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Our Lord deigned to make them known to His humble Spouse in giving her a foretaste of them even here below. On Easter Sunday evening Jesus appeared to Mechtilde and said to her : ” This evening I am come to serve you all. At your meal I would serve five different dishes. ”

The first is the joy My divinity received on this day from My humanity and My humanity from my divinity.

The second, the joy I felt when in the place of all the bitterness that love poured on Me during my Passion, it now spread an immeasurable happiness and the fulness of its joy through all my members. ”

The third, the joy I felt in offering to My Father the most precious gift, in a transport of delight. I mean My soul and all the souls I had just redeemed. “

The fourth, the joy I experienced when My Father gave Me the power to honour, enrich and reward the friends whom I had redeemed with so much pain and at so great a cost. ”

The fifth, the joy I felt in seeing My Father associate with Me, in the everlasting glory of My throne, those whom I had redeemed, making them coheirs with Me and guests at My table. Other kings, after having dined with their friends, leave them once the repast is over, but My friends will remain with Me eternally. ”

To everyone who shall remind Me of these joys, for the first, provided he desires it before death, I will give him a foretaste of My divinity. For the second, I will give him the gift of knowledge. For the third, I will offer his soul to My Father at the hour of his death. For the fourth, I will share with him My labours and the fruit of,all My sufferings, and for the fifth, I will associate him in the happiness of the Saints.”

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