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9/8 Feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Birth of the BVM


About 15 B.C. was The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary


On this day in 1889 the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta receives the Gift of the Divine Will; Mystical Marriage renewed in Paradise; Jesus presents Luisa the ring with three precious stones: white, red, green.

Queen of the Divine Will

From: The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will


Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

Day Ten

The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. The Dawn that rises to put to  light the Night of the Human Will:  Her Glorious Birth The soul to the Queen of Heaven:

 Here I am, O holy Mama, near your cradle, to be spectator of your prodigious birth. The heavens are stupefied, the Sun is fixed upon You with its light, the earth exults with joy and feels honored to be inhabited by its little newborn Queen, and the Angels compete among themselves to be around your cradle, to honor You and to be ready for your every wish. Everyone honors You and wants to celebrate your birth. I too unite myself with all, and prostrate before your cradle – where I see, as though enraptured, your mother Anne and your father Joachim – I want to tell You my first word; I want to entrust to You my first secret. I want to empty my heart into yours, and say to You: “My Mama, You who are the dawn, herald of the Divine Fiat upon the earth, O please, put to flight the gloomy night of the human will within my soul and in the whole world! Ah, yes, may your birth be our hope which, like a new dawn of grace, regenerates us in the Kingdom of the Divine Will!”

Lesson of the Newborn Queen:

 Child of my Heart, my birth was prodigious; no other birth can be said to be similar to mine. I enclosed in Myself the heaven, the Sun of the Divine Will, and also the earth of my humanity – a blessed and holy earth, which enclosed the most beautiful flowerings. And even though I was just newly born, I enclosed the prodigy of the greatest prodigies: the Divine Will reigning in Me, which enclosed within Me a heaven more beautiful, a Sun more refulgent than those of Creation, of which I was also Queen, as well as a sea of graces without boundaries, which constantly murmured: “Love, love to my Creator…” My birth was the true dawn that puts to flight the night of the human will; and as I kept growing, I formed the daybreak and called for the brightest daylight, to make the Sun of the Eternal Word rise over the earth.

My child, come to my cradle to listen to your little Mama. As soon as I was born, I opened my eyes to see this low world, to go in search of all my children so as to enclose them within my Heart, give them my maternal love and, regenerating them to the new life of love and of grace, give them the step which would let them enter into the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, which I possessed. I wanted to act as Queen and Mother, enclosing everyone in my Heart, to bring everyone to safety, and to give them the great gift of the Divine Kingdom. In my Heart I had a place for everyone, because for one who possesses the Divine Will there are no constraints – only infinite expanses. I looked also at you, my child – no one escaped Me. And since on that day everyone celebrated my birth, it was also feast for Me. But upon opening my eyes to the light, I had the sorrow of seeing the creatures in the thick night of the human will.

Oh, what an abyss of darkness envelops the creature who lets herself be dominated by her will! It is the true night, but a night with no stars – with, at most, a few fleeting lightnings – lightnings easily followed by thunders which, in roaring, thicken the darkness even more, and unload the storm over the poor creature – storms of fear, of weakness, of danger, of falling into evil.

My poor Heart was pierced in seeing my children in this horrible storm, in which the night of the human will had overwhelmed them.

Now listen to your little Mama: I am still in the cradle, I am little – look at the tears I shed for you! Every time you do your will, it is a night that you form for yourself; and if you knew how much this night harms you, you would cry with Me! It makes you lose the light of the day of the Holy Will; it turns you upside down; it paralyzes you to good; it breaks true love in you, and you remain like a poor ill one, who lacks the necessary things to be healed. Ah, my child, dear child, listen to Me: never do your will; give Me your word that you will make your little Mama content.

The soul:

Little holy Mama, I feel trembling in hearing of the ugly night of my will. Therefore I am here, at your cradle, to ask of You the grace that, by your prodigious birth, You make me be reborn in the Divine Will. I will be always near You, Celestial little Baby; I will unite my prayers and my tears to yours, to impetrate for myself and for all, the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.

Little Sacrifice:

Today, to honor Me, you will come three times to visit Me in my cradle, saying to Me each time: “Celestial little Baby, make me be reborn together with You in the Life of the Divine Will.”

Ejaculatory Prayer:

My little Mama, make the dawn of the Divine Will rise within my soul.


Day Eleven

The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, in the first Years of Her Life here, forms a most Refulgent Daybreak, to make the longed for Day of Light and of Grace rise within the Hearts.

The soul to the Little Baby Queen:

 Here I am again near your cradle, little Celestial Mama. My little heart feels charmed by your beauty and I cannot remove my gaze from a beauty so rare. How sweet is your gaze! The motion of your little hands calls me to embrace You and to cling to your Heart, which is drowned in love. Little holy Mama, give me your flames, that they may burn away my human will, and so that I may make You content, living of Divine Will together with You.

Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:

My child, if you knew how my maternal little Heart rejoices in seeing you close to my cradle to listen to Me! I feel, in fact, Queen and Mother, because in having you near Me, I am not a sterile Mother or a Queen without people, but I have my dear child who loves Me very much, and who wants Me to do for her my office of Mother and Queen. Therefore, you are bearer of joy to your Mama; more so, since you come onto my lap to be taught by Me how to live in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. To have a child who wants to live with Me in this Kingdom so holy, is the greatest glory, honor and feast for your Mama. Therefore, pay attention to Me, my dear child, and I will continue to narrate to you the wonders of my birth.

My cradle was surrounded by Angels, who competed among themselves to sing Me lullabies, as to their sovereign Queen. And since I was endowed with reason and science, which had been infused in Me by my Creator, I fulfilled my first duty to adore the Most Holy adorable Trinity with my intelligence and also with my babbling voice of a child. And the ardor of my love for a Majesty so holy was so great that, languishing, I felt delirious with the desire of being in the arms of the Divinity, to receive Their embraces, and to give Them my own. And the Angels, for whom my desires were commands, picked Me up, and carrying Me on their wings, brought Me into the loving arms of my Celestial Father. Oh, with how much love the Divine Persons awaited Me! I was coming from the exile, and the brief pauses of separation between Me and Them were the cause of new fires of love; they were new gifts that They prepared for Me, while I would find new devices to ask for pity and mercy for my children, who, living in exile, were under the lashes of divine Justice. And dissolving all of Myself in love, I said to Them: “Adorable Trinity, I feel happy – I feel a Queen, nor do I know what unhappiness and slavery is. On the contrary, because of your Will reigning in Me, the joys and the happinesses are so great and so many that, little as I am, I cannot embrace them all. But in so much happiness, there is a vein of intense bitterness in my little Heart: I feel in It my unhappy children – slave to their own rebellious will. Have pity, holy Father – have pity! O please! Make my happiness whole – make happy these unhappy children, whom I carry, more than Mother, within my maternal Heart. Let the Divine Word descend upon the earth, and everything will be granted! I will not come down off of your paternal knees if You do not give Me the deed of grace, that I may bring to my children the good news of their Redemption.”

The Divinity was moved at my prayers, and filling Me with new gifts, said to Me: “Return to the exile and continue your prayers. Extend the Kingdom of Our Will in all of your acts, and at the appropriate time We will make You content.” But They did not tell Me either when or where He would descend.

So I departed from Heaven only to do the Divine Will. This was the most heroic sacrifice for Me, but I did it gladly, so that the Divine Will alone might have dominion over Me.

Now, listen to Me, my child. How much did your soul cost Me, to the point of embittering the immense sea of my joys and happinesses! Every time you do your will, you render yourself a slave, and you feel your unhappiness; and I, being your Mama, feel the unhappiness of my child within my Heart. Oh, how sorrowful it is to have unhappy children! How you should take to heart doing the Divine Will, in seeing that I reached the point of departing from Heaven so that my will might have no life in Me.

Now, my child, continue to listen to Me. In each one of your acts, may your first duty be to adore your Creator, to know Him and to love Him. This places you in the order of creation, and you come to recognize the One who created you. This is the holiest duty of each creature: to recognize her origin.

Now you must know that bringing myself to Heaven, my descending, my praying – formed the daybreak around Me, which, spreading through the whole world, surrounded the hearts of my children, so that the daybreak might follow the dawn, to make arise the serene day of expectation for the divine Word upon earth.

The soul:

Little Celestial Mama, in seeing You, just newly born, giving me lessons so holy, I feel enraptured and I understand how much You love me, to the point of becoming unhappy because of me. O please! Holy Mama, You who love me so much, let the power, the love and the joys which inundate You descend into my heart, so that, being filled with them, my will may find no room to live in me, and may freely give up its place to the dominion of the Divine Will.

Little Sacrifice:

Today, to honor Me, you will do three acts of adoration to your Creator, reciting three Glory Be’s to thank Him for the many times I received the grace to be admitted to Their presence.

Ejaculatory Prayer:

Celestial Mama, let the daybreak of the Divine Will rise within my soul.


From : The Rounds in the Divine Will

Round:  Seventh Hour

The Soul, one with Luisa, Plunges into the Ocean of Light and Holiness of the Heavenly Mother. With Her, It Prays that the Kingdom of the Divine Will May Come Upon the Earth.

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I feel Your Love overflowing in me. I see with greatest joy that You are now laying aside Your mantle of Justice and getting ready for a new festivity, perhaps even greater than Your festivity in the creation of man. You are displaying oceans of Power, Wisdom, Love, and indescribable Beauty. Gathering all these oceans together, You call from the very depths of these oceans, based on Your omnipotent word, the life of the little Queen. And the Royal Lady, so pure, so stainless, is so exquisite in beauty as to captivate Your very Divinity.

With the Conception of this Immaculate Sovereign, the festivities begin between Heaven and earth. All creation rejoices and celebrates its Queen. I, too, pay homage to Her. She is the object of delight of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I invite the sky, the sun, the wind, all creation, the angels and every human being to sing with me the praises of the little Queen just conceived and to acknowledge Her as Noble Lady, as Mother, as the chosen one among all creatures.

My Mother, do You see? All people are turning to You their hearts, their glances. Our fate is in Your hands. Therefore, in this first act of Your Conception, all together we prevail upon our Heavenly Father and exclaim: “Let the Kingdom of the Divine Will come upon the earth!”

Holy Mother, present us to God; and He will be overcome, seeing that all creatures, gathered close around You, are saying with You: “Let the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat come!”

Yes, O Divine Persons, You do nothing other than continually pour love upon the newborn Queen. Nor do You ever cease granting Her new graces to extend Her oceans increasingly and without bound. In this Heavenly Creature, You see She who has to give You everything, who has to make amends to You for everything, She who must restore to You intact the glory of creation. So, You explain to Her immediately the history of fallen man, Your sorrow, Your adorable Will rejected by creatures.

While You entrust everything to Her, She generously gives You the gift of Her own will and swears to You that She doesn’t care to recognize it. Plunging into Your Fiat, She chooses It for Her own Fiat. She gives It dominion over Her and in this way forms in Her soul the first Kingdom of the Divine Will. And now I hear the echo of Her continual refrain: “May the Kingdom of the Redemption come; may the Word come upon earth; may peace come between the Creator and the creature. Eternal Father, I will not leave Your lap if You don’t give Me what I ask of You.”

I, too, Heavenly Father, will repeat with my little Queen Mother, the refrain I usually say: “May the Kingdom of the Divine Will come!” Far from getting off Your Paternal lap, I will hold You with my arms until You assure me that the Divine Will not only will be known and loved by men but will reign over them with complete triumph. 



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