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From the writings of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

the Little Daughter of the Divine Will


January 1, 1929

Pages of her life that will form an epoch. The gift that Jesus wants.  The circumcision.  Decision on the part of God; He is waiting for the decision of creatures.

I was thinking about what I could offer to little Baby Jesus as gift for the first day of the year. “Would it not be good to give Him my will again as a little footstool at His little feet, or as an amusement in His tiny little hands?”

But while I was thinking about this, my little Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, telling me: “My daughter, your will is already Mine, nor are you the master of it any longer, having given it to Me so many times.  And I keep it now as footstool, now as amusement in My hands, and now I enclose it in My Heart as the most beautiful conquest and as the secret joy that soothes My many pains.

“Do you want to know what I would like as gift on this day? All your acts that you have done in My Will during this year.  These acts will be as many suns that you will place around Me, and I—oh! how content I will be in seeing that the little daughter of My Divine Volition has given Me the many suns of her acts as gift; and I, in return, will give you the grace to double these suns of your acts done in My Will, to give you the field to be able to offer Me a gift yet more beautiful and rich.”

Then He added: “My daughter, each manifestation I have given you about My Divine Will is like a page of your life; and if you knew how many goods these pages enclose….  Each of them is a current between Heaven and earth; it is one more sun that will shine over the heads of all.  These pages will be the heralds of the Celestial Fatherland; they are steps that My Divine Volition takes in order to draw near the creatures.  Therefore, these manifestations about It, like pages of life, will form an epoch for the future generations, in which they will read the Kingdom of My Fiat, the many steps It took to come into their midst, and the new rights It gave them to make them enter again into Its Kingdom.

“My manifestations are decrees, and only when I want to give that good that I manifest, then do I move to manifest a knowledge. Therefore, everything I have told you about My Divine Will are Divine capitals that I issued; therefore, they will be the most beautiful pages of your life, that will enclose the long history of My Will, and braiding the history of the world, will form the most beautiful epoch of all centuries.”

After this, I was thinking about the bitter pain that little Baby Jesus suffered in the circumcision. It is only eight days since He was born, and He submits Himself to a cut so painful.

And Jesus, moving in my interior, added: “My daughter, in the first epoch of his life, by sinning, Adam made a wound to his soul, through which the Divine Will went out and, in Its place, darkness, miseries, weaknesses entered, that formed the wood worm to all the goods of man.  So, if he has any good without My Divine Will—if he has any at all, they are worm-eaten, moldy, without substance, therefore without strength and without value.

“And I, who love him so much, in the first days of My Life down here, wanted to submit Myself to the circumcision, suffering a most cruel cut, to the point of snatching My baby tears. And by this wound I opened the door to the human will, to let it enter again into Mine, so that this wound of Mine might heal the wound of the human will and might enclose man once again in My Divine Fiat, that would remove from him the wood worm, the miseries, the weaknesses, the darkness; and by virtue of My Omnipotent Fiat, all of his goods would be redone and restored.

“Daughter, from the moment I was conceived and from the very first days of My being born, I occupied Myself with the Kingdom of My Divine Will and with how to place It in safety in the midst of creatures.  These were My sighs, My tears, My repeated sobs, My pains, all directed toward reestablishing the Kingdom of My Fiat upon earth.  In fact, I knew that no matter how many goods I might give him, man would never be happy, nor would he possess the fullness of goods and of sanctity, or have the insignia of his creation that constitute him king and dominator; he is always the man-servant, weak, miserable.  But with My Will, and by making It reign in their midst, I would give him, in one single stroke of fortune, all goods, his royal palace and his lost dominion.

“About twenty centuries have passed and I have not stopped—My sighs last still; and if I have manifested to you so many knowledges about My Divine Will, these are nothing other than My speaking tears and the indelible characters of My pains and sighs, that, transforming into words, manifest themselves to you, to make you write on paper, with the most tender and convincing manners, what regards My Divine Volition and how It wants to reign on earth as It does in Heaven. Therefore, on Our part, the Divinity has decided with indelible and unshakeable decrees that Our Divine Will come to reign upon earth—and no one can move Us; and as the sign of this, We have dispatched from Heaven the army of Its knowledges.  If it were not so, it would not be worthwhile to place the so many values of a Divine Will at risk; just as they have remained hidden to man for many centuries, so could they continue.

“Now We are waiting for the creatures’ part, who are still temporizing from making up their minds, especially those who temporize from occupying themselves with making known the secrets of My Divine Will and the great good of Its knowledges. Human will, how ungrateful you are; I am waiting for your decision so that we may exchange the kiss, and I may give you the Kingdom that I have prepared for you.  And you temporize still?  My daughter, pray and place no obstacle on your part to a good so great, that will be the greatest display of Our Love.”

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