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Titles of Our Lady as COMFORTER

Titles of Our Lady as COMFORTER

A comfort in age.

A comforter in every pain.

A sign of sure hope and solace for the Pilgrim People of God.

Comfort of Christians.

Comfort of mourners.

Comfort to the sorrowful.

Comforter of the afflicted.


Consolation of afflicted souls.

Consolation of the human race.

Consolation of all the souls in purgatory.


Consoler rare.

Ever the aid and consolation of those who suffer.

My comfort, sure and true.

My consolation.

Our comfort in life.

Our consolation in the hour of death.

Our unfailing comfort.

Solace of our pilgrimage.

Solace of the miserable.

Solace of the wretched.

Tender comforter.

The one who carries to earth and to men the abundance of sweet consolations.

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