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“Dominus Tecum”



Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


January 10, 1903

The most pleasing words for the sweet Mama.

This morning, after much hardship, the Queen Mother came with the Baby in Her arms, and gave Him to me, telling me to keep Him courted with continuous acts of love. I did that as much as I could, and while I was doing it, Jesus told me:  “My beloved, the most pleasing and consoling words for my Mother are ‘Dominus Tecum’ [‘The Lord is with Thee’].  In fact, as soon as they were pronounced by the Archangel, She felt the whole of the Divine Being being communicated to Her, and therefore She felt invested with divine Power, in such a way that, in the face of the divine Power, Her own power dissolved; and so my Mother remained with the divine Power in Her hands.”


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