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9/18 – Everything one does in the Divine Will does not remain on earth but departs for Heaven


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Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will:

 From The Book of Heaven


March 10, 1935

Everything that one does in the Divine Will does not remain down on earth, but departs for Heaven in order to take its Royal Place in the Celestial Fatherland.

I am always returning into the Interminable Sea of the Divine Will in order to take Its little drops that nourish, conserve, and make grow the Life of the Divine Will that I feel in me. In fact, every Truth that regards It, is a dinner that Jesus gives me, all Celestial and Divine, in order to nourish me and the Supreme Fiat. Every Truth is a shower from Heaven that descends on me, and surrounding me it waits until I finish my acts in order to carry them into the Celestial Fatherland.

Now, while I was lost in Its Divine Light, my beloved Good Jesus, repeating His brief little visit, told me: “My blessed daughter(Luisa), Heaven is always open for one who Lives in My Will. It lowers Itself and does together with the creature what she does. Together It Loves, works, prays, suffers, adores, repairs; and It so much Loves these acts done together with It, that It does not leave them down on earth, but It carries them into the Celestial Sojourn in order to make them take their Royal Place as conquests made down in the world that belong to It and to Its beloved creature.

“What is done in My Volition belongs to Heaven; the earth is not Worthy of possessing it. And O! the Security, the Happiness, that the creature acquires, thinking that her acts are in the Power of the Divine Fiat, and they find themselves in Heaven as her property, not human but Divine, that await her because they want to court her and form her throne of Glory. So much is Its Love, Its Jealousy, the Identification that It feels with these acts done in Its Volition, that It does not even leave them in the creature, but It holds them with Itself as Births of Its Life, and births of the creature, in order to be able to enjoy them and to feel the pleasure of being Loved, and as an advance that It must give her of Glory in the Celestial Fatherland.

“These Acts done in My Volition act as narrators of the story of Love that passes between the Creator and the creature, and there is no greater enjoyment than to hear narrated how much I have Loved, how My Love arrives at the Excess, even to abasing Myself to want to do together what the creature does. Not only this, but It narrates to Me her love, that she has received My Act in hers. Therefore a reciprocal Love forms between the One and the other that makes each other Happy. O! how Beautiful it is to see that while she is still passing through the exile, her acts are in Heaven as My Conquests that I have made in the human will. And each one taking its Office, some Love Me as I know how to Love, some adore Me with Divine Adorations, and some form for Me Celestial Music in order to extol Me, praise Me, and thank Me for the Great Portent of the Operation of My Will. Therefore be attentive, and do not let anything escape you in which you do not call Mine, so that what you do remains animated by My Divine Will.”

So I continued to think about the Supreme Fiat, and thousands of thoughts crowded in my mind, and my Lovable Jesus added: “My daughter(Luisa), the creature was Created by Us all in order to Us, therefore it is her Sacrosanct Duty that in every act that she does, to call He who has Created her in order to give Him the Dominion and Royal Place in her act that by Right belongs to Him, and so that the act of the creature would receive the honor that in her act she possesses a Strength, a Light, a Divine Act. It is Our Will that she must be completely filled with the Divine Being, and if she does not do this, she denies to Us one of Our Rights, she places Us outside of her acts, and her acts remain human acts, emptied of Divine Strength and Light, with a darkness so dense, that her intelligence sees so many black shadows, that gropingly she makes some step—just suffering for who can turn on the light and does not turn it on, for who can call the strength and does not call it, and who while she makes use of the Act and of the Conservative and Acting Work of God, she places it outside of her act.

“Now it is Our Decree that no one enters into Heaven if her soul is not filled, even to the brim, completely with Our Will and with Our Love; a little void of this is enough that Heaven does not open for her. This is the reason for the necessity of Purgatory, in order to empty herself by way of sufferings and fire of everything that is human, and filling herself by ways of anxieties, of longings, of martyrdoms, of Pure Love and of Divine Will, in order to be able to enter into the Celestial Fatherland—and without acquiring with so many sufferings either merit, or greater glory, but only for the conditions that are needed in order to be admitted to the Celestial Sojourn.

“On the other hand, if they would have done it on earth by calling Our Life in their acts, every act would be one greater Glory, one additional Beauty, Sealed by the Works of her Creator. O! with how much Love are these souls received, who in their acts have given a place to the Divine Act. In meeting with Us, We recognize Ourselves in her, and she recognizes herself in Us, and recognizing each other, such and so much is the Happiness of both, that the whole of Heaven remains surprised in seeing the Joys, the Glory, the Beatitudes that the Supreme Being pours over this fortunate creature. Therefore I want you always in My Will and in My Love, so that Love burns what does not belong to Me, and My Will with Its paintbrush of Light forms Our Act in your act.”

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