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The Feast of the Cross in Heaven


 May 3, 1900

The Feast of the Cross in Heaven.

This morning I found myself outside of myself, and I saw all of Heaven studded with crosses – some small, some large, some medium; some which were larger, emanated more splendor.  It was a most sweet enchantment to see so many crosses adorning the firmament, more refulgent than suns.  Then, it seemed that Heaven opened, and one could see and hear the feast that the Blessed were making for the cross.  Those who had suffered more were celebrated more on this day.  One could distinguish in a special way the martyrs and those who had suffered in a hidden way.  Oh, how esteemed were the cross and those who had suffered more, in that blessed dwelling!

As I was seeing this, a voice resounded throughout the whole of Heaven, saying:  “If the Lord did not send the crosses upon the earth, He would be like a father who has no love for his own children – who wants to see them poor and dishonored, instead of honored and rich.”

The rest that I saw during this feast I have no words to describe.  I can feel it within me, but I am unable to express it; so I remain silent.


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