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1/1 Solemnity of Mary Mother of God


“May the Divine Will always be blessed!”

Newsletter No. 176 –- January 1st A.D. 2017

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

The liturgical feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary on January 1st, which is the Octave of Christmas.

Only Christmas and Easter enjoy the privilege of an octave, which is an eight day extension of the feast.

The honoring of Mary as the Mother of God can be traced back to the Council of Ephesus in 431. By the 7th century,

January 1st was observed as a celebration of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the 13th century, the Feast of the Circumcision of Christ had come to replace the feast honoring Mary; however in 1751, after a push in Portugal for an official feast day celebrating Mary’s divine maternity, Pope Benedict XIV allowed Portugal’s churches to devote a feast to Mary on the first Sunday in May. Eventually, the feast extended to other countries, and in 1914 began to be observed on October 11. In 1931, Pope Pius XI extended the feast to the entire church, and in 1974, Pope Paul VI removed the feast of the Circumcision of Christ from the liturgical calendar and replaced it with the feast of the “Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God”, bringing Mary’s feast day back to the first day of the year.

The feast is a celebration of Mary’s motherhood of Jesus. The title “Mother of God” is a western derivation from the Greek Theotokos, which means “God-bearer”. On this day, we are reminded of the role that the Blessed Virgin played in the plan of our salvation. Through the Holy Spirit, God the Father prepared Mary to be the dwelling place where His Son and His Spirit could dwell among men. Christ’s birth was made possible by Mary’s fiat, or sanctioning of God’s plan with her words, “Be it done to me according to thy word”. Calling Mary “Mother of God” is the highest honor we can give to her. Just as Christmas honors Jesus as the “Prince of Peace”, the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God honors Mary as the “Queen of Peace”. New Year’s Day is also designated as the “World Day of Peace”, further acknowledging the role of Mary in our hearts and in our world.

Book of Heaven – December 24 A.D. 1936

The Celestial and Divine Mother, and the human Mother. Fast race of love of God, in which He makes this Mother, by virtue of the Fiat, generate Her Jesus in each creature.Continuing the same topic on the Most Holy Virgin. A light descending from the bosom of the Eternal One invests my poor mind; but it is a speaking light, speaking so many things about the Celestial Sovereign, that I don’t know how to be able to repeat them all. But my beloved Jesus, with His usual goodness, says to me: “Courage, my daughter, I will help you – I will administer to you the words. I feel the irresistible need to make known Who this Mother of Mine is, the qualities, the privileges, and the great good that She does and can do to all generations. Therefore listen to Me, and I will tell you things never before thought-of either by you or by others, such as to stir the most incredulous, ungrateful and sinful ones; I will tell you to what extent Our Love can reach. Well then, Our Love gave Itself no peace – It ran and ran, but with such rapidity as to engage the whole of Our Divine Being into giving unto such excesses as to astound Heaven and earth, and make all exclaim: ‘How is it possible that a God has loved the creatures so much?’ And so, listen, my daughter, to what Our great Love does: the creatures had a Celestial Father, but Our Love was not content – in Its delirium and folly of love It wanted to form for them a Celestial Mother and a terrestrial Mother, so that, if the cares, love and tendernesses of the Celestial Paternity should not be enough for them in order to love Him, the love and unspeakable tendernesses of this Celestial and human Mother would be the link of connection which, banishing any distance, fear or apprehension, would make them abandon themselves in Her arms, to let themselves be conquered by Her love, so as to love He Who had formed Her for love of them and in order to be loved. Therefore the most astounding portents were needed, and a Love that never says ‘enough’ and that  only a God can do. In order to obtain this intent, listen now to what It does: We called out of nothing this Holy Creature and making use of the same seed of the human generations, though purified, We gave Her life. From the first instant of this life, the celestial virtue of Our Divine Fiat united to it, and together with it, It formed Divine Life and human life, It raised Her Divinely and humanly, and sharing with Her the divine fecundity, It formed in Her the great prodigy of being able to conceive a Man and God: with the human seed She was able to form the Humanity of the Incarnate Word, and with the seed of the Fiat She could conceive the Divine Word. With this any distance ceased between God and man; by being human and Celestial, this Virgin brought man and God closer, and gave the Brother to all of Her children, Whom they could all approach, and live life together; and seeing in Him and in Her the same guises, invested by the same human nature, they would have such trust and love as to let themselves be conquered, and love She who so much loved them. How much love does a good mother not win from her children? More so, since She was powerful, rich, and would lay down Her life in order to rescue Her children. And what did She not do to render them happy and holy? So, the Humanity of the Word and the Mother, Celestial and human, are like pledges in order to conquer the love of all, and tell them with all love: ‘Do not fear, come to Us, We are like you in everything. Come, and We will give you everything.’ ‘My arms will always be ready to embrace you; and in order to defend you, I will keep you enclosed inside my Heart, to give you everything. It is enough to tell you that I am your Mother, and that my Love is so great that I keep you conceived inside my Heart.’But all this is nothing yet. I was God, I was to operate as God. Our Love kept running and running, and went on inventing new devices of love, yet more excessive. You yourself will remain stupefied in hearing them; and when the human generations will hear them, they will love Us so much as to repay Us, for the most part, for the great race of Our Love. Now, pay attention to Me, and thank Me, my blessed daughter, for what I am about to tell you: for Our Love it was not enough, as I said before, that by virtue of Our Fiat all be conceived in the Heart of this Virgin, to have the true Maternity, not by words, but by deeds; nor was it enough that She be conceived in each creature, so that each one might have a Mother all for himself, and have the full right and possession, all being Her children. Now Our Love moved on to another excess. First you must know that this Celestial Queen, by possessing all the fullness of Our Divine Fiat – which possesses by Its own nature the generative and bilocating virtue – together with the Divine Fiat She can generate and bilocate Her Son-God as many times as She wants. And so Our Love imposes Itself on this Celestial Creature and, delirious, by virtue of my Fiat that She possessed, gives Her the power to generate Her Jesus in each creature; She makes Him be born, She nurtures Him, She does for the creature everything that is needed in order to form the Life of Her dear Son. She makes up for all that the creature does not do for Him: if He cries, She dries His tears; if He is cold, She warms Him; if He suffers, She suffers together with Him; and while She mothers and raises Him, She mothers and raises the creature. It can be said that She raises them together, She loves them with one single love, She guides them, nourishes them, clothes them; and with Her maternal arms She forms two wings of light, and covering them, She hides them inside Her Heart, to give them the most beautiful rest. Therefore, it was not enough for Our Love that the Word would incarnate Himself in order to generate one single Jesus for all and give one single Mother to all the human generations – no, no, Our Love would not have been excessive. Its race was so fast as to find no one to stop It; and only when, with Its Power, It generated this Mother in each soul, and let Her generate Her Jesus, so that each one would have Mother and Son at his disposal – then did It somehow calm down. Oh! how beautiful it is to see this Celestial Mother, all love, and all intent, in each creature, on generating Her Jesus, in order to form a portent of love and of grace. And this is the greatest honor and glory that Her Creator has given Her, and the strongest love that God could give to creatures. Nor should anyone be marveled: Our Fiat can do anything and can reach anywhere; everything is in Its wanting it so – if It does want it, it is already done. Rather, the marvel should be in knowing unto what excesses Our Love toward man carried Us.”


January 1st , A.D. 2017 – The Circumcision of Christ

Calendar for the Traditional Roman Rite

Book of Heaven – January 1 A.D. 1929

Pages of her life which will form an epoch. The gift that Jesus wants. The circumcision. Decision on the part of God; He is waiting for the decision of creatures. … I was thinking about the bitter pain which little Baby Jesus suffered in the circumcision. It is only eight days since He was born, and He submits Himself to a cut so painful. And Jesus, moving in my interior, added: “My daughter, in the first epoch of his life, by sinning, Adam made a wound to his soul, through which the Divine Will went out and, in Its place, darkness, miseries, weaknesses entered, which formed the woodworm to all the goods of man. So, if he has any good without my Divine Will – if he has any at all, they are worm-eaten, moldy, without substance, therefore without strength and without value. And I, who love him so much, in the first days of my life down here, wanted to submit Myself to the circumcision, suffering a most cruel cut, to the point of snatching my baby tears. And by this wound I opened the door to the human will, to let it enter again into Mine, so that this wound of mine might heal the wound of the human will and might enclose man once again in my Divine Fiat, which would remove from him the woodworm, the miseries, the weaknesses, the darkness; and by virtue of my omnipotent Fiat, all of his goods would be redone and restored. Daughter, from the moment I was conceived and from the very first days of my being born, I occupied Myself with the Kingdom of my Divine Will and with how to place It in safety in the midst of creatures. These were my sighs, my tears, my repeated sobs, my pains, all directed toward reestablishing the Kingdom of my Fiat upon earth. In fact, I knew that no matter how many goods I might give him, man would never be happy, nor would he possess the fullness of goods and of sanctity, or have the insignia of his creation which constitute him king and dominator; he is always the man-servant, weak, miserable. But with my Will, and by making It reign in their midst, I would give him, in one single stroke of fortune, all goods, his royal palace and his lost dominion. About twenty centuries have passed and I have not stopped – my sighs last still; and if I have manifested to you so many knowledges about my Divine Will, these are nothing other than my speaking tears and the indelible characters of my pains and sighs, which, transforming into words, manifest themselves to you, to make you write on paper, with the most tender and convincing manners, what regards my Divine Volition and how It wants to reign on earth as It does in Heaven. Therefore, on Our part, the Divinity has decided with indelible and unshakeable decrees that Our Divine Will come to reign upon earth – and no one can move Us; and as the sign of this, We have dispatched from Heaven the army of Its knowledges. If it were not so, it would not be worthwhile to place the so many values of a Divine Will at risk; just as they have remained hidden to man for many centuries, so could they continue. Now We are waiting for the creatures’ part, who are still temporizing from making up their minds, especially those who temporize from occupying themselves with making known the secrets of my Divine Will and the great good of Its knowledges. Human will, how ungrateful you are; I am waiting for your decision so that we may exchange the kiss, and I may give you the Kingdom which I have prepared for you. And you temporize still? My daughter, pray and place no obstacle on your part to a good so great, which will be the greatest display of Our love.”


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