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2/5 Family Reconciliation: It Is Attributed To Luisa “The Holy”

Family reconciliation: It is attributed to Luisa “The Holy”.

From the Official website of the Little Daughter of the Divine Will on 2/2/2016

In a time when families are struggling to stay together, the testimony which follows is a message of hope.
From the beginning of his pontificate Pope Francis has emphasised the theme of mercy and underlined the importance of the family, which he calls the first and most important school of mercy.
The story received at our Association a few months ago, offers us a concrete example of the theme that is very dear to our Pope
Who testifies this “special healing” is the mother of one of the protagonists. With faith she attribute it to the intercession of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta and we faithfully report it with the hope that this year becomes the special year of family reunification.
«My son, R. and his wife were separated in 2012, after a very intense argument which resulted in his wife, J. calling the police, resulting in R. being charged with assault and preventing an emergency call. With the authorities involved, the entire incident escalated, resulting in the separation. From that point, their married life was in jeopardy and I had no contact with his wife J. an d my two grand children. The only contact with J. was to se e her in court, which only stirred up a great deal of pain.
Over a period of time, J. filed for a divorce and we knew their family was crumbling and nothing we could say or do would make a difference in saving this marriage. Throughout this separation, R. only saw his children and wife once a week for an hour. These visitations went on for months. During this time, J.’s family was pressuring her to go on with the divorce.
In the state we live in, married couples must be separated for one year, and as the months passed on, there was no hope for a reconciliation.
My husband and I decided to attend the National Divine Will Conference in 2013. On that day, after the conference concluded, I decided to go to confession. I confessed my sins and then asked the father if I could beg Luisa to intercede to save my son’s marriage. He said “Of course.” From that day forward, my husband and I made a commitment to pray the “Hours of the Passion and to also pray the “Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will” daily. I started off my daily prayer begging Luisa to help to reconcile R. and J.’s marriage. I would sincerely petition Luisa by reciting the prayer to implore the Beatification of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta prayer numbers one, two and three. I poured my heart out to her. I believe she heard my every plea.
On 14 September 2013, on the feast of the Exultation of the Cross, I went to confession with another priest. I explained to him in confession that my son, R.t had been arrested again and we would not see him for two years because of a restraining order that had been placed on him at the request of his wife, J. I explained to the priest that all these accusations J. accused R. of were exaggerated. He asked me to notify J. that he would like to talk to her. I left confession thinking it would be very unlikely that J. would agree to meet with the priest.
I picked up the phone and called J. to see if she would agree to meet with the priest so that he could pray over her to provide healing far the affects of being married to an alcoholic, which R. was. Up until this point, J. was completely committed to going through with the divorce. She would not consider nor even talk about the possibility of a reconciliation.
J. met with the priest for three hours, primarily listening to his advice. After their meeting, R. was contacted by J. saying that she desired to reconcile. She contacted her lawyer and had all charges against R. dropped and immediately stopped the divorce process. Additionally, R. has not had any alcohol since their reconciliation. J. also conceived their third child within two months or so of their reconciliation.
I believe with all my heart that it was Luisa who interceded for J. and R. through the priest».
Associazione Luisa Piccarreta

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