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Adriana Pallotti


 Adriana Pallotti is a wonderful lady who lives in San Giovanni Rotondo (Foggia – Italy), where she founded the “House of Prayer for the Kingdom of the Divine Will”. She is originally from Modena (Northern Italy), but she moved to San Giovanni Rotondo many years ago, “ live close to Padre Pio..”, as she says. Padre Pio, then, became her Confessor and Spiritual Director.

In San Giovanni Rotondo, she attended the Cenacles of Federico Abresch on the Divine Will, when Luisa was still alive.

During the 40’s, Federico Abresch became a close friend and disciple of Luisa. He used to visit her house and learn,

directly from her and from her manuscripts, of the Sublime Truths of Living in the Divine Will. He also exchanged

frequent correspondence with Luisa. Federico Abresch, a Franciscan Tertiary. Complying with wishes of Padre Pio of

Pietrelcina, he was the first apostle of the Divine Will in S. Giovanni Rotondo and did much to spread Luisa Piccarreta’s

In the following interview, made in 1994 on the occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Transit into Heaven of Luisa

Piccarreta, Miss Adriana Pallotti gives clear testimony on the fact that Padre Pio knew and loved Luisa and her Writings.

She also gives wonderful testimony on the conversion of Federico Abresch through Padre Pio, on the First “Divine Will”

Cenacle in the San Giovanni Rotondo, and on direct and specific comments of Padre Pio regarding the spreading of the

writings of Luisa.

In San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy with Padre Bucci


Andriana Pallotti with Fr. Bucci

Interview with Andriana Pallotti at San Giovanni Rotondo – Foggia – Italy


Interviewer = I Adriana Pallotti = AP 

I – Well. Adriana, we are very happy to have you with us today, to witness to the world, which is getting to know Luisa.

We know that you are very important in this process, since you have been one of the first and most persevering persons to

spread this message, so important for the world. We would like to hear from you a little bit about your story. Let’s start

from the beginning, when you came here to San Giovanni Rotondo. How did you begin your growth under the guidance

of Padre Pio, and then, your first meetings with Federico Abresch?

AP – I came to live here, in San Giovanni Rotondo in 1945, when I heard from some friends that here there was a saint, so

great, so holy, and with the stigmata. I decided to leave the house of my father and all my things to come here, to live in

poverty close to Padre Pio. After a few years, I met Federico Abresch, who was a German man, converted by Padre Pio.

He had come to live in San Giovanni.


I – Wasn’t Federico a doctor, from Bologna?

AP – No. Federico was a photographer, who had established his laboratory in Bologna.

I – …And how did he arrive here?

AP – He was here because a friend of his invited him to come and visit this great saint. He didn’t know him, but he came

out of curiosity. As soon as his eyes met the eyes of Padre Pio, his heart was touched and he felt the desire to kneel at

Padre Pio’s feet. And Padre Pio told him: ‘What are you doing here after so many years without going to Confession?!’

He said: ‘Father, please help me!’

And Padre Pio: ‘Start from your last Confession!… No, I don’t mean this confession now… I mean from your last

Confession before you got married!’ So he started his new Confession and then, touched by the words of Padre Pio, he

was converted. After his conversion, he started to go around in search for spiritual things and beautiful souls. He heard

that there was a saint in Corato, bedridden for 70 years, so he went to visit this soul, who began to talk to him about

beautiful spiritual things on the Divine Will. He was very touched, and continued to visit Luisa with the permission of

Padre Pio. Luisa continued to talk to him about living in the Divine Will, and he wrote notes.

Sometimes, he saw her when she received the stigmata. One day, he was visiting Luisa and saw her bed shaking. He

asked: ‘What’s happening?’ And Luisa said: ‘I suffer, I suffer! – but gladly!’ She was suffering the Passion of Jesus.

Abresch went to her very often, also with his little son Pio, who was three years old. He asked: ‘So, what are we going to

do with this little boy… a Priest?’ And Luisa said: ‘Eh, eh, let’s pray.’ In fact, Pio became a priest and now he is in the

Vatican. Abresch always continued to go to her. He learned from her diaries, which she wrote at night. He would copy

them and then return them to Luisa. We learned this spirituality from him, since he always continued to keep these

I – So he started his first little cenacles…

AP – Yes, at night we used to go and listen to his talks about Luisa. We were enthusiastic! I couldn’t wait to go there,

every Saturday night. We were about 5 or 6. He spoke every week for one hour and a half, but we never wanted him to

stop, so much we loved this spirituality! It was about to give our human will to God, and to receive His Will in exchange,

so as to become divinized… In hearing this, we felt that we had found Paradise on earth! We were enthusiastic, and Padre

Pio was happy too.

Once I asked Padre Pio: ‘Father, is it good for me to listen, write and print the writings of Luisa Piccarreta? And he said:

‘Yes! Repeat it!’ So, I asked again: ‘Father, can I give some money to Andrea Magnifico to buy the equipment to print the

books of Luisa? And he again: ‘Yes!!!’ So I understood that it was really the Will of God to have the writings

printed…and we did it.

I – In which year did Federico start these conferences?

AP – Before I came, in 1945, he had already started with another group.

I – So, Luisa was still alive…

AP – ….yes, Luisa was still living.

I – …so, you started during the 50’s…

AP – …Yes, I started from the 50’s to talk about Luisa in my home to my guests. All were enthusiastic about this

spirituality of the Divine Will…

I – Who were some of the other souls?…You and who else?..


AP – There was a certain Giulietta Marchi from Bologna…She was very happy… Jesus spoke to this beautiful soul… She

died all of a sudden, after many years in which we were going together to Abresch. Before dying she told me: ‘Adriana,

you must get some tapes and record all that Abresch says, because in the future you will have to talk about this

spirituality…. The Lord wants this, because He wants to free us from the misery of the human will, in order for us to live

in a divine manner!…

I – Tell us about Andrea. When did you meet him?

AP – Andrea Magnifico from Milan came to my home to “change air.” I told him that we were going to listen to Abresch

who spoke about the spirituality of a certain Luisa from Corato, who lived in bed for many years…. and that the

spirituality that Jesus taught to Luisa was so sublime and so great that we felt that were living in Heaven,.. no longer on

earth! He said: ‘I want to come and listen’ And after he came he said: ‘Oh Finally! I had asked St. Joseph to let me know

if there was something, in the spiritual life, much greater than the things I knew…. And here it is! St. Joseph is now letting

me discover this great novelty….much greater than anything else

I – …So he started to make copies of the books…

AP – Yes, he started with photocopies, which we gave to many people… and we started to distribute them also to Priests

and others. Many souls followed them and were very happy about these spiritual lessons which Jesus had given to Luisa,

and which – through Luisa – we were able to know.

I – Are there other things that – as you remember – Padre Pio said about the DivineWill? Did you talk with Padre Pio

about Luisa?

AP – Yes, I asked him if it was a good thing to get a recorder in order to tape the writings of Luisa….and I went to Milan

to buy a recorder, because here I couldn’t find a good one… I asked him and he said: ‘Yes!!!’ After this other positive

answer…I went to Milan to get it.

I – …So he was aware of this…

AP – Yes, yes, yes, very much… Even more, among the young people who came to Abresch to listen to the lessons on the

Divine Will, one of them told us that he went to Confession to Padre Pio, asking him: ‘Father, is it true that the Blessed

Mother is Great not because She has been the Mother of God,.. for her virginity…her being Immaculate, but because – as

Luisa says in the writings – She never did Her human will, but only and exclusively the Will of God?’ Padre Pio

answered: ‘Yes, my son, this is the truth! This is the truth!’ And he continued: ‘Father, allow me to ask you one more

thing. Is it true that Jesus would have remained on the Cross even till the end of the world in order to save the humanity?…

And that His Cross is long as much as the centuries, and large as much as humanity?’ And Padre Pio: ‘Yes, my son, this is

the truth! This is the truth!’ And he said: ‘Father, please, can we hug each other?’ And they hugged.

I – Adriana, you have been reading about this spirituality, teaching it to many people, for years. What does this spirituality

of Luisa mean to you?

AP – It means that as we give to the Lord our own will, and we no longer use it, receiving His Will in exchange, we feel

such an interior peace that we are able to bear things that, humanly speaking, we were not able to suffer. But with His

Divine Will, the Lord gives us His Power, His Divine Power…His Creative Power.

I – He says that these writings will renew the face of the earth…

AP – …we will live on earth as the Blessed in Heaven…. It is the fulfillment of the Our Father!

I – …so, in you opinion, this is the future of the Church…

AP – Yes, in the writings of Luisa it is said that when the Church will possess them, there will be a fire within the

Church… It will be that same fire which the Gospel talks about: ‘They came to bring the fire on earth. Oh, how I wish that

it could be already burning…’ This is the fire of the Divine Will!!!


I – …and do you think that Luisa herself is important in this? I mean, is it possible for people to know the Divine Will

without knowing Luisa?

AP – The two things go together!

I – Is Luisa a saint?

AP – … remaining in bed for all those years, writing all these things…Of course!! We know from Abresch, who knew

Luisa personally, that Jesus Himself called her “My Divine Luisa… I exalted her up to the highest Seraphim”

I – Will she be Canonized, in your opinion?

AP – It might be that the Lord does not need this, since He is already glorified if we live this spirituality. If we do it, this is

His Glory! But it is up to us to live this spirituality…so that It may open its ways. In this way Luisa is “ipso facto” (by

fact) a Saint!

I – Well. Is there anything else you would like to tell us? What would be your advice to someone who has just heard about

the Divine Will for the first time?

AP – If these souls have sufferings, problems and many other things, they can say the Lord: ‘Lord, I can do nothing, but I

know that You can do everything. Take my will, and come to act in me,…to work, to walk, to breathe, to suffer in me…’

As we empty ourselves and let Him do, our lives become more simple,… and perfect. It will be easier to proceed along

the path of this life.

I – Are you happy to have known this spirituality?

AP – It has been the greatest grace I have received on this earth. Even greater than knowing Padre Pio, who has been a

great Confessor and Spiritual Director,… But with this spirituality we become divinized. We find this also in the Gospel,

but Jesus teaches this to Luisa with many examples, which make it easy and attractive. This is the greatest grace for us,

which allows us to bear and suffer things that we could not bear before; but with the suffering of Jesus within us,

everything becomes easy!

I – Very well Adriana. May God bless you always. Thank you.

AP – Thank you.

I – Adriana, do you know whether Padre Pio did ever read any of the writings of Luisa?

AP – One lady who went to Confession to Padre Pio told him that she had read the Hours of the Passion. Padre Pio said: ‘I

read it four times! Oh, how beautiful! And now, another one is about to come out – about the Blessed Virgin in the

Kingdom. Oh, how beautiful that one too!’ So, Padre Pio was aware of everything that came from Luisa’s hands.

I – Is it possible that he was reading the Hour of the Passion when he received the stigmata?

AP – It is possible. It is said that they found a “pool of his tears” on the floor of the Chapel, when he meditated on the

I – Adriana, do you know whether any vocations matured from the conferences of Federico Abresch?

P – Yes, many vocations! For example there was a young lady, who left her boyfriend to become a cloistered nun. When

Padre Pio told her that those things were the truth, she said: ‘So, what am I doing here in the world? I want to be in a

Convent and lead a cloistered life.’ So she went and died in the Convent. Also, other young people, when they heard

Abresch talking about this spirituality – which is living on earth as the Saints and the Blessed live in Heaven – decided to

become priests or monks…. Yes, listening to Abresch… saying that, as we exchange our miserable human will, which is

only capable of evil, with the Divine Will, we start living in a divine way, and our acts become like shining suns…like

stars…divine things! So they said: ‘What are doing in the world? We’d rather spend our lives thinking about these


























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This Priest Was Called To Comfort A Family That Lost Their Father. It Was His Own Dad.

April 17, 2014

Thomas VanderWoude sacrificed his life to save his son, the priest’s youngest brother, who has Down syndrome, after he fell into a septic tank on the family’s farm.

But what his children have to say about their dad, and how he lived his life every single day, will leave you with tears in your eyes, and a desire to live more like him. According to them, the way he died was just in keeping with the way he lived: for others, and not himself. 

Let’s honor Thomas Vanderwoude by spreading his story far and wide. 

Father of priest behind Down syndrome adoption story died while saving Down syndrome son

by John Stonestreet

  • Tue Jul 23, 2013 11:20 ESTEarlier this month, Fr. Vander Woude got wind of a young couple in another state whose unborn child had been diagnosed with Down syndrome. The couple made the decision close to ninety percent of parents in their shoes make—to abort their special needs baby. Because the pregnancy was almost six months along, they had just days before the legal cutoff for abortions in their state. But Father Vander Woude had other ideas.The next morning, the calls and emails began—over 900, in fact—some from as far away as England and The Netherlands, ready to make the life-changing decision to adopt a special needs child. As the torrent subsided, three of the families were placed in contact with the expectant parents and an adoption agency for interviews.You would think this outpouring of love and acceptance for a child nine out of ten American couples consider unworthy of life would impress pro-choicers—especially those who repeat the tired accusation that pro-lifers care only about children in the womb, not after they’re born.“[A]nti-abortion folks,” she cedes, “care more about fetuses with fairytale narratives than actual babies.”But this particular accusation that Father Vander Woude and his Twitter followers care nothing about older children with Down syndrome rings especially hollow. You see, this priest isn’t the first person in his own family to snatch a victim of Down syndrome from certain death.It seems Fr. Vander Woude, who officiated his dad’s funeral, inherited a pro-life view that is not just intellectually true, but one of action. His father would be proud.This story also reveals how we might hope to return what Pope Benedict called a “culture of death” to a “culture of life.” It requires doing and saying. As Dietrich Bonhoeffer once wrote to his former seminarians, “Not in the flight of ideas, but only in action is freedom. Make up your mind and come out into the tempest of the living.” by

  • Man Drowns Saving Son with Down Syndrome

  • Fr. Vander Woude and his father have both given some of those with “fairy tale narratives” a chance at a real happy ending.

  • The groundswell of families who responded to this plea for adoption are putting feet to their pro-life views, while at the same time showing how wildly out-of-touch with reality abortion apologists have become.

  • His father, Thomas, Sr., died in 2008 after leaping into a septic tank to save his youngest son, Joseph, who had fallen in. According to sources at the time, Thomas, 66, allowed himself to sink beneath the sewage while holding 20-year-old Joseph above his head until rescuers arrived. Joseph has Down syndrome. His father died so that his special needs son would live.

  • Folks, these charges are simply ridiculous, especially now that pregnancy care centers designed to offer help and create options for women and children in crisis outnumber abortion clinics in the United States almost 2-to-1, and with so many families lining up to adopt.

  • Well, I’m sad to say pro-abortion activists at the blog Jezebel wasted no time in heaping scorn on Father Vander Woude and the hundreds who responded to his call. One Jezebel blogger accused him of pressuring this woman to carry an unwanted pregnancy by “crowdsourcing an adoptive family.”

  • Tom Vander Woude Sr. died while saving his son, who has Down syndrome.

  • He contacted the parents and convinced them to hold off just a little longer, while he and a volunteer sent messages via the church’s social network accounts, pleading for a family willing to adopt the baby and save its life.

  • July 23, 2013 (Breakpoint) – Fr. Thomas Vander Woude, pastor at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Gainesville, Virginia, has a special place in his heart for children born with Down syndrome. His recent parish campaign to save one such life grabbed headlines. But to understand this story, and why these children are so special to Fr. Vander Woude, you need to know another story. This one blew me away.

  • Fri Sep 12, 2008 11:15 EST

  • By Kathleen Gilbert

  • 66-year-old Thomas VanderWoude and his 20-year-old son Joseph, who has Down syndrome and who is the youngest of seven sons, were working in their yard in Nokesville, VA when Joseph fell through a septic tank cover that had suddenly collapsed.  VanderWoude immediately jumped in after his son and managed to hold his son’s head above the surface, saving his life. VanderWoude’s son Joseph was in critical condition at Prince William hospital as he fought infection for several days, but recently began to improve.A retired Navy pilot and Vietnam veteran who was still “in great shape,” VanderWoude coached basketball and soccer at Seton School in Manassas and, until recently, when one of his sons took over the job, served as athletic director at Christendom College in Front Royal.  Anne Carroll, Director of Seton School and longtime friend of the VanderWoudes, said the sacrifice Tom made for his son matched his reputation for generosity.  President of Christendom College Dr. Timothy O’Donnell attributed the bravery of VanderWoude, a Catholic who attended Mass daily, in part to his intense faith.  In an interview with LifeSiteNews O’Donnell recalled the gospel reading of the day following the incident to explain how VanderWoude’s extraordinary sacrifice was entirely of a piece with his vibrant faith.  The gospel recounted the names of the twelve Apostles whom, O’Donnell says, the world remembers today precisely “because they gave their life for Jesus Christ.”Friends say that father and son had always been very close.  “They really were inseparable,” noted O’Donnell.”Oftentimes I would see these two, walking and talking as if there were nothing else in the world. I noticed his face was lit up each time his son was rattling about his thoughts. He loved his son dearly.”

  • To donate to Thomas VanderWoude’s memorial fund to help wife Mrs. Mary Ellen VanderWoude and son Joseph, send checks made out to the “VanderWoude Trust Fund” to:

  • Holy Trinity Parish

  • 8213 Linton Hall Raod

  • Gainesville, VA 20155


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Feast of Easter



 From the Writings ofThe Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


 The Resurrection is the Confirmation of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.


 From :  The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

 Day Twenty-nine

The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. The Hour of the Triumph. Apparitions of Jesus. The Fugitives cling to the Virgin as the Ark of Salvation and of Forgiveness. Jesus departs for Heaven.


The soul to her Mother Queen:

Admirable Mother, here I come to You again, on your maternal knees, to unite myself with You in the feast and triumph of the Resurrection of our dear Jesus. How beautiful is your appearance today! – all loveliness, all sweetness, all joy. I seem to see You risen together with Jesus. O please! O holy Mama, in so much joy and triumph, do not forget your child! Rather, enclose the seed of the Resurrection of Jesus in my soul, so that, by virtue of It, I may rise again fully in the Divine Will, and live always united with You and with my sweet Jesus.

Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:

Blessed child of my Maternal Heart, great was my joy and my triumph in the Resurrection of my Son; I felt reborn and risen again in Him. All of my sorrows changed into joys and into seas of graces, of light, of love, of forgiveness for creatures, and laid my Maternity over all my children, given to Me by Jesus, with the seal of my sorrows.

Now, listen to Me, dear child. You must know that after the death of my Son I withdrew in the cenacle, together with beloved John and Magdalene. But my Heart was pierced because only John was near Me, and in my sorrow I said: “And the other apostles…where are they?”

But as they heard that Jesus had died, touched by special graces, all moved and weeping, the fugitives drew around Me, one by one, surrounding Me like a crown; and with tears and sighs, they asked for my forgiveness for having so cravenly abandoned their Master, and having run away from Him. I welcomed them maternally in the ark of refuge and salvation of my Heart; I assured them of the forgiveness of my Son, and I encouraged them not to fear. I said to them that their destiny was in my hands, because He had given them all to Me as my children, and I recognized them as such.

Blessed child, you know that I was present at the Resurrection of my Son. But I did not say a word to anyone, waiting for Jesus Himself to manifest Himself as risen, gloriously and triumphantly. The first one to see Him risen was the fortunate Magdalene; then the pious women. All came to Me telling Me that they had seen Jesus risen, and that the sepulcher was empty; and I listened to all, and with an air of triumph I confirmed all in the faith in the Resurrection. By evening, almost all of the apostles had seen Him, and all felt as though triumphant at having been the apostles of Jesus. What change of scene, dear child! – symbol of those who have first let themselves be dominated by the human will, represented by the apostles who run away, abandoning their Master; and their fear and fright is such that they hide, and Peter reaches the point of denying Him. Oh, if they had been dominated by the Divine Will, they would never have run away from their Master, but, courageous and triumphant, would never have departed from His side, and would have felt honored to lay down their lives to defend Him.

Now, dear child, my beloved Son Jesus remained forty days, risen, on earth. Very often He appeared to His apostles and disciples to confirm them in the faith and certainty of His Resurrection; and when He was not with the apostles, He was with His Mama in the cenacle, surrounded by the souls who had come out of Limbo. But as the forty days ended, Jesus instructed the apostles, and leaving His Mama as their guide and Teacher, He promised us the descent of the Holy Spirit. Then, blessing us all, He departed, taking flight for the vault of the heavens, together with that great crowd of people who had come out of Limbo. All those who were there, and they were a great number, saw Him ascend; but as He went up high, a cloud of light removed Him from their sight.

Now, my child, your Mama followed Him into Heaven, and was present at the great feast of the Ascension. More so, since the Celestial Fatherland was not foreign to Me; and then, the feast of my Son, ascended into Heaven, would not have been complete without Me.

Now a little word to you, dearest child. Everything you have heard and admired has been nothing other than the power of the Divine Will operating in Me and in my Son. This is why I so much love to enclose in you the life of the Divine Will – and operating life – because everyone has It, but the majority of them keep It suffocated and in their service. And while It could operate prodigies of sanctity, of grace, and works worthy of Its power, It is forced by the creatures to remain with folded arms, unable to carry out Its power. Therefore, be attentive, and let the Heaven of the Divine Will extend within you and operate, with Its power, whatever It wants and however It wants.

The soul:

Most holy Mama, your beautiful lessons enrapture me, and – oh, how I wish and sigh for the operating life of the Divine Will in my soul! I too want to be inseparable from my Jesus and from You, my Mama. But to be sure of this, You must take on the commitment to keep my will enclosed in your maternal Heart; and even if You should see that it costs me much, You must never give it to me. Only then will I be certain; otherwise, it will always be words, but I will never do facts. Therefore, your child commends herself to You, and hopes for everything from You.

Little Sacrifice:

Today, to honor Me, you will make three genuflections in the act in which my Son ascended into Heaven, and you will pray Him to make you ascend in the Divine Will.

Ejaculatory Prayer:

My Mama, with your power, triumph in my soul, and make me be reborn in the Will of God.






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                    GOOD FRIDAY

Meditations for the Stations of the Cross

From The Twenty-four Hours of the Passion Of Our Lord Jesus Christ


The Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta Little Daughter of the Divine Will

Preparatory Prayer

O my Mother Mary, in looking at the face of sorrowful Jesus, pale, sad, harrowing, the memory of the pains that He is about to suffer awakens in You. You foresee His Face covered with spit and You bless it, His Head pierced by the thorns, His eyes blinded, His Body tortured by the scourges, His Hands and Feet pierced by the nails; and wherever He is about to go, You follow Him with Your blessings. And I too will follow Him together with You. When Jesus is struck by the scourges, crowned with thorns, slapped, pierced by the nails, everywhere He will find my “I bless You” together with Yours.

And now, O my Jesus, let my poor heart draw life from Your Heart, that I may live only with Your Heart; and in each offense You will receive, let me be ever ready to offer You a relief, a comfort, a reparation, and an act of love, never interrupted.

I will follow You in everything, to keep You faithful company.

My afflicted Good, I offer You these Stations of the Cross in memory of Your Passion and Death, to disarm the just wrath of God for so many sins, for the triumph of the Holy Church, for the conversion of all sinners, for peace among peoples, especially our country, for our sanctification, in suffrage for the purging souls, and for Your Kingdom to come soon, and Your Will to be done on earth as It is in Heaven.

First Station Jesus is Condemned to Death

Not knowing what else to do, for fear of being deposed, Pilate has a bucket of water brought to him, and washing his hands, he says: “I am not responsible for the Blood of this just one.”..And he condemns You to death.

But the Jews cry out: “May His Blood fall upon us and upon our children!”..And in seeing You condemned, they make feast, they clap their hands, they whistle and shout; while You, O Jesus, Repair for those who, finding themselves in high positions, out of vain fear and in order not to lose their places, break the Most Sacred Laws, not caring about the ruin of entire peoples, favoring the evil and condemning the innocent. You Repair also for those who, after sin, provoke the Divine Wrath to punish them.

And now, my Crucified Good, in the name of all generations, past, present, and future, together with Your Mama and with all the Angels, I prostrate myself before You and say: “We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You, because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.”

Second Station Jesus is Made to Carry His Cross

You let the Cross be placed upon Your Most Holy Shoulders. Ah, my Jesus, the Cross is too light for Your Love, but the weight of our sins adds to that of the Cross—enormous and immense, as the expanse of the Heavens. And You, my wearied Good, You feel crushed under the weight of so many sins. Your soul is horrified at their sight, and feels the pain of each sin. Your Sanctity remains shaken before so much ugliness, and as the Cross weighs upon Your shoulders, You stagger, You pant, and a mortal sweat creeps through Your Most Holy Humanity. O please, I pray You, my Love—I don’t have the heart to leave You alone—I want to share the weight of the cross with You; and to relieve You from the weight of sins, I cling to Your Feet. I want to give You, in the name of all creatures, love for those who do not love You, praises for those who despise You, blessings, thanksgivings, and obedience on behalf of all. I promise that in any offense You receive, I intend to offer You all of myself in reparation, to do the acts opposite to the offenses creatures give You, and to console You with my kisses and continuous acts of love. But I see that I am too miserable; I need You to be able to really Repair You. Therefore I unite myself to Your Most Holy Humanity, and together with You I unite my thoughts to Yours in order to Repair for the evil thoughts—mine, and of all; unite my eyes to Yours, to Repair for the evil glances; my mouth to Yours, to Repair for the blasphemies and evil discourses; my heart to Yours, to Repair for the evil tendencies, desires and affections. In a word, I want to Repair everything that Your Most Holy Humanity Repairs, uniting myself to the Immensity of Your Love for all, and to the Immense Good You do to all.

And now, my Crucified Good, in the name of all generations, past, present, and future, together with Your Mama and with all the Angels, I prostrate myself before You and say:“We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You, because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.”

Third Station Jesus Falls the First Time

My Most Patient Jesus, I see You take the first steps under the enormous weight of the Cross, and I unite my steps to Yours. O Jesus, You look at me, and I see that You Repair for those who do not carry their crosses with resignation, but rather, they swear, get irritated, commit suicide, and commit murders. And for all You impetrate Love and resignation to their crosses. But Your pain is such that You feel crushed under the Cross. You have taken only the first steps, and You already fall under It.

My fallen Love, let me help You to stand, let me kiss You, dry Your Blood, and Repair together with You for those who sin out of ignorance, fragility and weakness. I pray You to give help to these souls.

And now, my Crucified Good, in the name of all generations, past, present, and future, together with Your Mama and with all the Angels, I prostrate myself before You and say: “We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You, because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.”

Fourth Station Jesus Meets His Blessed Mother

Your Mama, who is searching for You like a moaning dove, wants to tell You one last word, and receive Your last gaze; and You feel Her pains, Her Heart lacerated in Yours, moved and wounded by Her Love and by Yours. You notice Her now pushing Her way through the crowd, wanting at any cost to see You, to hug You, to give You the last good-bye. But You are more transfixed in seeing Her mortal paleness, and all of Your pains reproduced in Her by force of Love. If She lives, it is only by a miracle of Your Omnipotence. You move Your steps toward Hers, but You can hardly exchange a glance!

O, pang of Your two Hearts! The soldiers notice it, and with blows and shoves prevent the Mama and Son from exchanging the last good-bye. The torment of both is such that Your Mama remains petrified by the pain, and is about to die.

My suffering Jesus, I too unite with the pierced Mama. I make all Your pains, and every drop of Your Blood my own; in each Wound I want to act as a Mama for You, and together with Her and with You, I Repair for all the dangerous encounters, and for those who expose themselves to occasions of sin, or, forced by necessity to be exposed, remain entangled in sin.

And now, my Crucified Good, in the name of all generations, past, present, and future, together with Your Mama and with all the Angels, I prostrate myself before You and say: “We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You, because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.”

Fifth Station Simon of Cyrene Helps Jesus to Carry the Cross

Your enemies, for fear that You may die under the Cross, force the Cyrenean to help You carry the Cross. Unwilling and complaining, he helps You—not out of love, but by force. Then all the complaints of those who suffer, the lack of resignation, the rebellions, the anger and despising in suffering, echo in Your Heart. But You remain even more pierced in seeing that souls consecrated to You, who You call to be Your help and companions in Your suffering, escape You; and if You hug them to Yourself through suffering—ah, they wriggle free from Your arms to look for pleasures, and so they leave You alone, suffering!

My Jesus, while I Repair with You, I beg You to hold me in Your arms, but so tightly that there may be no pain that You suffer in which I do not take part, so as to be transformed in them and make up for the abandonment of all creatures.

And now, my Crucified Good, in the name of all generations, past, present, and future, together with Your Mama and with all the Angels, I prostrate myself before You and say:“We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You, because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.”

Sixth Station Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

My Jesus, overcome with weariness, all bent over, You can hardly walk; but I see that You stop and try to look. My Heart, what is it? What are You looking for? Ah, it is Veronica, who, fearless and courageous, with a cloth dries Your Face all covered with blood, and You leave Your Face impressed on it, as a sign of gratitude. My generous Jesus, I too want to dry You, but not with a cloth; I want to expose all of myself to relieve You, I want to enter into Your interior and give You, O Jesus, heartbeat for heartbeat, breath for breath, affection for affection, desire for desire. I intend to dive into Your Most Holy Intelligence, and making all these heartbeats, breaths, affections, and desires flow in the immensity of Your Will, I intend to multiply them to the infinite. I want, O my Jesus, to form waves of affections and desires to cast away all evil affections and desires that might, even slightly, sadden Your Heart. Still more, O my Jesus, I intend to form waves of breaths and thoughts, to cast away any breath or thought that could slightly displease You. I will be on guard, O Jesus, so that nothing else may afflict You, adding more bitterness to Your interior pains. O my Jesus, O please, let all of my interior swim in the immensity of Yours; in this way I will be able to find enough love and will, so that no evil love may enter Your interior, nor a will which may displease You.

And now, my Crucified Good, in the name of all generations, past, present, and future, together with Your Mama and with all the Angels, I prostrate myself before You and say:“We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You, because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.”

Seventh Station Jesus Falls the Second Time

Meanwhile, You moan, fallen under the Cross. The soldiers fear that You may die under the weight of so many martyrdoms, and from the shedding of so much Blood. In spite of this, by lashes and kicks, with difficulty, they manage to put You on Your feet again. So You Repair for repeated falls into sin, for mortal sins committed by every class of people, and You pray for obstinate sinners, shedding tears of Blood for their conversion.

The Cross, with its heavy weight, digs into Your shoulder, to the extent of forming a Wound so deep that the bones are exposed. At every step, it seems that You are dying, and unable to move any further. But Your Love, which can do everything, gives You Strength, and as You feel the Cross penetrate into Your shoulder, You Repair for the hidden sins; those which, not being Repaired, increase the bitterness of Your spasms. My Jesus, let me place my shoulder under the Cross to relieve You and Repair with You for all hidden sins.

And now, my Crucified Good, in the name of all generations, past, present, and future, together with Your Mama and with all the Angels, I prostrate myself before You and say: “We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You, because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.”

Eighth Station Jesus Speaks to the Women of Jerusalem

In the meantime, the enemies, disapproving of this act of Veronica, flog You, push You, and shove You on the way! A few more steps and You stop again. Even under the weight of so much suffering, Your Love does not stop, and on seeing the pious women weeping because of Your pains, Your forget Yourself and console them, saying: “Daughters, do not weep over My pains, but over your sins and over your children.”..What a sublime Teaching, how Sweet is Your word! O Jesus, with You I Repair for the lack of charity, and I ask You for the grace of making me forget myself to remember nothing but You alone.

And now, my Crucified Good, in the name of all generations, past, present, and future, together with Your Mama and with all the Angels, I prostrate myself before You and say: “We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You, because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.”

Ninth Station Jesus Falls the Third Time

On hearing You speak to the pious women, Your enemies become furious, they pull You by the ropes, and push You with such rage as to make You fall. As You fall, You knock against the stones, the weight of the Cross crushes You, and You feel Your are dying! Let me sustain You, and protect Your Most Holy Face with my hands. I see You touch the ground and gasp in Your Blood. But Your enemies want to make You stand; they pull You by the ropes, they lift You by Your hair, they kick You—but all in vain. You are dying, my Jesus! What pain—my heart breaks with grief! Almost dragging You, they take You up to Mount Calvary. As they drag You, I hear You Repair for all the offenses of souls consecrated to You, which weigh upon You so much that, as much as You try to stand, You cannot! And so, dragged and trampled upon, You reach Calvary, leaving behind You the red trace of Your precious Blood.

And now, my Crucified Good, in the name of all generations, past, present, and future, together with Your Mama and with all the Angels, I prostrate myself before You and say:“We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You, because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.”

Tenth Station Jesus is Stripped of His Garments

But new sufferings await You on Calvary. They strip You again, tearing off both garment and crown of thorns. Ah, You groan in feeling the thorns being torn from inside Your Head; and as they pull Your garment, they tear also the lacerated Flesh attached to it. The Wounds rip open, Your Blood flows to the ground in torrents; the pain is such that, almost dead, You fall. My stripped Jesus, allow me to hold You to my heart to warm You, as I see that You are shivering and an icy mortal sweat invades Your Most Holy Humanity. How I would want to give You my life—my blood to take the place of Yours, which You have lost to give me life!

In the meantime, barely looking at me with His languishing and dying eyes, Jesus seems to tell me: “My child, how much souls cost Me! This is the place where I wait for everyone in order to save them, where I want to Repair for the sins of those who arrive at degrading themselves lower than beasts, and are so obstinate in offending Me as to reach the point of not being able to live without committing sins. Their minds remain blinded, and they sin wildly. This is why they crown Me with thorns for the third time. And by being stripped, I Repair for those who wear luxurious and indecent clothing, for the sins against modesty, and for those who are so bound to riches, honors, and pleasures, as to make of them a god for their hearts. Ah, yes, each one of these offenses is a death that I feel; and if I do not die, it is because the Will of My Eternal Father has not yet decreed the moment of My death!”

My stripped Good, while I Repair with You, I pray You to strip me of everything with Your Most Holy Hands, and not to allow that any bad affection enter into my heart. Watch over it; surround it with Your pains; fill it with Your Love. May my life be nothing but the repetition of Yours; strengthen my stripping with Your Blessing; bless me from Your Heart, and give me the strength to be present at Your sorrowful crucifixion, to remain crucified with You!

And now, my Crucified Good, in the name of all generations, past, present, and future, together with Your Mama and with all the Angels, I prostrate myself before You and say:“We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You, because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.”

Eleventh Station Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

Meanwhile, my Jesus, You look at the Cross that Your enemies are preparing for You. And I now hear you say: “O please, O Cross, receive Me soon into your arms, I am impatient of waiting! Holy Cross, upon you I will come to give completion to all. Hurry, O Cross, fulfill the burning desire that consumes Me, to give Life to souls. Delay no more; I anxiously yearn to lay Myself upon you in order to open the Heavens to all My children.”

“O cross, it is true that you are My Martyrdom, but in a little while you will also be My Victory and My Most Complete Triumph; and through you I will give abundant Inheritances, Victories, Triumphs, and Crowns to My children.”

As Jesus is saying this, His enemies command Him to lay Himself upon it; and promptly He Obeys, to Repair for our disobediences.

My Love, before You lay Yourself on the Cross, allow me to hold You more tightly to my heart, and to kiss Your Loving and bleeding Wounds. Hear me, O Jesus, I do not want to leave You; I want to come with You, to lay myself on the Cross and remain nailed to It with You. True love does not tolerate separation, and You will forgive the daring of my love. Concede that I be crucified with You. See, my tender Love, I am not the only one to ask this of You, but also Your sorrowful Mother, inseparable Magdalene, faithful John: we all say to You that it would be more bearable to be nailed with You to Your Cross, than to see You crucified alone! Therefore, together with You I offer myself to the Eternal Father—identified with Your Will, with Your Heart, with Your Reparations, and with all Your pains.

Ah, it seems that my adored Jesus says to me: “My child, you have anticipated My Love; this is My Will: that all those who love Me be crucified with Me. Ah, yes, you also come and lay yourself on the Cross with Me; I will give you Life with My Life, I will hold you as the beloved of My Heart.”

[And the executioners crucify You.]

O Jesus, do not disdain anyone! May Your nails nail our powers, so that they may not move away from You; may they nail our hearts, so that they may always be fixed in You alone; may they nail all our feelings, so that they may have no taste which does not come from You. O my Crucified Jesus, I see You all bleeding, as though swimming in a bath of Blood, which continuously asks for souls. So, by the power of this Blood, I ask You, O Jesus, that not one of them may escape You ever again!

O my Jesus, alas, how tortured is Your poor Heart! How to comfort so much pain? I will diffuse myself in You; I will place my heart in Yours, my ardent desires in Yours, so that any evil desire may be destroyed. I will diffuse my love in Yours, so that by means of Your Fire, the hearts of all creatures may be burned, and the profane loves destroyed. Your Most Sacred Heart will be comforted, and from now on I promise You, O Jesus, always to remain nailed to this most loving Heart, with the nails of Your desires, of Your Love, and of Your Will. O my Jesus—Crucified You; crucified me in You. Do not allow me, even slightly, to unnail myself from You, but let me always be nailed to You to be able to love You and Repair for all, and to soothe the pain that creatures give You with their sins.

My crucified Jesus, may Your nails be driven into my heart, so that there may be no heartbeat, affection, or desire which does not feel their pricking; and may the blood which this heart of mine will shed, be the balm that soothes all Your wounds.

And now, my Crucified Good, in the name of all generations, past, present, and future, together with Your Mama and with all the Angels, I prostrate myself before You and say:“We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You, because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.”

Twelfth Station Jesus Dies on the Cross

My dying Crucified, Jesus, You are now about to give the last Breaths of Your Mortal Life; Your Most Holy Humanity is already stiffened; Your Heart seems to beat no longer. With Magdalene I cling to Your Feet and, if it were possible, I would like to give my life to revive Yours.

Meanwhile, O Jesus, I see that You open Your dying eyes again, and You look around from the Cross, as though wanting to give the last good-bye to all. You look at Your dying Mama, who no longer has motion or voice, so many are the pains She feels; and You say: “Good-bye Mama, I am leaving, but I will keep You in My Heart. You, take care of My children and Yours.”

You look at crying Magdalene, faithful John, and Your very enemies, and with Your Gazes You say to them: “I Forgive you; I give you the Kiss of Peace.”..Nothing escapes Your Gaze: You take leave of everyone and forgive everyone. Then, You gather all Your Strengths, and with a loud and thundering Voice, You cry out: “Father, into Your hands I commend My Spirit.” And bowing Your head, You breathe Your last.

My Jesus, at this cry all nature is shaken and cries over Your death—the death of its Creator! The earth trembles strongly; and with its trembling, it seems to be crying and wanting to shake up souls to recognize You as True God. The veil of the Temple is torn, the dead are risen; the sun, which until now had cried over Your pains, has withdrawn its light with horror. At this cry, Your enemies fall on their knees, and beating their breasts, they say: “Truly He is the Son of God.”..And Your Mother, petrified and dying, suffers pains harder than death.

My dead Jesus, with this cry You also place all of us into the Hands of the Father, because You do not reject us. Therefore You cry out loudly, not only with Your Voice, but with all Your Pains and with the voices of Your Blood: “Father, into Your hands I commend My spirit and all souls.”..My Jesus, I too abandon myself in You; give me the Grace to die completely in Your Love—in Your Will, and I pray that You never permit me, either in life or in death, to go out of Your Most Holy Will. Meanwhile I intend to Repair for all those who do not abandon themselves perfectly to Your Most Holy Will, therefore losing or lessening the Precious Gift of Your Redemption. What is not the sorrow of Your Heart, O my Jesus, in seeing so many creatures escaping from Your arms and abandoning themselves to themselves? Have pity on all, O my Jesus—have pity on me.

And now, my Crucified Good, in the name of all generations, past, present, and future, together with Your Mama and with all the Angels, I prostrate myself before You and say: “We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You, because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.”

Thirteenth Station Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross

My dead Jesus, I see that Your disciples hasten to depose You from the Cross. Joseph and Nicodemus, who have remained hidden until now, with courage and without fearing anything, now want to give You an honorable burial. And so they take hammers and pincers, to perform the sacred and sad unnailing from the Cross, while Your Pierced Mama stretches out Her maternal arms to receive You on Her lap.

My Jesus, while they unnail You, I too want to help Your disciples to sustain Your Most Holy Body; and with the nails they remove from You, nail me completely to Yourself. And with Your Holy Mother, I want to adore You and kiss You, and then enclose myself in Your Heart, never to leave again.

And now, my Crucified Good, in the name of all generations, past, present, and future, together with Your Mama and with all the Angels, I prostrate myself before You and say:“We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You, because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.”

Fourteenth Station Jesus is Laid in the Tomb

My sorrowful Mama, I see that You dispose Yourself to the final sacrifice of having to give burial Your lifeless Son, Jesus. Most perfectly resigned to the Will of God, You accompany Him, and You place Him in the sepulcher with Your own Hands. And now, my afflicted Mama, allow me to kiss His Heart and to lap up His Most Precious Blood; and You Yourself, enclose His Heart in mine, that I may live of His Love, of His desires, of His pains. Lastly, take the stiffened right hand of Jesus, that He may give me the last Blessing.

The stone closes the sepulcher. My pierced Mama, together with You, I say good-bye to Jesus; and crying, I want to compassionate You and accompany You in Your bitter desolation. I want to place myself at Your side to give You a word of comfort, a gaze of compassion at each sigh, strain, and sorrow of Yours. I will gather Your tears, and I will sustain You in my arms, if I see You faint.

And now, Desolate Mama, I thank You in the name of all for everything You have suffered; and I ask You, for the sake of Your bitter desolation, to come to my assistance at the moment of my death. When I find myself alone and abandoned by all, in the midst of a thousand anxieties and fears—come then, to return to me the company that I have given You so many times in life. Come to my assistance; place Yourself beside me, and put the enemy to flight. Wash my soul with Your tears, cover me with the Blood of Jesus, clothe me with His Merits, embellish me and heal me with Your Sorrows and with all the Pains and Works of Jesus; and by virtue of them, let all my sins disappear, giving me total forgiveness. And as I breathe my last, receive me into Your arms, place me under Your mantle, hide me from the gaze of the enemy, take me straight to Heaven, and place me in the arms of Jesus. Let us make this agreement, my Dear Mama!

And now, I pray You to return the company I have given You to all those who are agonizing. Be the Mama of all; these are extreme moments, and great aids are needed. Therefore, do not deny Your Maternal Office to anyone.

One last word: as I leave You, I pray You to enclose me in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus; and You, my Sorrowful Mama, be my Sentry, so that Jesus may not put me out of it; and I, even if I wanted, may not be able to leave. So I kiss Your Maternal hand; and You, bless me.

And now, my Crucified Good, in the name of all generations, past, present, and future, together with Your Mama and with all the Angels, I prostrate myself before You and say:“We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You, because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.”


Closing Prayer

O my Jesus, not one act escapes You that does not keep me present and that does not intend to do me a special good. So I pray You that Your passion be always in my mind, in my heart, in my gazes, in my steps, and in my pains, so that, wherever I turn, inside and outside of myself, I may always find You present in me. And You, give me the grace never to forget what You have borne and suffered for me. May this be my magnet, which, drawing my whole being into You, will never again allow me to go far away from You. Amen.

One Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be for the special intentions of the Holy Father

These Stations of the Cross were taken from:The Twenty-Four Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ by the Servant of God

The Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta Little Daughter of the Divine Will

The last chapter in each Station of the Cross was taken from the last chapter of the 19th Hour: From 11 AM to Noon.

The rest of each Station was taken from the following Hours:

Preparatory Prayer: First Hour: From 5 to 6 PM; Sixth Hour: From 10 to 11 PM; Fourth Hour: From 8 to 9 PM, Seventh Hour: From 11 PM to Midnight

Station   #1. Seventeenth Hour: From 9 to 10 AM

Station   #2. Eighteenth Hour: From 10 to 11 AM

Station   #3. Eighteenth Hour: From 10 to 11 AM

Station   #4. Eighteenth Hour: From 10 to 11 AM

Station   #5. Eighteenth Hour: From 10 to 11 AM

Station   #6. Eighteenth Hour: From 10 to 11 AM

Station   #7. Eighteenth Hour: From 10 to 11 AM

Station   #8. Eighteenth Hour: From 10 to 11 AM

Station   #9. Eighteenth Hour: From 10 to 11 AM

Station #10. Eighteenth Hour: From 10 to 11 AM

Station  #11. Nineteenth Hour: From 11 AM to Noon

Station  #12. Twenty-second Hour: From 2 to 3 PM

Station  #13. Twenty-third Hour: From 3 to 4 PM

Station  #14. Twenty-fourth Hour: From 4 to 5 PM

Closing Prayer: Third Hour: From 7 to 8 PM

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