human Generations.


Day 9

“One who lives in My Will is the True Sun, that is such that apparently one sees nothing but light and feels nothing but heat, but how many goods are there not inside that light and heat?  How many effects?  The life and the goods of the earth are enclosed inside that light and heat.  In the same way, with one who Lives in My Divine Fiat, apparently one sees a creature, but inside there is a Divine Will that sustains everything—Heaven and earth, and does not want to keep inactive she who possesses such a great good.” (V27 – 11.14.29)

PrayerLord, may Your Kingdom Come.  O Please!  Let it be Known, Loved and Possessed by the human Generations.


Saturday April 23, 2017

Luisa’s Birthday

V3 – April 23, 1900 – This morning, finding myself outside of myself, I saw my sweet Jesus suffering very much, and I prayed Him to share His pains with me; and He said to me:  “You too suffer.  Rather, I will take your place and You will do for me the office of a nurse.”  So it seemed that Jesus placed Himself in my bed, and I, beside Him, began to check His head, removing the thorns which were driven into it one by one.  Then I moved on to His body and I visited all His wounds; I dried up the blood, I kissed them, but I had nothing with which to salve them so as to mitigate the spasm, when I saw that oil was coming out from me.  I took it and I salved the wounds of Jesus, but with some concern, as I did not understand what the meaning was of that oil coming out from me.

But blessed Jesus made me understand that resignation to the Divine Will is oil which, while salving and mitigating our pains, salves and mitigates the spasm of the wounds of Jesus at the same time.  Then, after performing this office for my dear Jesus for quite some time, He disappeared and I came back into myself.

Prayer – Lord, we pray that Your Eternal Fiat be Known, and just as it Reigns Triumphantly in Heaven, it may Come to Reign Triumphantly in the Midst of Creatures. We also pray that we may be anointed and salved with the Oil from Luisa so that we may all be Resigned to the Most Holy Divine Will.  Fiat!  Amen.

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