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7/10 Jesus tells Luisa 94 Years ago Today


Luisa 7 Volume 14 – July 10,1922

Now it is necessary that you Luisa to rise (to Heaven)

and carry with you Luisa, My Life, My Divine Will,

so that My Volition of the earth and that of Heaven May Fuse Together,

and you Luisa, may Live for some time in the womb of the Divinity (in Heaven),

where your volition shall be acting in Mine,

in order to expand it as much as a creature can be capable of.

Then, you Luisa, shall descend again upon the earth,

bringing the Power and the Prodigies of My Divine Will on earth,

in such a way that the creatures shall be Shaken,

they shall Open their eyes,

and many shall Know what it means to Live In My Divine Will

– to Live In The Likeness to their Creator.

This shall be the Beginning of the Coming of My Kingdom upon earth,

and of the Final Fulfillment of My Divine Will.


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