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3/1 Third Day : “Week of Obedience”

“Week of Obedience”

from February 28 to March 4,2016

Published 2/19/16 by the Official Website of Luisa Piccarreta

As every year, also this year from February 28 to March 4, the Association Luisa Piccarreta Little Children of The Divine Will  will live the “Week of Obedience” with “days of light”, filled with morning and afternoon appointments to recall some of the highlights of the life of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta and to deepen her intimate bond with Jesus. On February 28 in fact we will remember the 117th Anniversary of obedience, the day when Luisa, in obedience to her official confessor Don Gennaro De Gennaro, began writing her diary and uttered her FIAT.  It is an important recurrence for all of us who, thanks to Luisa’s FIAT are able to deeply know the love that Jesus has for each of us by giving us the gift of His Will

 Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Association Luisa Piccarreta Little Children of the Divine Will.

10:00 a.m: Hour of spirituality

Sisters of the Divine Zeal

5:00 p.m.: Conference, Mass follows.



Mama Luisa

From The Prayers of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

 In Operating/Obeying:


In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Out of pure Obedience, I begin to write (read).

You know, oh Lord!, the sacrifice it costs me, such that I would submit myself to a thousand deaths rather than write one single line of the things that have passed between me and You. Oh my God! my nature trembles, it feels crushed and almost undone at the mere thought of it. O please! give me Strength, oh Life of my life, that I may do the Holy Obedience! You who have given inspiration to the confessor, give me the Grace to be able to execute what You have commanded of me.

Oh Jesus, oh Spouse, oh my Strength! To You I rise, to You I come, into Your Arms I introduce myself, I abandon myself, I rest. O please, relieve me in my affliction and do not leave me alone and abandoned! Without Your Help, I am sure I will not have the Strength to do this obedience that costs me so much – I will let myself be defeated by the enemy, and I fear of being crushed by You, justly, because of my disobedience.

O please! Look at me over and over again, oh Holy Spouse, in these Arms of Yours – see how much darkness surrounds me; it is so thick as to allow not even one atom of Light to enter into my soul. Oh! my Mystical Sun, Jesus – let this Light shine within my mind, that it may dispel the darkness and I may freely remember the Graces which You gave to my soul. Oh! Eternal Sun, unleash another Ray of Light into the intimate part of my heart, and purify it of the mud in which it lies – ignite it and consume it with Your Love, so that my heart, which, more than everything, has experienced the Sweetnesses of Your Love, may manifest them clearly to the one to whom it is obliged to do so. Oh! my Sun Jesus, one more Ray of Light over my lips, that I may say the pure Truth, with the sole purpose of knowing whether it is really You, or rather, an illusion from the enemy. But, oh Jesus, how poor in Light I still see myself in these Arms of Yours. O please!, content me – You who Love me so much, continue to send me Light. Oh! my Sun, my Beautiful One, I want to enter right into the Center, that I may remain submerged completely within this Most Pure Light. Oh Divine Sun, let this Light precede me, follow me, surround me everywhere and penetrate into every intimate hiding place of my interior, that my terrestrial being may be consumed, and You may transform it completely in Your Divine Being.

Most Holy Virgin, Lovable Mother, come to my aid, obtain for me from Your sweet Jesus and mine, Grace and Strength in order to do this obedience. Saint Joseph, my dear protector, assist me in this circumstance of mine. Archangel Saint Michael, defend me from the infernal enemy, who puts so many obstacles in my mind to make me fail this obedience. Archangel Saint Rafael and you, my Guardian Angel, come to assist me and accompany me, and to direct my hand (eyes), that I may write (read) nothing but the Truth.

 “Lord, for You alone I do this; for You alone I want to work – no longer a slave of the creatures.” 

 “See oh Lord, half the chair is empty – come and sit near me.” 

 “Ah! my Good, is this the vigil we have kept last night – that after so much waiting and yearning I was to remain deprived of You?  I know well that I must obey, but tell me something – can I be without You?  Who will give me strength?  And then, who will have the courage to depart from this church without bringing You along?  I don’t know what to do, but You can remedy everything.”  

 “Lord, You see, without You I was unable to do anything good.  The meditation – I did it all distracted, ugly; so much so that I did not have the courage to offer it to You at Communion.  I was unable to stay there for hours, as when I could feel You; I saw myself alone, I had no one with whom to converse, I felt completely empty.  The pain of Your absence made me feel mortal agonies; my nature wanted to hurry up so as to escape that pain; more so, since it seemed to me that I did nothing but waste time.  And then, the fear that, in coming back, You might chastise me, because I had not been faithful… So I didn’t know what to do.  And then, the pain because You are offended continuously, and I was unable to do those acts of reparation as You taught me before, and those visits to the Most Holy Sacrament for the different offenses You receive… Tell me, then, what should I have done?”  

  “Lord, I beg You to be with me until I acquire the habit of doing them (visits to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament), for I know that with You I can do everything – but without You, what can miserable I do?” 

 “Yes, I love You; but You tell me, Yourself – can I find anything more beautiful, more holy, more lovable than You?  And then, why ask me if I am ready to do what You want, when it has been so long since I delivered my will to You, and I prayed You not to spare me even tearing me to pieces, as long as I may give You pleasure?  I abandon myself in You, oh Holy Spouse – operate freely, do with me whatever You want, but give me Your Grace, for by myself I am nothing and can do nothing.”

 “I don’t care either about hell or about paradise; what I care about is to love my God.  This is not the time to think about anything else; rather, it is the time to love my good God as much as I can.  Paradise and hell I place in His hands – He, who is so good, will give me what is best for me, and will give me a place in which I can glorify Him more.”

“Lord, promise me that You Yourself will free me, and then I will accept everything; otherwise – no, I don’t want to accept.” 

 “I go to the confessor, but You, my good Jesus, come back soon, as soon as the confessor goes away.”

“What can I do?  I can no longer stay, for obedience does not want it.  If You want, give light to the confessor, and then I will be ready to do what You want.” 

“My dear Jesus, have patience, do not come, for obedience does not permit that You make me share in your sufferings.” 

“Holy Spouse, forgive me – it is the confessor that wants it so.” 

 “Oh! how Beautiful You are – all Beautiful, oh my sweet Jesus!  What I have said of Your Beauty is nothing; rather, it seems to me that I have said a lot of nonsense – but what can I do?  Forgive me, it is obedience that wants it so.  By myself, I would not have dared to say one word, knowing my insufficiency.

“As long as I was with the confessor, I was obliged to obey him, but now that I am with You, I am supposed to obey You, because You are the first among all.” 

 “I can do everything, I can bear everything, suffer everything – hoping in Jesus, who forms the object of all my hopes.”

 “Oh! Prodigy of Holy Obedience – you have been everything for me.  How many times I found myself clashing with death, so great was the intensity of the pains – and Obedience has almost restored my life.” 

Volume 2

October 30, 1899

“Dear Obedience, you know how much I love You, and that for love of You I would gladly give my life, but I see that I cannot do this, and You Yourself can see the torture of my soul.  O please! Do not make Yourself an enemy, don’t be so ruthless with me, be more indulgent with one who loves You so much.  O please! You Yourself, come to me, and let us discuss together about what is most appropriate for us to say.”

“Oh, Holy Obedience, how incomprehensible you are!  I prostrate myself at Your feet and I adore you.  I pray You to be my guide, teacher and light, along the disastrous path of life, so that, guided, instructed and escorted by Your most pure Light, with certainty, I may take possession of the Eternal Harbor.”

 Volume 3

December 25, 1899

“Lord, accept it as a sacrifice; You alone can soften this heart of mine, so hard”

“Yes, my little Treasure, I promise You.” 

“If Obedience wants it, I will do it.” 

“May everything be for the glory of God, and to the confusion of this miserable sinner.”



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