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3/2 Fourth Day : “WeeK of Obedience”

“Week of Obedience”

from February 28 to March 4,2016

Published 2/19/16 by the Official Website of Luisa Piccarreta

As every year, also this year from February 28 to March 4, the Association Luisa Piccarreta Little Children of The Divine Will  will live the “Week of Obedience” with “days of light”, filled with morning and afternoon appointments to recall some of the highlights of the life of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta and to deepen her intimate bond with Jesus. On February 28 in fact we will remember the 117th Anniversary of obedience, the day when Luisa, in obedience to her official confessor Don Gennaro De Gennaro, began writing her diary and uttered her FIAT.  It is an important recurrence for all of us who, thanks to Luisa’s FIAT are able to deeply know the love that Jesus has for each of us by giving us the gift of His Will.

The highlight of this week of prayer, will be reached on Friday, March 4, the day that we will remember the 69th anniversary of the Transit into Heaven of Luisa.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Church Santa Maria Greca

10:30 a.m.: Time for prayer

Church Sacro Cuore

5:00 p.m: Holy Rosary

6:30 p.m: Eucharistic Celebration



 Mama Luisa

From The Prayers of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

In Operating/Obeying


(Beginning of Vol. 14 – No date)

“My Love and my Life, guide my hand (eyes) and be together with me as I write (read), so that not I, but You will do everything; You will dictate to me the words, that all of them may be Light of Truth. Do not permit that I put anything of myself; but rather, let me disappear, so that You Yourself may do everything, and the Honor and the Glory may be all Yours. I do this only to obey, and You, do not deny me Your Grace.”



December 8, 1922

“I write (read) to obey, and I offer everything to my sweet Jesus, uniting myself to the sacrifice of His Obedience in order to obtain the grace and the strength to do it as He wants.  And now, oh! my Jesus, give me Your holy Hand (Eyes) and the Light of Your Intelligence, and write (read) together with me.”



February 13, 1931

“My Life, my most sweet Jesus, O please! come to my help, do not abandon me; with the Power of Your Most Holy Will invest my poor soul and put out of me everything that troubles me and tortures me. O please! let the New Sun of Peace and Love rise in me, otherwise I feel no more Strength to continue to make the sacrifice of writing (reading); my hand is already shaking and the pen does not flow on the paper.  My Love, if You do not help me, if You do not remove from me Your Justice, that justly knocks me down in the painful state I find myself in, I feel it is impossible for me to write (read) even one word. Therefore, help me, and I will strive as much as I can to obey the one who commands me to write (read) everything that You have told me on Your Most Holy Will; and since these are past things, I will make, all together, a little mention of each thing that regards Your Divine Will.”




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