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8/7 As the Sun of the Divine Will rises, It puts to flight the evils of the soul.

8/7 As the Sun of the Divine Will rises, It puts to flight all the evils of the soul

Posted on August 6, 2019

3/22/27 – Vol. 21

After this, I (Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta) was thinking about the great good that the Divine Will brings to us; and while I was all immersed in It, my sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, when the sun rises, it dispels the darkness and makes the light arise. It changes the humidity of the night, with which the plants have been invested, in a way that they lie there, oppressed, torpid and melancholic; but as the sun rises, it turns that humidity into pearls, pearling everything—plants, flowers; and over all nature its silvery aura brings back gaiety and beauty, taking away the torpor of the night; and with the enchantment of its light, it seems to take all nature by the hand, in order to vivify it, embellish it, and give it life. The sea, the rivers, the springs, strike fear during nighttime, but as the sun rises, the sun’s rays dispel the fear, and investing them down to the bottom, it forms in them a golden and silvery bed, it crystallizes the waters, and forms in them the most beautiful enchantment. So, all nature rises again by means of the sun; if it were not for the sun, it could be called a work without life.

“My Will is more than sun. As It rises in the soul, It clothes her with Light; all of her acts are pearled with Divine Light, in such a way that they convert into more than most refulgent diamonds and precious ornaments. Before the Sun of My Will rises, they are like night dew, that oppresses the plants and gives them no tint of beauty; but with the rising of the sun, that dew forms the most beautiful ornament for all plants, and gives to each one of them its tint of beauty, and makes the variety and the vividness of their colors stand out.

“In the same way, as My Will rises, all the human acts become invested with light, they take their place of honor in My Will; each one of them receives its special tint of beauty and the vividness of the Divine colors, in such a way that the soul becomes transfigured and enveloped with an indescribable beauty. As the Sun of My Will rises, It puts to flight all the evils of the soul; It takes away the torpor that passions have produced; even more, before the light of the Divine Fiat, passions themselves lap up that light and aspire to convert into virtues, to pay homage to My Eternal Will. As It rises, everything is gaiety, and even the pains that, like seas at nighttime, strike fear in the poor creatures, if My Will rises, It puts to flight the night of the human will, and taking every fear away, It forms Its golden bed in those pains, and with Its light, It invests the bitter waters of the pains, and It crystallizes them into a sea of sweetness, in such a way as to form an enchanting and admirable horizon.

“What can My Will not do? It can do everything, and It can give everything; and wherever It rises, It does things worthy of Our creative hands.”

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