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From the writings of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

the Little Daughter of the Divine Will

Volume 29

 May 31, 1931

My sweet Jesus remained silent, and, withdrawing, He left me in the Light of His Will; and—oh! how many things I comprehended. But who can say them all?  More so, since in It one speaks with celestial terms, and in finding myself inside myself I must adapt the celestial terms to the human; and fearing I might make a mess, I content myself with moving forward, hoping that, if Jesus wants it, He will adapt Himself to speaking with the terms of the low world. 

After this, I continued my acts in the Divine Fiat, and my poor mind paused in the little house of Nazareth, where the Queen of Heaven, the Celestial King Jesus, and Saint Joseph, were in possession of and lived in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. So, this Kingdom is not foreign to the earth; the house of Nazareth, the little family that lived in It, belonged to this Kingdom and kept It in full force.  But while I was thinking about this, my great King Jesus told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), indeed the Kingdom of My Divine Will has existed upon earth, and therefore there is the sure hope that It will return again to Its full force.  Our house of Nazareth was Its true Kingdom; however, We were without peoples. 

“Now, you (Luisa) must know that each creature is a Kingdom; therefore, one who lets the Divine Will reign within herself can be called a little Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. So, she is a tiny little house of Nazareth that We have upon earth; and, though little, since Our Will is in her, reigning, Heaven is not closed for her; she observes the same laws of the Celestial Fatherland, she loves with the same love, feeds herself with the foods from up there, and is incorporated into the Kingdom of Our interminable regions.  Now, in order to form the great Kingdom of Our Will upon earth, first We will make the many tiny little houses of Nazareth—that is, the souls who will want to know It in order to let It reign within themselves.  I, Myself, and the Sovereign Queen, will be at the head of these tiny little houses, because, We having been the first to possess this Kingdom on earth, it is Our right, that We will not surrender to anyone, to be the directors of them.  Then, with these tiny little houses, repeaters of Our house of Nazareth, We will form many little states of Ours, many provinces, that, after they have been formed well, and ordered like many little Kingdoms of Our Will, will fuse together and will form one single Kingdom and one great people.  Therefore, in order to have Our greatest works, Our way of acting is to begin, first alone, one on one with one single creature; when We have formed this one, We make her a channel in order to enclose in Our Work two or three more creatures; then We expand, forming a little group, and then We expand it so much as to take the whole entire world.  Our works begin in the isolation of God and the soul, and end by continuing their life in the midst of entire peoples.  And when there is the beginning of a work of Ours, it is the sure sign that it will not die at birth; at the most, it may live hidden for some time, but then it will go out and will have its perennial life.  Therefore, always forward do I want you in My Divine Will.”


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