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Posted 4/9/16 on the Luisa Piccareta official website

April 23, 2016


At the close of the 150th anniversary since Luisa was born in Corato, the Association Little Children of the Divine Will, in order to meet the demands of those who can only try to imagine what was her life, is glad to present the first theatrical performance on the figure of the little daughter of the Divine Will entlited:


“It’s a play that arose from the cooperation of several artists who with great enthusiasm and generosity said yes. They wanted to dedicate a discrete act of love to a creature that made her humility and fragility so great to believe in a miracle

It’s a play where the people speak, where the voice becomes a song, where every word is a fact that says even little things but with the scent of heaven.


Emotions and reflections.

No presence appearances, never absences.

Fairy tales, dreams, and stories.


The room is a mysterious place without time or space, therefore it’s difficult to imagine who stays there. It’s a rectangle as wide as the length of a bed, with three doors: one is a junction to the other rooms, the other is a door opening onto the landing, and the last is a big window that leads to a balcony.

Three doors that allow to stay in touch with the world and vice versa, doors designed for those who already are there, for those who arrive, and those who are yet to come. Inside the room there is a canopy wrought iron bed that appears shaky and precarious, it seems supported in the air; a night table with drawers, on the surface  of which there are an alarm clock and a bell, both of poor metal. A rush-bottomed chair with the bottom of straw and a rough small table on which it is usual to place the work and the bobbin lace pillow. Everything is well arranged, nothing seems cumbersome, everything seems to be of humble lightness. If it were not for a crucifix hanging on the wall at the side of the bedside; above the bed, two unpretentious holy pictures of the heart of Jesus in an oval; on the bedside table, a bell-shaped case which keeps the statue of a quiet little Baby, nothing suggests human presence

The room is inhabited by someone who can make all the beautiful fairy tales come true.

Everyone get into this room and take it with him in the heart without going out anymore”.

(Francesco Martinelli)

Associazione Luisa Piccarreta

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